SwaSan Suhaag Raat- Pros & Cons- STRICTLY FUN POST!

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What a day it has been- a real rollercoaster of news since this morning, what with OLVs that sparked off the debate of the century (oh well of 300 epis Big smile) as to whether THEY did IT or NOT and whether the wet hair meant something, whether the teasing was really what is seemed like, whether the event finally took place or whether it only meant it would a romantic scene but misunderstood- phew!! It went on and on and then thankfully all doubts clear- we get the news that the most awaited mega moment of SwaSan's journey is finally here!!! 
But wait, even that has led to such interesting and at times humorous, at times frustrating, at times adorable, at times annoying, at times mental (the list goes on and on LOL) debate, I thought of summing up in this post LOL. As mentioned in the title itself- this is for FUN and not intended to hurt the sentiments or mentalness of any person, living or dead, and if you are of a delicate constitution, please turn away and exit this post now EmbarrassedLOL

So let's have a list which is as per the various theories/ points/ objections and views I heard all day!! Non-exhaustive so please do make up your own, add to this, debate this - DO WHATEVER YOU WANT MAN (Salman Khan ishtyle Cool). Oh and please don't get confused, some may be in both pros and cons sections as its all about the perspective Wink 


1. Finally, it happens- I need say no more Evil Smile Partybut basically, thank God our two can make a start on their married life in this sense as well! I was despairing and wondering if either (a) this would only happen at series end some 5 years later or (b) we would never get the actual sr and it would simply be cut to the morning after and Swara pregnant a week later ShockedShockedROFL

2. Our babies now need not disguise the sexual frustration or rather Sanskaar need not and have unnecessary fights over things like kangans which were never really about the kangans. Polite Request- please do not rehash the kangan ka kissa here and focus on nice things like kiss ka kissa instead BlushingHeart Much more satisfying as SwaSan will tell you BlushingROFL

3. It will be shot on VaHe so regardless of whatever else we agree on, it will be EPIC!! I want a scorching session which sets the screen ablaze and I am going to hold out high hopes for this! Day DreamingBlushing

4. I think the whole terrace sequence can be beautifully shown - dreamy! Nighttime, starlight and moonlight, candles and SwaSan- sighhh Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
5. This one is thanks to Nityah- We finally get a "darshan" of the MM terrace, that mysterious place we have NEVER seen till now LOLParty

6. Seriously they have a better chance on the terrace- just check the way the room romance is going- its like a railway station in there at present so PROVIDED terrace has a door that can be shut EmbarrassedWink this won't be somewhere siblings, parents, uncles and aunts or servants would suddenly think of congregating that special night me thinks (or hopes! ShockedROFL

7. Next time these two fight, they can make up in such a errrmmm satisfying manner BlushingBlushing- What?! I put the disclaimer in the beginning!!

8. We get a massive much needed break/ some real soothing relief from the CRAPFEST of kitchen politics I am unable to bear at the moment! Party I don't know why some feel that there is no intensity or interest after the suhaag raat is shown? Confused Waise bhi, what are we getting now guys? Boring kitchen drama and Pari bani Paatali Devi? Isse atcha we see this.

9. Oh and there is STILL a certain category of fans who either hold some - something % hope for Bhabhi-Devar romance OR like some that came up today itself, will be out to spew venom regardless as they cannot even stand this happiness for SwaSan and make this about Lakshya's nice gesture in planning this for his Bhai and BHABHI!!! This actually made my month when I thought of such people's reaction to this news ESP as Lakshya turned Lakshman Cool made the gesture to facilitate matters ROFL OH- and as an off topic aside to those smart alecks who made comments about how Sanskaar needs Lakshya to plan this- you do realise that if someone books your hotel room for your honeymoon, it doesn't mean that they will be responsible for what happens IN that room, right?! If not, please take a crash course in general common sense - it really helps WinkSilly

