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MG-SS_Aan Milo Sajna_Epilogue2 pg34 on 25/06/2017 (Page 34)

geetsmile IF-Dazzler

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Wow poo update woh v epilogue thanks tune dia 
Hai part atleast manmeet got married happily after all the trouble they have faced
Maan was not ready for reception yet maasi maa made him realize n made him ready for reception.
Bechari geet itna make up kia phir v love bite dikh gaya
Nyc part
Soo now adi is ceo n geet is still working in company
Waiting fOr next one

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priya_21 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Sundari.


tum toh dhokebaaz ho

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sanum23 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2017 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
wonderful epi 
masn flirty comments gert anger 
masi maa gussa
maan now back to his usual mood 

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-kawaii- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2017 at 1:44am | IP Logged
finally miss sundari decided to bless us all.
they needed this closure... and am so glad that you gave one.
they have struggled enough. its time for some happiness... not only in the lives of maaneet but also all the other characters.
and Adi is the ceo now...and geet is learning...
but what touched me the most is when maan voiced out his feelings about holding a reception party and how he convinced her forget the past and accept that she was special too.

eagerly waiting for the next.

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Sundari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Epilogue 2


A month later...


Life couldn't be any better for Maan-Geet and their family, after all what else you want other than 3 meals and a healthy happy family. And with our newly married couple around the house was always filled with either romance, or their never ending nok-jhok which other members thoroughly enjoyed that too with a pinch of salt, but whatever it was at the end you'd only find an angry Geet running to their room followed by a smirking Maan, and when they would finally come out both of them would be found blushing.

This only made Savitriji place a demand of grandchild before our much in love couple. Geet just looked down blushing, she was ready for it, but somewhere she knew Maan wasn't. Only they have to see how he'd convince his mother this time around.

"Maa you know Kuhu is small yet, she needs all our attention, and how do you think we'd manage another child?

Savitriji was mad, the way he said it, you'd think Kuhu was his daughter and not Dev-Meera's. Geet laughed thinking about an advertisement she saw just yesterday on TV, it was educational, spreading awareness about keeping 3 years gap between two children; it was like the man was looking at his wife with bedroom eyes as their first child had supposedly slept and the woman was pushing him lightly singing ek teen do...' meaning they have to wait 3 years after first child while planning for second one. She turned her face so that nobody saw changes in her face that her thoughts brought. But Maa spoke next, no she almost shouted actually.

"Kuhu is two years Maan, and your baby wouldn't come just now, it'd take 9 months. And just so you know 3 year gap is required between two children if they are born of the same mother.

She left glaring hard at Maan who had his mouth wide open in amazement and Geet burst out laughing, not able to control after listening her thoughts being said out aloud. Maan looked at her in amazement, making a mental note to ask her later, what was so funny about this conversation.


In the bedroom that night Maan held her in his iron like grip as he pinned her to the bed.

"What was so funny about it?

He asked her, but instead of answering she just stared to laugh again, annoying him further.


The warning in his voice hardly did any good; it was as if she couldn't just control her laughter. He kept watching her in amazement for some time and then a large smile crept on his face too. A warm feeling of contentment filled his heart seeing her laughing like this; he felt glad to have been the reason behind it and secretly prayed for this laughter to remain in her life forever. She stopped seeing him all lost and asked him what happened? He nodded a no before bending down to capture her mouth in a smooth loveable kiss.


The topic of child was closed effectively next day by Maan as he said that he wanted to spend some time with Geet before taking up such a big responsibility and his Maa seemed to agree on this. Geet's heart swelled in happiness as she witnessed the love he held for her, and saw it grow exponentially with each passing day.


Another month had passed, it's true that time just seems flies when you are happy and it seems to slow down when you are sad, or in pain. However the past month had bought some worries for Geet if not pain!

This thing had been eating her so much that she'd lost her sleep, even Maan noticed it and asked her but she was reluctant to mention lest he misunderstood her. Whole month she wrestled with her feelings and finally she decided that she has to say it to him, what did she fear anyway? He was her Maan and he understood her more than anyone else could.


So, that night when they retired to their room after dinner, she steeled her resolve all the while he was changing into his night dress. He came out with wet hairs and handed her the towel, taking cue she started to dry his hairs while he held her at her waist gently hugging her as he sat on the bed.

She sat beside him keeping her head on head on his shoulder. He held her by her shoulder and they sat like that in silence for sometime till Geet started to speak.

