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Mindblowing update...

Manbir was so much worried for their kids...

Manvi is so much sensitive... I felt sad for her...she cried so much...

Yuvaan is so much alone...manik remember himself...

Abeer is so much guilty...he don't understand what to tell...

U nailed it girl...u wrote all 3 kids state of mind nicely...

Neeyaan is cutie pie...papa's boy...loved his all cute antics...

Manik shouted on neyo...manik talk with neyo was too gud...

Nandini blaming herself...

Last scene was too gud...manik ke romance kay dushman ...his own parents...hahaha...

Last sentence was too funny...

Loved the update...waiting for neyo bday...n yuvaan n manvi face off...

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Hello guys! Am late I know! But what to do I have so many other things also! Anyways chuck it! The update is huge! H-U-G-E!! MaNan special nigh will be in next chapter! So enjoy it to the core and yes this whole chapter is dedicated to my Sweetheart Neeyan Manik Malhotra! I love him! The Banner credits to Silentwarrior! Love u fizzu!

Moreover Happy Birthday Rabi! Di Loves you alot!

Happy Reading! And zara response na day kar tou dekhaoa! Aisa gaib hoon ge na kay tum log yad rakho gay and this time am dead serious! Jo lamba comment ni kary ga she will be in block list! 
Yes in line comments are my fav!

Chapter 4-

Cursing them under his breath and rolling his sleeves more Manik reached down by stairs only to see Nandini hugging his Parents tightly..

"Manik!" Neyonika exclaimed on seeing him and rushed to hug him tightly..

"Hey Mom! What a surprise?!" He said with a fake smile and before Neyonika could reply Ronit jumped on Manik for a hug...

"Haaahahaaa! Manik meray laal! Kitna bara ho gya hai tu!" He spoke in an emotional dramatic tone almost crushing Manik in the hug and Manik made a bad face. While the ladies went awe..

"Dad?? Koi do month main kitna bara ho skta hai? What is wrong with you?" Manik asked in a cold tone and Ronit broke the hug..

"Oye pagal! Baap ki nazar say dekh tou tjy pata chalay!" Ronit said wiping his fake tears away and Manik made a face as if he tasted something very bitter..

"Anyways leave all this! Nandu tell me! Where are my both monkeys!? Ronit exclaimed clapping his hands and Nandini laughed..

"Seriously Dad? Monkeys?? Wo bachy hain meray koi zoo kay animals Nahi!" Manik spoke angrily folding his arms across his chest and Mr.Malhotra slapped Manik's shoulder...

"Chup kar! Teray bachy! Un pay ziada haq mera hai! Am GRANDPaPa! You are simply Papa! So bara kon hua??" Mr.Malhotra asked Manik raising his eyebrow and stressed on Grand..

Manik gave him a helpless look..

"Dad! Your monkeys are sleeping in our bedroom mazay say!" Nandini told Mr.Malhotra and Manik showed her his eyes not to tell as he didn't want Mr.Malhotra to disturb his babies sleep but it was useless to cry over split milk as in a flash of second Mr.Malhotra was climbing the stairs like a bunny.

"Dad!!! Agr mery bachoon ki nend ap ki wajay say kharab hue na tou I won't spare you this time!" Manik shouted from back and run after Mr.Malhotra.

Nandini and Neyonika were laughing holding to their stomachs.

That's how the father and son were. Mr.Malhotra was very well aware of  Manik's over protectiveness towards his babies that's why he loved to tease him.. 

Specially disturbing Neeyan's sleep was Mr.Malhotra's favorite task and after that everyone has to witness a tom and Jerry show as Manik always used to run after Mr.Malhotra for revenge..

"Come Mom! Tell me about the shopping you did in London!" Nandini said to Neyonika trying to control her laughter and Neyonika too nodded..

They both started talking and suddenly Neyonika remembered something..

"Nandu! Neeyo ny Papa bolna tou seekh liya us ny tumhy ma bulya?" She asked with a hope and Nandini shook her head with a smile..

"Not yet! But I know soon he will surprise his Mama!" She said with head low and Neyonika patted her cheek...


Mr.Malhotra peeked in the room with his tongue protruding out of the corner of his lips and Manik reached behind..

"Dad!" Manik whisper-yelled at him and Mr.Malhotra gave him a glare..

"Chup kar! Bachy uth jyen gay!" Mr.Malhotra scolded Manik and Manik rolled his eyeballs..

Mr.Malhotra carefully stepped in and Manik followed him. Manvi was sleeping on Manik's pillow and was hugging to Nandini's while Neeyan was in his crib. Both were enjoying a very sound sleep. Mr.Malhotra who had entered the room just to tease Manik stood awe on the cuteness of the babies..

"Angels on Earth!" He whispered softly and Manik smiled side hugging to his father..

"Indeed they are!" He whispered back and this broke Mr.Malhotra's trance..

"Rise and Shine kids!!!! GrandPa is back!" Mr.Malhotra shouted unexpectedly and Manik almost fell on the floor. 

Manvi's eyes fluttered opened and she looked at her Grandpa sleepily before getting up with a jerk and pouncing on him. Luckily Neeyan was still asleep. Manik immediately run and palmed Neeyan's ears..

"Grandpa!!! Ap kab aye?? I missed you so much!" Manvi too shouted and Mr.Malhotra twirled around with her..

"Grandpa missed you too monkey!" Mr.Malhotra too spoke and kissed her madly..

That was it Neeyan too batted his eyelashes and Manik held his head in extreme sadness..

"Mera chota monkey is also awake!" Mr. Malhotra shouted more and carrying Manvi on his back he picked Neeyan up in his arms. With that he almost run out of room giving Manik a heart attack...

"Daad!!! You will fall! Sath main meray bachoon ko bhi gira dain gay!" Manik shouted and once again run after him but Mr.Malhotra didn't stop. Chasing each other like this they all reached the lounge and Mr.Malhotra was laughing his lungs out running around while Kids were going crazy with the excitement. Suddenly his laughs turned into cough..

"Sh!t! Dad!" Manik swore and reached Mr.Malhotra as he had stopped. Manvi quickly jumped off his back and Nandini took Neeyan from his arms. Manik held him and made him sit on the couch..

"Pani laoa!" Manik shouted worriedly rubbing to Mr.Malhotra's back and Manvi volunteered to get the water..

"Dad? Are you okay??" Manik was freaking out and Neyonika held his hands. He had his eyes closed and his head was resting on the back of the couch with breathing heavily..

"Ronit?? Ap theek hain na?" Neyonika spoke and Nandini sat in Mr.Malhotra's feet to remove his shoes..

"Nandu beta! No!" Mr.Malhotra spoke and tried to stop her..

"Dad! Let me help you please!" She said shaking her head and made Neeyan sit beside her on the floor. She removed Mr.Malhotra's shoes and Manvi came with water..

"Papa water?" She said worriedly and handed the glass to Manik..

"Dad! Here! Drink water!" Manik said nearing the glass to Mr.Malhotra's lips. "Kya zarorat the itny bhagny ki?? Ap koi super hero hain? Jab dekho is trha uchalty rehty hain!" Manik scolded Mr.Malhotra and he gave him an angry Manik an angry pout..

