SS: Invisible Angel *Updated Part Two*

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Another story to share with you all..

---Not for the faint hearted---


Part 1:-

*Knock-knock* *Knock-knock*


She had been inside the bathroom since 8:00 am and now it was nearly 9:00 am, Kunj was starting to freak out, he paced the length of their room until his impatience got the better of him and decided to break the bathroom door if Twinkle did not come out in the next second

"Can't I even have a bath in peace now" Twinkle said emerging from the bathroom and breaking Kunj from his reverie 

"An hour?".."Your always out in under 15 minutes, so what took you so long today" questioned Kunj

Twinkle ignored his million and one questions and busied herself in getting ready

Kunj saw her walk towards their wardrobe clad in a bathrobe, he sensed she was in a mood..he walked and stood directly behind her, encircling her waist 

"I'm sorry Twinkle" whispered Kunj in her ear "You know how scared I get for you since this happened" he said, running his hands over her stomach

Twinkle was carrying his child of 23 weeks..he thanked God everyday and couldn't wait to see this beautiful gift to be born in this world to proud parents

The journey until now was exceedingly beautiful..he would wake up in the morning worried for Twinkle each time she would run to the bathroom to be sick, even though he knew of morning sickness during pregnancy but yet still would worry..after his shower he always placed an affectionate kiss on her growing bump..he loved being woken up by her in the middle of the night to request her cravings and he as always obliged..he loved attending yoga sessions with Twinkle and looked forward to the visit to the hospital to catch a glimpse of their unborn child on the ultrasound machine..her constant mood swings irritated him to the core but he would do anything just to see a smile adorning her glowing face, it's the least he could do for her, she was the one who was facing pain, tiredness and weakness by bearing his child ..his favourite thing about Twinkles pregnancy was the feel of his unborn child's feet kick against Twinkles stomach and the distinctive sounds against his ear when placed on her bump

Twinkle would cry tears of joy at Kunj's care, affection and love towards her and their unborn child..she was certain he will make the best farther a wife could ask for, and each day she looked all the more forward to give him this gift

"Kunj I promise I'm okay..please stop worrying too much, if you worry it will cause me stress and you don't want that do you" Twinkle stated, he was well aware she would always win in such situations

He placed a kiss on her forehead and left for work

As soon as Kunj was out of Twinkles sight she fell onto the floor in tears

"This can't be happening to me and Kunj" she sobbed.. "He's so happy to become a farther"

She had to have her doubt confirmed


Twinkle sat twiddling her fingers nervously at the reception of her doctors surgery

"Mrs. Twinkle Sarna..Dr. Jain will now see you"

The walk to Dr. Jain's clinical room felt like eons..once she entered she sat on the chair across the desk from him

"Mrs.sarna, how may I help you"? 

The words failed to come out of her mouth..after much silence Twinkle spoke.."Doctor, when I woke up in the morning today, I felt this excruciating pain down the side of my stomach and also noticed a small amount of blood in my urination"

"Am I going to..mis..miscarriage doctor" she spoke with fear and apprehension 

"Mrs. Sarna..from my knowledge it is 1-100 of a chance to face a miscarriage this late into pregnancy..from your reports I can see that you are nearing 6 months".."May I examine you Mrs. Sarna"?.."Please lie down on there Mrs. Sarna" said the doctor pointing towards the hospital bed

After being checked Twinkle once again took her place on the chair, she awaited with hitched breath for the doctor to clear her misconception

"I don't hear or feel anything abnormal Mrs.Sarna, the pain you experienced in the morning could be possibly from position you slept in throughout the night and the blood you noticed in you urine is quite normal, many women notice some blood and it is nothing alarming..don't worry I don't think there is anything to worry about for now" retorted Dr. Jain

"Thank you doctor" answered an elated Twinkle

"Yes, but before you leave may I ask you to provide your urination sample..nothing to worry about, I would just like to carry out some further test just to be certain..but I'm sure they will return with an all clear" asked Dr. Jain

"Sure doctor" said Twinkle

Twinkle was grinning from ear-to-ear as she left the doctors surgery..she breathed a deep sigh of relief knowing all was well in her pregnancy and the scary thought of Kunj not being gifted his child was erased from her mind

Coming up: Twinkle experiences a strange discomfort and Kunj finds her lying in an unconscious state on their bedroom floor upon entering their room, blood trickling down her legs and the lower material of her nightdress heavily soaked in blood


A little different to my other fictional writings..I hope it's enjoyable to read just as much as I am enjoying writing this different piece


