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Thank you for the pms Deb! (Going to comment for both stories quickly here
Although I'm super busy now I always take time out to read your updates I just love both stories so muchDay Dreaming I may not be able to comment at times but your writing is always amazing in my eyes I always enjoy each update your just amazing!

Loving how New Life is coming along especially our love birdsHeart The end is awesome so will Jalal send Jodha back to Agra and how will he convince her as she will want to stay by his side until he fully recovers but I also think she would be excited at the opportunity to take up such a responsibility! 

Destined Love is also getting so interesting! Cant wait for Jalal and Jodha's real identities to be revealed how much more waitLOL? But I've always adored Jodha and Maan Singh's relationship so really enjoyed their bonding together. Jalal's thinking as a King is superb love the way you have described his thinking and what he would have done in place of Bharmal to help his people just as Jodha is doing her level best to help her people!

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Originally posted by RamSiyaRam

Great you updatedLOL.
Jalal wants to be well soon and is asking the hakim and complaining about pain

You know what, this cute little emoticon is much more sweet than Jalal. Embarrassed

and that Hakim is taunting that Shehenshah kya that his skin is thicker than elephantLOL


Both of them thinking about their babies,CryCry

olebabale! Embarrassed

Dont feel said Jodha, once Jalal gets well-fit and fine, you too will have  


Now Jalal knows the betrayal and crime of his own cousinAngryAngryAngry

Ahhaa! He knew it from first day! 

Why did he blame JodhaAngry

Comeon, that was just a momentary mistake out of the explosion of grief and anger! He himself knew that he is wrong while blaming her... Aab to maaf kar do!Cry 

Oh Jodha, when you understand, howsoever intelligent you are this Jalal will not tell you any secretsAngry, he feels men are superior to women. Little does he realise that a secret has value only when you tell it to someone and the person blackmails youROFL On a serious note a-true-relationship-is-when-you-can-tell-each-other-anything-and-everything-no-secrets-and-lies.Approve

Not like that; Jodha also realizes that there can be some confidential official talks that can't be discussed lightly between husband and wife. Jalal is hiding a confidential information from his wife about his spy network, he is not hiding anything which has relation with their personal relationship! LOL 

Khair Jalal aisa nahi hai, he is MCPWinkLOLLOL 

Not really! Angry Why would he chat about Fakhunnisa with Jodha when Fakhr especially wants to keep him that secret? Should he break his promise?Shocked 

Oye Jalal, dont worry about Fakhr, she is very intelligent and smart. You can ditch her but thats because you have larger army. Otherwise in brain game, you lose badlyEmbarrassedCool

No dear! Jalal will not ditch her but it is not so easy to defeat Jalal too... After all at the end it was Jalal who gave Fakhr the chance first. Wink

Sujamal and his plan, bechara apne pyaare se dil ka maara, isko chahiye, hamdard ka tonic cinkaraROFL Aise kamzor dil se sochega toh bas khayalo   mei milega usko amerLOL. Samar singh, mat band baja uski pehle se hi halat kharab haiLOLLOL Waise does Samar Singh work for radio mirchi ( sabki bajate rahoLOLLOL)


 Sujamal is pretty weak in ran-neeti and raj-neetiLOLLOL Ahah Jodha's plan worked and they all thought Jalal was mildly injured. Inke spies bhi show wale jaise hai, ekdum nikammeLOLLOL OMG, the attack was connived by Samar SInghClapClap= the male FakhrEmbarrassed. SamarHeartFakhr  

Lovestory between Samar and Fakhr? ROFL Well sadly Samar is a little cameo role. LOL

Sharif and his lifeLOLLOL full of ups and downs. His active mind

So Samar and Sharif have a story, ahah interesting twistClapClapClap

Just to give devil Sharif a last chance. LOL

So now Todarmal is informing Shehenshah about the developments and Jalal is directing him. Good as a king he must be aware of the developments.

Obviously! My jalal is much more efficient and active that that mash-mellow of Ekta Kapoor who had only one work that was praising his wife day and night! LOL  

Dont mind but the Jalal-Jodha convo here was boring and Jalal came across as selfish and prudeDead  who wants to be the ruler and his queen his servant whereas Jodha as too eager to be a queen who wants to rule.Angry

OMG why?? Cry Cry I never meant to express this. Jalal is ruler of the kingdom and is the head of everyone even of his queen; if he wants Jodha to give his proxy when he is absent then does it imply that Jalal wants Jodha to be his servant? And why selfish? Cry I thought you would be liking Jodha giving political ideas to Jalal casually. Cry

Other than this I liked the interesting update, esp the Samar-Sharif twistStarStarStar

Thanks di. Big smile

Thanks dear for the engrossing storyEmbarrassed


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Originally posted by amitaprasad

beautiful..i am amazed how proportionally u blend politics and love making this story more interesting and intriguing...while awaiting for update the out come is always worth awaiting...a king can not trust on his own shadow,his doubt on mirza proves his sharp instinct ..thanks for pm.
Thank you so much for sharing this thoughtful comment dear. Embarrassed 
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Originally posted by jasminegrewal98

Thank you for the pms Deb! (Going to comment for both stories quickly here
Although I'm super busy now I always take time out to read your updates I just love both stories so muchDay Dreaming I may not be able to comment at times but your writing is always amazing in my eyes I always enjoy each update your just amazing!

