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Ishra SS || We Begin Again || Epilogue (Page 113) (May 21st) (Page 33)

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Originally posted by meghnaghosh

A very very emotional update this time. As parents, it must be a really difficult phase for IshRa to go through.Nevertheless, they atleast have each other. Felt so bad for Ishita when she longed and cherished a tiny moment with her own daughter. i am really looking forward to the next update. I really want Pihu to know the truth now.
Another request Prabh. I understand it must be really frustrating when you do not get a deserving response for an update you put so much heart into. Please, for genuine readers like us, do not rush with this one.If possible, complete it as you had wished earlier. This is a sincere request from an ardent fan/reader of your stories..
Thank you so much! Glad you liked the update especially the emotions and how they were supporting each other throughout as well as her moment with Pihu making her happy and sad! Let's see how Pihu will react to the truth! Thank you so much for liking and commenting! And I won't be ending it in 2-3 updates for the 60-70 people who read this, I'm just cutting a lot of things I wanted to include off due to the lack of response! However I'm happy to know you enjoy this story as much as you like the others!

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Originally posted by peg_pionne

Superb update you describe very well their emotions continue soon Clap
Thank you so much! Glad you liked the update especially the emotions! Thank you so much for liking and commenting! Will try to update soon!

Originally posted by Mdwst

Loved it...psychiatrist part was very thorough 
Thank you so much! Glad you liked the update especially the part with the psychiatrist! Thank you so much for liking and commenting!
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Originally posted by lalibhaskar

Very touching 
Pihu is getting attached to ishita, raman wants to give her some time with her daughter, so he thought of dropping pihu together.  The slow ride, taking a long route shows how much he wants ishita to enjoy the time with pihu. 

Ishita was very thankful to him, she was hurt that her daughter loves her like a aunt and not as her mumma but she needs to have patience 

Loved how ishra were supporting each other through out while talking to amrita
They were not able to take their daughter  condition and amrita explained her thoughts and also suggested to give ruhi a change of place  and assured them that everything could be sorted. 

Hope ishra be successful in bringing ruhi out of trauma 
Thank you so much! Glad you liked the update especially how Pihu is getting attached to her and Raman wants their bonding to grow so tries to get them time together and the moment where Pihu loves her like an aunt! Happy you liked how they were supporting the other in front of the psychiatrist throughout! Thank you so much for liking and commenting!
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Chapter 5 Recap

Ishita couldn't stop expressing her gratefulness to the psychiatrist who had done everything that everyone else except Raman had failed to do for her; let her believe that everything could be normal...

"Thank you. It was really nice to meet you...we had almost given up and pinned everything on you. And so far it really seems like things may get better."

Chapter 6A

As they slowly walked back to Ruhi's room to check on them after Amrita had talked to her wanting to make sure she was alright, as their hearts wouldn't be at peace until they saw her themselves no matter how much they were told that she was okay. But as they were at the entrance of her room, Ishita stopped him by holding his wrist and when he turned back she spoke up...

"Umm Raman I was thinking of taking Ruhi to Amma's house, if that's-" He didn't let her continue on as he smiled and told her...

"You don't need to ask. Your daughter, your choice." Seeing him handing over all the decision for Ruhi to her, her eyes were filled with tears knowing that he believed in her motherhood and that he found her to be responsible enough to make the right decisions for their daughter. And as everything he did since she had returned had been making her think contrary to how she had been thinking of herself as a mother whenever she remembered his words that night, made her speak her thoughts aloud...

"Raman thank you." He smiled at her faintly looking confused as to what she was talking about...

"For what?"

"For that time with Pihu during the car ride, I may have been away from Delhi for years but I still remember the way to the school. It was really nice to be able to spend some time with my baby. And also for doing the talking now. I just couldn't bring myself to talk about how Nidhi...and when you helped, it was a bit easier to sit through that..."

His smile immediately disappeared as he heard her words feeling hurt. He didn't want to be thanked for doing what he was supposed to do. He didn't want to hear a thanks like she would talk to her Mani, Mihir or Romi. It didn't feel as if she was his own or like he was her husband, but maybe she couldn't put him back into that place all of a sudden. Yet it hurt that she thanked him like she would thank a stranger for getting her through something hard, and he couldn't stop himself from letting out a chuckle and expressing the same...

