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PV OS - Passionate Destiny

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I know I posted this yesterday for Tessie's birthday but I wasn't too impressed with my rushed OS that I posted as Tess's gift.  I just didn't do our OS queen justice.  So I have edite it from the beginning and re-done it in two parts. 

Happy belated birthday Tessie Poo



PV OS - Passionate Destiny


Chapter 1



Aarti fell next to her husband, breathless and panting. 

"Wow, Aarti.  What came over you?  That was the first time in that you performed like that." He was quite breathless too.

"Are you complaining?"

"No, but why"

"I had a dream"

"About what"

"About making love to my husband" she wasn't lying and she wasn't telling the truth either. 

"I hope you have that dream more often" he said and turned around and went to sleep. There was no kissing or cuddling.  But she didn't mind.  That was the nature of their relationship.

She couldn't sleep.  Her body was still on fire.  She felt guilty.  Her husband must never know why she acted like that.  That she saw him again.  Her mystery man.  Not even she knew who he was.  She hadn't seen him in almost a year, since they moved to this new house.  He used to run past their old house every morning for the 6 months before they moved.  She knew what time he would pass and always made sure she busy gardening or doing something outside .  He never even noticed her. 


She still remembered the first time she saw him.  It was raining and she was doing her normal rain dance as she liked to call it.  She loved the rain.  Then Ma called her and she went inside.  Their door was mirrored on the outside and see through on the inside.  As she was closing it, she saw a tall muscular figure outside their gate.  He had his head down and his hands on his hips.  He stood facing their house and he finally ran his hand through his beautiful wet hair, lifted his head and looked towards the door and she saw the most beautifully expressive eyes she had ever seen.  His abs were chiselled and his arms were strong and muscular.  Her heart started beating wildly and she felt butterflies in her stomach.  She was stood staring at him till he continued his run.  That night she had her first dream of him.  She didn't even know she possessed feelings like that.  She had constant arguments with Prashant about her lack of interest in love making.  But she just didn't really enjoy it.  With an actual man that would seem.  He dream lover made her feel quite differently. 

She had almost forgotten him till yesterday.  She got into a lift at the mall and before it closed someone ran in.  It was him.  He smiled at her.  His delectable mouth and beautiful eyes smiled at her.  She lowered her gaze.  She couldn't let him see what she felt at that moment.  Her knees were weak and her heart beat a mile a minute.  He got off before her and his fragrance still lingered.  She wanted to stay there just to feel close to him for longer, but she had to complete her shopping and go home. 

And she dreamt of him again that night.  She dreamt that he was her husband and they had gone for lunch at the mall.  But while they were eating he couldn't take his hands off her.  So much so that she had trouble eating.  He was rubbing her inner thigh under the table, giving him the desired result.  She was moist and throbbing for him.

"Stop it" she tried to chastise him but he knew that was not what she wanted.

"No, I want you now Aarti" he took her hand and brought to his hard manhood.  It might her gasp as usual.  She wanted to pull her hand away but instead she started rubbing him there. A soft moan escaped him and she stopped. 

"No, we are in a public place."

"Then let's go home, love" his tone was pleading.

"Yes" she said her voice shaky.

He paid their bill and dragged her to the lift.  They were alone in the lift and he grabbed her in his arms for a kiss.  He pushed the stop button, his mouth not leaving hers, he quickly lifted her dress and discarded her underwear and his bottoms.

"We can't do this here." she said breathlessly, putting her hands around his neck and wrapping her legs around him.

"Don't worry, this won't take long" he said as he entered her.

And he was right, they were both so hungry that it only took a few thrusts for them both to reach their climax. 

At that point she woke up, still feeling unsatisfied.  She saw her husband asleep next to her and started kissing him.  He was aroused in no time and she was riding him like she had never done in the 3 years that they had been married.  And quickly she had experienced a climax that she had never experienced in their 3 years of marriage either.  Hence his statement of earlier.   And all because she was visualising loving her sexy mystery man and not Prashant, her husband.


That day proved to be more than eventful.  Aarti was a housewife.  She met Prashant at college and they married as soon as they completed their respective courses.  She loved him but she soon realised that he was a puppet to his parents' wishes.  She had stopped working about the same time as they had moved to the house.  She was desperately trying to get pregnant and her mother in law suggested she stop working.  She had gone for all sorts of medical tests but the doctors found nothing wrong with her.  There was no reason why she couldn't conceive.  She had assisted Prashant in running the business.  Still she helped from home as he was not the greatest at running the business but she no longer went into the office.  She still did most of the accounts.  He had appointed a young girl as his assistant.  She was pretty but was not really great at her job and this is why Aarti continued to help out.  She was surprised to find his new assistant at their house mid-morning.

