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Originally posted by Rahiramesh

when are you going to update Stuti.. I am eagerly waiting.. Pl post soon..

Not getting mood to write. Unhappy

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Originally posted by Rahiramesh

when are you going to update Stuti.. I am eagerly waiting.. Pl post soon..

But will post soon. For sure!

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Applying all the strength he had in his feeble body, releasing almost all of his weight on Jodha, at last Jalal managed to stand up straightly from bed clenching Jodha's waist and shoulders with his hand. It seemed someone hammered inside head when he stepped the first step on the floor first after two days complete bed rest, the splitting head-ache was seeking the way to get into him again, and the limbs felt terribly weak to walk from own; but still he felt refreshed, as a broad content smile was reflecting from his lips. "Samhalke!" [Be careful!] Jodha yelped as he was about to stumble losing his balance, but he tactfully managed himself by holding the wall nearby him and smiled. "Na jane kis tarha ki zaher milaya tha tir me Jodha! Hum jaise nao-jawan ko aise kaabu kar diya!" [God know what type of poison was mixed in the arrows Jodha! It defeated a strong young man like me?] His exclamation was mixed with his proud confidence on himself. Jodha bent her lips. "Ha ha thik hay nao-jawan! Abhi aapna jawani ke pradarshan karna bandh kijie or samhalke chaliye!" [Ok ok my young man! Now stop showing off your youth and walk carefully!] She carefully had clutched his body from the back of his shoulders with her right hand, and her left hand gripped his right palm tightly to give him the full support to keep balance intact while walking. It's not easy to carry a stout and bold man like Jalal, but Jodha, being a strong Rajput woman, was effortlessly able to give him that necessary support!

"Sar chakkar kha raha hay!" [Head is spinning!] Jalal complained quite unmindfully in an irksome voice, as he totally hated this condition of his health, but ended up with listening to another earful scolding from his dear wife... "Sar chakkar nehi khayega to or kya hoga? Meri koi baat mante hay aap? Kal se kahe rahi hu thik se khana khaiye nehi to khara nehi ho payenge, par aap to kuch sunte hi nehi hay... Pata hay na kitni khun nikal gayi hay aapke sarir se, agar vaidh ji ki baat nehi manenge to sarir thik kaise hoga?" [What else would happen? Do you listen to me? I am telling from yesterday to eat properly, else you'd not be able to stand, and you are ignoring my words... You know how much blood have been got out of your body, now if you don't listen to the doctor then how would you be alright?]

"Haa haa humne suna hay ki aapne Hakim Sahab ko mera sara khun nikal lene ka hukum diye the!" [Yes yes I know that you had ordered the doctor to suck up all my blood!] Jalal told hiding his naughty smile at the corner of his lips. "Sauhar ka khun peena to waise bhi auratyon ka sokh hay..." [After all, all the wives love to drink their husbands' blood...]

"Kya kaha? Kya kaha?? Fir se to kahena!!!" [What did you tell? Tell again!!] Jodha, being mad at him, forgot his physical affliction and started punching on his back with mad anger, and her expression was not less than any vampiress as Jalal referred her! "Auuu oohhh aree baas kijie hum sach me mar jayenge!!" [Auuu Ohhh now stop it! I will really die!!!] Jalal started yawping. "Accha accha maaf kar dijie! Aap mahan hay! Aap jaisa koi nehi!!" [Forgive me forgive me! You are great! None is like you!]

Jodha freed him; not for his threat, scream and apology but as they had already passed the scope of their room and were near of the corridor. "Chillana bandh kijie, or chup chap chaliye!" [Stop screaming and walk silently.]

"Hum kaha kuch kahe rahe hay! Aap hi to bakbak karke mera dimag kha rahi hay!" [What am I telling? You are the one who is ranting and eating my head!] Jalal murmured too low to get that into Jodha's ears, and both of them proceeded through the corridor in slow, measured and cautious footsteps... The soothing daylight of the spring morning was sprinkling energy and happiness under the open blue sky, the flowers of the garden were slowly dancing with the lazy flow of the breeze, giggle and chatter of enthusiastic ladies' voice was floating in the air from the inner quarters of the palace... the celebration of the marriage festival had been completed, but the hangover of limitless joy, the blessing of zeal and merry of the spring was yet to go from the mind and heart of each and every member of the palace...

And of-course the beautiful couple were the most beautiful blossoms of this season of love... after a long vacancy, they both have found the lost spring of their lives, now this hangover of love will never get over them it seems! It is evident from their walking now, that the necessary physical proximity that was needed to support a weak man has been increased to such intimacy that there is negative distance between both of them now, as if two have mingled with each other. There is none in the corridor now thankfully... otherwise the two love-birds would have to be ashamed again for their overflowing love in front of the regular gossipers of the palace...

