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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -AkDha.Lover-

Sorry, Harshu di, was busy yesterday.

You have given a very interesting analysis, as usual.Clap

The episode was good.

The highlight being the eagerness in Jalal's eyes to meet his love after so long, and the ever-present smile on his face.Embarrassed

Anyway, why do they had to give this fakiron wali dress to Jalal?DeadThis one does not look royal from any damn angle.Dead

And now waiting for today's episode. The scene of Jodha's welcome is so beatiful...EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

its ok no probs... Big smile thnx ya d epi was good...jalal's eyes had d eagerness d desperation to meet his love... Wink dis jama is really funny it looks like a gown and also d color is dull... Confused 2dy's epi will b interesting as jo will b bk but only 2wrds d end of d epi... Wink

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harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by divyadaya13

Beautiful update for a beautiful episode.
Rukku the biggest natak company. I just hate her for acting so happy.even jalal doubted her happiness. I enjoyed to see that hukka had to read the letter of jo's returnLOL. Jalals heart was doing ' dhinka chika'LOL. Superb acting by rajat. He couldnt control his desperation to see jo and hukka was on fire.LOL

thnx divya... Tongue ya it was d best prt where ruku read d letter her xpressions were worth watching... LOL jalal ke dil me guitar bajj raha that after hearing d news of jo's arrival... Wink LOLhukka as usual is on fire wen its related to jo... LOL
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sho123

its Beautiful episode
finally jo started her journey to reach agra
jas excitement after hearing that jo is coming back expected
eagerly waiting for next chappi
thanks for pm

ya finally jo strted her journey for agra... Big smile ya jallu's xcitemnt fr jo's arrival is obvious Wink as his lady love is coming... Big smile welcum...
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sho123

u updated beautifully like always

thnx sherry... Big smile
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mamtasingla

nice thread

thnx mamta... Big smile
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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dellaakdha

a beautiful revw harshu..epi is gud it becomes more njyoble with ur write up..finaly love birds r gng to unite..both r s leaving amer with love for her family and her jalal too whereas she dnt have luv at time of her 1st bidai..worth watching s jalal's hapiness and rt luks realy limit for his hapiness..even aftr end of the show these type of scenes are glued to the fans like me to love the show even more with belovd akdha..

thnx della... Big smile ya finally love birds will reunite... Tongue agree wid u even in its re run we r hooked on 2 dis show coz of dis leads... Big smile we all love akdha... Tongue
harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swetiii

ruku jelous

ya ruku is jealous LOL
harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayushimehra


<font size="2" color="#ff0000">Thanks Harshu,</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff0000">Today we going to get again
speechless episode, Or i going to post Long post, so bear me ha ha.

<font size="2"><font color="#ff0000">Sure sometime, what we think, that not applies, on our Life,
sometime Heart or destny what choose for us, We choose that way,...or
walks, ...but our works or footprints,...which effect
leaves,...that becomes in our
life, coming life,...or even for next genaration,we own not know, then but
Our name written in Golden words, in that Era,
Next Era,...</font><font color="#0000ff">.Even we can say, Earth, or Nature, till alive,
body Arase there name for their
memories. Maybee some will recall, Akdha King queen, Salim
parents,...Akbar the Great form,
MUJ, form,...imp is this, their, IMMortality.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff0000">New journey going to
start, Akdha life,...New phase want to enter their life,... Two
communites already started to dissolve eachother,... jalal, which day he did
independence to Jodha, she can live, acc to her relegion, that movement, was
enough, that era, striking, or pointing others, What, Jalal Own have, or What
his Nature, How he capable to take strong decisions.</font>

<font size="2" color="#3300cc">But Love need Heart language, Love believes, some own place
his or hear Heart, or speak, own language, ,,,,,,,,,,,own style,
take time, because Love have to give
some time many exams</font><font size="2" color="#ff0000">.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff0000">Or now time getting, accept your Love, Brake your fear, or
re+join, or then what will come that.s future
seed (Point ) then what shape will take Love, after get to now.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">Precious is this enter this, unconditional, Love world, or
start to Live with Love fragrance. We say they soul mate, but they know they
soul Mate,... maybee No,...</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">They dissolve too much, inner both, not time, to know , because if they caluclate, How can they
feel their Love,... Love can
feel,... we can't describe in words.But need Heart, or Both Heart ready to
move next jone.</font>

.<font size="2" color="#ff0000">.But Now Two Heart, ready to become,...One &
after sometime Oneness,...jone,...or They will Live or Phase now every tough movement, Their
life, together, or Both will now complete eachother.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;or Love will
ready to Bloosam, which stoppen last months,

<font size="2" color="#ff0000">Episode start with, Jodha Leaving Amer, or background
Music,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,same jodha viddai time, maybee Jodha Marriage or viddai
happened, some months ago,...But Real viddai happened this
time,...Now both couple ready to accept eachother,...or Love
started to take place both inner.;;;;;;;;But sure scene was touchi,+emotional.or filling tears in eyes.</font>

