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Hii guys.. I am a RagSan & RagLak fan... I already have a lots of RagLak ffs on Facebook.. this is my first RagSan ff... read it and leave feedbacks.. i hope you will like it Smile
I am New here so please forgive me for Any mistake Embarrassed

"Fanaa" Fanfiction by #Rup part 1:
It was a very dark night.. but the stars were shining on the sky... 
Camera was slowly running showing only the sky..
A deep male voice was echoing in the air...
"Kehte hai jab pyaar hota hai.. toh sab buri cheeze jal kar raakh ho jaati hai... sab burey.. voh angrezi mai kya kehte hai.. haan... emotions.. sab burey emotions dil sai dur ho jaate hai... sath rehta hai to sirf ishq.. ishq.. aur ishq..."
The camera stopped on a big beautiful star which was surroanded by some other stars but it was shining the most...
"Hamari adhuri prem kahaani thodi alag hai... buri cheezoon kai sath ashi cheeze bhi jal gai... bure emotions kai sath ashey emotions bhi dil sai dur ho gaye... dil hi bohat buri tarah sai toota na.. is liye... aur sath mai ishq, ishq aur ishq to raha... lekin jis sai ishq kiya.. voh hi nehi raha... " 
The shadow of the darkness covered the star...
Just then a star is showed falling down... The camera runs behind it... once reached down the star disappeared in a garden full of white roses.. which were shining on the moon's light... it was seeming like a treasure...
The male voice was continuing: "Log prem ratan kai dhan ki bohat badi badi baatey kartey hai... ham kya samjhaye.. asli so called love hota kya hai.."
The focus of the camera came on a white big rose... there was a butterfly on it... Suddenly a hand caressed the flower... it was a gentle touch of an angelic hand without any imperfection... The butterfly jumped on the finger of the hand... a little stiffled laughter is heard... Camera follows the finger with the butterfly moving up from a girl's (who was wearing a white suit) waist showing first her rosy lips and then stopping on her big beautiful eyes... she just placed the finger with the buttefly in front of them... her face wasn't still showed completly... 
Just then someone surroanded her waist with the hands hugging her from behind.. the girl winced for the sudden hug.. her eyes became bigger.. but then a smile came on her lips... she turned around and now the camera showed 2 brown eyes looking at her deeply...
The male voice: ''Kehte hai kismat badi kutti cheez hai... sali kabhi bhi palat jaati hai... sach to yeh hai ki yeh dil hi sabse badi kutti cheez hai... saala kabhi bhi toot jaata hai... ''
Camera shows the girl's hands pressing on the chest of a guy pushing him away.. the girl's light laughter is heard again.. she turned to run away leaving her dupatta behind her as a white trail... and so before the camera could show the guy's face.. the dupatta flew on his face covering it... The guy tried to stop the girl from going away holding her dupatta's corner in his fist but it escaped too... and the girl disappeared... The darkness swept her and absorbed her laughter...
''aashiq aashiqui ki aag mai jal gaya... pyaar karne waley ek dusre sai judaa ho gaye... aur mohabbat ki yeh dastaan adhuri reh gai... duniya jeet gai... dil haar gaye... hamne to sirf ishq hi kiya tha... aur is ishq ki aag mai hi.. fanaa ho gaye..."
A flash is shown and the location changes in a long corridor.. 
There, a guy, whose only back is showed, was walking with majestic steps... He was wearing something like dark pant... a dark kurta and a golden blezer on it.. from behind his dressing wasn't showed perfectly as the back was covered by a guitar..
The same deep voice, with a bizzar english accent, was talking: ''I.. am a superstar... the dreamy boy of every girl.. the crush of every lady.. I have everything... starting from talent... akhir sabse bada singer jo hu... kya nehi hai mere paas...''
Camera shows him rising up his collar: ''Style hai!''
Camera shows him setting his hair: ''Hairstyle!!''
Camera shows him walking laterally: ''Grace hai!!''
Finally camera moves in front of him showing his face, but he was wearing a pair of dark glasses... the voice continued: ''Aur face bhi to hai!!..bas ek cheez ki kami hai''..
