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NEW LIFE: Thread 2

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Maan Singh will be reaching at tomorrow by noon with his newly-wedded wife. Actual business will start after that. The women of the palace was enjoying the last night. Everyone was free and happy tonight, most probably as there is hardly any male in the palace, and none of their husbands are there in their bedrooms. All the ladies of the royal family had been gathered in a single hall, and were continuing chit-chatting till the mid-night. Yes, husband's love and company is the largest wish for any woman; still sometimes they too need space from the daily routine of husband's company; and nothing can be a better option than this midnight gossiping.

While all the ladies are busy in their daily household talks, Jodha was not accompanying them. She was busy in her own world at a corner of the room, with her full concentration on the chess-board. It has been years since she had played chess for the last time. This chess board has increased her enthusiasm suddenly and now she was recapitulating her techniques and skills of chess.

"Ekele ekele kya kar rahi ho Jodha!"[What are you doing alone here Jodha?] One of Jodha's sisters sat beside her breaking her concentration. "Iss khel se kaisa anand aata hay tumhe? Isse chausar accha hay!"[How do you get fun from this game? Ludo is good than this.] She commented. "Yeh satranj to purusho ka khel hay!"[This chess is a game of males!]

"Kya???" [What??]Jodha laughted out at her stupidity. "Meri maa, Mughal Harem iss khel ke bina adhura hay! Humare mahel ki sare raniyan maahir hay iss khel me. Purusho ka khel!"[My mother, Mughal Harem is incomplete without this game! All the queens of our palace are expert in this game. Game of males!] She moved her horse. "Humare Begam-E-Khas Ruqaiya Begam ki jaan basti hay satranj ki mohre me... Unke sath kisi bhi purush ko baitha do, maat de dengi!"[Our chief queen Ruqaiya Begam lives in the pawns of this game... She will defeat any male in this game!]

"Tumhare badi sautan ke paas bohot buddhi hay, hay na?"[She is very intelligent isn't it?] the girl exclaimed!

"Agar satranj ke khel se buddhi ko touloge to, sayad!"[If you judge intelligence by chess then, maybe!] Jodha smiled. "Parantu, humse jit nehi paate hay o!"[But she cannot defeat me!] She held the girl's hand. "Bohot saral khel hay. Aao tumhe sikhate hay!"[Very easy it is. Let me teach you!]

As expected, Jodha's cousin could not hold her patience more than 5 minutes on the board. "Isse saral kaheti ho Jodha? Mujhe to chal hi samajh nehi aa raha! Sare alag alag mohre ke alag alag chal... koi dhai ghar chalta hay to koi sidha jaata hay... pata nehi kaise khelti ho..."[Is this called easy Jodha? I did not understand any of the moves! Different moves for different pawns...How do you play this?]

"Yeh to ek khel hi hay Supriya..."[This is a game only Supriya...] Jodha told while rearranging the pawns. "Manusya ke jivan to satranj se bhi adhik kathin hay! Hum sab to khel ka mohre hi hay! Samay kab kya chal chal de, pata hi nehi chalta!"[The life of a man is tougher than this. We all are the pawns of game! When time will move us, we never know!] Unmindfully she sighed deeply!

To remove the shadow of gloom for Jodha's eyes, her sister-in-law took the main role. "Kiske sath khelti ho humesha? Sautanyon se yeah fir shahenshah se? Sare din yehi khelti raheti ho?"[With whom do you play most? With other queens or the emperor? Do you play all the day?]

