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In an aloof tent inside a dense forest, under the canopy of stars overhead, the former prince as well as the present enemy of Amer had embraced the princess of Amer, rather the empress of Hindustan with all strength he had!

This was not a dream; this was truth!

Because apart from the feeble bond of worsening political relation, they have a thread of relationship in between themselves, which can never be broken, never be loosed at any cost. They are brothers and sisters! Maybe the foul politics has changed many equations of life over years, but the bond of heart has not changed.

Time was going on in its own flow, but both of them had no sense of it. Sujamal was staring at Jodha's tearful face for a long time; was eagerly searching the little Jodha of her childhood. None used to love him the way Jodha used to. He was Jodha's friend, philosopher and guide from her very tender age... All the medicines of her sorrow used to be in his hands. And she, with her unique maturity and intense heart-touched care from than very young age, used to occupy Sujamal most of the times... She was a healer in his peaceless painful moments!

How much he needed her soothing and caring touch now!

"Tum..." Sujamal had to take a deep breath before he could speak. "Tum bohot badli hui lag rahi ho Jodha!" [You looked to be changed a lot Jodha!]

"Aap bhi Bhaisa..." [You too, brother...] Jodha's voice choked in emotion while talking. "Swasth toot gaya hay aapka! Thora sa bhi khayal nehi rakhte aapna!" [Your health is broken! You don't take care of yourself!] She scolded in a concerned voice... Just like she used to do in her childhood! She used to rebuke him like old grandmother whenever he used to be a bit careless about himself!

Only the childhood has not despised Sujamal. And today it felt as if that pure childhood has come in front of him in the form of Jodha...

"Tum pass nehi ho; kon rakhega humara khayal!" [you are not with me, who will take care of me?] Sujamal told in a wet voice while his eyes shined in the happiness of nostalgia. Jodha wiped out his tears with her tender touch. "Aap chaliye humare sath bhaisa! Hum aapko kahi or jane hi nehi denge!" [You come with me brother, I will never let you to go far!]

"Aisa bhi ho sakta hay kya Jodha?" [Is it possible Jodha?] Sujamal smiled with a strange agony crushing his face. "Samay ne sab badal diya hay!" [Time has changed everything!]

"Kya badal diya hay samay ne?" [What is changed by the time?] Jodha argued like a child. "Kahi bhi kuch bhi ho jaye, abhi bhi aap humare Sujamal Bhaisa hay or hum aapki Jodha!" [Anything may happen, even now you are my Sujamal Bhaisa and I am your Jodha!]

Sujamal sighed deeply caressing Jodha's head. Jodha held his hand. She had a lot of logics to pursue Sujamal, but after the meeting all her words are lost in the sea of silence. Someone dropped the curtain of silence suddenly inside the tent. 

"Yeh kya Jodha, aap hume aapne Bhaisa se mulakat nehi karwaengi?" [What Jodha, aren't you going to introduce me with your brother?] The light hearted tone from his majesty's voice broke the unbearable shield of silence, and Jodha thanked her husband for this. "Bhaisa..." She smiled mildly while introducing him with Sujamal... "Yeah Shahenshah Jalaluddin hay! Humare pati!" [He is emperor Jalaluddin, my husband!]

Jalal had come closer in the meantime and the light of the lamp was falling on his face. Sujamal could see his face from clearer view. He is noticeably young in age if one considers his fame and the wide territory of reign. Fair complexion, sharp features and well-trimmed long hair touching the neck... he has a quite common and attractive appearance. But there is a uniqueness in that very common face... if one looks at his eyes attentively, he will easily get to understand that he is the emperor! Sujamal had seen him from close for only once, maybe before 2 and a half year for a very small time. That time he had a mild trace of childishness in his chin; though there was a strange dominating personality in his appearance, he had a touch of impulsive eagerness in his nature and that was clear in his eyes. It looks like the time has wiped out the little bit of immaturity he had from his personality forever. The person who is standing in front of him is such a man in front of whom head bends in awe automatically.

"Namaste... Sujamal Sahab..." The amaze mingled with awe was still there in Sujamal's face when Jalal joined his hand in Hindu style to bid him. "Aapne begam se aapki kaafi kahaaniyan suni hay humne, par afsos ki aapse thik tarha se mulakat nehi ho paya!" [I have heard your all stories from my wife, but it's sad that we didn't meet properly!]

"Pranam Shaenshah!" Sujamal reciprocated, and simultaneously came back from dreamland to reality. Shahenshah-E-Hind has come to meet him in enemy camp in disguise! It's not a small matter! What does he want?  His eyes sharpened, and he changed his glare towards Jodha, his eyes signaling confused skepticism.

"Laut chaliye bhaisa!" [Come back, brother!] Jodha uttered in a very low voice.

"Tum hume behekane ayi ho?" [Have you come to manipulate me?] Sujamal was suddenly rude.

