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wow!!! amazing
it's back 
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waiting fr the update...do cont soon...plz 
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too cute promo
neeyan itna bada hogayaShocked
aww...manvi baby was missing her papaDay Dreaming

continue soon dear
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Loved the promo. Would love read on manan scenes with kids.
Also manan care n love towards eachother after having kids.
Some special manan moments describing how they still trying maintain same live even after soo many responsibility.
Continue soon

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Aww sweet promo
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hi mawara
me right thi you came with new season. Dancing 
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promo is awesome 
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The Update is heartily dedicated to Mus baby! Meri behna! Many many happy returns of the day appi ko maaf kar do I have a very bad memory! :(
Love u loads! Be happy and all the best for exans! Waiting for ur come back! 

Holla People! Hows u all? Good good? Ok so the update was done yesterday but I have a sleeping disorder! Mjy sleeping attacks aaty hain :D hehe! Ap sab ko aaty hain? Do let me know! So yesterday I got that attack and I slept without posting the new chappy! Pardon me for that all blame goes to my sleeping attack! Ohk so now coming towards the update tou it's a lamba wala fun filled chap! If you all want me to continue this sequel with many chappies tou you sll have to boast up my moral! 

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

Character Sketch:

Manvi Manik Malhotra. Almost 7 years old. Further you will come to know.

Neeyan Manik Malhotra. 11 months. (My favorite after Manvi obviously)

Abeer Dhawan. 9 years old..

Yuvaan Singh Rajput. 9 years old. Further you will get to know..

Chapter 1

The antique American clock hanging on the wall of the TV lounge of the Malhotra Mansion struck exactly 1 am and Manik entered it through the main door dead tired and ready to collapse on the bed but instead of walking towards his own room his slow steps extended towards the room of his little life. 

His first baby love! 

Manik reached the room door and without making any sound he opened it. The night bulb was lit up. He slowly entered the room and smiled on the lovely sight. 

Seven years old Manvi sleeping peacefully on her princesses art bed hugging her teddy tightly with a constant smile on her innocent face. The Pokemon was now replaced with princess love.. 

With silent steps he walked closer to her bed and knelt near it. He gently caressed her hair and pecked her forehead. 

"Papa!" Manvi stirred and opened her eyes immediately. Manik smiled and she smiled back..

"Sorry baby! Papa didn't meant to wake you up!" He whispered slowly and she got up..

"It's ok Papa! Ap itna late aye ho! Aren't you tired?" She asked hugging him and he hide her in his arms..

It was Papa Beti's daily routine. Manvi used to wake up on just a single mere touch from Manik. She was sensitive more then anyone could imagine...

"I was tired! But apni princess say mily bina kesy so skta tha hmm?" He asked kissing her hair and she giggled..

"You know what!!! You are the best!" She spoke lovingly kissing his cheeks and he too returned the favour. "Ap ko pta hai! Neeyan ny aj meri science notebook phaad di..! Aur myny aj Abeer bhai ko phir say race me hara diya! Aur meri Aneeta say phir fight ho gai! She is a selfish girl...!!" Manvi's chatter box kept on for almost fifteen minutes and she kept lying over Manik's chest when she told him about each and every tiny detail of her eventful day Manik kept listening to her rant until she herself dozed off. 

Another daily routine of Manvi was she used to rant her whole day events with Nandini first and then to Manik. Granny and Grandpa had once taunted Manvi that if she would have the access to count the breaths she take in a day she would have told that too to her parents.

Manik smiled and stared at her face for pretty few minutes then he carefully laid her down back on the bed. Tucking her in the blanket he kissed her forehead one last time. Then he knelt near the basket of his second baby. Manvi's dear rabbit pet 'Smurfy'. He adjusted him too in his basket and patted his head for a few minutes. Smurfy was another very important member of his family. He was like baby to him..

Then he got up and stared at both before leaving the room and walked towards his and hers room where his second adorable little life must be sleeping clinging to his beautiful wife.