"Yar Dant tou ni!" Mr.Malhotra said and this caused everyone to laugh. Manik too started laughing and hugged Mr.Malhotra with that he pecked his forehead too. 

"I love you!" He whispered in Mr.Malhotra's ear and Mr.Malhotra smiled..

"Love you too mery shezady!" He whispered back...

It was a lovely moment..


"So my Grandson is turning one yeah!" Mr.Malhotra spoke proudly on dinner table and Manik nodded with a smile staring at Neeyan who was not at all ready to eat mashed Banana mixture. He loved to irritate Nandini in eating anything. Nandini too nodded at Mr.Malhotra while Manvi was busy in telling Neyonika some latest gossip..

"Woow! So we will surely have a grand celebration isn't it?" Mr.Malhotra said biting to a cucumber piece.

"Of course! We will! Almost all preparations are done myny birthday planners say deal kar li hai! They will be here on the day! Sab decorations wagera is their responsibility!" Manik said with a smile..

"Good very good! I wa--!" Before Mr.Malhotra could say more he was interrupted by Nandini's shout..

"Neeyan Manik Malhotra!!! Bohat hua ap ka drama! Am tired!!! Agr ap ny ya mixture khatam nahi kiya tou Ab main ap ko thapar lagaon ge!!" Nandini shouted angrily at Neeyan and this was the second scolding to him by his parents in a single day...

He pouted sadly and started crying loudly. Everyone stared at Mother son fight. Nandini turned her face away in anger and Manik got up from his chair. 

"Nandu! What happened yar? It's okay if he don't want to eat!" Manik said softly and picked Neeyan up..

"No it's not okay! He has to eat and he will eat! Or else tum sambhalo isy main ja rahi hoon!" She said angrily and got up. Neeyan saw her leaving and he panicked..

"Pa...papa...paa!!" He called for her and wriggled in Manik's grasp..

"Baby! Papa is here!" Manik tried to calm him down but he didn't stop..

"Pa...papa...papa!" Neeyan cried more extending his hands towards Nandini's direction and this paused Nandini's movements. Other three also got up from their seats..

Nandini slowly turned back and Neeyan looked so desperately at her..

"Papapa...! Papa!!!" He shouted again and applied his full force to free himself from Manik's grip.

"He is trying to say Mama!" Manik heard Neyonika whispering and he look at Neeyan..

He was going crazy..

"Manik! Let him go! Let's see what he will do!" Mr.Malhotra said to Manik. He nodded before bending down and leaving Neeyan on the floor..

As soon as Neeyan's legs touched the floor he hastily crawled towards Nandini..

Nandini's anger flew away in seconds and she knelt on the floor.

"Haan ji aa jaoa! Mama pass! Aa jaoa!" Nandini coaxed him and he was crawling almost crazily. Maybe he was so scared that his Mama will leave him..

"Come come!" She spoke gesturing him with her hands..

"Papa! Papa!" He was shouting with tears and Nandini smiled. Soon he reached her and she immediately gathered him in hee arms..

"Pa..pa...!" He whined in her neck and she rubbed his back..

"Sorry! Mama is so sorry!" She whispered lovingly kissing his few hairy head and he cried maybe telling her that he was angry..

"Mama sorry hain jaan! Ap bhi tou Mama ko gusa dila dety ho na!" She spoke softly getting up with him and ignoring everyone else both mother-son walked towards their room..

"What was this Papa?" Manvi giggled hugging to Manik's leg and Manik patted her head..

"Mama Son tragic story!" He joked and Manvi laughed loudly..

"I will get ice cream bowls for all then we will join Neeyan and Nandini!" Neyonika said smiling at them and all nodded..

"I must say Neeyan is a hell of cranky child!" Mr.Malhotra said taking a sigh and Manik nodded..

"Actually now a days he is growing teeth! Islye he shows tantrums!" Manik said sitting back on his chair to finish his dinner. Manvi jumped in his lap to eat from Manik's plate and Mr.Malhotra nodded..

"Mama sara din humaray peechy bhagty bhagty thak jati hain na! That's why sometimes her temperament gives up!" Manvi said with a pout and Manik kissed the top of her head..

"It's okay! Wesay what about the invitations? Kis kis ko invite kiya hai Manik?" Mr.Malhotra asked resuming to his food and Manik nodded gulping to his last morsel.

"Not much people Dad! Neeyan is scared of big gatherings! Just family and friends! Aur yeah! Mr.Shaheer Singh Rajput ko bhi invite kiya hai! His Grandson Yuvaan! He is class fellow with Abeer!" Manik told Mr.Malhotra wiping Manvi's lips with his thumbs and she look at Manik in anger that why he invited them but he shook his head at her telling her by eyes that's it's rude..

"Shaheer? Oh my childhood buddy! I remember meeting him on his son's and daughter-in-law's death! What a tragic moment that was! Yuvaan was only four years old at that time!" Mr.Malhotra spoke sadly shaking his head and Manvi's expressions immediately softened..

"He doesn't have parents?" She asked shocked looking at Manik..

"No! He doesn't..!" Manik whispered..

"They died in a car crash almost 5 years ago!" Mr.Malhotra said and Manvi looked down at her lap..

She was lucky to have parents and such a loving family at least...

"Ice cream is here! Let's go and cheer up Nandini's mood!" Neyonika interrupted the conversation as she came with the tray having bowls filled with ice cream..

"Haan haan Chalo! Let's go!" Manik said picking Manvi up and other two followed him..


"Ab ap Mama say gusa tou ni ho na?" Nandini asked Neeyan and she rested her head on her palm lying beside Neeyan. She extended her forefinger in front of him and he immediately held it smiling at her..

"Pa...papa!" He spoke cutely patting her cheek with his tiny palm and she sighed..

"Papa nahi Neeyo! It's Mama!" She whispered lovingly kissing his little nose and he sniffed as it tickled him. Suddenly he sneezed cutely and Nandini quickly rubbed his chest..

"Shh!! It's okay! Ab say Mama won't force you to the things you don't wanna do!" She told him with an innocent smile and he smiled back snuggling to her chest sleepily..

Neeyan was a total different experience for her. He was not a single percent like Manvi. At Neeyan's age Manvi never threw tantrums in eating anything. She used to eat all the things though now she was cranky. But Neeyan...ufff he was something different...

Manik used to say that 'Neeyan aik jin hai jo tumhary aiyappa ny humry liye specially bheja hai'...

Neeyan knew how to convince others. Now see this example Nandini was hell angry on him but he immediately melted her heart by doing cute antics and compelled her to say a sorry. And freed himself from eating mashed banana daily! That's how he was...

"Ice cream surprise!!" Manik's shout caused mother son to jump and held each other tightly..

"Oh God you scared us!" Nandini spoke sitting straight and resting her back with the pillow while Neeyan almost pounced on the ice cream bowls which Neyonika was placing in the middle of the bed..

"Neeyan! This one is mine!" Manvi shrieked when Neeyan tried to pick up the bowl which had more ice cream..

"Aeaeannn!" Neeyan shouted showing her his big doe angry eyes and Manvi pouted..

"Oye! Ap choty ho that doesn't mean kay ap ko sab say bara wala bowl melay ga!!" Manvi complaint holding the bowl in her death grip while Neeyan did the same..

