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 The white pulp of boiled rice with a combination of completely boiled spice-less vegetables seemed to be the most hateful thing for him... Shrinking his nose, Emperor Akbar had readily dismissed the request of his empress to eat that uneatable matter; but since in most of the cases the husbands have a little to say against the wish of their wives, the Emperor, being defeated in front of the angry eyes of his beloved empress, has already consumed half of the bowl suppressing the puking feelings inside with long trial! "Baas Bohot hua! Or nehi!"[Enough! Not more!] He at last got a chance to express his protest again; though that again got into vein. "Abhi bhi sesh hay. Pura khana hoga." [Not finished yet. You have to eat more.]

"Aree pet var gaya hay!"[Tummy is full!]  he chuckled.

"Kuch nehi vara hay! Hume pata hay aap kitne khate hay, or aap uska adha bhi nehi khaye aaj!"[Nothing is full! I know how much you eat, and you have not eaten half of that!] She told seriously. "Srif tin chammach khane ke baad pet var gaya aapka??"[Your tummy is full after only 3 spoons?]

3 spoons only! He sighed and gulped to cope up with the irritation. "Maaf kar dijie Begam Sahiba!Par or nehi nigal payenge!" [Sorry your highness! But I can't gulp anymore!]

"Baccho jaisi harkat mat kijie."[Stop acting like kids!] She rebuked and poured a spoonful inside his mouth.

"Yuck! Yuck!" He gave a snotty expression after gulping that, and then became furious. "Mujhe nehi khana, nehi khana, nehi khana!! Iss cheez ko mere aankho ke samne se hataiye!" [I don't want to eat! Take this thing away from my sight!]

"Natak mat kijie!"[Stop drama!] Jodha was giggling to see his childish act. "Agar na khayenge to khara nehi ho payenge."[You will not be able to stand straight unless you eat something.]

"Yeh khana hay?" Jalal yelled. "Aap khakar dekhie!"[Is this food? You taste it!]

"To abhi Shahenshah ke liye gost-kabab mangwaye, yeah daal-bati-churma?"[So should I order mutton Kabab or Daal-Bati-Churma for the emperor? ] Jodha mocked unkindly. "Subha tak gale se awaz nehi nikal raha tha, or aab thora sa thik hote hi suru ho gaye! Aapko yehi khana parega, or pura khana parega!"[No sound was coming out from voice even in morning, and now you have started again! You have to eat full!] And simultaneously again inserted the spoon in his mouth.

"Humne kaha na hume khane me taklif ho raha hay! Maante kyu nehi aap?"[I said you that I can't! Why don't you hear?] He now pouted helplessly after gulping that anyway.

"Accha thik hay!"[Ok ok.] Jodha sighed seeing the bowl. "Or khana nehi hoga. Dawai pike so jaiye." [You do not need to eat. Sleep after taking medicine] She affectionately ruffled his hairs after giving the medicine. "Kal subha tak aap bilkul thik ho jayenge!" [You will be alright till morning!]

"Firse sona???"[Again sleep???] Jalal wailed. "Sare din to bistaar pe lete hue hay! Aab firse sona parega? Bilkul nehi!" [I was on bed from morning! Now again sleep? Never!]

"Aap khayenge bhi nehi, aram bhi nehi karenge,  to thik kaise honge?"[You will neither eat, nor rest, then how would you recover?] Jodha nudged him.

"Jalaluddin Mohammad ko thik hone ke liye aram ki zarurat nehi!" [Jalaluddin Mohammad does not need rest to become fit!] Jalal declared proudly. "Abhi hume sone ka man nehi, hume uthna hay. Bahar jana hay! Hume to iss kamre se nafrat hone laga hay!" [I don't want to sleep, so I want to go out! I hate this room!] He grunted.

"Accha, aab badshah salamat ko bahar ghumne jana hay, thandi haowa khane? Haa?" [O so now the emperor wll go out in fresh air right?]Jodha sneered at him, and then readily changed her expression to scolding. "Sidhe hokar baith nehi paa rahe hay, or badi badi baate! Aram ki zarurat nehi! Huh!!SO JAIYE!!" [Can't even sit straight , and long lectures! Don't need rest! Huh! SLEEP!!]