<font size="2" color="#3300cc">Or Beloved,Wants to
meet soon, her Love one, We seeing till
yesterday, Jodha No patience, What did jalal,? Jodha who close her Heart,
windows,...Suddenely opened, or she wants to fly or wants to live her
life with Jalal...No comlaint, No angeryness,...suppose, only coming
Love or feelings for jalal,...Priceless movements for
jodha,...sure she thinking,...Amer +Agra, Why too much
Far,...Both should near.</font>

<font size="2" color="#3300cc">Jalal placed jodha Heart, own place,...Jodha already
placed Heart in Jalal Heart,...Igo dust sometime,...not clears
us, What we hidden or what we lossing,...but if we reconize, right
time,    or we want to Move next , so good for both. Same doing jodha.</font>

<font size="2" color="#990000">They realize they incomplete without eachother. Or now need
to unite both.or Now destny opned their
way, or Jodha wants to become now,...his shahnshah begum,
she leaved Agra, what a change came in...</font>

<font size="2" color="#990000">Jalal sittimng in Dek,...scene was touchi, When you do
some good for Awam, specially, you show as a king New vision, New path, to
Awam,...or you breake,,,,,,,,,,,,rituals, which, creating difference in
Awam, get to start blessings, You start to get change, feel
obliged seing many people face smile,...or thats your achievement. As a
person or as a King.</font>

<font size="2" color="#990000">A, Jalal gets Gift Quaaran,...Nagative person always
thinks nagative, </font>

<font size="2" color="#990000">B, Liked jalal respected Andaz, accepting, Quarran+sharrif.
Or liked people gifting, or expressing,
Love for King, .</font>

<font size="2" color="#990000">(Again vibrated soul talk,...or vibreatd
words,...When God not made wall, why we start to think, person belongs to

<font size="2" color="#990000">Loved jalal
words,...Ex of Moon,...seeing Moon , IDD, Mubarak, or
seeing, Moon femals opens Karva Choth
fast.or again prayed, front of
Khudda,...sent his begum Jodha Agra.</font>

<font size="2" color="#990000">(kassh, mobile hota tabb, jalal can see , little little
time, Jodha Pic, video, ha ha )</font>

<font size="2" color="#990000">Ruk +Jalal scene.</font>

A, <font size="2" color="#ff00ff">Ruk always busy her dreams, or otherwise shouting,;;;;;or
her favourite...ha ha.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">B, surprise is this she not thinks single time her mistakes.
Kya kar sakte hee.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">C, now ruk seeing, Her angeriness, not effecting jalal, or
he doing that works, or moving next next, means jalal have no time think,
Which automatically he leaving, because
here energy, going, doing work for people, a new Man

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">D .Or When you start
to climb up, positive Ladder, negative person, energy disturcts you, same
happening jalal.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">E, Ruk fluttring jalal, i happy with your doing
works,...but her face expression showing, she wants to become+wants to
use his popularity, name fame, ;;;;;;;;see i am Wife of Jalal, who doing work
for Awam.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">D,but jalal need guide line for own also,...Here Ruk
ability missing,...not necessary, you also be capable,...but then why
need too much show off.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">F, He saying,...some un+happy his decision,
he thinking, What problems on the floor, side by side, cause of his this decesion,...or
his work more increasing as a king as a human.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">(till then you not know how much you capable, no
problem,...till other start to see as a King as a human you, responsibility increase more,
have everytime, to do work for Awam,
big responsibility coming on jalal, he need boost up, energy
care,...which jodha will give relax, which will free him pressure of , his
busy schedule)</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">So Ruk again irritate listening jodha name, or chess game
stopped by Dassi, again Ruk childish
behaviour, seen, Playing chess is not bad,...but behaving like, ignoring
because message came from Amer,.Ok now jodha is coming,...but maybee
politically problem,...</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">Ruk jealous, always Lose ruk.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">Maybee Jalal can read, felt sad, his this, weakness, poor
guy, doing requesting, or again giving jubban,
Ruk will read letter, ;;;;;;;he said he will come otherwise SB any can read letter.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">A, Ruk face reading time, or jalal face, listening time
seeingable, Jalal , really smiled after to many days.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">(Ayi ree Ayi ree Hassi
ha ha )</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">B Arre Vah, vibrated music back ground,</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">C Oh garden garden jalal, thanks giving to God,...jodha forgiven him ), Ruk
evergreen Hitting throughing things,..., Jalal can't hide his feelings
for Jodha, or he thinking, Ruk is childhood friend, he no
problem,...but Ruk jealousy, hurting her own more & More.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">D,</font><font size="2"> Ruk relation till hope, Jalal already forgiven her,
sujamal issu or first, Murti point, so she should use Brain,;;;;;;;(which we
all know she will given it to Rent), You
+maham cause both Akdha suffer a lot,
Atgha efforts , Real truth opened, ;;;;;;;;;;;Otherwise, Where jodha, you not
interested, Where she or how she living life, why too much ,
intolrable behaviour , we irritating, sure how jalal tackles her,...ha ha.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">D, Jalal in Rush Runs, HB Where SB already, avilable,...</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">Jalal have ques, in mind is Jodha forgiven him, yes or Not,
Yes sometime, we Fear, how front will now behave after coming. But Talk was