He reached the room and slowly turned the knob to open the door. The adorable sight inside made him smile brightly as he saw 11 months old Neeyan awake and playing with Nandini's nuptial chain quietly while she was fast asleep and was looking so tired.

Being a mother wasn't an easy task. Nandini run whole day behind Neeyan and Manvi as they were very naughty kids. Manvi used to show loads of tantrums in eating food, wearing clothes everything and her choto packet who hardly crawl few steps used to bug her in all matters. Either working in kitchen or doing any other work. In night Nandini used to fell on the bed almost lifeless.

Pulling off his blazer and shoes Manik walked towards the bed. It caught Neeyan's attention and excitement filled his face as he started shaking his legs seeing his Papa coming. Manik placed his finger on lips a gesture for Neeyan to keep quiet so that it won't disturb Nandini's sleep. First Manik kissed Nandini's forehead while Neeyan was going almost mad with excitement and was now going violent in a try to take Manik's attention. Manik smiled shaking his head and immediately picked him up. Way to go Neeyan clung to his Papa as if he was trying to compensate the time and was trying to tell him that he missed his Papa so much. 

"Hey baby? Missed Papa?" Manik whispered in Neeyan's ear walking out towards the terrace and Neeyan just snuggled in him more. It was his way of showing his concern towards his Papa. Manik sat on the rocking chair and adjusted Neeyan in his lap carefully. He kissed Neeyan madly and Neeyan giggled as Manik's slight beard pricked him. 

Neeyan was an awesome but a cranky child. He needed attention all the time. He used to cry his lungs out if he felt even a little ignore from Nandini or either Manik. Another problem MaNan were facing in case of Neeyan was he still hasn't started walking or talking. Manik was worried! He took him to the Doctor as according to Nandini Manvi had started talking walking in her early 9 months, but doctor told that it was completely ok! Let it be natural...

Now a days Manik was hell busy in some new project. He used to come home very late. He knew he was ignoring his family a lot due to his work and he was guilty too but Nandini was his biggest support. She had never complaint for anything instead she boasted his moral up. She was raising their child with great devotion. Manik was very happy. The dream of a perfect family was complete.

Now Neeyan was playing with Manik's bracelets and Manik was caressing his head which had only few traces of hair yet. Suddenly Neeyan started jumping and tried to stood up in Manik's lap. Manik chuckled on the craziness of his hyperactive baby and made him stand. Neeyan traced Manik's facial features and gave him his adorable toothless smile. 

"What are you staring at hmm?" Manik whispered softly touching his nose playfully. Suddenly Neeyan leaned forward and placed his head on Manik's shoulder, wrapping his arms around his neck. Manik went awe on his sweetness he knew what Neeyan wanted to convey. He knew his baby wanted to tell him that he missed his Papa. 

Manik had enjoyed Neeyan's early few months a lot. It was an awesome experience for him..

"Yar Nandu!" Once Manik had asked Nandini staring at a sleeping Neeyan who was sleeping since last three hours. 

"Haan?" Nandini asked casually erasing a wrong spelling from Manvi's book who was doing her homework. They all were sitting on MaNan's bed. Neeyan was sleeping and Manik was lying beside him on his stomach staring at his cute, innocent, angel face. Manvi was engrossed in her homework and Nandini was helping her out. 

"Yar!? Ya Neeyan don't you think he sleeps a lot?" Manik asked softly putting his forefinger in Neeyan's palm who immediately clutched it even in deep sleep. Nandini giggled on Manik's question and Manvi too smiled. 

"Papa! You only told me kay babies only sleep! Bhool gye?" Manvi asked laughing at her Papa and Nandini to laughed...

"Neeyan!! Mera bacha! Where are you?" Suddenly Nandini's panic filled voice reached Manik's ears and he winked at Neeyan who giggled again..

"We are here mama!" Manik spoke loudly and Nandini came running to the terrace. She must woke up and when she found Neeyan absent she must have panicked...

"Oh God Mani..! You scared me..!" Nandini spoke reaching to them and Neeyan made happy sounds immediately extending his arms towards his Mama. She quickly picked him up her heartbeat was still very fast...