"Aree aapto mere piche hi par gaye!"[You are behind me!] Jalal the gallant warrior, who only fears from a single thing of the earth and that is Jodha's anger, gave a hopeless sigh and covered his face with blanket. "Aab khus?"[Happy now?]

Even 5 minutes could not spend; Jodha cleaned the space and put on the nightwear after putting off the ornaments and was about to lie down, Jalal again peeped out from blanket. "Jodha..."

"Firse kya?" [What again?] From his tone it was clear to Jodha that he was going to tell something useless just to spend time. So she did not pay heed. "Soye nehi abhi tak?" [Haven't slept yet?]

"Nind nehi aa raha hay!"[Sleep is not coming.] Jalal gave a kiddish look and his voice melted like a pampered baby. Jodha, despite trying hard to be serious, could not help but to giggle out due to his childish tantrums. Applying night-ointments in skin, she sat beside Jalal casually with a pillow on her lap. "Bolie, kya samamsya hay!" [Say, what's the problem!]

"Nind nehi aa raha hay isliye hum nehi soyenge."[Sleep's not coming so I'll not sleep now.] He looked at her very seriously. "Chaliye aaj baate karte hay saari raat!! Kitne din aapke sath raat jagkar nehi bitaya..." [Let's talk all night!! It has been long time since we haven't spent a night without sleep!!]

"Bilkul nehi. Hume nind nehi aati hay kya?" [No! Don't I feel asleep?]

"Aapki patidev, jo kal bhi iss waqt maut se lar raha tha, usse iss rat me ekele chor ke aap so jayenge?" [Your husband, who was dying at this time last night, you will sleep alone leaving him alone in the night?

"Natak karna bhi koi aapse sikhe!"[All needs to learn doing drama from you!] Hopelessly, while suppressing her laughter, Jodha placed her hand on his hairs to caress them and smiled sweetly. "Chaliye sone ki kosish kijie, hum aapko lori sunate hay!" [Try to sleep, I am singing lullaby to you!]

"Lori?????"[Lullaby????] It seemed Jalal has fallen directly from heaven. He must would have sprung up from bed if he had that fitness now, but since he was still weak, his voice did the rest on his behalf. "Aap hume lori gaakar sulaengi? Matlab... or kuch nehi soojha aapko? Hum bacche hay kya ki aap..."[You will sing lullaby to make me asleep? I mean... you had no better idea than this? Am I a kid or what? ]

"Baccho se kuch kam kya kar rahe hay aap aaj?" [You are acting not less than a kid today!] Jodha forcefully made him to lie again with patting his forehead. "Chaliye so jaiye... Aankh bandh kijie..." [Now close your eyes...] Then with her melodious voice she started humming. "So ja... meri kanhaiyaa..."

"Baas!"Jalal yawned after opening his eyes again. "Aap meri biwi hay yeah ammi ki hume aisi gaana suna rahi hay?'Or aapko ekhi lori aata hay kya? Rahim ko bhi yehi sunate aaye hay or Hassan ko to har raat..." [Are you my wife or my mother that you're singing such song? And do you have only one in stock? You used to sing this one for Rahim and for Hassan also you... ]

Suddenly he stopped.

A gloomy piece of cloud suddenly had covered the happy and light sky of the room! A mere pronunciation of a single name... and that grabbed everything again... that took away Jodha's happy smile in an instance; that wrapped Jalal's happy childish naughtiness with a black blanket of pain and agony again... and again a curtain of silence dropped between them.

"Hassan ko bohot pasand tha yeh lori..." [Hassan loved this lullaby a lot...] At last Jodha found something to come out from that gloomy shadow, and she found that from the same memories that had been covered with the thick coat of pain and tears. She fetched her smile from those, in a strange voice she kept on- "Yaad hay aapko, kaise yeh lori sunte hi dheere dheere aankh bandh kar leta tha? Or fir so bhi jata tha... Hassan humesa daine taraf sar hilake sota tha yaad hay aapko? Or aap bhi to the, humesha usse sula dene ke baad aate the, or bechare ko nind me tang karte the. Aapka god me lene ki chakkar me bechare ka nind tut jata tha or firse lori gaakar sulana parta tha." [You remember, how he used to close his eyes slowly while listening this? And then he used to sleep... Hassan used to sleep bending head to right, you remember? And you too were... always came after he slept, and then used to disturb him in sleep. He used to get up due to your trials of taking him in lap and I had to make him sleep again by singing lullaby.]