"Namaste, Neda.  Are you fetching something for Prashant?" she asked.  Her mother in law was there too.  She looked nervous.

"No,  Aarti.  I have come to see you."

Aarti was surprised as she always addressed her as Mrs. Dubey.

"Why have you come to see me?" but she already knew.

"I have come here to tell you that I am pregnant with Prashant's child.  I have been waiting for him to tell you about our relationship but he hasn't so now I am telling you."

Aarti's head started to spin.

"Neda, what are saying?   My Prashant is not like that" said his mother.

"Then call him and ask him"

His mother did so and he confessed all that Neda said is true.  Her disappointment in "her Prashant" lasted but a moment.  They soon decided that since Neda was carrying their grandchild and she was clearly barren that Prashant should divorce her and marry Neda.  Prashant was a coward and never said anything but just went according to his parents' wishes.  They made her sign the divorce papers.  Once the divorce was finalised she had nowhere to go.  She packed a few things and left. They didn't care that she had nowhere to go. They didn't care that she had no money and didn't offer any.  She was numb when she left their home.  She didn't even ask for her rights, she didn't ask him for the allowance that she was due as she didn't have an income.   She just wandered along aimlessly.  Two days later she was still on the streets and she hadn't slept or eaten anything.  She knocked into someone.

"Miss are you ok?" said the lady concerned.

Aarti fainted.

"Yash, Yash, please help.  This lady has just fainted" said Arpita."

He rushed to her.  He couldn't believe who it was that he was carrying to his car.  It was his mystery girl.  The one that kept him up at night and who was the source of many a cold shower.  Once he realised it was her his heart beat wildly in fear for her.  He wanted to hold her in his arms but he had to stop himself.  He was very concerned about her.  She looked frail and raggedy.  Arpita insisted they take her home.  He was torn, he wanted to see that she was ok but he knew that it was not safe for her to be so close to him.  How could he have her in the same house as his pregnant wife?

The first time he had seen her was when he ran past what he had assumed was her house.  It was drizzling slightly that day and she was dancing around in the rain.  He was mesmerised by the sight of her laughing and dancing.  She had her head up and eyes closed, her arms were outstretched and she twirled around, her wave of silken hair following her as she swung around.  The fabric of her saree clung to her body highlighting every beautiful curve to his hungry gaze. He stopped involuntarily and watched her till she went inside.  He stood there for a while even after she went inside and he stared at the closed door.  Then he ran past there every morning the same time just to catch a glimpse of her but she never even noticed him.  And then one day she was just not there anymore.  He still ran that route every day hoping...


  And then he saw her at the mall that day.  He followed her and saw her get into the lift.  He ran for it, just wanting to be close to her.  He pressed a random button. He stood opposite her and smiled, but she didn't smile back, she just lowered her eyes.  This gave him the opportunity to continue looking at her.  She was even more beautiful and alluring up close.  And too soon the lift doors opened on "his floor".  He got out but he still could still smell her fragrance.  He never forgot her smell.

And now she was in his home.  His wife insisted she had to stay with them.  He had married Arpita 2 years ago and he really loved her, so he couldn't understand what these feelings for this girl were.

She had told Arpita what had happened to her.  She was divorced and an orphan.  She had nowhere to go and no family. Her in-laws had discarded her as soon as their son made a girl pregnant as she couldn't conceive.  Arpita with her huge heart could not see her on the streets again.

"Please Yashu.  She has no one and nowhere to go.  You know that soon I will need help and she looks like a nice, dependable and trustworthy person."

"But we hardly know her" said his mother.

"I insist on it Ma, please Yashu tell Ma, that she has to stay." and Arpita started to cry.

In her condition he didn't want her upset so he had agreed.  She had developed a life threatening disease when she fell pregnant.  And she was getting weaker as the pregnancy progressed. 

Aarti wanted to leave.  She didn't want to stay in this house with him.  With his wife.  But his mother explained to her that Arpita insisted and what her condition was and she stayed.  He was apparently a very successful events co-ordinator.  As an only child he had taken over his father's business and grew it exponentially.  She could see the affluence in the house.  These people were extremely wealthy.  But they accepted her as family. Even his mother was won over by her.  She helped out in the house and did most of the cooking as Arpita was not able to do it any more.

