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shaan... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 July 2016 at 11:52am | IP Logged
1st of all SORRY 4 commenting dis late...
Now cumng 2 d update...its excellent...
Manan's convo was awesome...
Neeyan's so cute...
Manvi's so adorable...
Manan as parents r so caring & protective...
Luved it...
Plz continue soon...
Waiting eagerly...
Take care...
Stay blessed...

prathyushaeluri Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2016 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
the update was awesome
loved it
it was fab and loved it
manvi yuhaan and abeer story was lovely
i am loving it
continue soon
thanks for the pm
Sonu137 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2016 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Awesome update 
Manvi and yuvraan fight was really nice 
Abeer and yuvaan ki friendship wow
Uff but again fight
But it was nice 
Nandu life is also busy and now Manvi in fight Uff 
But it was a nice update 
Waiting for next 
Thanks for pm 
Take care 
Keep smiling 
Love you 
ROOP0605 Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2016 at 7:46am | IP Logged
next part plz
kishubedi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2016 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm
Loved the update
Manvi is totally a combo of manan
And also loved he manan scenes
N neeyan is too cute
N now excited to know what happens with yuvaan abeer n manvi
Manansamkhan Goldie

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Posted: 16 August 2016 at 2:37pm | IP Logged

I was missing manvi n soo happy came acroos this squeal today

love it ..
adorable children n adorable Manan . .

neeyan is sooo cute n adorable

yuvaan n manvi

history repeats
loving the track ..

cont soon
stay blessed
Mawara_Ejaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2016 at 11:59am | IP Logged
This is a bonus chapter! Is main birthday sequence ni hai! The chappy was going very long tou I have divided the chapter and hopefully am gonna update the next chapter in 24 hours maximum till then enjoy this one!

Love you all! :)

Happy Reading!

Chapter 3

Manik's car stopped in the parking of Smart School and he almost jumped out of it. He saw Cabir standing there biting to his lips furiously.

"Hey Manik! Am worried!" He said hastily reaching to Manik to which he nodded..

"Relax! Everything will be ok!" Manik tried to console Chair but he himself was so worried. Both walked inside the school just praying for the best.. 

Here in the principal's office there was a pin drop silence except of Manvi's little hiccups and sobs. She was standing in one corner and was hugging to those torn pieces of clothes in her hands. Abeer was standing in the corner opposite to Manvi though he was not crying like a baby but he was sad. His face seemed somewhat defeated. While Yuvaan was standing far away from them. His eyes were closed and his head was resting with the wall itself. 

Each of them were in different pain..

When suddenly Manik and Cabir came running in..

"Mano!" Manik exclaimed worriedly and rushed to her.

"Abee!" Cabir too spoke and run to get his little life in his arms..

Manik immediately knelt in front of Manvi and she didn't look at Manik but kept sobbing..

Manik cupped her cheeks and made her look at him..

"Baby?? What happened??" He freaked out and Manvi cried more..

"Manvi is very sorry Papa! Manvi good girl nahi hai!" She spoke between her hiccups and Manik's heart fell. He felt so sad..

"No meri jaaan! Shhh! Kis ny bola ya?? Ap ko pata hai na Papa loves you?" He said trying to make her feel a little good but she cried more. "Mera bacha! Kuch tou btaoa?" He was again coaxing her..

"Papa jiii!" She cried again for Manik and his hands were going numb on seeing his little baby crying this much.

"Ji jaan! Meri choti si dunya! Bolo na! Papa apny bachy kay pass hain!" Manik almost begged and she didn't speak instead spread her hands in front of Manik. Manik stared at the torn pieces for few moments before cursing himself for giving her the responsibility..

"Manvi is not a good daughter Papa!" She cried more and her cries shook Manik to the core. He quickly pulled her in his arms and hide her in his embrace..

"Shhh! No baby! My princess is the best daughter of this whole universe and Papa loves her a lot! Don't cry jaan!" He whispered in her ears and she snuggled in his chest crying to no extent.