Just then he felt a bucket of water thrown at him..
A guy, who till now was sleeping on a chair in a room that was seeming like a dressing room, got up screaming... 
He opened the eyes and looked on... 
A man with an empty bucket was standing in front of him: Chal Sanskar.. stage par jaane ka time ho gaya hai!... sota rahu ga to paisa bhi sapno mai hi miley ga.. - with thi he went away...
Yes.. the guy now soaked for the water was no other than our Sanskar (played by Varun Kapoor)..
Sanskaar stood up and went in front of a mirror.. he took a golden coat from a nearby hanger and started to wear it looking at himself in the mirror and thinking: Kami yeh hai ki mera superstar.. bada singer... yeh sab kuch.. ek dream hai... - he sighed closing the last botton of his coat... 
Yes.. the voice heard before was his voice... 
Sanskar started to climb his hair when the door opened and a guy entered: Yaar Sanskar jaldi kar na!!
Sanskar: Omi tu bhi na yaar... konsa puri duniya mujhe dekhne aane wali ha bahar... 
Omi came towards him and put an arm around his shoulders: Yaar tum aisa mat bola karo... mujhe pura yakeen hai tum ek din ek bohat bada yeh kya kehte hai... haan.. shinger baney ga..
Sanskar: Shinger nehi singer..
Omi: Haan to same ich hi bola na... abh chal mere shtar... jaldi sai aa ja..
Sanskar: Shtar nehi star..
Omi: to mene kya bola?!.. Yaar tu kyu apna mu latka kar bethe ho?!... tumhe bola na.. sab hoga.. tum bohat bada singer bano ghe to matbal bano ghe! Puri duniya tumara naam chillaye ghi... Sanskarrr Bh... - he stopped..
Sanskar looked at him crossing his arms: Sanskar Bh...
Omi: Yaar name mai kya hai... Sanskar Bhattyachree nehi pasan hai to badal daighe... kuch fashion vashion wala name rakhe ghe.. jaise.. haan... Varun Dhawan aaj kall industry mai bohat chal raha hai... and surname... hmm.. Kapoor!! Varun Kapoor!! 
Sanskar gave him a slap on the nape playfully: sale mein hero ban ne ki nehi! Singer ban ne ki baat kar raha hu!!
Omi: To Varun Kapoor sai VK ban jaana!! SB sai to asha hi hoga!
Sanskar: hmm.. yeh asha hai... dekhna Omi.. ek din puri duniya mai mere concert hoghey... aur concert mai mein badi badi imported gadyioon mai aayea karu ga... aur mere gadi sai nikalne sai pehle mere 10/15 bodyguards bahar aaye ghe!!... gadi sai nikalte hai mere pair ek lambe sai red carpet par utrey ghe... 
Omi: mujhe mat bhoolna!!
Sanskar: Arey kabhi nehi yaar!! Tum to hamesha mere sath rahe ga.. asha aaghe suno!
Omi: sunaao!
Sanskar: Gadi sai bahar aate hi cameras meri ek kai baad ek photo clic karey ghe... mein ek rocking shocking look mai hoga.. bilkul hot and sexy.. and phir.. mere laakhoon fans mera autographe pushey ghe.. lekin mera laksh.. sirf ek hi hoga... andar jaa kar gaana!! Concert pai dihaan hoga!! aur kuch nehi!
Omi: Tum fiqar mat karo mere dost! Kehte hai na.. agar kisi cheez ko puri shiddat sai chaho to puri kahinaat usey tumse milaane ki koshish mai lag jaati hai.. 
Sanskar: kash yeh sirf baatey na hoti.. chal abh.. chaltey hai.. mera so called public wait kar raha hoghi meri so called performance ke liye..
He snorted and held a guitar which was leant against the wall till now.. and then Sanskar went out of the dressing room followed by Omi..
He reached the back stage and waited the scenes to open...
And here it is... the scenes opened in a majestic way.. Sanskar took a deep breath and stepped ahed on the stage closing his eyes... he opened them...
Well.. his public was composed by neither ten people... and Sanskar's concert was located in an almost empty club... no colorful lights.. only drinks... people with shady air.. darkness over all.. 
Sanskar looks on: Yeh hai meri rozi roti ke liye chota sa kaam... Great na?! Lekin zyaada dair tak nehi!! Jald hi sab kuch badley ga!!
He took his position on the stage with his guitar in front of a mike.. he placed the plactrum on the guitar's strings and was about to start singing when someone shouted: Arey rukkk!! Special guest ko to aane do!!
The people around him started to laugh..