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Apologies for the wait..I've made it an extremely lengthy update, I'm not too convinced with the update therefore will try to make the next update a lot more worthwhile the wait..nonetheless, I hope this shoddy piece is accepted and is enjoyable to read


Part 2:-

"11 weeks to go" Kunj said in a whisper, as he marked off yet another day on the calendar hung on their bedroom wall

His eyes drifted towards his wife who was sound asleep on the bed, looking ever so serene..he tip-toed towards the bed, knelt down beside her and gently placed a kiss on her bump..a lone tear escaped from the corner of his eye

"Thank you Twinkle" he said, a blurred vision clouded with tears as he looked at her

Kunj re-adjusted the pillows kept under her so that she was comfortable, covered her with the duvet and headed off into the shower, and then set off for work after having eaten breakfast


Twinkle woke up with a heavy head and rolled her hand over across his side of the bed only to notice he wasn't there, but there was a note on his pillow..she opened and it read

I will be returning from work a little late today, I am going to be be popping down to the stores to collect a few things..now that you are carrying our future in that little tummy of yours I should start stocking up on things you may need

Promise me you won't take on any sort of stress and workload whilst I'm gone, when I left you were in bed and that's exactly where I want to see you when I return, if Mum or Bebe tells me you've been doing something you shouldn't have then be ready to suffer the consequences

I love you and our baby..see you soon

A wide smile swept across Twinkles face and her eyes hazed with tears at the sweet and caring gesture of her husband 

"Aaah" Twinkle gasped as a strange shot of pain was felt on the lower side of her bump as she was getting out of bed

"Why are you troubling Mummy, that was a hard kick my fighter baby" Twinkle said as she caressed her stomach

The pain lingered longer than usual and Twinkle didn't pay much heed to it..thinking it was just the baby moving around more than usual

Twinkle showered and got dressed when she heard a knock on the door

"Come in" she said

The door opened and Bebe walked in 

"Good morning Bebe".."I was just heading downstairs" stated Twinkle

Bebe gave Twinkle a motherly hug and stroked her bump, the happiness on her face evident..after her and Kunj, Bebe was the next most excited to see her grandchild in her arms, just like Kunj..she did not allow Twinkle to carry out any house chores and would always tell her off if she was on her feet

"Twinkle I wanted to tie this around your stomach" Bebe held up a black thread "It will protect you and the baby from evil eyes".."May I" spoke Bebe 

"Sure Bebe" she lifted her dress up to let Bebe wrap the thread around her stomach


Twinkles pain was persistent and getting worse with each hour, but she did not let it be known to anybody, she passed it off yet again with the thought of the baby moving around more than usual and that it was probably normal to experience this discomfort as this stage of the pregnancy

Bebe and Usha sent Twinkle upstairs to rest after she had eaten as tiredness was visible on her face

It was 6 PM and Kunj would be returning from work and shopping soon, Twinkle decided to exercise in the meantime..she was stretching and rolling on a gym ball when the shutting of bedroom door startled her..two strong arms steadied her from slipping off the ball only to be berated after she was carried in his arms and placed on the bed in a stationary position 

"How many times have I told you to be careful Twinkle" Kunj said in anger "What if I hadn't reached in time to catch you from falling down on your front" he questioned

"But Kunj.." twinkle tried to speak but was cut off short

"But what Twinkle" said an annoyed Kunj

He turned to face her and saw her head down, arms wrapped around her knees and could hear her muffled cry escaping from her mouth..he closed his eyes in regret and cursed himself for upsetting her, he only behaved with her that way as he cared for her too much, if she had hurt herself in that moment he could never forgive himself 

"I'm so sorry Twinkle".."I shouldn't have spoke to you like that" he said sitting behind her and pulling her in between his legs

"It's ok Kunj, I understand..I'm sorry too" she turned in his embrace and reciprocated his hug

He held out a book in front of her 'How to prepare for the birth of your baby'..she gleamed with excitement and threw her arms around Kunj's nape once again

"I've also bought a cradle, a cot and a few other things".."It's all in the storeroom downstairs, you can look at it tomorrow if you please" Kunj mentioned to her, he felt wetness on his top and knew she was crying from happiness..he wiped her tears away

"Come let's get you into your nightdress" he said jumping off the bed and walking towards the wardrobe to fetch her nightie 

