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Tales of Love-MG FF update link (Page 9)

khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 July 2016 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
hi hope u had an awesome Eid celebration! Any possibility of an update???

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 August 2016 at 5:34am | IP Logged
still waiting!! Pls try n update!
heart882 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 August 2016 at 11:37am | IP Logged
hey guys sorry for the late update its just that i am on vacation and didnt have time due to my cusin's marriage... but i felt bad so I tried to update but I think it is not thay good at all so please forgive me if it is rubbish 
Chapter 7 

The whole family was laughing at Maan's mischief... They all were sitting around when they heard a loud scream...
"Ahhh"... "Bhoot Bhoot... Bachao.. mujhe koi... Mom... Papa...Dadi... Bhaiii... Bachao:...
Everyone was startled as they heard Vcky screaming... A worried Juhi was about to run upstairs, when Annie held her hand and signaled her to wait...

Just then they saw Vicky running down the stairs scared... As he approached them all... they all noticed his face covered in paint.. making him look like a monster... Slowly everyone understood Maan's plan and kept quiet... Till now Vicky had not noticed Maan due to his fear..
Dev and Yash controlling their laughter went up to question him.. "Arrey Vicky tu itna kyu chilara hai... kya hua"...

"Woh Bhaii,, pata hai maine na mere room bahut hi scary face dekha... bahut darawana tha... aur aabhi bhi mere room mai hai" answered Vicky... Vicky's state was cracking everyone up.. as usually he acted like he feared nothing in the world... "Vicky tu ne aapni hi shakal dekhi hogi mirror mai"... quirked Maan... "No bro... aap kya kehna chahte hai meri shakal toh sabse handsome hai"... he replied in a flow

It took Vicky a couple of seconds... and he realized that he had heard his Maan bro... he turned around and right in front of him stood his bro, with his arms crossed over his chest, while a huge smirk adorned his face... "Broo your back... kab"... Vicky could not contain his excitement and lunged towards Maan giving him a big hug... "Bro aap agaye... aap dekhta hoon mai kaun monster mujhe darata hai"...

The whole family burst out laughing... leaving poor Vicky confused... Annie seeing Vicky's cute confused face couldn't hold herself back.. She quickly got a mirror and held it in front of Vicky... "Annie yeh tu kya"... Vicky had started to question her, when his gaze landed on his reflection in the mirror... "Ahhh what the hell"... screamed Vicky... He looked closely and realized that someone had painted his face so it resembled a scary monster...

Maan, Dev and Yash came upto him... Maan patted his back and exclaimed... "See i told you... koi monster nahi hai teri hi shakal scary hai"... Vicky's appalled expression was the trigger... Everyone laughed... and that is when Vicky realized that his Maan bro is responsible for his state... "Brooo yeh sab aapne kiyaa... ughhh:... whined Vicky

Maan chuckled at Vicky's plight... "Haa Vicky... itne months ka badla toh lena tha na tujhse... mujhe jo dum karta tha tu shaadi ko leke... now we are even"... and hugged him... After all the laughter and masti all settled down for breakfast...

Naina stood watching her happy family when Juhi came up and asked her why she was standing at the side... "Mai dekhri hamare poore parivaar ko.. kitne din baad sab saath saath, kitne khush dikhre"... Juhi gave Naina's shoulder a squeeze... "Ha bhabhi sahi kaha... Maan ke aane se ghar ki raunak wapas aagaye... bhagwan aisi hi hamesha hamare parivaar ko khush aur saath rakhe...

Here at Handa Mansion..  all had finished their breakfast and were sittling and chatting around... Suddenly Geet rushed upto all the youngsters... "Arrey sunno na sab... aaj  Sunday hai aur bhai ko bhi holiday hai... kyu na hum sab bahar ghum ne  jaayee?... asked Geet
Arjun smiled at his sister... "Well idea bura nahi hai... par jaana kaha hai yeh toh socho"... "Arrey di, yaad hai aapne kaha ek naya amusement park khula... kyu na hum sab waha jaye... boloo"... Ananya exclaimed...

