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magnificently written...jodha acted like a true queen.but apart from this she is a wife u described her inner turmoil perfectly .i think this incident will melt the ice between them stronger than ever which they built around them .there is a grace in ur writing when u addressed Him as His Majesty ,u create an aura of that forgotten era.thank u for writing such an interesting story and for pm.

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Awesome update sis Big smile Mein late hun Smile Na na na na TongueLOL
Wow jo is taking the decisions very nicely she acted like a queen Wink
Sis Angry Jallu bhai Angry ko thek kro Angry Hawww love you Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Shinning_Stuti

<font size="3">CHAPTER : 23</font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3">THE EMPRESS...</font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3">Jodha
had witnessed the whole incident from the 2nd floor of the palace.
The incident took place in such an instant of time, that she could not follow
the pace! His majesty was happily waving his hand- suddenly he shrank his face
in pain while clenching his shoulder with right hand... and then a pandemonium
started among the crowd spontaneously; her brother started commanding the
soldiers...everything happened at a blink of an eye... and then somebody informed
that the emperor has been attacked with an arrow! </font>

<font size="3">She did
not understand the gravity of the incident even while running down the stairs...
The emperor is a strong man; he can easily bear a mere wound of an arrow on
shoulder. But when she got the first glimpse of him at the lounge, she got the
first shock! She did not at all expect him to be so much vulnerable in between
some minutes. He was being carried by some of the officers, drenched in blood,
was shivering literally and trying his best to keep his eyes opened gathering
all the strength he has... Jodha rushed to him; to hold his hands... he tried to
touch her but could not. </font>

<font size="3">When the
most efficient and experienced doctor of Amer was hopelessly nodding his head
while checking the pulse, and the physician of the emperor was preparing the
antidotes as soon as possible, Jodha was sitting on the bed just by side of
him, preparing herself for any worse news! His right palm was held by her, and
she could feel the unstable pulse-beat... his chest was continuously going up and
down due to the severe palpitation, with his head swaying from right to left on
the pillow! He was unconscious, but the immense pain that was crashing his
inner strength in every possible way could be felt by all. His wound has been
dressed, and the necessary anti-venom medicines have been applied there; though
from the expression of the doctors it was full on doubt that whether that is
working at all or not. The room was overflowing with the tensed faces of the
family members along with emperor's important courtiers, all were praying to their
respective God's to do some miracle! </font>

<font size="3">The
royal doctor of Amer made a gesture to the personal physician of the emperor,
as a reply, he sighed a deep hopeless breath and instructed one of his
assistant to bring some ingredients for a new paste. There was a pin-drop
silence inside the vast room except the sound of respirations, now a tearful
weep from behind the curtain started to lament slowly. To reduce the fear that
her mother was conveying through the weep in this silence Jodha spoke out "Kuch
kahiye vaiydh Ji..."[Say something doctor...]</font>

<font size="3">"Vish
sarir me fail raha hay Kunwari Sa!" [The poison is spreading all over the
body princess!
]the doctor informed in a low voice. "Hume kuch naya upachar
dhundna hoga!"[We have to search for new medicines.]</font>

<font size="3">Jodha
took a long breath as she heard her mother suddenly breaking in tears on her
grand-mother's shoulder. "Shaguni Bai kahe rahe the kuch hoga parantu... itni
bari amangal ka barta lekar ayi thi woh!"[ShaguniBai had told that something
will happen but... she had come with such a terrible omen!

<font size="3">"Maasa!"
Jodha shouted a little to stop her. "Vaiydh Ji ko aapna kaam karne dijie! Or..." [Mother,
let the doctor to do his work and...
] she instructed "Sabko iss kamre me
upasthit rahene ki avasyakta nehi! Agar avasyakta pari to hum sabko bula
lenge.Ghar me nayi dulhaan aate hi itna bara kaand ho gaya, bechare pe kya bit
rahi hogi; unke sath deneke liye bhi to kisi ki zarurat hay! Bhabisa..." She
looked with a gentle authority. "Aap kamse kam unhe aapne kamre me to le
jaiye!" [No need for everyone to be present here. I will call all in need.
Such an accident happened just after the entry of new bride, just think what is
going inside her! Someone is needed for her too. Bhabisa, at least take her to
her room.