"Nehi bhaisa! Hum aapse milne aye hay!" [No brother, I have come to meet you!] Jodha told.

Sujamal touched her palms for a moment and sighed. Jodha griped his hand. "Kya milaga aapko yeh yudh karke Bhaisa? Kasth or lanchhana ke atirikt yeh yudh aapko kuch nehi de sakta hay!" [What are you going to achieve from this war Bhaisa? This war can't give you anything apart from pain and humiliation!

"Yeh avasyak nehi ki jivan ka har yudh me hi aapni jeet ho! Kabhi kabhi manusya haarne ke liye bhi yudh karta hay!" [It's not necessary that you have to win in each and every war of your life; sometimes man fights to be defeated also!]

"Kuch bhi kahete hay aap bhaisa!" [You say anything you like!] Jodha shook head in irritation. "Aap humare aankho me aankhe rakhkar bataiye, kya aap khud jante hay aapke iss yudh ka uddeshya kya hay? Kyu ek purana ghao dil me chhupa kar aapne aapse yudh karte fir rahe hay Bhaisa? Aage bariye..." [You tell putting your eyes on my eyes, that do you know what the purpose of this war is? Why do you keep on fight with yourself suppressing the old wound inside heart? Move forward...] She pressed his hand as a drop of tear had fallen there. "Jara aankhe kholke dekhie Bhaisa... Aapke charyon oor kitni roshni hay! Aap kyu aapne hriday ko dard ke bojh se bharkar andhire me chupe byathe rahenge Bhaisa? Jivan pukar raha hay aapko! Bahar akar to dekhiye!!" [Once open your eyes Bhaisa... There is so much light surrounding you! Why you hide in darkness loading your heart with pain? The life is calling you... Come out and see!]

"Aapne jivan adha samapt kar chuke hay Jodha..." [I have spent the half of my life Jodha...] Sujamal smiled sarcastically. "Aab jakar tum hume jivan ka path padha rahi ho?" [Now you are giving me the lessons of life?] He looked at Jalal with a courtesy smile. "Hume gyat nehi kaise dhanyabaad kare aapka! Aapne aaj Jodha ko humse milne lekar aaye... Parantu yeh jaga aap dono ke liye surakshit nehi hay; aap dono yeaha se chale jaiye..." [I don't know how to thank you! You have taken Jodha to me... But this place is not safe for both of you. So please go from here...]

"Humare bare me mat sochiye Sujamal Sahab... Hum dono mehfooz rahenge." [Don't bother about us, Sujamal shab; we will be safe.] Jalal smiled. "Hume kahena nehi chahiye, par phir bhi kahenge... ki kya aapne kabhi Jodha ki baato me gour farmaye hay?" [I should not say, but still I will... did you ever think of what Jodha told you just now?]

"Isme itna sochne wale kuch nehi hay Shahenshah!" [There is nothing to think Shahenshah!] Sujamal smiled in sarcasm again. "Hum jante hay aap yeaha aise hi humse milne nehi aaye honge; or hum aapko yeh bhi batana chahenge ki..." [I know that you are not here to meet me; and I will want to tell you that...] he paused and then pronounced every word properly. "Hum Amer ki Maharaj ke samne sar nehi jhukayenge... Hum sar kata sakte hay, jhuka nehi sakte.Maharaj Bharmal aapne laav ke liye kisike bhi samne aapne satwa tyag kar jhuk sakte hay, parantu humare liye aapna samman, aapna ahankar aapne jivan se adhik mulyavan hay... Hum sar nehi jhuka sakte!" [I will not bow down in front of Amer's Majesty... I can cut off my head, but cannot bend that. Maharaj Bharmal can give in front of anyone leaving own honour for sake of profit, but for me my pride and honour is more important... I can't bend my head!]

There was a prominent taunt for Jalal hidden in his words, but Jalal ignored that completely. He smiled instead. "Aap Amer ki Maharaj ke samne aapna sar nehi jhuka sakte; par iss zid ko kayem rakhne ke liye Raipur ki shahzade ke samne aapna guroor daao par laga sakte hay?" [You can't bend your head in front of Amer's king; but you can put your pride at stack in front of the prince of Raipur to keep up the stubbornness?]

"Aap..." Sujamal tried to say something, but Jalal's eyes had something else.

"Hum Hindustan ke Shahenshah hay, Sujamal Sahab. Aapko yeh baat samajhna chahiye. Hum Amer ki hokar tarafdari karne ke liye itne raat gaye itna khatra uthakar dusmaanyon ki kheme me aapse milne nehi aayenge." [I am the emperor of Hindustan, Sujamal Sahab. You should understand this. I will not come to you to advocate for Amer taking this much risk.] He was staring straight at him. "Hum yeaha srif iss liye hay taaki aap aapne behen se mil sake... Jodha aapse dil kholke kuch baate kar sake... Iss liye bejijak, befikr or bekhauf hokar aap apne dil ke baat bata sakte hay." [I am here so that you can meet your sister... so that Jodha can open her heart out to you... So you can tell everything that comes in your heart without any hesitation or fear...]

