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Stuti di, I am missing New Life today achanak se.

Will be reading all chapters few days later. Can't say about comments though. Tongue

O my dear...StarHugHug

Don't worry about comments. Just put one line comment after you read it so that I can know, o bhi chalega. Big smile

No I love NL too much to finish it off in one line. Embarrassed So 1 day 2 chappys from 11 Jan... that's when my pre-boards end.

And all the best for your exams. Rock them up! Hug

Thank you dear. How'z your xms going on btw? Embarrassed 

Oh your xm is ending on 11th? My theory paper is starting from 10th! LOL
Eagerly waiting for your responses.Dying to read them actually! LOL

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Dear friends,
I promised to update the stories after 20 Jan when my xm will end. But my laptop is having some technical problems and so I would not be able to update before fixing that. So please bear with me. I know it's very irritating when too much gap comes between two updates but I can't help it. Cry

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de de de de de de de de de de de dede re...
chal beta update dede re eee..
chal stuti update de de re...Big smile
jaldi se lappy sara...then update de...

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spare me for late comment
I had really missed commenting on many ffs some time back due to some prob in browser
amazing chappi
birbal will go for a war
the scene was funny
attack again
JJ weren't there
precap is intruding
update asap buddy
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waiting for next updates
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Originally posted by swetiii

spare me for late comment
I had really missed commenting on many ffs some time back due to some prob in browser
amazing chappi
birbal will go for a war
the scene was funny
attack again
JJ weren't there
precap is intruding
update asap buddy

No need to sorry my dear. I am also very late to update this time.Cry thank u so much for ur response. Enjoyed reading it.Embarrassed
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The vapour of the hidden tension had covered the surrounding in a very spontaneous way. The normal rhythm in the flow of actions had been broken with the news of the attack. The journey of the emperor was cancelled readily after Maan Singh conveyed the news; after that a flow of unusual hurry and business was floating in the air. There was an untimely meeting in the conference hall of Amer palace; the male members of the house along with the officers of the court was sitting there with very serious and worried faces, and the messengers were really busy in passing latest news time to time.

"Simant ke pass wale sthan par akraman hua hay Maharaj..." [There is an attack near the border majesty.] The messenger conveyed the latest update. "Aisa pratit hota hay ki akraman ki taiyari bohot pahele se chal raha tha!" [It looks like the plan of attack was going on from a long time.] He concluded before bowing down and leaving. The king of Amer put palm on his forehead. "Kabhi socha bhi nehi tha ki Raipur ki yuvraj iss samay, aise akraman karenge!" [I never imagined that the prince of Raipur will attack Amer now, this way!]

"Sujamal bhi unke sath hay Baapusa!" [Sujamal too is with him Baapusa!] Bhagwan Das commented. "Hume suchna mili thi, parantu bohot der se!" [I got the news, but was late!]

"Aab kya kare! Yudh ke liye humare sena abhi prastut nehi hay!" [What can I do! Our soldiers are not ready for war!]

"Yeh aap kya kahe rahe hay Maharaj?" [What are you telling Majesty?] A young and enthusiastic prince of the family could not stop himself from intervening. "Rajput sena kabhi bhi, kisi bhi samay yudh karne ke liye sajj rahete hay! Aap adesh kijie, abhi yudh me Sujamal Singh ke sath sath uss Raipur ke ahankari senayon ko parast kar aapke charanyon me lakar fekenge humlog!"[Rajput soldiers are ready for war at any time. You only need to order, we will go and defeat that arrogant prince too along with Sujamal to put them on your feet!]

Bharmal smiled helplessly looking at him, then looked at Bhagwant Das... "Aap adesh dijie Baapusa; yudh ke bina or koi bikalp bhi to nehi!" [You command for the war, father; we have no way left!] He suggested. "Raipur ki sena badi hay, par o humare sena ke samne tik nehi payega!" [Raipur's army is huge, but they will not be able to stand.]

"Hume bhay Raipur se nehi, Sujamal se hay... Usse Amer ki yudhneeti ke bare me sab gyat hay; use parajit karna saral nehi! Uprant..." [I am not worried about Raipur, but Sujamal only... He knows everything about Amer's war strategy; it's not easy to beat him. Also...] Bharmal shook his head slowly. "Iss bar bohot prastuti ke sath Yudh ke liye sajj hua hay o, avasya kuch bara sochkar hi aya hay!" [He is prepared this time; for surehe has planned something big!] He sighed. "Abhi abhi ek subhkarya sampan hua hay. Iss shantipurn batabaran me hume achanak se yeh nirarthak yudh..." [The sacred task had just ended; now in this peaceful moment suddenly war...]

"Koi agar shantibhang karna chahe to uska uttar dena hi parega bapusa!" [If anyone wants to break peace he will get his answer father!] Bharmal's second son told with heat. "Yudh ki adesh dijie! Sujamal se bhaybhit hone ki avasyakta nehi! O humare sainik ke samne tik nehi payega. Use yudhneeti gyat hay to kya hua? Hum nayi neeti apnayenge... Mughal shakti hamare sath hay, hume bhaybheet hone ki koi avasyakta hi nehi!" [You order for a war! No need to be afraid of Sujamal! He will not be able to combat our force. So what he knows about our strategies? We will take new one... Mughal forceis with us, we have no need to be feared!]

"Ha o to hay. Parantu..." [Yes, but...] In a strange dilemma king Bharmal looked at Jalal. "Shahenshah..."

Meanwhile Jalal was completely unmindful in the whole session. Instead of sitting, he was standing beside the vast window and observing the chattering of the bird-family in a nearby tree. He was still in the outfit of commoners, there was a touch of casualty in his attitude too, still his slight frowns in brows was indicating that he is in a deep good thought. He did not turn back with the call of Bharmal; only nodded with his usual authority in voice, "Hum sun rahe hay, Rajasahab." [I am listening, Rajasahab!]

"Aap agar iss bishay me aapna mat byakt kare to..." [If you let us know your opinion on this matter, then...] Bharmal rubbed his hand. Jalal looked at him. "Iss bare me hum kya sochte hay usse bhi zyada zaruri hay ki aap kya chahte hay Rajasahab." [It's more important to know that what do you want that knowing what I am thinking about this matter, Rajasahab.]

"Yudh ke atirikt koi or bikalp to bacha nehi Shahenshah. Sujamal ne jab paroshi rajya se milkar hume lalkara hay to..." [I have no option left other than war, Majesty. If Sujamal has challenged us with the assistance of the neighbour king then...]

"Aap agar aisa hi sochte hay to sena bhejne me der kyu kar rahe hay?" [If so then why are you wasting time in sending the force?] Jalal told with the mild frown. "Hamla hua hay, aap raja hone ke naate jung karenge; issme itni sochne wali kya hay Rajasahab?" [There is a, attack, and as a king you will command to wedge war; what is the matter of thinking here Rajasahab?] He paused and muttered in a very lower tone, "Agar aapko koi or chinta sata raha hay; agar aapko kisi purani galti ke liye afsos ho raha hay; agar aap sochte hay ki jung ke badle kuch samjhote se baat ban sakti hay to jaldi natije par pauchiye. Sochne ka waqt nehi hay aapke pass." [If you are thinking something else, if you regret of any of your old faults, if you think that negotiation is a better option than war then do it fast. You do not have much time to think.]

