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*Ignore this. Don't know how to delete comments.*

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Originally posted by NAUCholic

*Ignore this. Don't know how to delete comments.*

Okay, Thanks dear! I also reminisced that once you post anything on IF, you can't delete it*! And that's no [clear and easy] way to get around this "maximum 10 posts per 24 hours for a newbie" policy which is enforced through/via an automated filter. Forgot about it due to my STML**. Smile

*Except moderators, obviously.
**A serious "Personal-Disclosure"

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Episodic commentary and comments: So finally Aditya's truth came-out and the way it came-out implies that all that happened beforehand between 3 of them (Aditya-Ria-Jogi) was nothing but just a drama including Ria derogating Jogi in-front of Adi and that shocking electrical-shock also thankfully turned-out to be nothing but just part of that "drama". And that Adi falling on the floor by literally getting even a light slap by Ria was a "befitting" scene. Well, moving on...  Ria remisced all of the events she suddenly realised were part of Adi's "sabotage" and said she "was "stupid"* to not believe Jogi who was right since inception while blindly trusting him" and said quite a few words more which I think is better not-to-be-highlighted since they're usual words from a betrayed girl aur, kuchh to episode dekhne laayak chhodna chaahiye na, warna maza kya rah jaayegaWink Then Adi tu[r]ned into "mute-spectator" mode when she asked him to elaborate what else she's not getting right "now that his true face is out", so she decided to run-away from the CCTV Room as she was obviously, heartbroken. She ran till she reached the garden and squatted there. Jogi was witnessing this from the balcony so he too "followed the suit" and squatted beside Ria. When she noticed him, she started apologising to him but Jogi hushed her and said "no need to cry" as she "wasn't at fault". All these was happening then suddenly "the most-annoying parent" (there was "hiatus" of parents since last 2 episodes) of the time bumped into Sumedh/Sumer Sir (Thank god he was inside the resort rather anywhere near the garden and moreover, so was she Smile) and started complaining about Ria's "safety" but much-grace to him, he tried to silence her rather taking her Censored seriously but she continued presenting new logics to defend her point and even went to the extent to hint at Jogi (Thankfully she remained in her senses and didn't crossed her line once again unlike what she did last/preceding week with Suri realising he's an "outsider"). But our Sir rubbished all of her points by defending Jogi and said she was being over-protective so should go as her daughter will come-back to home only with her peers like she came to here. Thumbs Up (But ho knew that his claim/"trust" will be defied that soon Ouch) Hearing all these, Nikki Baby** had to go-back with a[n] disappointed/upset face. Clap Now, back to Jogi-Ria. Anh.., finally that moment came for which I was very [internally] excited for since I witnessed it in the precap of Friday's/previous episode. Saying "internally" meant I couldn't display it to my family, na..?! Wink So kept the most of my "happiness" at myself only, but to be frank now, I had some remotely-located concern in my mind that "what if Nikki Baby witnesses all of these, considering to what extent her mind has gone to by looking at just few of the casual events, that could make herself blast-off" after my younger sister raised this question to me as she happened to catch the glimpse once compared to me who gets successful in catching the practically primetime-only precaps twice [by surfing between both of the HD and SD channels]. But I hushed that point to avoid negativity and moreover, to "enjoy the moment". So, the moment went and came and fortunately, nothing wrong happened!!! Dancing Now, back to the colony at Delhi after all of the children have either reached or about to reach to their respective homes. But God knows why the Kulwinder's gestures are giving me negative-vibes. Confused He says how could Nikki Baby accuse her son of wrongdoings that easily when her own daughter is spoilt by the glamour of this big city so to prove her wrong, he has to sort this out ASAP with Jogi by asking him about the real-picture as this (the drama) is needlessly picking-up now. Surinder tries to pacify him but as usual, he says this has to be clarified/"clear-and-out" once-and-for-all so he's gonna ask Jogi anyhow. Jogi and Jassi arrive in their home, and Jogi having listened the last few words by Kulwinder, he asks for what he need answers from him. Kulwinder goes to greet him and Surinder too goes and greets them. He reiterates his question and Kulwinder tries to ask saying "before topic changes..." but Surinder interrupts him asking both of them to get fresh and meet at dining table for lunch as they must have been dead-tired and hunger after tedious 4 days. Cut to Ria's home, Ria and her parents are in the hall sitting on couch and she summed-up the narration of her tour by saying she ranked 3rd, for which Raj congratulated her saying it's a "big-deal" that she came 3rd out of the "Final 7" and also advised her to "be careful from now on". She also further states happily that Chachi is out of SOTY due to Jassi. Hearing all [of] these, the suspicious Nikki Baby couldn't-help-but-asked "what about Jogi, he must have done (read: committed) something?" (in a negative sense). Back to Khurana house, At the dining table both Surinder and Kulwinder are having meal while Jassi is doing "multi-tasking" of having meal and narration of that entire tour while Jogi is entirely lost in thoughts [without having touched a meal even once]. While listening to Jassi, Kulwinder observes him. He says about the "role-reversal" thing that what Jogi used to do in such situations is now being "performed" by Jassi and vice-versa. Back to Gupta house, Ria is still speechless about her mother's question but before she could answer, Nikki Baby throws another "detonator" asking whether she "focused only on the competition or something else, too?" making Ria reminisce the event which made us all excited and/or happy but is now hinting to be the cause of any blunder. Cut to Khuranas again, Jassi gets into the "munh-phat" mode and tells about the pairing Jogi-Ria during late-night to early-morning academic activity exam/test but unlike the usual "munh-phats", she chooses to chuck-off the point of telling