"Maan, I want to say you something.

"Hmm, high time now, I thought you'd take the secret with you till the grave.

He said with closed eyes, she didn't know what to say, he was right, it was unlike her to hide things from him, they'd decided in the hospital itself after his operation that they wouldn't hide anything from each other from that day onwards whatever may it be.

"Now say it before your stomach starts to ache with the secret.

She looked at him confused.

"What don't you know women have stomach ache if they keep a secret for long.

He said with a big smile, and she smiled a bit too, she needed him in a good mood for this conversation.

"Maan... I wanted to ask you something... something about your... our future... woo I was asking...

She fumbled big time, and he didn't know the reason for it.

"Geet, just relax ok, and say clearly, you are not making any sense.

She took a deep breath in, closed her eyes and blurted in one sentence.

"Maan, what are you planning to do?

There was a long pause after that, the silence in which he tried to understand what she was saying, while she didn't dare open her eyes yet, fearing his reactions. Slowly she opened one of her eyes to see him frozen with a confusion written all over his face. She dared not open her mouth yet, as she gave him time to realise what she was saying on his own. Slowly his face eased as realisation dawned in, however he said nothing.

"Maan... I think you should join office again.

She spoke slowly not trusting her voice and not sure of what he was thinking as he wasn't still saying anything.

"Maan say something please...

She spoke again, her voice beseeching, not able to take the silence; it was most difficult to judge his moods when he was silent. He looked up to meet her eyes his expressions changing back to normal making her all the more confused.

"I thought you said you don't mind a jobless husband.

He said thoughtfully rubbing his chin and she was flabbergasted by the way he took the matter casually while it gave her sleepless nights.

"You know it's not about the money!

She snapped at him at once and turned away not trusting herself to not burst out at him. He didn't realise it was important that he did some work or he will be frustrated with a free mind all the time. It's most difficult to spend your life doing nothing no matter how much money you have.

He turned her around slowly and held her chin forcing her to meet his eyes. She knew he'd caught on the seriousness in her and stared back at him like challenging him to make fun of it yet again, he just smiled back shaking his head in no and gently his fingers traced near her eyes making her aware of her unshed tears.

"I know you are worried for me. But trust me I am fine. I've got you in life, couldn't ask for anything more.



"Let me finish. About joining the company, you know I am not cut for business, and it would be a crime to put the future of so many lives in incapable hands. But doesn't mean I don't take you seriously, I promise you today I'd find something, and relieve you of all the tensions soon. But till then no more discussions on this, OK?

She just nodded.

"Ch ch aise nahi, smile.

Finally she gave him a faint smile, and he let it pass, they both settled on bed. Geet was relieved from her worries by his promise and hence fell asleep soon. Maan however was in for a long night with his thoughts wandering all over the place. What could he possibly chose as a career? He was an army man, the type of work he knew and had done for the maximum part of his employment was something he can't do anymore, he was offered a post which involved lot of meddling with computers and stuff and he couldn't wrap his head around it. Business was out of question as he was definitely bad at it. He thought hard and hard but couldn't reach any answers, so he decided to give it a rest for now and slept.

Few days had passed after that conversation with neither Maan nor geet picking the subject up again, if others noticed a certain hesitation in them; they chose not to comment as they were newly married and needed privacy. But the usual banter and cheerfulness seemed missing, everyone wondered why.

Next day when geet returned from office, well she was late and she knew Maan wouldn't like that, already the air was thick between them since last few days and she decided to make it up to him today and have a better day so she bought some ingredients for his favourite dishes, anyway he was surviving on boiled food since long and his latest reports said that they could ease up on the food a bit, she smiled.

But when she reached the house it was all together a different story. She was amused to hear noises from the kitchen when neither Meera nor Maa were there; in fact both were sitting on the sofa with their hands on their heads and a look of exhaustion on their faces. She kept bag down and joined in to know their plight, but before she could open her mouth to ask anything there was this


And both the ladies ran to kitchen shouting MAAN! Before geet could understand anything she found herself following them.


The site of the kitchen almost made the scene clear; obviously Maan had shoved them away from the kitchen, and for the first time in his life was trying to cook something on his own. And it definitely didn't go well. He'd missed the rubber ring in the pressure cooker, and as a result it'd blasted off throwing a yellowish substance all over the kitchen and off course Maan's white shirt now had more yellow patches than it had buttons... She ran to him first thing, to check he wasn't hurt, and only after making sure of that she moved on to the next question.