"Ishita, I know we've stayed apart for 7 years...but don't make me a stranger now. I was your husband and legally I still am today. I don't know what relationship we share today, but I do know that whatever it is I will always be there for you no matter what happens and somewhere deep in your heart I know you feel the same way. It's different that I couldn't live up to these words that night we lost everything, but staying without you has taught me every lesson I ever needed to learn. The only thing was I let go of everything I ever did when you were around...expressing what I felt. That's why today you feel the need to thank me for being a support when it was the least I could have done for you."

She looked at him and more than his words, his eyes showed her he was hurt by her words. She shook her head, as hurting him even unintentionally wasn't what she wanted at all. She just wanted to acknowledge that she was grateful for how much he was doing to support her and was trying to help her bond with Pihu which no one but him could do. She was more than happy with what he was doing for her and that's all she wanted to tell him. But as she upset him with her word, she reached forward trying to explain what she actually meant...

"That's not what I meant Raman..."

"I know and I'm sorry. I just go carried away in the moment. I'm sorry...umm I'll just go see Ruhi and then I'll have to leave for work."

He quickly entered Ruhi's room not wanting talk any further and before she could say anything he had gone to Ruhi where they couldn't talk about this not wanting to affect Ruhi in any way at all, keeping her in positivity as much as they could. But standing by the door's ledge, she looked at him trying to Ruhi telling her that he was going to work, but didn't want to be away from her even for a moment as he had spent years longing for her and wanted to make up for all the time they had missed staying together. But watching him from afar, she shook her head hating what she had just told him as she never wanted to see him that hurt ever again yet her heart skipped a beat realizing that he still cared about her words, her words still matter and still affected him though she never wanted to learn the fact in such a matter...

"Raman, so much much pain is visible when you talk to me about those years. And there's so much more you've hidden inside...for all these years? Why? Why are you doing this to yourself and to me? I can't see you like this, but I can't come close either. I don't want to get attached...I don't want to remember that night and those words that sting my heart till today...I just don't want to be hurt..." A tear rolled down her eye as she watched him plant a kiss on Ruhi's head and tried to smile at her before he turned away wiping his tear before getting up to leave. Walking past her giving her a faint smile and a good bye, he left for his office while she sighed wishing she could take back that one thank you before she entered Ruhi's room to take care of her.


"Ayyo Ishu, Ruhi! I didn't know you were dropping by! Come on in!" Her Amma welcomed them in as placing her hand on Ruhi's shoulder, Ishita signalled her to go in. As they walked in, Ishita excitedly walked up to her two sisters as soon as she spotted them while seeing them all hug, no one noticed the small smile that appeared on Ruhi's face when Shravan asked her to come with him to his room to hang out away from everyone. But as she didn't move and looked towards Ishita, she caught the attention of everyone else. Sadly looking on as she waited for Ishita's yes before doing anything, her mother walked to her, and caressing her hair told her...

"This house is your house as well. You go wherever you want around her and do what you want, okay?" She smiled at her and the three other women behind her agreed with her asking Ruhi to whatever she wished to only to have her lower her head and walked off with Shravan.

"Don't worry Ishu, she'll be alright." Ishita turned around and saw her older sister giving her an encouraging smile and as they all took a seat, Ishita also agreed with her sister.

"Hmm I'm hoping the same. Anyways Raman and I have talked to a psychiatrist today, she said that Ruhi will be'll just take time..."

And as Ishita narrated everything they had discussed with the psychiatrist, the 4 women continued to talk about what they could possibly do for Ruhi to give her space yet make her feel that all the love they were giving her was genuine and unconditional. As they continued to talk watching Ruhi silently listen to Shravan just wishing that she would speak up just once, their talks were disturbed by a phone call Mihika got. As she told the person on the other line that she was at Amma's home, her smile faded away and she picked up her bag hanging up her phone bidding goodbye to everyone sadly. Noticing her smile fade away, Ishita couldn't help but ask what the matter was...

"What happened Mihika? Why are you so upset all of a sudden? Any problem?"

"No Akka, it was just Romi's phone and he just wanted me to come home quickly."

"Why kanna? He doesn't mind you staying here, does he?" Madhavi asked also curious about what happened all of a sudden and ask Mihika looked down away from Ishita she told them all...

"Why would he periamma? It's just I mentioned Akka's name and you know how it with Jiju, so..." Everyone was silence realizing what the matter was, and as an idea came to Ishita's head she turned to Mihika wondering if anything would be able to help bricoidge the gaps between the two brothers...

"Mihika, can I ask you for something?"

"Of course, what is it?"