Abeer's condition was no different. He too was hugging Cabir tightly but sadly he wasn't speaking a single word..

He was quite as Ice. In spite of Cabir's pleading Abeer didn't utter a word. He was in too much of guilt for punching his friend..

Yuvaan was aimlessly staring at both the Fathers who was constantly trying to console their kids while he was still standing alone. No one was there to hug him. He knew his Grandpa must be busy once again in some of his meeting and mustn't has time for him..

Yuvaan didn't know how it feels to be hugged by loved ones..

His grandparents never had time for him. His Grandpa was always busy in his business and Grandma in her social works...

Manik whispered sweet nothings in Manvi's ears and assured her that it was okay. He was not at all angry with her. He craddled her close to his chest and she hide her face in his neck purring like a kitten.

According to Nandini Manik always knew his ways with his kids...

Manik looked back at Cabir and he too was holding Abeer the same way like he was holding Manvi. He looked around more to see another guy probably of Abeer's age staring at them with desperate and sad expressions. The sadness in his eyes immediately reminded Manik of his own childhood. Before he could say something a man in his late fifties came running in and Manik recognized him instantly.

He was Shaheer Singh Rajput..

One of the most famous business man of the country..

"Yuvaan! Oh my little son!" He exclaimed worriedly and rushed towards Yuvaan. 

If it had been another situation Yuvaan would have turned his face from his grandpa but at that moment he was so emotional and sad. He also needed someone who hug him and tell him that everything will gonna be ok..

"GrandPa!" He too shouted and hugged his grandpa tightly..

"Sorry baby! Grandpa is once again late! Maaf kar do!" He spoke kissing his grandson madly and Yuvaan sniffed on his shoulder..

All the three fathers got up carrying their kids in their arms and turned towards the principal who cleared her throat to take their attention..

"Now when three of you are here I would like to say that you all should sort out the matter in personal because your kids are not ready to tell me what was the fight about! They are stubborn! They are trying to protect each other!" Principal said in a stern tone and Manik looked at Manvi who was cuddled to his chest and was dozing off..

"We understand Principal! Thanks for your concern!" Mr.Shaheer spoke with a small smile and Principal nodded..

"You can take your kids Home! They need rest!" She said dismissing them and they all walked out with Peon who put the bags of kids in their respective cars..

"Mr.Rajput! About the discussion about this matter tou I think you should join us in my son's birthday party!" Manik started the conversation and Mr. Shaheer smiled at Manik..

"Sure! I would love to come Manik! And can't believe that time passes so early! I remember reading the news about your son's birth! And now it's been a year!" Mr. Shaheer spoke shaking his head and Manik chuckled..

"Yes! Time passes so fast! Ab tou Neeyan bohat bara ho gya hai and I must say he is a hell of a naughty kid!" Manik spoke remembering his choto packet's mischiefs..

"Well apny grandpa par gya ho ga! Ronit is also very naughty! Hahhh! It's been years since we met! Am so happy that you invited me! I will surely come to meet my old buddy!" Mr.Shaheer said and Manik nodded..

Ronit Malhotra and Shaheer Singh Rajput were very good friends.. 

But business hooked them up and they had no time left for even themselves..

"And don't forget to bring Yuvaan and Mrs.Rajput! We would love to have you in our party right Cabir??" Manik said with a smile and elbowed Cabir who was still busy with Abeer, in a try to ask about the reason of the fight..

"Oh yes! Yes of course! It will be a pleasure! We obviously have loads to catch up Mr.Rajput!" Cabir said with a fake smile and all three bid goodbye after that..

"Mera baby ice cream khaye ga?" Manik asked adjusting Manvi in his lap and started the car..

"No Papa! Bussh Mama pass jana hai!" That's all her answer was and Manik sighed.

He softly pecked her hair and she hugged his waist tightly..

"Papa loves his cupcake a lot!" He whispered in her ear lovingly...