As the pregnancy progressed Aarti became her care giver and close friend.  They confided in each other.  Aarti told her about her childhood in the orphanage and he disastrous marriage and Arpita told Aarti about her fear.  Fear of dying, fear of leaving he baby motherless and she always spoke with so much love and concern for Yash.  They grew to love each other as sisters.  She slept in the adjoining room that  Arpita had moved into when it became apparent that she needed 24hr care, which Aarti provided.  Yash continued to sleep in their bedroom.  She stayed away from Yash as much as was possible but the more she stayed in the house the more she fell in love with him.   And she could see that he was as affected by her as she was by him.

He travelled so much these days. Mainly because he tried to avoid her, but even when he was away from her she occupied his every thought.  And he felt so guilty.  He loved Arpita and always would but he was in love with Aarti.  And he was almost sure she felt the same.  Every time he came to visit with Arpita she left the room.  Every time they accidentally touched or were close to each other the tension was unbearable and he had to take daily cold showers. He was torn between guilt that he was in love with her, gratitude that Arpita had someone that she trusted to look after her and to confide in.

Finally at 7 months, Arpita gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Palak.  She was very ill and everyone thought that she would not make it home after the delivery but she did.  Aarti now became both Arpita and Palak's caregiver.  In fact Palak recognized Aarti as her mother as Aprita was too sick to really bond with her.  In fact Arpita encouraged the bond as she knew she would not be there for Palak very soon.  When little Palak was just 3 months old, her mother passed away but not before she made a dying wish.  She asked for G3Ma, her parents and Yash and Aarti to be in the room with her.  She wanted to make sure that everyone knew what she wanted.  She didn't want anyone to point fingers after she passed on.

"We all know that I am not going to make it.  And I want to make sure my husband and daughter is taken care of, that is why I want Yash and Aarti to get married.  Aarti has been more of a mother to Palak that I have been.  It's perfect.  Please agree."  Everyone was shocked. 

"No Arpi" said Yash.

"Yes, please promise me.  Aarti, please promise me" they were sitting on either side of her on the bed holding her hand and crying.

"I will not rest in peace until you agree." They just cried and he wouldn't answer.

"Please can I speak to Yash and Aarti alone"  she asked their parents.

"Yash, look at me.  I know."


"I know you love Aarti." his face went ashen.

"It hurt at first but I am glad now.  Glad that you have found someone that will make you happy.  Someone that loves our daughter like her own.  I know she loves you too.  As much as you tried to hide it, I could see the way you looked at each other when you thought no one was looking.  I am not angry.  I am happy for the two of you and for my baby.  You were meant to be with each other.  Yash, I was only meant to pass through your life, possibly to bring you two closer together but Aarti is your destiny.  You both have to accept it.  If you want me to die happy, you have to agree to get married."

They did.


Chapter 2



Arpita has been deceased for 3 weeks. Nothing was discussed about their marriage after her passing.  Her poppet was soundly asleep and she was getting ready for bed.  She heard shouting and sounds like things were thrown about.  She rushed to where the sound was coming from.  It was from his bedroom. She went inside and saw him thrashing the place.

"Yashji, please stop"

He just continued.

"Yashji, you will wake up your Mother and the baby, stop."

She ran to him and held him tightly to make him stop.

"Leave me Aarti, I am a terrible person.  I didn't deserve Arpita.  She loved me and I ... I.  I betrayed her.  I couldn't love her the way she deserves to be loved and she knew that.  Leave me!"

She held him tighter.  She didn't want him to harm himself. 

"No, I won't.  You have to calm down.  This isn't good for you."

He was too strong to for her and pushed her away, still holding onto her arms. He looked at her with anger and passion.  He suddenly pulled her back to him and started kissing her punishingly. Her arms were hurting, he held her so tightly.  He pushed her onto the bed and pulled off the jeans that she wearing and his pants.  He wanted to punish them both.  He forced himself into her furiously.  His angry thrusts hurting her, but she didn't re-act.  Then it was over.  He rolled off her and started to sob bitterly. 

"I'm so sorry" he sobbed, I didn't mean to do that.  I am so sorry. Please forgive me.  "

She turned to him and said,

"Yashji, I understand.  Don't worry about it."

"No, I am a terrible person.  How can you possibly forgive me?"

"Yashji, I feel the same guilt that you do.  We have to deal with it.  In time it will pass.  But what won't pass is my love for you.  And Arpita knew this.  She released us of the guilt Yash.  She didn't cling to unforgivness, why should we not forgive ourselves.  I am not all the way there yet.  I will eventually forgive myself.  But I have forgiven you.  Do you hear me Yashji, your'e forgiven." she said and she leaned over him and kissed him gently.  He was stunned.  He couldn't believe what she just said.  He couldn't believe that she loved him enough to forgive an unforgivable act instantly.