"Utna samay kaha hota hay bhabisa?"[Where is that time Bhabisa?] Jodha chuckled. "Humne byasth rahene ki bohot sari upay dhund nikali hay Agra me! Aapni khud ki karmo se suru karke bahar byapar or daan ke hisab samhalna... Inn sab karne ke baad khelne ka samay hi nehi milta... Shahenshah aapne kaam me byast rahete hay, or hum aapni kaam me...Haa"[I have searched out a lot of ideas to get busy in Agra! From personal works to the outside works of accounts in business or charity...I don't get time to play after these... His majesty remains busy in his work and me too... Yes] she smiled reminding the old days. "Kabhi kabar khel lete hay. Insaani mohro se! Agra me ek kamra hay jo satranj ki tarha dikhta hay, or kuch manysya mohra ban ke chal deta hay!"[Sometimes we play with man-pawns! There is a room in Agra which looks like chess-board, and the human beings plays being dressed like pawns!] While telling those, she lost suddenly. It has been such a long time they did not play chess together, did not discussed about politics and finance together... the vacancy has become so usual now that they both does not miss themselves! Time- you are the greatest player...

But is not Jodha missing him now? She has spent a whole long year all alone, he has eliminated her from his life; she did not care anymore to mend their relationship... after that night she had promised herself to eliminate him from her life also... to practice living alone- all alone... with drowning inside the vast sea of despair day by day. A whole long year... almost 365 days they did not exchange any informal word between them. She had felt him to die alone under the burden of guilty and loneliness; but did not care! He could have mended their relationship any day if he wanted to, but he could not... the time did not let them to come together again... Both of them thought that this is the end of their love...their life!

Now look, the time herself has made them together... The emptiness of one whole year has been fulfilled with the togetherness of 14 days! They have started to talk normally; they have slowly started to laugh together; they have started to share their pains with before! Maybe a long way is ahead to go, but still they have started... Jodha has also started to smile, to laugh, to live her life again! Even the wound from those words of Shahenshah which was the last nail of the coffin of their relationship, took no time to heal the moment he asked forgiveness with all the tears of heart...

"Kya hua Jodha?"[What happened Jodha?] All the women started laughing. "Ek pal ke liye bhi Shahenshah ko chutti nehi dogi aapni soch se?" [Let His majesty free from your thoughts for some time!]

"Aap log bhi na!"[You people are!]Jodha waved the topic. "Kal naye dulha-dulhan aa rahe hay; unke taang khichiye na; humare piche kyu pari hay?"[New bride and groom are coming tomorrow; tease them as much you want. Why all are behind me?]

"Accha??"[Really??] Sukanya smiled. "Thik hay sab chalo yeaha se; Maharani Jodha ko jeevar ke unke shahenshah ki sapne dekhne do!"[Okay all; let leave queen Jodha to dream her shahenshah alone!]

"Sukanya!" Jodha pulled her ear. "Khud Waajendar ke bare me soch rahi hay o bata na!"[Tell that you are thinking about Waajendar.] She smiled. "Or hum Shahenshah ke bare me thori na sochte hay din rat? O to prem hone ke baad baad hota hay. Humara to purana ho chuka hay!" [And I do not think about his majesty all day and night. This happens just after falling in love. Our have become old!]

"Prem purana ho chukka hay?"[Love has got old?] All started laughing hard. Her sister-in-law touched her chin. "Sach kaho, yaad nehi aa raha hay unka?"[Tell the truth. Don't you miss him?]

"Nehi!" Jodha smiled![No!]

"Aankh bandh karo, or bolo kise dekh rahe ho?"[Close the eyes and say, whom are you seeing?] She asked.

"Kya!"[What!] Jodha started laughing closing her eyes. Nothing was in front of his eyes instead of darkness, but she cannot deny that she is missing him.

"Yaad nehi aa rahe hay o?"[You don't miss him?] Bhabisa smiled loudly. "Rahe paoge unke bina?"[Can you live without him?]

Had not she lived without him for a long long time? How the situations, at the feelings get changed in times?

Jodha opened her eyes. "Nehi!"[No!] She said in a low tone...




Jalal had not expected any attack at midnight... It was just his good luck that he had gone outside for two minutes, and just at the nick of time the attacker stabbed the dagger on the pillow of his empty bed! When he entered into his tent he was shocked to see a second person near his bed, trying to do something in the dark. He slowly had moved towards him as he was busy to do something else, and had gripped his neck before he could understand! But the attacker was also not a milk-feeding baby; moreover he had a dagger in his hand to attack the person at his back. Jalal had to do a lot of actions in this tired night to save himself. He had called out the guards, but they took a little time to come inside. Jalal had managed to seize that skinny but extremely strong person by a good marshal art stunt, but even after that he escaped from the whole that he had made to enter into the tent due to a little carelessness of the troop!