"If your happy and you know it clap your hands!" The kids rhyme echoed in the hall. Neeyan was sitting on the floor and his full concentration was on the TV screen. Where a bunny was clapping his hands with the rythym..

Neeyan copied him and clapped his hand with the bunny..

"If you are happy and you know it and you really want to show it clap your hands!" Bunny sang and clapped again. Neeyan again jumped and clapped his hands along with the bunny...

Nandini smiled on his acts as sat on the couch after finishing her works. She turned off the TV and Neeyan turned towards her with an angry pout. She giggled on seeing him so angry and Neeyan was not at all looking amused..

Nandini thought of something and pursed her lips. 

"Should Mama sing for you?" She asked raising her eyebrows and he look at her confused..

"If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!" She sang and an immediate smile broke on Neeyan's lips. He quickly clapped his hands with Nandini..

"If you are happy and you know it and you really want to show it clap your hands!" She sang again and Neeyan again clapped this time laughing loudly with Nandini. 

"Neeyo!" Nandini called Neeyan when he was crawling away from her. He stopped and turned to give her a single toothy smile.

"Aa jaoa! Mama pass aa jaoa?" She coaxed him. He giggled before turning back and crawled back to her. He reached the couch and Nandini bent over him and pecked his forehead. 

He put his arms in the air. He wanted Nandini to pick him up and made him stand..

"Haan ji?? Kya hua? You want to stand up? Haan?" She asked him poking his head and he again jumped on his place trying to tell her that he desperately wanted to stand up. "No! Mama is not gonna help you today! Aj Neeyan Malhotra khud stand up karen gay!" She said shaking her head and folded her arms across her chest..

"Aeaeannn!" Neeyan cribbed again jumping on his place and made his favorite pout which melted Nandini. She extended her forefingers of both hands to him and he immediately held them. That's all he needed, a little support. He quickly stood up and hopped on his place like a bunny holding to Nandini's fingers in his death grip..

"Jump jump jump!" Nandini sang and Neeyan jumped in rythym..

Nandini laughed and picked him up in her arms kissing him madly..

"Muaaahhh!" She pecked his cheek so hard that he started doing his unhnnn unhnnn to which she kissed him more. "Tell me you love Mama??" She asked lying on the couch and Neeyan sat on her tummy he again gave her a pout. 

"Aww! Mera bacha!" She was going crazy for her little world as she tickled him and he giggled..

"Acha chalo Papa ko awaz do!! Bolo Papa aa jaoa!" She told Neeyan and hearing about Papa Neeyan devoted his full attention to her words..

"Neeyo bolo Papa??" She again coaxed him and he scratched his ear.

"Pa pa...pa...papa!" He called loudly and Nandini smiled..

"Ab pora bolo! Papa aa jaoa!" She told him and he laid his head on her chest snuggling in her..

"Pa...pa...pa...papa...aa dooo! Papa aa doaooo!" He repeated Nandini's words in his own toddler Voice and Nandini was super happy..

Her son finally spoke another word..

"Papapapa!!!!" Neeyan shouted happily and Nandini got up with him in her lap..

"Haan ji bulaoa Papa ko!" She again coaxed him and he pouted...

"Aaa dooo! Papa!!!" He shouted again and she held his tiny hands to kiss them crazily..

"Acha Neeyo!" She took his attention hesitantly and he looked at her batting his eyelashes..

"Bolo Mama!" She said with a hope and he stared at her blankly...

"Ma...ma! Bolo!" She tried again but he didn't speak. Instead he look back and saw Smurfy running away..

"Mulfyyy!!!" He shouted kicking his legs a clear indication for Nandini that he wanted to get down. She smilingly made him sit in the floor and he hastily crawled behind Smurfy.

She smiled biting her lower lip.

"It's okay Neeyo! Mama can wait for you! I know you want that moment to be special for your Mama!" She said to herself and looked at her lap to control the urge of tears..

"Mama loves you!" She whispered again and smiled at her little packet who has now caught Smurfy and was pulling his ears...