"Dedooo!" Neeyan groaned pulling the bowl towards himself and the elders were super happy that finally Neeyan spoke another word. Nandini remembered that Neeyan also learnt aa jaoa and clapping so started telling Manik, Mr.Malhotra and Neyonika about it while the kids lame war kept on..

"Neeyooo!" Manvi shouted angrily and Neeyan whined..

"Dedooo naaa!" He cried not leaving the bowl..

"Neeyan Manvi! Ya kon sa tareekaa hai??" Manik scolded both of them. But both were stubborn enough to give up until Manik and Nandini poured one one scoop of ice cream from their bowls to Manvi and Neeyan's...

"Ab khush?" Manik asked angrily glaring at his both stubborn heads and both giggled. Manvi was eating with the spoon but Neeyan...no comments about him as he was eating with anything but spoon...


"Tum theek ho?" Manik asked lowly as Nandini slid under the covers after putting Neeyan to sleep..

"Hmm! Am okay!" She said with a small smile and rested her head on Manik's chest..

"Lag tou Nahi rahi!" He said softly touching his nose and she shook her head. There was a silence between them as Nandini's forefinger nail lightly scratched Manik's chin and she touched his lips..

"You know you can share!" Manik told her lovingly and she got up a little just to peck his forehead. She entwined her hand with his and he kept staring at her. With other hand she caressed his hair and both smiled at each other..

"I love you!" She whispered lovinly and Manik chuckled..

"Wow! What a confession! Mjy tou pata he nahi tha!" He joked and this time she didn't laugh..

"Am feeling blessed!" She whispered again and Manik kissed her knuckle..

"Me too! And I love you more!" He spoke staring in her eyes and she snuggled in his chest..

Again a peaceful silence and suddenly the eyes filled with sadness and agony roamed in Manik's head..

"Nandu?" He called her and she just hummed playing with his fingers..

"Aj bht ajb baat hue!" He started and Nandini raised her head to look at him. "Mr.Rajput's grandson! Yuvaan! Us ki eyes! They had something when he saw me and Cabir consoling Manvi and Abeer!" Manik told her shaking his head and Nandini frowned..

"They had what Manik?" She asked with a concern and Manik bite his lower lip.

"The samething which I used to had when I was of his age! Deprivation! Sadness! Complaints! He is lonely!" Manik told Nandini sadly and she kissed his heart. 

"You know Manvi and Yuvaan! They are so like us!" Manik started again and this time Nandini giggled..

"Yeah right! You broke my appa ka pen and he torn the handkerchief!" She spoke laughingly and Manik too smiled..

"I will talk to him once he will be here at the party! You know! Cabir called me tell that Abeer punched Yuvaan for Manvi! This reminds me when Dhruv punched me for you! They both are best buddies just like us!" Manik told her more and they both were hell surprised on the similarities..

"It's wow!" Nandini giggled and Manik too laughed..

"Acha suno na!" He said pulling her closer naughtily and she hummed playfully. "That kiss in the evening!" He spoke innocently rolling a strand of her hair on his finger. "Is still incomplete! Main soch ra--!" Before he could complete his words Nandini herself fused her lips with his and his eyes widened for a second before he too closed his eyes to respond with equal favor..

"I want you so bad baby!" He whimpered in between the kiss and she tugged his collars to pull him over her..

"Then have me! What's stopping you?" She asked breathlessly as he broke the kiss. He smiled and pointed towards Neeyan..

"He needs you more then me! I will make you tired and you won't be able to take care of him good! So let's delay our moment for a little time!" Manik said lovingly and Nandini couldn't resist but to kiss him again this time coming over him..

"You are the best!" She spoke resting her forehead over his and he sighed in content..

"And you are the bestest!" He whispered back and she pecked his forehead once again before snuggling back in him..

"Wesay don't you dare to think that am not counting the times am controlling myself!" He spoke in a serious tone and she look at him with wide eyes. "Bohat jald am gonna do all the hisaab kitaab! Sara hisaab pora karoon ga! I will make love to you so hard that your each cell will scream my name!" He spoke in a tit for tat tone and this time Nandini blushed like a rose hiding her face in his neck..

"And I won't stop you!" She told him her consent and he smiled..

"I know!" He spoke kissing her hair..

"Good night Mani!" 

"Good night sweetheart!"

These were their last whispers before dozing off...


One Day Later...

Finally Neeyan's birthday early morning...

It was around 6 am of the morning when Nandini came out of the bathroom after having a warm nerve relaxing shower.

It was a big day for his little love and she needed to be ready for it..

Manik was as usual sleeping on his stomach and he had no concern of his surrounding at that time. Neeyan too was still sleeping. Nandini knew that he must wake up in few minutes because it was his daily routine to get a feed at early morning..

She dried her hair and brushed them carefully. Then she let them fall on her back. She was wearing a simple jeans with a warm shirt. She was ready for the day and turned to see her little baby wide awake sucking to his own thumb. He was staring at her and was waiting for her to give him attention..

"Good Morning Mama ki jaan! Happy First Birthday! Ap ko meri umar bhi lag jye! Mama loves you so much!" Nandini spoke lovingly as she picked him up in her arms and was first to wish her son..

"Papa!" He exclaimed and Nandini giggled as once again he called her with wrong name..

"Neeyan! Main Mama!" She said pointing towards herself. "Aur wo Papa!" She told him pointing toward Manik and Neeyan batted his eyelashes in confusion. "Nahi smj aya?" Nandini asked playfully and he pouted before rubbing his face with hers. It was his way to tell that he was hungry. "Mery bety ko bhook lagi hai?? Hmm?" She asked patting his back and sat back on the bed to feed him..

After filling his tummy Neeyan once again dozed off and Nandini sighed in relief. She patted him for few minutes before lying him near Manik. Then she surrounded the father son with loads of pillows around and herself got up to eat something as her stomach was now roaring. 

She came out of the room closing the door carefully behind her and walked to Manvi's room. 

She entered her room and saw her sleeping peacefully..

She walked closer to her and caressed her hair.

"Mama! Papa! I want that...teddy!" Manvi murmured in sleep hugging to her stuffy tightly and Nandini held back a laugh.

"Mama! Papa will get you one!" She whispered in her ear and a smile broke on Manvi's lips. Nandini pecked her princes's forehead and then walked out not to forget to check Smurfy once who was once again almost falling out of his basket..

She reached the lounge to her in laws having their morning coffee along with snacks. Thankfully they had Nandini's cup too..

"Morning Mom and Dad!" Nandini exclaimed immediately stuffing a donut in her mouth and both laughed at her..

"Someone is hungry!" Neyonika spoke as she sat beside her sipping to her coffee and Mr.Malhotra smiled reading to his newspaper..

"Oh yes! Your grandson exhausts me!" She complaint playfully and Neyonika laughed...

"Hai kahan wo? Aj aya nahi tumhry sath neechy! We were waiting for him!" Neyonika asked softly and Nandini shoke her head..

"Bus feed lainy k liye jaga tha! He is asleep again! Manik k sath so raha hai!" She told them..

"So what are the plans for today!?" Mr.Malhotra asked folding his newspaper back and starting the conversation..


Manik was a heavy sleeper that every body knows but the thing nobody knew was Neeyan Malhotra had his own ways. He was awake from last 10 minutes and was staring at his Papa's cute face. 