She started unbuttoning his shirt, kissing him, every inch of his now exposed chest.  She eventually reached his manhood that was erect again at her actions.  Her mouth covered him and breathed raggedly in pleasure and moaned.  She eventually stopped her glorious torture and removed her top and leaned down to kiss him again.  They both loved the feel of her soft breasts against his hard chest.  He tasted a mixture of both of them on her mouth.  It was so erotic and drove him wild.  He moved her by the hips and pressed her down on him.  Her groans were killing him.  She started to move on top of him.  He couldn't keep his eyes off her face.  She was clearly experiencing as much pleasure as she was giving.  He body was glistening with sweat and strands of her hair clung to her face.  Her eyes were closed and she bit her bottom lip and when she brought them both to the ultimate of pleasure, he pulled her head down and kissed her to prevent her screams from reaching the other members of the household. 

They lay in each other's arms for a while.  Then she got up.

"Aarti, please stay"

"I can't.  What if Palak wakes up?  But soon." she gave him a kiss and she left. 


The next morning, she didn't look at him while serving breakfast.  The flush on her cheeks making her even more desirable to him.  He went to work with a smile on his face.  He was working his way to forgiving himself. If they Arpita could and Aarti could, then so would he.

She had just put Palak to bed and was admiring her little princess when she felt arms coming around her.   He nuzzled her in her neck.

"Is my angel fast asleep?"

"Yes." she said trying to get out of his hold.

"Now it is time for Mumma and Pappa to get to bed also"

"No Yashji"   she turned around but that only made it easier for him to capture her lips.  She was lost.  Finally they came up for air.  She snuck away from him while he was still recovering from the kiss, but he caught up with her before she could get out the door.

"Yashji, you mother."

"Ma is fast asleep. After last night, don't you think the ji is superfluous" He kissed her again and lifted her.  She put her legs around his waist and she felt his hard arousal. 

"It's raining"
"Is it? Yash." she said shyly.

"Yes it is.  And no need to be shy.  You will be calling my name from your lovely lips a few times before this night is out." he carried her outside to a secluded piece of the garden that was only accessible by the bedroom, the raindrops drenching them soon.  She loved being in his arms in the rain.  She had two of her 3 favourite things right then. Palak being the third.

"You were dancing in the rain the first time I saw you.  You looked so beautiful"

"When did you see me in the rain?"

"When I ran past your house the first time."

"You saw me?  I thought you didn't even notice me.  I waited for you every morning, till we moved, you know."

"I still ran past there every day after you left hoping to see you.  And then finally I saw you again in the elevator and you didn't even smile back at me."

"I was nervous.  My knees were so weak I could barely stand up straight."

"I so badly wanted to kiss you."

"I wanted to be kissed by you."

He put her down and started to undress her.  It was easier this time, she was wearing a skirt and top.  It was already clinging to her body.  His hand lingering on certain parts making her senseless. She couldn't wait.  She started undressing him too.  She kissed him and grabbed his hardness and rubbed it as soon as it was exposed. 

"Aah, baby, you drive me crazy.  How did your ex-husband let you go?"

"I was never like this with him."
"Really never?" this news excited him more.

"Well, there was only one time." he looked disappointed.

"It was the day I saw you in the lift.  I had a dream and I woke up and I was picturing you the whole time."

"Oh, honey.  Are you only saying this to turn me on?'

"No. it's the truth" shall I tell you the dream.


"First give me what I want."

He picked her up again entered her, and walked with her to the swing.  She didn't think that she could enjoy the swing more than she already had.  But with him inside her it was infinitely better.  She dropped her head and her lips were near her ears as she told him her sensual dream.  Each word was like an aphrodisiac to him.  He had to stop himself a few times from exploding during her erotic description of the dream.  The rain still falling on their hot bodies. 

"Marry me, Aarti" he said

"Why, because Arpita asked"

"No, because I want to be the husband of your dreams and I love you.  I've loved you from the first moment I saw you."

"Are you sure that is what you want?"

"I will always love Arpita, but we are meant to be.  You are my destiny Aarti.  Why do you think we just couldn't get away from each other, even when we were both married?  And as fate would have it we both lost our spouses, because I am yours and you are mine.  I am completely in love with you.  So please say you will marry me."

She finally started moving on top of him and screamed

"Yes, yes,yes" both for reaching climax and for his proposal.

"You have already made my dreams come true, Yash" she said after.

He lifted her off of him.  They both started picking up their clothes and went inside and he led her to the shower.

"Finally a hot shower.  Awesome" he said hugging her from the back.

"What do mean, finally.  You have hot water in your shower too.