Omi came and gave a bottle of water to Sanskar: Yeh le.. keh rahe hai aaj ki special guest zyaada hi special hai.. tumhe sab baar ki tarah nehi.. aur bhi zyaada ashi tarah gaana hoga..
Sanskar: Aaj kis masuum ko torture karne waley hai?..
Omi: koi ladki hai..
Sanskar: Yeh log har din kisi na kisi ko ''special guest'' bana kar lai kar aate hai aur phir meri aankhoon kai saamne... jab mein gaata hu... to usey torture kartey hai... or galti kya hoti hai un masuumo ki? Uno ne in logoon kai boss ki baat nehi maani.. bas.. itni ghiri hui soch.. abh us bichari ladki kai sath pata nehi kya karey ghe.. pata nehi bichari ne kya kiya hai..
Just then some voice shouted: Voh aa gaiii!!
Everyone looked at the door... 
It slowly opened squeaking... 2 men dressed in black tall and brawny came inside...
Sanskar just bursted out laughing: ''Aa gai'' In logo ko yeh do mustandoon mai ladki dikh rahi hai kya?!!
He was laughing but just then the 2 men moved aside and a girl entered in the club... 
Camera shows her from bottom to top: It was Ragini.. she was looking down and was trembling like a leaf moved by the wind... continously covering herslef with her blue dupatta...
Sanskar looked at her...  his breath just blocked in his troath.. it was like his heartbeats stopped..                                         "Us din mujhe pata chala.. itne saaloon sai mera dil dhadak raha tha.. sanseey chal rahi thi.. lekin jeena maine tab shuru kiya.. jab usey dekh kr.. mene khudko kho diya..."
A man shouted: Arey chal! Manoranjan shuru kiya jaye!!
Sanskar returned in reality but he wasn't able to take his eyes off from Ragini... 
He unknowingly placed the plectrum on the guitar's strings... and started to sing..
" Jeene lagaa hoon.. pehley se zyaadaa...
Pehley se zyaadaa.. tumpey marney lagaa hun..."
For few seconds Ragini stopped trembling and looked at Sanskar.. 
Sanskar lost himself in her eyes.. but Ragini immediately looked down covering her shoulder more with her dupatta..
Sanskar was only looking at her.. straight at her... without any expression on the face.. he was in another world...
"Main, meraa dil aur tum ho yahaan...
Phir...kyoon ho palkein jhukaaye wahaan...
Tumsaa haseen pehley dekhaa nahin...
Tum isse pehle they jaane kahaan..."
Sanskar closed his eyes...
"Jeene lagaa hoon pehle se zyaadaa...
Pehley se zyaadaa tumpey marney lagaa..."
Sanskar opened his eyes and found the club empty.. there was only that girl who stole something his.. but he didn't know What, when and how... The girl (Ragini) was standing in the empty club looking down... Sanskar went towards her and walked around her while she was slowly following his moves with the eyes..
"Rehtey ho aake jo tum paas merey...
Tham jayein pal ye waheen bas main ye sochoon..."
Sanskar stood in front of her.. Ragini finally decided to look at him... they were lost in each other eyes...
"Sochoon main tham jaayein pal ye..
Paas merey jab ho tum...
Sochoon main tham jaayein pal ye..
paas merey jab ho tum..."
Ragini slowly moved her hand towards Sanskar's cheek.. like to make sure that he was real... Sanskar closed his eyes... he was just waiting for her soft hand to touch his hand... 
"Chaltee hai saansein pehle se zyaadaa...
Pehley se zyaadaa dil theherne lagaa..."
He waited but nothing like that happened... he opened his eyes and found himself in the club... in the same position where he was before.. it was all his immagination... He looked at the girl who was still stopped on the same place looking down...
"Tanhaaiyon mein tujhey dhoondhhe meraa dil...
Har pal ye tujhko hee soche bhalaa kyoon..."
Ragini looked at Sanskar... Her eyes were full of tears.. Seeing them Sanskar felt a thrill... and unknowingly shook his head looking always at Ragini... She saw that gesture and keep looking at Sanskar with a confused expression on the face... They got lost in each other eyes unknowingly..
"Milney lagey dil pehley se zyaadaa...
Pehley se zyaadaa ishq honey lagaa..."
Sanskar kept playing the guitar and looking at Ragini while she returned to look down.. 