"What were you cooking?

The other two ladies could be seen trying to stifle their laugh and leave them alone, guess they knew what was coming and saved themselves from being referee of cat-rat chase.

She'd have thought he looked cute with the pout if she weren't worried sick and angry about having to clean the kitchen when he told her with his face hung low that he was trying to cook for her, and the simplest dish was khichdi!

At night after dinner maan was seen following a very angry geet to their room with a frown on his face. Other members could be seen trying to stifle their laughs on his plight but none wanted to risk their neck and try helping him.

Geet was pacing in her room to and fro, just too angry to say anything, here she came with a plan to make up and he'd spoiled her mood as soon as she was home. It wasn't about the mess but why did he have to be in kitchen all alone, what if something happened to him?

"Nothing would happen to me.

He said promptly as if reading her thoughts. She gave him a condensing look and he took a moment to summon all his courage.

"That's what I've decided to do.

He said next, making her frown in confusion. But frankly there was no use beating around the bush, he tried to explain.

"I am going to stay home, cook, take care of laundry, cleaning dishes and help Mom and bhabhi in household work.

There, he told her clearly his choice of career, he'd be a house husband, he was sure that was the best option, only he didn't know what she thinks about it.

He watched her in amazement as she let his words register in her brain. She didn't know how to respond at the sudden attack. She'd racked her brain for all the possible options for his career, but never once given a thought as to what he'd chosen.

"Geet... say something!

It was like a reverse of that day, they had same conversation but today he was at the receiving end. Frankly she was in no position to speak anything just now.

"Let's talk tomorrow.


She stopped him mid-sentence...

"Maan, you need to explain this but right now I need time to wrap my head around the possibility. You will give me some time, won't you?

He nodded in yes and they decided mutually to call it a day.


Next morning Maan woke up very early, first day at his new job after all. He went to kitchen and decided to make tea for all. Meera was already there, and persuaded him that he let her make tea for others while he took tea for geet to their room.

After Maan left the kitchen with his tea, meera sighed in relief for saving her husband and mother-in-law from "Maan-special tea. She smiled mischievously imagining poor geet's condition.


Morning when geet woke up she found Maan missing form bed. Well, he might as well have started his old morning routine of exercise. She was about to get up from bed when as if on cue the bedroom door opened, and a tray entered followed by the man carrying it, geet frowned at the sight, the last night incident was still fresh in her mind, but he cleared her doubts soon.

"Don't worry I didn't blow the kitchen today.

She sighed as if in relief, but that only seemed to last for a very short period of time.

"I made you some tea.

"You did?

Her voice was more incredulous than surprise but he was so lost in serving her tea that he didn't notice.

"Here, try this and tell me.

He handed her the cup, and she took it with shaking hands not knowing what to expect. The twinkle in his eyes didn't allow her to refuse his offer outright. With trembling hands she pushed the cup to her mouth with her eyes close tightly.

The FIRST SIP... was okay! The second sip... was okay too... she thanked go a million times for saving her from lies. Alright the sugar was a bit less and tea leaves a bit more making it strong competent to coffee rather than tea, still it was passable. She smiled and his answering smile was ecstatic.

"So... tell me about this idea of yours.

She asked gently keeping the cup back on the tray. By then he'd also finished his tea, and was making faces at the taste but both chose not to comment.

"Yes, I told you I will come up with something to do.

"And you decided on being a house husband.

"Yes, but after a lot of thinking, mind you.

He added with a frown, he was unable to measure her response.

"But why Maan?

"But why not? You tell me.

"Well, for starters you don't know anything about cooking and we saw the demonstration last night.

"Well... yes! But tell me did you know everything right after your birth? We learn as we grow...

But she stopped him again,

"Just like you don't know business, but still you decide on this.

"I thought the business was already an eliminated option. He murmured in a small voice.

"This discussion is not going anywhere, is it?

"It would, if you listen to me. He insisted.

"Let me first clear about the business, that's the issue disturbing you the most, isn't it?

She nodded. Well he was right, she wanted to see him running the business because she thought; no she learned from Adi that his parents would've liked it. It was her way to bring him close to his parents only he wouldn't agree.

"See, you know I did it for some time. It's not like I haven't tried, but thinking about profits and figures all the time, my mind just doesn't work that way. And why worry about my family legacy, it's in good hands, you and Adi are doing a good job at it.