"Ok aaj hum sab jaenge Wonderpark ko... Geet tu aapne friends ko bolana chahti hai toh bolale"... Arjun declared as he and Prem left to do all the preparations. Geet and Ananya hugged each other... and Geet quickly called her friends and infromed them about the plan. All agreed to meet up at Wonderpark... All got dressed up and left...

Here in Khurana Mansion all the youngsters had planned to go out to as Maan had returned after a long time. Coincidentally the Khurana youngsters had also planned to go to Wonderpark... All got dressed and left the house..

Wonderpark Amusement Park

Arjun, Geet, Ananya and Prem all arrived at Wonderpark and were waiting for the others. They all stood chatting idlely, when Geet noticed her gang approaching... irritated at their latenesss Geet blasted them all... "Yeh kya time hai aana ka... tum log poore half an hour late ho... hum log kabse tum sab ka wait karre the"... Meera glared at Karan and went up to Geet and calmed her down... "Geet chal yaar chill hoja... yeh sab na iss idiot Karan ki galti... aaptak na isne 7 outfits change karliye... aur finally yeh pehna"...

Geet went upto Karan and socked him on his biceps... "Kya 7 outfits... tera kya swayamvar hone wala hai kya.. jo tu itne baar kapde change kara"... Karan pouted at Geet.."Kya yaar aab mai hoon the hot and cool dude.. toh aacha dikhna chahiye na... kya pata koi ladki miljaye... first impressions are always important"... Geet sighed... though she wanted to strangle him... but at the same time his reasoning cracked her up... All burst out laughing and finally went to the gate to get their tickets...

Geet's gang all got their tickets and soon after Maan and his crew too had purchased their tickets... Before entering Wonderpark, Geet and her friends stood in front of the park's main entrance and snapped their selfies... "Arrey chalo aap hum ek group pic lete hai... kisiko bulaienge"... Geet expressed her idea to all. They found a person who snapped their pics...

On the other hand Maan's crew was behaving very similarly, taking pictures... Maan was talking to his friend on his phone, when he heard a very familar voice... "Arrey yeh toh vo mall wali ladki ki awwaz hai... kya yeh yahi hai"... Maan thought to himself.. He looked around to see if he could see her, but no luck...

Geet and her friends entered the park, and ran to the roller coasters... "Arrey geetu tu pehle small rides pe ja na baccha... phir hum log bade rides pe jaenge"...said Prem... They started off with the bumper cars, then went to Klockwerks which was simply awesome.. the spinning clocks  boosted their energy...

On the other hand Maan, Annie, Dev , Yash and Vicky started off with the lower thrill rides... they went on the flying eagles where tey all got spinned in the air and had control of their own rides.. After this they went on towards MInebusters and coincidentally Geet's gang was  on that ride too but, both groups did not encouter each other...

"Wahh kya amst ride hai... darkness mai enemies ko shoot karna... maaza agaya".. exclaimed Karan..."Haa yaar sach me maine nahi socha darknes mai  toh dur ki baat hai... aise action ames khelte wai bahut maaza gaya"... quipped Heer... "Haa but most off all the highest score hai hamari geetu ka... wowww"... Arjun proudly hugged Geet... Maan and the rest had an amazing experience also...but Maan was irritated because he came  second.. but soon he was fine...

After the minebuster, they all went to ride the droptower, and the whole way screams could be heard coming from geet, ananya, meera, heer and on the other side annie... Arjun and Prem were happy seeing their sisters happy and Maan couldn't decide was Annie screaming out of happiness or out of fright... "Annie kitna chilaugi tum"... questioned Vicky... "Vicky yeh rides pe scream na karo na toh log pagal samjenge tumhe... thrill rides scream karne ke liye hi hote hai... tumhe doosreon ke screams sunayi nai diya kya"...glared Annie

They all rested for a while and had lunch... Maan was looking around when he catched a glimpse of his dream girl... Maan blinked his eyes and saw their was no one their..."Arrey Maan tu pagal hogaya hai kya,... woh yaha kaha se aayegi.. raat mein toh tu sapne dekhta hai.. aab din mai bhi... control Maan control"... he berated himself...

