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**MaNan ff - Sab tera updated EPILOUGE pg 34 ** (Page 7)

kyaramalhotra Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by thamannamanan1

awesome   starting 

manik  falling  for nandini

pics were cool

scenes  beautiful n romantic

next part pls

thank u will update soonBig smile

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kyaramalhotra Senior Member

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Originally posted by etuu

Originally posted by kyaramalhotra

Originally posted by etuu

Originally posted by kyaramalhotra

Originally posted by etuu

hiii #ms_malhotra...,
see after your promoting I'm here ... :p
update was cute...
manik the mamma's boy... going to marrying...!!!
btw manan met full of Bollywood style... Wink
majnu manik also clicked her pic!!! ohh he was saved from nandu's outburst... all thanks goes to navya...
waiting for next...
about another story... I'll be peep in soon...

hehe alica thanks for peep in that means alot..i will update soonBig smile

already started read ur another story ms malhotra... *_* uff this name is so big ms malhotra... #karu will be okay na??? *_*
u better update soon... ;)

who told u to call me ms.malhotra it feels like m a aunty *huff* karuu so sewwt and cute aww i got another nickname love u*big hug*

hehehe... I don't make u aunty behen chill... :p *big hug * u too... how many Nick name u have??? :o !!

107 and karru is 108th heheBig smile
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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by samiamalhotra

Kyara, when do you update your post???
Do it fast...
Waiting for your update...]Quick quick update yaar...
Smile Star

wait babyWink
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Originally posted by smileyanz

Originally posted by kyaramalhotra

Originally posted by smileyanz

Oh God kyara...tht was awesome
Raj feel in luv with nyonika's name...so cute 
Nd maniks luv @ frst sigh sight 
Wonder how vl he react when he vl come to know abt nandu being the same girl
Nd they are at kerala...i being a keralite is excited to read abt the same

aww thank u soo much u kno its my biggest wish that i wnna g visit kerela i really love that place 
U r most welcome in kerala, any time girl

ohhk so when i'll land there i want u in airport *order*

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kyaramalhotra Senior Member

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Chapter 2

Nandini pov

 How dare he!! huhh .he..he click my pic stupid monkey...waise he wasn't that bad I mean he was looking handso!!..what the hell u nandini murty today ur may be fianc is coming and u r drrooling over some stranger who click ur pic without ur permission  u deserve a salap *oouch* and ye meri best friend  kabhi mauka nhi chodti mujhe slap karne ki Nandu!! Nandu!! Nandini!! She shout on my ear loudly and I jump on my place navyaa I glare her  what navya am calling u from 2 min where are u lost she knos me inside out .wo  ohh damn I cant tell her  kuch nhi kuch nhi bas yuhi I lower my eyes she can red my eyes yess ..she  sigh and cup my cheek  nandu relax kanna  everything will be fine don't worry aww love u navuu I  smile but I played a miscchef I pinch her arm don't call me kanna that's only amms right I said and we both burst into laughter aww my life I love it..


I was quietly climbing the stairs without making any noise and my best friend she is giggling with extra loud voice I glare her navuu what are u doing  shut up I scold her aree why shutup  what m doing she said innocently huhh accha !! I exactly kno what are u doing soo jst shutup and she giggle more loud huhh hate u navvuu she is doing this intentionally so that I can scold  by amms  kannna!!.. mar gyi  bhag nandini I was about to run kanna !! amms said loudly I turn toward her and smile sheepishly and wave my hand hii amms she twist my ear and navya is laughing  kash mere paas gun hota toh mai is navya  ko uda deti!! But in second I burst in laughter as amms twist her ear too she left us and we both hug her and peck her cheek ha bas bas she said my grandma my amms i smile she cup my cheek and peck my forehead meri kanna tujhe kisi ki nazar na lage ..she said  I smile and hug her than she turn  toward navya  or tu chinna  aaj wo aa rha hai  toh aaj kanna teri zimmadari hai theek hai amms smile at navy and navya hug her I love my family..

Amms amma appa kha hai or wo uncle auty wo log  toh mandir se kab ke nikal gye the I  ask amms ..where are they kanna wo sab  machli pakadne gye hai we all chuckle hehe accha thik hai  I said and grabb navya's hand or chinna kanna amms shout from kitchen abhi jaake aaram karo mai tumlogo ko  utha dungii or chinna tum nandini ko taiyaar kardena  navya wink me  ji amms she said and we run to my bedroom...