Bharmal stared at his eyes for some moments, then lowered his eyes slowly, sighing!

"Ek chacha or bhatije ke bich ki man-mitao jab ghar tak raheta hay tab uss bare me soch kar zaya karne ka bohot waqt milta hay rajasahab. Par uss man-mitao ke natije par jab puri awam ke acchai-burai ka sawal khari ho tab sochne ke liye waqt barbad nehi kiya ja sakta. Khair! Amer ke raja aap hay, faisala aap hi ko lena hay..." [When the problem between uncle and nephew stays inside the house then one can get a lot of time to waste on it. But the well-being of the nation depends on the result of that problem then time cannot be wasted. However, you are the king of Amer, you are the one to decide...] He again looked out of the window. "Mughal fauj hamesha Amer ke taraf se jung larega. Agar aap log chahte hay to hum khud jung me saamil honge. Baas hum..." [Mughal force will always be with you. If you want I myself will be present in war. Only I...] His voice almost sank in deep thought... "Hum kuch or soch rahe hay... Raipur ke sipahi Mughal karobahi ke upar hamla kyu kiya. O log nehi chahte hay ki hum Amer se Agra jaye? Par kyu? Humare yeaha rahene se unka kya faida ho sakta hay?? Iska matlab..." [The soldiers of Raipur has attacked on Mughal caravan. That means they do not want me to go Agra? But why? What is the use of me staying here? That means?] He bit his lips... "Kya yeh bhi ho sakta hay? Sharifuddin..." [Is it possible? Sarifuddin?]

Though Jalal's self-talks was not bothering anyone in the hot environment of war. "Baapusa aap soch kya rahe hay? Suna nehi shahenshah ne kya kaha?" [What are u thinking father? Haven't you heard what his majesty told?] Bhagwant Das sounded quite impatient. "Aap agya dijie, kal subha ke andar hume sainik ke sath yatra karni hi hogi!" [You give us order, we need to go between tomorrow morning!

Still King Bharmal was sitting quiet. Who knows, perhaps he was thinking about that day, when due to his hurried decision of choosing the heir one young hot-blooded prince declared life-long revellion against him and his state. He has gone too far... too far to sit with him and to make him understand! If only Sujamal could have been a little patient; if Bharmal could get a chance to make him understand that his decision was not to insult or to snatch his birth-right from him, it was a political decision- maybe wrong, but not an evil one! If he could believe once that his uncle is not that selfish and greedy that he thinks he is, then maybe they could be safe from this unnecessary war-situation. But now, in this situation, Sujamal is no more his nephew. He is the declared foe of Amer, whose only punishment is death. But still a sting of dilemma born from a strange old affection is choaking his throat. This war will beget death to Sujamal; Sujamal's struggle of getting back Amer will finish with his death at the end of the war and Amer's victory, and the result is very much obvious. Only for that reason he did not want this war... if Sujamal dies, he will never be able to forgive himself, that, Sujamal's whole life has been ruined only due to one wrong and hurried decision taken by him! But he can't express it to anyone. Neither can he do anything to change the flow of the events! He does not have the callibre to change something which is very obvious!

"Bapusa?" Bhagwant called again.

"Thik hay!" [Okay!] With a little choaked sigh, Bharmal exclaimed. "Yudh ki prastuti suru ki jaye." [Get ready for war.] He ordered at last which pleased most of the people present in the meeting.

"Thairiye!!" [Stop!!]

This was unexpected, and before they could cope up with the surprise, Jodha entered into the room. "Aise beech me bolne ke liye hum khsama chahte hay Maharaj, parantu mujhe iss bishay me kuch kahena hay!" She directly addressed her father.

"Jodha tum... kya batana chahti ho tum?" [Jodha you? What do you want to say?] Bharmal murmured looking at Jodha's trembling yet determined eyes. The sign of anxity as well as thoughtfulness was very much prompt in those. She pulled her veil a bit lower and joined her hands, and started in a proper etiquette. "Iske pahele ki aap yudh ki ghoshana kare, hum saala dete hay ki aap shanty-prastav bhejkar ekbar samjhota karne ki koshish kijie..." [Before you declare war, I suggest you to try a negotiation sending them a proposal of peace.]

"Yeh sare baat pahele hi ho chuki hay Jodha, tumhe beech me bolne ki avasyakta nehi..." [We have talked on these, you don't need to talk.] One brother of Jodha stopped her in annoyed voice. Jodha looked at him with hurt and stern glare, and another husky voice full of commanding authority in the disguise of dignified modesty from near the window made his core as well as the room to tremble hard. "Begam Sahiba agar koi baat karna chahe, to unhe aise beech me tokna ek gunah mana jata hay... Jodha Begam aap aapni baat puri kare." [If Her Highness has something to tell, then interrupting her is a crime... Jodha Begam you may finish you suggestion.] Jalal was looking at him curtly; his glare was neither angry nor cruel, but still the spark of majestic authority in that is enough to change the ambience of the place. The prince stopped and lowered his head. Perhaps he had forgotten that apart from being his sister, Jodha has a greater identity as the empress of the empire, which ranks much more than his little status!

Jodha took one moment to compose herself again. "Maharaj yudh me kabhi kisi ka liye bhala nehi hota hay. Or agar yudh ke mul karan koi samanya ghar ka samasya hay to use ek pranghati yudh me paribartit karna kadapi uchit nehi hay! Grihayudh ke parinam kabhi subh nehi ho sakta hay." [Majesty, war never does good to anyone. If the reason of war is a problem of house then one should not convert that in a war. The result of house-war is never well.]

"Hume gyat hay Jodha, tum sahi ho. Parantu hum kuch nehi kar sakte. Sujamal ne akraman kiya hay or hume use uttar dena hi hoga." [I know Jodha, but I have nothing to do. Sujamal has attacked and we need to answer him back.] Bharmal answered her. "Or to or yeh baat abhi or grihayudh tak simit nehi hay. Amer ki satruyon ke sath haat milaya hay Sujamal ne." [And now the matter is not limited to housewar. Sujamal has joined hand with Amer's enemy.]

"Baat abhi bhi utna age nehi bara hay ki aap kuch na kar paye baapusa!" [Thing is not that bad that you can't solve it father!] Jodha looked a bit excited. "Raipur Amer ki satru hay, parantu aisi koi pabandhi nehi hay ki o satruta mitrata me paribartit na ho sake. Agar choti si sandhi karke yudh ki anhoni ko tala ja sakta hay to fir o kyu nehi? Galat samay pe akaran yudh sirf hani pauchati hay Baapusa. Aap meri manie, yudh se purb ek shantibarta bhej kar sandhi ki prastav dijie unhe..." [Raipur is Amer's enemy, but there is no such constrain that the enmity can't change in friendship. If a little treaty can solve a big problem, then why not? This time unnecessary war will harm huge. Listen to me, for once send them the proposal.]

