KaYa OS: Love Always Wins

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Hello guys!
This is my first ever OS on anybody and sure enough, KaYa is a writer's dream!!  Big smile
I don't know how this has turned up, so please let me know! This is basically Episode 113 (22nd September 2015) the way I wanted it to be!

Joota Chappals are always welcome!
So here goes *fingers crossed*

Love Always Wins

Kabir sat down on his couch and recalled the events of the day. Memories of Ananya humiliating him in front of the entire office, officially announcing that she had called off the engagement, and calling him a conspirator in his father's murder, flashed before his eyes. He had not said a single word but had looked around, and walked off towards his cabin, hanging his head in a shame which he did not deserve.

His eyes became teary as these scenes replayed again and again in his mind. Did Ananya really mean all that what she had said? Did she really hate him so much? Will he be able to mend his relationship with Ananya? One thing he was sure of; he would bring justice to Ananya's father... After all, he was THE Kabir Sharma, he had power on his side and most importantly, he had nothing to lose.

He wiped away those tears and took a sip from his coffee. He was still lost in his Ananya-land when a voice interrupted him,

 Voice: Kabir!

He knew that voice too well. It had been three months since Ananya hadn't talked to him, (today was a different case altogether when Kabir had tried to stop Ananya from going to RG's office to interview him) but this voice had not stopped pestering him ever since. He got up and came face to face with his ex-wife, Shreya. Damn his unlocked door! Also, damn his absentmindedness. He very well knew what she was here for, still, he asked her,

Kabir: Shreya, tum? What are you doing here? Voh bhi, itni raat gaye?

He glanced over to his wall clock. 10:30 pm.

Shreya: Tumhara darwaza, humesha se hi mere liye khula rehta tha, hai na?... No, I mean, your door was unlocked, so I just...

One hell of a woman you are, really! Kabir thought. She kept on speaking about how she felt during the Ananya fiasco in the office. And also, in her excitement, she had advertised her ever so impossible idea of Kabir and her starting a new channel and all that power couple' nonsense.

Kabir also played along with her sweetness and started flirting with her, for he knew sooner or later, he would be able to manage out the truth from Shreya.


At RG Pharma's Archive Room-

Ananya: Tinu, ache se dhoondh... kuchh na kuchh zaroor milega!! ... Chal uss shelf ko search karte hain... Vahan kuchh milega!

She doubted her own words. They had looked over each and everything in that room, practically ransacked it and yet, not a single record of Sudhir Kashyap was found.

Tinu: I am sorry ji very much Madamji, lekin mujhe toh lagta hai ki humein yahan aur kuchh nahi milega, sivaay inn puraane files ke, jinme aake papa ka naam tak nahi hai. Gustaakhi maaf karo, lekin mujhe lagta hai ab humein yahan se nikalna chahiye, pehli baar toh bach gaye, lekin baar baar aisa nahi hoga! Ananya ji, chalo yaha se... kahin aur dekh lenge.

A dejected Ananya agreed and both of them sneaked out of the room and office and out on the main road, where Ananya hailed an auto to go back home.

She was passing from in front of Kabir's house, when she saw the door unlocked and Shreya's car parked outside. An uncanny curiosity gripped Ananya's heart as she felt the sudden urge to go and see what was happening. Even though she was angry and upset with Kabir, she was somewhere feeing that she shouldn't have said all that to Kabir in office today. Cursing her impulsive nature, she was actually giving it a thought to go and apologize to Kabir. Just for those hurtful words. Nothing else. She still believed that Kabir was involved in her father's death. She got out of the auto, paid the driver (deep down she knew Kabir would drop her home, despite of the differences, being the gentleman he was) and tip toed to the door and hid behind a money plant and looked inside the house.

She saw Kabir holding Shreya by her hand, and a wine glass in the other and was forcing her to drink it. She was shocked and clueless as to what was happening.

Suddenly, Shreya jerked out of Kabir's hold and screamed,

Shreya: Main tumhaare liye nahi mar sakti, Kabir! I can't do this!!