(nandini's and navya's bedroom)

As I enter inside the bedroom I push navya and she fall with *omph* tere karan pakde gye I said yes huhh she giggle yaar tu shaadi karke chali jaegi tab mai yeh sab nhi karpaungi she said sadly uff I love u too navya I hug her eww stay awy frm me she pushed u r all wet go change I glare her and slam my bathroom door...

Manikk pov

Nandu I carrased her pic adorable pic and was lost in her manikk manikk abhimanyu shook me aah yeah sorry I was lost ah what u were saying soo embarrass he shook his head and smile koi baat nhi bro hota hai mai bhi jab meri fianc ko dekhne gya that toh mai bhi aise lost hi rehta tha he laugh what the!!  Now m feeling soo guilty that m going to say no to his sister but I love my nandu I also join him and we laugh together..

Your fiance ?? I ask him he is really a gentle man auhh well am also..yes am engaged he shows me his ring I smile and patted his back..congratulations..whats her name I ask mukti mukti vardhan he said concentrating on road still smiling  the smile is not leaving his face  I nodded..

He halted the car infront of villa..here we reached he aannounced soo happily as if he got Oscar award ..a servant came wearing dhoti and kurta he welcome me in his language waddakam (welcom) I smile he took my bags and ran inside  good stupid weird people... mom dad must be inside.. umm abhi he look toward me where is my mom and dad I ask him ohh they went to catch some fish ..he chuckle and my eyes buldge out whatt!! I ask aahha u r parents are soo good u r soo lucky to have them he said genuinely I smile..m proud of them..

He rang the bell after a min a lady in her 60's open the door kha reh gye the abhi tumhe pata hai kitna late hho gya and she playfully slap him he laugh than she look toward me aree manikk beta she palm my cheek I smile I I bend down and touch her feet  are bas bas humeha khush raho i smile she is exact like my gramdma I miss her ..we enter inside..

Are beta tum itne gile kaise ho gye..  baarish mai bhig k aaye ho she laugh I gave her sheepish laugh she turn and ruffle my hair bilkul mere kanna jaise ho use bhi baarish bohut acchi lagti hai she said ohh so her name is kanna typical weird name I smile..

Manikk tum yaha baitho mai pani lekar aati hu ..abhi uska khayal rakho she said ji amms abhi answer I  roam my eyes to everywhere its very beautifull place the interior send a calmness on my nerves it feels so relax I close my eyes and nandu only I can see was her..toh manikk I open my eyes and saw abhi yes I answer u work with ur dad he ask I smile yes after studies I joined office to help dad ..well ur dad is soo cool he said hay mere dad cool kabse ho gye I confusingly smile u kno he played with a elephant and he wore mundi also he laugh and I also... I cant imagine dad is like this ...

Ye lo beta aams offer me water I gulp the water abhi  go show him  his room manikk beta jaao jaake rest karlo aur kapde bhi change karlo varna sardi pakad legii i smile and we left..


As I said this place gives calmness...so manikk fresh ho jao than take some rest and yes bro all the best he said and left I sigh mai kha tha or kha aa gya waise agar yha nhi aata toh nandu se kaise milta.. ufff what magic u cast on me nandu I whisper as I freshed myself and  fall on bed caraasing her pic isn't she  cute aahaa more than cute...I sheepishly smile and slip inside duvet hugging her ahm I mean hugging my phone..


No one pov..

Kha hai wo are abhi hato na mujhe bhi toh dekhne do meri one and only sister in law k hone wali pati ko are hato abhii a girl who is wearing chudidaar kurti with duppata around her neck  said to abhi and  litteraly pushed abhi and he fall on his butt oouch ..mukti slap her forehead ohh no am so sorry baby  and abhi gave her *its ohhk smile*..