Sanskar was thinking: kon hai yeh?... mein apni nazrey is sai kyu nehi utha paa raha hu.. aur yeh.. yeh yaha kya kar rahi hai... pehle to har special guest ko torture karney ke liye itna intezaar nehi kartey the... kahi sach mai yeh asal mai jisko special guest kehte hai.. aisa kuch hoga.. itni bholi ladki kisi ka kya bigaad sagti hai?!..
Just then some men came... each of them was holding a big plate with a lots of burning coal on it... 
Sanskar saw them and got confused... he looked at Omi for an answer to What was happening but he raised his shoulder as he was confused too... just then Sanskar heard a sob... he looked at Ragini: tears were rolling on her cheeks like rain from the sky... she was looking at the coal..
Sanskar looked at the men arrived who were now making a burning coal bed on the ground... 
Ragini covered her mouth with her hand to stop her sobs... Sanskar was able to see fear in her eyes... it was clear that the preparations were for her... 
The coals bed was now ready..  
One of the men entered before with Ragini held her wrist and started to drag her towards the burning coals bed... Ragini started to cry loudly and tried to free her wrist: nehi please... chodo hame!! hame jaane do!! 
Sanskar was looking here and there not able to do or say anything... he wasn't understanding What was happening in front of him and inside him... He was burning to see that girl crying.. he didn't know who was she but he wasn't able to bear her pain..
Ragini was trying to free herself... she turned to run away crying loudly but the man pulled her twirling her hand behind her.. Ragini screamed for the pain... 
Sanskar raised a hand towards her but the voice didn't come out from her mouth... 
Ragini was crying a lot while the man was dragging her towards the burning coal bed: Please leave me! please...
But no one was listening to her... 
Ragini was shouting and crying...
Only a little and she would have reached on the fire bed.. 
Ragini looked at the man who was holding her and begged her with eyes full of tears: please chod do! Hame jaane do..
An unknown tear flew down from Sanskar's eye: chod do na usey!
Everyone looked at him... Ragini stopped crying and shouting and looked at Sanskar... with a confused and stunned expression..
Man: Eh do paisey kai singer! apne kaam sai kaam rakh!
He started again to drag Ragini but now she was silent and was only looking at Sanskar who was still on the stage.. she was able to see tears...For the first time someone spoke for her.. but who was he? And why was he crying for her?... she knew.. his tears were for her condition..yy
Sanskar wasn't able to stop himself more.. he threw his guitar away and ran towards Ragini to help her..
But before he could reach her two men held him by his arms: Tum kaha jaa rahe ho?!
Sanskar: usey chod do pleaae... usne kya kiya hai.. chod do na usey..
Man: kyu? Itna kyu uchal rahe ho?? kya lagti hai voh tumari?! 
Sanskar looked down as he had not any answer...
Ragini kept looking at Sanskar... 
She stood in front of the fire bed and gulped looking at the burning coals..
Sanskar tried once again: please usey chod do... kya bigaada hai usne tum logo ka?!.. jaane do na usko please...
Ragini looked once again at him confused... the she returned to look at the burning coals.. she closed her eyes tightly and made a step on them... but she immediately backed off screaming...
Sanskar shouted: Nehi!! - he didn't know why but he wasn't able to see pain on her face... Ragini looked at him again..
Man (who was holding sanskar): chup karta ho yah lagau ek?!!
Omi came towards Sanskar: Sanskar chaltey hai yaar .. rehne do.. hame is sab sai koi matlab nehi hai...
Ragini returned to look at the fire bed and closed her eyes ready to make another step... 
Sanskar shook his head... he had tears in eyes too...
A sob came out from Ragini's mouth while she raised her foot to put it on the burning coals..
This sob echoed in Sanskar's mind... he looked at Ragini who was crying and her foor was about to touch the coal...
Now Sanskar wasn't able to bear all this more...
He shouted and used all his strenght to push away the men who were holding him... 
He immediately ran towards Ragini and held her arm pulling her away from the fire bed before she could get on it...