<font size="3">Being
surprised with the calm behavior of Jodha, her sister-in-law went off with some
more women to lead the bride in her room. Jodha now looked at her brother
Bhagwant Das. "Pata chala kon tha iss hamle ke piche? Kisiko bandhi banaya gaya
hay? " [Has it revealed that who is behind the attack? Has anyone been

<font size="3">Bhagwant
Das nodded his head negatively. "Khoj chal raha hay! Humne adesh diya hay
sainiko ko. Koi durg ki bahar na jaa paye aisa prabandh kiya gaya hay!"[Search
is going on. I have instructed the soldiers. None can leave the fort.
] He
answered. </font>

<font size="3">"Kisne
kiya hoga itna bara duhsahas!"[Who dared to do this?] Jodha murmured
with firm eyes fixed on her ailing husband's face. "Koi sadharan satru ka karya
to nehi lagta! Kya Agra me jo sharayantra racha ja raha tha yeh usika hissa
hay? Or fir Sharifuddin... yeah Kabul se Mah-Chuchak Begam..." [Does not seem to
be a normal enemy! Is it a part of the conspiracy of Agra? Or Sharifuddin or
Mah-Chuchak Begam of Kabul...
] she kept on counting, while calculating
something else in her head. Just then Jalal started coughing and a suppressed
moan came out from his quivering lips. The team of doctors became tensed and
started trial in each possible ways- by dropping some liquid inside the space
between his both lip, by keeping some pasted roots and leaves in front of his
nose... Jodha gulped once to suppress the rock of anxiety inside and gripped the
hand of him which she was holding. She is the Empress; she has to stay strong
when the emperor has fallen weak! </font>

<font size="3">While
rubbing his palm in the instruction of the doctor, she started speaking to her
father. "Bapusa aap abhi ke abhi ek aapat-kalin baithak bulaiye; sare sabhasado
ke sath baithke bichar-bimarsh prarambh kijie. Shahenshah pe pranghati hamla
hua hay- or iss paristhiti ka lav uthane ke liye satruyon ki kami nehi hay!
Turant suraksha prabandh par dhyan dijie..." [Father, you call a emergency
meeting right now; start discussions with the courtiers. It had been a
life-taking attack on the emperor- and we have lot of enemies to take advantage
of this. Take care of defense right now...

<font size="3">King
Bharmal was meanwhile mute in nervousness. He got to speak after Jodha stopped.
"O to hum karenge... parantu Jodha, jab tak Vaiydh ji kuch acche khabar nehi
sunate hum kaise kisi or kaam me dhyan lagayenge!" [I will do it... but Jodha,
how will I pay attention before doctor does not utter any good news?

<font size="3">"Agar
acchi khabar milne ki pratiksha karte rahe to paristhiti or bhi bigar jayegi!"
[The situation will be worsen if you sit for good news now!] Jodha
roared in a dignified way. "Jaiye baapusa! Hichkhichane ki samay nehi hay
abhi!" [Go father, no time to hesitate now!]</font>

<font size="3">The king
sighed most sadly and commanded the other male officials to follow him. He has
no strength to confront the logical order of his daughter, the Empress of
Hindustan. Just at the moment a messenger entered into the room and whispered
something in Bhagwant Das's ears. They got a bit excited and got out of the

<font size="3">Doctors
were doing their work; Jodha got out of the room to see what her father and
others are doing outside. Her father was yet to call a meeting; they were
standing just outside, talking with each other in an important matter. </font>

<font size="3">"Kya hua
Bhaisaa?"[What happened brother?] Jodha pulled her veil over face and
asked her brother directly. "Kya kaha dut ne? Ataatayi pakda gaya hay kya?" [What
the messenger said? Has the attacker been arrested?