"It's for Ruhi and me...we've just returned a few days ago and I was thinking why not invite the new Bhalla bahu to dinner at the Bhalla house itself? Will you and Romi be willing to come over for dinner tonight? It'll be great for everyone and Ruhi will also be able spend some time with her Chachu and Chachi or is it Chachu and Chitti?"

She asked Mihika who looked hesitant, but at the mention of it being good for Ruhi, she had to agree as she looked over at the silent child and nodded her head in agreement. Promising to try her best convince Romi, Mihika left and as Shravan had to leave for his tuition, Ishita also took Ruhi back home knowing Raman would be returning soon as he recently had been coming early to spend as much time possible with Ruhi. And much to her prediction, when she entered the home with Ruhi she found him asking Neelu where they had gone in panic. She was about to call out to him telling him that they were right here when she saw him closely and there was more than just panic written on his face...

"Ishita...Ruhi, where did they go? Neelu did they say anything?! I just hope they're okay. Ishita...she's returned after so long, what if she doesn't remember where to go and Ruhi doesn't even say a word...oh God I hope Ruhi's okay. And...and Ishita's not picking up her phone...Matarani don't do this to me again, please just get them back home safe and sound."

She saw him sitting down on the couch and getting up moments later pacing to and fro as he mumbled to himself making tears brim her eyes. Is this was the last years had done to him? Had he become so weak on the inside that just her going next door would scare him to this extent? He had, he was always this way and losing her and Ruhi had worsened everything as he was scared of losing what was precious to him and no was more precious to him then Ruhi...and her? She didn't know whether she wanted to smile at the concern he had for them, the concern he had for her or if she wanted to cry seeing what their separation had brought him down to. But all she knew was that she didn't want to see him upset any more than she had made him this morning and quickly walked up to him with Ruhi.

As soon as he saw her, relief shadowed over his face as he smiled at them. And without twice, he put his arms both of them thankful that they were back home taking both Ishita and Ruhi by surprise. Ishita couldn't understand what had just happened taking a few moments to realize he had just pulled her into a hug. She, also not thinking much put her arms around him, wanting to give him the comfort he needed. But before she knew it, she had closed her eyes wanting to hold him closer to her for as long as she possibly could. As she kept her head on her shoulder, it become more than a hug to comfort him. It was a moment she kept for herself, inhaling his cologne and snuggle herself close to his body wanting this hug, their family where he kept them close to himself, never letting go and protected in his embrace.

However she opened her eyes when he felt not just one arm around him, but a second softer touch making him look to his left. As Ruhi had cuddled in closer between them and put her arm around him hugging him back, he couldn't let Ishita miss it. Tapping her shoulder, he turned to Ruhi and her eyes followed which tears of joy soon filled when she saw Ruhi with closed eyes holding onto him. After numerous hug he had given her and she had given her individually, she had finally gotten herself to hug them back when she was hidden in the center of their hug feeling like she belonged in her parents' embrace.

As Ishita put her arm around the two, completing their hug and staying in it until another pair of arms went around Ishita and Ruhi making them look up to find Adi excitedly joining in on the hug. Caught in between Raman and Adi's tight embrace, Ishita laughed trying to get out while holding their hands, the father and son refused let Ishita out from the center. All the while, the three of them had their eyes on Ruhi who was only watching them looking on amazed until the front door of the home opened and Shagun entered.

Seeing her walk away in anger, Ishita stopped laughing and looking up at Raman, she found him hit with the reality of his lie when Pihu walked in behind Shagun and knowing that if the child saw them together she would question making all of them step back much to the disappointment of Adi and Ruhi. However with no choice, Ishita quickly took Ruhi's hand and walked her to her room before Pihu began to talk to her upsetting her elder daughter. And seeing her go away without looking back, Raman knew that she would only be hurt when around Pihu especially after Shagun's reaction on seeing them all together, so without a word he also walked away to Pihu to be with her as Ishita was with Ruhi...


A Few Hours Later

On Pihu insistence and remembering the psychiatrist's words on Ruhi needing to go out to help her open up, they had all come out to the park with Ishita and Adi taking Ruhi out while Raman brought Pihu a while later. Though one family they were in two different corners of the park, with Raman trying to yet again spend time with Pihu not wanting to neglect her while taking care of Ruhi.