 "Begam Sahiba!" Jalal called her passionately while Jodha had poured her face in Jalal's neck with exhaling a loving, passionate breath. They were now standing at the railing of the corridor; the blazing rays of sun falling on their head and the beautiful view of the garden inside the palace floating in front like a beautiful oil-painted landscape made by some renowned artist. Jalal smiled, turned his face a bit to reach her cheeks and placed a little kiss on her happy face. She smiled unmindfully like a happy doe. "Begam Sahiba!" Jalal called again, this time a little bit of naughtiness along with normal authority enriched his voice while his right hand gripped her waist to closer.

"Hmm..." Jodha reciprocated without wasting much word.   

"Aapki mohabbat ki dor se kab azadi milegi hume Mohatarma?" [When I will get freedom from the prison of your love Madam?] Jalal smiled. "Humara shahi, humara siyasat sab humare raha dekh rahe hay..." [My monarchy, my politics- all are waiting for me...]

"Itni jaldi hay aapko?" [Such a hurry?] Jodha giggled while clasping his body more tightly... "Kuch din ke liye rajya or rajneeti ke bare me sochna chor dijie. Sab kushal hay..." [Forget about politics for some days. Everything is alright...] She assured. "Humne khoj li hay sabke bare me..." [I have inquired about everything...]

"Haa par..." [Yes, but...]

"Shahenshah!" Jodha looked deeply at his eyes. "Aap ko Jodha pe biswas hay na?" [You believe Jodha, isn't it?]

"O to hay hi!" He laughed, then took his face closer to her. "Kitni hoosiyari se samhala hay aapne sab kuch jab hum behoos pare the, suna hay humne sab! Humari Ameri Sherni ke siva or kon yeh zimmidari aise niva sakti hay?" [You managed everything so smartly when I was unconscious, I have heard about that! Who is there other than my Ameri tigress who can carry out all the responsibilities like this?]

Jodha put a finger on her lip as that was in risky distance from her lips with a lazy smirk. "Abhi nehi mere Prannath! Koi dekh liya to?" [Not now my darling! What if anyone catches us?] She whispered with mischief in eyes. Then she looked at outside sky and proposed with a spontaneous glee- "Chaliye baag me chalte hay!" [Let's go to the garden!]

The proposal sounded refreshing as well as romantic to Jalal; specially he cannot dare to chalange Jodha's hesitation and forcefully kiss her after the last evening's incident and the embarrassing situation in front of Daadisa. He took a long breath, maintained his balance of body and proceeded to walk again with his hand clasping the waist of Jodha tightly...

"Ek zimmidari sopenge aap par. Kya aap niva payengi?" [I will give you another responsibility. Will you be able to carry that out?] He put cunningly while walking. Jodha looked at him with questions in eyes. He smiled. "Humpe hamla hone se aaj subhe taq Hindustan ki siyaasat me jo o chota se bhi chota chiz hua hay, sabki bare me khulkar bataiye... Sab ke bare me, kuch bhi baki na rahe! Kuch zyada nehi, kuch kam nehi- thik jo jo hua hay, wohi batayengi..." [Tell me about all the smallest of the small things that have taken place in the politics of Hindustan at the interval of the attack on me to today's morning. Tell me all the details... about everyone, none should be missed. Nothing more, nothing less- tell particularly what has happened...] He smiled. "Zara hum bhi to dekhe, siyaasat ke bare me kitni siyaani hui hay aap!" [Let me see too how much efficient have you become in politics!]

"Humari pariksha le rahe hay Shahenshah?" [Are you taking my test?] She giggled. "Yeah fir Siyasaat ki bare me na sochkar do din rahe nehi sakte aap? Thik hay..." [Or you can't live without thinking about politics for only two days? Ok...] Jodha reminded and summarized all the mentionable points she got to know from the officials, and started putting them one by one very professionally. As they came near the big tree near the artificial lake of the garden, Jodha had completed all her points, and his majesty's frown in the brows had become deeper- perhaps in the thought of sketching the roadmap of future in mind. "Samarkand ko humne sikast de di, Agra ke gustakh baagiyan humare kabze me hay, Sarifuddin ka pata nehi..." [We defeated Samarkand, the rebels of Agra are under control; Sarifuddin is still wanted...] he muttered. "Par Kabul itni chupchap kyu hay?"   [But why Kabul is so quiet?]

Jodha was staring at him without blink, as if she was fetching his mind from the change of expression of eyes. Jalal noticed that, and readily changed the glare with a smile. "Or kisne hamla kiya uus bare me kya pata chala?" [And what about the man behind the attack?]

