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Damn excited! 

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Chapter is not edited! 

Chapter 2

"Yuvaan Rajput and Manvi Malhotra! May I know the reason of the fight you guys just had in the cafeteria?" Principal thundered and Manvi looked at Principal with sad eyes while Yuvaan was standing with the wall so casually as if teacher had called him for awarding some gold medal.

"Mam! Yuvaan was bullying Rahul!" Manvi said glaring at Yuvaan who gave her a whatever look and Principal shook her head.

"Yuvaan! You had been struck off from last school due to your this attitude! You want me to do the same?" Principal said to Yuvaan sternly and he stood straight..

"Mam! You had no choice kay ap mjy admission na dety! Cuz my grandpa and grandma paid double to the usual fee!" Uff! Too much arrogance..

"Yuvaan! Mind your tongue!" Principal roared and Yuvaan shook his head.

"Mam! Fight na hoti agr Miss Triple M apni tang na arati!" Yuvaan said staring at Manvi and she gave him a disgusted look.

"Bus bohat hua Yuvaan! Miss Malhotra you may leave! And Mr.Rajput! Sit down and start writing dictations! Each word 50 times!" Principal knew that Manvi wasn't lying as Manvi was one of the most brilliant student of the school just like Abeer. 

"What? Dictation??" Yuvaan freaked out and Manvi gave him a smirk before leaving the principal office with a victory smile on her face.

"Now you are seriously gone!" Yuvaan muttered before picking up his pencil to write dictation..


Cradling a sleeping Neeyan near her chest with one arm and holding her saree with other Nandini stepped down the car instructing driver to go home with that she walked towards the premises of Malhotra business estate. 

A proud moment for her as she was Mrs.Manik Malhotra.

Life gave her everything she wanted...

A loving husband...

Two adorable angels...

Caring in laws...

Awesome friends...

She was happy and content...

She cradled Neeyan as close as possible to give him her warmth which he needed. Neeyan too had clutched the fabric of her dress in his one fist and other was in under his chin. He was not less then Manik. He looked as charming as Manik was in his deep sleep. While Manvi was Nandini's copy. 

Nandini reached the elevator and pressed the button. She waited and soon she was on the top most floor of the building where Manik's office was situated.

"Good afternoon Ma'am!" So many of the employees greeted her as she passed by them and she nodded her head with a smile. Finally she reached the receptionist.

"Afternoon Naveen! Is Manik busy?" She asked the receptionist..

"Oh not at all Ma'am! He had just finished a meeting and I saw him going in his office!" She spoke cheerfully and Nandini nodded while Naveen stared at Neeyan.

"He is so cute!" She whispered dreamily as if trying her best not to wake him up.

"Thank you from Neeyan's side!" Nandini spoke giggling cutely and Naveen too giggled with her. Then excusing herself from Naveen Nandini walked to Manik's office and entered with a faint knock. Manik's back was towards her. He was so much engrossed in reading a file that he didn't notice her. Actually the meeting was sudden and urgent though Manik had taken an off but still he was the boss who needed to work. So he came to office in a haste. Nandini planned to surprise him as she knew he liked her coming to his office to meet him in his hectic routine. She quietly laid Neeyan on the bed kinda couch and arranged all the cushions beside him. Manik was still not at all attentive towards her. She smiled shaking her head and walked closer to him.

"Afternoon Mani!" She whispered in his ear wrapping her arms around his neck from behind and he gasped before registering her presence...

"Hey what a beautiful surprise!" He exclaimed loudly but Nandini palmed his lips immediately from back..

"Shhh! Neeyan uth jye ga!" She whispered in a panic tone and Manik look at Neeyan his eyes softened more.

He pulled Nandini in front and Nandini sat in his lap. 

"You know I was thinking about you only!" Manik flirted with her like a teen and Nandini giggled..

"Ohh! But you shouldn't be thinking about me!" Nandini said dramatically and Manik frowned...

"Really?" He asked with a raised eyebrow and she nodded with a faking sadness..

"Because my husband is very possessive! He doesn't like any other around me!" She said winking at him and Manik smothered a laugh throwing his head back on the seat Nandini too joined him...

"I really love you baby! I love you so much!" Manik said lovingly cupping her one cheek and she leaned in his touch smiling at him..

Manik leaned forward and gently placed his lips on hers. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and she tilted her head to give him better access. Both kissed each other slowly feeling the beauty of the moment and then broke apart gasping for oxygen...

"Am missing you so much!" Manik mumbled in her ear seductively and nuzzled in her neck while she shivered blushing like a beautiful red rose. "I can't believe that after spending more then 9 years together you shiver like am touching you first time!" Manik said softly looking in her eyes and she cupped his left cheek...

"Because you love me just like you used to be! Tmhara pyaar mery liye har lamha barhta he jata hai! Kbhi kbhi main sochti hoon tmhray pyaar ki koi had bhi hai?" She narrated innocently and Manik shook his head..