<font size="3">"Nehi
Jodha!" [No Jodha!] Her brother mentioned in a sad voice. "Ek pardeshi
aadmi ka laash mila hay. Zaher pike
khudkhusi ki hay usne... Uske paas dhanush, tir or ek zaher ka dibba mila hay!"[A
dead body of a foreigner is found. He has committed suicide by consuming
poison... We have found bow-arrow and a tin of poison with him.
] </font>

<font size="3">Jodha
sighed hopelessly. A big clue to reach to the conspirator has gone forever!
However, she thought for a while and then looked at her father with
authoritative eyes. </font>

<font size="3">"Baapusa,
Yeh ghosna kar dijie ki Shahenshah aab swasth hay, or kisi bhi tarha ki
parishani nehi hay." [Father, announce that the emperor is alright, and no
problem is there right now.
]She ordered in a clam voice. All including her
father got excited. </font>

<font size="3">"Kya
shahenshah thik ho gaye hay? Unke hosh aaya
hay?"[Is he alright? He has got consciousness?] Maan Singh
expressed in zeal. He was feeling most vulnerable from inside due to the jolt
of incident. </font>

<font size="3">"Nehi!
Abhi koi kuch nehi kahe paa rahe hay!" [No. none can say nothing right now!]
Jodha's voice drowned in certain nervousness for a moment. But she took no time
to get back the calmness in voice. "Parantu prajayon ka yeh jaanna avasyak hay.
Hume yeh khabar gupt rakne ka prayas karna hoga! Shahenshah ke pran sankat me
hay yeh khabar mahal ki bahar nehi jaani chahiye!" [But subjects need to
know that. We have to try hard to keep this secret! The news of the risk of
emperor's life should not go outside the pa;ace!

<font size="3">"Par..."[But...]
TodarMal exclaimed but was stopped by the sign of Jodha's eyes. Her highness
was to tell something. </font>

<font size="3">"Aaplog
humse zyada jante hay Agra ki paristhiti ke bareme. Uaha dharm-bidroh ke naam
par kitne bare sharayantra racha ja raha hay uska gyan humse adhik aap sabko
hay. Sharifuddin ke jarie Kabul ke sath Hindustan ka jo sangjog stapit hua tha
uska paata bhi hay aap logoko. Bahar ke satruyon ke sath Rajdrohiyan milke kya
sharyantra kar rahe hay uska andaja bhi hay sabko. To fir kya yeh soch pana
bohot kathin hay ki unn sare sharayantr ke sath iss hamle ka koi gahera
sambandh hay?" [You all know about
the condition of Agra better than me. You all know that a deep conspiracy is
made there in the name of religious revolution. You all know about the
connection of Hindustan and Kabul via Sharifuddin. You all can guess that the
revels of Hindustan are plotting against the nation with enemies. So is it very
tough to think that this incident is highly related with that conspiracy?

<font size="3">"Ji
Begam Sahiba..."[Yes your highness...] Mahesh Das spoke out on the behalf of
all. "Satrupaksh yeh chate hay ki shahenshah ke anupasthiti me Hindustan durbal
ho jaye, or o log uska lav utha sake." [Enemies want to weaken Hindustan in
absence of the emperor, and to take advantage of that.

<font size="3">"Iss
liye hum durbal nehi par sakte!"[And for that only we cannot fall weak!]
Jodha exclaimed. "Hume har haal me kheyal rakhna hoga taaki Shahenshah ke
swasth ka khabar asli aatatayi tak na pouche! Jo aadmi unhe marne aya tha o mar
gaya hay, o khabar nehi bhej payega... Parantu hum nehi jante ki koi or guptchar
hay yeah nehi! Hum..." [We have to take care that the actual news of the
emperor's health does not reach to the attacker! The assassin is dead, he is unable
to send the news... but we don't know whether any spy is here or not! We...
] She
swiftly roamed her eyes around the whole room and lowered her voice. "Humari
baat manie, nagar me ghoshna kar dijie ki shahenshah thik hay, or aaj raat ka
utsav bhi sanghatit hoga!"[Listen to me; announce in the city that the
emperor is alright, and the festival will also be conducted.

<font size="3">"Utsav!"[Festival!]
Maan Singh uttered with a lot of protest. Jodha sighed and touched his shoulder.
"Vivah ke baki bidhiyan bhi sampann hoga Maan Singh. Hum abhi sabko adesh dete
hay!"[The rituals of the marriage will be completed too Maan Singh, I am
going to order everyone!
] She lowered her voice even more. "Shahenshah ke
swasth ki asli khabar bhitarmahal ke bahar nehi jaani chahiye. Sadharan
das-dasiyon se bhi jitna chupaya jaa sake utnahi accha hay!" [The news of
emperor's health should not go beyond the private quarter. It is better to hide
it from the servants too!