"Am sorry! I came back and Neeyan was awake! Tou myny utha liya!" Manik said softly getting up with her and walking back to bed..

"It's ok! I just got scared when I didn't find him!" Nandini's voice was still trembling she can't imagine any thing happening to her little loves. "Any ways how was your day!?" She asked cheerfully sitting on the bed and got ready to feed Neeyan who was now rubbing his face with hers a clear sign that he was hungry...

"It was tiring!" Manik said lowly and plopped on the bed beside her closing his eyes. 

"Mani..! Why do you work so much!? We have everything with us!" Nandini was a wife who never complaint for him being late from the office. But now a days she was not happy with Manik working so late in office. Manvi and Neeyan were growing they both needed Manik by their sides..

"I know! Bus kuch din aur! Just two more days! Aagy say It won't happen!" Manik defended himself and Nandini smiled in assurance. Neeyan was fast asleep now and she laid him in middle. Manik held his tiny hand and kissed it..

"They both miss me a lot na?" He asked in a dazed tone staring at Neeyan's face who was not looking less than a little adorable angel...

"They do..! Manvi is controlling herself with loads of patience! I don't know when her patience will break!" Nandini whispered lowly and Manik knew once she became angry with him it will be hell of a task to convince her...

"Just two days more! Main sab compensate kar do ga!" Manik said sadly and Nandini lightly pecked his lips...

"I know you will..! I trust you..!" She spoke caressing his hair and he smiled back..

After all the whole hectic day she was always there to support him. Just because of her he was able to remain in Peace...


"No no no!!!!" Manik was tying the knot if his tie when he heard Manvi's shout next morning. 

"Manvi! Eat your breakfast! Stop being so stubborn! Aap ki har zid maan li jaati hai is ka ya matlb nahi kay ap stubborn ho jaoa!!" Here comes Nandini's shout and picking up his coat Manik almost run downstairs. 

Manvi was now crying loudly as soon as she saw Manik she climbed his arms. Neeyan was nibbling to his teether looking at the family drama innocently roaming here and there in his baby walker..

"What's happening?" Manik asked Nandini politely as Manvi sniffed in his neck...

"Apni shezadi say pocho!!!! Isy koi baat smj he ni ati" She yelled and stormed to the kitchen..

Manik sat on a dinning chair and made Manvi sit on his one leg. Neeyan too slid his walker closer and gestured Manik to pick him making playful sounds. Manik smiled and picked up too. Now both the kids were sitting on his either leg..

"Why Mama is so angry Manvi?" Manik asked affectionately..

"Papa! I asked Mama kay mjy aj driver kay sath school ni jana! Mjy ap kay sath jana hai..! Tou wo gusa hony lagi kay papa k pass time ni hai! Mjy Papa ko understand krna chye!" She spoke softly and Manik shook his head dejectedly. 

"Papa! Mery sab friends apny papas kay sath school aaty hain! Mjy bhi ap sath jana hai Papa please! Mjy driver uncle k sath ni jana please Papa!" She pleaded with puppy eyes and Manik wiped her tears.

He knew that his babies miss him a lot. He was ignoring them. His family was his priority not his work..

"Nandini!" Manik called out and she came with a very bad mood.

"Pack Manvi's lunch! Aj Papa apny bety ko khud school drop karen gay!" Manik said sweetly kissing Manvi's eyes and her eyes twinkled. It's been over a month since Manik himself dropped Manvi school.

"Sachi Papa?????" Manvi shouted happily and Manik smiled..

"But Mani you will be late! Meeting hai tmhri!" Nandini freaked out..

"Aray! Meeting hai tou kya hua? Thoda late ho jyen gay tou khair hai!  Mery bachoon say ziada important ni hai! Hai na ji?" Manik spoke caressing Manvi's hair and she clapped loudly hugging Manik tightly while Neeyan too started shouting happily in his own voice. Manik held his both children close to him and look at Nandini who was standing almost in tears. He gestured her to come close and she went running in his arms. A sweet family moment...


