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**MaNan ff - Sab tera updated EPILOUGE pg 34 ** (Page 34)

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Nandini pov.

It had been 1 year 6 month of  our marriage .. I have a husband who I loved and who loved me just the way I wanted. Who would want anything any different than that? I couldn't ask for more. Manik and I...I don't see how life could get any better for the two of us .It didn't mean we were all sorted. Our relationship was imperfectly perfect. We would fight at the smallest of things and the laugh off the bigger issues.yes .. sometime he tease me soo much for that veebha thing arghh but what can I do I love him more than anything else ..  its not like that ki only he tease me I also tease him but atlast he always won *sigh*.. and my mumma and papa .. I never felt that they are my in laws they treat me just just like their princess .. when they pamper me more than manikk the expression of my sweet hubby were priceless *chuckle* I love to irritate him .. but irritating my hubby is really bad Idea becoz I have to bear his punishment .. the sweet punishments *blush*.. right now am waiting for my sweet xtraa caring naughty the workaholic hubby don't kno when he will come huhh..

No one pov.

Nandini nyonika and raj the trio were sitting on terrace hall .. everything is decorated with yeallow flowers as it is nandini's 1st karwa chauth.. nyonika and nandini both are looking breathtaking beautifull in red colour saree and lehenga .. and raj is busy admiring  his two important parts of his life wearing kurta payjama..nyonika and nandini both are busy in cursing the moon and waiting for their lovely manikk who is busy attending an IMPORTANT MEETING..

Uff mumma chand kab niklegaa finnaly nanidni burst  raj plzz check na chand aaj niklega bhii ki nhii nyonika order raj hell hungry  and raj quicklee grabb his phone before nyonika's tigress mood turn on and mumma ye manikk bhi abhi tak nhii aaya huhh meetings are more important than me nanidni whine sachmai aane do uss badmaash ko chodungii nhii mai nyonika said angrily dramatically ..

Suddenly nandini's phone start ringing .. ohh navya ka phone nandini said and nyonika gesture her to pick the phone hello mrs. Navya dhawan how are u?? nandini greet her in very bad mood subah se maine kuch nhii khaya and look at my patidev stuffing his mouth full with laddo and navya  lightly slap cabir nandini and nyonika chuckle  haha navya tum  bechare cabir ko bohot tortre kartii ho nandini said playfully hawww mai kartii hu janab kaam hi aise karte haii navya complain while cabir peck her cheek and she huff  tch tu bhi na atleast wo tere sath toh haii  manikk ho dekhoo abhi tak aaya hi nhii nanidni said  and this time navya chuckle  toh aaj  jiju gyee she said and laugh  phone rakh nandini said irritately and hung the phone .. other side navya again punch cabir becoz he was again stuffing his alredyy full mouth  and  here nandini is full on tigress mood and nyonika raj both are hiding there smile imagining their son's condition when he will here..

Suddenly they hear manik's voice nanidni huff and turn ha nandini wo toh thik hi haii bas mujhe bohot pareshan kartii haii manikk was on call walking inside holding his office bag and wearing official suit his face have differet happiness  ... he walk toward his family nanidni was abt to burst but he simply peck his cheek which made nyonika and  raj smile and nanidni speechless .. manikk sat beside her ha ha kya bolu itni ziddi haii like mujhe ye nhi khana toh nhii khana ye khana haii toh yehi khana haii manikk ye chiz idhar rakho wo udhar rakhoo manikk was complaining and enjoying his lovely wife's angry galre he just blew a kiss sach mai I tell u ye wifes aise hi hoti haii abhimanyu reply and the duo laugh mukti snatch the phone kya wifes aise hotii haii or husbands huhh muktii said hello manikk muktii here .. ohh hello muktii how are u and ..  nanidni snatch the phone hello bhabhi kaise ho aap or  howzzz the baby  apna khayal rakh rhe ho na plzz acche se kahana khana health ka dhyan rakhna bhai tang kare toh mujhe bolna nanidni's rajdhani express started while manikk sat between nyonika and raj and raj lightly punch his arm but he laugh oyy merii nandu relax  mai thik huu or baby bhii but ye tera bhaii sach maii he is soo unromantic a maine galti toh nhi kardi isse shadi karkrr ha ?? mukti question her seriously side effect of being 6 month pregnant .. nanidni purse her lip to hide her laugh  mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai bhabhii aapk liye toh SRK hi sahi tha nanidni said cheekily  mai toh barbaaad ho gyii nandini muktii started sobbing heyy bhabhi mai mazak karrhi thii .. heloo nandu happy karwachauth behna mai baad mai  caal karta hu teri bhabhi ko samhalna haii  .. bye bhaii nandini hung the phone..