<font size="3">"Parantu...
Nehi Buasa... Shaheshah ke iss haal me hum kaise aapne vivah-utsav manayenge..." [But,
aunt... how will I enjoy my marriage celebration in this time...
]Maan Singh's
voice sank in helpless agony suddenly. He started moving his head left to
right. King Bharmal also was in hesitation. "Iss halat me utsav ki bare me hum
soch bhi kaise sakte hay!" [How can we even think about celebration now?]</font>

<font size="3">"Aap
utsav nehi bana rahe hay... Aap paristhiti anusaar karya kar rahe hay." [You
are not celebrating... You are working under circumstance.
]Jodha lashed out.
"Abhi aap kya karenge or kya nehi o aapke iccha par nirbhar nehi kar raha hay.
Aapko vabisya ki bare me sochna hay Bapusa!"[Now what will you do does not
depend on your wish father. You have to think about future!
] She held Maan
Singh's hand. "Hum jante hay tumpe kya bit rahi hay Maan Singh! Parantu agar
yehi adesh tumhe Shahenshah dete to kya tum bina kuch soche iska palan nehi
karte?"[I know what is going on your mind Maan Singh! But would not you obey
this order if it was given by the emperor?

<font size="3">Her
voice has something that compelled Maan Singh to agree. He sighed and went off
the place. Bhagwant Das and other princes' of Amer also followed his path,
perhaps to abide by the empress's order. "Hum rahenge Shahenshah ke sath! Unhe
kuch nehi hoga Bapusa!"[I will be there with his majesty.Nothing will happen
with him father!
] Jodha assured her broken and hesitating father before he
smiled and left the place.</font>

<font size="3">"Todarmal
ji, aap gupt rup se Agra se samachar lane ki kosish kijie... Uaha ka haal janna
sabse avasyak hay!"[Todarmal ji, try to get news of Agra secretly. We need
that most right now.
] Her highness ordered in her usual authoritative tone.
"Uss lash ka thik tarha se jaanch kiya jaye; kya paata hume kuch surag mile. Or
Mahesh Das ji, Saltanant ke har kone me guptcharo ko bheja jaye... Sharifuddin ke
sivay or kisi ke jarie Kabul ke Mah Chuchak Begam or Abul Mali Hindustan ke
sath sangjog banaya hay yeah nehi o janna bhi avasyak hay.Or simant ke
surakhsha prabandh par bises rup se dhyan diya jaye... " [Check that
dead-body, may we get some clue. And Mahesh Das ji, send spy at each corner of
the empire... We also need to know whether there is any other bridge between
Hindustan and Kabul other than Sharifuddin.Give special attention on the
defense of border...
] She stopped to take breath and then warned. "Dhyan
rahe, sare karya gupt rup se hona chahiye.Kisiko malum na chale ki Shahenshah..."[Don't
forget that we need to keep all as secret. None should get a clue that the
] she did not complete the last sentence, stopped suddenly!</font>

<font size="3">The
important officers of Akbar's court readily accepted the command of the
empress. In this moment of crisis she is the only one among all who can lead
the whole nation on the behalf of the emperor! None except her has the state of
mind to think calculatedly in this moment...</font>

<font size="3">Jodha
got inside the room. The room was full of an aroma of various kinds of herbal
medicines; and there was even more silence than before. Even the cough and
groan from Jalal's throat is not getting heard. One of the doctors is sitting
numb placing his hand on the forehead; other one is rubbing his palms
constantly. </font>

<font size="3">Like a
spellbound, Jodha put down herself beside her Shahenshah... Her eyes had become
vacant suddenly! A moment ago when she left his side, he still had a trace of
life in his face. His heart was beating fast, he was rubbing his head
unconsciously, he was coughing, moaning, expressing his inner pain even in his
unconsciousness but now... suddenly he has become mute! Mute and lifeless. </font>

<font size="3">With
shivering hands, Jodha touched the other hand of Jalal. Cold- it was extremely
cold like ice... his face was becoming colourless and bluish in every moment. The
corner of his lips, his pale colourless lips, had a slight trace of white foamy semi-liquid... his eyes were
closed, closed from earlier, but now they were lost in darkness... as if they are
never going to be opened anymore! </font>