"Thank you Papa!" Suddenly Manvi spoke lowly. The drive to the school was almost quiet except the exchange of few questions from Manik like...

"How's the school going?"

"How's the teachers? Any teacher who is bugging or charging on her unnecessarily?"

"The tests and assessments?"

"Thank you? For what princess!?" Manik asked in amazement and halted the car in school parking.

"For dropping me at school!" She said happily and Manik smiled..

"Manvi! Always keep one thing in mind! Papa k liye family say ziada important kuch ni hai! Yeah Papa kbhi kbhi thoray busy zarooor ho skty hain but pyaar kam ni ho skta! You are getting it?" Manik explained lovingly and she nodded in understatement...

"Chalo good girl! Gimme a hug!" Manik exclaimed and Manvi jumped on him hugging him tightly..

"I love you Papa!" She whispered in his ear snuggling in him and Manik smiled..

"Papa loves you too princess that too a lot!" Manik whispered back caressing her hair but their little family moment was disturb by a knock on the window. They parted and saw Abeer and Cabir standing with smiles on their faces. 

"Abeer Bhai! Chacho!" Manvi shouted happily and jumped off the car ignoring all be careful shouts from Manik...

"Chacho!" Manvi shouted and they both hi-fived each other...

"Good morning behna!" Abeer exclaimed hugging her..

Manik too hugged Cabir and they exchanged greetings...

"So! All set to rock the day?" Cabir asked ruffling the hair of kids to which they both made a bad face as he almost destroyed their hair styles...

"Daddy! How many times I have told you don't touch my hair!" Abeer said with a bad mood and Manbir laughed Manvi too was smiling..

"Fine fine! Just go now! You are getting late!" Manik said gesturing them with hands..

"Papa! Aj ap jaldi ghar aoa gay na?" Manvi asked with such a hope that Manik couldn't resist himself...

"Yes! Jaldi ghar aoan ga! Bye" Manik said lovingly and finally both the kids went inside the school gate..

"Tense hai?" Cabir asked placing his hand in his shoulder...

"Nahi! Just work load! Aj final meeting hai! Bus ya project mil jye hmy!" Manik said rubbing his forehead and Cabir gave his shoulder an assuring squeeze!

"Tjy he mily ga! Tension ni lay! Tu itna hard work krta hai! You will get the fruit!" Cabir said smiling all the time...


Nandini was cutting vegetables in the kitchen and Neeyan was getting hell bore, sitting on a baby rug near the kitchen door nibbling to his teether. Even Smurfy had run away somewhere and was now out of Neeyan's range. He look at Nandini and made a sad face. No one was giving him attention. Granny and Grandpa were also out of country. Maids and Butlers were on a week vacation granted by Nandini herself. Mano Didi was in school specially his Papa dearest! He was missing his Papa a lot...

"Pa..!" Suddenly Neeyan called staring at Nandini's back to which Nandini froze on her place. She waited for Neeyan to continue..

"Pa..! Pa..! Papa..! Pa..!" Neeyan again called this time a little irritated and loudly making a sad pout. When he made the same sound second time it forced Nandini to turn. As soon as she turned to him an adorable smile spread across Neeyan's lips. Finally Neeyan Manik Malhotra spoke his very first word and that was Papa. Manik will be so so happy!

"Haan ji?" Nandini asked playfully and Neeyan jumped with excitement finally he succeeded in taking his dear Mama's attention by making a typical sound...

"Pa..pa..papa..pa...pa!" Neeyan exclaimed extending his arms towards her and Nandini smilingly walked near Neeyan. She sat beside him on the rug and he shook his arms to reach her. She laughingly picked him up and he pulled her cheeks..

"Awww!Missing Papa? Mery baby ny first word bola aur wo bhi Papa? Ya news tou Papa ko btani chye! Chalo Papa ko phone karty!" Nandini talked to Neeyan kissing him madly and Neeyan giggled loudly while Nandini tickled him. She got up with Neeyan and searched for her cell phone when suddenly she heard it buzzing in the lounge. She walked towards it and sat on the couch. The caller ID made her smile as it was Manik..