9. On a serious note, this is a HUGE part of our OTP's journey and a celebration of their pure love and passion for each other so whether we wanted it to happen today, tomorrow or next week, in MM or Manali, with flowers and candles or just without any fuss and simply, at least the whole SwaSan fandom should hopefully agree that we can hope for some beautiful scenes that mark another milestone in their already epic journey Heart


1. If I read people calling consummation, "consumption" one more time I am going to freak LOL. I always find it funny when its called "ahem ahem" as well to be honest. Love making does it for me as I get that people might be freaked by the S word but consumption or similar variations is not done peeps! ROFL

2. Does the whole family have to be in on this and discuss and tease and make an issue out of this?! ShockedD'oh I know some teasing can be cute but I feel so cringey at the thought of everyone knowing that a married couple slept together ShockedWacko

3. The articles will be even worse! I know we had one today and to prove my point- do they have to say cheap thinks like "ex lover turned devar" for Swara and Lakshya? DeadDead Ewww- I had to ignore that section totally! 

4.This will happen on a terrace- that is under the Pros I know but COULD be a con if not handled properly so some people made this point so I'll list here! Oh and some also seem to be worrying that a cat or a neighbour could see them?! SillyWacko I am sure the cat will be something SwaSan can deal with and as for neighbours, am sure the MM is isolated enough from other houses- otherwise ShockedShockedShocked

5. It would have been nice to have this first night somewhere away from all the Mentaleshwaris like the snow capped Himachal Pradesh in a hill station Day Dreaming. No need to wake for Aarti next morning and listen to Pari or Poisoneeta the next day! But never mind Broken Heart

I am sure there are more but I am bored of cons and want to focus on PROS and my SwaSan and the love and the romance and the sexiness and Sanskaar's cool attitude the next day and him holding his wife's hand delightedly and...ok, ok, you get the point!!! 

I hope some of you enjoy this post and will share views!

Shruti xoxo 

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Shru Hug
First of all a big Thank you for posting this when all of us were freeLOLLOLIt is such a high to see the whole group on the first page!Embarrassed

Secondly and most importantly - I absolutely LOVE the pros and Cons of this SR in this post!ClapClapClapYou have spoken our minds!!Day Dreaming

Well looks like Sanskaar finally will be relieved and I shall thank Laksh - our dear Lakshman for interfering in this matter because these two would have not been able to do anything about itLOLSanskaar would have remained sexually frustrated since he cant force Swara and he would fight with Swara for stupid reasons like Kangan and Swara would be tickling him and only continued with peck on cheeksLOLLOLThank you CV's for the build up in the past few SwaSan scenes.WinkA few of us had already guessed this was going to come!WinkDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Finally the consummation is happening at the right time!ClapClapClapNo unnecessary stretching of something that is SO REAL in a marriage.ClapClap

As for Laksh ji - I am really thankful to him for taking the initiative but whoever think that this means Sanskaar needed his help - please! The ACTUAL ACT will be done by Sanskaar - and Sanskaar needs no help in that department!EmbarrassedDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingAnd if Sanskaar did plan it his way - it would have been epicEmbarrassedHelicopter ride and Picnic date anyone?Wink

Terrace Consummation as pointed out by Nitzy - yes we will get to see the MM terraceLOLThough this is not a unique concept - it is still welcome because SwaSan and Vahe will kill it with their romance!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming


Oh god the 'Consumption' bit is soLOLLOLand Lanny, please mention the 'consume' thing you mentioned hereLOLLOL

I am okay with the teasing - because Swara is looking so adorable being embarrassed and Sanskaar is handling it like a boss Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingEmbarrassed

Rest I am just SO happy that it is FINALLY Happening!!PartyDancingAnd might I add - Swara in yellow and Sanskaar in Blue and the fact that they cannot keep their hands off each other is Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming



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Shru Hug A post by you after ages! But then mauka bhi hai, dastoor bhi haiWink

Till I came to the forum I never imagined that even THIS news would have any cons for our fandom but well the forum always manages to surprise me. I was shocked to see people think this was too soonShocked They have been in love for so long now! And married as well...the Shocked was that they didnt immediately get down to itWink this was long overdue if you ask me!