Ahm !!  manikk clear his throat whats going on guyzz ...mukti again push abhi and run toward manikk ohh so u r manikk gosh u r soo handsm  bilkul meri chotti k liye ekdum perfect...manikk was literally in shock with sudden attack mukti mukti relax abhi  said holding her by her shoulder manikk meet my fianc muktiii he smile brightly manikk sigh and smile hii mukti nice to meet you mukti also said same to u manikk ohhk guyzz mai  choti se milkar aati hu and manikk all the best she said and ran to her chotti's room..dont mind manikk she is crazy abhi said  shaking his head are no no that's ohhk am happy for u manikk said and he hug him haha thank u abhi said with warm smile accha chalo everybody is waiting they are soo happy abhi grin as they walk toward  living area..yeah and am going to ruin their happiness manikk murmur sadly...


Are my son is here manik's dad said  hugging his son..manikk only smile  than he touched harish and avantika's feet  are beta plzz tu mere pair  chuega toh mujhe old feeling aaegi toh plzz and they all burst in laughter including manikk avantika slap his shoulder harishh chup raho she scold him come manikk beta baitho she said and manikk obeyed... tum meri bacchi se mile nyonika ask no mom manikk said like a gentle man aare mujhe laga ab tak mil chuke hoge raj said  wo ..manikk was about to say but harish interrupt  are chod na mil lenge lo beta  have some juice  harish offer him juice and he took that..

 Suddenly amms said lo  NANDINI  bhi aa gyi..they all looks up and saw her coming with mukti and navya beside her ..

(guyzz plzz imagine navya nd mukti beside her and plzz ignore the trayy)

manikk and nandini  look up and they got the biggest shock of their life and manikk got a mini heart attack ..at the moment they both look at eachother manikk chocked his juice and nandini unbalanced while walking so navya and mukti gave her support and here avntika and nyoika rub manikk's back..

Manikk pov..

What the !! plzz god don't play with me I cant believe my eyes she is nandu ahh nandini ohh god should I do bhagra ohh no manikkk control plzz warna ye sab darke bhag jaenge including my mom dad ...ohh god she is coming towad me only 3 steps remain  3..2..1 my heart fail..are u ohhkay she ask god am coming!! It looks like my eyes are locked in her and and  word are not coming out from my mouth the only thing I could do is grinn and only grin I nodded  grinning and she  glare me..ohh papaji mom I love u..

Come beta sit beside him mumma I love u u are really my mom oyy she is really ur mom shutup I scold my self but don't kno  this grin and idiotic smile is not leaving my face ..she sat beside me she smells so good ..her lily and sandal smell uff driving me crazy..my south Indian wife this feelng is giving me goose bumps..

Nandini pov.

Mukti is setting my pallu navya is combing my hair and I ..i am thinking abt him arghhh why cant he leave me alone  I should angry on him but look what m doing..hayeee wo toh tujhe  dekhke faint ho jaega  suddenly navya broke my trance or tu itni khoi khoi kyo hai she ask me and I have no answer oyy navya meri chotii ko tang mat kar  bhabhi scold her I love u bhabi she cup my cheek dekha navya maine bola tha na she looks beautiful in yeallow saree I smile at her and hug her..

We wre walking downstair am not nervous at all ohhk khud se kya jhut bolu yeah m little nervous but amma appa promised me if I say no so it means no.. and I need time..and that boy argghh again that boy..i look up and found that boy sipping juice look am hallucinating about him..

Ye lo nandini aa gyi I amms said I again look up and fish its him he is really hear I got unbalanced aaiyappa why always with me..he chocked I think he is more shok than me I chuckle..

We walk toward him his gaze was on me what should I do should I scold him ki meri permission k bina meri pic kyo liya or should arghh what the hell nandini murthy !! I don't kno what to do I sang in mind I sigh are u ohhkay uff puch diya   are say something ..why the heck he is grinning..reason u kno idiot .. tink of blush appeard on my cheek..ohh no..

Come beta sit beside him auntyyy no plzz..god so he is nyonika aunti's son ohh no ..but he was behaving like a road side romeo there..ohh nandu may be he kno u he is going to be ur.. ohh aiiyappa..

No one pov..

Everyone is chitchatting there having fun...everybody is happy and the most is the manikk malhotraa who is on 9th cloud the grinn the twinkle of his eyes  are not leaving his face...and nandini is diving in the pool of confusion+happy+embarrass or what not..