Thank you so much for reserving time for my stories from your busy schedule dear! Means a lot to me. Embarrassed

Loving how New Life is coming along especially our love birdsHeart The end is awesome so will Jalal send Jodha back to Agra and how will he convince her as she will want to stay by his side until he fully recovers but I also think she would be excited at the opportunity to take up such a responsibility! 

Jalal might send her and she will carry out his order if situation worsens but there are a lot who are able to solve this till now. Jodha has more important works here. Wink

Destined Love is also getting so interesting! Cant wait for Jalal and Jodha's real identities to be revealed how much more waitLOL? But I've always adored Jodha and Maan Singh's relationship so really enjoyed their bonding together. Jalal's thinking as a King is superb love the way you have described his thinking and what he would have done in place of Bharmal to help his people just as Jodha is doing her level best to help her people!

You have to wait more. LOL Glad to know that you are liking the story. Thanks for sharing your views dear. Embarrassed

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In the morning, Jalal was trying free-hand exercises in his room. His wound has recovered a lot, and the other physical agonies also have reduced quite a bit. Now he can claim himself to be fit and fine again, both physically and mentally, and is ready to go back in his normal routine by now. Though the caravan has left for Agra with the maximum number of officers and soldiers to compensate his vacancy, and he is quite sure that his eligible officers are strong enough to take care of Agra by now as the bigger storm has gone out of the way and also he is prescribed to take rest for some more days, he needs, and he hopes too, to set for the capital within this week... As his instinct says he will be needed in another crucial situation...very soon.

While stretching the arms forcefully ignoring the pain with his usual stubbornness, his mind was anywhere else... Kabul... the frosty land of Kabul... the dark fort in Kabul... and the princess... What is cooking up under the darkness of the fort?

"Iss bar khat bhejne me itni der kyu laga rahi hay Fakhrunnissa! Aab tak to hume dusra khat mil jana chahiye tha!" [Why the hell Fakhrunnissa is doing late in sending me letter! The letter should have come within this time!] He whispered to his own with gasp, and subsequently another idea clicked him. "Kya kuch aisa hua hay jis liye khat aane me waqt lag raha hay?" [Has something happened for which it's taking so much time?]

"Chaliye yeh pee lijiye." [Ok drink it.] Jodha hurried inside the room without permission like a very professional wife and put the vessel of any medicated liquid in front of his eyes. "Yeh kya kar rahe hay aap? Itni bhi kya jaldi hay aapko thik hone me?? Ghao ko thik se bharne to dijie!" [What are you doing? Why are you in hurry to be recovered completely? Let the wound to heal first!] She popped out her eyes looking at the sweat of his forehead and the suppressed palpitation.

"Dard ke upar dard dene se hi dard jata hay Begam Sahiba! Dard ko jitna barhaba dengi utna hi o sar pe char byathega. Usse nazar-andaz kijie, usse or dard dijie, usse jana hi hoga..." [Pain goes only by giving pain on the pain your highness! If you pamper the pain it will get into you. Ignore the pain, give the pain more pain, it will go automatically...] Jalal smiled and took the glass from her and sipped with an irritating shrink in his face. "Euuu! Kya milaya hay iss me! Jaher pilakar mar dalengi kya?" [Euuu! What have you mixed in this! Are you intending to poison me or what?]

"Kaara hay. Aapke swasth ke liye." [It's medicine for your health.] Jodha pulled his nose which had automatically shrunk due to the bitter taste with delight. "Aab dard ke upar dard dene se hi sab ghao to nehi bhar sakta hay na meri jaan? Uske liye aushadhi ki bhi avasyakta hoti hay!"   [Now all the wounds cannot be healed by only giving them pain my dear, they need medicine too!]

Jalal made a face and gulped the rest. "Srif yeh karva khilakar hi rakhengi hume yeah kuch or bhi dengi khaneke liye!" [Are you going to let me live on this bitter only or going to give me something to eat too?]

"Zarur denge... Ubla hua sabji ke sath chawl..." [Obviously... Rice with boiled vegetables...] Jodha controlled her laughter. To the very evident proof of recovery, Jalal suddenly has gained such a large appetite that he is making Jodha mad nowadays.

"Yeh to sarasar naa-insaafi hay!!" [That's a grave injustice!!] Jalal almost shouted in anger. "Hum bilkul thik ho gaye hay par aap hume khane bhi nehi de rahi hay! Or to or khud har-din accha-khasa kha rahi hay or aapni mayke walo ko khila bhi rahi hay!!" [I am completely alright but you are not letting to eat me! And yourself is eating and feeding tasty foods to your family!!]

Jodha bent her lips. "Bohot kar liye sarir-charcha... Aab or nehi!" [Enough of exercises. Stop now!]