Suddenly Annie started jumping and all looked at her like she was crazy..."Annie tujhe kya daura padra hai ... jo tu aise pagalon ki taara jump karahi hai"... commented Vicky...

Yash and Dev were controlling their laughs and Maan hiding his smile... Annie looked at Maan and complained..."Bhaiii dekho na iseee"... Maan glared at Vicky who shut up immediately... "Bhaii mai issiliye excited ho rahi hoon kyunki yaha splashworks hai aur hum sab paani mai bahut saari masti karenge"...  All smiled at her excitement and proceeded towards the water park...

Here Geet's group was already at splashworks the boys had changed into their shorts, ad the girls wore tanks and shorts...As soon as Geet saw the rides, she got excited like a little child and told everyone her plan.." Accha sunoo.. hum aisa karte hai ki partners pick karlenge... mai aur bhai, PB aur heer, meera aur ananya and yeh ullu karan akela"...

Karan frowned at Geet's idea..."Par mai akela kyu?"... Geet interupted hi..."issiliye tujhe toh ladkiyan dekhni hai na.. toh agar tu akela rahega toh ladki milegi na tujhe.. samjhaaa"...  Geet winked at the others and gave Karan a smile... They all proceeded towards the rides...

Here Annie and her gang had changed and were in pairs too except for Vicky... Vicky was looking around when he spotted Geet... He nudged Annie and on her questioning look, gestured her to look in the front... After a few seconds, Annie also saw Geet there and smiled widely... "Vicky kya mast chance hai agar bhai or Geet ek doosre ko dekhe to"..

"Ha Annie par mera doosra plan aur accha hai"... Vicky replied.. Maan saw these two whispering and knew they were upto some mischief..."Yeh kya tum dono whisper kara hai ho".. he questioned them..."Nahi bhai , nahi bro"... both said together..."hum toh bus yeh plan karre te ki hamare dono bhaiyon ka kya karna hai"...smirked vicky...

They started off with the water tunnel and had lots of fun... As Maan was standing in line for the next ride, he saw his dream girl their in front of him looking like a goddess, with her hair wet and she was wearing a  red tank and white shorts... he blinked his eyes thinking it to be another figment of his imagination... but when he opened his eyes he saw her still their laughing...

Maan was lost in her beauty and then he saw her hugging a guy and immediately he felt unsettled... "I love you, i love you , i love you"... she exclaimed as she hugged the guy tightly and he too laughingly replied..."I love u tooo gudiya"... They both were lost in their world, that Karan being the biggest dramebaaz of all, started his drama...

"Arrey koi toh lao laal mirch aur nimbo.. aur saath he saath kaala teekha.. in dono ki nazar aabhi ke aabhi utaro... yeh dono ko kisi ki nazaar na lage"... the rest of the gang burst out laughing and unknown to them Vicky, Annie and the rest were also chucklng at this scene except Maan...

Geet glared at Karan and smacked his back..."Tujhe na hum sab ne bahut badi galti kardi yaha laaki tujhe na naatak ki mandli mai chod ke aana tha... aur tujhe kya problem hai huh... mai aapne bhai ko gale lagao ya i love you bolo... tujhe itni mirchi kyu lagrahi hai"...

Maan was shocked when he heard that..."kya Maan tu bhi... uska bhai hai yeh.. mai bhi kya kya soch ra tha"... he scolded himself... "Arrey meri jaan hum bhi toh hai na tumhare bhai...toh hame kyu itna pyaar nahi milra"... Karan said dramatically... All laughed at his drama and Meera punched him hard and retorted..."Bhaiii? tu  bhai hai... arrey mujhe aur isse tere hi khayal rakhna padta hai.. toh tujhe kis khushi mai geetu pyar barsaye... bhai toh hai hi superbro par tu toh ek number ka uullu hai"...

