Twinj FF: In the legal world chapter 6 updated on p6 (Page 4)

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Chapter 4

Recap: Two masked men stepped in they were carrying batons. One of them hit her on the head she collapsed on the ground from the pain. "Well at least they didn't shoot me if that's any consolation" She thought before she lost consciousness.

 "You were right. She was attacked tonight in her cell. I am sorry" Officer Lance said. Remorse and guilt were evident in his voice.

 "Where is she? How bad is it?" Kunj could barely manage to speak.

 "She is at Glades Memorial and I don't know about the other part" Officer Lance said. His worst fear was confirmed. Who had the audacity to attack someone in prison? Somebody Kunj realized was trying really hard to bury the truth. However they had went too far physically harming Twinkle was out of question something that Lacrosse Player who used to stalk Twinkle in college had learned the hard way. Whoever it was had just made this personal. Kunj was barely managing to keep his calm for the past few days. Every trivial thing pushed him to snap at someone. He was struggling to manage his emotions but he had too. He was constantly rubbing his fingers together to relieve his stress. He calmly asked Yash to take him to Glades Memorial.



Looking out of the window of his car Kunj realized there were two worlds in this city. One where he had grown up in. The rich went to Galas and donated to numerous charities none of which had any effect on the other part of the city. Living here was like living in hell. These people needed hope. Unknown to every one Kunj exactly knew what the current situation in Amritsar was like. It had drove him away from the city but he had to come back for Twinkle. Everyone would be looking forward to the verdict of the trial as it was the first time someone from the Glades was getting a fair trial. Kunj wanted to capitalize on the public's sympathy. He wanted to make Twinkle a symbol of hope so he could galvanize the support of these people.


The car arrived at the parking lot for the hospital. Kunj frantically removed his seat belt and rushed in side. He asked the receptionist   about Twinkle's room number. He went to her room however he did not go inside. She was sleeping. She always used to look so good while sleeping he did not want to disturb her.

"How is she?" Kunj asked Dr Eric. "She got hit on the head. Fortunately it did not cause any injuries. She just had a grade 2 concussion. We gave her some medications to combat the trauma she will wake up in a few hours" Dr Eric reassured him. Kunj was relieved to hear that she was fine somebody just wanted to scare her but who?

"I am sorry" Yash said. Yash had witnessed how Kunj had reacted in the entire ordeal. This clearly proved to him that any efforts to sway Kunj Sarna from this case would be pointless.

"For what" Kunj asked. He was clearly confused. "I think now I have realized the depth of your feelings for Twinkle. Trust me Kunj I am going to help you any way I can. "Yash reassured him.

"Well you are the first one who has doubted my feelings for her. People used to assume that I always felt something for her." Kunj said.

 "We are going to save her right?" Yash asked while looking at Twinkle. She looked so small and fragile lying on the bed. She was completely opposite from what Yash had thought about her.

 "We have to Yash. I can't live without her Yash. I just can't" Kunj said.

"Looks like she is waking up. Go I will grab you something to eat" Yash motioned him inside.


Twinkle slowly opened her eyes. There was a terrible pain in her head. At first her vision was blurred but then someone gently put her glasses on her eyes. Her vision cleared and she saw Kunj's familiar blue eyes full of pain.

"You are here" She said to Kunj.

 "Why the tone of surprise? Miss Tanjea and where else would I be?" Kunj asked her. "I don't know maybe back in New York where you should be" Twinkle said. "Seriously you want to do this now. Like fight in a hospital come on Fliss" Kunj said. "Yes now. I got attacked Kunj. I am lucky that they didn't cause any significant damage. I am scared Kunj. I don't know what to do." Twinkle said with tears in her eyes. "Tell me the truth please. I can help you Fliss" Kunj pleaded with her.

"What good will the truth do Kunj?" She asked him.

 "It will set you free. How else can I help you?" Kunj asked.

"Leave Amritsar. I have already lost my mother I can't lose my best friend to "Twinkle pleaded with him.

"Hey you are not going to lose me. Whatever it is please tell me "Kunj was on the verge of tears.  

This was the first time in his life that he had seen her so broken. Twinkle Tanjea never used to back down from a challenge. It was one of her many qualities that had attracted him towards her.

 "What happened to that girl who didn't accept her life the way it was? Who moves a thousand miles away because she didn't want to be a cocktail waitress like her mother." He asked her

 "She died the day her mother was murdered" Twinkle answered.

"No Fliss please you have got to keep fighting. If not for your sake than for your mother's sake she deserves justice." Kunj told her.

 "Kunj if anything that her death has shown me is that life is precious. You already had everything but you still struggled to become a lawyer. I have known you for the past 12 years where others would have faltered you remained steadfast. Please don't throw that life away for me. Lloyds was your dream right just go live your life" Twinkle advised him.

"You still don't get it do you Fliss after all those years. No I am going to stay don't waste your energy in convincing me otherwise. I would never let an innocent person suffer for somebody else's crime" Kunj said with a lot of conviction.