He patted to his cheeks but he didn't wake up. He was a kumbhkaran..

Neeyan sat up and crawled more closer to Manik. Soon he reached Manik's ear and he pulled it again..

Manik just groaned but didn't wake up. 

"Papa!" Neeyan mumbled but it didn't make any difference. Neeyan pouted and accidentally a drool dripped of his lips. It directly hit Manik's earhole and entered it..

This immediately pulled Manik out of his deep slumber and he got up with a jerk.

He stared at his surrounding sleepily and rubbed to his ear frantically. Neeyan sat there quietly kinda amused from his father's reaction and happy on his achievement..

For few seconds Manik batted his eyelids and then look at his side to see his little devil sitting with an evil smile while another drool escaped his pouty lips. Manik sighed on understanding what must have happened and fell on the his pillow chuckling to himself..

Neeyan didn't waste a single second to climb his Papa's tummy and straddling him..

"Good Morning champ! You scared Papa!" Manik spoke still laughing and picked up few tissue papers from his bedside table to wipe Neeyan's mouth..

"Oh yeah! Happy Birthday darling! May you have many more!" Manik remembered and wished his son kissing his forehead..

"Papapa!! Aa daooo!" Neeyan exclaimed and Manik giggled getting up with Neeyan.

"Chalo aj Papa ap ko bath dain gay!" Manik said in a flaunting tone.

Neeyan immediately clapped his hands dancing in Manik's arms. The thing with which Manik was accidentally not aware of was Neeyan was not at all friendly during taking a bath. 

Manik picked up a fresh Pajamas and shirt of Neeyan from his drawer. Then he walked in the bathroom and closed the hole of washbasin. Then he filled it with warm water and stripped Neeyan's clothes. Neeyan who was happy till now and was playing with his father immediately sensed the 'danger' when Manik made him sit in the washbasin..

"Hey baby enjoying the warm water??" Manik spoke lovingly and poured some water over Neeyan's head with his hand but the stunt Neeyan did was not at all expected as he hugged Manik tightly crying loudly. He was full wet and this caused Manik's shirt also get soaked..

"Neeyan! What happened?? Let's take bath baby!" Manik spoke worriedly in a try to free himself from Neeyan but he didn't left Manik..

By the end of the bathing session it was difficult to tell that who bathed whom?

Manik was fully wet because Neeyan had jumped and cried like a bunny during the whole scene. 

Manik sighed in relief when he buttoned Neeyan's Pajama's.

"Phew! Finally you are ready! Hufff! Is mosam main bhi papa ko paseena aa gya Neeyan! You naughty little devil!" Manik spoke tickling Neeyan and he laughed kicking his legs..

"Chalo let's go to your Mama then I will come back and have a shower myself!" Manik said picking Neeyan up and remained careful that his wet shirt don't touch his son's neatly dressed clothes...

He reached the lounge to see his wife and parents laughing on some lame joke..

"Good Morning!" Manik spoke loudly taking everyone's attention and all turned to him just to laugh more on his condition..

"Manik! Tum ny Neeyan ko bath kiun diya? I was coming!" Nandini asked laughingly taking Neeyan from Manik's arms and he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly..

"Well! It was a good experience you know!" He told her shrugging his shoukders and she awed before pecking his cheek..

"Neeyo! Very bad! Papa ko geela kar diya apnny! Hmm!" Nandini scolded Neeyan touching to his nose..

"Hey no! It's okay! We had fun! Right buddy?" Manik spoke winking at Neeyan and he immediately laughed..

"Okay okay leave everything! Happy Birthday Neeyan!" Mr.Malhotra spoke excitedly and snatched Neeyan from Nandini twirling crazily around with him once again giving Manik a tiny heart attack..

"Happy Birthday Meri Jaan!" Neyonika too spoke hugging and kissing Neeyan madly. At the same time Manvi came running..

"Aram say!" Manik scolded her but she didn't care and picked Neeyan up in her tiny arms..

"Happy Birthday To you! You were born in the zoo! With monkeys and donkeys and elephants like you!" Manvi wished him in her way and all laughed..

Neeyan too giggled pulling to Manvi's pigtails and hugged her cutely. Manik immediately picked up Nandini's cellphone from the coffee table and clicked the moment..

"Di...di...didi!" Neeyan spoke in Manvi's ear and everyone stopped..

Manvi parted away from him and stared at Neeyan's face..

"Di...!" Neeyan again exclaimed and Manvi was almost fainted with happiness. Nandini knelt beside her and she took her both kids in a back hug..

"Mama! Mama! Neeyo ny Didi bola! Oh God! Hyeee! Am so happy! Didi loves you chotay bhai! Thank you!!" Manvi was shouting kissing Neeyan crazily and Nandini laughed with her in happy tears..

While Manik, Mr.Malhotra and Neyonika silently prayed that soon Neeyan say Mama...

They truely wished the samething at sometime...

"Mama loves you both!" Nandini whispered lovingly and Manvi hugged her sandwiching Neeyan in between...

Manik was about to say something when suddenly...

"Happy Birthday Neeyaaan!" They all heard shouts behind their backs and all turned to see Cabir, Navya, Abeer, Mukti, Alya and Dhruv standing with bunches of balloons in their hands moreover all of them had funny masks on their faces.. 

Manvi and Nandini parted away while Neeyan sat on the floor. All of them run towards him and he stared at them with wide eyes. Nandini was still on Neeyan's back, kneeling..

"Happy Birthday little boy!!!!" All of them shouted again and Neeyan noticed each of the masked face. Soon his lower lip trembled and he let out a loud aeaeaeannn before turning to Nandini and climbing her lap...

"Alay alay! Ka hua Neeyan! See everyone is here to wish you!" She cooed him cradling him close to her chest and all the friends stood worried. 

"Guys! Kis ny bola tha kay ya masks daal kar aoa? Don't you guys know Neeyan is sacred of masks and these kinda faces! Usy clowns say bhi dar lagta hai!" Manik told them shaking his head and all of them jerked the masks off..

"Oh sh!t?? Sachi?" Dhruv was the first to freak out..

"But we remember wishing Abeer the same way!" Mukti said rubbing her head..

"Yeah! He wasn't scared of them!" Alya said innocently...

"Aray haan! Abeer tou nahi dara tha!" Cabir said sadly...

"Oho! Har bachy ki habits different hoti hain na!" Navya reasoned and Manik nodded..

"So what we gonna do now? Neeyan tou kaafi naraz ho gya!" Abeer said worriedly and the next moment everyone was kneeling in front of Nandini and Neeyan holding to their ears..

"Sorry Neeyan! We never knew!" They all said in unison and Neeyan look at Nandini to ask what to do.

She winked at him and he turned back with a grumpy face scaring everyone before smiling to fullest...

"Hey you little devil chipmunk!" Abeer was the first to pick Neeyan up and everyone followed him..

After everyone greeted Neeyan Cabir turned to Manik..

"Manik! Teri tbyt theek hai na?" He asked in a serious tone..

"Haan kiun kya hua?" Manik asked in a confused tone..

"Ni bus aisy he! Tu ny kapray daal kar bath lena kab shuru kiya?" He asked in a concern filled tone and Manik gave him a glare..