"Loh ji..! Papa ko yaad kiya aur un ka phone aa bhi gya!" Nandini spoke cheerfully showing the phone to Neeyan and he tried to touch the phone screen...

"Hello Mani! I was about to call you!" Nandini exclaimed and Manik chuckled from other side..

"Guess what Nandu! I got the deal! Finally! Finally!" He almost shouted with Happiness and Nandini thanked to her Aiyappa silently..

"Wow! Am so proud of you and so happy! Finally you will have time for us!" She spoke enthusiastically and Manik too sighed a relief..

"Yes! Finally! I was just wrapping up and coming back! How's my baby Neeyan?" He asked from the other side...

"He is absolutely fine! Actually he has a surprise for you!" Nandini told Manik so happily and Manik smiled from the other side..

Neeyan was going restless to talk to his Papa. "Ya lo Neeyan say baat karo!" She said to Manik and gestured Neeyan to speak those words again and placed the cell phone near his ear. 

"Hello! Neeyan?" Manik spoke lovingly and Neeyan suddenly became conscious. The sounds of Pa pa he was making instantly stopped.

"Papa ka baby kya kar raha hai?" Manik again asked and Neeyan suddenly became shy. He immediately snuggled in Nandini smiling sheepishly and she laughed...

"What happened?" Manik asked curiously...

"Sharam aa gai usy!" She was still laughing and Manik too laughed his lungs out. Nandini decided to tell Manik once he will be back home..

Choti choti khushiyaaan...


"What??? Neeyan said Papa??????" Manik shouted with excitement at the lunch table and Manvi too stared at her baby brother. 

"Neeyan! This is not fair! Main itny dino say ap ko Didi sekha rahi the par ap ny Papa bola?" Manvi's face was full of dejection as she stared at Neeyan whose face was dug in his hot chocolate he was sitting oblivious of his surroundings as if nothing happened...

"I won the bet Miss Malhotra!" Manik smirked at Manvi and she wanted to bang her head somewhere as she lost bet while Nandini shook her head in dismay giving ManVi a 'in-ka-kuch-ni-ho-sakta' look...

Actually one day Manik and Manvi had a big fight on just a simple issue and that was whose name will Neeyan take first.

"Agr main jeeti tou?" Manvi demanded to Manik..

"Tou I will get you five bags full of chocolates Mama say lar kay!" Manik spoke in a serious tone..

"Or agr main jeeta tou?" Manik demanded..

"Tou I will start eating vegetables!" Manvi blurted out and they seal the deal by shaking hands..

"So! Now Miss Malhotra! You will start eating vegetables!" Manik spoke biting a cucumber piece from the salad. 

"Fine fine! And You Neeyan Malhotra! Choodon ge ni ap ko!" Manvi spoke glaring at Little Neeyan who gave her a 'what-have-I-done?' look with a sad pout face covered with chocolate..

"Neeyan! Bety bolo Pa..Pa!" Manik tried once again but Neeyan totally ignored him and nibbled to his teether blinking his eyes cutely. "Nandu! Isy bolo na k Papa boly!" Manik cribbed to Nandini who was busy helping Manvi in her homework. 

"Mani! Us kay mood pay depend krta hai! That time he was missing you! Ab tm us kay samny ho so it's different!" Nandini replied calmly and Manik made a sad face looking at Neeyan who was once again oblivious to his surroundings.


"Aagy ka kya plan hai Mani?" Nandini asked staring at Neeyan's face to Manik who was scrolling down his phone and Manvi was busy in decorating her Papa's hair with her different colorful clips, ponies and pins. Neeyan was lying in middle of MaNan playing with Nandini's nuptial chain as she was lying on her elbow bending over him and her chain was hanging down.

"Papa pink wali pin lagaon ya green? I think pink is good! Ap pay pink suit kry ga!" Manvi asked to Manik and then herself answered the question. Manik was now attentive towards Nandini..