"Gazni se aya hua koi khuni tha..." [Attacker was a hired killer from Gazni.] Jodha told." Tahekikaat chal raha hay, sayad khuni ka parichay bhi mil gaya parantu use kisne bheja tha o abhi taq..." [Investigation is going on, possibly the identity of the killer has also been found but no detailed news about the man who sent him...]

"Abul Mali ne." [He is Abul Mali.] He smirked as his instinct found the man behind the attack. "Sarifuddin ka daur Gazni taq nehi jayega. Balki desh ke andar mere jitney bhi dusman hay unme se koi ek mamuli khuni dhunde Gazni taq nehi jayega...Humare bahenoi sahab bohot gussa hay humpe. Ek chota sa mazak bhi nehi samaz paye or khuni bhej diya marne ke liye?" [Sarifuddin's hand will not reach to Gazni. Rather none of my enemies of this nation will go to Gazni for hiring a normal hired murderer... My brother-in-law is very angry on me. He could not get my joke and sent a murderer behind me??] He laughed in his own joke. But at the next moment his eyes became serious. "Par Mah-Chuchak Begam itni chup kyu hay? Yeh hamla Abul Mali ne karwaya hay- kya uske piche Mah-Chuchak ki haat hay? Lagta to nehi- Begam Mah-Chuchak aise chori-chupe chota mota kuch karne wali nehi hay... Par achanak se itni sannata kyu?" [But why Mah-chuchak Begam is so quiet? The attack is from Abul Mali- has Mah-Chuchak any hand in this? Does not seem so... Mah-Chuchak Bagam is not the one who will try small attempts hidden... But why this silence suddenly?] He kept on murmuring.

"Kabul se khabar ane me samay to lagega na?" [It takes time to get news from Kabul!] Jodha told after thinking a bit. His Majesty looked at her face for a while, then sighed. "Ho sakta hay!" [May be!]




With a tired, calm, vacant eye she was listlessly staring at the headless, lifeless body of the self-proclaimed empress of Kabul. The room is already flooded with blood, the countless bodies of guards and soldiers are piled together at a corner of the room; the body of Faisal Beg, one of the head of the ministry is lolling on the dust of the floor without a minimum respect; Haidar Qasim, another budding possibility in the political life of Kabul is fallen on the ground lifeless, with his eyes coming out with wonder and shock that he got just before getting death. Mah-Chuchak Begam, being the Mughal Queen and a respectable lady has got the most mannered respect after death- that is a cover on body and the cut-head placed at the neck portion. The vehemence of the battle has been settled down a bit outside, only the devil desire of violence is still on inside the rooms of the palace. Almost all the faithful officials of Mah-Chuchak Begam have been slaughtered irrespectively, and the respectable women from their houses have been dragged out from there room as well to expose the unlimited excitement after the victory of this sudden war! The scarlet sky is bearing the sign of blood-drenched future of Kabul!

As a daughter I never ever wanted you to die this way, Ammijaan! But perhaps destiny wanted this... and maybe this is a proper justice to your valour too! But your days were over Ammijaan, now a new queen will rule the destiny of Kabul! It had to be Ammijaan, one day it ought to be! Her mind started weaving the web of thoughts...

Suddenly a pierce sound of weep broke the deadly silence of the room. Sakina, Fakhrunnissa's youngest sister who has not crossed the barrier of her teenage, has become failed to suppress her sob anymore. Fakhrunnissa looked at her sisters who were sitting beside the corpse of the empress, their face white in terror and eyes vacant in the shock of incident. Amina is totally frozen in the mix of shock, fear and the nervousness of uncertainty, sometimes stealing glance to the nearby corpse of young Haidar Qasim and then is shivering out of fright; while Sakina started sobbing after a long time- her sob hardly contains sorrow for her mother, but only the explousre of her nervous-breakdown due to dread terror!

Fakhrunnissa did not try to console them. With the same calm and listless glare she looked at the hungry eyes of the soldiers surrounded them. The three princesses were not free to come inside this room to see their mother for the last time, they are house-arrested in their own house.

"Ammijaan ki ruksati ki taiyari ho rahi hay yeah nehi?" [Is there any arrangement for Ammijaan's leaving?] She asked one of the soldiers who was drooling over Sakina shamelessly like a hungry dog! The soldier tried to check his audacity to answer the present queen of Kabul. "Nehi Mallika...Aisa koi hukum..." [No Empress, no order like this...]

"Molla sahab ko khabar kiya jaye; or iss hojre ko saaf karne ki taiyari bhi ki jaye!" [Send for the priest, and clear the room!] She paused. "Beti hone ke naate hum Ammijaan ki aankhri safar ki rasamyon me koi bhi kami nehi rakhna chahte!" [I don't want to leave any gap in the custom of my mother's last journey!]