"Hum tang karte the? Aree apne abbu ki god me ekbar ane bagyar mere bacche ko nind hi nehi aata tha!" [I used to disturb? My son could not sleep without coming in his father's lap for once!] God knows how, but the urge of Jodha's voice had drowned Jalal's heart in the flow of nostalgia spontaneously... he had lost himself in the deep of his beautiful, content experiences of fatherhood. "Hume dekhte hi kaise has deta tha Hassan... Or ungli pakar leta tha... chorta hi nehi tha..." [How Hassan used to smile looking at me... and he used to hold my fingers and didn't free them...]

 "Mera Hassan bhi aapse samajhdaar tha, ek bar me so jata tha... maa ko satata nehi tha..." [My Hassan too was sensible than you. He used to sleep at one time... hardly disturbed his mother...] Jodha smiled.

"Hassan bohot chupchap or accha baccha tha na? Jaise ki aap the! Hussain bilkul mere upar gaya tha... Badmas, shararati..." [Hassan was a quiet and good boy like you. Hussain was just like me... Naughty, mischievous...] Jalal's voice wetted! "Hussain ko to sayad sona hi pasand nehi tha... Har ek waqt aankhe kholke charo or dekhta raheta tha... Jaise ki iss dunia ke bare me sab kuch pata kar raha ho..." [Hussain perhaps hated to sleep... He used to watch his surrounding everytime... as if trying to know everything about this world...] he could not continue anymore, as his voice choked with a hard rock of tears!

 "Hussain bap ka beta tha! Khana pasand nehi, sona pasand nehi... srif ghumna parega unhe godi me leke." [Hussain was just like father! Does not like to eat; does not like to sleep... only take him in arms and roam around!] Jodha came closer to Jalal, her voice sank in a perfect blend of peace and agony. "Usse khilane me ek ghanta lagta tha; or sulana to dunia ka sabse kathin karya tha! Jhule me sulakar lori sunake sulana! Asambav!! Jabtak o jaga hua hay, usse god me leke ghumte jao, fir maharaj ko nind ayega... Kitni muskil se nind me jata tha o!..." [It used to take 1 whole hour to feed him; and to make him sleep was the toughest work! Sleeping in the swing while listening to lullaby? Impossible! Roam around carrying him in arms till he sleeps, then his majesty will sleep! He used to sleep so difficultly! ] She was smiling all the time, but suddenly the shade of tears on her eyes became deeper and deeper which gradually covered the smile from her lips. Voice sank more and more in the sea of despair; casting an uncanny lost gaze to her past, in a strange tone she uttered- "Kash uss raat me bhi o... kash o so na gaya hota... Kash o..." [If only he would not sleep at that night too!  If only...]

"Jodha..." Jalal held her hand to stop her. He was gasping in a jolt of burning agony from inside.  But perhaps Jodha had no sense about anything. She kept on in same tone, with same gaze, like a possessed woman- "Hussain so gaya tha usdin bohot jald. Hum usse jhule me sula diye the... Fir kisine bataya ki aap ghayel hay or hum usse chorke chale gaye! O jaga hua hota to thori na usse rakh kar jate? Usse lekar hi jaate na? O so gaya or maine bhi socha ki jag jayega to firse nehi soyega... par o to humesha ke liye..." [Hussain had slept early thatnight. I had made him to lie on swing... Then someone said that you are wounded and I left him! If he would not have slept would I ever leave him there? I would take him with me! I thought that if he awakes again then it will be difficult to make him sleep... but he slept forever...]

"Baas Jodha baas!!"[Enough, Jodha stop!] Jalal forcefully dragged her to his chest, pressed her face against his chest tightly so that she can't speak anything more. His eyes were not anymore able to control the burst of tear. "Chup ho jaiye... Maat kahiye yeh sab! Bohot... bohot taklif hoti hay Jodha!!" [Stop! Don't say these. These give pain Jodha...]