"Aapko bohot maza aata hay na hume mariz banakar sulakar rakhne me?" [You enjoy keeping me on bed like a patient isn't it?] Jalal pouted and again started with his limbs. But dared not much as soon he witnessed the beautiful woman in front of her is all set to attack with the most dreadful weapon of her... Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar can defeat everything but those stern, steady glances with mixture of extreme anger. "Dekhie hum bilkul thik hay!" [Look I am perfectly fine!] He smiled broadly instead, assuring her with the activeness of his left arm.

"O to dikh hi raha hay!" [Yeah I can see this!]

"Aree sach me! Dekhie!" [Really! Look!] Jalal came too close to her and touched her nose with his nose in mischievous passion and pulled her closer. "Abhi to hum aapko baahyon me leke pura mahel ghumne ki takat rakhte hay! Parakhna chahengi?" [Now I am fit enough to lift you on my arms and to roam in the whole palace! Want to try?]

"Rahene dijie!" [Leave it!] Jodha passed a reluctant smile and broke the imprisonment of his arms.

"Kya hua? Darr gaye kya?" [What? Are you scared?] Laughing, Jalal untied the first lace of his upper garment and puffed the sweat of neck and chest with towel. Jodha took the towel from his hand, lovingly wiped the sweat from his forehead, the sides of his ears and his neck. With naughtiness tinkling inside, Jalal could not help himself from planting a deep kiss on her lips suddenly. She did not protested, only looked in his eyes with meaningful smile. "Firse suru ho gaye aap?" [Again you started?]

"Aap majboor kar rahi hay!" [You are provoking me!] He touched her cheek and started caressing them while she continued to wipe the bare parts of his body with that towel... "Ho gaya! Aab jaane dijie..." [Complete. Now leave me...] She whispered suddenly while gazing at his eyes intensely.

"Uhhuhh!"Jalal smirked and pulled Jodha towards him, both fall on the bed and rolled over the bed-sheet for once; capturing Jodha under his bold and muscular build, Jalal profoundly fixed his glares on her eyes and sided the twigs of hair coming on her face which were preventing him from sinking in her beauty. Jodha smiled and simultaneously put her arms around his neck, her palms slowly caressing his hairs with utter passion. "Teri Nigahon Ke Yoon Hi Kayal The Hum,Kya Jaroorat Thi Aajmane Ki, Yoon Hi Behosh Pade Hai Teri Rahon Main, Kya Jaroorat Thi Alag Se Muskurane Ki..." He uttered like a man in intoxication while touching her eyelashes with passionate affection. Jodha held her head a little up and deeply kissed on his neck. "Aaj Shahenshah sare din aise kabita banate hue hi bitayenge kya?" [Is my lord going to make poetry the whole day?] She whispered in his ear...

"Aap to khud hi ek shayeri hay Jodha! Khudrat ki haatyon me, mohabbat ki kalam se, dil ki kitaab par likhi gayi ek khubsuraat daastaan hay aap! Baas afsos hay ki hum shayar nehi hay..." [You yourself are poetry, Jodha! You are a story written in the book of heart, by the pen of love from the hand of nature! Only sad is I am not a poet...] Jalal sighed in a delightful sadness before sinking inside the passion of his beloved's beauty...

"J..jahaanpanah!" [My... My lord!]

Jalal jumped up and Jodha sat up, both in a spoilt mood for ruining this beautiful moment. The shadow of Moti Bai is waiting outside the door. "Kya hua? Shahenshah ke bisraam me bighna daalne ki sahaas kaise hua?" [What happened? How you dared to interrupt into the leisure of the emperor?] Jodha told a bit rudely and poor Moti's voice shook while answering. "Khsama karna Jodha, o bus sayad Shahenshah ke liye koi bises sambaad..." [Forgive me Jodha, perhaps there was a special news for his majesty...]

"Kya khabar?"  [What news?] Jalal moved towards the closed door while tying the lace of his dress.

"O Shahenshah... Kabul se..." [Actually your majesty... from Kabul...] Moti was perplexed as the emperor was directly addressing him in somewhat spoilt mood, and the reason of disturbing his leisure was not at all convincing for her too... "Kabul se aapke liye kuch tohfa aya hay..." [There is a gift for you from Kabul...] She had to take a pause looking at Jalal's stern expression and gulped. "Humari koi dosh nehi... Itni sadharan karan aapko satane ki koi iccha nehi thi humari... par jab o samaan rakkha ja raha tha Mahesh Das ji ne humse kaha ki hum yeh aapko de..." [I have no mistake... I was not intended to disturb you for such a silly reason... But when the things were being placed Mahesh Das Ji said to give it to you...]

"Kya samaan aaya hay?" [What is sent?] Jalal asked in a very low and husky tone. Ek ittr ke dibbe Shahenshah... Kabul ki khas prasidhh ittr, sayad aapne hi mangwaye the..." [A bottol of perfume Majesty... Special perfume of Kabul, maybe you had ordered for it...]

Jalal frowned for a moment, then extended his palm to take the canister with a almost invisible smirk on lips. Moti handed that to him, bowed down and went off. Jalal observed the canister keenly, then opened the seal... 