The young soldier gave an irritated look to the princess while another one beside him answered. "Maaf karna Mallika, par hume aisa koi hukum nehi diya gaya hay." [Sorry Your Highness, but we are not given such orders.] His decency was mixed with a sheer audacity. "Abul Mali Sahab ke hukum ki bina hum..." [We can't do anything without Abul Mali Sahab's order...]

"Tum log Abul Mali ki begam se baat kar rahe ho! Mughal Shahezadi Fakhrunnissa se! Yeh baat tum log yaad rakho to behetaar hoga! Hukum ki tamil ho!" [You are talking to Abul Mali's queen! With Mughal princess Fakhrunnissa!] The princess's cold, dominating voice directly whipped their audacious glances. They did not dare to reply back any more; only kept on standing like statues being confused about their next step. Fakhrunnissa stared at them for some time, then sighed with a sight smirk at the corner of lip. "Abul Mali sahab ke paas paigam vejo ki hum unse abhi milna chahte hay!" [Send message to Abul Mali that I want to meet him!] She ordered to the young soldier who was leering at the youngest princess some moments ago. The soldier got a relief and was about to go, she called back...

"Suno!" [Listen!] Her voice was even cooler and more vicious- enough to shiver the heart of a mere soldier... 

"Hukum kijie Mallika!" [Order Your Highness!] The soldier responded.

"Aapne aankho ko aapne kaabu me rakhna sikho! Utni bhi keemti nehi hay yeh dono ki Mughal Shahezadiyan ke upar nazar uthane ki gustaakhi kar sake!" [Control your eyes! They are not that worth of looking towards the Mughal princess!] Her glare seemed to pluck out his eyes from their place! He gulped and the rest of the words of the princess parched into his ears. "Humare behene aab humari zimmidari hay! Inke rusbahi ki saza kya hogi, tum log soch bhi nehi sakte!" [My sisters are my responsibility now! You cannot even imagine what will be the punishment of their insult!]

Both the sisters looked at their elder sister all of a sudden! They cannot even imagine in their nightmare what would have happened to them by now if they would not get a protection from their sister... The soldiers of Abul Mali would have been torn the daughters of Mah-Chuchak and their honour into pieces in the urge of vehemence by now if Fakhrunnissa had not been there! The only hope of these two devastated young girls' life is Fakhrunnissa and her protection- and a hope that Mirza Hakim, their another brother will come soon to rescue them!

"Fakhr..." The soldier had not to go to Abul Mali with Fakhrunnissa's message, as he already had come to meet her. Fakhrunnissa silently looked at his viciously happy face smiling profoundly staring at her. Abul Mali dismissed all the guards before hugging Fakhrunnissa! But Fakhrunnissa showed no response. Like a statue of ice she remained cold, and silent too!

"Hum jit gaye Fakhr! Aab Kabul humara hay!" [I have won Fakhr! Now Kabul is mine!] Abul Mali shouted in glee. "Mah-Chuchak khatam! Uski saari chamche bhi khatam! Aab koi beech me nehi ayega!" [Mah-Chuchak is finished! All her followers are finished! Now none will come in middle!]

Fakhr placed her cold eyes in his eyes, said nothing. The icy eyes made Abul Mali uncomfortable. He cupped her face. "Kya hua Fakhr?" [What happened Fakhr?]

"Aap kisiko bhul to nehi rahe hay?" [Aren't you forgetting someone?] Fakhr asked him without any change in her cold gaze.

Confusedly Abul Mali looked around the whole room. After putting his eyes on scared Amina and Sakina he suddenly laughed out. "Aapki behenen..." [Your sisters...]

He could not complete as his wife's stare were piercing his eyes. After some time he sniggered. "Mirza Hakim Kabul se bohot dur hay... O aate aate hum uska kaam tamam kar denge!" [Mirza Hakim isfar away from Kabul... I will finish him long before he comes.]

"Or kuch?" [Anything more?] The corner of Fakhr's lips suddenly bent in amusement.

"Or kya..." [What?]