He could feel Jodha's shivering in his arms; and her panting was storming on his chest. He took a long breath to strengthen his grip, as he could feel the same shiver in his heart too... All the human beings have a common dream to have a happy, content family- be it a beggar of street or an emperor... but when all the dreams get smashed in a single second, without even signaling, that scar never heals... never! She had clasped his body with all her strength... perhaps this was her only place to fetch peace... to find shelter. The strangulation of shivering slowly got a way to escape in form of tears... She started sobbing while he took her even closer... and her sobs slowly rose, converted into high wailing. Her eyes were showering tears like monsoon clouds... she had so much tears stored inside her heart even now... perhaps just for him! He could not utter any sentence of condolence; tears had bursted out from his blurred eyes... his tears fell silently with Jodha's cry, and both of their tears mingled into one drop after falling!

They cried together after a whole year for their children... perhaps their own tears were the best healer for their deep wounds in heart... but both of them had forgotten that!




In hurry and anxiety Faisal Beg even did not took the permission before entering into the vast restroom of the monarchess of Kabul. Though he did not need the permission as per the royal rules, as the way he entered was not followed by the protocols an officer should maintain, rather his entry was mostly like an invader; attacking the soldiers of Haidar Qasim who had already taken charge of the gate of the empress's palace, fighting with the faithful order-bearers of Haidar with his armed army he had got the access inside her private room. Qasim came up to be more cunning than he had thought; he already had managed to corner the ailing empress without even raising any doubt on him. But still he doubts, rather he is confirm that someone else is behind Haidar who is playing the bigger game.

"Begam Sahiba! Hume aapse..."[Your highness, I had some...] he got a strong jolt which compelled him to stop. It was Haidar Qasim himself in front of Mah-Chuchak Begam, who turned back to him hearing his voice, and smirked viciously. The cruel smile had enveloped his handsome face with a crude and nude shade of evilness, replacing his charm of youth by the snigger of a devil. Faisal feared, as his smile was carrying a lot of untold questions!

"Aiye Faisal Beg, hum aapke hi raha dekh rahe the." [Come Faisal Beg, I was waiting for you.] The voice of the lady compelled him to be stunned. Mah-Chuchak's eyes were directly looking at his eyes, as if they are reading his mind out from his numb gaze. A cruel smirk had touched those eyes, with the suppressed fury burning inside the shining pupils. A vicious snigger was reflecting from the corner of her lip, that flowed a cold current through Beg's spine.

"Begam Sahiba hume aapse bohot zaruri baat karni hay" [Your Highness I had very important discussion with you!] He replied, still confused with the turn of the event happened in his absence.

"Woh to dikh hi raha hay!" [I can see that!] Mah-Chuchak smirked sarcastically pointing at the trace of blood that has splashed on his face during the fight; and that smile spread at Qasim's lips too. Faisal looked over the room. There were some soldiers of Kabul's army along with the armed eunuchs of the woman quarter, who not only use to have a lot of strength than normal men, but also are skilled warriors! And surprisingly all are looking at him with cruel stare and open sword. His glance at once ran through Haidar's face. Was it a trap?

"Begam Sahiba yeh Haidar bohot bara sajish kar raha hay! Aapko marne ki sajish!"[Haidar is plotting to kill you your highness!] He shouted at once as he could sense the next step from the soldiers behind! Haidar grinned suddenly- "Hum sajish kar rahe hay!! To aap kya kar rahe the Beg sahab? Bahar ke sipahiyon ke sath lukachupi khel rahe the?" [I am plotting? Then what are you doing Beg Sahab? Playing hide-&-Seek with the guards outside?]

Mah-Chuchak threw her glance on his face with an idle gesture, and her smirk became deeper. "Mera yaakin kijie mallika! Haidar Qasim bohot bara chal chala hay aapko marne ka! Shahi hakim ko riswat dke aapko zaher pilake aapko..."[Believe me Queen! Haidar Qasim has planned bigger to kill you! By bribing the royal physician he has managed to poisoning you...] Faisal tried to explain, but was stopped suddenly as the queen had raised her one hand to stop him. "Aapne humare mahel pe hamla kiye hay Faisal Beg! Aapni khud ki sipahiyon ko lekar Kabul ki mallika ki mahel ko gher rakha hay. Kya yeh bohot waafadari ki naamuna hay?"[You have attacked in my palace Faisal Beg! You have cornered the empress of Kabul by your troops. Is it an evidence of your faithfulness?] Her voice was as sharp as a whip! Faisal gulped. "Hum aapke waafadar hay Mallika!"[I am faithful to you your highness!] He stated in an icy tone!