"Kya hua Shahenshah? Konsi premika ne sugandhi bheji hay Kabul se ki aap hume bhul kar uski chinta me bilin ho gaye?" [What happened Majesty? Which beloved of you has sent perfume from Kabul that you forgot me and is drowned into her thoughts?] Jodha commented in a teasing tone. But Jalal hardly could hear that. He put a little perfume on him, it had a strong fragrance... He smirked and then looked at Jodha...

"Lagta hay ittr ke sath prem-patra bhi aaya hay. Isliye humse sharma rahe hay aap. Thik hay hum chale jate hay." [Looking like there is a love-letter too along with the perfume. So you're shying from me. Ok I am going.] Jodha smiled in banter... "Hum Zafar ko bulaye kya?" [Should I call Zafar?]

"Zafar?" Jalal picked one brow.

"Haa, Zafar... Jo aapke pyare ghorayon ka dekhbhal karta hay, or jis par aajkal aap humse bhi zyada bharosa karte hay!" [Yes, Zafar... Who is the caretaker of your favourite horse and on whom you trust even more than me!] She smiled.

Jalal smirked but commented nothing. He poured the whole attar on a designed vase near hand suddenly. The whole room became intoxicated in a strong fragrance, and Jalal took out a roll of paper covered with waterproof element and opened that. A little piece of letter... Jodha laughed out. "Yeh kya? Sach me prem patra nikla?" [What? Really a love-letter?]

"Hmmm!" Jalal observed the paper with keen attention; it seemed as if he is a little bit disappointed with this; then he looked at Jodha with playful smile. "Or yeh prem-patra padne ki izzazat srif humare waafadar Zafar ko hay!" [And only my faithful Zafar has the right to read this love-letter!]




Jodha came towards Jalal and almost snatched the piece of paper from his hand. She took that in front of her nose and smelt the perfume, then opened the fold... "Ahh! Jaisi sundar mehek waisi hi sundar hastakshar... Lagta hay patra bhejne wali bohot sundar hay!" [Wow! The beautiful fragrance just like beautiful handwriting... Looking like the sender too is very beautiful!]

"Be-Shaq!" [No doubt!] Jalal snatched the letter from her hand. "Akhir kar o humara aapna hay!" [After all she is my own!]

Jodha picked one brow with meaningful smile. "To kabse chal raha hay inn patryon ka adaan-pradaan?" [Then, from when this give-and-take of letters is going on?]

Jalal patted on her cheeks smilingly. "Saalyon se." [From years.] He confessed with a wink. "To aab hum Zafar ko bulaye?" [So may I call Zafar now?]

"Yeh patra padne ke liye Zafar ki kya zarurat? Padna to hume bhi aata hay Shahenshah!" [What's the need of Zafar to read these? I can also real majesty!] Jodha smiled. "Aisa bhi kya hoga iss parta me jo hume pata na ho?" [What else will be there is this letter which I won't know?]

"Accha? Aapko pata hay meri konsi maasuka ne likhi hay yeh khat?" [So you know what my beloved has written in this letter?] Jalal picked his right brow...

"Nehi, pura nahi pata..." [No, not the full...] Jodha smiled. "Yeh to pata nehi ki jab ghar me lagayi hui chingari ko bujha diya gaya hay, jharoke se haowa aane ka raste bhi bandh hay, safed saap or lomriyon ki mehefil ko todkar saapyon ko bas me kar liya gaya hay, or maut ki sanesh dene wali Aman ki Parinde khub maut se aalingan kar liya hay, tab yeh itr ki sishi me chupakar khas paigaam ane ki tatparya kya hay!" [I don't know that when the spark ignited in the house has been extinguished, the way of air from the windows is shut too, the functions between white snakes and foxes is broken and snakes are under control, and the bird of peace with message of death itself has embraced death, then what is the significance of this special news hidden in the bottle of perfume!]

[Consult chapter 5 in case of any confusion. LOL ]

"Maashallah!" Jalal smirked. "Jab ghar me hi ek jaasoos ho, to chupan-chupayi karke kya faida!" [When there is a gumshoe in house, then what's the use of keeping secret?] He sighed. "Maaf kar dijie Fakhrunnissa! Sayad hum aapki waada nehi rakh paye!" [Sorry Fakhrunnissa! Perhaps I could not keep your promise!]

"Fakhrunnisa?" Jodha asked. "To yeh Fakhrunnisa hi hay jo aapko Kabul ki guptkathayon ke bare me suchna deti hay? Par hay kon o?" She bit her lips. "Koi rakasha yeah koi daasi to nehi lagti... fir?" [So it is Fakhrunnissa who send you the secrets of Kabul? But who is she? Not looks like a maid or dancer... then?]

"Mughal saltanant ki shahzadi hay o Jodha! Koi aam aurat nehi!" [She is the princess of Mughal dynasty, Jodha! Not any common woman!] Jalal laughed. "Uski raago me bhi Sahenshah Babar or Humayun ke khun daurta hay! Humare tarha!" [The blood of emperor Babar and Humayun flows in her veins! Like me!]