"Jalal ko bhul gaye aap, Abul Mali Sahab?" [You forgot Jalal, Abul Mali Sahab?] Fakhr suddenly laughed out. "Aap bhul gaye ki Kabul ke bahar Mughal sipahiyon ki chhauni hay, jo har waqt Kabul ke upar nazar lagaye baitha hay... Srif yehi nehi Samarkand ki Hindusthani sipahiyan kisi bhi waqt Kabul me aa sakta hay yeh bhi bhul gaye aap! Mere Sartaaj..." [You forgot that there is an army camp of Mughal's at the end of Kabul, who is observing Kabul each and every moment... not only that the Hindustani soldiers of Samarkand can come here at any moment! My lord...] She hugged his neck. "Mah-Chuchak Begam chahe jitni bhi kamzor kyu na ban jaye, o Kabul ki dhaal thi! Aapne Abbujaan ki shaan or izzat ke khatir Jalal Mah-Chuchak Begam ko baksha gaya hay aaj taq, aab o or nehi bakshe ga Kabul ko!" [No matter how much weak Mah-Chuchak Begam become, she was the shield of Kabul! Jalal have excused Mah-Chuchak Begam for his father's pride and respect, but now he will not excuse Kabul anymore!] She hissed. "Mana kiya tha humne Ammijaan ki jaan lene se... Kaha tha humne ki o Kabul ki dhaal hay! Par aapne o dhaal tod diya!" [I forbade you not to take mother's life... I had told that she is the shield of Kabul!]

"Hum... hum..." [I...I...] Abul Mali grunted...

"Aapsi larai me adhe se zyada sipahi mare ja chuke hay! Ammijaan ki waafadar ek bhi fauzi nehi bacha... aab agar Mughal fauj abhi ke abhi hamla kare to kaise bachayenge aap aapna Kabul?" [More than half soldiers have died in this fight! None of the faithful army of mother is alive... Now if Mughal army attacks then how will you save your Kabul?] Fakhrunnissa's firm voice laughed at him!

"Itni jaldi Mughal chhauni me fauj ko pata kaise chalega ki kille ke andar Mahchuchak Begam mar gayi hay?" [How will the Mughal camp know so fast that Mahchuchak Begam has died inside the fort?] Abul Mali chuckled like a confused idiot. "Or Samarkand se sipahi aane me bhi bohot waqt hay! Chinta maat kijie, Mughal chhauni me pakka khabar jate jate hum yeaha sare intaazam kar lenge..." [And the army of Samarkand has a long way to come! Don't worry, I will arrange everything before the news reaches to Mughal camp!] He assured her without noticing the shine sparking suddenly in her eyes. "Tabtaq inn laashyon ko thikane lagate hay... Abhi inhe bahar dafnana thik nehi hoga... Agar inhe..." [Let us do something with these corpses by then... We can't bury them outside right now... If we...]

"Molla Sahab ko bulaiye... Ammijaan ke liye." [Call the priest... For mother...] Fakhrunnissa suddenly told. "Hum betiyon ke taraf se jo kuch bhi rasam hay hum nivayenge..." [I will follow the rituals from the side of her daughters...]

It seemed Abul Mali did not like the idea... "Agar dhum dham se janaja nikla or itna kuch hua fir to..." [If all the rituals are maintained like this then...]

"Janaja abhi nehi niklegi." [The coffin will not set out now.] A slight smile played on Fakhr's lips... "Mirza ke ane taq intazar karni hogi hume..."[We will wait till Mirza comes...]

"Mirza? O aate aate to..." [Mirza? He has long way to come...] Abul Mali was surprised as well as amused, but the next speech of Fakhrunnissa left him spellbound.

"O bohot jald ayega mere Sartaaj, usse ana hi hoga! Humari khat padne ke baad o chup nehi baith payega!" [He will come very soon, my lord, he has to come! He will not be able to stay cool after reading my letter!] She suddenly giggled. "Aab taq to sayad o Kabul taq pohochh bhi gaya hoga!" [Maybe he has reached to Kabul by now!]

"Kya??" [What?] Abul Mali shouted, but something more was left to give him the last shock. Suddenly a officier turned up in front of the door. "Mere Aaka..." [My lord!] His voice was chocked with tension.

"Kya baat hay?" [What?]

"Do Do bura khabar hay huzur!" [Two bad news are there my lord!] The man gulped. "Mughal chhauni se fauj aakar yeh mahel gher li hay! Acchanak se itni jaldi unhe kaise maalum parha o..." [Mughal camp's army has covered the palace of Kabul! How did they know so soon that we...]

Abul Mali felt his heartbeats to increase, though he tried to be cool. "Humare sare sipahiyon ko jaan lagakar ladne ka hukum do! O log ginti me humse bohot jyada nehi hay! Kisne...kisne di hogi uaha khabar! Kon hay o dhokebaaz..." [Order all our soldiers to fight with all their lives! They are not much in count! Who have given them the news? Who is the traitor?] He controlled his excitement with a lot of trial and then asked- "Or dusra khabar kya hay!" [And what is the second news?]