Kya bhul gya manikk nandini suddenly hear raj's voice kya bhul gya ?? nanidni question manikk kuch important chizz bolna bhul gya nyonika said aree mai kya bhul ra hu kya bhul raha hu ha yaad aagya suddenly manikk shout kyaa ?? all ask chand nikal gya he said casually and nyonika and nanidni  punch his arm  ye koi bhulne waali chez haii  nyonika scold him he just chuckle chalo jaldii vrat todte haii bhuk lagi haii nanidni said and they all walk ahhm run toward terrace nandini and nyonika hide their head with pallu  and look toward sky chand kaha hai ?? manikk  nyonika ask and nandini was finding moon in sky  .. suddenly manik came toward nandini and put his palm on nanidni's tummy chand yaha hai manikk said smiling with moist eyes nandini look toward him with fisrt in surprise than her eyes also got teary and smile on her face and he nodded in yes and smile .. mom dad aap dono dada dadi banne wale haii manikk shout  happily .. nyonika jump in happiness and took nanidni in warm hug.. raj hug manikk than nandini and gave them blessing .. there was happiness everywhere..

In bedroom..

He was twirling her an she is giggling am soo soo soo happy nandu thank u thank u soo much he hug her still in that position she smile  I love u soo much he confess she kiss near his heart I love u too .. they broke the hug .. he cup her cheek and run his thump on her cheeks you are the most magical that happened with me jaan he said lovingly .. in response she just took his lip on her .. he kiss her soflyy  as she is soo delicate soo fragile for him she smile between kiss she is blessed having manikk as her life partner ..He pick her in his arm still kissing and carry her toward bed ..he came on top of her and she close her eyes .. he sofly kiss her forehead than her eyes than he capyure her lips and his hand travel to her duppata which is hanging on her neck .. Manik pulled off her dupatta and threw it somewhere in the corner of room..! Nandini hands were divig in his hair ... she submitted herself  to him .. and again they shower their immence love for eachoother..


After  2 year 6 month

Manik is sleeping peacefully in his jan's lap  and his jan is busy pulling her dadda's hair in manikk word hair massage  he is smiling dreamily sleeping in her  tiny winy little plumpy lap .. suddenly she started pulling his cheek with her tiny finger da..da..da..da  she is babbling to manikk .. manikk understood baby plzz pull my hairs it feels awsmm he said snuggling more in her small tiny sa lap da..da.da..da she again  babble irritatelyy and pull his cheek .. he sigh .. he pick her and make her sit on his stomach ohhk!! dada is here now say what?? He ask pulling her pouty plumpyy soft cheek ..  she yawn cutely  her little nose and lip scruch because of that and manikk just wanna gobble her up ..

.. she suck her thumb and rest her tiny head on her dadda's big stomach .. he aww at her and kiss her head and  she got lost in her thought baby thought ..

Suddenly the door knob click and nanidni enter inside wearing yeallow kurti and white jeans and here my lovely hubby and giggle's kushi mushi session start  nandini continued  and maine  pata nhi kaha kaha nhi dhunda tum dono ko she said crossing her arms ..

Manik's giggle excitedly sat on manik's stomach  and again babble happily mum .. mum .. mum  she babble cutely jumping on manik's stomach to show her happiness giggle baby don't u think mumma is getting jealous  manikk said playfully nandini glare him .. dare u agar meri beti ko tang kiya toh suddenly nyyonika enter and side hug nandini  and nandini shows them her tounge .. father daughter look toward eachother howzz my baby aarshi nyonika said opening her arm toward aarshi .. gi .. gii .gii aarshi again babble happily and crawl toward nyonika  .. nyonika happily pick her and tickle her and arrshi's happiness have no boundaries now dada is forget thing ..