"Apny bhateejy say kiun ni pochta!? Sara geela kar diya mjy during bath!" Manik told him with a pout and Cabir got the chance to pull Manik's leg to the fullest..


The whole day everyone treated Neeyan more like a prince and he enjoyed it to the core. It was evening now. All the kids were taking a nap and elders were busy in getting ready. The hall decorations were almost done when Manik sneaked in the kitchen finding Nandini working alone. He hugged her from back to which she gasped audibly loud..

"Manik!! You scared me!!" She shrieked angrily and Manik chuckled resting his chin on her shoulder..

"Sorry love! But kya karoon I was missing you na! Sbha say aik kisse bhi ni diya ap ny mjy! So I was craving for it!" Manik spoke like a baby and Nandini turned in his arms. She encircled her arms around Manik's neck and mouthed an O..

"Ohh so baby ko kisse chye?" She asked cutely and Manik nodded like a baby pouting..

Nandini smiled and cupped Manik's one cheek before leaning up to kiss him soundly on his lips..

They kissed sweetly without any haste and...

"Hum nay kuch nahi dekha!" They were forced to break apart just to see all friends and parents standing with hands on eyes..

Nandini's eyes widened and she immediately turned in a rose..

"What the hell yar?? Banda romance bhi ni kar skta kya??" Manik yelled loudly and everyone chuckled..

"Romance room me krty hain Manik beta! Kitchen me ni!" Mr.Malhotra said winking at Neyonika and her eyes widened..

"Ap tou rehny he dain! Mery romance say sab say ziada problem hai ap ko!" Manik roared angrily and Mr.Malhotra laughed holding his stomach..

"Toba Manik! Kuch! Zara si sharam kar lay!!! 2 bachoon ka baap ho gya hai phr bhi? Chii!" Mukti said touching her ears and Manik glared at her..

"Ya romance kay beech bachy kahan say aa gye?" He asked angrily crossing his arms over his chest..

"Aray Manik! Kesi batain kar raha hai! Romance he say tou bachy aye hain! Hai na Nandini? Can you please explain??" Cabir said in an evil tone and Nandini was almost 'sharam say pani pani'...

"Guys please stop na!" She whined cutely hiding behind Manik and all hide their smiles..

"Aray! Ask your husband to stop!" Mr.Malhotra teased more and Neyonika came forward..

"Acha bus! We came to get you Nandini! Let's go and get ready! Guests aaty hoon gay!" Neyonika said to Nandini. Manik immediately turned to her and whispered few words before leaving the kitchen. The words were.

"I have a surprise for you after the party! Just you and me without even the hurdle of clothes!"


Continued in next post...

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"Manvi!! Neeyan! I said come here right now!" Holding a beautiful floral tissue stuff dress which was ending till her knees Nandini walked down the stairs shouting her lungs out. Everyone was busy in gossiping in the middle of the hall as all the preparations and decorations were done..

As it was a boy's celebration the whole decoration was of White and blue color. Everyone was wearing the dresses with a some blue of any shade. 

Manik's eyes snapped at Nandini and the juice glass he was holding in his one hand almost slipped. She was...she was looking so breathtaking.

Earnings were shining in her ears and the nude heels were giving her a good height. 

But she was hell angry on her naughty kids who were busy in playing and they were not listening to her that they both need to change..

Manik placed his glass on the coffee table and walked her closer.

"Kya hua baby?" He asked sweetly holding to her hand and her eyes softened..

"Mani dekho main kab say in dono ko bula rahi hoon! They aren't listening to me!" She said helplessly and somewhat hastily. Manik rubbed her back to calm her down and kissed the top of her head..

"Don't panic! Just shhh! Main dekhta hoon!" Manik whispered lovingly and she rested her head on his shoulder to take deep breaths..

Few minutes passed like this and this calmed Nandini. Everyone stood there watching them in awe..

Then Manik parted away and switched to his strict Papa mood..

"Manvi! Neeyan!" Manik yelled for them and both who were busy in decorating Smurfy with pins and clips paused their movements..

"Papa!" Both acclaimed at sametime with wide eyes and immediately tried to run but Manik reached them..

"Aren't you both listening to what Mama saying?" Manik shouted again and in one arm he picked up Neeyan while with other he dragged Manvi..

"Papa!!" Both were whining but Manik didn't listen to them..

"Manvi Malhotra! I want you in shower now!! Or else no chocolates for the rest of the night!" Nandini scolded Manvi and Manvi stared at the tables covered with chocolates. She can't afford to lose them .

"Aye Mom!" She exclaimed and freeing her hand from Manik she run to her room while Manik took Neeyan to their room where Nandini had set Neeyan's birthday outfit..

Manik helped Neeyan because he didn't need a shower and Nandini helped Manvi. Manvi had the same outfit like Nandini..

"Mama! Kitna maza aa raha hai na! Everyone is so happy!" Manvi exclaimed when Nandini set the hair band in her hair..

"Yes! Everyone is happy! And Manvi you have to take care of Neeyan during the whole Party! Wo gir na jye! Ya wo apny clothes na gandy kary! Kise ko tang na kary okay? Ap karo gay na Itna Mama kay liye??" Nandini asked lovingly and held her hands..

"Yes Mama! I will! I promise!" Manvi said cutely bobbing her head and hugged Nandini..

"Acha! Tou Papa aur bhai kay bina he hug ho raha hai not fair princess!" They both heard Manik saying and turned to see him standing with Neeyan..

"Aray mera bacha!" Nandini went awe when she saw the outfit looking perfect on her little love...

Manik came forward and Nandini immediately applied a 'nazar-ka-tikka' to all three to which they all made faces but then laughed when Manik hugged three of them close..


"Yuvaan! Why you didn't wear the three piece suit I sent you by the maid!" Mrs.Rajput asked angrily when Yuvaan came down rolling the sleeves of his jet black blazer with white shirt and jeans not to forget his usual filt hat..

"Grandma chill! That suit had a defect!" He told her casually adjusting the hat on his head looking in the lounge Mirror..

"Yuvaan! Don't lie!" Mrs.Rajput said coldly and Yuvaan shrugged..

"Listen grandma! First of all am not interested in any kind of stupid birthday party! Ap ny tou mjy btya bhi ni kay hum ja kahan rhy hain! And secondly aren't we getting late?? It's 8 already!" He said innocently pointing towards his wrist watch and Grandma huffed before joining her husband in the car. Yuvaan followed her with an evil smile on his face..

He loved to irritate her...


Staring at all the birthday decors Yuvaan followed his grandparents inside with hands stuffed in his jeans pocket. His style was casual as well as killing..

As soon as he reached inside he stopped in his tracks to see Abeer standing with a rabbit in his hands and he was unclipping the pins which Manvi and Neeyan had clipped on his white fur.. 

He was in a navy blue suit and was talking to Smurfy..

"Haha! Shaheer meray yaar!" Mr.Malhotra shouted and Abeer's eyes snapped at Yuvaan who was staring at him. All the elders started greeting each other and Abeer almost run towards Yuvaan..

It was their first meet after punch..

"Hey buddy!" Abeer spoke in a desperate tone and Yuvaan faked a smile..

"Hi!" He said nodding his head..