Kunj dimmed the lights and slipped off her suit, her beauty always mesmerised him and to see her adorning a growing bump was a sight he couldn't move his eyes away from, she stood their with nothing but her underwear, Kunj was circling around her admiring her from every angle..all the while Twinkle had her eyes lowered to the ground..the red flush creeping upon her cheeks and her arms lifting to cover her exposed body..Kunj inched closer to her and placed a gentle kiss on each eye, then her nose and then her chin..he further placed a trail of kisses along her neck and moved down towards her shoulder..Twinkle engulfed him into a hug, Kunj sensed her fear of intimacy

"Don't worry Twinkle" Kunj whispered against her ear

He was aware of her delicate state and physically joining with her was of a great risk, he had been avoiding this for quite a few months now for her own health and the baby's

Kunj broke Twinkle from the hug and knelt down on his knees bringing his face level with her bump and greeted his baby with a gentle stroke followed by a few kisses and a hug, he then scooped his wife up in his arms, placed her in a sitting position on the bed and slipped on her nightdress

Kunj too removed his trousers and shirt and got into bed next to his wife..he placed a kiss on her forehead..prepped a few pillows on both her sides to aid her stomach whilst she slept, and then snuggled closer to her placing a protective arm around her waist and soon sleep took over them


Twinkle woke up with a surge of pain shooting along her stomach..this also startled Kunj and he woke up immediately and switched on the bed lamp

"Twinkle..w-what's wrong" he asked with uncertainty 

"Kunj I'm craving for.." Twinkle blurted out quickly to drift his attention 

He sighed a sigh of relief when she mentioned the word craving, she had sacred him out of his wits for a minute when she awoke with a sudden shock

He let out a slight laugh at her innocence and urged her to request her craving and he promised for it to be fulfilled

"Kunj I want to eat chocolate doughnuts" she lied and pretended to salivate and lick her lips, she knew he'd have to go out of the house to fetch it

It was nearing 2 AM, Kunj cutely laughed at his pregnant wife's antics and the things he had to do for her and his child, he pulled on a jacket, kissed his wife and promised to return with her chocolate doughnuts

As soon as Kunj disappeared out of sight she clutched onto her stomach and let out silent screams of pain..she was in agony..when she woke up she had felt a hot rush of blood escape from her vagina, she did not want to scare Kunj therefore lied to him that she was having her usual crave

With great difficulty she ran to the bathroom..she felt a huge amount of blood dripping down her legs, Twinkle was in great pain but more than that she was scared..she had no idea what was happening to her and why she was bleeding, as she sat on the toilet seat all that came out of her was many blood clots that she lost count, she was crying out of immense pain and fright..she wanted someone to be there as the amount of blood she was loosing was making her feel faint

She placed a couple of towels between her legs finding a way to stop the blood flow and walked out of the bathroom..her head was spinning with everything that was happening, it took a toll on her and she fell to the ground on her stomach and before she could scream for help she lost consciousness 

Kunj pulled his car into the drive and sprinted into the house up to their room, excited to see Twinkle savour the chocolate doughnuts he was holding and watch her with content whilst she fed herself and his child

Kunj stood at the entrance of their room horrified at the sight in front of him, Twinkle lay there on the floor, surrounded in a puddle of blood, the flow of it still trickling down her legs and the lower material of her nightdress heavily soaked in the same blood

Coming up: I'm sorry Mr. Sarna but your wife is loosing too much blood and we are unable to save the baby, as the baby was almost fully developed we may have to induce her into labour to deliver a stillborn

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Part 3:-

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Part 4:-

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I dont know what to say. I've kind of always wanted to read something on Twinj miscarrying, I know it's kind of sadistic but I really enjoy stories which touch on sensitive issues. I'm so glad that you of all people decided to write this. This was so beautiful Inayah! Kunj's happiness felt so real and my hearts already breaking for them when they lose their world. 

Update soon because that preview was just cruel. Broken Heart

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Are you posting it now cause if you do I'll sent you thousands of virtual kisses and hugs and squeeze you to death. 

The first part was really good. I loved the tensity in the room and the way Twinkle reacted to the whole situation. 

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Originally posted by _Meena_

nice os

Thank you :)

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Originally posted by areeba_blossom

Are you posting it now cause if you do I'll sent you thousands of virtual kisses and hugs and squeeze you to death. 

The first part was really good. I loved the tensity in the room and the way Twinkle reacted to the whole situation. 

I'm going to make you pine for a little longer..the coming up part will most probably posted tomorrow or the day after..depending on how Uni treats me with regards to workload, however I will still steal your ticket of them multiple hugs and kisses..squeezing to death can be left out of it, whose gonna write the next instalment if that happens LOL  

Thank you ever so much for liking this piece of fiction, appreciate such kind words a lot <3

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