Sujamal sighed and became silent again. Jodha touched his shoulder again... "Bapusa khud aapko sandhi ka prastaav bhejenge kal; o khud aapke samne jhuk kar aapke saare daaba puri karenge! Aapse nivedan hay Bhaisa... aap aapne aapko shant kijie or jo hua use bhul jaiye..." [Father will send you the proposal of negotiation, he will fulfill all your demands! I request you Bhaisa... Pacify yourself and forget what happened...] She had tears in her eyes. "Jivan sabko dusra mauka deta hay Bhaisa... aap ko bhi aapne bikhre hue jivan ko sawarne ka mauka milega..." [Life always gives us second chance... you will also get chance to arrange your scattered life...]

"Humse humare adhikar chinke wohi adhikar hume daan me dekar mahan banna chahte hay Amer ki Maharaj!" [Now the king of Amer wants to become great by donating me my birthright??] Sujamal laughed out. "Khsama karna meri behen! Maharaj Bharmal se bhiksha me mili hui jivan se hum yudhbhumi me Amer ki veeryon ke haato marna chahenge. Kamse kam log yeh kahenge ki biswasghati Sujamal aapne hi parivaar ke birudhh yudh karke veeryon ke vati pran diya hay; koi yeh nehi kahega ki uss kapurush ne itna natak karne ke baad yudh ki darr se or samanya satwa ki laalsa me kutto ki tarha phir se aapne uss kaka ke piche piche ghum raha hay!" [I am sorry my sister! I will rather prefer to die in the hand of the warriors in war than to live in King Bharmal's mercy. At least people will tell that betrayer Sujamal has died like a valiant warrior against own family; none will tell that coward Sujamal is roaming behind his uncle like dog after so many drama in the greed of little power and in the fear of war!]

"Agar aapko yeh daan lagta hay to yeh daan hay Bhaisa; agar aap isse paschatap samjhe to yeh paschatapp hay! Nirnay aap ke haatyon me hay! Aap Baapusa ke prastav ko bhiksha samajhkar phek denge, yeah o aapne hriday se grahan karke unhe ekbar paschatap karne denge! Yeh nirnay aap ke haatyon me hay ki aap jivan chunege yeah mrityu!" [If you think this is donation then it is; if you take it as a regret, then it is a regret! This is all upto you that whether you will throw that proposal off taking it as alms, or will accept that and will give a chance to him to regret! It's on you whether you choose life or death!] Jodha sighed. "Parantu aapke nirnay ke upar bohot sare jivan ke astitwa khara hay Bhaisa! Yudh kabhi subh nehi hota hay bhaisa... khas kar jab yudh ki lalkaar me aapno ke prati abhiman ke sath sath satwake lalsaa ka vish misrit hota hay to o yudh sarvanash ko bulawa deta hay! Samajhte hay na aap? To fir kyu nehi mante? Samjhota karna matlab haar jana nehi hota hay Bhaisa!" [But a lot of lives are depending on your sole decision. War can't be good Bhaisa...especially when the challenge of war mixes the poisonous greed of power along with resentment on close ones then that war welcomes destruction! You understand, don't you? Then why don't you accept? Negotiation does not mean to accept defeat!] She sounded desperate. Her voice had something that moved Sujamal's heart. He cupped Jodha's face in deep agonized eyes.

"Samajhte hay hum Jodha! Parantu hum..." [I understand Jodha! But...] He sighed... "Biswas karo Jodha, hum abhi jis sthan pe hay uaha se sirf aage bara ja sakta hay; piche dekha nehi jaa sakta!" [Believe me Jodha, I can only move forward from the place where I am standing. I can't go back!]

"Or aapke anusaar aage barna matlab srif raktpaat or mrityu hay? Kahi jivan ki roshni nehi hay?" [Do you mean moving forward means bloodshed and death; no light of life is there?] Jodha's face bent in sarcasm. "Kya aap dekh paa rahe hay Bhaisa ki bhabisya kya sanket de raha hay? Kal aap yudh me aapne Bhaiyon ka rakt bahaenge... Aapke bhai aapke rakt bahayenge... vansh ke rakt me hinsa ke beej fail jayenge... Aapke vansh ka khun Bhagwan Bhaisa ke khun se ghrina kareha! Unka vansh aapka vansh ko nash karna chahega... Satruta ke beej se ek bishal briksh ka janm hoga! Jab aapne aapno ke khun ke pyasi hote hay to sab kuch samapt ho jata hay Bhaisa!" [Can you see what the future is telling us? Tomorroe brothers will shed bloods... the seed of violence will be planted in the blood of the family... Your bloodline will hate Bhagwant Bhaisa's descents; his descents will want to destroy your dynasty... The seed of enmity will give birth to a great grand tree! When own relatives become the enemy of blood then everything gets finished Bhaisa! ] Suddenly her voice broke down completely. "Hum jante hay Bhaisa! Issi khun ki laalsa ne humare santanyon ko humse chin liya hay! Humare santanyen aapne pita-pitamahayon ke satruta ki kimat chukane ke liye aapne maa ko chorkar chala gaya hay! Humse zyada koi nehi janta hay Bhaisa!" [I know this Bhaisa! This lust of blood has snatched my babies from me! My babies have paid the price of the enmity of their father and grandfather by leaving their mother forever! None knows much than me!]