Geet knew meer was teasing Karan but seeing Karan's face becoming small she went upto him and hugged him.."Meer yeh kya just because yeh tera twin bhai hai iska matlab yeh nahi ki yeh acchai nahi hai.. yeh toh mera cutuu bro... jo bhai ke saath aur unki absence mai bhi hamara khayal rakta hai... aur aab tu na nahi bologi kuch bhi samjhii"...

Geet glared at Meera... Karan smiled at Geet's childishnesss... and that's when Ananya brought them back to reality..."Arrey aaj ke liye hogaya bahut saara pyaar dikhana... chalo na hum sab enjoy karenge... di aap na aapne bhaiyon pe pyaar badmein barsao"... and she pulled them all towards the water slides...

Maan was smiling as he saw this scene and his admiration for his dream girl went up... He got out of his thoughts when Annie had pushed him into the pool and he balanced himself and gave her a glare...He smiled as he saw Annie's innocent face and quickly splashed her with water... They all enjoyed a lot...and soon it was time to go home..

As they all headed towards the gate, Maan saw Geet leaving and he was again spellbound by her look... She had changed into capris and a top, with her hair loosely clipped as it was wet... Maan saw her sitting in her car and soon he went his own way with high hopes of meeting her again...

and that's it for chapter 7 pls like and comment if  want...

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 August 2016 at 11:55am | IP Logged
hi thanks 4 da pm n 4 updating! fab update! wonderfully written! Maan plays a prank on Vicky! they all lugh at him! Poor Vicky! he realizes it was Maan wen he sees him! Geet suggest they go out! Khuranas decide 2 go out! Geet n Maan n their friends/families r the same place! Maan sees her n thinks its his imagination! Annie wants introduce Maaneet! they all njoi! Maan sees Geet again n is spellbound! update soon

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T.Peru IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2016 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Lovely update 
Maan prank on Vicky 
Geet and Karan was good 
Thanks for PM
Update soon 

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vgery nice update Big smile

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kabslocks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2016 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Awesome updates. 
Please update the title also so that it would be easy to know when you will update this ff.

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Posted: 08 September 2016 at 7:27am | IP Logged
hey guys here is chapter 8.. hope you like it and pls like and comment and if you can please promote my ff so others can read it too thanks 

Chapter 8

Maan and his siblings all reached home tired, but in very good moods. When they reached home they saw that Raj and Akshay were having a serious discussion... Maan, Dev, Vicky and Yash went towards the while Annie headed off to freshen up... "kya kaare ho aap log... itni tension"... questioned Maan as her dropped himself on the couch... Raj and Akshay just gave him a smile... which left Maan confused... but brought devilish smirks on the boys faces...

Vicky, winked at all without Maan noticing and asked.."Arrey kya yeh woh internship ke candidates hai... jo KC mein aane wale"... Akshay replied in affirmative... and this led to Vicky and the guys starting their drama... "Arrey dad, chachoo bechare interns inne kya pata inhe the Maan SIngh Khurana ke saath kaam karna hoga... ufff hum log bhi inke office ke strict persona se deal nahi karsakte... unlog ka kya hoga"...said Dev which led to all bursting out in laughter and Dev getting a pillow thrown at his face...

Dev looked up and saw his  bhai's glare, which very quickly turned into a smirk... "Arrey Dev don't worry.. mai tum dono ko batana bhul gaya, tum dono mere under work karahe hoo aabse... as I'm back"... Maan's statement left both Dev and Yash in worry.. and their expressions were so hilarious that everyone cracked up...

Here at Handa House all returned and Geet was exhausted... she out of all had so much fun and her smile and happiness had brought peace and joy to her friends and families hearts... They all went and got freshened up... Geet was super excited because her gang was staying the night over... They all sat for dinner...  Rano looked at them all and asked them about their day... " toh kaisa tha tum sab ka day... tum log ko dekh ke lag to raha hai bahut masti ki hai"...

Karan being the flirt..."Ha masti toh ki hai humne... but maine ek cheez bahut miss ki"...  Rano and the elders looked at him... whereas the youngsters all understood his nautanki... Karan looked at Rano with a cute smile and replied..."Maine aapni girlfriend ko miss kiys.. aap the nahi na toh mera dil kaise laagega"...  Everyone laughed loudly... and Rano lightly smacked Karan on the head...