Harish I was thinking ki hum toh nandu se mil chuke hai I think ab manikk or nandini ko thode akele mai baat karne dena chahiye raj said keeping his hand on nandini's head.. are ha jao baccho mukti beta take them  harish said ji appa mukti jump fromm her place and started walking are beta manikk or nandini ko toh le jao avantika laughily shout from back and mukti bit her tounge sorry amma chalo than the trio left and all burst in laughter..


Mukti is blabbering non stop like idhar udar ki baate teasing them and manikk is continuosly glancing nandini with a smirky smile in his face.. and nandini is trying hard to avoid him she is looking here and there...suddenly mukti stop walking and nandini bump with her..and manikk and mukti burst in laughter that time nandini feels like banging her head..she glare both of them and they stop laughing...

Ohhk toh mai tumdono ko disturb nhi karungi plzz carry on all the best guyzz she wink them and left frm there...

Nandini glare her and mukti wink her and she left from there than nandini turn toward manikk but before she can say anything manikkk said grinning  nandini mujhse shaadi karogi  ..and nandini eyes buldge out frm her sockets..


(heyya guyzz..so here is the update and am really sorry mai kal update karne wali thi but dad ne suddenly dinner plan kardiya so plzz pardon me..and guyzz this ff is like a experiment fro me becoz i dont kno how to write this kinda ff's u kno arrange marriage an all..so agar kuch accha na lage so plzz pardon me..mai bohot bolti hu kya..no mai kha bolti hu wo toh tumlog mujhe baato m phasa dete ho *huff* so kaisa laga ..if u like plzzz comment .and ha mai bohot pics add karti hu na if u guyzz dont like mai pics kam kar sakti hu...love ur very own kyara:))




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reet0143 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
am first am first am first...yipeee...Dancing

mast update kyara...

loved nandu'd pov...

first meet mein hi dono ne ek dusre ko adha pagal to kar hi diya hai,.,,,,,,,,,,marriage ke baad to dono pure pagal hone wale hai...LOLLOL

navya is too naughty haa...jaan bujh kar nandini ko phasa diya.,,,,,,,,,,,teri naughtiness tune navya mein bhi bhar di kyara...

but loved the navni bond...

navni's bedroom was so pretty yaar...haye kash mera bedroom bhi aisa ho...

abhi and manik ki ki kaafi achi bonding ho rai hai...

manik ke parents to bade cool hai yaar...Cool

mukti is crazy yaar,,,,,,LOLLOL...manik na hua pani puri ho gayi k us pe toot padi...(maine kayi dino se pani puri kha nahi pai hoon na to dekho yaha bhi pani puri yaad a rahi hai,,,,,,,,,LOLLOL)

manik chocked the juice and nandini ne to balance hi kho diya,,,,,,,,,,ROFL.

ab becharo ko 440 volt ka jhatka lagega ek dum se to yahi hoga na,.,,,,,,,,

manik to bhangra kar nahi sakta chal kayra hum hi kar lete hai uski taraf se,,,,,,,,,,chal song play kar ...DancingDancing

baat manik aur nandu ko karni hai aur mukti nhe liye bina hi ja rahi thi,,,,,,,,,ROFL,,,,,,,mukti abhi se baat nahi karni hai nandu aur manik ko karni hai unhe to le jayo.,...LOLLOL

maar diya moke pe choka manik ne ...nandu ko bolne bhi nahi diya aurr direct proposal...

but tune yaha pe end kyun kiya kyara,,,,,,,,

vaise kisne uljha diya tujhe baato mein meri kishmish...

maine bhut stories padi hai arrange marriage pe ...but i loved this,.,,,,,,,,

different style mein hai...

am glad k tune try kiya...

and don't u dare to lessen adding pictures,,,,,,,,,,,,

it gives more passion to the update yaar...itni beautiful pics hoti hai yaar

kam karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

realistic feel hota hai,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so son't think about it...

loved it

update soon kishmish...loves u lot...Hug

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decent-20 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
This is really amazing manik was shocked to the core when he saw his nandu
Mukti was so funny
Love manan love your update
Keep writing
Continue soon

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samiamalhotra Senior Member

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Superb dear...

Finally manan meet...

Manik falls in love with nandu...

And ask for marry him...

Mukkti is awesome as bhabi...

Waiting for next...

Don't take so much time ok???


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