Suddenly there was pin-drop-silence in the tent. Jodha was shedding tears insanely, but the jolt of cry had choked her voice completely... Sujamal's eyes were stuck at her teary face... his lips shivered but he could not move to embrace his sister in his chest to pacify her pain! He felt suddenly that he lost his balance and knelt down on the floor with his glare stuck to the face of mournful Jodha!

The sudden emotional break-down had affected jodha's calmness badly. She could not help herself from kneeling down on the floor... Jalal spontaneously ran towards her and sat beside her fallen body, clasping her face inside his chest. He could feel his limbs were shivering tremendously while pacifying the broken mother... This wound... this great wound will never recover in their whole life! The two innocent lives have paid the price of the nasty fights of some cruel power-hungry people of his own family; this truth is going to haunt them all of their life! 

It took pretty long time for Jodha to compose herself again. Then she picked her face from Jalal's chest and looked at Sujamal! "Khsama karna Bhaisa..." [Excuse me Bhaisa...] She uttered in a trembling voice controlling her tears...

"Jodha... tum..." Sujamal murmured, but little does he know how to console a childless mother, especially when that mother is none other than his dear sister Jodha!

How long era has been passed in middle; even some days ago this Jodha used to come to him for crying in the grief of her broken doll, and now her gift of motherhood has been snatched from her so cruelly, and he has no strength to wipe out his sister's tears??

Jodha came forward and held Sujamal's hands. "Ek sapna tha humara... ki aap ekbar humare baccho se milne ayenge; unhe god me lekar sare mahel ka chakkar katenge; o log aapko dekhkar muskurayenge... phir aapne mama god se utarna hi nehi chahenge... mere sabse pyare Bhaisa ke ashirbad ke bina unka jivan suru kaise hota?" [I always had a dream; that you will come to meet my kids. You will roam in the whole palace taking them in your arms; and they will smile looking at you, then wil not leave your lap... How their lives could be started without my most dear Bhaisa's blessings?] She smiled lowering her eyes... "Accha hua... yeh sapna sapna hi rahe gaya or... unke jivan suru hone se pahele hi..." [It's good that the dream remained a dream... both of them left before starting their lives...] She stopped and gulped. Then she looked at Jalal who was gazing at the floor with a deep strain of agony in face... "Chaliye Shahenshah... hume jana chahiye..." [Let's go Shahenshah!]

"Jodha..." Sujamal tightened the grip of Jodha in his hands...

Jodha hugged him and took a long breath... Sujamal suddenly could not control anymore. He broke down in tears in Jodha's embracement. Jodha's voice shook again when she talked... "Hum nehi jante hay ki aap kya nirnay lenge... parantu agar ho sake to..." [I don't know what will you decide. But if possible...] She started sobbing. "Ekbar humse wada kijie Bhaisa... ki aap Agra me humare mahel me ayenge humse milne? Humare sath humare kamre me baith ke sare dn baate karenge jaise hum kiye karte the... Vachan dijie Bhaisa... ki aap firse sab kuch pahele jaise kar denge..." [Promise me once Bhaisa, that you will come to meet me in my palace of Agra? We will chat the whole day like old days... Promise me Vhaisa... That you will make everything alright like old days?] Her sobs became uncontrollable, and wetted Sujamal's dress. Sujamal joined in her crying, but could not promise her anything!

"Chalo Jodha!" [Come Jodha!] Jalal touched her shoulder and Jodha gained back her sense. "Ha chaliye!" [Yes!] She sighed and took up her veil again. Jalal looked at Sujamal to bid goodbye; Sujamal stared at his face surprisedly. How can someone's face break like this in one moment? The loss of fatherhood is no doubt the greatest pain on can get ever! Suddenly Jodha's words rang in his ears. He shivered.