<font size="3">Jodha's
breathing rate increased after holding his hand even more tightly. She could
not move her eyes from his face... she has witnessed the shadow of death on it... </font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3">FIGHT WITH DEATH...</font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3">The last
trial of the doctor also was in vain. The two drops of specially-made strongest
antivenom showed no action in the body of the emperor. He was still breathing
very slowly, with his pulse rate decreasing in every minute... If this situation
continues, he will be passing away before the night ends leaving the future of
the empire at stake! </font>

<font size="3">"Hum har
samvab prayas kiye hay Begam Sahiba!"[We have tried all possible trials your
] The doctor uttered addressing Jodha with difficulty. "Vish ka
prakop bhi kam ho gaya hay parantu..."[The affect of poison is reduced but...]
he mumbled. "Khoon ke sath jitney bhi vish mil gaya tha o sare sarir me fail
raha hay... koi bhi ausadhi kam nehi kar raha!" [The poison which was
contaminated with blood is spreading all over the body... no medicines are
] </font>

<font size="3">Jodha
did not respond as she was still gazing at his face which is becoming paler.
"Begam Sahiba?" the doctor spoke out again, this time louder! </font>

<font size="3">"Kuch
karna hoga aapko. Kuch bhi karna hoga! Inhe hum kho nehi sakte... Agar iss samay
Hindustan aapna Shahenshah kho diya to sarbanaas ho jayega! " [You have to
do anything! We cannot lose him...If the nation loses the emperor now then it
will be destructive!
]Jodha reciprocated now without moving her eyes from
his face. Her voice was trembling in unknown fear but had not lost the dignity
of queen even in this moment. "Kuch or upachar bhi to hoga?" [There must
have some treatment?

<font size="3">"EK upay
ses hay parantu..." [A way is still there but...] the doctor hesitated in
saying. Jodha's eyes beamed in a new hope. "O jo bhi ho uska prayog kijie..." [Apply
] she ordered. </font>

<font size="3">"Begam
Sahiba; uss prakriya ke fal biparit ho sakta hay!"[Your highness, that may
lead to worse!
] He warned. "Shahenshah bohot durbal hay abhi, agar sahe
nehi paye to..." [The emperor is too weak now. What if he cannot bear that...]</font>

<font size="3">"Shahenshah
durbal nehi hay! O sahe lenge. Hume har samvab prayas karna hoga unhe jivit
rakhne ka!" [He is not weak. He will bear. We have to do any possible trial
to keep him alive!
]Jodha roared. "Kya karenge aap log?"[What will you

<font size="3">"Sare
zaherile khoon bahar nikalna hoga..."[We will flush out the contaminated
] Hakim Sahab stated in a low voice. "Hum unke sarir ke kuch hisse
katke sare khun bahar nikal lenge; sayad aisa karke unhe bacha paye. Par..." [We
will make incision and flow the contaminated blood; maybe thus we could save
him but...
]He himself was unsure... "Bohot zyada khun bahega. Pahele se hi
bohot khun bahe chuka hay; saas lene me taklif ho raha hay... or khun ke davao
bhi kam hay!" [Too blood will flow. It has bleeded too much already; he is
having breathing problems...and also blood pressure is low!
] </font>

<font size="3">"Iss
prakriya me Shahenshah ke jivit rahene ke samvabna kitne pratisat hay?"[What
is the percentage of surviving in this process?
] Jodha asked controlling

<font size="3">"paanch-
chhe!" [5-6%]They sighed. </font>

<font size="3">"Or iske
bina?" [And without this?]</font>

<font size="3">Both the
doctors lowered their head and Jodha got the answer. "Aap chikitsha suru kijie...
Hum anumati dete hay!"[You start treatment. I am giving permission!] She

<font size="3">There
were no family members in the room except Jodha. She had ordered everyone to
join the rituals of the marriage in order to show the world that everything is
normal. All the persons except of this room know that the emperor has
recovered; only taking rest... Only Moti Bai is working as the bridge between
this room and outside, carrying the actual news of the health of emperor to the
king and queen outside; and by the time she has not got a chance to carry good
news! Bakshi Banu was sitting by her brother's side just some moments ago and
caressing his hairs, but she got a go as her little daughter was finding her
with teary eyes. Now Jodha was alone in the room, with her Shahenshah who is
fighting the toughest battle of his life, the battle with death! </font>