"Do you have any idea how many cold showers I've had to take because of you?"

She giggled.

"I'm so sorry.  No more cold showers for my baby from now on.  I will do anything for you not to have a cold shower." She went down on her knees and gave him a taste of what she meant.  And she didn't stop till he writhed in pleasurable release.

They got married in 2 weeks later.  But for those 2 weeks he would not let her sleep on her own.  His mother probably suspected but she didn't say anything. They celebrated their second month anniversary with the most awesome news.  She was pregnant. Both were overjoyed.                                                                                               

Aarti was walking with her husband, mother in law and her daughter when she saw Prashant and his family at the same mall where she saw Yash in the lift.

Strangely she felt nothing for them.  They looked at her and her family.  At first she wanted to ignore them but she was better than that.  And she was happy.  She would do the honourable thing.  She went to them and greeted.

"Namaste, Ma Bauji, Prashant, Neda.  How are you doing?  Awe, your boy is too cute, she gushed at the baby boy that was almost 2 years old."  For a moment she wanted to ignore Neda but actually she did her a huge favour.

"Good thank you" said Prashant.  She could see what was going through their minds.  They threw her out of the house, they expected her to be on the street and now she had a husband, and from their attire and her and her mother in law's jewellery, they were clearly well off.  And Aarti was very pregnant.  After she left, their business didn't do so well anymore with Prashant at the helm and Neda not having the skills that Aarti possessed.

"This is my husband Yash, and my precious Palak.  She is almost a year and a half. And we are expecting our own little boy soon." 

"Nice meeting you," said her mother in law. "My bahu is taking me shopping for my birthday so we need to get going.  Good bye" said G3, pushing ahead with Palak's stroller. 

"Sorry, Ma gets a bit impatient. We have to go." she said.

"They greeted each other."

Yash reached for her hand as they walked off.

"That's your ex?  He is not nearly as good looking as I am." he said smirking.

"Or as modest" she smiled

"I wish I could tell him of your dream"  He still made her tell her that dream often as well as others that she had.  It made him wild every time.

"That guy did me a huge favour.  I think I should get him a gift. How about a tape of us doing what we love most?" he winked.

She chuckled.

"You're evil but I love you Mr. Scindiya"

"I love you too, my stunning wife.  He has no idea what he lost.  I'm so glad I found my passionate destiny in you"

And they walked off and smiled blissfully


The End





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Posted: 18 April 2016 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
wow Honey-Bee! am dead! dead! dead! dead! what a gift!!!! sooo HOT! I absolutely loved it! thank you so much! now I will have sweet dreams! Day Dreaming Heart Hug
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beautiful os.. loved it
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B another amazing OS.  Really enjoyed the last paragraph where Arti ran into the Debey's.  It serves them right for treating Arti in such a way.  ARYA were meant to be together as they were made for each other.  That is the reason both of their spouses left them so they could be united.  Waiting for your next creation.  Keep on rocking.  Thank you.

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Originally posted by Tessaloni

wow Honey-Bee! am dead! dead! dead! dead! what a gift!!!! sooo HOT! I absolutely loved it! thank you so much! now I will have sweet dreams! Day Dreaming Heart Hug
It was so rushed. But I will have fair warning and hopefully produce something better.Big smile

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Tessaloni IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Tessaloni

wow Honey-Bee! am dead! dead! dead! dead! what a gift!!!! sooo HOT! I absolutely loved it! thank you so much! now I will have sweet dreams! Day Dreaming Heart Hug
It was so rushed. But I will have fair warning and hopefully produce something better.Big smile

what nonsense! I read it twice last night and loved it more each time! it was absolutely awesome! I will give my take soonest!

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Originally posted by Tessaloni

Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Tessaloni

wow Honey-Bee! am dead! dead! dead! dead! what a gift!!!! sooo HOT! I absolutely loved it! thank you so much! now I will have sweet dreams! Day Dreaming Heart Hug
It was so rushed. But I will have fair warning and hopefully produce something better.Big smile

what nonsense! I read it twice last night and loved it more each time! it was absolutely awesome! I will give my take soonest!
I meant to say next timeLOL
Tessaloni IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Tessaloni

Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Tessaloni

wow Honey-Bee! am dead! dead! dead! dead! what a gift!!!! sooo HOT! I absolutely loved it! thank you so much! now I will have sweet dreams! Day Dreaming Heart Hug
It was so rushed. But I will have fair warning and hopefully produce something better.Big smile

what nonsense! I read it twice last night and loved it more each time! it was absolutely awesome! I will give my take soonest!
I meant to say next timeLOL

yes I figured LOL

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