Manikk made a really bad face and nandini  laugh looking toward him aarshi baby dada loves u manikk said trying to seek her attention but aarshi is soo busy with her grani pampering session chal mera bacchha granyyy story sunaegii princess walli  ..  gii.gii..gii  and they both happily went out  frm bedroom..

Nanidni's laugh have no limits .. and manikk made a bad face again which soon turn into smirk he pull nandini with jurk  and fall on bed under him bohot hasi aarhi haii na he ask pinning her hands she is still laughing nn.no she manage to say  laughing accha ab haso he said and start tickling her   aah manikk hahaa plzz chodo nhii mai or nhii hasungii pakka promise manikk she is laughing hystiricallly and he is enjoying her laugh finnaly he stop .. and pin her hand above her head .. both are breathing heavily without wasting any second he attack on her neck like a hungry lion kissing her giving her hickeys she giggle manikk she warn him but he was not in mood to leave her at all he slid his kurti's strip down frm her shoulder and  kiss her  she close her eyes feeling his lip lingering on her body.. soon he hide themselv in duvet and they got lost in eachothers touch in eachothers presence and in eachother warm..


After 1 month..

You ale (are) looking hansome hunk paltnel (partner) 3 year old ruhaan said looking toward manikk who is setting his hair standing in front of mirror thanks batman manikk said turning toward ruhaan who is wearing batman costume .. abhi dhruv and cabir chuckle .. ohhho suddenly dhruv exclaim misss angel dhawan ne shoo kardiya dhruv said and laugh cabir navya ko bula iski nappi change karnee mai bhi change karke aata hu manikk teri wo wallli shirt de toh dhruv said poiting toward a shirt ha ja lele  manikk said busy in setting his hair ruhan come here let me set ur batman mask abhii said coming papa ruhan said  while manikk took angell in his arm thank god ye navya pe gyii haii tere pe nhii gyi isiliye itni cute and beautifull hai haina angel baby manikk said playing with her finger while cabir was changing her nappy kamineyy tujhe meri insult karne ke alwa or koi kaam nhi haii kya he said  koi shak manikk reply  sach mai yaar ye navya or uske bhayankar mood swings sach mai mental hospital jaate jaate bacha hu maii cabir said  falling on bed and muktii baapre baap sakshat tiger ban gyii thi muktii abhi said remembering those days  nanidni ka kuch nhi hua kya cabir ask aree pucho mat agar hardin uski taarif na karta na toh rona shuru kardetii thii fir use chup karana is really veryy tough nut u kno na he said patting abhi's arm.. manikk also fall on bed while ruhaan was busy in his batman acting kyaa horrible pal the wo cabir  said lying on bed making horrible expression  yeah abhi also said hum sab hi is horrible pal se guzar chuke haii  manikk said .. trio boys were looking toward cieling .. guyzz mai kaisa lag rha hu suddenly dhruv came  trio boyzz look toward him than look toward eachother and nxt moment pounce on dhruv ye iklota banda hai jo is horrible pal se nhii guzraa cabir said horrible pal?? Dhruv question but again boyzz pounce on them and ruhaan is enjoying the craziness

Tan tannna nandini came inside with all girls and arrshi in her arm and saw all the boyzz in awkward position nanidni raise her eyebrow .. all boyzz stood straigtlyy and gave them sheepish smile ohhh ruhhu baccha u r looking adorable navya said bua don't call me that ruhann whine aree no navya he is looking like hero not any adorable alya said  and finnaly ruhaan blush.

Aree koi aarshi ko toh dekho little turtle abhi said pecking her cheek to which she just baby blush and took her in his arm.. manikk walk toward nandini and side hug her .. muktii even I also want a  girl abhi whisper to mukti and she lightly slap him shyly..

meri princess kitni cute lagrhi haii na bilkul tumhari tarah manik said and peck nandini's cheek nandini blush u r looking handsom manikk koi nhi bolega ki tum daddy ban chuke ho  she said side hugging him..  manikk put his hand around nanidni's waist and am lucky to have  u in my life  he said clutching her  possessively she smile ..

Da..da..da..  mumm .. mumm suddenly they hear aarshi's voice we are here baby they both said and smile my baby manikk said taking arshi in his arm and she hide herself in him and all aww at them late ho rha haii guyzz we should leave cabir said  all nodded navya angel ko mujhe do nanidni said and took angel frm navya's arm her eyes twinkle..