"Mirza Hakim ko Kabul ke seema par dekha gaya hay! O ekele nehi hay, unke sath unke fauj ke sath sath..." [Mirza Hakim has been seen near the border of Kabul! He is not alone, he has the army and...] The man gulped again. "Badakshan ke sultan or ek bohot bari fauj maujud hay! O log... o log Kabul ko gher rakha hay Jahapanha!!!" [Also the king of Badakshan and his huge army! They... they have covered the whole Kabul My lord!!]

"KYA????" [What??]Abul Mali wailed out and looked at Fakhrunnissa's face. Too much surprise of him, there was no sign of concern in her face- rather the ray of victory was shining brightly there!!




The beautiful morning of a spring, and a romantic walk with beautiful sweetheart- was enough to revive the inner energy to fight with physical weakness. Jalal was feeling almost fit and blooming like always, and keeping the political worries aside in Jodha's request he was rather lost in the beautiful chattering of the various birds in the beautiful garden situated in the private complex of the palace. Jodha was in her happiest mood too, humming a song unmindfully holding his hand tightly... They were beside the line of palm trees planted in a row at a corner of the vast garden. The green canopy of vines over the head and the green shade for soothing eyes and heart, created by immense hard work of gardeners in this sandy soil of the desert, is also a great place for secret meetings of the lovers from all aspects. None is able to see what is happening at the other side of the barrier of those trees.

"Chaliye aab chalte hay." [Ok let's go now.] Jodha proposed as the sun was becoming scorching. "Jyada dhoop me rahe to sar pakad lega!"[Otherwise headache will start due to sun!] She was about to tell something more but stopped suddenly, as Jalal put his finger on her lips and keenly started trying to hear something. His eyes were suspicious and sharper. "Kya hua Shahenshah?" [What happened Shahenshah?] Jodha whispered with concern.


She readily shut her mouth and tried to hear. Yes someone is there... rather a conversation is going on behind the bush! Jodha's heartbeat suddenly increased in excitement. Jalal had become statue by then, only trying to fathom their conversation; Jodha became impatient again. "Shahenshah!" She nudged with almost muted voice.

"Shhh!!!" By now Jalal's ears were completely concentrated on the silent conversation behind the row of trees, and his eyes were finding a hole to peep into the scene going on there... Jodha became silent again. It must be any serious and crucial matter- or may be a new conspiracy... who is there? Is Sarifuddin back in disguise? Or any new enemy...

"Hume sainikyon ko bulana chahiye..." [We should call the troops...] Jodha suggested again, in even more low voice, but Jalal gaze an apathetic look to her. "Shhh!!!!"

So Jodha suppressed her concern inside and started observing his majesty. He was back in his old form and was minutely decoding the almost muted conversation, and a very delightful and naughty smile was slowly reflecting from his lips with his eyes glittering in mischief as he had found a way to peep into there. Weird- isn't it?

Jodha, being impatient was going to nudge Jalal again, but suddenly a cheerful sound came out from Jalal's voice- "Subhan Allah!" He smiled broadly while looking through the gaps of the branches.

"Kya dekh kya rahe hay aap?" [What are you watching?] Jodha sided him becoming utterly impatient, and her cheeks blushed suddenly...

There was no conspirator behind the wall of trees. It was Maan Singh, and his newly wedded wife- sitting on the grass of the garden! Poor couples did not get enough space to know and understand themselves after marriage, their first night together also contained only worried moments, and the gossiping ladies of the main palace are always on to ruin the moments of Maan Singh has found the best place to hide from them and to know his new beautiful bride- by sending her a secret letter to meet in this lonely place in garden. Now it seems they have started knowing each other very fast, as within this approximate one hour, Maan Singh's head is carefreely placed on the bride's lap, and the young beautiful girl, getting out of her bride's shyness, is chattering freely with him... The aroma of newly blossomed love is floating in the air...

"Dono eksath bohot sundar lag rahe hay!" [They are looking beautiful together!] Jodha commented in dreamy voice, but then came down into practical world. "Aap chupchup ke yeaha kya dekh rahe hay! Chor dijie inhe ekele!" [You are watching them hiding? Leave them alone!] She ordered Jalal.

"Ahh! Chup kijie na... maja aa raha hay!" [O stop it. I am having fun!] Jalal winked.

"Aap sampark me Maan Singh ke pita saman hay... to aap badhu ki sasur hue na?" [You are like Maan Singh's father in relation... then you are the father-in-law of the bride- isn't it?] Jodha rebuked him. "Aap ko aisi karya sobha nehi deta! Chaliye!" [It does not fit you. Let's go...]

