Ye Hai Mohabbatein


Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Ye Hai Mohabbatein

New TS-YOU BELONG TO ME....Last part on pg 53 nd note on pg 54..on 8/5

attitudequeen17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Hello Everyone,
well i m here with my NEW TS...
Its a Five shot...
Pooja di wanted one simple story from me and Ishu wanted a Happy go story from me...
well i was unable to write two different stories so made a Combo of bothLOL...Hope u guys dont mind...Wink
and how can I avoid Pooja di's first ever demand right?Wink
so Pooja di...hope this time i m successful..i really tried a hard to keep it simple and sweet...
Hope u like this...Fingers crossedLOL

Well coming to the story...
Its mainly focused on any other important character except Shagun offcourse..LOL

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attitudequeen17 IF-Dazzler

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CS and Shot 1- Pg 1
Shot 2- pg 12
Shot 3- page 20
Shot 4- page 27
Shot 5- Page 35
Shot 6- page 44
Shot 7- page 49

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Hey I'm Ishita I'm a Junior In High School I Have No Friends , They call me "NERD" I'm So insecure about How I look I Mean with my nose ? People Often use me for an easy 'A' I Have No Boy in my life I Mean I get bullied by One though His Name is Raman He knows EVERYONE , And has a jock And he's so cute but he's dating Shagun She popular Too . Ugh! But who am I to even think I can ever date a guy who bullies me every day?



Was sup? I'm Raman Like you didn't know that Yea I am a jock

 and I Get them ladies FAST But I Don't play with them EVER . I

 Do have a heart The only girl I love is my girlfriend Shagun 

She'sthe most Beautiful , Popular Girl in the whole school I'm 

Nice except to That one girl , don't know her name I Prefer 

"NERD" But I don't care . After this school year I'll be a SENIOR!

 Anyway Peace!!



Hii ! I'm Shagun I'm the most Prettiest Girl in the whole school and I'm popular I'm Pretty Darn Sexy too. Humph My Boyfriend loves me, Raman but how can a girl with my looks stay on one guy He Doesn't know I've been secretly sleeping with other guys But Whatever. He's Mine ! Oh ANYBODY Who gets in my way WILL PAY !



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attitudequeen17 IF-Dazzler

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Guys pls suggest me the title...After thinking a lot too i m unable to get any title...
and i want 50+ likes this tome..I wont update if i dont get atleast this much like...
nd if i got it then only will update mujhe jaldi se khush kardo...
I want longg comments too and pls suggest title na would help me a lot...

Enjoy reading...


Ishita's P.O.V

I Grabbed My Textbook for Science Class and I shut my locker As I turned around , I Saw Shagun "Eeww , Nerd" She scoffs I NEVER Talk back to the Populars If ANYBODY Ever does they could ruin you in seconds I Take In The Insult and walk to my class I Am ALWAYS Early to class before the bell rings. I Take My Seat, and sit down. When the bell rings that's when the classroom starts to fill in. Everyone Takes Their Seats and Mr.Shekhar Teacher Starts Teaching What we learn today. I Couldn't help myself stare at Raman He's like so cute , but I would NEVER in a lifetime talk to him The obnoxious people of course are in the back playing around. I Got hit in the head with a crumpled paper. Not a big surprise. I started writing notes for the lesson

When Class Was about to end Mr.Shekhar announces "Class There is a Science Fair Coming Up" All you hear were groans and moans "This Project you WILL be required to have a partner so you will pick names out this hat" He pulls out a hat He goes straight to the back and they start picking out names out the hat Crossing my fingers none of them got me. As soon as Raman picked out a name He looked Puzzled He raised his hand "MR. Shekhar" "Yes Raman" Mr.Shekhar answers "Who Is ..Ishita?" He asked NOOO "Ishita Please raise your hand" Mr.Shekhar Tells me I Slowly raise my hand When Raman saw my face and gasped "NERD GIRL" That's when the bell rang I Found this as my escape and I took my books and ran toward my locker..."Nerd GIRL!" I Heard Raman get close to me I Turn to him and raise my eyebrow "Here's my address, so we can get started on our project" I Take the paper and shut my locker I Nod towards Raman and he walks away



I was screaming in my head. I almost had all my classes with Raman. Almost He has 5 classes with me , of course I would know My Next class is P.e and yes Raman is in that class with me When I walk into the locker room I get dressed out Like always I hear gossiping and smell perfume Did I mention that Shagun was in my P.E Class too? Well she is and it's TORTURE. Shagun NEVER Dresses out She must have straight F'S on her report card she's So Pretty though. When we walk into the gym we take our assigned seats Shagun's talking to Raman of course I See Raman point to me Should I Wave? I decided not to. The activity today was Dodge ball. I Play Track But I cannot Dodge AT ALL But I guess my aim isn't that bad Shagun's Sitting out Eyeing me That Chick is mean , MEAN ! I continue with the game anyway my gym shorts sway back and forth Raman Hits me wow. THATS COLD . Considering he's a jock , he did get alot of people out. After dodge ball, I Dress back in. I Felt stares at me I Hurry and get dressed and wait for the bell to ring my ears start listening to Shagun's conversation

"I Mean like she has no boobs" Someone Whispers "I Mean look at her nose" I Hear Shagun Whispers in response That's when I hear the bell ring I Run out the locker room When will the gossip Stop ? I'm only working with her boyfriend for a project Today I have the earliest lunch so I head to lunch Raman, and Shagun also have it too. Another day sitting alone.