A serious meeting had to be held after this unexpected incident! Jalal had strictly ordered to hide this incident from Maan Singh, he was not at the meeting, and otherwise all the important persons are present.

"Sainiko ne pura jungle chhhan mara hay Shahenshah,"[Soldiers have search the whole jungle his majesty!] Bhagwan Das reported. "Parantu uss atatayi ka pata nehi chala! Jaise ki o achanak se adrisya ho gaya ho!"[But could not find the attacker. As if he got vanished suddenly!]

"Usse dhundke kya hoga!"[What is the use of finding him now!] Jalal reciprocated in a vexed voice. "Humne usse larai karne ke waqt bhi uska chahera nehi dekh paya thik se, aab jungle me sipahi kya khas dhund payenge usse? Ek bhi kam thik se nehi hota inse..."[Even while fighting I could not see his face properly, how the soldiers will find him in jungle? They cannot do any work properly!]

"Shahenshah aap gussa maat kijie."[Don't get angry Shahenshah!] Mahesh Das said. "Koi bhi iss haatse ke liye taaiyaar nehi tha isliye aatatayi bhag gaya! Hume or sabdhan rahena hoga taki agli bar aisa na ho!"[We were not ready for any attack so the attacker got a easy escape! We have to be careful from now so that it does not repeat!]

Jalal stood up from his sit and smiled delicately. These types of attacks are not very uncommon in his life- rather he is very habituated with those... This attempt has hardly increased his blood-pressure due to tension. They are included into the daily routine of an emperor!

Two assassins entered into his private chambers and killed his two kids in the mask of relatives... how any attempt on him after that can move him much!

The very thought made Jalal's senses inactive for a moment, then he coughed a little to wipe out the gloom from his voice... he cannot let his emotions to come out!

"Rajputana me humare dusmaano ki kami nehi. Unme se hi kisika kaam hay. Baas hume or hosiyaar rahena hoga." [We have no lack of enemies in Rajputana. He is someone from them. We have to be more careful!]

But the courtiers cannot sit relaxed after this incident! They started planning to strengthen his majesty's security. A long way is still ahead- anything can happen!

"Shanehshah ko ghore ke badle haathi ke sawari karni chahiye... Sayad o zyada surakshit hoga..." [Emperor should board on horse instead of elephant... that will perhaps be more secured...] Mahesh Das suggested. All agreed. There are extra elephants and horses in their caravan. Though his majesty had come to Amer on elephant only, he accompanied Maan Singh on horse... But it is easier to attack a boarder of horse, an elephant is safer.

Jalal too agreed to move on his elephant... 


"Mil gaya! Mil gaya!"[Find it!] Abul Mali jumped on Fakhr-un-Nissa who was lying on bed and started cuddling her soft body... With a disgustful smile Fakhr also participated in this love-game; she pulled his face very close to her lips and kissed once. "Kya mil gaya humare sauhar sahab ko ki aapne begam se milne ke waqt bhi o soch unhe pareshan kar raha hay?"[What have you find that you are thinking about that even while spending time with wife?]

"Sharifuddin ka khat aya hay Fakhr!!"[The letter of Sharifuddin has come Fakhr!] Abul Mali jumped up in excitement. "Aab hum Hindustan ke Shahenshah, or aap humare Mallika! Sharifuddin ka khat pate hi humne Samarkand tak paigaam bhej diya hay! Aab Hindustan meri muthhi me!"[From now I am the emperor of Hindustan, and you are my empress! I have sent message to Samarkand the moment I found Sarifuddin's letter! Now Hindustan is in my hand!]