"Aapki behen Fakhrunissa!" [Your sister Fakhrunnissa!] Jodha was confused. "Begam Mahchuchak ki beti Fakhrunnisa?" [Daughter of Mah-Chuchak Begam?]

"Abul Mali ke Begam Fakhrunnisa!" [Wife of Abul Mali, Fakhrunnisa!] Jalal detailed a bit more.

"Abul Mali ki patni, Mahchuchak Begam ki beti aapke liye kam karti hay?" [Abul Mali's wife, Mah-Chuchak Begam's daughter works for you?] Jodha almost shouted in muted voice.

"Nehi kam nehi karti hay! Hum dono bas humare dosti niva rahe hay! Or dosti me tohfe ki lenden to zayez hay na?" [No does not work! We only celebrate our friendship! And it's legal to exchange gift in friendship, isn't it?] Jalal smiled. "O humare madat karengi, badle me hum bhi unhe kuch denge..." [She will help me, and I will return something to her.]

"Aap kya denge unhe?" [What will you give her?]

"Jo o chahti hay! Jiska unhe sabse zyada zarurat hay!" [What she wants, what she needs the most!] Jalal looked at the letter and sniggered... "Takat or hukumat!" [Power and authority!]

"Parantu..."[But...] Jodha could not help but to be astonished. "Jo sattwa ke lov me aapno ke sath chhal kar sakti hay, o kabtak sacchi dil se aapki sahayata karegi?" [Who can deceive the closer ones for the greed of power, for how long she will help you from heart?]

"Karegi... Jabtak uski zarurat puri na ho o zarur karegi..." [She will... As long her needs will not be fulfilled she will...] Jalal smirked cruelly. "Or uski zarurat kabhi pura na ho hum khud uska khayal rakhenge..." [And I will keep it in mind that her need will never be fully fulfilled.]

 "Par aapko kaise biswas hay ki aapni zarurat pura karne ke liye o khud bhi prayas nehi karengi?" [But how do you believe that she will not help herself to fulfill her needs?] Jodha told. "Agar ushi prayas me kuch anhoni ghatit ho jaye to?" [If something wrong takes place due to her trial?]

"Uska hi to darr hay!" [I fear the same!] Jalal sighed and frowned unmindfully. "Khair... Zara padhiye yeh khat..." [However, read this letter for me...]

Jodha went on... "Kutta jab pichhe se chupkar baar karta hay tab sher ko bhi maat de deta hay. Hosiyar rahiyega! Kabhi bhi hamla ho sakta hay... Koi tirandaz aa raha hay aapko marne..." [When dog attacks hidden from back he defeats the lion too. Be careful! There can be an attack anytime... Some archer is coming to kill you...] She looked up.

"Purana khabar hay... sayad Abul Mali ke hamle ke bare me..." [Old news. About Abul Mali's attack...] Jalal looked disappointed with the most awaited letter. "Bohot jaldi me thi Fakhrunnisa... isliye thik se paheli banane ka bhi waqt nehi mila unhe. Par kuch zyada hi der ho gaya khat ate ate..." [Fakhrunnisa was in hurry... so could not even make the puzzle properly. The letter came too late...] He smiled while examining the backside of the paper carefully before putting that on the heat of the lamp. "Nehi! Piche bhi kuch nehi likha hay..." [No! Nothing is written behind...]

"Adrisya kali se patra ke pichle vaag me kuch chitra banaya jata tha... Manchitra ki tarha... hayna?" [There some pictures were made behind the letter with invisible ink... like map... isn't it?] Jodha's voice touched a little bit of excitement. "Taki yeh kisike haat aa bhi gaya ho, tab bhi usse asli baat pata na chale. Aap jab bhi iss patra ko aag ke aanch me rakhte the, o chitra aapko hi dikta tha..." [So that even if it comes to someone's hand, he will not be able to know the actual thing. Whenever you keep the letter on the heat of fire, only you could understand the picture...]

"Bohot khub!" [Very good!] Jalal gave a satisfactory look. "Jaiye o baksha le kar ayiye jaha sara khat rakha hay!" [Now bring that casket where the letters are kept!]


"Aapko to pata hi hay ki Kabul hamesha se hi mere liye ek pareshani hay! Hum isbar Kabul ko shant kar dena chahte the..." [You know that Kabul is always a headache for me. So I wanted to peace Kabul forever...] Jalal told while looking at the old letters of Fakhrunnisa. "Yaad hay aapko hum bohot din pahele ekbar Kabul gaye the? Usbar Kabul ki siyasaat me kafi badlaao lane ki kosish ki humne, kafi sare kanoon badle, Kabul ke bahar fauj motayen kar diye, Kabul ki hukumat ke upar nazar rakhne ke liye kafi sare khabri or jasoos bhi motayen kiye; par hume pata tha ki yeh sab kaafi nehi. Mah-Chuchak Begam chup byathne wali nehi hay, o firse sajish karengi, firse Kabul haat se bahar chala jayega. Isliye, Kabul ko haat me rakhne ke liye hi Kabul par nazar rakhna zaruri tha... kisi jasoos ke aankho se nehi- kyuki raat ki andhere me mahel ki ek ek kamre me kya naya sajish chal raha hay yeh janna jasoos ka kam nehi... O sirf o hi kar sakti hay jo uss andhere kamre me, uss sajish me or sajish karne wale ki dil me maujood ho... Ek aurat!" [Do you remember I had gone Kabul long back? That time I changed many things regarding the politics of Kabul, changed a lot of rules, set army camps in the borders, put spies and detectives to spy on the authority of Kabul; but I knew that they were not sufficient. MahChuchak Begam will not stay quiet, she will conspire again, and Kabul will go out of control. So, to control Kabul it was necessary to have an eye on Kabul... not from any detective's eye- as it's not possible for a normal detective to know about the conspiracies taking places in the dark nights inside the rooms... it cn be done by her who is there in that room, in that conspiracy, and in the heart of the conspirator... A woman!]