"Tu abhi bhi naraz hai na? Am sorry buddy! Please forgive me! See you are my only friend!" Abeer said in a pleading tone holding to Yuvaan's hand..

"No buddy! At least jhoot tou mat bool! Am not your only friend! Wo hai na? Miss Triple M! Teri dost! Tjy meri zarorat ni hai!" He said shaking his head and Abeer was so restless..

He didn't know what to do to convince his friend. The only solution which came in his head was...to hug his best friend tightly and soak away all his worries. So he did and hugged Yuvaan tightly..

Yuvaan's eyes widened for a second but soon he too gave in and hugged Abeeer back. After all they were bestest buddies ever...

"I love you yar!" Abeer was crying and Yuvaan bite his lower lip to hold back his tears..

"Love u too!" He whispered back and suddenly they both heard cheers exploding..

"This is so amazing kids! Thank God that you guys are friends again!" Mr.Malhotra exclaimed and all other also smiled..

"Aray where is our birthday boy! And Manik kahan hai? Manvi? And specially Nandini?" Mr.Rajput spoke excitedly and Yuvaan's head snapped at Abeer .

"It's Manvi's party?" He whisper yelled at Abeer to which he made a pleading face..

"Yes it's Neeyan's birthday!" He spoke innocently and Yuvaan gritted his teeth..

He never wanted to face that little crying rat...



"Here they are!" Mukti shouted jumping on her place and all looked towards the staircase..

What an adorable family it was. Nandini and Manik were standing on the top most stair. Manvi was standing on one step lower while Manik was picking up Neeyan in his one arm while his other hand was stuffed in his dress pant pocket. Nandini's was holding his that arm..

"They are so cute!" Aneeta spoke clapping her hands and Abeer looked at her smiling..

"Calm down Annie!" He spoke knocking her head and she giggled..

"Congratulations!! And Celebrations!" Everyone sang and The cutest family walked down..

"Aww! The cutest birthday boy ever!" Alya spoke kissing Neeyan madly and she twirled around with her..

"Manik Nandini! Many many congratulations! Like seriously! God bless your kids!" Mrs.Rajput greeted hugging them one by one..

Everyone was greeting MaNan while Yuvaan stood staring at his Miss Triple M who was looking like a fairy in that cute dress wearing white pomps. She was talking to Aneeta on some very hot topic and suddenly she turned to him. Her smile immediately faded away and Yuvaan too looked down..


She came to him and Yuvaan pretended that he didn't see her..

"Yuvaan?" Manvi called him softly and he looked at her with attitude..

"Yes?" He asked coldly...

"Thanks for coming! And joining us for my brothers Birthday party!" She spoke with gratitude..

"Miss Triple M! Meri grandma mjy yahan dhoky say liye hain! Agr mjy pata hota kay ya tumhri party hai tou I would never have come here!" He said coldly and walked away..

"It's okay Manvi! Your good attitude won't help!" Abeer said from back and came forward with Aneeta..

"He is rude!" Aneeta commented..

"Well! He won't change!" Abeer said shrugging his shoulders..

"Chalo bachoon! It's cake time! Manvi come! Let's cut the cake!" Nandini called Manvi and she nodded running towards the cake table. 

This time Nandini was holding Neeyan and Manik was picking up Manvi is his arms..

"Neeyan blow the candle and make a wish!" Nandini whispered in Neeyan's ear and he just smiled at her..

"Do you want Mama to do it for you?" She asked again and surprisingly he nodded excitedly..

"Make a wish for Neeyan Nandini!" Neyonika spoke with a smile and Nandini look at Manik and Manvi. They both nodded in assurance and Nandini closed her eyes...

'Aiyappa! Please! Make Neeyan call me Mama! I don't know why am I so desperate but I just want this! And help him to take his very first step as soon as possible!'

She opened her eyes and pecked Neeyan's cheek before blowing the candles..

Everyone clapped and Neeyan too joined them. 

Then Nandini held Neeyan's hand and Manik Manvi rested theirs on her. All four of them cut the cake together and the hall was almost exploded with the shouts...

"Guys please! Shhh!" Manik shushed everyone as he had a fear that Neeyan will get scared..

"Such a sensitive boy!" Aneeta's mother complemented and Nandini smiled giving her the cake..

The photographers who were there to click the party came to Nandini..

Seeing so much people around Neeyan was not leaving her and she had to work with single hand while serving the cake..

"Excuse me Mrs.Malhotra!" One of the man called her and she turned..

"Yes!?" She asked hastily..

"Actually we had arranged a special photo booth for Mr. Neeyan Malhotra! We need to shoot him there! Can we have him for few minutes! Family photoshoot is done already! But Mr.Neeyan's shoot is left!" He said obediently and Nandini nodded with a smile..

"Yes sure! You can take him! But he won't come with you guys! Let me call his father too! Ya araam say nahi bethy ga!" She said shaking her head and called Manik..

Soon they reached the photobooth area and Nandini made Neeyan sit there..

He started crying instantly..

"Neeyo?? Papa ki jaan?? See? Idar dekhoo!?" Manik called Neeyan from Photographers back and Neeyan looked at Him with a pout. The photographer kept clicking and soon all the guests gathered around..

"Neeyaan? If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!" Nandini started signing and Neeyan immediately clapped his hands. Actually the photo area had another cake placed and the balloons and whole arrangements were done there too.. Many photos were clicked and everyone kept distracting Neeyan.

 Yuvaan was standing far away staring at the drama with a small smile on his face..

When the photo session was done the photographer announced to show everyone raw form of pictures. He plugged the USB cable from his camera with the TV and everyone got busy in watching the pictures.

For a second nobody noticed what Neeyan was doing. When all the pictures were done Nandini was first to turn towards Neeyan and she almost shrieked on seeing the scene in front..

Neeyan was eating the cake with his face almost dug in it. 

Manik too turned and both rushed towards him. 

"Neeyan!" Nandini scolded him and he look at her with a cute pout..

Manik and Nandini were almost 20 steps away from him. Manvi too reached them. Neeyan' movements stopped them.

He was trying to get up..

He was trying to walk..

For an intance everything around Manik, Nandini and Manvi stopped...

It was only four of them...

Neeyan stood up and tried to walk but before he could take even a little step he fell back..

Nandini gasped and was about to rush towards Neeyan but Manik grabbed her arm..

"Let him do it alone!" He whispered softly and Nandini gripped to Manik's hand tightly..

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest and she felt that she will almost die with happiness.

Her little love was trying to walk..

Can her life be more beautiful??

But she didn't know what more her choto packet had stored for her...

Now he was getting up once again and everyone stared at him..

He stumbled again and Manik tightly held Nandini because he knew she would rush to him and he won't be able to complete his task..

He took his first step..

Finally without any support he took his very first step and Nandini almost sank on her knees...

Tears had already brimmed in her eyes as she sat on her knees face to face to Neeyan...

"Come! Aa jaoa meri jaan!" She whispered lovingly once again gesturing him with her hands as Neeyan took slow and careful steps towards her. 

Manvi hugged to Manik's leg tightly and their heartbeats were also wild...

It took Neeyan about a minute to finally reach Nandini and boom he directly fell in her chest..

She quickly gathered him in her arms and squeezed him close to her as much as possible..

She kissed him crazily and he was patting to her cheeks .