"Hindustan hay, koi laddu nehi."[Hindustan is not any kind of sweet.] Fakhr smirked. "ki aise hi aapke mutthi me aa jaye."[That you get so easily!] She leaned on Abul Mali's back. "Pahele Kabul ki gaddi pe aapna haq kayem kijie, phir dhire dhire Hindustan..."[First strengthen grip in Kabul, then slowly Hindustan...]

"Utna mat sochiye meri jaan!"[Don't think so much darling!] Abul Mali started running finger on her bare neck, "Baas yehi samajh lijie ki Hindustan humare hay! Ek sath Kabul or Hindustan dono milega!"[Only understand that Hindustan is all of us! We are getting Kabul and Hindustan together!]

"Apko yaakin hay ki Sharifuddin Hindustan ko be-jijak aapke hawale me kar dega?"[Are you sure that Sarifuddin will give Hindustan so easily?] Fakhr smiled. "Aapse zyada khatra usne uthaya hay, uska haq zyada hay!" [He has taken much risk, he has more right!]

"Par humara takat zyada hay!"[But I have more power!] Abul Mali said. "Bhuliye maat humare paas Kabul ki puri fauj or Samarkand ka sahara hay! Humare bina Sharif or uska buddhha baap kuch bhi nehi kar pata..."[Don't forget that I have the whole force of Kabul and also the help of Samarkand! Sarif and his old father could do nothing except me!]

"Par janab, Kabul me baithke Hindustan ke haal thik se kaha jan paa rahe hay aap? Ho sakta hay ki Sharifuddin koi khel khele, yeah fir Jalal kuch aisa kare..."[But Mr., how can you understand the condition of Hindustan from Kabul? What if Sarifuddin befools you, or Jalal does something...]

"Kuch nehi kar payega..."[He will not be able to...] Abul Mali smirked. "Hum us layak chhorenge nehi usse!"[I would not leave him in that condition!]

"Matlab?"[What?] Fakhr was confused. She had not heard this type of dialogues from him before. "Or to or, Samarkand pe bhi itna varosha kyu aapko? Agar jung ke waqt Jalal or Samarkand ke Shaenshah aapas me samjhota kar le or sab garbar ho jaye tab kaha jayenge aap?"[More than that, how can you depend so much on Samarkand? If Jalal negotiates with Samarkand and everything get messed then?]

"Kaha na humne, hum Jalal ko uss layak nehi chorenge..." [I told you, I will not leave Jalal to do that!]Abul Mali laughed out. "Or to or Hindustan ke paas koi takat nehi rahega jisse o iss dabahi ko rok sake. Ek aunr se bideshi hamla, or idhar majhaab ko leke hungama or tabahi, or Hindustan ki taqt par koi Shahenshah nehi! Sharifuddin ko koi dhund bhi nehi payega ekbar hamla ho jane ke baad. Hindustan ko mutthi me lane me hume waqt nehi lagega!" [India will have no power to stop this destruction. Foreign invading from one side, here rampage regarding religion and no emperor on the throne... None will find Sarifuddin during the attack. I will take no time to grab the Hindustan!]

"Taqt par koi Shahenshah kyu nehi rahega?"[But why there will be no emperor?] Fakhr shivered from core in an unknown fear. "Jalal to ShahenshPah hi rahega! Or jitna hum unhe jante hay o jante hay kaise yeh sare maslato ko suljha jata hay!"[Jalal will remain emperor! And the much I know him, he knows well to solve these troubles!]

"Iss liye hi to hum koi khatra nehi uthayenge!"[Only because of this I will take no risk!] Abul laughed. "Aaj hi Maan Singh ka shadi hay na?"[Isn't today the wedding of Maan Singh?]

"Hoga..." Fakhr told. "Par aap.."[Maybe... but...]

"Par kya?"[But what?] The pinch of Abul Mali's laughter broke the silence of night. "Aaj jee bhar ke khana naus farmane do Jalal ko... kal bechare ko kabar me zindegi ki aankhri nind sone jo jana hay!!"[Let Jalal to eat as much he wants today... tomorrow he is going to sleep the last sleep at grave!]