"Plan? What plan?" Manik asked in a serious tone and Nandini freed her chain from Neeyan's hand who made a sad pout while Manvi clipped a pink barbie pin in Manik's hair..

"Plan kuch ni! I was just thinking kay tum thora break lay lo! Bachoon ko time day do! I talked to Mom and Dad today they both are coming next week! Sab aik sath it will be fun!" Nandini spoke hesitantly and  Manik smiled..

"Good idea! I was actually thinking the same!" Manik said cheerfully and Manvi became excited. She immediately wrapped her arms around Manik's neck from back and reached his ear..

"Papa Jaani..!" Here started the buttering session...

"Ji jaaani?" Manik asked lovingly tilting his head back to kiss her cheek and held her arms...

"Ap break lay lo na!" She spoke sweetly and Nandini smiled adoring the most loveable bond...

"Ok ji! Manvi keh rahi hai tou lay laity hain!"Manik said lovingly and Manvi kissed his cheek hard as a gesture of excitement. Then MaNan started talking and Manvi was back to styling Manik's hair. All this time Neeyan again felt ignored. He looked at Manik but he was busy talking to Nandini. He made a grumpy face and slid closer to Manik. He tapped in Manik's lap but Manik was still not attentive to him.

"Pa..pa..pa..pa!" Suddenly Neeyan started with his crib again halting Manik and Manvi both in their moments while Nandini smiled. Neeyan look at Manik and saw him attentive finally. A smile spread across Neeyan's face and he tried to climb Manik's lap..

"Papa!!!" He again exclaimed and without wasting a second Manik picked him up in his arms. He twirled around the room happily with Neeyan and Neeyan too shouted happily. Manvi and Nandini smiled hugging each other...

"Thank you baby! Thank you! Papa loves you alot! Am so proud of you! Oh God! I love you Neeyan!" That's all Manik was ranting and Neeyan hugged Manik tightly. Manik look at Manvi and Nandini they were smiling. "Chalo! Aj Papa sab ko ice cream khilayen gay!" Manik exclaimed and Neeyan broke the hug looking at him. "Theek hai Ice cream khana mery baby ny?" Manik asked Neeyan and he traced his hand on Manik's cheeks. 

"Pa..pa..papa..pa!!" That's all was his answer and Manik chuckled...

"Come on ladies! Follow us!" Manik said cheerfully walking towards the exit door with Neeyan and NanVi giggled. "Jaldi aa jaoa warna sirf me aur Neeyan he chaly jayen gay!" Manik shouted from downstairs...

"Chalo beta slippers pehno!" Nandini instructed Manvi and she herself picked up Manik's car keys and wallet then followed Manvi who run after her father..


"Haan Navya! Ohoo! Kya hua Abeer ko?" Nandini asked with a concern adjusting the cell phone between ear and shoulder. With that she slapped Manik and Manvi's head who were playing with their breakfast. They both look at her with a sad pout and she glared at them gesturing towards their breakfast plate as she walked around the table to hold Abeer who was crawling behind poor Smurfy to grab his ears..

"Pta ni Nandu! Usy fever ho gya hai! I think usy aj rest dilati hoon! He won't come to school today!" Navya's concerned voice appeared from other side and Nandini picked up Neeyan.

"Oh ok! Us ka khyl rkhna main aoan ge usy dekhny!" Nandini said now sitting on the dinning chair beside Manik and Neeyan immediately started poking the crockery...

"Haan! Zaroor ana! Neeyan aur Manvi ko bhi lana! Bohat yaad aa ray hain mjy dono!" Navya was a sweetheart...

"Haan haan sure! Ok Navya ya baap beti breakfast ni kar ray maim baad main baat krti hoon tm say!" Nandini spoke again glaring at ManVi who were once again ready with their fork and knife to fight..

"Bus bohat ho gya tm dono ka tamasha!! Seedhy seeedhy breakfast karo warna thapad lagaon ge!!" Nandini thundered as she was tired of the playing and fun all the time. Manik and Manvi look at Nandini with puppy eyes before digging their heads in breakfast plate while Neeyan giggled. He was as always happy...