"Baby! Jis ki had ho na wo pyaar ni hota!" He replied in a serious tone and once again claimed her lips for a bruising kiss while she felt more and more blessed..

Manik broke apart gasping for air and once again tried to claim her lips when she palmed his lips..

"Bus karo! You always leave my lips red aur phr--!" She spoke angrily and paused in middle looking down embarrassed while naughtiness appeared in Manik's eyes. He removed Nandini's hand from his mouth and tucked her chin up..

"Phir?" He demanded naughtily and she bite her lip..

"Phr I have to answer Manvi's questions! You know how much possessive she is when it comes to us! Last week she was asking the bruise you left on my lower lip!" She narrated shyly and once again Manik was going almost mad due to constant laughing. Nandini slapped his chest angrily and eventually Manik held her hands trying to suppress his laugh as he had a fear that his little prince will wake up..

"How much selfish are you!" Nandini complaint like a typical wife and Manik chuckled shaking his head...

"Oh God! Nandini seriously!? Can you be more cute?" He exclaimed and she turned her face angrily..

"Stop buttering Mani!" She spoke with an adorable pout and Manik couldn't resist but to peck her back..

"Ok ok sorry next time I will umm! Try to be a little careful!" He said cocking his head around and Nandini gave him 'I-Know-Your-Little-Careful' look he smiled sheepishly. Nandini too smiled and pecked his cheek before hugging him tightly..

That's how the couple was. Always stealing time for each other instead of being so busy with their kids and works..

"Aray haan Mani!" Suddenly Nandini remembered something and she exclaimed loudly Manik immediately palmed her lips showing her eyes...

"Baby!" He muttered glaring at her and then gestured towards Neeyan who was still in a deep sleep. Her eyes widened for a second then she nodded..

"You know finally Neeyan is growing a tooth!" Nandini whispered excitedly as soon as Manik unpalmed her lips...

"Wow! That's a great news!" Manik spoke excitedly and got up with Nandini. He rushed towards Neeyan and immediately knelt near his couch. Nandini too walked to him and sat beside Manik..

"I love the way he sleeps!" Manik whispered staring at Neeyan's face in a trance and Nandini smilingly placed her head on Manik's shoulder wrapping her arms around his one. 

Manik raised his free arm and put his finger in Neeyan's half opened palm. Neeyan immediately clutched it as usual and Manik chuckled. Nandini smiled and did the same. She too placed her finger in Neeyan's other hand and he clutched it too..

"I can't thank you enough!" Manik whispered again lovingly and she shook her head with an innocent smile.

"I want to see his tooth!" And here comes Manik's wish while Nandini almost freaked out..

"No! He is sleeping! Khabardar jo uthaya tou!" Nandini warned Manik but he was stubborn. "Manik he will cry! This tooth thingy is not much pleasant for him!" Nandini begged to Manik but he ignored her and carefully pulled Neeyan's chin. Nandini placed her hand on her eyes because she knew Neeyan will start crying in an instant. When Manik pulled Neeyan's chin down his mouth lightly parted and that's when he saw a tiny weeny, smally little tooth. It wasn't a tooth it was just a white mark on the lower gum but Manik's eyes widened with happiness and he kissed Neeyan madly. Nandini sighed and Neeyan fluttered his eyelids to register what was happening. Suddenly the irritation came over him as his beauty sleep was disturbed. 

"Hey baby! You are a big boy now!" Manik spoke kissing his hands and Neeyan made a bad face, inspite of seeing his most favorite person after his mother he screamed loudly before crying with tears .

"Dekha bola tha na myny!" Nandini scolded Manik who was still staring at Neeyan as his mouth was wide open now and the toothy was more visible. Nandini immediately picked up Neeyan in her arms and patted his back. Manik chuckled happily and fell on the couch..

It was a very sweet experience for him and he was happy..

"Alay alay bus mera bacha! Shhh! Mama yahen hain!" Nandini spoke lovingly wiping Neeyan's tears but he cried more. "Ka hua? Papa ny neno kharab kar di meray bety ki? Papa bohat ganday hain! Hum naraz hain Papa say!" Nandini consoled Neeyan kissing his forehead and Manik frowned. Neeyan sniffed in Nandini's neck and on the mention of Papa he raised his head to look at Manik. Manik blew a kiss at him and he made a sad face before pouting then again hiding in his dear Mama's embrace.

Awww baby was angry with Papa...

"Hawww! Papa say itna gusa?" Manik freaked out dramatically and got up to reach them. Nandini gave Manik a glare and Manik held his ear in front of Neeyan. "Neeyan! See Papa sorry hain! Come on gimme a smile!" Manik pleaded cutely and Neeyan now looked confused. He looked at Nandini and she nodded. Then he looked at Manik and gave him a shy smile finally. Then more shyness came over him and he again shyly hide in his Mama's neck as it was the only place which always welcomed him with an 'aww'! 