Ok, now she has to let it go. Hardly anything can be done after he told her how it is.

"Now about this new idea, see geet I've considered many career options. If you don't believe I can show you the folder with all my research and analysis since the day you mentioned it. But nothing, nothing at all interests me. Then i started to observe other couples around me, not just the house i mean, in the building when i sat on the park at evenings talking to men and women equally. I realised something.

"There has to be division of work between the partners. Like traditionally we see man is the bread earner while the wife stays at home and cooks. I agree we've come far from that and now both go to work, but that is only justified if both share the household responsibilities equally too.

"But our case is unique; you wake up early, make breakfast, then go to work, then come back early to make dinner. And what do i do? Nothing, just sit at home and...

She placed her hand on his mouth not letting him continue. For god's sake he was unwell. Like reading her mind he spoke

"I was un-well geet, not anymore. And this is what I want to do. Will you let me take care of you and our children in future? I will stay at home do the cooking and cleaning, feeding our kids, making them sleep by singing lullaby and all other things while you go to office and make a career that you worked so hard for.


She couldn't help saying a yes. He didn't even propose marriage to her in such a dreamy way, she sighed. Life with maan was definitely unique, full of surprises, and worth living every moment.


A week had passed and surprisingly maan was learning very fast in kitchen. His tea didn't compete with coffee anymore, and he was master of khichdi already, kuhu was very happy with that. Now he also made dal, aloo sabzi with perfection, though the puri's still competed with the map of India, there was no compromise with the taste thankfully.

That night she asked him...

"Achha tell me where did you get this idea from, being a house husband?

It was sheer curiosity as she'd already made peace with the decision and wasn't regretting a single bit.

"Well... you know it... it was like...

He played with words and a pure sheepish expression on his face, she looked stern for an answer.

"It was a movie that I saw, you with Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor...


He ran for his life as she chased after him. How could he take a movie seriously?

"Geet... meri baat suno yaar, see it turned out all good na.

He tried to pin point all the pros of their decision mentally hoping she doesn't mentions the accidents that happened in the kitchen last week.


And that's how they lived after that, not happy always but overcoming all the difficulties with their love and understanding.


A/N: So this marks the end of AMS, finally. Do leave your thoughts for the last time.

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-kawaii- IF-Sizzlerz

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you know what, i was about to blast at you this afternoon for not updating this but then bang! you are back and this was the most amazing and the cutest epilogue i have ever read.

and my my, you surprised me woman.
Being a home maker and that too maan... lady, I tell are breaking stereotypes here and I am so proud of you.  take a bowStar

you deserve all of it.

typically we see maan a hotshot business tycoon or some riche rich guy and what not... but your maan is the most adorable maan right now. how many of the men would agree to be a home maker and see their wives go out and win the world? how many of them would sit back, cook for the family, sing their children lullaby and feed them and take care of them? he won my heart and so did you...

loved everything to bits.

he knows what he is capable of and what he isn't and this choice of career is commendable.

this part of the epilogue is not only just for the sake of the story... but it is a great way to learn things too. and things that teach me something good are always my favorite ones. this is going to remain etched in my heart for a long time.

p.s that kareena kapoor and arjun kapoor movie was the source of his inspiration?ROFL

this guy is just amazing. just when you think he is going to be serious, here he comes up with weird ways to please you. but that is what makes this maan of yours special.

thanks for bearing my rant for the past few months and agreeing to give an epilogue.

this was worth the wait..

p.p.s be thankful to me ladyEvil Smile he he he and all the mortal threats..Cool

never mind... this was the best epilogue i have ever read.

you truly won my heart today darlingHug
lots of love

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alekhika20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb epilogues

Edited by alekhika20 - 25 June 2017 at 9:22am

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Angel.Pooja Goldie

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Epilogue 1

Maaneet maaried Tongue
Massi maa scold maan
N finally later he understood what she want to say
Geet maan first night Big smile
But here ... she is tensed for him
But to her shock
Maan giving naughyyy naughty comments Wink Embarrassed
Thn he tell her his POV Smile
Geet so happy n glad ro hear that
Ummm ... Mrng Embarrassed Embarrassed
Awww love bite on cheeksss
Geet requires lot of makeup Big smile Big smile Wink
But meera caught that Embarrassed
Chooo cute bt embarrassing for geet
Maan drama with masi maa on BF table Tongue hihi
Tooo much Nautankii for gifts which he already gave to her unknown to others

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