"Fakhrunnissa ko kaise nirbachit kiya aapne? O man bhi gayi?" [How did you select Fakhrunnisa? She agreed too?] Jodha asked.

"Humne Fakhr ko nehi dhunda Jodha, balki usne hume dhunda hay..." [I didn't find her, Jodha, rather she has found me...] Jalal smiled unmindfully. "Usse pata tha khi hum uski hi talash me hay. Or sayad o bhi humari hi talash me thi! Usne humse dosti mangi; aapne sab kuch ke badle me Shahenshah se dosti... Or hum o dosti nivane ke liye taiyaar ho gaye. Ussi waqt se Fakhr har ek-do mahine me hume ek tohfa bhejti hay... Kabhi khud ki naam se, to Kabul se aye hue khajana ki andar. Tohfa ke andar iss tarha ki khat raheta hay... Ghuma fira kar likhi hui Kabul ke bare me jaankari, or piche safed kali se banaya hua tasbeer jisse hume pata chale ki humare dusmaan thik kaise, kis dik se humare upar hamla karne wale hay... Dekhiye..." [She knew that I am in her search. And perhaps she was also in my search! She wanted my friendship; the friendship of the emperor in exchange of all that belongs to her... and I was ready to accept that friendship. From then only Fakhr sends me gift in every one-two months... sometimes in her own name, sometimes inside the treasury coming from Kabul. In each gift there is a letter like this always... consisting of the news of Kabul in round words and the picture made of white ink behind by which I can know from where in which direction the enemies will attack... See...] He put an old letter in front of her eyes with a half-burnt picture of a hand-made map... "Pahechan rahi hay?" [Can you identify?] He asked. Jodha nodded her head to and fro. "Yeh Samarkand hay- or yeha hay Hindustan. Yeaha dekhiye yeh lakiryen..." [This is Samarkand's map- and here is Hindustan. Look at these lines...] Jalal pointed on the map... "Fakhr ne hume yeh bataye hay ki Samarkand ke fauj konsi raste se Hindustan par hamla karne wale hay!" [Fakhr has told me about the routes of Samarkand's troop coming to attack Hindustan!]

"Yeh khat pane ke baad hi aap sena bheje the Samarkand ne!" [So you sent troops to Samarkand after getting this letter!] Jodha exclaimed. "Itni bari sahayata ki unhone, badle me kya diya aapne unhe?" [She did such a help, what you gave her in return?]

"Ek mohor lagaya hua khat..." [A letter with seal...] Jalal frowned in thought while uttering this. "Ajeeb hay unki yeh choti si khoyaish! O aapne paas hum dono ke bich hue baatyon ka saabut rakhna chahti hay. Na jane kya chal raha hay uski dimag me! Hume pata hay ki jo bhi chal raha hay kuch thik nehi chal raha...Par hum kuch nehi kar sakte iss bare me!" [Her little wish is strange! She wants the proof of conversation between us. God knows what's running in her mind! I know whatever it is, is not good... But what can I do!] He lost in his thoughts.

"Aisa kya lagta hay aapko?" [Why do you think these?] Jodha asked.

"Kyu ki o hume sare khabre nehi de rahi hay! O khud kuch bara kar rahi hay jiske bare me hume anjaan rakhna chahti hay! Mahchuchak Begam ki bimari ke bare me kuch bhi nehi kaha usne... Uski achanak se Haidar Qasim ke sath milna-julna, Faisal Beg se chup kar baat karna, Faisal or Abul Mali ke bich man-mitao ko haowa dena..." [Because she is not giving me all the information. She wants me to be ignorant about the big deed she is planning! She did not tell me about Mah-Chuchak Begam's illness... her sudden interactions with Haidar Qasim, talking with Faisal Beg, provoking Faisal and Abul Mali against each other...] Jalal was restless suddenly. "Or Mirza Hakim ko achanak se khat likhkar Kabul kyu bulaya... Mah-Chuchak Begam ki bimaari ke piche Haidar Qasim ka haat hay; or Fakhr unki madat kar rahi hay... par kyu?  Hume lag raha hay aapne junoon ko mitane ki nashe me Kabul me khun ki hori khel rahi hay Fakhr!" [And why did she call Mirza back suddenly? There is the hand of Haidar Qasim behind Mah-Chuchak's sickness; and Fakhr is helping him... but why? I feel in the addiction of fulfilling her passion Fakhr is playing with blood in Kabul! ]