"Kya kahe rahi ho tum Jodha? Raipur se sandhi??Kabhi nehi swikarenge o log!" [What are you talking Jodha? Treaty with Raipur? They will never accept!] Bharmal's voice was surely reflecting his disagreement with her proposal. Still Jodha did not lose hope. "Yudh ka lalkaar Sujamal Bhaisa ne diye hay. Agar aap koi prastaav bheje to Sujamal Bhaisa ko bhejenge, Raipur ki yuvraj ko nehi. Jo faisla lena hay o sena ke taraf se Sujamal Bhaisa lenge; aap ekbar prayaas kijie." [War is challenged by Sujamal Bhaisa. You will send the proposal to him, not to the prince of Raipur. Sujamal Bhaisa will take all the decisions on behalf of the army; you at least try for once!]

"Sujamal bhi nehi swikarega Jodha! O aab Amer ki rajsinhasan ke kiye kuch bhi kar sakta hay!" [Sujamal will never admit. He can do anything for the throne!] Bhagwant Das told with a gravity of pure grudge in his voice.

"Nehi Bhaisa, Aab sab galat sochte hay unhe!" [No brother, you all think wrong about him!] The touch of sentiment betrayed Jodha's queenly voice. "Unhe Amer ki sinhasan nehi chahiye, unhe srif unka khoya hua samman wapas chahiye. Sari Rajputana ke samne Amer ki sinhasan se banchit kiya gya tha unhe, ek Rajkumar ke liye yeh ek bari apaman ki baat hay. Unhe baas uss apaman ka pratikar chahiye." [He does not want Amer's throne, he wants his respect back. He was deprived from the throne in front of the whole Rajputana, and this is a big insult for a prince. He wants to avenge that insult!]

"Kahena kya chahti ho tum Jodha? Bapusa ka nirnay bhul thi? Hum Amer ki yogya uttarashikari nahi hay?" [What are you telling Jodha? Father had taken wrong decision? I am not an eligible heir of Amer?] Bhagwant Das fumed suddenly.

"Aapke yogyata par prasna karne ki yogyata humme nehi hay Bhaisa; or baat aapka uttaradhikari banne ka nehi hay!" [I am not eligible to question your eligibility, and here the question is not of yourbeing heir.] Jodha toned down a little. "Sabha me pure Rajputana ki samaksh achanak se Bapusa ne ghosna kar diye ki Sujamal Bhaisa nehi, aap yuvraj honge. Jabki bachpan se Sujamal Bhaisa jante aye hay ki Amer ki sinhasan unka hay. Kya Baapusa ko yeh nirnay lene se purb Sujamal Bhaisa se baat nehi karna chahiye tha? Kya unhe iss nirnay ki karan samjhana avasyak nehi tha? Kya ekbar mantrijanyon se or baki rajkumaryon se baat karna avasyak nehi tha? Puri Rajputana janta hay Amer ki sinhasan Sujamal Bhaisa ke pita ka hay, sabko yeh laga ki Sujamal Bhaisa ko unke kaka aapni adhikar se banchit kar rahe hay. Sujamal Bhaisa agar yehi soche ki unse unka adhikar china gaya hay or o adhikar pane ke liye o yudh kare to kya yeh unke taraf se bohot bara annay hay? Kisi putra se uska pitridatt adhikar chinne se bara apaman or kya hota hay Bhaisa?" [Father declared in front of all that you will be the crown prince whereas Sujamal Bhaisa knew from his childhood that the throne belongs to him. Was not it needed to talk with Bhaisa for once before that decision? Was not it needed to discuss with other princes and ministers? Whole Rajputana knows that the throne belonged to his father, all thought that he is depriving him from his right. If Sujamal Bhaisa thinks that his right is snatched then is it not normalfrom his place to win that back?Is there any bigger insult for a son than snatching the birthright?]

"Aab yeh sare beeti hui baato ko dohrakar..." [What is the use of teling all these now?] Bharmal murmered.

"Hum kshama chahte hay Maharaj, hume koi ruchi nehi hay unn sare purane baato ko yaad karneki." [I am sorry Majesty. I don't want to remember all these.] Jodha lowered her eyes to show a formal respect to the king but her frowns were expressing her irritation. "Parantu uss purana ghatna me hi aaj ka yeh aapat ka beej niheet hay. Agar uss din jo kahe nehi paye, unse aaj o kahe de or unke kuch shart man le to..." [But that old incident consists of the seed of today's problem. If you can do what should have done that day and agree to some of his conditions then...]

"Kya kahe rahi ho Jodha??? Hum uss biswasghati ke haat aapna Amer de denge??" [What are you telling Jodha? We will give Amer to that betrayer?] One prince shouted.

"Agar unhe aapna lene se bina raktpaat ki ek samasya ka haal ho sakta hay to kyu nehi?" [If a big problem sorts out by accepting him without any bloodshedthen why not?] Jodha told in a very firm voice. "Baapusa aapka kya raay hay??" [What do you think father?]

Bharmal helplessly looked at Jalal for once in perplexed eyes. But there was no answer of his question, Jalal was a completely aloof and idle listener today. "Hume Sujamal se baat karne me koi apatti nehi. Parantu o samvaab nehi!" [I have no problem in talking with Sujamal, but it is not possible.]

"Kyu samvaab nehi, Baapusa?" [Why father?] Jodha was anxious.

"Amer ki raja khud jakar ek bidrohi se sandhi prastaav nehi kar sakta hay Jodha!" [Because a king cannot go to a revel-leader with proposal of peace, Jodha!] Bharmal answered.

Jodha kept on staring at him, with surprised, hurt, sarcastic agony.

"Phir bhi hum prayas karte. Avasya prayas karte!" [In spite of this I might have tried...] Bharmal nodded his head rapidly. " Parantu yeh baate aab humare or Sujamal ke beech nehi hay Jodha. Sujamal ne khud iss baat ko bahar ki rajneeti ke sath jor diya hay. Agar aaj Sujamal ke samne jhuke, to Raipur se haar manna parega." [But the matter is not in between us only, Sujamal himself has invited outer politics in these. If today I bent in front of Sujamal, I have to accept defeat from Raipur.]

"Haar kyu manna parega Baapusa?" [Why you will accept defeat father?] Jodha again tried to pursue him. "Kutneeti me samjhota karna kya haar manna hota hay? Raipur se agar aap chukti karenge to kya galat hoga?" [Is negotiation in diplomacy is called accepting defeat? What will happen if you do some agreements with Raipur?]

"Hum nehi kar sakte Raipur se sandhi Jodha!" [I cannot sign treaty with Raipur Jodha!] Bharmal shook his head severly. With disappointment Jodha looked at surroundings. All the princes of Amer are staring at her with disgusted glare. It is very obvious from their look that by no chance they will agree a bit with Jodha! "Kyu karenge Raipur se sandhi?? Agar hum chahte to us rajya ka namo nisaan mita sakte the! Raipur jaise durbal rajya ke samaksh jhukne ke liye kaheti ho Jodha??" [Why will we go and sign treaty with Raipur? If we want we can wipe out its name! You are telling to bend head in front of a weak kingdom like Raipur Jodha?] A prince could not even hide his disgust. "Amer ki rajkumari ho tum, kya yeh kahete hue lajja nehi aayi?" [You are the princess of Amer, don't you feel ashamed for telling these?]