Kabir: Haan, tum mere liye nahi mar sakti, kyunki tum mujhse pyaar hi nahi karti! Tum mera saath sirf isliye chahti ho, kyunki tumhe apne ambitions ko poora kare ke liye meri zarorat hai!

Kabir snapped at her.

Shreya: Fine, this is true!!! Toh kya kar loge tum, Kabir? Ananya toh ab tumhaare saath rahi nahi, all thanks to me, aur-

She cursed herself as those words left her mouth. Kabir ears perked up and he looked at a horrified Shreya. Ananya leaned a little over to the door to listen clearly as she heard her name. Kabir felt himself heating up. He could feel his eyes burning as he connected the dots and figured out the entire scenario. He lashed out at her,

Kabir: Achha, tooh voh tum hi ho, jiski vajah se aaj meri haalat aisi hai! You have robbed me of my love once again, Shreya... How can one be so cruel?!?! Tumne jaakar Ananya ko yeh jhooth bola ki jab uske papa ka khoon hua tha, tab main vahi khada tamasha dekh raha tha?! Well, allow me to tell you the truth!! Uss din mujhe Sudir Kashyap ne khud phone karke kaha tha ki unhe ek bahut important khabar mili hai jisse voh apni begunaahi saabit kar sakte hain... zaroor phone tapped tha, isliye mere aane se pehle hi unko kisine aakar maar dala... Jab main vaha pahuncha toh unki body ko already vahan se le ja chuke the, voh log! Mujhe laga voh nahi aaenge isliye, chaar ghante ke intezaar ke baad main vaha se chala gaya... Agle din mere ghar pe ek CD aayi jispe unke khoon hone ki video thi. Main use lekar Police station jaa hi raha tha ki unhone Monu ko... Phir mujhe call karke CD le li aur mujhe Monu ki jaan bacahane ke liye yeh case bhi chhodna pada... So the bottom line being, I was neither present when all this happened nor was I involved! I don't have anything to do with his death! I myself came to know of it a day after he was dead!!!

He was breathing fire now. Shreya went cold till the core but managed to speak,

Shreya: Yeah, that was me! Why don't you get it Kabir? I did all of this so that we could stay together and be the most powerful couple in the world! But it's a pity that you couldn't understand me! What's more, it is a bigger pity that Ananya trusted my version and never asked yours! She believed me Kabir, do you hear me? She believed me!! So now-

Kabir: Just shut up!! Apni asliyat quboolne ke baad kam se kam itni sharam toh rakho, ki mere saamne mere hi ghar main, khadi mat raho, just get out! Aur tum Ananya aur mere saath ki baat kar rahi thi na? Then let me tell you, Ananya mujhse aaj bhi utna hi pyaar karti hai, jitna pehle karti thi. Haan ab voh tum jaise psych ward patients ki baat kaise maan sakti hai, yeh toh voh hi jaane, lekin tum ek baat jaan lo Miss Shreya Bhagat, tum jitna use mujhse door bhejogi, main uske utna hi kareeb aaunga, chhahe jo ho jaae, hum alag nahi honge, aur tum jaise heartless souls ki vajah se toh bilkul bhi nahi. So just get out before I say something more to add to your pathetic condition!... Leave!

Shreya looked at him and realizing that she was dealing with the Editor In Chief Kabir Sharma, she stood no chance, hence, sashayed  out of the house, huffing. Kabir glared at the retreating figure, her words ringing in his head, "She believed me, not you!" He was more hurt by that than what Shreya did.

Meanwhile, Ananya was too numb to react to what she had just heard. Imaginary fireworks shot up in the sky as she closed all loopholes one by one, feeling proud. So, all of this was not true! So, it was Shreya all along! So, she had done this just to get him back! So, Kabir was not at fault in the first place! He was helpless and all alone in this entire mess! And yet, he had gone through all that what he didn't deserve!

Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks as she felt a heavy burden being lifted off from her heart. She promised herself to love Kabir till infinity and beyond and give him all what he had been deprived of. Now, only one thing was standing before her; to manaofy her boyfriend, because a grumpy Kabir was worse than a grumpy kid, kyunki after all, bahut ziddi hain yeh!!  But the fact that she loved Kabir and Kabir loved her back and this was all that mattered.