Mah-Chuchak Begam smiled again... this time too mysterious to fathom; simultaneously her eyes became sharper as she keenly observed inside his orbs. But perhaps Haidar was losing patience. "Isse griftar karne ki hukum dijie Begam Sahiba!"[Order to arrest him your majesty!] He almost screamed out.

Faisal's grip of the sword strengthened. His soldiers have cornered the troop of Haidar, they will take no time to sew this little dog's lips forever with a single order of their master. But the experienced queen of Kabul laughed out instead of ordering anything. "Inti bhi kya jaldi hay Qasim Sahab! Pahele inhe aapni baat pura karne ka mauka to dijie!" [Why so hurry Qasim Sahab! Let him complete his point first!]

"Kya bacha kya hay iske paas kahene ke liye?" [What is left for his talk?] Haidar's scream was perhaps a signal of his increasing nervousness. "Kya jo sabut humne diya o kaafi nehi?" [Are my proofs not good enough?]

In reply Mah-Chuchak only smiled. But Faisal shouted out spontaneously- "Sabut? Kaisa sabut! Sab sabut jhoota hay!" [Proof? What proof? Every proof is false!]

"Jara inhe bhi o chitthi dikhane ki taklif uthayenge Qasim Sahab?" [Show him those letters Qasim Sahab!] Mah-Chuchak stated lazily. "Jiski jarie Faisal Beg ne Hakim ko hume marne ki hukum diye the? Or ho sake to o sare khat bhi pesh kijie inke samne jiski jarie inhone itne din tak Agra me Jalal ko Kabul ki sari khabre dete aye hay!" [Those via which Faisal Beg had ordered to kill me; and if possible those too via which he used to send news to Jalal!]

"Humne??????!!!!"[Me??] Faisal Beg screamed in hell astonishment. "Mere baat manie Begam Sahiba! Yeh Qasim aapko galat samjha raha hay! Humne kuch nehi kiya. Sab kuch Haidar Qasim kar raha hay!" [Listen to me my lord! This Haidar Qasim is doing everything not me!]

"Hum bacche nehi hay Faisal Beg, ki koi hume galat samjhaye or hum o samajh jaye! Haidar Qasim!" [I am not a baby that I will understand anything that anyone will try me to understand!] Mah-Chuchak Begam said in a very cold tone, and with this instructed Haidar again to show the evidence. A piece of paper scrolled out in front of the shivering eyes of Faisal Beg. A letter, same of his handwriting, even with his signature at the bottom, containing instructions for death-sentence of Mah-Chuchak, which made Faisal Beg speechless! "Yeh maine nehi likha hay!" [I haven't written this!] He got to utter after a trial! "Haidar Qasim hume fasa raha hay! Iski baato me maat aiye Begam Sahiba! Isne hi Hakim ko aapko marne ke liye motayen kiya tha! Isne hi Azan Khan ke zarie Hakim ka katal kiya hay! Humare paas sabut hay Begam Sahiba!" [Haidar Qasim is implicating me wrongly! Don't listen to him Begam Sahiba! This Haidar had hired the physician to kill you! And this Haidar has killed him by Azan Khan! I have proof Yours highness!]

Mah-Chuchak picked up one brow only as if she is enjoying it very much. But suddenly Haidar Qasim got furious and an over-protective husband'- perhaps after hearing that Faisal has proof! "Tune humari Begam Sahiba ko marne ki kosish ki, Kabul ki izzat dao pe laga diya; or upar se sara ilzaam mere upar thok raha hay? Tujhe to hum nehi chorenge!" [You tried to kill our queen, you played with the honour of Kabul; and now trying to accuse me for all these? I will not spare you!] And as per his promise, he jumped on him with open sword. But Faisal Beg is not a milk-feeding baby, his sword was almost ready for this encounter. It readily defended Haidar's sudden attack, and then attacked him with all of his strength. Haidar was more young and stronger; but Faisal is more experienced as a fighter. Soon the small fight inside the four walls converted into a breath taking one, with the soldiers present inside the room staring confused and the queen placed a betel leaf inside mouth while watching them fighting, as if she was enjoying this tussle!   