MaNan giggled on Neeyan's shyness and couldn't believe that Neeyan was such a shy kid as Manvi was his total opposite. She was more blunt and daring. Manik kissed his both loves but his third and most important love was missing...

His first baby love ! His princess Manvi..

"Mani Manvi ki chuti ka time ho gya hai! Let's go together! It's been days! And FYI! You owe us three a shopping!" Nandini's typical wifey 'roop' was back and Manik salute her before mouthing a 'Yes Ma'am'! 

Wrapping up his work Manik offered Nandini to give Neeyan to him she will be tired but Neeyan was too much lazy to leave his Mama's arms so he kept clinging to her. Manik understood a fact that sometimes it was only Nandini whom his both kids needed and he didn't mind it at all instead he felt so happy when he saw his kids finding their peace in the woman who was his everything. 

Manik lead Nandini and opened the door for her. She smiled at Manik and walked forward. Neeyan was resting his cheek on her shoulder and was sucking to his thumb. His face was towards Manik as Manik followed Nandini. Neeyan look at Manik with droopy eyes and Manik showed him his tongue playfully, winking at him. Neeyan's eyes widened for few seconds then he gave Manik a toothless smile or rather it was a single small toothy smile. Following Nandini Manik played with Neeyan who was now giggling. Manik really knew his ways with his kids. The whole office staff stood shocked when they saw their 'THE Boss' making weird faces just to make his baby smile. 

"Have a good day Sir, Ma'am and Mr.Neeyan!" Cheers exploded taking Neeyan's attention who now stared at the whole staff as if they were some kind of Aliens..

"Wave them bye Neeyan!" Nandini encouraged Neeyan and looks like he was in a mood to obey his mother today. He immediately waved his tiny hand all the way and the staff almost fainted with the cuteness of the little bundle of joy. 

"Mr.Malhotra's both kids are angels! Aik say badh kar aik! Miss Manvi is a fairy! And Mr.Neeyan seems like some Greek Prince! Just look at Mrs.Malhotra! Oh God from nowhere she looks like a mother of two kids! She is so pretty!" Manik heard two of the staff girls gossiping and he feared what if some evil eye catch his loves. He immediately guarded them and lead them out. He kissed Nandini's and Neeyan's foreheads so that they will be safe leaving Nandini wondering suddenly would gotten in him!


"Mano!" Aneeta called for Manvi when she saw her standing near the main gate waiting for her driver.

"What happened in Princi's office?" She asked curiously and Manvi gave her a whatever look before sipping juice from the straw. 

"Nothing! Princi didn't scold me! As I was not at fault but yes Yuvaan got the dictation punishment!" Manvi told casually as it was not a big deal...

"Seriously? Tjy dar ni lag raha?" Aneeta asked with horrified eyes and Manvi looked surprised.

"Dar? Annie mjy q dar lagy ga? Myny tou kuch galat ni kiya na!" She said angrily and threw her empty box juice in the waste bin three steps ahead..

"Yuvaan will not stay quiet!" Annei said in a serious tone and Manvi shrugged...

"I don't care! Am not scared of him!" Those were her final words as she pulled out a chocolate from her bag to pass the time but her mind was now distracted. Aeeta quietly stood beside her and tore half of her chocolate to enjoy herself.

Suddenly Manvi saw the most handsome, charming, dashing and loveable man of her life, her Father standing in the gate along with so many other parents to look for his daughter. She saw him pulling off his shades and looked around with a bad face as he was unable to find her.

The smile on her face grew wider and saying bye to Aneeta she ran crazily towards Manik to hug him tightly.

"Papa!!!" She shouted excitedly and Manik finally spotted her. He sighed in relief and smiled at her. Soon Manvi reached him and hugged his legs tightly..

"Hello Princess!" Manik exclaimed lovingly as he patted her head..

"Hello Papa!" Manvi exclaimed back and Manik knelt in front of her..

"So! Papa ziada late tou ni huay na?" Manik asked lightly touching the red ribbon of her ponies..

"No Papa! Thank you for coming!" She said lovingly throwing her arms around his neck and Manik picked her up..

Though Nandini had strictly asked Manik not to pick her up because she was a big girl now but for Manik Manvi was still his little princess who met him one day in the park. 

"Your welcome! Well there are two more people who came to pick you up!" Manik said pulling her nose and walked towards car where Nandini and Neeyan were waiting.

"Mama and Neeyo?" Manvi guessed excitedly and Manik nodded..

"Wow!!" She exclaimed and Manik adored his little angel..

"Today we will go for shopping for Neeyan's first birthday, then we will go to meet Abeer where everyone will be gathering!" Manik told her the awesome plan..

"Wow wow wow! Thank you Papa!" She clapped her hands excitedly and Manik laughed..

They reached the car and Nandini immediately stepped out of the car when she saw them approaching..

"Meri jaan!" Nandini spoke lovingly and kissed Manvi's cheek while Neeyan too made playful sounds to tell his Didi that he was also happy..