<font size="3">The
assistants of the doctors had brought a bowl of boiling water. Hakim sahab
poured the sharpen edges of their surgical instruments into that. The
experienced doctor lit fire on a candle and heated a knife for some minutes.
"Aap zara Shahenshah ho pakadke rakhie Begam Sahiba... Ghao ko jalana hoga!"[You
hold his majesty, your highness... we need to burn the wound!
] He instructed
to Jodha who was staring at their activities without a blink. She nodded like a
spellbound and held the right arm of the emperor tightly... </font>

<font size="3">One of
the assistant touched the heated knife cruelly on the wound and the unconscious
body of Jalal jerked with a jolt of pain from inside. A strange sound
automatically came out from his lifeless lips with his head being jumped half
inch up from the pillow. Jodha's core of the heart also jerked out seeing
these... a drop of tear spontaneously came out. But in between these she was
relieved to see a little trace of life in him! They heated the knife again and
pressed that on his healing wound; again the body shook and started shivering...
Jodha gulped the bubble of trauma and got closer to Jalal, forcefully took his
body-weight on her and made him to lean on her. Her hands had held his arms
from both sides tightly to control the jerk. She could felt his every
heart-beat, every pulse; she could feel the immense pain that is crashing him
from inside... "Jaldi kijie Hakim Sahab! " [Make it quick doctor!]She

<font size="3">Hakim
Sahab took another knife from the bowl as the others were prepared to hold him
tightly. One of the assistants moved himself with an empty bowl, a bowl of hot
water and a lot of cotton cloths. The incisions are needed to be dressed immediately.
"Hume dijie!"[Give it to me!] Jodha told. She highly needed to do
something to escape from the panic and trauma.

<font size="3">The
doctor prayed to his God for a moment and then incised a portion of skin beside
the wound. Blackish blood started flowing immediately from the deep and
delicate incision and wet the cloth that was covering him... Jodha took a long
breath and held the empty bowl under the slit, and started washing that with
the cloth readily. The doctor made the incision deeper and pressed the sides
with the edge of knife... the flow of blood touched Jodha's hand and Jalal's head
swung on her lap!</font>

<font size="3">Jodha touched
his forehead. It was wet with the drop of sweats; he was fighting to breath
with all his strength. His lips were quivering, as if he wanted to murmur
something. Jodha bent her ears towards his lips to hear him, but could hear
nothing except a tormenting moan. The doctors have made some more incisions at
some parts of his body... blackish poisoned blood is continuously spurted out.
The bowl where Jodha was collecting the blood is overflowing. Jodha put the
clean cotton cloth on those, the flow of blood wet her hand... Jodha, for a
moment, lost to see that deep-red stream of blood. So much blood! For no reason
Shaguni Bai's future prediction jostled in her mind! </font>

<font size="3">From the
expression of the doctors in was proven that they have done everything that was
in their hands... they maximum contaminated blood has been flushed out, now
everything is in the hand of God. With their instruction an assistant covered a
blanket on the shivering body of the emperor. The doctors started rubbing his
palms continuously, making medicines for him. The whole room was silent... more
silent than death! </font>

<font size="3">But
Jodha was lost... the activity of some moments ago has broken her usual calmness
harshly! She was thinking very much logically and practically before that, but
now all her senses of rationality and reasoning had lost in the sea of uncertainty
and darkness. She was tensed a few moments ago too, mostly thinking about the
future of the nation; but now she has got out of tension also... there is a dark
blankness in front of her; and also her Shahenshah, who is hanging between the
delicate level of life and death... She could see nothing beyond his pale face,
she could hear nothing beyond his silent murmurs; only his bloods, which were
still in her hand, were compelling her to get back into sense in every moment.</font>

<font size="3">Suddenly
Jalal started coughing again... the dry cough venting his lungs out. The doctors
became even more excited and nervous. His fainted, dying body had suddenly become
desperate to live again... just how the flame of a dying lamp lit up suddenly
before being extinguished. Jodha started caressing his head which was swaying
from left to right; with taking her lips closer to his ears... "Shahenshah! Kya
hua Shahenshah!" [Shahenshah! What happened Shahenshah!]She called out desperately.