Once again Neeyan's words stopped her moments and increased the intensity of her tears..

The words were..

"Ma...maaa!" He spoke cutely and Nandini look at Manik who had a satisfied smile on his face while Manvi too was crying now..

Nandini hugged Neeyan more tightly and kissed him again..

"Thank you meri jaan!" She hiccupped..

"Thank you!" She sobbed more..

"Aj ap ny mama ko bht khushi di hai! Thank you so much!" She spoke with gratitude and Manik made her get up before taking his lifelines in his arms..

Once again the session of congratulations started. When Neyonika came with a sky blue washable paint box and a marbel plate..

"What is this Mom!?" Nandini asked freeing the pearl necklace from Neeyan's hand which she was wearing in her neck..

"Aray we are gonna save Neeyan's first step!" She said excitedly and asked Nandini to hold Neeyan tightly. Then she removed Neeyan's shoes and covered the back of his both feet with the paint. Then she immediately took a print on the plate and everyone was standing stunned on the level of adorableness...


"Wow! Dekho tou Zara! Itny sary toys and gifts!!!" Nandini exclaimed as she sat on the floor behind Neeyan who was staring at the big gift packs..

"Mama?" He looked at Nandini all confused .

"These are for you baby!" She told him and Neeyan looked at Manik who was sitting on the couch near him. Manik nodded at Neeyan and he crawled near the gifts.. 

"Neeyan! Open mine gift first!" Mukti exclaimed as she sat on the floor beside Nandini..

"No no! Mera pehly!" Cabir shouted And Neeyan crawled back to Nandini..

"Aisa karo! Tum sab apny apny gifts open kar rakh do! Neeyan will himself take care of them!" Nandini suggested and boom everyone sat on the floor in a seconds. Even all grandparents too sat and started unpacking the gifts.

While Neeyan's rant of Mama Mama was still on...

Maybe he was compensating the time he didn't call her..

Soon everyone had unpacked the gifts and Neeyan clapped on seeing so many toys around..

"Mama!!! Mama!" He shouted happily trying to divert his attention towards his gifts and Nandini laughed nodding at him..

"Ji Mama ki jaan! Dekh liya myny! Ap kay gifts hain sab! Go and take them!" She encouraged him and Neeyan crawled towards his gifts. Everyone started showing him their gifts and Manvi too brought a hand made card for him. 

"Neeyan pehly is tricycle pay bethy ga!" Mr.Malhotra strictly spoke pulling Neeyan towards the tricycle he had brought for him...

"No! He will play with these stuffies!" Neyonika spoke pulling him towards her gifts she got for him..

"No no! He will play with the xylophone we got for him!" Dhruv announced and before the fight could proceed further Manik picked Neeyan up..

"No! Neeyan will first of all see Mama, Papa and his Didi's gift!" Manik spoke loudly and Nandini too got up..

"Yes yes! Our gift!" Manvi spoke excitedly clapping to her hands..

"Kahan hai tum logon ka gift?" Cabir asked in a confused tone and Manik gestured everyone to follow him. 

They all climbed the stairs and reached the room left to MaNan's..

"This is our gift!" Manik spoke softly and opened the door..

The whole room was renovated beautifully with blue and White furniture..

Manik made Neeyan sit on the floor and he happily crawled touching to all the things..

Everyone just adored the little one when he brought few stuffies towards Nandini showing her and she wholeheartedly complimented him..

Neeyan's priceless smile was a clear indication that he loved his Parents and sister's gift the most..

"Mam! Dinner is ready!" Maid said to Nandini and everyone off to have dinner..

"Mama!!" Neeyan cried pulling to Nandini's dress he was also hungry..

"Ji meri jaan! Ab Mama kuch kha lain tou he feed krayen ge na ap ko!" Nandini spoke lowly and was about pick him up when Manik came..

"Have your dinner! Neeyan idar aoa!" Manik said to her and she sighed picking up a plate to eat...

"You want cupcake?" Manik asked to Neeyan and he pouted playing with Manik's tie. Manik picked up a cupcake and gave it to Neeyan..

He held it in both hands and tried to stuff it in his mouth at once..

"Dheere dheere khaoa beta!" Manik told him softly but he didn't paid attention to what he said instead he kicked his legs. He wanted to get down..

Manik let him go and he hastily crawled away..

Manik too sighed and started eating with Nandini...



They are beautiful that's what was Yuvaan's perception about them. Standing near the pool he was feeling good. 

Nobody needed him at there in the party. 

He ate a very little and then walked out..

Abeer was busy with Manvi and Aneeta. Though he tried to free himself for his buddy but Yuvaan was everything but selfish so he told Abeer that he was ok..

Minutes passed like this when suddenly Abeer felt a little pull on his jeans. He turned to see the birthday boy tugging to his jeans with a half eaten cupcake in his hand..


"Neeyo? Mama ki jaan? Kahan ho?" Nandini was walking around in search of Neeyan as she was done with her dinner and now she was finding Neeyan to feed him when suddenly someone pulled her arm.

"Mani!" She whisper yelled at him as he pinned her with the mirror window behind the curtain..

"Hey! Don't yell na! I was missing you!" He said with a pout and she immediately pecked his pout..

"Bus lay li kiss now lemme go! Mjy Neeyan ko dhoondhna hai!" She said with a pleading face and Manik shook his head..

"Just stay a little longer!" Manik spoke lovingly resting his lips on her forehead..

"I am very happy!" Nandini whispered sweetly resting her hands on Manik's chest..

"Main bhi!" Manik whispered back..

"Main apny dono bachoon say bohat ziada pyaar krti hoon Manik! Har lamha! Har wakat! Mera pyaar un k liye barhta he ja raha hai!" Nandini was confessing her heart and Manik smiled carefully taking her lips in a gentle kiss.

They kissed like passionate ancient lovers and broke apart..

"I love you three a lot!" Manik spoke once again pecking her lips and then pulled back..

"Mani! Neeyo ko dhoondo na! He was hungry!" Nandini's concern came back and Manik looked out of the window just to see Yuvaan and Neeyan sitting near the pool...

"I will get Neeyan! You go get Manvi! Then we will call of the party! Us kay baad you are coming with me! We are spending the night out!" Manik told her hastily was about to walk away but Nandini stopped him..

"Manik! What about the kids?" She asked with a concern and Manik nodded..

"We will go after putting them to sleep! Mom and Dad will watch them for us!" Manik told Nandini..

"Neeyan needs his feed after immediately he wakes up! And Manvi ka school hai! Wo mery bina ready ni hoti!" Nandini's concern was there..

"Oh meri jaan!" Manik spoke lovingly cupping to her cheeks. "We will come back before the sun rise! Neeyan aur Manvi kay jagny say pehly! Ab tension ni lo hmm?" He continued lovingly and stroke her chin with his thumb..

"You know Mani! You are the best! I love you!" She exclaimed loudly and pecked his cheek hard before rushing to find Manvi while Manik stood there with hand on cheek trying to figure out for a moment that what just happened??

"Ya kiss ap ko bohat mehengi parny wali hai Mrs. Malhotra!" He murmured to himself with a devil smile and opened the window to reach Neeyan and Yuvaan..


"Hey little one!" Yuvaan spoke lowly and bent down on Neeyan..