One big Pro for me would be that now Nitzu can make more VMsHeart with new super gorgeous sequences & also our wonderful siggie makers will fill up the CG with all their super creationsDay Dreaming

Another pro would be Varun's IV for this sequence ROFL Either that man is going to hide for a few weeks in embarrassment or he is gonna be super shy Blushing Blushing Blushingwhile giving IVs. Both the scenarios work for meDay Dreaming

I hope they make this as good as the Gerua date. They had raised our expectations pretty high after that & now nothing but the best will work for usEmbarrassed

@5: Given how no one in MM has any manners, given how loudly Swara screams LOL given how anyone can look & see everything that is going  on in anyone's bedroom, given the glass doors which SwaSan bedroom has I am actually OK with the terrace SR. At least there will be no one to see or hear them thereLOL

@8: Like I explained to the rest of them SR if represented graphically would look like _____/\_____ with the peak being this SR sequence. Everything before & after it is going to FLATLOL People need to accept that the old days of fake marriage, sindoor marriage, real marriage 1, kidnapping track are all over. This is the last highlight for us as fans. After that its going to be all FLAT because we know how well Hindi shows handle pregnancy tracksDead So might as well enjoy what we get & live in the moment


Consumption ROFL Aoowww Gaawwddd ROFL 

@2: I have one very important question here. How did Laksh know that SwaSan havent consummated their marriage yet? Don't tell me the sisters discuss THIS with one another as SWARAGINIII SWARAGINIII shrieks in the BGDead The brothers definitely wont! Not the sort of thing men talk aboutLOL

@4: If cats & neigbours can watch so can God na? _/\_ Bhagwanji ne dekh liya toh? ROFL  Hawww!!! Or even Janaki & Maasi who must have turned into twinkle twinkle little star could be watching from up above the world so high na? ROFL

I want a honeymoon for them Shru. Gopi goes to Switzerland, Ram - Priya go to Australia...send these two to Mumbai at least. Shoot on the beaches, Queen's Necklace...please a honeymoon for them! Day Dreaming

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resEvil Smile
awesome post ShruEmbarrassed LOLEvil Smile
Loved the Pro and cons you stated. LOL
Finally.. it is happening...Big smileBig smileFinally I can make the VM i wanted to make for so long (Hai na Anna WinkLOLEvil Smile) As you said, it is going to be beautiful... VaHe can put magic into simplest of the scene and I am damn sure they will make this one as one the best too. Is it bad that I am imagining the whole terrace setup... Seriously, the moonlight is kind of fascinating for me... For sometime now I had day dreamed about SwaSan alone under blanket of stars and moonlight on terrace talking softly to eachother. But we got this ...I am happy with this too Big smileBig smile And from there I had got that fascination about first darshan of MM terrace LOLLOL Terrace is the definitely safest place for SwaSan... because MM people are mostly interested barging in private place like someone' s bedroom rather than places like terrace where anyone can go. So our SwaSan are safe EmbarrassedWinkLOL
Seriously can't wait for the pinnacle of their journey. Atleast 2 VMs are coming your way soon enough..Embarrassed

"CONSUMPTION" do I need to say something about this... All i can say is this word has given me serious stomachache OuchLOL Please people dont use it ever again... Embarrassed

About Lakshji... Thank you but isse zyada I cant say anything to him... after that its ignorable like you said if someone books your hotel room for your honeymoon, it doesn't mean that they will be responsible for what happens IN that room" LOLLOL Couldnt have said better...
About Cats and neighbours peeking... ROFL cats dont disturb humans unless they are provoked and I am sure SwaSan will be too busy then and about neighbors... MM is isolated enough also it is one of the highest mansion there... also like I said that terrace is mysterious tabhi aaj tak humne nahi dekhi... that must mean na its all isolated and hidden.. so no

tension guys.. No one will peek on our couple..LOLLOL

Would have definitely loved SwaSan away from everyone.. cosy at any hill station but ye bhi chalega...