She kept looking at him until she heard footsteps. She saw Manik coming carrying Manvi in his arms. She got up with a jerk and rushed to them..

"What?? What happened? Is she okay?" She freaked out as she reached them..

"She is okay! Just sleeping!" Manik said nodding his head and Nandini still was hell worried..

"Ma...mama ji!" Manvi murmured in her sleep and Nandini looked at Manik he smiled in assurance and gave Manvi to Nandini..

"Shh! Bus Mama ki jaan!" Nandini whispered cuddling Manvi to her and pecked her forehead...

She walked towards the stare but turned towards Manik. She gestured him towards Neeyan who was on verge of almost killing smurfy. Manik chuckled shaking his head and walked towards Smurfy.

"Hey champ! Leave this poor soul alone!" Manik said to Neeyan and freed Smurfy from his grip. Neeyan shouted after Smurfy but Manik picked Neeyan up. Neeyan was shouting his lungs out and was kicking his legs when Manik followed Nandini on the stairs. 

"Chup! No screaming!" Manik scolded Neeyan in anger and his shouts instantly stopped. "Stop being so cranky all the time!" Manik again scolded him and he stared at Manik with wide eyes. His lower lip trembled before water pooled in his chocolate eyes and he started crying hugging to Manik tightly..

Manik sighed and rubbed Neeyan's back..

Neeyan was crying clinging to Manik. Inspite of so much scolding he was still clung to his father maybe he wanted to tell him that how much sorry he was and he wanted his Papa back in his lovey dovey mood..

"Acha buss shh! Sorry!" Manik immediately regretted scolding Neeyan when he cried in his neck and he said sorry. Nandini had disappeared in the room with Manvi. "Acha idar Papa ko dekho!" Manik spoke lovingly forcing Neeyan to look at him. "Acha na ab Papa sorry hain na! Rona band kar do! For Papa please?" He pleaded and Neeyan pouted. "Dekho na! Didi is not well!" Manik started telling Neeyan his 'free-ka-gyan' and walked towards his room. "And when someone in home is not well we all have to behave! Na kay aisy cheekhna chillana shuru kar dain jesa ap ny kiya!" He told him more and Neeyan nodded cutely as if he was understanding each word of what his Papa was telling him soon Manik entered the room. 

He saw Nandini sitting on the bed and Manvi's head was in her lap. Manvi was narrating her the whole incident and was once again in tears. Manik shook his head and sat beside them. Neeyan sat in his lap and stared at his sister who was crying..

"He tore the handkerchief in pieces Mama! Am not a good daughter! I failed to take care of the thing Papa asked me!" She was once again crying and Nandini caressed her hair..

"Manvi! Now listen to Mama carefully okay?" She started lovingly and Manvi nodded. While Manik held her hands and kissed them softly. "If the handkerchief is torn and it's no more tou it don't proves that you are not a good daughter! You never failed as a daughter! You have always made us proud by gaing good grades! Me and your Papa we are so proud of you honey! You are the best daughter any parents could have!" Nandini spoke and tears brimmed in her eyes.

"You know Manvi ap Mama kay sath tab thy jab koi bhi nahi tha! Na Papa na Neeyan! You were the one who was Mama's lifeline! Ap nahi hoty tou main! Main shaid aj zinda bhi na hoti! Ap ny hamesha Mama ka sath diya hai! You are Mama's proud! And I am strictly telling you not to think even a bit of like this it's Mama's request to you!" She was speaking and speaking crying badly. Manvi hugged Nandini's waist tightly and Manik looked away to hide his own tears..

"I love you Mama!" Manvi cried and this time Manik couldn't resist but to hug his lives all together..

"I love you three a lot! I promise to protect you all till my last breath!" He whispered in an emotional tone and Neeyan was once again clinged to him..


Three Hours Later...

Neeyan and Manvi were taking their nap after having their lunch. It was evening now and the sun was setting slowly according to it's schedule. Nandini was standing on the terrace and tears were still rolling down her cheeks..