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">A, I touched,
seeing jalal hapiness,...Agree Person, suddenly reach timeless period,
or Happiness starts to flow like river, same happening jalal.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">B, Are vah,...jalal words, Ammijaan, Hamri Bivi, Appkee Beti lot Rahi, hee. So
Garden garden jalal.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">C Three positive person listen this news, so what will come,
Happiness,, multiplay by Three times.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">D, Scene was like nice family sharing their Dil kee Bat, All
enjoying this precious movement, HB advice was nice,...Move next
forget past, Aware future, so lets see.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">E,. So All Agra is ready to welcome, Jodha begum.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">D, Jalal appriciating jodha, we know our harsh truth, Harsh
nature, or what mistakes we did, but
liked jalal accepting it or ready to improve that.good is this otherside jodha
also feeling she took more time cooling down.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff00ff">E so HB wants Big
welcome, Jodha begum,...or Jalal feet also
not earth,..or he wants warm, welcome jodha, what is special
in jodha, her well wisher wants good
welcome. </font>

<font size="2" color="#ff0000">Credit
goes to her doings, Less people this earth, who can drink poision, saving
Maybee Hubby life

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">HB knows Jodha changed her Son, He Growing, or His ,
Goodness is sprading or even she can see her eyes,...if our child
grows,...They do best, Its honourable for parents, Otherwise, which was jalal nature,...parents
feel internally Upset,.</font>

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">Too much liked SB happy seeing jalal
happiness,...Moti Bai +SB +HB witness jalal sadness.</font>

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">Jalal now understood,
how much imp, Jodha Precious Gem in Agra, or side by jodha understood,
How much imp jalal her Life.</font>

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">Jalal , giving all Main members, duties, Or i laughing
seeing Maham phase. Ha ha you deserve this ha ha.</font>

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">So our king no patience, , ha ha,...</font>

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">MS going to take Jodha back, shahi Andaz,</font>

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">Or jalal going own first entrance.</font>

<font size="2" color="#cc00cc">So preprations going, on,... welcoming jodha.</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff0000">Jalal feeling own enrgatic, or he doing efforts Whole Agra , feel energatic,...Because, Jodha is coming, or His face shining, like, Happy stars , Today appearing in the Sky, or they , Twinkling,or sprading, their, Beauty, Which, can't be, by buy in Market, Only we can feel , Feel or Feel.Big smile</font>

<font size="2" color="#ff0000">So priceless episode.LOLSmile</font>

<font size="2" color="#0000ff">Fun point;LOLWink</font>

<font size="2"><font color="#0000ff">Sharrif is saying, jodha begum app aa to Rahi hee,
par Hamare liye Nahi Jalal kee Liye </font>

<font size="2" color="#0000ff"></font>

<font size="2" color="#0000ff">( ACC to sharrif, is jodha was your
Girl friend, who leave you, & choosed jalal, why you so much
confident;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;wake up

)Jalal will not leave youDead</font>

<font size="2" color="#0000ff"></font>

<font size="2" color="#0000ff">Special movement, Atgha +Jalal, Jaddu kee Zappi. Ha

<font size="2" color="#0000ff">

<font size="2" color="#0000ff">

<font size="2" color="#0000ff"></font><font size="3" color="#6600ff">aaj kal paaw jameen par naheen padate mere</font>

<font size="3" color="#6600ff">bolo dekhaa hain kabhee, tumane muze udate huye

jab bhee thaamaa hain teraa haath to dekhaa hain
log kahate hain kee, bas haath kee rekhaa hain
hum ne dekhaa hain do takadeeron ko judate huye

neend see rahatee hai, halakaasaa nashaa rahataa hain
raat din aakhon me, yek cheharaa basaa rahataa hain
par lagee aakhon ko dekhaa hain kabhee udate huye

jaane kyaa hotaa hai, har baat pe kuchh hotaa hain
din mein kuchh hotaa hai, aaur raat mein kkuchh hotaa hain</font><font size="3" color="#6600ff">thaam lenaa jo kabhee dekho humei udate huye</font>

<font size="3" color="#6600ff"></font>

welcum ayushi...d epi was awsum...agree wid ur 1st point abt Akbar d grt and MUZ dey r immortal as dey r remembered even after 500 yrs and will continue to b remembered forever... Big smile ya ruku totally got jhtka after reading abt jo's arrival...and jallu glowed like a bulb... LOL Wink ya atgah and jallu had jhaddu ki jhappi... LOL Wink and lovely song...thnx fr it... Big smile

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