"Kya??"[What??] Fakhr screamed out! The worst fear is going to be true! This idiot is again planning anything stupid! She shouted forgetting that she needs to hide her tension from her husband. "Kayi aap yeh to nehi kahe rahe hay na ki aap firse wahi galti karne ja rahe hay? Shahenshah ko marne ki sajish..."[Don't say that you are going to commit the same mistake, plan of killing the emperor!]

"Sajish nehi jaan..." [Not only plan my love...]Abul Mali cupped her face in his arms with luring eyes. "Yehi soch lijie ki uska kaam tamam ho hi gaya! Isbar aisa ek tir feka hay jiska nishana chuk hi nehi sakta! Kal ke suraj dubne se pahele hi Jalal apne mare hue baccho ke paas pauchh jayega!"[Think that the work is done already. This time I have shot such an arrow which never misses! Jalal will reach to his dead kids before tomorrow's sunset!] He smiled the dirtiest smile ever!

"Or agar tir nishane se chuk gaya to?Koi bacha nehi payega aapko!"[If the arrow misses the target? Who will save you?] Fakhr forcefully removed his hand from her cheeks with disgusted tone! "Shahenshah ko marne ki kosish karna sabse bara gunah hay. 2-3 bar iss gunah ki maafi mil gaya hay aapko. Or nehi milega! Jalal aapke jaan nehi bakshenge iss bar!"[Conspiring to kill his majesty is the greatest offence. You have got apology 2-3 times! This time Jalal will not let you go!]

"Pahele khud to bache fir..."[First let him live...] Abul Mali laughed out suddenly. "Kya baat hay, aapne sautele bhai ka chinta kuch zyzda hi ho raha hay kya? Baat aise kar rahe ho jaise tum uske sath ho or..."[What is the case? You are thinking too much about your step brother? You are talking as if you are with him and...]

"Yeh kya kahe rahe hay aap?"[What are you saying?] Fakhr, becoming cautious, protested. "Hume srif aapke chinta hay iss liye kahe rahe hay. Kya zarurat hay yeh karna ka! Pahele Kabul ki taqt fir..."[I only  think for you so was telling these. What is the need of doing all these! First get the throne of Kabul then...]

"Zarurat hay!"[I need!] Abul Mali hissed. "Usne humare aankhe nikal liya, sabke samne humari rusbahi ki; hum aise hi chorde?"[He has taken my eyes, he has insulted me in front of all; how can I leave him? ] his eyes beamed in revenge!

"Kya karne wale hay aap?"[What are you going to do?] Fakhr tried for last. But in an amused tone Abul Mali continued his own talks. "Kal ke baad Hindustan me ek bara afat ayega...Uss Jalal ka janaja nikal ne ke sath sath awam me chain or aman ka bhi dhajiya urr jayega! Phir suru hoga asli khel... Sarifuddin ko bhi nehi pata iss hamleke bare me."[Tomorrow a great storm is coming to Hindustan... The peace and hope from the nation will go to hell along with Jalal's coffin. Then real game will start. Even Sharifuddin does not know about these! ] He whispered. "Yeh khel srif mera hay!"[This is my game!]

A tensed Fakhr tried to keep the fake happiness of her face intact in Abul Mali's arms; now who will make this man understood that you should gain the equal power first to complete revenge! Again a wrong move, but this time maybe dangerous!

When everyone of Kabul had slept; Abul Mali was snoring a little, Fakhr slowly got up from bed and went to the writing desk. She took up a paper and started writing... she has to send this message to the emperor as soon as possible. The emperor has to know fast that Abul Mali from Kabul is planning to murder him anyway. Fakhr cannot let Jalal to die so soon! She cannot afford to lose the hen who lays golden eggs now!

While writing swiftly she stopped suddenly. What is the use of sending this now? The letter can never be sent by tomorrow, no matter how much she wants it to happen! Now what should she do! How will she fulfill her ambitions without Jalal?