"Accha! To ek chhota or durbal rajya ke sath sandhi karna Amer ki maharathiyon ke liye lajja ki baat hay, unki veerta ka aapman hay. Or aapne se saktisaali Mughalyon ke samne jhukna bohot bari samman ka parichay hay, hay na Bhaisa??" [Okay! So thing is Amer's warriors feel ashamed to sign treaty with a weak state, and that is the insult to their valour. But bending in front the powerful Mughals is a very hounerable thing for them, isn't it? ] Jodha's voice bent into sarcasm. "Khsama karna Bhaisa. Hume laga tha ki shanty ke liye Amer ki maharaj ko ek chota sa samjhota karne me koi apatti nehi hogi. Hum to yehi jante hay ki Amer ki rajput shantipriya hay; ahetuk yudh se zyada satruyon se sandhi karne me biswasi hay. Parantu aaj gyat hua ki unka niyam saktishali Mughalyon ke liye ek hay, or ek mamuli bidrohi or paroshi durbal rajya ke liye vinn hay!" [Sorry Bhaisa, I thought that for peace the king of Amer can go for a little negotiation. I knew that the rajputs of Amer are peaceful; they prefer in peace rather than unnecessary war. But I knew today that their rules varies for powerful Mughals and a normal revel and neighbour state.] The taunt in her voice was increasing along with the fire in her eyes. "Jaha haarne ki samvabna ho uaha sandhi karne me, sandhi ki kuch bhi shart man lene me unki koi samasya nehi! Parantu jaha jeet nischit hay uaha yudh na karna bohot bari kapurushata hay unke liye!!" [Where they can see the possibility of defeat, they have no problem to negotiate and to agree with any condition given by them! But where victory is definite there peace is a big cowardy act for them!]

"Tum baato ko bhul disha me leke ja rahi ho Jodha. Shant ho jao." [You are going in a wrong direction. Be calm.] Bharmal, like a responsible father, tried to cool her down. "Tum aab kaksh me jakar aram karo Jodha... Yeaha tumhare sare Bhai hay, hum hay, Shahenshah hay paristhiti samhalne ke liye." [You may go and rest... We all are here to control the situation.]

"Yehi kahe dijie na ki tum beti ho, upar se parai ho chuki ho, tumhe humare baato me ulajhne ki adhikar nehi!" [Better you say that I am daughter, I have no right to talk about these.] Jodha murmured in a very lower tone, but it pinched Bharmal.

"Shanti-chukti, sandhi ki shart inn sab me bohot rajneetik uljhan hoti hay Jodha! Tum nehi samjhogi yeh sab..." [Treaty for peace, agreement and conditions etc have a lot of complicated politics behind. You will not understand.] Bharmal touched her head coming down from the throne.

"Thik kaha Baapusa..." [You're right Bapusa...] Jodha looked at her. The big eyes, tired of invoking fire, are now full of tears. "Aapki beti shandhi ki shart ho sakti hay. Use yudh ki palle par taula ja sakta hay, bechi ja sakti hay! Satruyon se sandhi karne ke liye use sajha kar Mughalyon ke harem me bheji ja sakti hay. Aapne se adhik balshali samrat ke sath susammandh banana ke kiye uski vabisya ke bare me na sochke use unke haat par saupa ja sakta hay! Parantu usse sandhi ki shartyon ke bare me baat karne ki adhikar nehi hay!" [Your daughter can be a deal of a treaty. She can be weighed in the weight of war, she can be sold! To set a good relation with Mughals she can be sent to their Harem, she can be given away to the stronger enemy's hand without thinking about her future. But she has no right to talk about the conditions of a treaty!]

Bharmal was stunned! Even in his nightmares he never imagined his daughter will accuse him in such a way! Jodha was still gazing at him. Her full of resentment tearful eyes were piercing his heart. Suddenly Bharmal felt a sheer pain in his chest. Today Jodha has dug up the deepest wound of his life, that he had bargained his own daughter to save his throne once! He closed his eyes tightly, could utter nothing! Jodha's brothers were just dumb now, unable to even think anything after this. Suddenly there was a pin drop silence in the whole room...


 And Jodha moved her eyes to him. There was an uncanny empathy in his voice, never heard before. He was staring at her, his eyes conveying a lot of things, too tough to read, too hard to understand, and enough deep to sink inside them!

I did not mean that Shahenshah! My heart knows how much I love you! My heart knows how much incomplete I am without you! Jodha's eyes told Jalal in their very own way, without wasting a single word.

I know Jodha... I know your heart more than you! I am so proud of you Jodha! Jalal's eyes blinked with a soothing touch of assurance, sweeping Jodha's heart with a gentle breeze of empathy and trust.

After one moment... "Hum rajkarya me bighna daalne ke liye kshama chate hay maharaj." [I am sorry for intervening into the royal work Majesty.] Jodha told before bending head to show respect to the king and then got out of the room. All the family members sitting in the room kept on looking at her exit.





The usual majestic voice full of empathy and concern compelled Bharmal to stop his walk. Jalal came near him and touched his arm mildly.

After Jodha's exit, Bharmal had dismissed the meeting all of a sudden without taking any decision. He also stopped everyone from accompanying him to his room. The confused princes were still in discussing in the conference hall about the upcoming battle without paying much heed on the king. The old king was walking through the balcony of the palace all alone in the blazing sun, and was feeling much comfortable to find himself alone in the crowd. He did not at all expect the emperor will follow him.

"Shahenshah...aap uski baato ka..." [Shahenshah...] Bharmal could understand his voice was choking while talking with him. The slight pain in chest was increasing again. "Aap bura maat manna uski baato ka..." [Don't feel bad for her words...] His voice trembled in the wave of hidden tears.

"Rajasahab." Jalal pressed his hand a little. "Jodha ne jo bhi kahi o aapni gusse me kahi hay. Hum jaante hay aap ko bohot thes pouchhi hay, par phir bhi... aap samhaliye aapne aapko." [Whatever Jodha told is only out of anger. I know you are hurt, but control yourself.]

"Gusse me... sach hi to kahe ke gayi..." [In anger she told the truth...] A hopeless sigh came out from Bharmal's heart, the voice sank in gasp and tear.

"Nehi Rajasahab." Jalal told firmly. "Aap ek baat bataiye... kya aapko koi aafsos hay aapni beti ki shadi mughal gharane me dene ki uss faisle se?" [No Rajasahab. Say me, do you regret for that step of setting your daughter's wedding in a Mughal family?]

"Nehi Shahenshah... yeh aap..." Bharmal shook his head readily. "Hume gyat hay ki humari beti bohot sukhi hay." [I know my daughter is happy.]