"Chalte hay Sujamal sahib..." [We are leaving Sujamal Sahab...] Jalal told. "Jate jate ek baat batakar jayenge aapko. Jodha ne thik kaha hay; Maharaj Bharmal aapke sath har tarha ki samjhote ke liye taiyaar hay. O sach me yeh dusmaani ko khatam karna chahte hay. Bohot jald aapke paas paigam ayega. Faisla aapke haat me hay ki aap kya karna chahenge." [I want to say you something before that. Jodha was right; king Bharmal is ready to negotiate with you. He really wants to end this enmity. You will get the proposal very soon. It's your decision only.] He paused. "Hum iss samjhote me khud samil rakhkar khayal rakhenge ki aapke sath firse koi naa-insaafi na ho. Par agar iss jung ke aar me humare or humare watan ke khilaf sajish chalane ke bare me koi sochne ka himmat bhi kare to hum uske sath sath kisiko bhi nehi bakshenge... Aap kafi samajhdar insaan hay, aap jante hay aapko kya karna chahiye." [I myself will be a part of this negotiation and will take care that you won't be deceived. But if under the mask of this war anyone dares to conspire against me and my nation then I will not spare anyone including him!] He stretched his hand to Sujamal. "Hum bhi Jodha ki tarha Agra me aapki raha dekhenge..." [I will also wait for you in Agra.] He smiled.

"Aap bohot buddhiman hay Shahenshah!" [You are very intelligent, Shahenshah!] Sujamal smiled while shaking hand with him.

"Itna bara saltanant samhalne ke liye thori si dimag ki zarurat to hogi hi!" [Intelligence is very much needed to control such a vast empire] Jalal smiled meaningfully.

"Ek prasna puchhe aapse?" [May I ask a question?] Sujamal reciprocated with another smile.

"Bejijak puchiye..." [Without any hesitation...]

"Aap agar meri jage pe hote to kya karte?" [What would you do in my place?] Sujamal gazed at his eyes... "Agar aapke sinhasan aapke koi samandhi aapse chhal purvak chhin kar aapko path ke bhikhari bana de, to kya aap jivan me kabhi uss manusya ko kshama kar pate? Kya karte aap? Yudh karke aapna adhikar phirse jeet lete, yeah ushi manusya ke samne sar jhukakar aapne hi adhikar ki bhikh mangte?" [If your relatives would have snatched your throne by ditching and made you beggar of street, would you be able to forgive them ever? What you would have done? Would you win back your right in a war, or would beg for your own right bending your head in front of that man?]

Jalal stayed quite for a moment gazing at him, then a slight smile beamed in his lips. "Bohot muskil sawal puch liye aapne Sujamal Sahab! Par jawab hay humare paas. Hum aapna haq jeet lete... jung ke raste se ho, yeah siyasaati chal se, hum uss haq ko hasil kar lete; humara hi cheez hume hi bhikh me de, aisa koi insaan aajtak payda nehi hua hay Sujamal Sahib..." [You asked a tough question; though I have answer. I would have won back my right... Either in the path of war or in the path of politics, I would have achived my right again. There is no man in this world who has ability to give away my own things to me!] He paused for a little instance, Sujamal was still staring at him. "Par kuch bhi ho jaye, humara jung akhir taq humara hi raheta! Koi or iss jung ko haatiyar bana kar aapne fayde ke liye humara istamal nehi kar pata!" [Whatever it might happened, my war would always be my war! None would have been able to use me for own profit making this war a weapon!]

Sujamal's lips trembled to say something, but at last he swallowed the word. "Aap dono ne meri bohot prasno ki uttar dhund diye hay Shahenshah!" [Both of you answered a lot of questions of mine...] He smiled...

"Hum dua karenge ki aapko aapni khoyi hui manzil wapas mil jaye... Inn andhire galiyon se nikal kar aap aapna rasta dhund paye..." [I will pray that you will get your destination very soon... You will find your way coming out from the dark lanes...] Jalal smiled from heart.

Both of them became shadow in the darkness of outside; Sujamal kept on gazing...




Something is absolutely very fishy... Sharifuddin can smell it in air. He has seen a lot in these days...

He was roaming idly here and there when Sujamal went inside his tent. Everything was normal back then. But he noticed suddenly that a local man and woman was entering his tent just after some time.

The sting of suspicion was pinching him from then only. There are a lot of tribal here and there near the camp so it's not very uncommon for them to enter inside Sujamal's tent for some work... But the main point of the doubt was the woman with the man... Sujamal is not at all a womanizer, so he never approached any tribal woman in his bed as far Sharifuddin knows. All the necessary works in the camp are done by males only... The presence of this woman near Sujamal's tent raised a little doubt in his mind.

So he continued staying there to put an eye on the activity inside the tent. It was not possible to sneak into the tent of course, but he was carefully observing the arriving and departure time of both of those tribal. Strange... very strange... almost half an hour passed, Sharifuddin gave away all his bloods to the mosquitoes standing steel outside, still they did not come out of the tent... What the hell are they doing inside for God's sake?

He was bored to stand this way... for how long can a normal man stand in between the bunch of mosquitoes like this? Till that was still okay, unless he felt a necessity to go behind the bushes! It's very natural phenomena that the nature has called him, and every man knows how it feels when the call comes and he can't go to relieve himself! Now what can he do! Suppressing the flow inside he kept on waiting for them to come!