"Kon sasur! Aisi kahe rahi hay jaise ki humara umar asshi paar kar chaka ho! Buddhi hongi aap- bari aayi saas-sasur ki path dene wali!" [Who is father-in-law? You are telling in such a way as if I have crossed my eighties! You are an oldie! Started lectures on Father-in-law and mother-in law!!] Jalal mocked her style of talking and concentrated on the scene; and Jodha started fuming!

"Buddhi kaha aapne hume?" [You called me oldie?]

"Haa to or kya kahenge?" [Yes what else?] Jalal shot. "Aap rahena hay to rahhiye, nehi to jaiye par chillaiye maat. O log samajh jayenge!" [You may leave if you don't want but don't shout. They will understand!]

"Haa haa dekhhte rahiye do pati-patniyon ki ghanist drisya nirlajj ki tarha!" [Yes yes you watch the private scenes of couples like a shmeless!] Jodha continued yelling at him in low tone, but simultaneously sided his head as it was hiding the view. "Hatiye na! Hume dikhai nehi de raha hay!" [Go aside! I can't see properly!]

"Yeh hui na baat!" [That's perfect!] Jalal started laughing; suddenly a very bad idea nudged him. "Chaliye dekhte hay uaha jake kya kar rahe hay humare Sipahsalah!" [Come on let's see what is my commander general doing!]

"Aree nehi nehi Shahenshah!" [No no majesty!] Jodha tried to stop him, but he was louder this time. From the gap of two trees he called out. "Maan Singh?"

"S...S...shh...shaaee...shahenshah!!!!" Maan Singh jumped up- as is he has seen a ghost in front of him. The bride pulled down her veil throughout the whole face to hide her deep blush!

Meanwhile Jalal had entered there with the support of hopeless Jodha! His face had no touch of his previous mischief in front of his sub-ordinate, rather in a very serious voice he asked- "Aap yeaha? Hum kabse aapse milna chahte the..." [You here? I was waiting to meet you...]

"Oo...o Shahenshah darasal..." [Actually Majesty...] Maan Singh was out of excuses. "Hum...hum... milne hi wale the... par... matlab..." [I mean... I was just going to meet you...I mean...]

"Bhul gaye. Koi baat nehi!" [You forgot? No problem!] Jalal commented without a bit of smile and bent towards Jodha for a while. "Abhi to srif surwad hay! Akhir me biwi ke darr se aapna naam bhi na bhul jaye! Mera bhi ek hi halat hay!" [It's only starting. Hope he won't forget his own name in the effect of wife's fear! My condition is same!] He whispered. Jodha looked at him with fake anger and pinched on his palm. He rubbed the place very swiftly and looked back to Maan Singh's sweating face.

"Waise Maan Singh, aab jab sab kuch thik ho gaya hay, to hum soch rahe the kyu na humare naye jung ke bare me baat ki jaye? Abhi chaliye..." [Maan Singh, I was thinking that here everything is okay now, so what about a planning of a new war? Come with me right now!] Jalal started showing his enthusiasm suddenly.

"Nehi nehi Shahenshah!" [No no Your majesty!] Maan Singh chuckled. "Aap purn rup se swasth ho jaiye, fir..." [Not before you become completely fit...]

"Aree hume kya hua? Hum to bilkul durust hay!" [What happened to me? I am absolutely fine!] Jalal smiled. "Hum soch rahe the ki iss bar Sambalpur me hamla karenge..." [I was thinking to attack Sambalpur now...]

"Jee accha prastav hay Shahenshah!" [Good idea Your Majesty!] Maan Singh commented in hurry to get rid of them fast.

"Hay na?" [Isn't it?] Jalal smiled profoundly. "Kal se hi Sambalpur hamle ki taiyaari suru hogi, or aap Agra jaake taiyaari karenge. Or 5 din ke andar Sambalpur ke liye nikal jayenge!" [You will leave for Agra tomorrow and will start preparing for the attack. And will set of for Sambalpur within 5 days!]

"5 din????" Maan Singh wailed and his wife peeped out of her veil with sad eyes.

"Jee ha! Koi dikkat?" [Yes! Any problem?] This time Jalal's voice was full of excess authority. Maan Singh gulped. "Nehi... hum aapki... seva me... matlab humesha taiyaar hay parantu... matlab aapne kaha tha na ki... matlab o chhutti..." [No... I... am always to serve you... I mean... you had told... I mean vacation...]

"Chhutti? Accha? Kisliye chhutti?" [Vacation? Really? For what?] Suppressing his laughter Jalal asked seriously which only left Maan Singh to cry.