The grand fort was all set to welcome the new bride and bride-groom. The paths and the lanes have been furnished with various kinds of rangoli', the whole road from the outside gate to the palace door is covered with flower carpet, a lot of colorful garlands and designed festoons are hanging over head. The roads are overflowing with the excited crowd- all the citizens irrespective of gender and age has come into road to welcome the future king and queen of Amer. The whole place has become a gala land of carnival...

Close to the gate, among the crowd of the women, there was someone in red choli and yellow skirt- with a veil covering the whole face and hands. None gave any special attention to that woman, if they would have done, they will be shocked to see the small bow with a arrow in those hands under the veil, and also to their much surprise, those hands are not of any beautiful rajputani woman- rather two strong, hard and cruel hands of any male! He has been sent to kill his majesty, and he will be paid for that. There is nothing else in the world for what he will care!

The moment of entering of the royal caravan has come. Tunga, i.e the man in veil, got cautious and prepared himself with bow and arrow. He is a short and bald young lad with small eyes and blunt nose, and the most expressionless and emotionless face ever.  From his childhood he has learnt the art of killing people only... he does not know about any other emotions, any other dreams and hopes. He lives in the core of East Asia, far from Hindustan, even has never heard about the emperor of Hindustan, still he has come  to kill him getting order from his owner, he has been commanded to shot the arrow just inside the heart of the emperor just when he will be entering, so that he dies on spot!

The crowd chanted in glee... the royal caravan has entered... the troop of the soldiers, the colorful horses and carriages, the beautiful palanquin of the bride and her friends and maids, the elephant of the groom- but where is the emperor's horse?

Sweat dropped from Tunga's expressionless face, as he saw that the emperor is also riding on a big royal elephant whose height is almost equal to one-and-half storey house, and his security system is also quite tight- where his homework says just the opposite. Perhaps they have got cautious after the last night attack on the emperor! Tunga exhaled a disgusted sigh. For a random attack from any worthless person an expert like him has got into problem! Now how will Tunga fulfill his mission? Though he has never missed a target in life, can shot the target even by hearing the sound, still he has to maintain the rules of projectile motions too. He cannot aim his chest properly from ground, especially when he has to do it from behind the veil. But he can never leave the mission unfinished also. The stranger who has hired him has particularly given him condition to kill the emperor today!

Tunga changed his plan instantly. Seeing a ground-storey building nearby, he started running to that- though in the crowd he could not run properly. When he managed to come in front of the house, his red chunri was no more covering his face... his skirt was lolling on the dust of road. He was in his usual dress, and the small bow-arrow was in his hand.

He managed to carry himself on the roof of that house, obviously not by using the stairs rather climbing on the wall like a monkey. He had taken a great risk... he cannot escape very easily now after the work but still the probability of being successful has increased. Now he is almost at the same height to the emperor; but problem is he had moved much forward and the elephant is moving. Now it is not so easy to target at the heart directly!

But he has alternative ideas too. A smirk came and vanished instantly from his vacant face. He took out a small canister from his waist, and poured the sharp edge of the arrow on that. Then without wasting a moment, he set the arrow on bow and aimed his prey.

Like the silver bolt of the hand of the God of death, the sharp edge of arrow pierced the chest of the air, and blood sprinkled out. His Majesty, who was waving his hands to the subjects, suddenly exhaled a painful sound and clutched his shoulder... The arrow has been directly penetrated his skin at the joining of shoulder and left arm- narrowly missed!

While watching the emperor to slowly losing his balance from the elephant ride, and the panicked crowd to run here and there suddenly, Tunga gave a dissatisfying look. He missed his target- the arrow has not pierced his heart... but still, he has done his work! But it seems he is not able to flee now. The soldiers have become overactive suddenly. The prince of Amer ordered just now not let anyone to go out of the fort now... the soldiers are coming towards this house now- perhaps they have noticed him! In this chaos he can never flee from their hand!

Sighing, he dropped few drops of liquid in mouth from the canister that he had and lay down Perhaps he will be in the deepest sleep before the soldiers come to him!