"Agar aisa hay to Fakhrunnissa bohot vayankar hay Shahenshah!" [If it's true then Fakhrunnissa is dangerous Majesty!] Jodha looked thoughtful. "Jo sattwa ke liye aapne maa ki bhi aahit soch sakti hay, aapni jivan, parivaar kisiki bhi bare me nehi sochti hay, uspar aise purn biswaas karna kya thik hay? Kya pata agar kal o soch badal kar aapke upar hi baar kare to?" [Who can think harmful of her mother due to power, does not think anything about own life and family, is it okay to trust her? If she changes her thoughts and hurt you?]

"Kabhi bhi kar sakti hay; par tab tak nehi karegi jab tak humse usse kuch mil raha ho! Usse pata hay ki o kitna kar sakti hay, or hum kitna kar sakte hay." [She can do it anytime, but not during when she is getting something from me! She knows that what is her limitations, and what I can do.] Jalal looked at her. "Jodha, Fakhrunnissa ko uski taalash hay jo usse haq, takat or izzat de sake... O izzat jo usse aapni maa se nehi mila, aapni sauhar se nehi mila, usse yaakin hay ki usse o izzat Kabul ki taqt de sakta hay. Unhe humse yeah Kabul me humare hukumat se koi taaluk nehi hay... O tab tak humare sath rahengi jab tak hum usse o izzat de jo unhe chahiye..." [Jodha, Fakhrunnisa was in search of someone who can give her rights, power and respect... the respect that she could not get from her mother, her husband, she believes that she will get that from the throne of Kabul. She has nothing with me and the control of Kabul... she will stay with me till I will give the respect that she wants...]

"Par..." Jodha interrupted, but Jalal stopped her. "Fir bhi agar aapko koi shaq ho to aapko batana chahenge ki..." [If you have further doubts then I will like to tell you that...] he smirked. "Hum kabhi koi kam kaccha nehi chorte. Hum Fakhrunnisa par yaakin nehi karte. Jasoos ke piche or bhi ek jasoos hay!" [I don't keep any loose end. I do not trust Fakhrunnisa. There is a spy behind the spy!]

"Fakhrunnissa ke upar nazar rakhne ke liye ek guptchar?" [There is a spy to keep eyes on Fakhrunnissa?]

"Ha. Fakhrunnissa ki waafadar bandi Chinar!!" [Yes. The faithful maid of Fakhrunnisa, Chinar!] Jalal replied.

"To Fakhrunnissa aapko Abul Mali ki khabre deti hay or Chinar Fakhrnnissa ki?" [So Fakhrunnisa gives you the news of Abul Mali while Chinar gives that of Fakhrunnisa?] Jodha frowned in an amused way. "Kya Shahenshah! Pura Kabul ko aapne biswasghati guptcharo se bhar diya hay!" [What Majesty! You have filled the whole Kabul with traitor spies!]

 "Or yehi guptcharyon ne hume jo jo khabar diye hay usse hume Fakhrunnissa se darr lag raha hay Jodha!" [And I am afraid of Fakhrunnisa after getting those spies' news Jodha!] Jalal was serious. "Chinar hoosiyaar hay, par satil nehi. O hume sirf khabar hi de sakti hay, aapne aapse kuch nehi kar sakti. Usse hukum talim karna pata hay- o Fakhr ki ho yeah humara... par Fakhrunissa Chinar ki jaisi mamuli aurat nehi hay! Usse hukum talim karna nehi aata, khud se khel khelna bhi aata hay! Or abhi o maut se khel rahi hay!" [Chinar is smart, but not cunning. She only knows to give me news, does not know to do something herself. She knows how to carry on orders- be it of me or of Fakhr... But Fakhrunnisa is not a common woman like Chinar! She does not know how to carry out orders, she knows to play on her own! Now she is playing with death!] Jalal sighed. "Humari hi galti thi Fakhr ko humne ek mamuli khabri samajh bythe the! Chinar ko aankhri khabar bheje hue bohot din ho gaya hay... Bichme yeaha itna kuch ho gaya. Na jane Kabul me kya ho raha hay! Koi paigaam nehi, koi khabar nehi... achanak shant ho gaya hay Kabul! Or yeahi hay kahani me sabse khatarnak more!" [It was my fault to take Fakhr as a common py! Chinar had sent the last news long back... A lot of thing happened in between. God knows what's happening there in Kabul! No news, nothing... it has become too peaceful! And it's the main dangerous turn of this story!]

Jodha felt tensed seeing Jalal's worried face. "Agar Fakhrunnissa haat ke bahar chali gayi to o sayad MahChuchak Begam se bhi bhayankar hay..." [If Fakhrunnisa goes out of control then she will turn out to be more dangerous than Mah Chuchak Begam perhaps...] She uttered in a low tone. In mind she was trying to imagine her... was trying to measure the woman whom she has never seen... a woman of her age, of royal background, highly accomplished, dignified and educated... when a woman like her starts playing such a dangerous game? She is vicious...venomous like an unforgiving viper and cruel like a sharp, icy dagger... to what extent she can go and she is going?