But time was passing, none came out from the tent... Strange... Sharifuddin was now having doubt on himself... It can also happen that his eyes have mistaken, no tribal man and woman has went inside Sujamal's room?

A team of 8-10 tribal soldiers passed through the path in front of Sujamal's tent gossiping with each other in their language. Sharifuddin had to act normal in front of them removing his cautious eyes from the tent. These idiots know very well that he actually is the prisoner of Sujamal and it's not safe for him to act smart in front of those... After they went out of sight he again looked at the tent. No! No sign of anyone!

He was pissed off now! For how long time a man can endure after all? He just went forward and removed the curtain of Sujamal's tent. Sujamal was lying on the bed putting the palm on his eyes... He picked up his head... "Sharifuddin Ji? Kaam tha kuch?" [Sharifuddin? DO you want something?]

"Hmmm... Nehi nehi... o..." Sharifuddin hesitated for a moment, but perhaps the jolt from inside compelled him to ask directly. "Yeaha koi aaya tha kya?" [Had anyone come here?]

"Kya?" Sujamal frowned. "Kon ayega yeaha? Kis tarha ka upahas hay yeh?" [What? What kind of joke is this?]

""Nehi nehi... Humara hi galti hay!" [No no... it's my fault!] Sharifuddin held his tongue out and bid him goodnight. Weird he is! For no reason he tortured himself from this long time. To be honest with own, he was actually more happy to discover his assumption to be wrong, as if by any chance he could find some real fishy thing, it will be a long process to handle that, and Sharifuddin has no strength to go for a long term program right now unless he relieves himself!

He found a quiet and lonely place behind the bushes to relieve the stress that he was enduring from a long time! Ahh What a relief! He smells a rat everywhere nowadays. Else was there any reason to think all these... He still could not believe he was imagining so many things on his own! He literally was thinking a man and a woman have come to meet Sujamal in disguise of tribal... If so, then how come they vanish in all of a sudden? Sharifuddin was keeping an eye on the exit of the tent and he was never careless...

Except one time... that too was not more than one minute...

When the team of the tribal were passing in front of him...

Suddenly Sharifuddin was stuck!

How much time does it take to come out from the tent and to hide inside the crowd of tribal when they are passing just in front of the door?

This thought gave such a jolt to Sharifuddin that he kept on standing astonished! How could he do this mistake? They just fooled him like this??


It was very mild, but clear. The sharp neigh of horses had pierced the silence of the night very prominently... And that sound is not coming from far. Rather it's very close... maybe in the distance of 1 yard!

Sharifuddin arranged himself readily. He calculated roughly... This place is right at the back of Sujamal's tent; if those imposters have come out of the camp along with that group of tribal men, then they must have taken the route of backside to reach to the horses which they had tied up right here, 10 hands far from Sharifuddin! They have entered inside the camp through the same path only, mixing with the common tribal who uses that route for their transport. The horses were here in these lonely bushes where none comes without any special reason! Who are they? What was Sujamal discussing with them for this long time??

A worried Sharifuddin rushed through the web of leaves and weed following the slight sound of the neigh... He stopped at a point. Yes, right! He was absolutely correct. Two horses are fastened with a tree; and two people, one man and other woman, are opening the knot to ride on them! 

A puzzled Sharifuddin lost for one moment. The man has already ridden on the horse; he told something to the woman and she nodded, and the man stepped back with the horse, perhaps to calculate the environment... She was also all set to get on the horse, pulling off the veil she tied that tightly in her waist for a comfortable ride, and was about to jump to mount the horse, Sharifuddin could not stop himself anymore...

He ran towards the horse at an instance and clasped the lady's hand which just had gripped the horse-rein and pulled her towards him violently... The horse must have been hurt in this process, it neighed louder... The woman with a shocked and scared glare placed her eyes at his eyes... The veil was removed due to the hair, and he could see her face properly... Sharifuddin could not utter a sound in astonishment! He kept on gazing at her with stunned eyes!

It was she! Begam Jodha!!

Maybe Sharifuddin's grip had become looser in shock with the sudden glimpse of Jodha, and the next incident happened instantaneously without giving him a moment to understand what happened actually. He only could understand another horse rushing towards him like a bolt of thunder storm, and the rider of the horse stretched his hand in front of him. The next moment he felt a sheer pain in his wrist, and simultaneously Jodha was on the back of that horse, and the horse got disappeared in the darkness of the woods with the two riders on the back of that! All the scenarios took only few seconds to take place so aptly and Sharifuddin kept on gazing at the path of their departure, trying to cope up himself with the speed of the whole incident! 

Another moment had gone, and still it was a confusing situation for Sharifuddin! Was he right or his eyes ditched him? Was that woman really Jodha? The Empress of Hindustan in the woods this way?? What the hell is going on?