"Baas!" She shouted suddenly as she had finished eating the betel leaf by then. Her voice had something which actually put a stop in their fight. She got up from her resting posture with a little difficulty, and clapped thrice. The closed door of the corner of the room got opened suddenly, and a kaafri eunuch took an entry, bowed down to the empress.

While the other persons of the room, notably Haidar Qasim stared with big eyes, Mah-Chuchak smiled viciously while addressing the eunuch. "Aab..."

The eunuch looked back to the door and signed something. Then, two chained men entered with two-three guards behind; the colour of Haidar's face vanished at an instance seeing them! And Faisal Beg, with utter surprise, exclaimed- "Jasim Minga!! The older chained man is a known face; he keeps records of official documents of Kabul.

The eunuch suddenly kicked the older imprisoned man who fell on Mah-Chuchak's feet. "Maafi mere aaka; maafi!" [Forgive me my lord forgive me!] he started crying. "Hum aapne laalach ko kabu nehi kar paye! Bohot keemat diye hay hume..."[I could not control my greed. He had paid me a lot...] he paused and closed eyes after looking at Haidar Qasim- "Haidar Qasim Sahab ne." [Haidar Qasim Sahab...]

Haidar Qasim ogled fire from his eyes, but the man did not stop. "Inhone hi humse Faisal Beg ki dastkhat kiya hua sare khat mange the, taki unke naam se nakli khat likh sake!" [he had asked for the signed letter of Faisal Beg from me, so that he could make a copy!]

"Kuch saabit nehi hota hay isse!" [It does not prove anything!] A nervous Haidar Qasim screamed out. Mah-Chuchak looked at him and suddenly laughed out. Meanwhile the other chained young man, who looked smarter and steadier then Jasim Minga, picked up his face. He is the man who claimed to encounter a Hindustani spy alive having some confidential letters sent by Faisal Beg! "Jo jo khat humne Mallika ke samne pesh kiye the sab nakli hay. Jasim Minga se Faisal Beg ki dastkhat ki naamuna lekar humne hi o sare khat likhe the... taki unhe fasaya ja sake! Haidar Sahab ne hume majboor kiye the..." [All the letters that I presented in front of the queen are all fake. I wrote them all taking the sample of Faisal's signature from Jasim Minga so that he can be blamed! Haidar Sahab had enforced me...] He confessed.

"Zalil!" Haidar, in a blind rage, was going to strangle that man. "Humne majboor kiya tujhe?! Hume fasa raha hay tu! Sach bol, kiski kahene pe yeh sab kar raha hay!" [I enforced you! You are implicating me! Tell the truth, who told you to do these!]

"Hume maaf kijie Huzur!"[Forgive me my lord!] The man exclaimed. "Hum aapke waafadar hay, par hume aapni jaan pyari hay!" [I am your faithful; but I love my life!]

Haidar, in blind rage was going to punch the man, but a screechy shout along with laughter stopped him. Mah-Chuchak Begam was laughing her heart out. "Kya laga tha aapko Haidar Sahab; hum aapke di hue saabutyon ko jaanch nehi karwaenge? Chal accha tha aapka; par bacchon ki jaise galtiyan kar baithe... Faisal Beg ko fasane ki kosish karne ki kya zarurat thi?" [What had you thought Haidar Sahab; that I would not crosscheck your evidences? Your plan was good, but you made childish mistake. Why the hell you tried to put all blame on Faisal Beg? ]

The single sentence changed the ambience, swapping the facial expression between Faisal Beg and Haidar Qasim. While Faisal Beg, after getting a huge relief, was smirking at him, Haidar being wet in nervous sweat, cast a vicious glance to Mah-Chuchak begam. "Aapko nehi pata hay Begam Sahiba ki in sab ke piche kon hay! Nahi humne Hakim ko mara or nahi yeh sare tarkeeb humari hay!" [You don't know your majesty that who is behind all these! Neither I killed the doctor, nor are all of these my plans!] He hissed.