Shagun's Pov

I Step into the cafeteria and spot out that girl Nerd girl sitting alone like always. I Kiss my boyfriend and Give her a evil stare We take a seat at our table Only popular people are allowed over here No ONE Else But us Also Most Kids fear us, Which they should I Look up to see that Girl with another girl OOh she finally found a friend The Chess Club should Join her SO Far I heard she's smart and my boyfriend has to do a project with her Whatever. My Boyfriend HATES her he bullies that chick and it WON'T Stop. But that chick should watch where she's going sometimes She's going to Raman's House Tonight Since I have to get a manicure I can't join them But I know Raman Loves me and won't do anything with her I Decide to go up to her and confront her I Walked up to her table She didn't greet me So I grabbed her milk And poured it over her head She gasps

Everyone's turns their attention to her "oops" I Say Everyone laughs at her "SHAGUN" I See Raman screaming I Roll my eyes When I turn around I see Nerd Girl Running "Bye Nerd" I wave to her as she runs "Her names Ishita" Raman says Behind me Are You serious? He knows her name too.


Ishita's P.O.V

I was so happy to get cleaned up Shagun Is SOO Rude! I Can't wait till' the end of the day  After School I Started on the walk home Thinking about how I HAVE To do a project with RAMAN Will It Be Fun? Or completely Awkward Oh Whatever I Got home and Got dressed My Mom was dropping me of at his house So When I Told my mom I was ready She was excited this is the first time I can go over someone's house And she's excited it's a Guy I Didn't tell her about How he calls me Nerd and all that. The Drive Over his house was just a simple talk me and my mom talked about what we could do for the project I Hope Raman is easy to work with. I Step out the car and when I saw his house it was HUGE I Don't even think that's a house that's a MANSIONS!!

My mom drove away and waved bye I Stepped on his patio and rang the doorbell A Women opened the door and smiled "You must Be Ishita , Raman said you were coming" She welcomed me in "Thank you" I Said Quietly When I walked in I smelt Fresh Cookies Raman has the LIFE ! "RAMAN!" His mom called "You have a lovely home, Ms.." I Said but I stopped "Thank you and its Ms.Pallavi Aunty, Honey" I Smile Then Raman comes Downstairs on the Grand staircase "Hey Ishita" He says I Smile and Blush a little. He leads me up the staircase into his room I Couldn't help but look around this house He tells to find a seat anywhere so I Did He eyed every movement I did "Don't you ever talk?" He asked I Choked back words "Yes" I Reply "Why are you so Nervous, I Mean I'm a normal guy" Yea a Normal guy whose cute and attractive "Where do we start" I Answer skipping subjects "Anywhere" I Tell him what we could do and he Agrees to it He offers Buying the supplies and I take up the offer "So I'll come by tomorrow?" I Ask "Not Yet, Stay Let's talk" He Answers. He asks me questions about myself


And more about how I'm so Quiet, Of course I answer them He makes me laugh, ALOT. I Start loosening up with him and I throw him a few jokes He Smiles Allot "One Question , Why Shagun" I Ask He looks at me "Sorry about her today , I Know she's quite mean I hear rumors about her cheating" I Gasped We start changing subjects and we just Chill His Mom brings in a snack for us to munch on It was really amazing , Raman is so DownToEarth When I was about to leave He tells me something to make me So Happy "You Know , Ishita , you're not so bad" He says I Blush Like crazy He Chuckles "Blushing Huh?" "No" I Play it off before I head out the door he hugs me I GOT A HUG FROM RAMAN! OMG!

 I Arrive Home with my mind on that hug I Finally Feel Like I know him I Feel like he likes me A s A Friend not in that way But I wish it was in that way I Looked at his lips and all I Wanted to do was to kiss them I never had my first kiss though I Tell my mom all about my hug and all that She squealed , I Was so happy She tells me to go get ready for bed So I Did But I couldn't get my mind off Raman.

Thats all for now plz Like and comment my lovely readers...
Hope u all like this one...I havent written anything like this i think...
so...all ur revews are welcome just gaaliyaan mat dena pls...

DO like and Comment and huh pls suggest title...

LoveHeart TanuSmile

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Res .yipee me first
Unres .Nice CS .
But this shagunia again .ok no worries .
I know she will disappear after one or two updates .

Rang Jo laagyo
Ek duje ke vaaste

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attitudequeen17 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Divanru

Res .yipee me firstDancing

yeah congo di!!!!
Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Intresting character sketch Raman bullying ishu and Raman and Shagun are lovers and Shagun as usual cheating Raman loved it

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..Honeydukes.. Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 4:07am | IP Logged
first of all thank you so much for posting this story Hug
amazing concept Clap
love it a lotSmile
ishu a complete nerd and raman a jock
and shagun the unwanted person so just ignoring herLOL
their cs was awesomeClap
loved how u gave every one povSmile
ishra are together in the projectBig smile
haw raman dont know her name also very bad Angry
felt really bad for ishita at that timeCry
but then he talked to her nicely and even scolded shagun so in a way he compensated for itBig smile
both ishita's and raman's mom are so coolCool...really love them
loved raman here Smile
this whole scene was awsmBig smile
he hugged her Day Dreaming
and ishu is blushingEmbarrassed
loved it Smile
continue soon
thanks for pm

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