"Mama Papa little brother I love you all!" That's all Manvi was ranting hugging MaNaYan!


"Mama ap ko pata hai aj School me kya hua?" Suddenly Manvi interrupted MaNan's conversation from the car's back seat, they were heading towards the shopping mall and MaNan became attentive towards her..

"Kya hua Mano?" Nandini asked curiously and Manik too looked worried...

"Aj na when I was having my lunch in the canteen---!" Manvi narrated the whole incident bit by bit and MaNan sat shocked. Manik was so shocked that he pulled the car brakes and parked the car on road side. Both turned towards her along with Neeyan whose gums were itching like anything which was causing him to nibble his teether almost mercilessly. 

"Oh Madhubala ki savior!" Suddenly the same echo resonated in MaNan's head from their college days and they look at each other before looking back at Manvi..

"Did he popped eggs on you?" This was Manik's first question and Manvi shook her head hastily...

"Manvi there is no need to be scared ok! Just stay with the truth!" Nandini's advise came flying and Manvi nodded..

"Did he touched you? Or harm you?" Manik again asked Manvi shook her head again..

"Manvi choodna ni usy! Truth and rights can't be defeated ok?" Again Nandini spoke and Manvi nodded..

Before Manik could say anything Manvi raised her hands to stop them both..

"Papa Mama! Am ok and whatever you guys have been telling me,main sab yaad rakhoon ge! Please can we enjoy now please!" She pleaded and MaNan looked at each other. They decided to chuck the topic and consider it as a usual fight..


"Neeyan! No!" Manik freaked out and run to get him when he saw Neeyan opening the toothpaste boxes which were lying in the most lowest shelf of the departmental store, those were in his range. Actually Nandini and Manvi were shopping around for Neeyan's birthday while Neeyan was acting all cranky and frustrated. 

"Aa jaoa idar! Papa pass aa jaoa!" Manik said lovingly and took Neeyan from Nandini. "Let's go! Hum toys lety hain han? Come! Mama aur didi busy hain!" Manik said to cheer up his mood and Neeyan was still so angry. Manik asked Nandini to call him once they both were free and he himself took Neeyan with him. 

"Pa..pa..pa!" Neeyan cribbed and threw his legs. He wanted to get down and crawl. Manik looked around and the section was empty. 

"Neechy utarna hai? Bus thodi dare ok?" Manik warned Neeyan and carefully made him sit on the floor. It was clean floor as a few minutes ago he had saw sweeper cleaning the floor with antibacterial floor cleaner. 

As soon as Neeyan's legs touched the floor he started crawling like a crocodile. Left right! Left right! He was so happy and Manik sighed as he saw Neeyan giggle. Neeyan crawled few steps and turned to look at Manik. Manik gave him a confused look and then Neeyan smiled. 

"What's in your mind my little angel?" Manik asked to Neeyan and he again crawled to few steps then again turned to saw Manik. Suddenly realization hit Manik and he laughed...

"So you want Papa to chase you ehh?" Manik smirked at his little devil and Neeyan's eyes glittered. It was a clear indication for Manik that he guessed correct. Then there started a game. Neeyan was crawling expertly and Manik was following him everywhere. There came a section which caused Manik's attention. He went busy in it and for a moment his attention was diverted from Neeyan. When he looked back at Neeyan he saw him opening the toothpaste boxes and emptying them on the floor..

"Sh!t! Neeyan no!" He had freaked out and run to get Neeyan. As soon as Neeyan saw Manik coming he left his toothpaste box business and started crawling again. Now Manik was in a fix whether to follow Neeyan or pack the boxes back. 

No his baby was important he can't afford to lose his sight because if he did Nandini will kill him. Taking long strides he reached Neeyan and scooped him in his arms..

Neeyan made a puppy face and Manik glared at him..

"Puppy face is not gonna work buddy! Let's get out of here before the employees find out about the boxes!" Manik scolded Neeyan and he made a real sad face..


"Manvi which color?" Nandini asked to Manvi showing her two packs of napkins. One was green and other was pink..

"Mama I think pink is looking good!" She suggested with full heart and Nandini placed the pink pack in the cart. They moved forward..

"Wheat cereal or chocolate cereal?" Nandini again asked and Manvi thought for a moment..

"Mama I love both!" Manvi spoke sheepishly and Nandini gave her a glare..

"Manvi just one! No extra buying!" Nandini said in a serious tone and Manvi nodded her head in understanding..

"Chocolate one Mama!" She announced and Nandini placed the box in the cart. Then they both shopped for an almost half hour when suddenly they saw Manik and Neeyan coming. Manik was in a bad mood so was Neeyan..

"What happened?" Nandini asked looking at the bad mood faces and Manik looked at Neeyan who was looking so angry...

"Tumharay ladlay ny koi kasar ni choodi mjy sharminda karny ki!" Manik complaint and narrated the whole story. Nandini and Manvi were laughing like maniacs. Both father son gave each other a total helpless look staring at their ladies who were almost falling on the floor due to laughter...