Ragini collapsed in his chest and in between all this Sanskar slipped falling down and dragging Ragini with him...
Both of them turned on themselves rolling on the ground and when they stopped... Sanskar found himself lied on Ragini... 
Both looked at each other...
Sanskar immediately asked her: aap thik to hai na?
Ragini was about to reply but before she could say anything a man came and made Sanskar stood holding his elbow tightly: TUMARI ITNI HIMMAT??!!! - he was about to slap Sanskar when a guy, who was silent till now, held his wrist and stopped him...
Man: Sir...
The guy just nodded and the man immediately went aside..
The guy looked at Sanskar: chahte kya ho tum?
Sanskar: inko chod dijiye please...
Guy: To chod de ghe... isme konsi badi baat hai..
A smile came on Sanskar's face: sach??
Guy: to aur nehi to kya... 
Sanskar: thank you so much Sir th..
Guy: lekin hamare boss kai huqam ka kya karey.. voh to chahte the ki yeh is aag kai dusre side paunchey..
The smile disappeared from Sanskar's face... he looked at Ragini who looked down..
He removed his shoes..
Sanskar went closer to her and under the stunned eyes of everyone he picked her up in his arms and started to walk towards the fire bed..
A man angrily moved towards him but the guy who talked before with Sanskar showed him a hand and stopped him.. he was smirking while looking straight at Sanskar and Ragini..
Omi noticed it and got tensed: Sanskar chod de na yeh sab.. kya miley ga tujhe is sab sai.. chal na ghar chaltey hai!
But Sanskar was too busy to getting lost in Ragini's eyes for listen to Omi..
Also Ragini was looking at him while she was in his arms with her hands around Sanskar's neck.. 
Sanskar stepped on the burning coals with bare feet but he was so lost in Ragini's eyes that he didn't feel any pain..
Omi shook his head sighing as he wasn't able to see his friend in this condition and he wasn't even able to understand his behavior..
Only some steps more and Ragini and Sanskar would have reached the other side but Sanskar's foot slipped.. he was about to fall and Ragini immediately hided her face in his chest screaming scared...
But Sanskar used all his strenght to make another step and finally they reached the ground... As soon as Sanskar left Ragini he fell on the ground kneeling down and hissing for pain... 
Ragini kept looking at him.. she wasn't able to  say anything... she was paralyzed and was staring at Sanskar with opened mouth and eyes full of tears..
The guy of before stood in front of Sanskar who was still knelt on the ground... 
Sanskar looked at him with a victorious smile: aapne yeh nehi kaha tha ki inko aag kai upar chalna tha..
Guy: To thik hai... tum isko lai kar jaa sagte ho... ham isko chod de ghe.. lekin tumhe phirse dusri taraf aag kai upar chal kar jaana padega.. isko sath lai kar..
Ragini: nehi!..  - Sanskar looked at her and she folded her hands in front of him - aap rehne dijiye please... aapko yeh sab karney ki koi zaroort nehi hai... jaye aap yaha sai..
Omi: haan yaar chal yaha sai!
Sanskar looked at the burning coals bed.. and then at Ragini...
He stood up closing his eyes tightly and once up he opened them... he forwarded his hand to Ragini: mein aapko phirse to nehi utha pau ga... lekin aapko aise chod bhi nehi sagta.. aap mujhpe bharosa ki jiye aur please mera hath pakad li jiye..
Ragini looked at his hand for a while... then she looked at him who was giving her a bitter smile: bharosa ki jiye.. aapko kuch nehi hone doonga..
Ragini: lekin ham aapko hamara hath nehi de sagte..
Sanskar: kyu?
Ragini looked down and trying to be angry said: bas nehi de sagte!
Sanskar looked at her confused.. a smile came on his face looking at her dupatta... 
He went towards Ragini and held the corner of her dupatta..
Ragini looks on: yeh kya kar rahe ho aap?
Sanskar: abh jab dupatte waley hath dene ko mana kar de to unka dupatta hi pakadna parta hai..
Omi slowly said: yeh ladka pagla gaya hai..
While the guy who asked to Sanskar to go again on the other side was smirking looking at RagSan...
Sanskar dragged Ragini behind him holding the dupatta and made her stand near the Fire bed but not on the burning coals... on the side... 