"Manvi be quick! It's getting late!" Manik shouted from the lounge after breakfast he was on a long break and used to stay at home almost whole day few video conferences he used to attend in the house itself with mostly Neeyan in lap. 

"Coming Papa!" Manvi shouted back and after few minutes she came running down with Nandini. 

"Hmm chalo!" Manik said holding her hand and was about to walk further when he felt a pull on his trouser. He looked down and saw Neeyan blinking his eyes cutely. Manik knew that look! It was a 'Papa please mjy bhi sath lay jaoa' wala look..

"So! Ap ko bhi jana hai?" Manik asked picking up Neeyan and he immediately clinged to him..

"Nandu! Isy diaper lagya hai na? Ya kal ki trha mj pay soso tou ni kary ga?" Manik asked hesitantly and a little sheepishly to Nandini and NanVi broke into laughter. Actually yesterday Neeyan wasn't wearing a diaper so as a result Manik was asking...

"Ni ni! He is wearing the diaper!" Nandini assured him still laughing and Manik made a bad face kissing Neeyan's head who was not letting Manik go at all...


"Manvi! Where is Abeer?" Aneeta asked to Manvi in lunch time as they both sat on a table with their lunch trays..

"Wo! He wasn't well! So Navya chachi ny un ko rest karny ko bola!" Manvi replied casually munching to her fries and Aneeta made a little sad face..

"Q? Tum q poch ri ho? Tmhy tou wo bohat buray lagty hain?" Manvi asked naughtily and Aneeta glared at Manvi while Manvi laughed.

"Shut up!" Aneeta murmured and Manvi was making funny faces to tease her more. When suddenly they both heard a crying sound and laughter too. Both turned and saw three boys laughing on a poor boy who was sitting on the floor all scared..

"Here they started again!" Aneeta spoke in dismay and Manvi look at her confused..

"Who are they?" Manvi asked curiously..

"Aray the three boys standing are new at school! Aaty he sab ko bully karna start kr diya! They joined yesterday!" Aneeta told Manvi and she stared at the boys. "The boy one in middle with a hat and slightly  golden hair is Yuvaan! Yuvaan Singh Rajput! And other two are his buddies!" Aneeta explained more and Manvi stared at them with disgust...

"Who would like to see a pant less Rahul!! Yuvaan shouted excitedly and everyone there laughed on poor Rahul..

"Anie! We should help Rahul yaar! This is wrong!" Manvi the good girl whisper-yelled at Aneeta and Aneeta glared her back...

"Mano! Tu pagal ho gai hai? Yuvaan Rajput say panga? No ways!" Aneeta spoke in a scared tone and Manvi shook her head. 

"I won't let this happen! Tjy ni ana tou mat aa!" Manvi spoke loudly and before Aneeta could stop her she got up. 

Yuvaan was ready to grab Rahul's collars to make him get up when Manvi went running and held his hand to stop him. Yuvaan who had an evil smile on his face suddenly halted his movement and his expressions turned in to furious ones. He tilted his head and saw a small little girl standing in front of him with ferocious expressions on her face.

"How dare you to bully Rahul!" She spoke dangerously and jerked Yuvaan's hands away. Yuvaan stood straight folding his hands on his chest and raised his eyebrow..

"And how dare you to stop Yuvaan Singh Rajput!" He spoke in a poisonous tone and Manvi helped Rahul in getting up..

"Manvi Manik Malhotra kay hoty huay kise main himat ni k us kay fellows ko bully kary!" She spoke and Yuvaan pouted an 'O'.. 

"Manvi Manik Malhotra! Such a heavy name for a little one like you! Let's keep it simple! Ummm! Triple M! What say?!"Yuvaan mocked and Manvi became super angry...

"Tum! Stay in your limits you get that! Monster!" She yelled showing him her finger and Yuvaan's anger rose..

"Aa! Bohat hua drama! Give my prey back to me!" Yuvaan shouted in an irritated voice and Manvi shook her head..