And they shopped more..


"Hey champ how are you now? Feeling any better ?" Manik asked to Abeer as they all seated on the couches and floor cushions around. Girls were busy in gossiping while Manvi was arguing with Cabir on some very lame topic. Dhruv was playing with Neeyan once again Neeyan was crawling all around the lounge and Dhruv was chasing him. MaNan had noticed that among all their friends Neeyan used to share a very special kind of bond with Dhruv. Sometimes DhruLya used to come to MaNan's house and Dhruv played with Neeyan for hours. Sometimes he had openly asked Nandini to give Neeyan to him..

"Am good Chacho thank you for the chocolates!" Abeer said throwing his arms around Manik's neck and Manik held him close...

"Hey buddy! You know you don't have to thank!" Manik said lovingly and ruffled Neeyan's hair..

"Bhaiya ap kal school aoa gay?" Manvi crawled closer to Manik followed by Cabir and Abeer nodded..

"Yeah! Am feeling good behna! Though my overprotective Dadda wants me to take rest for a whole week but yes I will join you tomorrow!" Abeer said rolling his eyes towards Cabir and Manvi laughed. Soon Dhruv too joined them giggling with Neeyan..

"Thank God my baby's mood is ok now!" Manik heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Neeyan in a happy mood and three of them asked for Neeyan's bad mood..

"Main batati hoon!" Manvi exclaimed and Manik made a bad face. Then taking the ladies attention too Manvi narrated the whole toothpaste boxes story and all laughed like anything..

"Manik Nandini Neeyo ka first birthday aa raha hai na!" Dhruv asked after the laughing session subsided..

"Oh yes! We shop so much today! You all are invited! Please subha subha aa jana! Bohat kaam hai!" Nandini spoke and invited them already. The function was exact after 10 days...

"Manvi? Anything special happened in my absence in the school?" Abeer asked Manvi at the dinner Table and she looked at him nervously. She knew if Abeer would come to know about the fight he will go and fight with Yuvaan. She didn't want her brother in any kind of trouble..

"No bhai! Nothing!" She spoke smiling at him and he still looked suspicious but he choose to ignore and figure out himself in morning. "Wesay! Aneeta was asking about you!" She teased him lowly so that no one hear her except for him and he gave her a glare..

"Nonsense! Chup chap khana khaoa!" Abeer whisper-yelled at her and she giggled before resuming to her dinner..


"Nandu!" Manik spoke softly as he laid on the bed and Nandini put Neeyan in the cradle after feeding him. He was fast asleep as he was very tired. Manik had renovated the room left to theirs for Neeyan but he was too young to sleep alone so on Nandini's wish he had dragged the cradle to their room. As the right room was occupied with Manvi. 

"Hmm?" She hummed adjusting the covers on Neeyan and stared at the beauty of her little kitten..

"Do you think kay mjy Manvi kay school jana chye? I mean the boy with whom she fought today agar us ny phr say kuch kiya tou?" He spoke worriedly and Nandini turned to him. She sighed on his overprotective nature and slid under the covers with him..

"Mani! See! Let Manvi explore! Usy us ki fights khud larny do! Agr tm usy overshadow karo gay tou world say expose ni ho paye ge! She won't be able to see through the reality of life! Haan agr kuch ziada problem hue tou you can jump in! Main nahi rokoon ge ok?" Nandini narrated softly and Manik held her hand understanding to her words..

"Thank you! Tum nahi hoti tou main kya karta?" He spoke dreamily and Nandini slid closer him to kiss his lips. Manik immediately cocooned her in his arms and rolled them over. He came over her and she clutched his shoulders tightly. Manik explored her mouth expertly and she moaned lowly..

"I want you!" He mumbled between the kiss and Nandini closed her eyes in submission as she felt Manik's hands under her night shirt. Manik groaned happily and they marked another beautiful moment...

"I love you so much!" Both whispered in each others ears before drifting to sleep..


It was almost 3 am of the night when Nandini's beauty sleep was disturbed by the constant crying of Neeyan. She got up with a jerk and searched for her shirt. The first cloth came in her hand was Manik's shirt. She quickly slipped in it and run to get Neeyan. In spite of being dead tired she can't be careless from her kids. 

"Shhh! Shhh! Kya hua meray baby ko?" She  whispered picking up Neeyan and cradling him near her chest. She saw Manik sleeping peacefully and she can't afford to disturb Manik's sleep. She walked to terrace and roamed around talking to Neeyan. Whose crying was unstoppable..

"Neeyo! Mama ka shona don't cry na! Acha idar dekho Mama ko dekho!" She rubbed his back and made him face her. He look at her sleepy, tired and teary eyes. "Kya hua hai? Kiun itna ronaa aa ra hai? Mama hain na ap kay pass?" She scolded him lightly and his lower lip quiver before he again hugged her tightly. "Bhook lagi hai?" She asked but he cried more. "Chup kar jaoa meri jaan! Please mera bacha!" Nandini begged him as she herself was very tired. "Acha see wo dekho!" Suddenly she diverted his attention towards the sky which was full of stars. 