"Dhat badmaaash... khud toh flirting kara hoga sabse... aur kehraha hai mujhe miss kiya"... Geet seeing the chance decided to do some masti..."ha mama.. yeh ullu toh pata hai late aaya subah mai kyunki mister ko samaj nahi aaraha tha ki kya pehne"... Karan pouted at Geet's teasing and the rest cracked up... They all calmed down and finished their dinner and headed to the living room to chat...

Geet was checking her email when she noticed an email from KC... excited she read the email and jumped up in joy... Everyone looked at her in shock...Geet seeing everyone's faces calmed down and told them about her appointment letter... "Arrey guys mujhe KC se reply aaya.. I got accepted for the internship"... Everyone was happy but Geet noticed Arjun was a bit lost... She went upto him and asked him..."Bhai kaha khoye ve hoon?... aap khush nahi ho kya"...

Arjun quickly hugged his sister and smiled..."Nahi gudiya... mai yeh soch raha hoon ki tu toh Handa industries mai bhi internship kar sakti hai na.. toh phir tu ne kahi aur kyu apply kyu kiya"... Geet smiled at her brother and explained... "Arrey bhai Handa industries mai sab jaante hai mujhe... koi bhi mujhe ek intern ki taara treat nahi karega... sab mujhe princess treatment denge.. and i want to become independent bhai... i want to establish my own identity.. Mai Geet banke aapni mehnat se progress karna chahti hoon... and i don't want to just have everything easy because I'm the handa princess... okk"...

Arjun patted her head and kissed her forehead..."Geetu i'm proud of u baccha.. tu mehnat karna chahti hai... but still thoda sa dar hai.. kyunki tu iss duniya ko nahi janti na"... Karan seeing Arjun's worry decided to lighten up the mood... "Arrey bhai aap kyu tension le rahe hai mai, angad aur meera aur heer hai na geet ke saath wahi so aap chill maaro... aur waise bhi aapni geetu kafi kisiko bhi seedha karna...koi usse kya tang karega"... All laughed at Karan's statement and after all the masti they headed towards their room to sleep...

Though her house had a lot of rooms, the girls Geet, Meera, Heer, and Ananya all crashed in Geet' room whereas the boys all crashed in Arjun's room. Here in Geet's room, the girls were deciding what to wear as tomorrow after giving their attendance in college, they had to head over to KC for their first day... All three of them stood in front of Geet's huge closet thinking, whereas Ananya was  shuffling the clothes... Ananya got an idea and quickly expressed it..."Di i think you guys should wear something indowestern you know like professional but with a hint of ethnicity... what say"... Ya anu...i was thinking the same..." agreed Geet

Geet went to her closet and after a couple of seconds found what she was looking for.. "Found it... here is what I am gonna wear tomorrow.. "Wahh geet bahut accha hai... par mujhe aur heer ko bhi help karde"... pouted Meera... Geet seeing them confused gestured them to wait and after a few minutes of rummaging she took out two packed packages and handed them to both... "yeh lo yeh peheno tum log kal"..

Meera and Heer curiously looked at Geet and then opened the packages and were stunned... "wow geet yeh toh bahut pretty hai... par ek baat baat tune kab liya"... Heer gave her a confused  look..
Geet smiled at her friend's expression..."Arrey yeh mai tum dono ke liye gift laaye thi... first day ke liye aab chalo lets sleep warna kal subah ut nahi payenge"... The girls agreed and went to sleep very quickly due to the day's hectic events...

Here at Khurana Mansion the family had finished dinner and headed off to their rooms... Vicky and Annie were discussing their plan about hooking Maan up.. whereas Dev and Yash had directly gone to order to be refreshed enough to deal with their bro at office tomorrow... Maan was lying in his bed thinking about the day and most of all about his pari... Maan while thinking about geet fell into a beautiful sleep with a cute smile on his face...

And that's it for the update pls like and comment and if anyone want's pm add me heart882

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