"Isn't that for the jury to decide" Alisha Chinoy said as she stepped into the room. "What are you doing here? This is a hospital not a courtroom" Kunj said angrily. "Come now Kunj I can ask you the same question" Alisha said.

 "I am here as her friend and lawyer. She got attacked as a lawyer it was my duty to check on her. Now as far as I remember you were never friends with her so why are you here?" Kunj said. His face was red from anger. Twinkle entwined her hand with his hand to calm him down. The gesture did not go unnoticed by Alisha. She was looking at Twinkle with disgust. This was nothing new for Twinkle she didn't even care anymore.

"I should have known you and her always and forever. So she even convinced you to leave your job. You are a fool nu." Alisha said.

"It's Kunj not nu that is like the stupidest nickname ever. Kunj please I already have a headache could you please take this outside." Twinkle said completely ignoring Alisha .

 "You heard her let's go outside. You should rest now Fliss" Kunj caressed her hand.

 "Good luck with her" she barely whispered to Kunj so Alisha wouldn't here. From Alisha point of view both of them looked really intimate.

"If you two are done. Can we please move out" Alisha said.

"Calm down Alisha please" Kunj said while stepping out of the room.

"I was just here to tell you that in the light of Twinkle's attack we have decided to alter the dates of the trial" Alisha said with a smirk. She was loving the look of horror on Kunj's face.

 "When and why wasn't I informed? This is a violation of my client's rights" Kunj said.

"Your client is a murderer and you were too busy looking after her than come to the court when you were requested. There is a lot of pressure already the trial is going to be conducted earlier than expected." Alisha said.

 "That is unfair Alisha and you know it stop thinking like my ex-girlfriend and think like a lawyer" Kunj advised her.

 "Maybe nu you should stop thinking like a friend and act like a good lawyer. My work here is done. See you in court" Alisha said as she left Kunj standing in the corridor.


Meanwhile Yash was introducing himself to Twinkle.

 "I smell coffee and bagels. Whoever you are you are a lifesaver." Twinkle said her back was towards the door so she couldn't see who had walked in.

"Hi my name is  Yash. I am Kunj's friend and yes I did bring you coffee and bagels" Yash said to her.

 "Thank you so much. It has been so long since I have had bagels" Twinkle exclaimed.

 "I can imagine the horror but Miss Tanjea why don't you tell Kunj the truth?" Yash questioned her.

 "I don't want to hurt him" Twinkle explained.

 "You are hurting him more like this. Kunj is in 10 different kinds of pain right now. Trust me he will find out the truth one way or the other. However it will be much easier if he hears it from you." Yash said to her.

 "Kunj is so lucky. He always finds good friends." Twinkle said.

"He is a good man surely you know more than me. He helped me at the time when no one else did. Right now he needs you." Yash told her.

"Okay tell him I am ready to tell him the truth" Twinkle said with a sigh. She couldn't keep up a brave front any longer she had to give in.

 "Damn those blue eyes" Twinkle thought.


He didn't know what was going on and now he had to present his case earlier. Things were getting worse day by day. He felt like he was looking for a needle in a haystack.

 "Kunj, I think she is ready talk to her" Yash told him.

 "So what did you say which made her change her mind because I have tried thrice" Kunj asked clearly surprized.

"Nothing much just what she needed to hear go before she changes her mind" Yash advised him.



The two masked men met their boss in an old abandoned warehouse. "We did our job but I don't think Kunj Sarna would let this case go. He is going to put up a good defence." One of them said. Their boss finally faced them and said," Then we take out Kunj Sarna."



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Originally posted by ..queen..

ooohh legal talks huh??
im going crazy now
gimmmeee a newww update, I guess I missed the part two, just saw it and like, my mouth flew open\god ur awesome yaar
and the teaser comes my way and my jaw hangs lower than the bed
damn, I so need an update,
pleaseee*puppy face*
lots of love
Thank you so much for readingSmile
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Originally posted by kusharberry

awesome updates dear
just loved it
i really wish kunj will win this case
plzzz do continue soonBig smile
Fingers crossed for Kunj. Let's see what happensLOL
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Originally posted by Inkheart

I love this whole technical criminal law stuff
Do continue

I know I love law as well. Trying to become a lawyer anyways thank you for readingLOL
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Originally posted by Duumps

This is a very interesting story.Loved the update.
oh Kunj has feelings for Twinkle so sweet.
Hoping he will save Her.

Kunj is really sweet. Thank you for readingLOL

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wow what a story!

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Wow the plot thickens ,this is turning out to be a real page turner.
Can't wait to find out who is after Twinkle.
Loved it my heart is already racing just reading now the murderer is after Kunj too.
Please update soon.
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Originally posted by kardooks

Oh my gosh I really love this, can't get over how you made Cherry gayROFL. I could totally picture Kunj as a top notch lawyer, he surely would rock those suits. Awesome story intrigued so far can't wait to read further.
I just imagined Kunj in a suit he will look so hot. Yeah the story had a gay character and Cherry was the first one that came to my mindLOL

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