Then another matter of worry came in mind! Who was the guy with her? It cannot be anyone other than his majesty! He was here, right in the enemy camp! That means he is investigating the matter personally! And when Jalaluddin Mohammad takes anything in own hand, he does not leave that without having 100% perfection from all aspects! That means... that does mean... that Sharifuddin's end is near!?!

Another horse left by them was still at the reach of his hands... Sharifddin ran towards that and was about to get on that, someone touched his shoulder. He looked back. It was Sujamal along with a healthy tribal guard with him!

"Aap iss jungal me ghora leke kya kar rahe hay Sharifuddin Sahab?" Sujamal smirked. "Bhagne ki kosish?" [What were you doing in this jungle Sharifuddin Sahab? Trying to flee?]

"Hum... hum..." Sharifuddin looked at Sujamal... "Hum yeaha ek zaruri kam karne aye the or achanak se kisi jasoos ko iss piche wale raste se bhagte hue dekha..." [I... I came here for an important work and suddenly I saw a spy to escape from this way...]

"Acchi kahani hay!" Sujamal smiled again. "Parantu aap itni ashani se iss sibir ke bahar nehi nikal sakte hay Sharifuddin ji. Uss asha ko chor dijie, or aapne khema me jaiye..." [It's a good story! But you can't go out of the camp so easily Sharifuddin ji! Forget that, and go to you tent...]

"Par sachme koi aya tha..." [But there was someone...] Sharifuddin was about to ogling everything but suddenly became cautious. They had come to meet Sujamal. What were they talking about? About any negotiation? What will be Sharifuddin's future then?? He stared at Sujamal with suspicious eyes...

"Koi bhi aye yea na aye yeh dekhna aapki zimmidari nehi hay." [It's not your duty to watch who is coming or not.] Sujamal told and looked at the guard following him. "Jao, inhe aapne kheme tak chor do, or dhyan rakhna taki yeh raat ko bahar jane ki kasht na kare!" [Go, take him to his tent and keep it in mind that he should not take the stress of getting outside at night!]

Sharifuddin glared at Sujamal, as if he will eat him up!






The moonlight had shone down, a diffuse ocean above head, lighting the forest from pitch black to charcoal grey... The cascade of the silvery beam of moonlight in the black shore of sky, and the golden touches of the stars glittering here and there on the canopy overhead, as if an artist has casually spread the silver colour over his canvas aimlessly... There was silence all around, and the silence of the night had amplified the enigma of the glowing moon... The nature was sleeping peacefully under the canopy of the vast sky, as if the touch of the night has made them sleep with magical spell... And in this magical night a horse was running through the narrow and rough path beside the jungle, as if it was a sharp arrow reaching towards its destination piercing the chest of air...

There were two riders on the horse... He was sitting at back, covering her with his two strong arms to secure her from all the calamities of the world, and she had given in herself in the hand of those protective arms, profoundly being mingled in the deep of his entity... The moonlight had fallen on them, guiding them to the world of mystery... to the world of magic...

"Hum to darr hi gaye the Shahenshah! Yuu achanak se Sharifuddin!" [I was feared Majesty!] Jodha told after a long interval of silence, her melodious voice seemed as a beautiful melody in this solitude of night...

"Hume andaza tha..." [I had guessed it...] Jalal smiled. "Chaliye, aab aapki uss mang puri karne me zyada waqt nehi lagega." [Well, now it will not take more time to fulfill your demand.]

Jodha turned her face and smiled looking at Jalal, eventually tightened her grip in a meaningful naughty way... "Aap kamal hay Shahenshah! Jis bhati uss pakhandi ke haat maror kar hume aapne oor khinchkar ghore me byatha diya! Hum to abhi bhi hayraan jay ki aapne yeh kiya kaise!" [You are great Majesty! The way you pulled me and made me sit on the horse hurting Sharifuddin's hand... I am still in confusion that how you did it!] She pressed his arm with an adorable urge in voice... "Itna paradarshita srif mere Shahenshah me hi ho sakta hay; or kisime nehi!" [Only my shahenshah can be so skillful. None other can be!]

Jalal winked proudly and pulled her palm to place a tender kiss on that... "Sharifuddin ki khair nehi Jodha! Uska itna himmat ki usne humari Begamjaan ki haat pakra???" [I will not spare Sharifuddin Jodha! He dared to touch my dear wife's hand?] He smelt the fragrance of those lotus-like hands... "Yeh haat sirf or sirf meri amanat hay!" [These hands are only mine!]

"Accha?" [Really?] Jodha smiled and then came a little closer in his arms. She knows this mood of her husband very well... "Or kuch?" [Anything else?] She whispered with an intense glare at his eyes...