Meanwhile he stood on them just on the border of the Fire bed..
He started to walk on the coals dragging Ragini with him while holding her dupatta but not letting her even touch the coals...
Ragini silently followed him looking at him still with opened mouth... she was just too confused... why that guy was doing so much for her?!!
Sanskar reached the other side of the fire bed and looked at Ragini.. he gave her a last smile and then left her dupatta...
Sanskar: chal Omi chaltey hai...
Omi shook his head taking Sanskar's shoes and followed him out... 
Ragini Stared at Sanskar from behind: who was he?!
After a while.. in a park...
Sanskar was sitting on a bench among the darkness of the nightband was trying to wear his shoes but his feet were "a little" ruined..
Omi was standing in front of him and was scolding him: yaar kya zaroort yeh sab karney ki?? Kaha sai chada yeh heroghiri ka shonk?!! Nehi mujhe yeh bata.. voh ladki thi kon jo tum uske liye aag par chalney lag gaye?!
Sanskar: bola na mujhe nehi pata! Pata nehi kyu mein uski aankhoon mai aansu nehi dekh paaya.. uske chehre par dard dekh kr khud ko rok nehi paaya.. nehi pata mujhe voh kon hai.. kaha rehti hai.. kya karti hai.. kuch nehi pata mujhe uska! lekin mera dil keh raha tha ki uski madat kr kai hi mein acha karu ga..
A voice spoke from behind: Aapkey dil ko meri taraf sai bohat bohat bohat bada thank you..
Sanskar turned and saw Ragini standing in front of her..
Sanskar: aap?
Ragini nodded: ham..
Sanskar looked at Omi to ask him to go... Omi understood and went away grumpfing..
Ragini came in front of Sanskar who was about to stood up but Ragini stopped him: nehi! hilna mat!
Sanskar stopped looking at her and noticed that she was holding a bucket of water...
Ragini knelt in front of him putting the bucket down and held Sanskar's legs..
Sanskar: yeh aap kya kar rane ho?!.. nehi aap..
Ragini: chup! - she put Sanskar's feet in the water - ek to aapne hamari itni madat ki aur abh hame kuch nehi karne de rahe... 
Sanskar was staring at her but as soon as his feet touched the water he hissed for pain..
Ragini: opss.. dard ho raha hai??
Sanskar smiled shaking his head: lekin aapko pakka yakeen hai ki is sai mere pair thik ho jaye ghe?!
Ragini made a cute innocent face: actually... nehi.. hamne to sirf andaaz lagaya ki thande pani mai garam pairoon ko araam miley ga... voh... hamne kabhi kisi ka first aid nehi kiya..
Sanskar: aapko sach mai lagta hai ki jaley hue pairoon ko FIRST aid ki zaroort hai?
Ragini: ha.. nehi! Hamara matlab tha...
But she stopped seeing Sanskar laughing... he couldn't stop himself after seeing so much cuteness...
Ragini made aa angry face: Aap has kyu rahe ho?!!
Sanskar stopped laughing scared to have hurt her: J..Ji.. s..sorry.. mujhe n..nehi...
But Ragini bursted out laughing...
Sanskar looked at her for a while ... he slowly started to laugh again with her..
In the middle Ragini stopped laughing and started to stare at Sanskar.. after a while: ek baat puchu?..
Sanskar stopped laughing too: Ji zaroor..
Ragini: aapne hamare liye ITNA kuch kiya... aap hai kon?? Farishta?? Yah koi super hero?
Sanskar smiled... he was about to reply but just then... someone hit his head with a rod from behind..
Ragini stood up for the shock while Sanskar slowly closed his eyes holding his head which was bleeding...
Some goons came out from behind and picked up Sanskar..
Ragini shouted: chod di jiye unko! Kaha lai kar jaa rahe ho?!! Chodo unko!!!
But no one listened to her...
The goons take away Sanskar while Ragini was screaming to them to leave him and was running behind them...
Ragini: CHODO UNKOO!! 
The goons put Sanskar in a car and started to leave.. 
Ragini ran behind the car: RUKOOO!! HAMNE BOLA RUKO!! CHOD DIJIYE UNKO!!
Just then someone put a hand ground her waist from behind holding her very tightly and covered her mouth with a white handchierf... 
Ragini tried to remove the hand from her mouth and scream but she slowly closed her eyes fainting...
Episode ends
Precap: Sanskar gained consciouss and is shocked to see something..