to her parents that who was the authority and/or responsible for such pairings while completely being aware of the mindset/nature of her father. As expected, this grows the suspicion in Kulwinder's mind even more. Jogi then gets-up from the table and says he has his "stomach-upset". Jassi says "I'll check" and follows him. Back to Gupta house, Ria finally answers that he is also in the competition and murmurs that due to him she is still in the competition and was able to come 3rd, he is a very nice guy and "true friend indeed" who opened her eyes. As happens usually in the Indian TV shows and happened earlier in this episode, Nikki Baby hears few last words of her murmur and says with disbelief that "what did you just say, he opened your eyes?" to which Ria replies "nothing" and goes to her room. After that, Nikki Baby thinks that she needs to ask her about the bracelet ASAP. Back to Khurana house, Jogi reaches inside her room and even if Simran couldn't catch "glimpse" of that act by Jogi-Ria, unfortunately he starts feeling guilty about it. Ouch Jassi too reaches his room by following and asks her about the reason of leaving from dining table to which he replies nothing but rather scolds her that what was the need to tell about his pairing with Ria to Mumma Ji-Papa Ji. To which she replies "what's the issue in that?" and as was almost the case with Ria, he replies nothing and informs her that he's going to Nikki Baby's home instead. Jassi asks to accompany him but he disallows. In the Gupta house, Ria reaches her room and starts searching for that broken-bracelet nervously in-and-around the wardrobe, drawers of her cupboard but to no avail, then NB arrives and stands behind her and asks is this the thing she's looking for?. She tries taking it back from her, but she doesn't let her. And starts firing bombs of usual questions like "who gave it?", "why?", "when?" and "how?". Cut to Khurana home, Kulwinder is in his room and have refuted all of his trust on Jogi saying "why would he run away and hide in his room if he's really innocent?" and further goes on to say to Surinder that "it is just the difference of POV that I've detected brummagem in his heart and you still can't". Thus, Surinder's attempt to pacify him are futile. So, Kulwinder has finally reached to that point where we can safely assume that he's back to square one. In Gupta house, Ria's still unanswerable and as usual, she gets away from her room by a chor-darwaaza to avoid answering the question but to her bad luck, her attempts to avoid her Momsie for a while are futile this time as Simran too immediately follows her from another/front door and finally confronts her again in the hall near kitchen. And as anticipated, Jogi reaches at the right moment for Ria (but a very wrong moment for us Thumbs Down) and lies to NB that he's the one who has gifted that to her. Ria tries to defend him by immediately saying "Jogi meant to say..." but is interrupted by foolish Jogi who says what's the benefit of hiding now Ria when NB has come to know the truth. NB, pretending to be more grumpy (but maybe happier from inside Confused) comes close to him and asks "may I know the reason for such expensive gift to my daughter?" to which he does one-notch higher stupidity by saying he "loves Ria". NB now gets the full-chance to get "officially charged" and gives him a tight slap!!! Shocked She asks him to not to dare taking her daughter's name ever again by "minding his tongue" (Wow, a new phrase I got to learn! Tongue "Language" was anyways a very old-fashioned term, na?? Wink). She makes him listen her satyagaatha, and asks at "The End" that he must be the one who took her daughter to a corner [on the day of Holi]. Jogi gets shocked at listening this since he didn't had an iota of idea about that event [since Ria couldn't care to inform him], Ria tries defending him again but is again interrupted by her "toll-free SH-GA-B-24*7H" Jogi that yes, he was the only one who committed this. Meanwhile, Jassi reaches there and "enjoys the tamaasha" by standing at the main-door of home which has been probably left open for people like Jogi and spectators like Jassi. And by Jogi's last response (read: stupidity), NB gets even more charged! She scolds him for that and other things all-over-again and defines his character as of no-less than a "scoundrel". He keeps on doing idiocy under the garb of overcoming [his] guilt by doing "the last favour" to Ria and NB keeps on proving her "intelligence" by scolding her for things which he didn't actually commit. But despite of what has happened so far, he still thinks there's something left in his attempt to get at least the preliminary award for idiocy and goes on to state that "me and Ria both of us..." but to his unneeded fortune, Suri comes and holds her hand. LOL Now the 2 16-saalon baad mili saheliyon ka tashan shuru. Suri is on the white-side and NB is on the dark-side. NB proudly says that I was absolutely right that "your children will embarrass you one-day" to which Suri replies "I've heard loads of your stories since inception but I'll believe only what my child says". She says "Go ahead!". She repeatedly asks him to speak-up the truth but he's acting as one of those "Gandhiji ke bandar" by keeping mum. NB again finds the "opportunity" to "showcase" her "truth" by saying "he's speechless because he's at fault" (Thank God at least she was able to notice the guilt, otherwise I thought she made assumption that Jogi is "free-from Insaaniyat" now Big smile). And after being repeatedly asked, he finally speaks-up only to "spike the "final"/last nail in coffin" that his mother is wrong, NB is absolutely right! Shocked And 1 last thing, the moment Suri held NB's hand till the end of episode, why Suri doesn't compel Jogi to speak the truth by making him take the oath of her? After all, when funky and quirky Jogi has turned suddenly into a "tyaag ki moorat", then why not "sar pe haat rakhke kasam"? Since that's what Indian TV serials have taught us. Wink But there were still chances that he might take-back his hand and interrupt all the maza giving NB yet-another charge thus "extra-backup" to "perform her duties" since such things have already happened "zillion times" in other shows. Ermm
Precap: Was nothing special since NB reiterated her intimidation that she'll drag him to police if he ever dared to be seen near Ria. LOL! Now will she surveillance Ria even in school or wherever else she goes, why not better enrol her in a new school instead (to the least) if she's really "that much concerned"? LOL