Neeyan sniffed and look at the sky. 

"See the stars!" She spoke pointing towards the sky and Neeyan's crying came to a halt. Like his Papa he found his peace in stars. "See the brightest one! I want you to reach that star someday!" She told him her plans and suddenly an adorable smile broke on his face. "You will be an astronaut!" Nandini planned for him and Neeyan nodded his head as if he really wanted to be an astronaut..

"Neeyan will be a Rock star like his Papa!" They both heard Manik saying and turned to saw him standing in the terrace door...

"Oh yes he will!" She wholeheartedly allowed him and he walked closer to them. Neeyan smiled at Manik and Manik picked him up from Nandini's arms..

"What happened to you little buddy? Had a nightmare?" Manik asked lovingly touching Neeyan's nose and he made a pouty face before clinging to Manik. 

"I don't know what's wrong with him!" Nandini said helplessly rubbing Neeyan's back and Manik nodded his head in assurance..

"He will be ok! Go get dressed! Till then I will take care of him!" Manik whispered to Nandini and she smiled tiredly before leaving the place.

Manik paced around the terrace whispering sweet nothings in Neeyan's ears and soon he heard bathroom door opening then closing.

"Let's go champ! Your Mama is out!" Manik said to an almost slept Neeyan and came back to the room. Nandini had cleaned it and had taken a shower.

"Aa jaoa aa jaoa! Mama ka baby! Come!" Nandini said lovingly to Neeyan as Manik came back and she sat back on the bed. Manik carefully laid Neeyan in Nandini's lap and she cuddled her little love closer then anything...

"Shhh!" She shushed him as he tried to meow a little and her lips lingered on his face. Manik adored them for few minutes and was about to walk back to his side when the door knocked..

"Mama ji???" It was Manvi. Manik rushed to open the door and saw Manvi standing hugging her teddy.

"Manvi?" Manik exclaimed worriedly and Manvi was in tears..

"Mano mama ka baby?" Nandini called her lovingly and in a flash of second Manvi run inside the room to reach Nandini. Manik scratched his head and stared at the way his wife was comforting his two choto packets.

Manvi clinged to Nandini and with one arm Nandini hugged Manvi while with other she was holding Neeyan .

"Aray aray mera itna strong baby why are you crying?" Nandini spoke caressing Manvi's hair and Manik laid on his side smiling ear to ear..

"Mama itna bad wala dream tha!" Manvi sniffed in Nandini's neck...

"Awww! But see everything is ok na! So just shh! Mama bhi hain yahan Papa bhi hain! Neeyo bhi hai! Sab theek hai!" Nandini comforted her and Manvi broke the hug to see her Papa smiling at her..

"Main abhi ap kay aur Papa pass so jaoan please!" She pleaded cutely and MaNan were more then ready for it..

"Sure my princess! Come to Papa!" Manik spoke lovingly and Manvi jumped on Manik hugging him tightly. Manik laid properly and Manvi was lying completely over him while Nandini too laid back with Neeyan clinged to her like glue.

After about five minutes both kids were fast asleep.  With one hand Manvi was fisting Manik's vest and with other she was holding Nandini's one hand. While Neeyan was sleeping clutching to Nandini's night dress shirt..

They were adorable...

But definitely were trouble for their parents sometimes..


"Neeyan Manik Malhotra! I will count till ten! Come out or else!" Nandini shouted angrily and searched for Neeyan who was hiding behind the couch. Nandini was seriously amazed that how come Neeyan know to hide. He was running from the Mashed Banana mixture which Nandini had prepared for him. Manik and Manvi were getting ready for their work till then she had a little time to feed Neeyan something healthy but gosh he was such a cranky child sometimes. He knew how to irritate the sh!t out of his mother..

Neeyan peeked behind the couch to see his Mama standing a little far. But the thing he didn't realize was his dearest Papa was standing right behind him along with his Mano di. Manik and Manvi winked at each other then the next stunt shocked Neeyan as Manik scooped his little buddy in his arms..

"Papa!!!" Neeyan shouted angrily and wriggle in his grasp while other three were laughing their lungs out on his adorableness...

Soon they all settled on the breakfast table. Manik and Manvi were chatting cheerfully but Neeyan Malhotra was super angry as his Mama was stuffing banana mash in his mouth without his consent. After the breakfast Nandini went in to the kitchen to get Manvi's lunch box and Manik quietly followed her. 

"Mani!" Nandini glared at him when Manik tried to hug her from back..

"Kya yaar! Subha say aik morning kiss ni di aur gusa bhi mjy he dekha rahi ho?" Manik complaint like a baby and Nandini's eyes widened. She palmed his lips to shut him..

"Kya booly ja rahy ho! Manvi sun lay ge!" She whisper-yelled at him and Manik smiled naughtily..