"Ha Rajasahab. Jodha bohot khush hay. Unhe aapni zindegi e koi sikayaat nehi or nahi aap se koi narajgi. Unhone aaj jo kuch bhi kaha o sirf ek purane dard me. Bhul jaiye use." [Yes Rajasahab, Jodha is happy. She has no complain or anger from her life and you. Whatever she told is from an old scar. Forget that.] Jalal assured him. "Aapne jo bhi faisla liye the usdin, o faisla lene ke liye bohot himmat or takat ki zarurat hoti hay rajasahab." [The decision you took that day, needs a lot of strength and courage Rajasahab!]

"Koi nehi samajh paya... ki kaisi bibashta se hum usdin..." [None understand that from which helplessness I...] Bharmal sighed, as if he was talking to himself.

"Hum samajhte hay rajasahab. Humne khud dekhe the o majburi aapki aankho me usdin. Hum jante hay kitna muskil tha yeh-  par aapne usdin raja ke jaise faisla liye the; aapke us ek faisle ke baja se aaj Hindustan ki siyaasat badal gayi... agar aap usdin aapni takt or awam ko samne nehi rakhte to sayad or kitne jung cher jate, kitne maasoomyon ki jaane jati..." [I understand Rajasahab. I have seen your helplessness in your eyes that day. I know how much difficult it was, but you had decided as a king that day! And for your decision the politics of Hindustan changed. If you would not have give importance to your subjects and throne then a lot of wars would have wedged, lot of innocent would lost life!] Jalal touched his shoulder. "Jodha bhi yeh samajhti hay. Or isliye o chahti hay ki isbar bhi aap raja ke jaise faisla le. Kisi ki bahekabe me aakar nehi, kisi bhi daabav ki baja se nehi; ek raja ke jaise, aapne awam ke kiye aapni gurur ko chorkar thik faisla le..." [Jodha understand this. SO she wants you to take a decision like a king now. Not being manipulated by anyone, not forcefully; only like a king, leaving your ego behind for the nation you take your decision.]

Bharmal looked at Jalal, there was tears at the corner of his eyes. "Hum saachme nehi chahte hay ki yudh ho! Hum nehi chahte hay ki aapne aapno ka rakt bahaye. Hum nehi chahte hay ki humare or Sujamal ke bich ki satruta ki laav uthake koi or Amer ko khsati pauchhaye! Parantu isse rokne ka upay nehi hay!" [I don't want this war. I don't want brothers to shed blood of eachother. I don't want other states to use Sujamal to harm Amer! But I have no way to stop it.] He looked eagerly. "Aap hi bataiye Shahenshah,  Jodha jo chahti hay kya o samvab hay? Aaj baat Sujamal or humare beech nehi hay. Yamuna se bohot pani bahe chuki hay. Aaj humare aaspas ki kaafi rajya ka rajnaitik bhabisya humare or Sujamal ke beech ki iss yudh ke upar nirbhar karta hay." [You tell me, is it possible to fulfil Jodha's wish? Today matter is not between me and Sujamal. A lot of wanter has flowed through Yamuna. Today a lot of kingdom's political future depends on this war.]

"Agar aisi baat hay rajasahab, to yeh dusmaani khatam karke aap uss sawal ko hi bandh kyu nehi kar dete?" [If so, then why not are you trying to put a stop in this question by ending the enmity?]

"Kyuki iss sawal me humare saath saath or kuch logoki faisle bhi jure hay shahenshah!" [As some more decisions are too involved along with mine in this question, Shahenshah!] Bharmal sighed. "Aaj agar Raipur Sujamal ke sath hay, to uski avasya koi maang hogi, or uski kimaat Amer ko kis mol se chukana ho pata nehi. Bohot chote chote rajya hay jinke Amer ke sath aapasi samband me badlav ayega, jiski anuman hume nehi! Or usse bhi bari baat Shahenshah..." He closed his eyes. "Humare rajya me aise bohot log hay jinhe yeh sandhi swikar nehi hoga... o log bidroh karenge... Aantarastriya bandhan toot paregi!" [Today Raipur is with Sujamal;if I join hand with them then they must have some condition whose price is unknown to me. This treaty will bring change in relation with a lot of small states. And another thing is, in our state there are a lot of people who don't want it. They will be against of it and the intranational bondages will break!]

Jalal listened carefully and nodded. "Aap Amer ki raja hay, humse kayi zyada samajhte hay yeaha ke siyaasat. Aapke upar se hum Amer ke liye faisla nehi le sakte. Par..." [You are the king of Amer, you understand this politics more than us. I cannot decide anything for Amer from your position. But...] His tone held gravity. "Koi bhi bara faisla lene ke waqt raja ko bohot sawalyon ka samna karna parta hay. Jo unn sawalyon se darkar faisla hi na le paye, o kaisi raja hay?" [One have to face many questions while taking a decision. What type of king is he who fears from those questions?]

Bharmal stayed quiet; Jalal pressed his hand and uttered in a husky tone...

"Aaj se lagbhag 3-4 saal pahele aapne aapne rajya ke liye ek bohot bara faisla liye the Rajasahab. Aapke sare aapne, aapke mazhab ki log, pure rajputana aapke khilf the, fir bhi aapne uss faisla lene se dare nehi. Tabka halat aajse kai zyada sanjida tha. Par aap o bada faisla lene me waqt zaya nehi kiye the. Kyuki sayad uss din aap apne tajurbe se yeh dekh paa rahe the ki Amer ki bachne ka or koi rasta nehi hay. Par aaj aapke paas kaafi sare raste hay... Aapne rasta chuniye rajasahab, aapne aap ko bagawat ki duhai maat dijie." [3-4 years before, you had taken another decision for your kingdom. All your closer ones, the people of your religion and the whole Rajputana stood against you, but you did not fear from taking that decision. That situation was more tough than today. But you did not waste a moment to take that decision. Maybe as you had no more choice left. But today you have a lot of ways before you. Choose your way Rajasahab, don't give any excuse of rebellions to yourself.]

"Darr lagta hay Shahenshah!" [I fear your majesty!] Bharmal uttered in a vulnerable tone. "Humara antaratma kahe raha hay ki hriday ki baat suno. Parantu darr hay ki kayi aapne sneha ki mayajal me faskar koi bari vul na kar byathu." [My soul says to listen to my heart. But I fear that if I take any wrong step due to affection.]

"Do hi raste hay." [There are two ways.] Jalal's voice was stern now. "Pahela, kuch khudgarzi bhulkar Sujamal ke sath samjhota karna. Isse sayad aapke ghar me chhed ho sakti hay par jung ka khatra abhi ke liye tal jayega. Dusra, jung laga dijie, Sujamal ka namo-nishan mita dijie... Dusra rasta aapnana sayad siddha ho, par kya ek raja ke liye yeh karna thik hoga??" [First, to forget the ego and selfishness and negotiate. That may make hole in your family but the war will not happen. Second, go for the war, wipe out Sujamal's trace from the world... The second way is much easier, but will it be ethical for a king?]