"Main Rahul ko lay kar ja rahi hoon! Rook skty ho tou rook k dikhana!" She said in a determined tone and Yuvaan stared at her a little shocked. How dare she? No one ever dared to stand in front of him and this little girl! Amazing! 

Manvi dragged Rahul with her and Yuvaan stared at her back for a second...

"Oo hello Miss triple M!" He shouted playfully and Manvi turned angrily. 

"You! Are! Gone!" Yuvaan said pointing two fingers towards her and shot an imaginary bullet with them towards her...

"Like! I! Care!" She shouted back showing him a loser sign and walked out of the canteen with Rahul. Aneeta followed her hurriedly and all other students were standing shocked...

"You let her go Yuvaan???" Yuvaan's one friend asked in a shocked tone and Yuvaan smirked...

"Naah! She will get to know Yuvaan Rajput say panga leny ka result kya hota hai!" Yuvaan spoke shaking his head already imaging the little girl again...


So how was it? Was it good? Or was it bad ya bus ok? Chalo chalo comments karo! Plz thoday lmby waly krna haan mjy bht bht maza ata comments padhny though I don't reply you all but that doesn't mean kay I don't read! I read your comments countless times! Yuvaan, Neeyan and Manvi am loving these three! Hye Yuvaan! *dreamy sigh* kitne cute hai na? :D I mean badtmz bhi hai! History is repeating itself! Aagy aagy dekhye hota hai kya! Now the next update will be in next week now comes to TMAHS and Dheere Dheere tou weekend say phly he will try to update!

Edited by Mawara_Ejaz - 03 May 2016 at 12:42pm

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Vandyandy Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Okk wait I'm first ...Dancing
Mawara main toh sone ja rahe thi, aur meri nazar Teri update par padgaye...
CHALO will read and then comment
Stay blessed...

Okkkiee SORRYYY Mawara 
Muhje bhi sleep attack aaya...LOL
Padna start kiya toh aankhon bandh hone lage... HEHEHEH
Aur main sofa par hi soo Gaye... 

Abh padh leya ...Smile
Super marvellous...Clap
Sochne main Mahira ho..Clap
Itne cute babies hai Manan ke... Day Dreaming
Manvi so beautiful..
Aur NEEYAN ... HAYE!!!!!  Sooo sooo cutie pie ...feel like gobbling hmmm 
Ghodh main pakdke GHUMTe rehene ka maan kar raha hai... Mmm MUAAAHHH ...

Both the babies were missing their Papa so much...
His attention, his love, his Masti , everything...
Good to see that Manik didn't get irritated with all their complaints...
Usually fathers tend to get angry ...
But Manvi NEEYAN were lucky kids ...
Even nandini who missed her hubbies kisses hugs and cuddling... Didn't bugged him..
She was the strong support for him...

Awesome Manik got the deal... He cracked it 
His hard work paid off...

HAYEE !!!!!! NEEYAN Pa...Pa...Papa bola...
Phele shabdah NEEYAN ke muh se ...Manik was on top of the world...

HAHAHAHAA  !!!!!!! Papa BETI ne bet LAGAYE thi... Lol

NEEYAN ko toh Khuch samjh hi Nahi araha tha... HEHEHEHE
But yeh sabh choti choti khushi yahan dil ko sakun deti hai...

Manik 4 saal Jo Nandini aur Manvi se DUR raha yeh sabh usne miss kiya tha...
NEEYAN ke aane se woh 4 saal ko puri tarha se jee raha tha...
Relating things Manvi would have done when she was neeyans age...

Omggg !!!!!!! Itne chotese baache that Rajput boy... UFFF!!!!!!
Tang Karna iss age ke leye galat hai...
But it's fault of parents ...they should not encourage or rather give them warning not to do it...

Yeeeaahhh !!!!!! Manvi Bravo... AAKHIR BETI Manan ki hai...

History is repeating ...but hope Manvi doesn't fall in that brats trap.

Lovely lovelyyy Mawara 

Edited by Vandyandy - 03 May 2016 at 9:55pm

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