"Nahi suny ge because wo apny room main gai hai! I sent her!" Manik announced proudly and without giving her anytime to protest he pinned her with the wall fusing their lips in a mind gobbling kiss. Nandini wrapped her arms around Manik's neck and closed her eyes in submission. They kissed each other senseless and was not at all ready to broke apart until..

"Mama ji? Where is my handkerchief?" They both heard Manvi coming and Nandini's eyes snapped open. She pushed Manik away and run out of the kitchen. Manik leaned his head with the wall and laughed on their craziness..

"Manvi bottle!" Nandini shouted from back and it stopped ManVi. Neeyan was crawling behind her.

"Thank you Mama!" Manvi exclaimed and Nandini showered her with kisses..

"Have a good day meri jaan!" Nandini said caressing her hair and Manik was standing exactly beside Nandini..

"No good luck kisses for Papa?" He whispered in her ear and in return received a punch in stomach. 

Neeyan pulled Nandini's skirt as he wanted her to pick him up. She happily did that and Manik kissed her forehead. Then he pecked Neeyan's cheek..

"I will come back home after dropping Manvi! Office ka mann ni hai!" Manik announced cheekily and other three jumped on him for a hug..


"Ohhh so this is the precious handkerchief you were talking about?" Annie exclaimed excitedly and Manvi nodded..

"Yup! It's the same! Papa ny diya tha mjy! He asked me to take care of it! Aj tum ny bola tou lay kar aye!" Manvi exclaimed walking towards the girls washroom and she didn't notice the Evil three standing witg the wall.

Yuvaan smirked at Manvi's back and smiled shaking his head..

"Get that handki!" Yuvaan ordered to his friends and they nodded...

"You are in trouble Miss Triple M!" Yuvaan murmured under his breath and crossed his arms on his chest smiling evily..


"Hey Yuvi is that you?" Abeer was passing through the corridor and he spotted Yuvaan there..

Yuvaan turned on the voice and he saw his best buddy standing.

"Abe!!" He exclaimed and pounced on him..

Once Yuvaan and Abeer were best friends but Cabir was not satisfied with Abeer's school so he changed Abeer's school thus they both separated but the friendship was still there..

"Tu yahan?" Abeer spoke happily and Yuvaan laughed.

"You know koi bhi school ziada time tak mjy afford ni kar sakta so I got expelled!" Yuvaan told proudly and Abeer chuckled on his crazy friend..

"Very good! Ab ya bata kay yahan khara kya kar raha hai?" Abeer asked still laughing and Yuvaan shook his head..

"Yaar! Aik enemy say revenge laina hai! Tu bhi ruk na!" Yuvaan spoke..

"Ni bhai! Mjy Prof.Rishi ny bulaya  hai! I will catch you later! We have loads to discuss!" Abeer was really in a hurry but he was damn happy that he met Yuvaan..

"Ohkay cool! Please jaldi ana!" Yuvaan pleaded and Abeer chuckled. Abeer was the only best friend Yuvaan had..


One hour later: Break Time..

"Mano! What happened?" Annie asked Manvi as she saw her searching something in her bag frantically..

"Annie! The handki! Wo ni hai bag me! I don't know kahan chalay gya!" Manvi freaked out and Aneeta too became worried as she knew how much important it was for Manvi.

"Let's check in the bathroom? Maybe wahan gira diya ho?" Annek suggested and both run towards the bathrooms. 

Yuvaan saw them coming he smiled cockily and with in a second he came in front of Manvi halting her in the place..

"Searching for something Miss Triple M?" He asked innocently and Manvi's eyes were already filled with tears..

"Actually yes! Mera handkerchief kho gya hai! Dekha kya tum ny?" She spoke worriedly and Yuvaan made a thinking face with an innocent pout..

"Ohh! Are you talking about this?" He was still acting innocent and searched for his jeans pocket. Manvi looked at him confused and then she saw him pulling out her handkerchief.

It was torn..

Her eyes widened with horrible expressions and she stared at Yuvaan in disbelief who was standing with 'On-your-face' expressions..

He threw the torn cloth on the floor and Manvi sank on the floor to collect the pieces..

She was sobbing like anything..

"Manvi! Will you take care of this for your Papa! I want to know that how much responsible my daughter is!" 

Manik's whisper echoed in her ears and she cried more. 

"Awww! Just look at you! You poor little kitten! Kya hua? Mama kay pass jana hai? Aww! Toffee khani hai chotay baby ko?---!" Yuvaan was mocking and mocking while everyone there was laughing on poor soul suddenly anger and rage filled Manvi. She clutched the torn pieces tightly close to her and stood up. 

Yuvaan smirked at her and waited for her move. Manvi's jaws tightened and she clutched her fist. In a next second her fist connected with Yuvaan's jaws and all the laughter ceased...

There was a pin drop silence for few seconds and Yuvaan was standing shocked. The only sound there was Manvi's muffle cries..