Bharmal shivered. Jalal touched his shoulder. "Aap humse bohot bare hay. Siyasat ke sath aapke ristey humare umar se bhi zyada hay. Hum aapko koi hokum yeah maswara nehi denge. Par ek baat kahena chahenge, ki jung sabse aankhri rasta hona chahiye rajasahab! Aab faisla aapke haatyon me hay." [You are much elder than me. You relation with politics is even more old than my age. I will not give you any order or suggestion. But one thing I will say, that war should be the last way always! Now the final decision is in your hand.

"Kya... kya Sujamal shanti-prastav swikarega, Shahenshah!?" [Will Sujamal agree for peace?] Bharmal's voice trembled too much to hear.

Jalal stared at him with a mild smile in his lips. Then he sighed. "Agar aap samjhota karna chahe, to hum khud yeaha maujud rahekar dono taraf se haal nikalne ki kausish karenge. Aap ek kam kijie, aab sipahiyon ko kurch karne ke liye kahe dijie. Fir sochiye aap kya karenge..." [If you want to negotiate, then I myself will be present there neutrally. You do one thing, first order your army to march, then think what to do.] He paused. "Hume lagta hay ki aapko bhi jung ke maidaan ke liye nikalna chahiye rajasahab.Agar samjhota karne ka faisla lete hay to o kal subha hi kar leni chahiye..." [I think you should set off for battlefield today. Then the decision of negotiation can be taken tomorrow morning.]

Bharmal nodded and went off like a zombie. Jalal exhaled a deep breath and turned back. Maan Singh was waiting for him.

"Kya hua Maan Singh?" [What happened Maan Singh?] He asked.

"Samajh nehi aa raha hay ki kya kare Shahenshah! Jung ke liye kitne sainik prastut kare? Agar sandhi hi karni ho to..." [I am not understanding that how much soldier should we prepare? If we are going for a treaty then...]

"Jung ki puri taiyaari karo Maan Singh." [Prepare for a complete war Maan Singh.] Jalal uttered. "Samjhota ho yeah na ho, jung hokar hi rahega. Hume yaakin hay." [I am confident that the war will take place whether the negotiation takes place or not.]

"Par Shahenshah... Sujamal Kakasa ko hum jinta jante hay o shanti-prastav aswikar kar Amer raj ka aapman nehi karenge..." [But Shahenshah...what I know about Sujamal uncle, he will never insult the majesty of Amer by neglecting treaty...] Maan Singh tried to explain.

"Hum jante hay Maan. Par yehi aankhri baat nehi hay. Hume lagta hay iss puri khel me Sujamal or Amer ki ristey ka ehemiyaat bohot, bohot kam hay. Asli khel kahi or hay." [I know Maan. But that's not the final thing. I think in this whole game Sujamal and Amer's importance is very very less. The game is somewhere else.]

"Aap ke anusaar..." [Then according to you...] Maan Singh was worried.

"Thik socha tumne Maan." [You are right Maan.] Jalal smirked. "Yeh sab kuch hume Amer me rokne ke liye kiya gaya hay. Par hum yeh hone nehi de sakte." [All has been arranged to stuck me in Amer. But I can't let this to happen.] He looked at Maan Singh intensely. "Tum jante ho ki tumhe kya karna hay..." [You know what you have to do...]

"Jathagya Shahenshah!" Maan Singh bowed down. "Parantu fir shanti-prastav se kya laav?" [But then what's the reason of this treaty?]

"Laav hay. Jung se kaafi takat or waqt barbad hoga jo hum nehi chahte hay, iss liye Sujamal or Raipur ki jot ko torna zaruri hay. Khair..." [I don't want to waste time and strength, so I want to break the alliance between Sujamal and Raipur. However...] He concluded. "Tum baki sipahisalah ke sath aaj jung ki maidan me pauchho or khema bichhao; Rajasaheb bhi jald raowana honge. Hum abhi nehi jayenge, hum kar subha ki andar uaha tumlogo se milenge... Hume aaj rat kuch or kaam hay..." [You go to the warfield along with other generals and set the tents; Rajasahab will set off soon. I am not going now, I will meet you all tomorrow morning... I have some works tonight...] He murmured the last line.




While putting on the ornaments in front of mirror, Jodha was wiping her eyes frequently to remove the blurred curtain from her eyes. The thought of the conversation with her father was still giving her strong jolt from inside. She never expected her conversation will take such a bad turn, and that's too for her. She knows she never should have been so hyper. She should never have dragged her personal life all of a sudden in serious political discussion. She did not understand when she let that old grivence out from her heart which was hidden under so many layers of incidents that she herself had forgotten that wound. There was a time when her heart used to scream loudly for the injustice her father has done to her for his kingdom but never ever accused her father. Those days are like worst nightmares nowadays, as in her complete life she cannot match the image of her very loving husband with the imagination of that heartless demon that she had imagined him before marriage. But what happened today, that with the hidden anxity and agony for Sujamal Bhaisa suddenly she returned in those days full of pain and resentment?

She cannot forget the angry, dejected and desperate face of Sujamal when he left the kingdom with the vow of getting back his right. The whole history of Amer could be different if Sujamal Singh would not have any enmity with King Bharmal. But the fate wanted something else... So the game of fate started revolving around Amer,and everyone became the equipments of that game... Jodha, Sujamal, Bharmal, Bhagwant Das... everyone is different cards in this game, bound in a same thread of destiny... Why the fate is so unfair to them...

"Kya ho gaya hay meri jaaneman ko!" [What has happened to my darling?]

A pampering voice full of affection and a strong hug of two masculine arms from back; Jodha's web of thoughts broke. "Shahenshah aap..." She turned back trying to break the hug.

"Ha hum. Kyu, hum aapni kamre me nehi aa sakte kya?" [Yes me? Why, can't I come to my room?] Jalal pulled her closer and tenderly kissed her cheeks. "Hume aapki aansu bilkul bardast nehi!" [I can't bear your tears!] He told in a husky voice while cupping her face.

"Hume khsama kar dijie Shahenshah... humne jo kaha o hume..." [Forgive me Shahenshah! Whatever I had told I shouldn't...] Jodha triedto complete, but Jalal instantly cut her. "Kis bare me?" [About what?]

"Humne jaise sabke samaksh Baapusa se humare bibaah ke bisay me baat ki... hume nehi karna chahie tha... hum bohot sarminda hay... hume aise..." [What I said to father in front of all about our marriage... I shouldn't... I am very ashamed...]

Jalal laughed out loud. Jodha looked at him with hurt glare then lowered her head.

"Ek baat kahe aapse?" [May I say you one thing?] Jalal loosed his grip after laugh and sat beside her. "Aap kuch zyada hi soch rahi hay. Aapne dil par itna zurm maat kijie." [You are thinking too much. Don't torture your heart that much.] He held her hand. "Hum jante hay aap Sujamal ko lekar pareshan hay, par inn sabke liye aapne abbu par gussa maat kijie. Jo ho raha hay uss halat me o lachar hay." [I know you are tensed about Sujamal, but don't get angry on your father about this. He is helpless in this situation.]