After getting rid of the shock of the unbearable pain at shoulder and left arm all of a sudden, Jalal, who was almost going to fall from his ride due to the jolt of pain, somehow managed to keep his balance intact on the elephant. In spite of the savage pain he himself pulled out the arrow! A lot of blood was coming out, but still he was relieved to think that the arrow has missed its target and only has injured his arm. But some moments later it started feeling that a sheer strain of inflammation is slowly spreading in the whole body! The officers had come to rescue the emperor; the rider of the elephant drove it into the main gate of the palace as soon as possible. While getting inside Jalal heard the voice of Bhagwant Das... "Sare darwazo ko bandh kar do! Koi bhi killey se bahar na nikal paaye! Hume aatatayi jivit chahiye!" [Close all the doors! None should go out of the fort! I want the assassin alive!]

He also felt the heavy noise of pandemonium inside the crowd. All were running here and there out of panic! In a moment all the festive mood had turned into a horrifying moment. "Awam ko samhaliye Birbal! Nehi to bhir me bohot logo ki jaan jayegi!"[Control the mass Birbal! Else people will die for no reason only in this crowd!] He whispered to Mahesh Das who was going beside him in a nervous face. And also he tried to raise his right arm to pacify the subjects that he is alright. While doing this he felt as if he will get relief if someone cut his left arm off from his body! Such an unbearable pain it was!

When the whole caravan had entered inside the palace complex Jalal was feeling weaker from inside which should not happen to a warrior like him in a mere injury in shoulder! The glee from everyone's face had been vanished completely; all were shocked, tensed and as well as panic-stricken! Maan Singh, whose all enjoyment and happiness had got invisible in a second, jumped from his ride as fast as he could to help the emperor to come down. The poor bride started cursing herself for the grave accident just after her entrance inside the fort! The other members of the family had reached to the spot.

Any normal man would have become unconscious while bearing such a terrible pain by now; but thanks to the strong physic and mental strength of Jalal, he was still stable to come down from the elephant's back by feet. Though his eyesight was getting covered by a hazy screen every now and then, he was stable enough to understand his father-in-law to stand in front of him with a helpless eye. He managed to hold his hands somehow and uttered "Hum th..thik hay rajasahab! Chinta maat..." [I am okay rajasahab... Don't be nervous...] He could not complete and helplessly closed eyes! His throat was chocking...

There were a lot of noises around him... he could feel everyone to run here and there in nervousness, he could understand that the renowned doctors are being called for him urgently; he could even feel that his courtiers are carrying him towards his room but... he could hear nothing! It seemed that everyone is enacting a silent play in slow motion. He understood that he is losing his sense slowly. Even he is not feeling any pain now!

He understood that Maan Singh is just beside him. "Maan Singh! Agra se aaj koi khas paigam bhejenge Aziz Koka! Bohot sanjida maslaat hay!"[Maan Singh! Some news is going to some from Aziz Koka of Agra today! It is a very important issue!] He tried to order him something with gathering all his senses and strength; but no sound came out to reach to his ears... He was sinking in the deep ocean of unconsciousness slowly...very slowly...

For the last time he opened his eyes with all the strength he had inside... Yes, she is coming... she is coming to him! She is coming to give him warmth, to pacify his pain, to get him back in his senses... Jalal concentrated all the energies to see her properly. He could see nothing beyond her... everything surrounded by him was blurred- only her eyes was brightly beaming in front of him. Her eyes were full of shock for this unexpected moment- she has even forgotten to become nervous! Her lips shivered once- did she try to say him something? Jalal could not hear... She was now closer to him... she is to hold his hand... but Jalal is going far from her... her face is slowly getting blurred... she is going to be lost again...lost forever!

Jalal tried to stretch his hand towards her... his hand could not reach to her... Suddenly someone dropped a black screen in front of his eyes!

After the primary check-up of the doctors it was confirmed that the worst fear is true! The arrow which hit the emperor was highly poisonous!


PRECAP: Jodha could not move her eyes from the face of the emperor... She has witnessed the shadow of death on it!

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about update rez

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yayy third

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congrats for new thread dear

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