Neeyan giggled at him and this made Yuvaan smile..

"Tate??(Cake)!" Neeyan asked cutely showing him his cupcake and Yuvaan stared at him for a moment before sitting close to him..

"No! I am full! And you know what! You also shouldn't eat it because it has germs now!" Yuvaan said politely and took the cake piece from him placing it away...

Neeyan look at Yuvaan and Yuvaan pulled out a handkerchief out of his pocket to clean Neeyan's hands and mouth..

"BTW happy birthday! Sorry I never got you a gift!" Yuvaan was saying all this while cleaning to Neeyan's hands and Neeyan was smiling at him.

When he was done the task then Neeyan climbed his lap and Yuvaan held him..

"You want something?" Yuvaan asked and Neeyan reached for Yuvaan's hat..

"Oh you want this hat?" Yuvaan chuckled and himself set his hat on Neeyan's head..

"Wow! It looks good on your more then me!" Yuvaan complimented him with full heart and the hat was big for Neeyan. It hide his eyes and he did a little aean aean but soon Yuvaan set the hat again..

"You know you are better then your sister! At least you are not kharoos like her! We can be friends!?" Yuvaan said innocently and before Neeyan could do anything...

"We can be friends too!" Yuvaan raised his head to see Manik standing with a small smile on his face and Yuvaan looked down..

Manik sat down pulling Neeyan in his lap and Yuvaan slid closer to the pool to touch the water in it..

"Nice house!" He spoke lowly and Manik smiled..

"Thanks! You liked the pool?" He asked softly and Yuvaan nodded..

"I love water! So as the pools! It calms me!" He spoke innocently and Manik was amazed on the way he talked..

"You know Yuvaan! You reminds me of someone!" Manik spoke in a serious tone and Yuvaan turned towards Manik with wide eyes..

"Who?" He asked curiously..

"Myself!" Manik told him shrugging his shoulder and Yuvaan stared at Manik. "When I was of your age! I was the same! Cold! Heartless and...!" Manik paused..

"And?" Yuvaan demanded looking in Manik's eyes..

"And lonely!" Manik said softly and Yuvaan immediately turned his gaze away. "You need friends Yuvaan! Good friends!" Manik spoke holding to Yuvaan's hand in his gentle grip..

"I had a friend! But your daughter already snatched him!" Yuvaan said in a sad tone and Manik shook his head..

"No she didn't! She will never take your place Yuvaan until you yourself leave your place in Abeer's life! She is a good friend! I request you to give her a chance!" Manik was clearing the fog which has been clustered in Yuvaan's mind. "Try to find a reason to live and to be happy! And in this search I am with you!" Manik said in his fatherly manner and patted to Yuvaan's head. "Let's go inside! It's cold!" He said pulling Yuvaan up and got up with Neeyan..

"Mr.Malhotra?" Yuvaan called him and he paused...

"Yes?" Manik asked turning to him..

"I don't know how to say this but umm! Thanks!" He said lowly looking down and scratched the tile with his boot..

"Anytime son! As I said! I am with you! And I have another offer for you! Whenever you feel like you can also call me Papa just like Manvi and Neeyan do! But only when your heart tells you to do so!" Manik said lovingly and pecked Yuvaan's head walking back in while Yuvaan stood there numb and shocked..



"Manvi! Go and change your clothes right now!" Nandini almost shouted on Manvi who was still busy in playing with her new dolls. She also got the gift for the night..

"Mama ji! Mama!" Neeyan was going all cranky as he was very hungry but Nandini wanted him to change first..

"Bushh bushh Mama ki jaan! Clothes change kar lo na!" She said patiently and kept changing Neeyan's clothes..

"Manvi ab ya last time hai Phir main thapar lagaon ge! Go and change then come back to me so that I put you to sleep!" Nandini said sternly..

"Okay Mama jaani! Going!" Manvi accepted her defeat and walked out of the room. Nandini was done with changing Neeyan's clothes so she started feeding him. Soon he was full and fast asleep when Manvi joined her..

"Today was a good day hai na Mama!" She spoke snuggling in Nandini and she nodded with a smile..

"Neeyan surprised all of us today!" Nandini whispered lovingly. "And mama is proud of you too! You helped Mama a lot today in attending guests! Thank you meri jaan!" Nandini thanked Manvi and she mouthed an I love you Mama before drifting to sleep in an instance..

Nandini kept patting both of them when Manik peeked in the room..

"So gaye?" He whispered and she nodded. Manik pecked his angels first then picked Manvi up in his arms. Manvi cradled Neeyan close and both walked towards Mr.Malhotra and Neyonika's room.

Handing them both to grandparents Manik dragged Nandini out with him towards his car..

They were off to Manik's surprise..



"This night is so beautiful!"

"So as you! Allow me to make love to you Nandini!"


"Ya khul kiun nahi raha? Open it!"

"What do you mean by open it??! It's open see!" 

"It's not opening!!!"

"OMG!! We are stuck in this storeroom Yuvaan!!!"


Phew hell of a long update it was! Am so so tired and tired. Uff but guys response is so heartbreaking! Just a single word comment on itne lambi update? Itne buri tou ni hoon yar me! Aisy nii karo! Plz comment long! Plz!

Love, Mawara

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miss_writer Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2016 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Hi Di ...
What's up, first of all shukriya .. Aap ki in updateo ko padh mera na mood set Ho jata hai
Exams pass aa rahi hai isliye padhna padta hai aur pure din padhna ke baad aapka 
Update dil Khush Kar deta hai... 

Bada hi changa idea dunda hai aapne jo history repeats itself ko highlight karta hai
Mene apki har ek story 3 se 4 time read ki hai... 
Aur har bar padhne par mein usse plot ko ek different context mein 
le sakti hu... Mera toh kahna hai ek book hi publish Kar do on our MANAN 
Ya phir serial ke story writer ban jao kyunki aap plot create Karne mein expert hu...

Ab story par aati hu... 
Nandini ko mama.   Aur Manik ko papa Soch mujhe goosebumps hote hai...
Those some little moments n beautiful words have a great impact on us...
And sometimes are just impossible for me to pen down which u have done exceptionally well
Manvi aur neyaan ka toh Kya kehna ... Meri ankho ka Tara ban Gaye hai...
Neyaan ki birthday was a dream birthday n not to forget our responsible manvi...
Ye choti choti cheeze hi aapka update interesting banati hai
Nandinis feeling on neyaan calling her mama was very emotional 

Keep up the good work cause we love you n I M UR JABRA FAN MAO DI

n I tell u that I know that my long comment doesn't display our love respect n care for u

Love u di 
KEEP WRITING cause it makes me happy:)


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styletheworld Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2016 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Amazing update 
Finally neeyo Said mumma
I loved the update 
The way u described every scene was superb
Waiting for manan 's special night!!!;)

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 August 2016 at 11:33am | IP Logged
beautiful update
loved it
cont soon
01asdfg Senior Member

Joined: 30 October 2015
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Posted: 22 August 2016 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Cute and blissful update
Loved it
Continue soon
lovlytuli Goldie

Joined: 27 July 2015
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Posted: 22 August 2016 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
wowww...awesome update...
soo cute n beautiful...
loved it so much...
enjoyed it fully...
tysm fr this superb part...
waiting fr the next...

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