"O humesha lachar hi rahete hay!" [He uses to be helpless always!] Jodha exhaled a breath of resentment.

"Nehi Jodha, aap jitna soch rahi hay baat utna siddha hay nehi." [No Jodha, the matter is not that simple that you are thinking.] Jalal tried to make her understood. "Baat aab aisi nehi hay ki aapke abbu Sujamal ke paas jakar unhe manayenge or o samajh jayenge. Bohot sare siyasi uljhan fasa hua hay inn sabke beech. Thori si garbar hui to sab kuch or uljha jayega... Samjha-bujhkar sab thik karne ka waqt ja chuka hay Jodha." [Now matter is not that simple that your father will go to Sujamal, talkto him and he will understand. Many political confusions are there in between. A little mess can change everything... The time of pursuing has gone!]

Jodha did not tell anything and tried to hide her tears. Jalal pulled her closer... "Aap to itni samajhdar hay, siyasat samajhti hay. Fir bhi aise aansu baha rahi hay?" [You are sensible, you understand politics so well, still shedding tears?]

"Kya kare Shahenshah! Bhai hay o meri!" [What can I do! He is my brother!] Jodha tried to control her trembling voice. "Ha, hum samajhte hay ki sab kuch or pahele jaisa nehi raha. Sujamal Bhaisa itna dur ja chuke hay ki yeh parivaar unhe kabhi nehi aapnayega. Upar se sammandh ki iss hichakhichi me rastriya byabastha par pravab parega. Par kya kare... dil nehi manta hay!" [I know that nothing is like old days. Sujamal Bhaisa has gone too far to come back. But what to do... heart does not listen!] She sighed. "Jab bhi Sujamal Bhaisa ke bare me sochti hu lagta hay ki unka jivan humare Baapusa or Bhaisa ke baja se samapt ho gaya! Unhe ek samman ke jivan se nikal kar apman bhari kuye me phek diya gaya jahase o uthne ke bajay or bhi niche dubte chale ja rahe hay! Par kise dosh de? Nahi humare pita or bhai sinhasan ke liye utsuk adharmi hay ki unhe koste rahe, na hi Sujamal bhaisa ka koi dosh hay! Sayad unki niyati me hi yehi likha hay..." [Whenever I think about Sujamal Bhaisa I feel as if his life is finished only because of my father and brother. He has been pulled down from a honoueable life to a pit in which he is drowning more and more.] She covered her eyes and sighed. "Kya koi upay nehi hay Shahenshah? Iss yudh me Sujamal Bhaisa ke mrityu ke sivay?" [No way is there Shahenshah instead of Sujamal Bhaisa's death?]

"Jodha..." Jalal picked up her chin. "Rajasahab ne samjhote ke liye haa kar di hay!" [Rajasahab is ready to negotiate!]

"Sach?" [Really?] Jodha beamed pale. "Dhanyabaad Shahenshah! Bohot dhanyabaad!" [Many many thanks to you!] She put her head on his chest.

"Hume nehi lagta hay ki isse jung tal sakta hay Jodha!" [I don't think that war will stop that easily Jodha.] Jalal nodded sadly. "Raipur ke sath jot hay Sujamal ka. O log hamle karne se piche nehi hatenge..." [Sujamal has alliance with Raipur. They are not going to call off so soon.]

"Parantu kyu? Sandhi me agar shartyen maan li jaye to..." [But why? If their conditions get fulfilled in the agreement, then?] Jodha picked her brow with a sheer disagreement.

"Kyu ki unke nishana Amer nehi, balki hum hay." [Because their target is me, not Amer.] Jalal told with a sheer smile which made Jodha stunned. "Unke maksaat hay hume iss Amer me hi gher ke rakhna. Raipur ka Shahezada kabhi bhi jung se piche nehi hatenge." [There aim is to stuck me in Amer. The prince of Raipur will not call off the war.]

"Phir?" [Then?] Jodha's eyes shivered in worry.

"Ek koshish... Hume pata nehi ki Sujamal ka inn sab me kitna haat hay, par hum ek mauka lenge.Taki Sujamal or Raipur ki jot ko toda ja sake. Hum zyada khun-kharabi nehi chahte hay or iss liye Raipur ko aapne bash me karne ke liye pahele Sujamal ko aapne or khichna hoga..." [One trial. I don't know how much Sujamal is involved, but I want to take a chance. So that the alliance between Raipur and Sujamal can be broken. I don't want any bloodshed so it is needed to pull Sujamal in our team to take Raipur under control...] Jalal's frown got deeper. "Dekhte hay, iss samjhote ka kya asar hota hay Sujamal ke upar." [Let us see, what can be the effect of this treaty on Sujamal.] He looked at her in worried eyes. "Agar Sujamal iss me samil nab hi ho, agar ko samne rakh kar Agra ke khilaf sajish rachi ja rahi hay to aisa bhi ho sakta hay Sujamal ko samjhote ke liye koi paigaam hi na mile..." [Even if Sujamal is not involved,if he is only being used in this conspiracy then maybe he will never get the proposal in hand.]

"Sujamal Bhaisa!" Jodha sighed closing his eyes. "Sayad khud bhi nehi jante ki unki ek durbalta ko aapne sastra bana kar kaise unhe sikhandi banakar pichse kitna rajnaitik khel khela ja raha hay!" [maybe he himself does not know how everyone is using his weakness as their weapon and playing behind him making him Shikhandi!] She gulped. "Kya ek hi bhul ki saja unhe aise jivan var prapt karna hoga? Jivan ne unhe koi dusra mauka nehi diya... Ek bar rasta kho gaya, or sare jivan aise hi bhatakte ja rahe hay! Agar ek bar unse iss bishay me baat ho pata... Agar ek bar unhe samjha pate ki yeh sab chor de to..." [Ishe going to be punished life long for one mistake? His life did not give him another chance... He lost his way once, and whole life he is roaming in a worng path! If I could talk to him once and could pursue him to leave all this...]

"Aap samjhayengi? O zarur samjhenge." [Will you make him understand? He will obviously understand then.] Jalal told suddenly. "Jo baat siyasi samjhote me nehi kiya jata o bhai-behen ke bich ho sakta hay. Agar kuch laav nab hi ho phir bhi aap dono ko tasalli milegi..." [Which cannot be told in a negotiation conference that can be easily told between brother and sister. Even if nothing useful happens you both will be pacified...] He arrested her palm in his hand. "Boliye, jayengi aap Sujamal ke paas?" [Tell me, do you want to go to Sujamal?]

"Ha... Par kaise? Aab iss paristhiti me hum kaise unse mil sakte hay?" [Yes, but how? How can I meet him in this situation?] Jodha looked confused.

"Aapko humpe yaakin hay?" [Do you trust me?] Jalal asked.

"Yeh bhala kaisi prasna hay?" [What type of question is this?] Jodha smiled broader.

"To chaliye humare sath. Hum kahi le chalte hay aapko." [Then come with me. I will take you somewhere.]  Jalal smiled naughtily.