She came out of her hiding spot and looked in. A devastated scene greeted her. Her smile vanished as she saw Kabir staring at nothing, his body trembling like he would explode. Suddenly, he threw away that wine glass and fell on his knees, crying copiously. He let out all his anger, hurt and the sense of betrayal through these tears.

Kabir: How could you, Ananya, how could you do this?! You believed what that witch came and told you and didn't even care to ask me what was the truth?! I kept on wondering all these days what went wrong when you came home that day and accused of all that I wouldn't even dream of doing!! You think I would lie to you, of all the people??? Tumne kaha that vishwaas aankhein band karke karte hain, yeh tha tumhaara vishwaas?! Shreya ko toh maine samhaal liya, lekin... lekin apne aap ko kaise samhaaloon?! You have hurt me more than Shreya today! And...and...

He couldn't say more as a second round of tears took over. He cuddled closer to himself and cried. The strong face which he had put up in front of Shreya was long gone. Ananya stood at the door, feeling ashamed of herself. This was all her fault. She was so careless and had behaved like a complete idiot. Three months, she had lived with this, believing a liar, and only thinking about herself, not even giving it a thought what Kabir must be going through. But now, she couldn't take it anymore. She breathed his name in what felt like ages.

He looked up and saw Ananya looking at him, with a relieved smile. But Kabir couldn't forget what she had done to him and hence, in a steely tone, asked,

Kabir: What are you her for, Miss Kashyap? To watch me cry? Or to enjoy the show that Shreya has put up?

Ananya: No, I heard what Shreya said and also the truth from you. I have been very insensitive to you and am here to...

She couldn't finish as she saw his eyes getting wet again. However much he tried, the fact that Ananya hadn't trusted him, couldn't get past him. Ananya rushed to him and wiped his tears and tried to console him,

Ananya: I am so sorry, Kabir, I really am... I didn't know that-

Kabir: Leave me, Miss Kashyap! Don't try and wipe these tears! I have cried myself to sleep each night in these three months since the day you broke the engagement... you were not there when I needed you the most! Where were these hands, when my tears wouldn't stop?! Where were these comforting words, when I was scared to close my eyes at night, lest the thoughts would haunt me?? You were not there Miss Kashyap! And more than Shreya's actions, I have been hurt at the second chance at love I got! I have always been a loner, and it seems like it won't change. So be it. I know you hate me, for what reason, huh! Let us not even go there... and so, it would be better...

Ananya didn't let him finish. She just took Kabir in a bone crushing hug, crying and crying, and saying sorry all the while... Kabir was shocked. He didn't know how to respond to that, or whether to respond to that. But deep down, Ananya knew Kabir couldn't watch her sulking, let alone tolerate her tears! And soon, the last bit of doubt vanished and Kabir responded to the hug by hugging her tightly. He felt himself breathing after months. He felt himself smiling after ages. He felt himself living again!

His life had been restored and both of them said sweet nothings to each other and spent the rest of the night, like that, in each other's arms, on the porch of Kabir's house, chatting away... Like there was no tomorrow.

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Originally posted by rajeeviansonai


Thank you so much!! 
That is the first comment on my OS!!! Yippee!!!! ClapLOL

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You don't seem to be a first timer ! Its beautifully written.. Loved it ! Do write more..

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Nice os nd u r very well portrayed kaya's emotions.if possible write more dear

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Amazing amazing amazing OS...!!
completely heartwarming..!!
congratulations for your very first outstanding story dear..!!
you should continue to write more on kaya..
it will truly be a treat to read..
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Amazing os 
Beautifully written 
And welcome to the forum 
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Welcome to the forum.
A wonderful amazing heartfelt writeup.
A different take.
Hope will get some more from you.

If not visited have a look on this thread :
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Awwiieee... jst d way i wanted the story to turn up... its nt jst me or you very Rajeevian wanted dis kind of stand from kabir for himself.. but alas i cudn't got.. bt M happy dat u wrote it.. btfl it ws
PM me wenever u write anything else

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