*Actually, she still trusted her ego while saying so, saying that word over her deeds is just a sheer understatement. I guess "DFM" would be more-appropriate term for her IMO. Tongue
**I've decided to call Mrs Simran [Raj] Gupta as 'Nikki Baby' since she crossed all of her bounds [in the] last/preceding week while accusing Jogi. And will continue to do so until she gets back to her senses (i.e. learns the truth about him). But here's a conditional exception, I may call her 'Simran' and/or 'Nikki' whenever she's found doing something noble. Period. Smile

Note: I'd written almost 3/4th of the episodic comments and commentaries on Wednesday, 4th of May 2016. But to my bad luck, someone from my family mistakenly closed browser window and "Boom!". Dead My hours of hard-work got vanished and all things went "down the drain"!!! Cry As a techie, I could've tried recovering the lost text-matter with the help of in-built browser developer tools but I was so frustrated with that and other things happening around while I was typing that I couldn't help but just loose my cool. But since the browser window was already closed and I had opened a fresh window leading to a fresh browsing session, I don't think anything fruitful could be done at the time anyways. Unhappy
P.S. I know that this is a very lengthy post (and it literally took me hours to complete this in total of 3 sessions) but what to do? After getting defeated every time post-aiming to complete it by this and that deadline (you may've noticed some of it by looking at 1st non-quotation reply at page 5), I was over-enthusiastic (may read: h--l bent) with completing it anyhow that I literally wanted to narrate almost every portion possible of that episode. And the other concern might be that it was filled with so much bigger twists such as it changed that the equation between "Jogia" and even both of the families, I didn't wanted to miss any development of that episode. Since I realise very well that it's too much and most likely be very inconvenient to read too. So "calling-out" all those whoever are reading this, your suggestions and/or feedback are eagerly welcomed. But then need to say that I'm willing to expect both politeness and civility from anyone whom I'm eagerly waiting for? I don't think so! Smile

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