Ye Hai Mohabbatein


Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Ishra OS - Main aur Tum ( HBD Nivedita)on 28/6

Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Hello friends I m back again with something new .Actually again today is birthday of one of my Buddy so I want to wish in our IF style with lots of wishes from many forum members and a new story as her gift .Oh I forget to introduce her ,she is Nivedita aka nivi aka Niveditha.giri ( IF ID).She us a very sweet girl as she always send me good morning and good nights wishes ,though I answer her or not .My day starts with her wish and ends also with her sweet goodnight. Thankyou somuch for makibg me that special love you a lot .

Wish you a very very happy birthday. May all your dreams and wishes get fulfilled.

Birthday wishes for you
Cake for you

Party Time

Gift for you

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 25 August 2015
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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Hey Nivi here is your birthday gift ,a sweet OS of ishra with their nok jhok and love .

                MAIN AUR TUM

It was 9.30 ,timing for ishra to reach their office ,Raman was driving speedly so that he can reach before ishita but all his efforts went in vain when he saw her car standing in his parking .He made a dirty face and parked his car cursing ishita under her breath " oops ye nakchadhi iyer aaj mujhse pahle kaise aa gayi ".

Its not that there was. Shortage of parking space but ishra always use to fight for same place like a small kid .it not only about parking space but they use to fight for any thing and every thing .This is their usual nok jhok which has become a part of their daily routine and also is has become a means of daily entertainment for the office members .

Actually this fight has started from the very first day of their joining actually before joining . ishra has come for interview for same position ,there were some places vacant but they had opted for same as their qualification and experience were same .Both were well deserving that's why the interviewers were unable to take decision ,atlast they decided to have a debate between to about the customers in today's market ,as the nature of the company was sale and services .That was it ishra started debating ,It started with customers ,then it went to the type of customer ,then it went to ladies customers which as expected ishita took as a taunt on herself ,resulting the debate as a cold fight between ishra but nobody was less than was less than other ,so atlast they appointed both .

Now raman and ishita both were working in PSR group of companies in same position .They were appointed on same day ,there sitting position was also side by side and also there nature of job was same Because of the first day encounter they everyday search a point to fight .At first it was real but soon both of them along with the office members started enjoying their fight which has became now their cute nok jhok .


Raman entered the office murmuring when he saw ishita standing there smiling fully .she was standing near his sitting space as if waiting for him only .Looking to her Raman made a dirty face and spoke ,pointing a finger to her " how dare you park you car ,in my parking ".

I( smiling fully )- is that your parking ,but I didn't saw kudkud bhalla written there .

R- how it could be ,as my name is not that ,I m RKB.

I- he he he RKB ,its sounding like MDH .like we see in advertiment MDH masaale ,we will also see someday RKB sambhar masaale .

Listening to this Ramangot furious ,he spoke angrily " don't you dare join my name with your stupid sambhar and chatni ."

I( making a dirty face )- even I don't want to take your name with my yummy sambhar , my sambhar is so tasty and you ,you are yuck.

R- how can you say that .Have you ever tasted me .

Ishita felt embrassed.listening to him ,she made a dirty face ,left the place saying that she don't have that much time to talk such rubbish .Raman ruffled his hairs and walked to his place mouthing " badi aayi mere naam pe masale banani wali .huh "

Days were passing like this ,ishra were enjoying their life with their daily dose of none jhoke and small fights .One fine day Raman reach office and parked his car to their fav place .He did a happy dance as today he was first as well as he got a chance to tease ishita .He stood beside her desk and was waiting for her to tease her but to his surprise and disappointment she didn't showed up .Raman thought that she would be late but she didn't come whole day which made Raman restless ,yes he was restless as during their sweet fight sessions he has developed feelings for ishita ,though he don't wanted to confess it that he loves her but its true that he was missing her a lot .At last Raman cannot stop himself and called ishita. She picked the call but didn't talk to him stating that she is busy and will talk to him after sometimes .Raman waited whole day but she didn't call .Raman got angry thinking that he is mad that he was worried about her but she doesn't care for him a bit that's why she didn't call him .

Next day also passed ,but she didn't come ,Raman thought again to call her but recalled previous day incident and.stopped himself thinking that why he will call ,if she didn't give a damn for his feelings .The day passed again in restlessness .Next day when he entered the parking lot ,he found her car was there ,he smiling happily thinking that at last he can see her but along with happiness something bothers him .And the thing which was bothering him was ,her car was parked in other place though their fav place was vacant .Raman walked inside ,thinking that she will be waiting for him yo teaseagain saying that she has left place for his car feeling pity on him but to his surprise, she was not there .He checked her and saw she was engrossed in her pending work .As she was busy Raman thought that he will talk to her afterward.

The day was busy day and they don't get anytime to even talk to each other .In the evening Raman completed his work and went to her place ,just to ask about her whereabouts but she was nowhere .he cane to know that she has gone long back .Next day was also same Raman was trying to meet him but cannot ,seems that she is running from.him .