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Very interesting story Big smile
Glad to read another story in RagSan Big smile
Loved d way u described every scene and RagSan's emotions Clap
Ur style of writing suggests that u cud be a great script writer yaar Clap
Continue soon Smile
Really eager to knw what happens next LOL Big smile

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JSJ Rup and welcome to magical world of raglak plz feel free to join the ragya AT

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awesome... waiting for next

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too good ... continue soon...

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Really nice story can't wait to read the next part

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very Nice
please update the next part soon

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You!! The haule haule ho jaayega pyaar girl, right?
Oh my..thank you that u joined here too..I jz love ur RagLak ffs...
Plz write some RagLak ffs here too..Big smile..I m greedy..LOL
N yes, do join our RagYa AT..

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Ragsan Sajan maine tumse pyaar

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Author: Berlin   Replies: 71   Views: 24009

Berlin 71 24009 27 November 2017 at 1:18am by .Wissam.
SANGINI/RAGSAN FF: Kuch toh hain Rabta C10 Pg 12

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Author: ShivIka..Ketaki   Replies: 89   Views: 21214

ShivIka..Ketaki 89 21214 01 February 2017 at 1:38am by aksh26
RAGSAN/TEVAR share a bro-sis bond


Author: kritika_201102   Replies: 12   Views: 1774

kritika_201102 12 1774 26 March 2016 at 8:55am by ck1234
RagSan--- Ishq Ki Daastan (Banner Added on PG-2)


Author: ck1234   Replies: 11   Views: 4201

ck1234 11 4201 23 March 2016 at 2:03pm by Berlin
Up for a RagSan FF?

Author: chandra1998   Replies: 9   Views: 2309

chandra1998 9 2309 21 March 2016 at 4:58am by JezzaChinnus

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