<font size="3">God knows
if it was the result of Jodha's voice, or was bound to happen, but Jalal opened
his eyes for once. He cast his vacant sight on Jodha's face, again murmured
something through his shivering lips... Jodha forgot the situation, forgot that
she is the empress surrounded by the medical team, even lost the dignity that
she had not lost in the moment of crisis and almost cried out in excitement.
"Shahenshah! Hum... hum Jodha hay... dekhiye; aab thik mahesoos kar rahe hay na?"[Shahenshah!
See, I am Jodha... You are feeling better no?
] She bent her head towards his
lips. "Kya kahe rahe hay Shahenshah? Hum sun rahe hay... boliye..."[What are you
saying Shahenshah? Tell me, I am listening...

<font size="3">"O nehi
sun rahe hay Begam Sahiba..."[he is not listening your highness...] the
doctor sighed in a tired and helpless voice. "O abhi bhi hosh me nehi hay." [He
is not in sense.

<font size="3">Jodha
picked up her head with a strange shock and gazed at his eyes. The charismatic
bright eyes have not even a trace of life now...they were opened, yet blank.
Jodha have not seen him ever like this! His eyes leaded her into an uncanny
fear; with her hands gripping his palm even more strongly. He was coughing even
now, his chest was restlessly going up and down, two drops of water dropped
from the corner of eyes and... also a light trace of blood came out from his
mouth resulting the doctors to cover their faces with palm! </font>

<font size="3">Suddenly
Jodha got a jolt from inside... this scene
is so much known to her... his little soft body was also shivering like this... his
tiny face was slowly getting colourless... he was also unable to recognize his
mother... there were the same silence in the room, and her little child lost
forever in that silence... lost forever! </font>

<font size="3">And now
he is also going away forever? </font>

<font size="3">"Nehi!"[No!]
Jodha lost all her senses it seemed. She stood up with an uncanny surprise in
her face, gazed to his face for some moments more; then ran out of the room...</font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3">PRECAP: "You
cannot do this! I will not let you to..." The broken voice of Jodha suddenly pierced
the air.</font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3"></font>

<font size="3"></font>

Wow stuti di :-*
Super awesome i have no words to praise...there r hindi mistakes... Ask a friend to corrct them di... Baki sb t9h mast h... Jst get a editor i mean checker for mistakes :-* sorry if i offended...
N superb Jodha ...i can see MUZ n i cant even imagine the intensity of trauma she might have gone through to control herself frm jauhar when JALAL died in real
I cry with ur chapters cuz i read them alone...n RAJAT N PARIDHI'S AWESOME PERFORMANCES COME IN MY MIND...
The Empress wow :-* the titles r g8!!!! Our Walinamat begum
N the way u showed medicinal treatments shaguni comparing twins with him ' i guess precap m jodha kanha ko bol ri h...finally she will pray...i guess this whole incident is to bring her close to God...n mk her realise...she loves jalal.more than she loves twins

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1357raksha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 October 2011
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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Amazing update dear. ...
I always love d way to write entire circumstances...
D way jalal is struggling even with his strength hw he is so weak 
jodha as she is broken nd worried some inside for her love her hubby she is acting strong nd doing all d things which should be done by queen...
Aftet reading Last part im more worried ...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...

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Sanarkali Groupbie

Joined: 31 January 2015
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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 4:40am | IP Logged
hey stuti it was awesome i have no words to describe how i felt i was crying bcz of the intensity the feelings which u have written plz update next chapter in this week only i know i sound a bit selfish but plz plz update i cant wait for 1 week till jalal will not geting consciousness  plz its m wish or request

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Shinning_Stuti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sanarkali

hey stuti it was awesome i have no words to describe how i felt i was crying bcz of the intensity the feelings which u have written plz update next chapter in this week only i know i sound a bit selfish but plz plz update i cant wait for 1 week till jalal will not geting consciousness  plz its m wish or request
Well updating this week is not seemed to be possible. I have internal exam, and also some more works. But will try to update ASAP.
Thank you for commenting.
megala74 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:07am | IP Logged
jodha rocks

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Shinning_Stuti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 1357raksha

Amazing update dear. ...
I always love d way to write entire circumstances...
D way jalal is struggling even with his strength hw he is so weak 
jodha as she is broken nd worried some inside for her love her hubby she is acting strong nd doing all d things which should be done by queen...
Aftet reading Last part im more worried ...
Update soon. ..
Nd thanks for pm. ...
Thanks a lot dear. Embarrassed

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