"Am not a good daughter Mama! I failed!" Manvi's innocent words echoed in her ears and she hiccupped.

She was so hurt that her daughter thought like this. She always wanted her daughter to be strong and she wanted that she should be proud of herself but today she was feeling that she also failed as a mother because her daughter was thinking like this..

She felt a hand on her shoulder. Without thinking for a second she went in his arms hugging him tightly..

"Baby! Shhh! Why are you crying? Hey! Calm down!" Manik whispered lovingly in her ears and she hugged him more and more..

"Mani Hold me tight please!" She cried in his chest and Manik sighed..

"Am holding you tight and am not at all letting you go! Just shhh!" He whispered again and kept holding her until she was tired of crying. When her cries dipped to the lowest he swiftly picked her up in his arms and walked towards the rocking chair to sit. She hide her face in his neck when he sat on the chair..

He entwined his one hand with hers and kissed her knuckle..

"Ro liya? Jitna rona tha?" He asked softly and she sniffed in his neck..

"Mani I think meri parwarish main kami reh gai the! That's why Manvi thought like that am so hurt!" She cried again and Manik felt like banging his head in the wall..

"Nandu! It's not your fault! It's my fault mjy Manvi ko aisy handkerchief day kar wo sab bolna ni chye tha! Ya janty huay bhi kay how much sensitive she is myny wo sab bola! I should be feeling ashamed but ro tum rahi hoo? Please! You are the best mother my kids could ever have! You are perfect! Perfect for me! Perfect for us!" He spoke consoling words in her ears and she finally pulled her face out of his neck..

"Sachi??" She asked innocently and Manik laughed throwing his head back..

"Bilkul sachi! Ufff! Kya karoon main apni pagal family ka! Aik tum ho jo har choti baat ko dil say laga leti ho! Aik Manvi hai jo kise khatir main he ni lati aur aik mera prince hai jisy dhoodho peeny aur pamper me soso karny k ilawa kuch ni ata!" Manik joked in the most lamest way wiping Nandini's tears and this time Nandini laughed..

"And what about you?" She asked raising her eyesbrows and he shrugged..

"Aur mjy tum teeno ko sambhalna parta hai!" He told her in a dukhi tone and she again laughed this time Manik joined her..

"Thanks Mani! I love you so much!" She said sweetly and Manik mouthed an 'O'...

"Khali I love you say kaam nahi chalay ga Mrs.Malhotra!" He said huskily jerking her closer to him and she bite her lower lip leaning closest to him..

"Tou phr kya karna ho ga Mr.Malhotra??" She asked in a naughty tone and her forefinger nail scratched Manik's light stuble..

"Bata doon?" He asked huskily his lips almost touching to hers..

"Bata dijye!" She hissed innocently and Manik pressed his lips with hers. Nandini was about to kiss him back when..

"Manik! Nandini! Manvi! Neeyann! We are hommmeee!!!!!" The shouts forced the couple to break apart and jumped in fear..

"Aa gye meray romance kay dushman! My own parents!" Manik cursed under his breath and gritted his teeth .

"Mom and Dad are here!" Nandini too squeaked in excitement and jumped off Manik's lap before he could resume the kiss she was running down..

"Hey no Nandini! What about the kiss!" He yelled from back but she didn't hear him..

"Dad!! Aj ni chodoon ga ap ko!" Manik again cursed and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt ready to do a '2-2 hath' with his father..


So you liked it?? The ending cracked me! Next update will be an eventful one InshaAllah! MaNan Moments! Neeyo's birthday! Tell me how much you guys love my babies?? Manvi is love and Neeyan ki tou kya he baat karoon! :)
Do leave your reiews!


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samiamalhotra Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2016 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Di...it's awesome update...
Love it...
Ufff...manik ki dukh vhari kahani...hahaha...
Love this family...
Manik ki parents...
And Manan romance...hehehe...
Manbeer bonding is so lovely...
Continue soon...
Waiting di...

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