"Or yeh badan... yeh nigare... yeh jhulfon ki ghane chao... yeh pankhuri jaisi hoth..." [And this body... this eyes... this beautiful hairs... this petal-like lips...] Jalal came a little closer and touched his lips on her cheeks affectionately. "Yeh sab meri aamanat hay! Kabhi kabhi sochte rahete hay ki kitne khush-nasib hay hum! Ki khuda ne humko aapki kabil banaya hay! Ki humne jeeta hay aapko!" [Everything is mine! I think sometime that I am so lucky that God has made me eligible for you! That I have won you!] He exhaled passionately on her beautiful neck... "Hum kitni khushnasib hay Jodha, ki hum aapki mohabbat ki kabil ban paye hay!! [I am so lucky Jodha, that I am eligible to you love!!]

"Kya kar rahe hay! Gudgudi hoti hay!" [What are you doing? It's tickling...] Jodha laughed out from her heart...

"Accha gudgudi hoti hay??" [Ooo So it tickles??] Jodha picked up his face and smiled naughtily. He stretched the rein to reduce the speed of the horse and then uttered in his most sensual and husky tone... "Kya sochti hay aap? Yeh sab kaheke aap hume rok payengi?" [What do you think, that you will be able to stop me with these excuses?]

"Kon roka hay aapko?" [Who stopped you?] Jodha told, and at once became red out of shyness understanding what she actually meant. Jalal laughed hard looking at her face and touched her forehead affectionately... "Accha thik hay chaliye. Der ho raha hay!" [Okay let's go. It's getting late!] Jodha smiled punching on his chest... Jalal clasped her waist more tightly before running the horse again...

Jodha placed her head on Jalal's chest automatically; she could hear each and every beat of his heart... His masculine chest was almost revealed from under the outfit of cheap fibers, and his strong arms were covering her like a shield... The moonlight falling on him, he was looking like a marble statue of a gallant warrior... Jodha could not remember when she last discovered his husband has such a mesmerizing look where a woman can sink fearlessly without thinking about own! Such a beautiful night this is... the canvas of stars overhead, the fountain of moonlight, the chandelier of leaves, the song of water floating in air from far... and they... as if they have set off to their journey towards the world of that moon through the way of moonlight... She closed her eyes and went back to the fairytales of the childhood... Today her fantasy of teenage has really been true! Today her prince of dream is taking her away from this world on the back of a horse... just like a dream!


Jalal called in a mesmerized voice. Jodha opened her eyes, turned head to look at him. He was staring at the moon which was playing hide and seek with the scattered smoky clouds of the glittering star-filled was a magnificent scene... as if the heaven itself has come down in the lap of the nature... Jodha gazed over the horizon, her eyes shining in the glow of moon... 

"Aap janti hay hume kya karne ka man kar raha hay?" [Do you know what I am feeling to do now?] Jalal smiled naughtily...

"Kya?" [What?]Jodha uttered in a charmed voice grasping the beauty of the night with all her heart...

"Chillakar iss dunia ko yeh batane ka, ki hum kitni mohabbat karte hay humari Jodha se!!" [To shout to the whole world that how much do I love my Jodha!] Jalal's voice was at his top... "Jodha... hum aapse itni mohabbat karte hay... itni mohabbat karte hay... itni mohabbat karte hay... ki..." [Jodha... I love you so much... I love you so much... I love you so much that...]

He had to stop, as Jodha put her palm on her mouth... "Pagal!" She uttered in a fake anger. "Thik se baythie, nehi to gir jayenge!" [Crazy! Sit properly, else you will fall down!]

Jalal gazed at her face quite naughtily for a moment, then bit her palm with his lips... Jodha sprung up, and then blushed taking back her eyes from Jalal's face. Jalal held the stripe of the horse tightly with one hand and instructed it to stop, and pulled Jodha's chin with another, his eyes started talking in some sensual language. He took his lips closer to her face, sweeping her existence with the fire of passion... Then he whispered...

"Aassman aaj humse naaraz hay,
Taaron ka gussa bhi behisaab hay,
Wo sab humse jalte hay, Kyunki,
Chand se bhi khubsurat, aap humare pass hay."

[Sky is angry with me, the stars are also too much angry. They are actually jealous of me, as more beautiful than the moon, you are here with me...]

Jodha looked at his eyes with a shy and accepting look, Jalal clasped her waist even more closer... His lips were going to touch her lips, slowly and softly... She closed her eyes again submitting herself in the hand of her love... their lips mingled with each other, only the moon of the sky witnessed the scene...


PRECAP: His warm and breathes swept over the curves of her body, she could feel an electrifying sensation inside her, while in her heart she was feeling that she is being complete... soulfully and eternally...


[Shayri is taken from internet. LOL ]

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<div>2 min. LOL
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Unressed at 145 page... 

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PRECAP: His warm and breathes swept over the curves of her body, she could feel an electrifying sensation inside her, while in her heart she was feeling that she is being complete... soulfully and eternally...

Big smileDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

baki ka padh ne ke bad bataungi

so rest of the RES!!! Wink

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awasome update
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