"Aisa hay?" [Is it?] Mah-Chuchak smiled. "Faisal Beg, humare waafadar Faisal Beg to kuch or kahe rahe hay! Unke motabik to o aap hi the jisne uss Hakim ko 1 hazar aasarfiyan diye the... jiski foren baad hum bimar par gaye?" [My faithful Faisal Beg has something different to tell. He said that you had given the doctor 1 thousand coins, and after that I started getting ill?] Her fake smile exploded in fury in a moment. "Haidar Qasim! Humare mahel me raheke hume marne ki sajish!!"[Plot of my murder in my palace!] She shouted out looking at Faisal Beg. "Iske jism dono taraf se chirr diya jaye!" [Tear up his body from two sides!]

"Begam Mah-Chuchak!" The desperation of being alive raised extreme courage in his heart and he spontenously jumped on the seat of the queen grabbing her feeble body by his strong arms and spontaneously put the sword around her neck giving her a least chance even to move. The whole incident was so fast that the armed soldiers hardly understood anything! "Haidar Qasim!" Faisal Beg shouted. "Aise bach nehi paoge tum! Humare aadmi mahel ki charo taraf gher rakha hay! Tumhare sipahiyon ko aab tak maut ki dhul chata di hay unn logo ne!" [Haidar Qasim! You can't flee like this! My men have surrounded the palace! Your soldiers are finished in their hand by now! ]

"Aapni sipahiyon ko piche hatne ki hukum dijie Faisal Beg! Nehi to aapki mallika jaan se haat dho baithegi!" [Tell your army to go back. Otherwise your queen will lose her life!] Haidar hissed. Meanwhile a fierce combat had started in the room. The personal security of the queen was protested by the other very less soldiers of Haidar in the room, and the room flooded with blood! Poor Jasim Minga lost his life, the other one was trying to free himself in this chaos; Faisal Beg shouted to his army outside to enter inside the room before going to save the queen from the clutch of Haidar Qasim. "Tum aise bach nehi sakte! Abhi mere or sipahi aake tumhe griftaar kar lega!" [You can't be save this way! My soldiers are coming to arrest you!] Mah-Chuchak grunted to Haidar.

Surprisingly, no men of Faisal entered inside with troops... rather suddenly some fatal noise and chaos from outside even dimmed the pandemonium of the room. As if the palace has been raided by someone! It's impossible to be done by Haidar Qasim, the little army he had, is supposed to be almost finished by Faisal Beg's troop by now!

"Humara jo hona hay o hoga! Par aap apne bare me sochie..." [Let anything to happen with me; think about own...] Haidar was about to cut her throat, Faisal Beg defended; and the next moment was quite unexpected as it was too fast than the pace of imagination! Faisal had raised his sword on fierce Haidar Qasim with all his strength and gallantry, but his deadly attack was suddenly paused in midway! He made a meaningless sound once, his eyeballs about to come out from the cage of eyes and the grip of the sword loosed and fell on the floor simultaneously his lifeless body thrashed on that, and the flow of raw blood from the hole by the sword that had pierced his body wet the velvet carpet of the room!

"Abul Mali Sahab!" Haidar Qasim chuckled.

"Abul mali!!" Mah-Chuchak Begam exclaimed in angry surprise!

Yes it was Abul Mali standing after the body of Faisal Beg. The sword bathed with blood is hanging playfully in his right hand. The splash of blood and gore has coloured his face and his creamy overcoat. One of his eyes is covered... and the other one is shining in the night with the glee of vehemence... of strong, raw addiction of bloodshed...


Precap: Abul Mali- the new king of Kabul...

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-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 July 2016 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kavya_P

Res stuti 

Unres dear 
Awesome chappy 
Loved the way you described their feelings and emotions 
Update soon buddy 
Precap is shocking 

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-Kavya_P- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 July 2016 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kavya_P

Originally posted by Kavya_P

Res stuti 

Unres dear 
Awesome chappy 
Loved the way you described their feelings and emotions 
Update soon buddy 
Precap is shocking 

Thanks for pm 
kartikaJA IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 July 2016 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
awesome update
waiting for precap
precap was shocking
update soon

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haya_gorgeous Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2016 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
yeah thnks for updating..
awesome chapp..
u've describe d their feelings so well.. they've nvr talkd about hasan and husain like that before..
nd precap is.. haha abul mali as king.. this can be possible here only..
waiting for nxt part
update nxt soon
thnks for pm

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sweety992 Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2016 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Nice chappy de
Both getting close to revel sad feeling s

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