"Aapne kaha ki Fakhrunnissa ko aapse hukumat ki maang hay. O Kabul ki sinhashan chahti hay. Parantu kya aap usse o se sakti hay?" [You told that Fakhrunnisa wants authority from you. She wants the throne of Kabul. But will you be able to give her that?] Jodha suddenly told. "Kya yeh karke aap Mirza Hakim ka haq nehi chhin rahe hay?" [Aren't you snatching the right of Mirza by this?]

Jalal glanced to her face all of a sudden, then shook his head vulnerably. "Hum kisise kisika haq nehi chhinenge Jodha, par darr yeh hay ki yeh Mirza or Fakhr ko pata nehi... mere sare darr ki baja Mirza hi hay. Na jane kyu hume lag raha hay ki Fakhr Mirza ko lekar koi khel khel rahi hay... Hume khabar mila tha ki o zaruri khat bhejkar Mirza ko Badakshan se Kabul bulaya hay aapni madat ke liye!" [I will not snatch any right from anyone Jodha, but the matter of fear is Mirza and Fakhr does not know this... Mirza is the reason of my all fear. Don't know why I feel Fakhr will play a big game with Mirza... I got news that she has called back Mirza from Badakshan to Kabul for her help!] He looked thoughtful. "Ek behen ek bhai ko kabhi bhi khat bhej sakti hay, isme koi shaq ki gunjayish nehi, par yehi mere sabse bari soch ki baja hay! Kaisi madat! Kyu!" [A sister can send letter to brother anytime, nothing to doubt here. But this is the main reason of my worry! What help! Why!]

"Aapko darr hay ki Mirza aapke birudhh jayega?" [You fear that Mirza will go against you?]

Jalal closed his eyes and nodded. "Pata nehi par hum taiyaar hay Jodha! Kabul ek bohot bari paheli hay jiska jawab sirf Fakhrunnissa ki pass hay!" [Don't know but I am prepared for that Jodha! Kabul is a big riddle whose answer belongs to Fakhrunnisa!] He sighed. "Mah-Chuchak Begam, Abul Mali, Faisal Beg, Haidar Qasim, Mirza Hakim... sab iss paheli ki ek ek surag hay. Or Fakhrunnissa iss paheli ki..."  [Mah-Chuchak Begam, Abul Mali, Faisal Beg, Haidar Qasim, Mirza Hakim... all are the hints of that riddle. And Fakhrunnisa is the...]

He had to stop, as someone interrupted him in middle. "Maafi Jahanpanah!" [Excuse me, My Lord!] A soldier of higher rank had appeared near the door. This situation is not normal; generally the soldiers cannot come up in front of Emperor in his restroom without passing the news by maids... "Kya hua?" [What happened?] Jalal got up from his seat and went to him. "Kuch khabar hay Kabul se?" [Any news from Kabul?]

"Abhi khabar aya hay Jahanpanah! Pata nehi accha khabar hay yeah bura..." [Just now a news have come My Lord! Don't know whether it's good or bad...] The soldier stammered.

"Batao..." [Say...]

"Kabul me ek chota sa jung cher gaya hay Shahenshah!" [A small war has taken place in Kabul My Lord!] The man replied. "Abul Mali ne Mah-Chuchak Begam ki katal kar diya hay!"  [Abul Mali has murdered Mah-Chuchak Begam!]

"Kya?" [What?] Jalal and Jodha both almost shouted out of surprise.


Precap:  "I will take my revenge..." Mirza hakim whispered out of rage... "I will not spare you... Shahenshah Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar!"



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wonderful update
thanks for pm

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Woow...invisible ink???? isn't it Onion's juice...jisko aag me pakadne se woh Brown colour ka likhawat nazar ata h...
wooowww!!!! maine school me try kia tha ek experiment k lie...I remembered by your this ki yaws diladi tune...

btw I thnk this chapter is all about fakrrunnisa...she is a true snake down the coller...nd yes koi mane ya na mane...when a woman spit out venom, it becomes more poisonous than a snake...we women's are dangerous...Tongue isn't it??? ha I can understand. fakrunnisa wants throne of Kabul bt she had a hurdle before her as named mirza who is a man n the main calmer of the she wants power, nt just because she wants to rule but she want to gain respect which she fail to revieve frm his mother and this situation she can b the most dangerous person and that's y she put mirza Hakim in between her and Jalal as like MAHABHARAT's shikhandi..she wants mirza to go against jalal n revolt n she in this main time sit in the thrown so that MIRZA don't have anyother option either to due in her hand or to be her faithfully one, so she can easily revolt against jalal nd claim the thrown of I write or wrong???? we bengalies r born detective Tongue lolllz .

bt lovely chapter hope to see a mastermind Jodha jalal n a dangerous Fakrunnisa...
let d game begin Smile

hope to receive a biiiggg reply Wink

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