Actually it's grand opening of toy shop so malhotra and family are invited so kids are also wearing cartoon dresses.. malhotra family in one car .. dhawan in one car.. vedants' in one car and murthy's in one car..

They all were enjoying the party kids are playing dancing there parents are happy watching their little ones happy .. aarshi is super happy with her surrounding  she is running here and there.. happily.. manikk is all the time holding nanidni's hand they are happily married couple who are bless with a angelic daughter... aarshi was feeling suffocated so they all decide to walk for a while aarshi is not in mood to be in anyones arm .. she is in her la la la land walking  cribbing babbling with some insects ..

nanidni rest her head on manik's shoulder and he side hug her this is their little happy world..

Manikk pov

I think am the most luckiest person on the earth.. nanidni she is the best thing that ever happened to me .. my beautifull wife .. today aarshi wanna sleep with her granny and grandpa ..she is.. she is god gift for me and all credit goes to my nandu aarshi say dada  she babble daa. Daa.daa. I sigh ohhk she looks soo cute when she struggle to say dada I just fet like gobble her up..

The bathroom door click open and here come my beautiful wife her fragrance always drives me crazy  I shook my head.. I walk toward her and sat on floor ...she wrapped her arms around me and I fell onto my back. I was on the floor looking up at him now. Aah we both again got lost in eachother i put my hand on the either sided on her  head and kissed her she is drugs for me and am impulsive for her she grabbed my face, pulling me closure I love her soo much. I  leaned closer to her and placed kisses
down her collarbone she is delicious.she giggled, and I laughed into her neck.. our intimate moment got disturb by toodler voice

Da .. da.. mum.. aarshi exclaim looking toward us rubbing her eyes  adorable thing on earth I smile and pick her gii gii she said  aah her cute talks yeah yeah granny pas le jarha hu I said nandini smooch her cheek goodnight my princess aarshi gave smile and left we left..

I came inside our bedroom and saw her sleeping she is tired she works a lot aarshi home an all I sigh..i crawl beside her under blanket  cuddle up against her feeling her back against my chest .. its been 3 years of my marriage but I can t get over her comeon she is beautifull and amm lucky .. she turn toward me and her baby eyes open a little I smile and kiss her eyes my world I love u she murmur  I pull her closure to me and kiss her softly.. my family

Nanidni pov

This man had made my every single day in all these years special with his love. He rested his forehead on mine. I looked at him, he had supported me in each and every thing in these years, my tantrums, my morning sickness, my anger, my stubbornness everything without complaining.

I love u soo much u cant imagine I confess he is really special for me . . he smile I love u more than anything else he reply am soo lucky to have u manikk in my life I said he just carrase my hair aaha am the lucky one my life became beautifull nandini he said I smile  I didn't realize when the tear came out frm my eyes he wipe them he took our entwine hand and kiss them ad we join our forehead ..

This is our story the imperfectly perfect .. a beautifll story.. it's a beautifull journry .. mine and  manik's journey ... the journey of of two life partner who were destine to be together .. our happily everafter story .. or what I want in my life .. I have a perfectfamily mumma papa my angel aarshi and my manikk and I love them to death.

(i litteraaly love this ff ..  and guyzz is epilouge mai meri sis ne meri bohot help ki thanks merii kavuu love u tere bina mera kya hota hehe  by the way thank u soo much guyzz for ur lovelyy comments thanks for loving this ff sab tera that means alot to me and really sorry for the late update ..thank u soo much really thnak u :))

note: guyzz i'll update land of sweeties and my new ff  her love heals himm soon may be in 2 - 3 days .. wo actually i wanna start new ff like thoda alag jaise vamire ya supernatural ya thriller ya horror aisa kuch so just want ur suggestion mai kaise ff start karuu .. i litterally wanna start new ff like this plzz drop ur sugggestion thank u :)





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The most cutest end

Happy ending...

Sweet families

Coun sooon
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so cute & adorable epilogueBig smileDay Dreaming
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Loved the epilogue, sooo damn cuteee
Loved all the kids
Thanks for pm
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A beautiful epilogue
Loved it
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Suprbbb epilogue
Thnx for pm me
Lovd it
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such a cute story... I vl miss it...I just love d kids...

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