"Aab baas bhi kijie! Kyu sata rahe hay Maan Singh ko?" [Now stop it. Why are you behind him?] Jodha could not suppress her laughter anymore. "Chinta maat kijie Maan Singh, Shahenshah aapko kisi bhi yudhh khetr me nehi bhejne wale! Hum unhe o karne denge tab na?" [Don't worry Maan Singh, Shahenshah will not send you anywhere! I will not let him to...] She assured with an affectionate smile while ultimately saved Maan Singh! Jodha looked minutely at his smile. "Kyu ki hume aapko kisi or sthal par bhejna hay!" [I have some other place to send you!]

"Nehi!! Matlab... kaha??" [No!!! I mean... where???] Maan Singh cried out again.

Both Jalal and Jodha started laughing seeing his face. "Madhuyamini me! Nehi jayege aap?" [For honeymoon! Won't you go?] Jodha answered while laughing!

"Ohhh! Accha... maine to..." [Ohhh!! I was...] Maan Singh chuckled like an idiot after understanding that both were only pulling his leg. Though in mind he was feeling insulted in front of his newly wedding wife who was giggling under her veil, yet he could not become angry with them. They both hold the most important place in his life- even more important than his private happiness!

Jalal had plan to spend more time here and to pull Maan Singh's leg even more, but suddenly a 9 years kid appeared as his rescuer. "Maan Bhaisaa!!!" an angry shout of a boy pierced the air, and the great Bharat Singh appeared in front.

"Bharat!" Maan Singh chuckled.

"Aapne kaha tha ki humare sath khelenge!" [You had promised to play with me!] He pouted. "Or abhi yeaha chup ke baithe hay??" [And now you are hiding here?]

Maan Singh looked at Jalal helplessly. Jalal smiled looking at Bharat. " Aap Aapne bhaisa ko chor dijie. Unhone aapki nayi bhabisaa ke sath kuch or khelne ki waada kar chuke hay! Aap humare sath chaliye!" [Leave your Bhaisaa Bharat. He has already promised to play with your new sister-in-law! You come with us!]

"Haa haa jaiye. Aap dono hi jaiye!!" [Yes yes... You both go!!!] Maan Singh grinned forgetting his all hesitation and shame! Jodha started giggling looking at his red face! But Maan Singh did not notice. He was adamant to give back Jalal. "Or Bharat, aab khelne ka samay nehi hay! Aap jaiye, phupasa se 5 tir eksath chalane ka kaushal sikh lijie! Jaiye jaiye!" [And Bharat, it's no time to play. You rather go and learn the process of targeting 5 arrows one time! Go go...]

"Haa Phupasaa! Aapne to mujhe o sikhaya hi nehi!" [Yes uncle! You haven't taught me yet!] Bharat's all attention went on Jalal. "Sikhaiye na..." [Teach me...]

"Aree haa hum to bhul hi gaye the..." [Oh! I had forgotten!] Jalal smiled helplessly. "Par aab kya kare, dekho kya haal bana diya hay mera..." [Now what to do, see what had happened to me!]

Bharat's eyes stuck on the big bandage of Jalal's arm. "Bohot dard hay?" [Is it paining much?] He asked innocently. Jalal nodded sadly. Bharat started nodding like an expert. "Hmm... Hume pata hay! Humara ekbar haat kat gaya tha or bohot jal raha tha. Hum to bohot roye bhi the... Phupasa aap rote to nehi hay na?" [I know! My hand was also wounded and it was inflaming. I cried also... Do you cry too, uncle? ]

Jodha started laughing again while Jalal looked at her with grudge, then smiled looking Bharat's sweet innocent face. 

"Par yeh to bohot bari samasya hay... Aab aap hume ek sath 5 tir marna sikhaiyenge kaise?" [But it's a great problem... How would you teach me to throw 5 arrows together now?] Bharat looked too much worried.

"Aree yeh bhi koi chinta karne wali baat hay?" [Is it a matter of thought?] Jalal laughed out loudly. "Humara haat ghayel hay to kya hua? Do or haat hay mera! Kyu hay na, Jodha Begam?" [So what my hand is wounded? I have two more hands! Isn't it, Jodha Begam?] He smirked looking at Jodha who was staring to him with meaningful glare... He patted on Bharat's back. "Chaliye, chalte hay tirandazi ki maidan me!" [Come on, let's go to the archery ground!]

PRECAP: "Let's see how you qualify this test of love, my Emperor!" She smirked. "I have never lost any test in my lifetime, yours highness!" He smirked back...



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i forgot to ask update of thisShockedanyways i got it finalyHugthank u...gonna read now

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Wow!! What a Ganesh Chaturthi treat!!!Star
Will be back soon, after reading the chapter... thanks for the pm and... HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI! 

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res dear
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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me third
-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Kavya_P

res dear

unres dear
amazing chappy
loved it
poor maan singh
update soon 

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