I cant wait the built up episodes and then the final episode...Will even watch Poisoneeta spewing poison till then
Thank you for such wonderful post Shru...


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Shru Hug

Yaay I'm SO SO excited for their SR! Dancing Literally the best news I woke up to, especially when it got confirmed Day Dreaming
Our day today was literally a roller coaster ride - with us discussing various things Wink one of the main issues being whether the SR did happen or no and the news at the end that did confirm it was totally worth all that anticipation and the discussions!
YAAAYY SwaSan are finally taking their relation to the next level, after months (that seemed like eons to us fans LOLDancing

Oh and you've nailed all the points home and I totally agree with all of them, especially the 7th one Blushing LOL! No more teasing cheek kisses or Tickling sessions (thank heavens for THAT LOL), no more Ramukakas knocking the doors, no more Sexual frustration for our poor Sanskaar and other frustrations for us poor fans LOL and most importantly - SwaSan are FINALLY getting sometime away from the BS that has plagued them and are able to concentrate on just each other and their relationship. How good does that sound Day Dreaming

And oh lord that Consumption and consume bit killed me ROFL. If the SR doesn't kill me with the intensity, these descriptions surely will ROFL

For me the biggest Dead is Laksh setting up the whole thing, I mean knowing their history it is SO awkward. But if we see the Same Laksh is now so happy about SwaSan and where they are that he himself wants them to take their relation forward and will do anything in his limits to make it special, as their  'bhai' WinkWink. Such a let down to certain fans isn't it?? WinkLOL
It's all in our perspective WinkLOL 

And as you said, VaHe will do a fab job and the cvs are leaving no stones unturned to make it as 'special' for both SwaSan and Us fans EmbarrassedHeart
I'm also waiting to see what Sunny wears for his 'big night', is that wierd?  LOL

Oh I'm SO eager for Asanskaari Sanskaar and then that teasing and the blushes that are on our way Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Cannot wait for that episode! It's going to be so good and our SwaSan are finally crossing that important milestone Heart

Thank you so much for this wonderful post Shru Hug
Will be waiting for your post, Post their Consummation Shru WinkLOL


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BANG !!!!!
Post Clap

nice post!!!

BHABHI!!!!! phew...(highlight)... LOL

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Res ROFL i will really elaborate on my POV after having a treat of the CM's first jhalak Day Dreaming
Shruti awesome post Heart Thumbs Up

Ok i am un-resing thoda sa now Wink

First when i read the TB article i was like what the hell Dead ? Swara's ex lover to host the suhaagraat Cryummm...then i understood the repentance of mr.devar Tongue ... Well leaving that its already mindbobbling LOL

SwaSan suhagraat is the biggest heartattack for me ! I was like "Really? Sanskaar turning asanskaari?" I could always dream that LOL

And well coming back to my reaction to the upcomings Smile i am jumping high with happiness LOL on cloud9 though Tongue

Some of my buddies as they said "Varun will be too embarrassed to give IVs and will avoid facing the media - that is going to be just *Droolicious* blush!! "

Overall the news got me goosebumps!! And I've already started making my own plots Embarrassed i always could think SwaSan aren't going to do something physical when RagLak is there

Waise we haven't got the OLVs yet! Hainnaa? LOL no! No! Be positive Smile

Ok its incomplete Smile baaki after pehli jhalak Tongue Smile

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Finally! Why would two heterosexual healthy young people who love each other even wait THIS long? Take a page from Ragini's book.That girl wasn't waiting a moment longer than necessary.

I agree with your point 5.I really wish they had gone away for a honeymoon away from MM.In that house no one seems to have any respect for a married couple's privacy.The number of times Laksh has eavesdropped or peeped at Swasan's room/tent ! Or the innumerable times he had announced to his family he's going to sleep with Ragani on that dayLOL

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