It was not much late at night, just the late hour of the evening; but the silent greenery of the forest was giving such a feel that as if it has been midnight. Sujamal was staring at the fire. The incident of the whole day along with his confrontation with Samar Singh was ringing inside his ears. After a small combat with the border force and their army, tomorrow a bigger war will start...His little troop versus the huge army of Amer... what would have happened if Samar Singh were not with them with his larger force? Amer would certainly smash them.

As if he really hopes for a victory even with the army of Raipur!

Sujamal had taken a long time to ready himself for the war. It's not only for getting a larger troop or buliting a better war strategy, but he needed time to gather his confidence. He had even got back a large amount of it with the flow of events; but with the passing hours, with his conversation with Samar Singh, he can feel he is falling from a cliff! There is a no-win situation for him. Sarifuddin has manipulated Samar Singh and he is going to wedge war against Akbar joining hand with Sarifuddin. None knows better than Sujamal that what is going to be the consequence. But he cannot break the bond since the war has started in his name. All are using Sujamal to fulfill their own aspirations and here he is standing in the frontal line like an idiot to take all the wounds on their behalf!

Sujamal felt to slap himself hard. Why the hell is he going to fight? Only as a warrior cannot commit suicide like a coward and prefer to do it in battlefield? At least Samar Singh has some good motive to fight but what is he doing? The taunting voice of Samar Singh was piercing his ears now. He was right... right he was! Sujamal is worthless!

And Sujamal is homeless too. He has nowhere to go! Neither he can join hand with Sarifuddin nor can he go and fall on the feet of the king of Amer! He has only one way now, to flow with the flow of fate.

"Kya baat hay Sujamal Sahab?" [What is the case Sujamal Sahab?]

Sujamal turned back, and his head burnt seeing the person behind him. Sarifuddin is chuckling standing behind him.

"Aap? Rakshiyan kaha hay?" [You? Where are the guards?] He asked in quite a vexed voice.

Sarifuddin smiled. Quite an irritating smile it was. "Aapne dost ko kaise nazarbandh karke rakha hay! Kaisa insaan hay aap?" [You have kept your friend house-arrest. What type of man are you?]

"Koi kaam ke baat kare?" [Can we talk something useful?] Sujamal frowned.

"Kal jung suru hoga, usiki badhai dene aya tha..." [I came here to congratulate you for the war of tomorrow.] He smiled. His eyes were beaming in victory.

"Samar Singh ko lov dikhakar aap aapne or khinch sakte hay, par hume nehi!" [You can take Samar Singh in your team but not me.] Sujamal turned back and stood up. "Aapke bidroh ka fal mujhe pata hay abhi se! Kuch nehi ho payega..." [I know the consequence of your revel. Nothing will happen.]

"Aap to humare hi saath hay? Kayi aap Shahenshah ke taraf to nehi chale gaye chhupchhup ke? Phir Samar Sahab aapse naraz hokar sare sipahi wapas bhaj denge." [You were in our team. Have you changes the team secretly? If so then Samar Singh will get angry and send the troops back.] Sarifuddin started laughing on his own joke.

"Saath nivane me or hukum karne me bohot antar hota hay Sarifuddin. Jo saath dene ke naam pe adesh dete hay hum unke saath nehi de sakte. Sujamal kisike sath nehi hay. O ekela tha, ekela hay or humesha ekela hi rahega..." [There is difference between walking along and commanding. Who uses to command in the name of walking together I do not walk with him. Sujamal is not in anyone's team. He was alone, is alone and will be alone...] An irritated Sujamal headed towards his tent. Even this cheap man is laughing at him!

Sarifuddin kept on laughing. His mood is excellent today for some reason... The war is getting started today, the messenger will come with the news of Abul Mali anytime; only one work is left, that is to get the control of Sujamal's troop in his own hand by manipulating Samar Singh by hook or crook. This Sujamal will become a big threat in their path at anytime, he is highly needed to be uprooted! In a light mood, he started roaming in the pleasant air humming a tune. ]

Sujamal entered in his tent and lied on the bed. He was feeling irritated and restless as well. This war will beget nothing except death to him, but in the meantime that cheap Sarifuddin will win his game. Should not he stop the war now? But can he after wedging the war? He can't step back until any proposal of negotiation comes from the opponent. He can't accept his defeat in front of Amer. Never...

"Khamma gari hukum..."

He heard someone addressed him in a perfect rural dialect used by the bhil tribe. "Kya?" [What?] He asked without looking.

"Aapse baat karne ki izazat chahte hay." [I want the permission to talk to you.] This time the words came from the same voice, but extraordinarily sophisticated and majestic utterance of each word in stead of the rural dialect. In shock Sujamal sat up instantly and looked up. There were two young people standing at the entrance. One is man and the other is a comepletely veiled woman. Their tribal outfit states that they are common workers of this tribe, but the man's bright eyes and the smitten intelligent smile in lip clearly tells that he is certainly not a simple innocent Bhil people.

"Tum... Aapp..." [You...] Sujamal got up from the bed and came towards him with his cautious sword in hand. "Aap kon hay?" [Who are you?] He asked with the same surprise in eyes.

"Hum pahele ek hi bar mile hay Sujamal sahab. Sayad aapko yaad nehi." [We met only once before. Maybe you do not remember.] The young man smiled dearly. "Hum andar aye? Sayad yeaha baat karna khatryon se khali nehi..." [May we come inside? Talking here is not safe.]

Sujamal nodded while he was gropping his memories to recall his face. He certainly has seen him. His face, his eyes and his magnificient attitude is flashing in his mind, but the perfect disguise of tribal is making those memories blurred. Medium height, stout, masculine figure, majestic attitude and sparking eyes... this description is very common, and only refers to the most magnificient personality of today's Hindustan... but... Sujamal was stunned! Can it happen too??

"Humare paas zaya karne ke liye zyada waqt nehi hay Sujamal Sahab." [We don't have much time to wate Sujamal Sahab.] The man hurried. "Hume pahechan na pa rahe hay to koi baat nehi, par inhe aap bhul nehi sakte." [Nothing to worry that you're not recalling me, but you can't forget her.] He smiled for a moment, then pulled off the veil of the woman accompanying him, most probably his wife. Sujamal was stuck and before he could see the face of the woman, she suddenly almost jumped on his chest and started showering tears... "Sujamal Bhaisa!!" He could hear only one of her murmuring... His heart suddenly stopped for a while.

"Jodha!!!" He uttered like a spellbound, and spontaneously his arms embraced the lady on his chest! ""Jodha! Tum ayi ho mujhse milne? Jodha! Meri behen!" [Jodha! You have come to meet me? My sister!] He picked up her tearful face and started kissing on her forehead with all of affection he has imprisoned in his heart for this long long time!!


Precap: Sarifuddin ran towards the horse and clasped the tribal woman's hand who was going to mount that. Her veil was removed for a moment due to air, and he could see her face for an instant. He was stunned!


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Posted the new chapter friends!Hug I know the chapter is too lengthy and boring one, so advance sorry for this. Unhappy I want to finish this part soon so put everything in one chapter. LOL A full-on Akdha romance chapter is coming soon. Wink

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