"How dare you!!! How dare you punching me?" Yuvaan roared holding his cheek as he gathered his senses..

"How dare you tearing my Papa's handkerchief!!!!" She shouted between her tears and Yuvaan was about to pounce upon her when suddenly Abeer came running saved Manvi pulling her behind him..

"Buddy hat ja! Main chodon ga ni is ko!" Yuvaan shouted again pushing Abeer away but Abeer stood steady on his place..

"Stop it Yuvi!" Abeer too shouted protecting Manvi more who was crying madly holding the torn pieces of her Papa's handkerchief..

"Why stop it? Kya lagti hai terii!" Yuvaan was still yelling..

"Behan hai!" Abeer shouted and Yuvaan stared at him with raging eyes..

"I don't bloody care!!! I will kill her!" The anger ate up the best buddy friendship and Yuvaan again tried to reach Manvi but stumbled back as Abeer had punched Yuvaan with full force...

Yuvaan stared at Abeer all stood shocked and sad..

His only bestie punched him? That too for that little girl..

Abeer too looked at his hand in shock and regret while Manvi stood with hand over mouth...

"Yuvaan! Abeer! Manvi! In my office now!" They heard principal's shout and Yuvaan looked away from Abeer. 

He was really hurt. Nor in his wildest dream he had thought that Abeer will punch him. Abeer was his only friend to whom he had shared the every single secret of his life. Mom died! Dad died! Yuvaan Singh Rajput stood strong. But today. He was wounded. The punch wasn't paining but his heart...

Now he hated that girl more...


Manik was busy in his laptop while Neeyan was playing beside him. He had a pencil in his hand and he was very expertly ruining Manik's very important files but still who cares. As long Neeyan was happy and smiling Manik could happily let him ruin his anything. Both were sitting on the lounge floor. Suddenly Manik's cell phone buzzed. It just vibrated was on silent. Neeyan stared at the phone then towards his Papa..

"Papa!!!" Neeyan called him..

"Hmm?" Manik spoke still busy in his work..

Neeyan frowned when he failed to take Manik's attention..

"Pa..pa!!" He shouted angrily and Manik jumped on his place.

"What baby what?" He freaked out and saw Neeyan pouting towards his phone. "Oh freak!" He shouted and answered the call..

"Hello? Am I talking to Mr.Manik Malhotra please?"

"Yes! Manik here!" Manik spoke glaring at Neeyan who was furiously pressing the buttons of his laptop..

"Mr.Malhotra your daughter and Nephew were in a fight! I would like you to be here in an hour!" It was Manvi's school principal..

Manik made a bad face and sighed as the principal had cut the phone without waiting for his answer. As soon as he hung up the cell again rang and it was Cabir this time..

"Hello Manik? Tjy phone aya? Nikla tu ghar say? Dekhna Nandini ko mat btana myny bhi Navya ko nahi btya!" Cabir spoke in one breath and Manik got up picking up Neeyan..

"Yeah am coming!" He said in a serious tone and walked to the Kitchen where Nandini was busy in cooking..

"Baby! Ya zara Neeyan ko pakrna I am going out! Thoda kaam hai! Cabir ny bulaya hai!" Manik spoke to Nandini and she took Neeyan giving Manik an unsure look..

"Sab theek hai?" She asked staring at his worried face..

"Haan haan sab fine! I will be back! Manvi ko bhi pick kar loon ga!" He spoke hastily and without giving time to Nandini to say anything he wad out of the kitchen..

In next five minutes a worried Manik was driving towards Manvi's school hoping that everything must be ok and fine...


A long chapter after sooo long! I hope that you guys must have liked it! Please do give response as it matters a lot! Tomorrow will be DD's turn InshaAllah! :)
Love, Mawara

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abhilasha0452 Newbie

Joined: 26 December 2015
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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Hey mawar this post was really vry awsm...luv u yr u always write awsm...can u plzz tell me how to post new chapter bcoz i have written a storu 1st tym so need ur help that how to add chapters plzzz can u plz help me

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nanoNikki Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Long and beautiful update loved it keep writing keep smiling take care Smile

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momy290691 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Sooo longgg cute beautiful lovely family awesome update

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manancraze IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Wow...love the chapter. It was so cute...Embarrassed
Love the first part...hehehe...neeyan was damn cute...lot's of Love for him...Heart.
Bechara Manik...LOL...bete k chakkar main kya kya karna Padua.
Yuvan aur manvi mujhe MaNan k yaad dila ta hain...yuvaan is wonded like Manik and manvi is strong like nandu...I love the tashan between YuVi.
Let's see school main ab kya kya hota hain...
Cont soon.
Take care.

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akbhatti Groupbie

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 11:29am | IP Logged
nyc update tc gbu

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Sadhana143 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 June 2016 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Such a beautiful description of family yar and neeyan is super cute I just loved him... He is awsume and manik's care for neeyan is so admirable tq for such an amazing update yar and history is repeating I guess...

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