Next day Raman decided to go lil early so that she can meet her .When ishita entered the parking lot she saw him waiting for her leaning on his car .Ishita parked her car and started walking out from there ignoring Raman but he was fast enough to catch her. He pulled her and pinned her to the car ,immediately caged her in between his arms and car ,he hissed " why are you ignoring me".

I- I m not ignoring anyone but I m busy .

R- no ishita you are ignoring me ,if not you should have at least wish me but you were walking out as if you didn't see me .

I- ( with straight face )- I actually didn't see you .

R- but your eyes are telling some other story.Tell me ishita why are you sad ,why your eyes are red and puffy as if you are crying for whole night .

I- its nothing like that and moreover its not your business .

R- that's the problem na ,now everything associated to you had become my business.

Ishita didn't say anything but downcasted her eyes and tears made their way from her eyes .

R( cupping her face )- ishita please tell me what's the problem.

I-( composing herself )- nothing just aise hi .

Sayingso she again started leaving the place when he pulled her again and asked softly 
" ishita I don't like you crying ,tell me if can help you ".

I( with teary eyes ),- amma appa want me to marry .

Listening to the word marry he got a big shock ,he could not speak anything but can only look at her .she also looked at her and shared a beautiful eyelock ,he anyhow composes himself and asked" and what about you ,don't you want to marry ".

Ishita shook her head negatively .Raman asked raising his eyebrows " why ".

Ishita downcasted her eyes and spoke " coz I love someone ".

This was another shock for him ,he cluchted his fist in anger knowing that she has someone else in her life and he is going mad about her .He was unable yo mouth anything but still he managed anyhow and asked controlling his anger " then what's the problem ,go and tell your parents that you love someone and they will get you marry with your bf ."

Though he was trying to hold himself but the tint of jealousy was visible from his eyes while his face was all red with anger .

Ishita continued" its not that easy as you are saying ".

R- what's the problem you love him ,he loves you thenn..

I- that's the problem ,he didn't love me instead he hates me .

R( gritting his teeth )- are you mad ,you love someone who hates you .Are you playing some kind of prank with me .

I- nope I m serious .

R- and whyhe hates you .

I- we had a great fight the day we meet .

R- tum pagal ho kya ,har kisi se ladti rahti ho.mujhse bhi you fought at the very first day .

I- and for that you still hate me na .

She asked with moist eyes .

R- arey why would I hate you for that ,that was just official fight not personal ,why would I hate you for that silly reason .

I- ( happily )- matlab you don't hate me .

Raman opened his  mouth to speak something  but at the same time reality stuck him ,he looked at ishita and asked pointing his finger to himself in signals that she was talking about him .she nodded shyly while he pulled her for a bone crushing hug knowing that they both are sailing in same boat but assuming things for their own .

Both joined their heads lovingly and smiled fully ,Raman kissed his temple mouthing 
" I love you nakchadhi iyer ".

She hugged him tight and spoke " I so love you kudkud bhalla "

Both closed their eyes to feel each other .

Tere dar pe aake tham gaye

Naina namaazi bann gaye
Ek dooje mein yun dhal ke
Aashiqana aayat ban gaye Main aur Tum

Kaisi dil lagaai kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaai bann gaye
Khaali khaali dono thhe jo
Thoda sa dono bhar gaye Main aur Tum

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..

Lage na yeh dhoop zaroori
Lage na yeh chaanv zaroori
Milte hain ishq zameen par
Ab do hi naam zaroori Main aur Tum

Apna khuda bhi hoga
Apna hi Rab le lenge
Khud ki bana ke duniya
Ye zindagi jee lenge Main aur Tum

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..

Ek tum, ek main, teeja maangu kya khuda se
Dil doon, jaan doon, kya doon itna bata de
Tera mera rishta hai saanson se bhi naazuk

Tum sa, hum sa, koi duja na hoga na hua re
Do dil sa ik seene mein hai jaise Main aur Tum
Ab dono hum ik jeene mein hain jaise Main aur Tum

Jaan se zyada chaha tumko piya re
Harpal, hardum, humdum tumko jiya re

Aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai

That's all friends .Hope you like it .Enjoy reading ,do comment and wish nivedita a very happy birthday .

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Divanru IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Hello friends ,added an OS to wish her havea look

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-K.13- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Happy birthday, Nivedita! Party

And adorable story! Loved how Raman realized it was him she was talking about!

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sririt IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
Such a crazy update. Really amazing.
Happy Birthday Nivedita

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zub_air Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Amazing such a beautiful story if possible plz continue soon plz 

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Mayahaider IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Beautiful os Loved it
_NINA_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2016 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Nivi
Superb OS sis
Loved they
Ishra fight with each other and also loved each other .
Really nice

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