He watched his daughter run around with other children of their society, so easily befriending many of them just like his Ruhi once used to. The same face, the same happiness & friendliness, and the same bubbly nature...she was the same as his Ruhi. Yet he sighed at the regret that today Pihu's older sister wasn't the same and was nowhere near what she had been like before. Wishing he could see a day where Ruhi would be running around with Pihu laughing and playing with her while Ishita would be watching them with that smile she had on her face when Ruhi had hugged them, he leaned back on the bench he was sitting on closing his eyes imagining the sight he believed would only remain an imagination.

Meanwhile Ishita was sitting on a bench watching Ruhi sit on a swing silently looking out while Adi was talking to her, noticing Ruhi's eyes were constantly on the younger children playing soccer, children around the very age she was taken away from them. Keeping her eyes on her daughter, she saw her eyes filling up at the sight of a young girl playing with her mother reminding both of them all too much about themselves, what they once used to be.

Wishing that they could be the same Ruhi and Ishima they were before, she turned her eyes back to her daughter who while trying to hide her tears and sobs, choked back on them and ending up coughing. Running up to her immediately, Ishita asked Adi to get Ruhi water only to realize they hadn't brought any water, and as Adi told her of a water fountain nearby Ruhi got up running to the fountain. Following slowly behind knowing Ruhi was much like her father, wanting to hide tears whenever she could Ishita stopped at a distance letting her be. And she took her eyes off Ruhi only when she got a call from Mihika who had called to let her know that Romi had agreed to come to the Bhalla house when he returned from a business trip in 2 days.

Talking to her sister, she bumped into Raman who was walking around trying to get network for his phone for an important call all the while following Pihu, who had rushed to the other side of the park when she needed to refill her water bottle. Both hanging up their calls, immediately looked around trying to get a glimpse of their other daughter only to be disappointed. But wanting to see whether bringing Ruhi out had helped, he couldn't stop himself from asking her...

"Ishita, where's Ruhi?"

"She went to go get a drink from the water fountain."

"What?! Why did you send her there?" Raman looked at her worried while she was confused.

"What's wrong with the water fountain?"

"Pihu just went there! If Ruhi sees Pihu then..." She looked at him with wide eyes, but he couldn't finish his sentence as before he could do so, they heard a very recognisable voice calling out just what they didn't want to hear...

"Ruhi Didi!" Rushing to the water fountain, they saw Pihu falling to the ground while running towards Ruhi who had turned around to hear a voice so similar to her own younger self's. Stopping for a moment in shock as his daughter fell onto the gravel, Raman was about to run towards her when Ishita stopped him holding his arm...


She whispered all the while keeping her teary eyes ahead, and as he looked on confused he knew he had to turn to the direction her eyes were looking at when a smile appeared on her face. As he turned around, Raman's expression were no different from Ishita's as they watched Ruhi take slowly steps towards Pihu who was crying on the ground. And before they knew it Ruhi had quickened her pace rushing towards her younger sister unable to see her crying.

Helping her up, Ruhi shook her head as if asking Pihu not to cry while she rub the dust and rocks of her arms looking around for help when she saw her elbow had a scratch that was bleeding. As she failed to see Raman and Ishita who were now standing near a tall tree, she took her younger sister into a hug trying to console the crying child. All the while their parents looked at each other before she threw her arms around him giving him a hug as they couldn't believe that Ruhi, who till a few days back would get nightmares if Pihu came in front of her reminding her of her childhood, was now hugging that very younger sister of hers when she was injured...



"Pihu you really like Ishita aunty?"

"Of course papa, she's so much fun and so sweet. And she's Ruhi Didi's mumma."

"So Pihu likes Ruhi didi and Ishita aunty a lot? So how about Papa tells you a little secret about them."

"What? I want to know!"

"What if I tell you that Ruhi Didi is your real didi? She's your older sister!"

"My sister...? And Ish...Ishita aunty? She's didi's mumma...Papa I'm so confused."


That's all for now! Please do like and leave your feedback! Will be looking forward to it! Also thank you so much for the 65 likes and to all of those who comments, it means a lot! Thank you so much for reading!Hug

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Lovely update! I love how slowly you have Ruhi opening up to everyone, and the Pihu-Ruhi encounter was just so sweet. Excited for Raman's convo with Pihu in the precap!

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Amazing updt dear..
Loved it
Contiu soon

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very nice..
well written..Clap

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Emotional update
Both r hurt...ishita thanked him n he felt as a stranger
Ishita trying for brother's patch up
Ruhi responding to the hug...n condoling pihu .
Loved it
Waiting for next

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