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MG-SS_Aan Milo Sajna_Epilogue2 pg34 on 25/06/2017 (Page 27)

love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2017 at 11:07am | IP Logged
its sad ending...if yes...plz let me knw...will quit last prt...

paiful update...

loved it ...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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swapna.p IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2017 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Emotional update..
Plz don't end the story with sad ending..
Waiting for next update..

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Posted: 26 January 2017 at 11:53am | IP Logged
superb update 
pl dont end sad 

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karamjeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2017 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Emotional update...
can't stop my tears...
finally Geet found out all Truth about Maan...
looking forward for next part...
continue soon...

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ambeern IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2017 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Emotional update

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priya_21 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2017 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
thats gud now only one part left
fir mein padungi

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tabby999 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 January 2017 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Uff hai rabba yeh kya parts  hai maan ko itna problem. I am agreed with rashmi agar  sad ending to have no like and comment ..about geet kalsi kya hoga ...I want happy maneet ..aree  reports  galat krwa do ( I know dramatic par for maneet anything will be accepted) 
Want happy maneet
Waiting for next 

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Sundari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2017 at 12:39am | IP Logged
Note- I don't know what gave u impression that I will make a sad ending maybe because I mentioned crying, but read on fearlessly because I won't disappoint you that way at least.

Last Part

It was dark outside, and so was inside his room, as he sat there alone. Though his life had only brightened since the day he decided not to shut her off his life. Every minute, was now filled with endless possibilities as if they lived worth whole life every day, together. The loneliness of last year was completely washed off with her presence around him, just taking care of him, his needs, and everything else. He was amazed by the way she kept stock of his every movement every breath, as if she was on hyper alert mode whenever around him, perhaps he'd not understood her commitment to their relation yet, no, he'd just chosen to ignore it in his self preservation which couldn't be called self preservation as he was trying to save her the pain, yet giving her pain all the while doing so. Those realizations shook him deep, letting her take over his life all the more.
There was still that emotional gap he preferred that way as he didn't want her to attach herself more, as if anymore was possible. But that was important to reduce her pain if things went wrong, only he didn't know if it was of any significant use. More he did this not to raise false expectations for her, while his own mind went senseless. Dreams of a life were frequent now, only he didn't share them, like a secret prayer, there was a fear that it might not come true if he shared them.
Days were passing slowly, though he looked forward to life with a hope now. His visits to his family increased though he refused their requests to shift, he had his own reasons for that, didn't want to be in front of them all the time - and be the reason of their pains. Also he didn't let her shift to mansion with him how much ever she requested, the reasons were same.
Today he had a meeting with the doctor and he left for that alone, didn't tell anyone, he wanted to do it alone. His steps felt heavy while taking few steps from the waiting area to doctor's cabin, earlier he didn't fear, but now in these few days he'd built up so many dreams that he feared his own expectations.

He smiled sadly thinking how he'd become a shadow of the man that he was, Maan Singh Khurrana, Indian Army, who didn't think before taking up fight with a group of armed terrorist single handed, today feared his own heart, his own weak heart. But her thoughts kept him going, standing strong. At each step she proved to be his true life partner. But he failed, failed to be her partner, even to fulfill the promises he so brazenly made. With only a hope of second chance in heart he entered the doctor's chamber.

"Well you are lucky to get a donor so early."

Maan smiled, it seemed a long time since he last smiled. It sure felt different. He felt free, sort of, couldn't fathom the feeling.

"I suppose I am; can we start the procedures soon."

"Yes, your latest reports are here, which is as normal as it can get, we can start the medicine to prepare your body for the transplant. It's a 15 day course, after which we can proceed with the operation."

"Sure, any additional precautions."

"Just what you've been doing till now, only avoid these food - they thicken the blood, I will give you the list."

"I will meet you after 15 days."

"Sure, but there are things I want to talk about, you want to do it now or later?"

"Tell me now, otherwise it will pester me."

"Just the regular disclosures and stuff about the procedure. Take it as a procedure, 
I am not trying to discourage you, it's my duty to tell you about all the possibilities."

"I am all ears doc."

"Well, firstly it's a complicated thing you know transplantation, secondly your body might not accept a foreign organ. The after care is also an equally important phase, you have to spend a lot of time under observation even if initially your body does accept the foreign organ. After discharge there will be regular weekly check-up to monitor any new developments. Medicines will continue for a long time, least you can assume a year."

"I guess that's it for now, finance is not an issue I assume?"

Maan nodded his head in No.

"And another thing, it is my personal opinion but I would like to tell you that don't try to do this alone, you will need you family by your side."

He broke the news of the operation to his family, filtered out the complication thing, they needn't know this anyway there was no other alternative. Relief was evident from their faces, his masi left for temple first thing, she couldn't thank god enough to give life back to her son. Dev-Meera sensed their need for a private moment and left them alone.

Silence that surrounded them seemed to consume her, but her savior was sitting just beside, he held her hands in his.

"Aaj bahut dino ke baad ek ummeed si jaagi hai Geet, humara intezaar khatam hoga na?"

Her heartbeats rose to an exceptional level and she was way too overwhelmed, it was too early to just start weaving dreams of happiness again, but this heart is foolish, it can make castle of dream in seconds. She dare not voice her thoughts, lest it lead to rising of false expectations, but silently let it come out in form of prayer to become true.

"Zindagi ke iss imtehaan me hum zarur safal honge, mujhe aap parr aur apne babaji parr bharosa hai."

She conveyed her heart to him. Trying and failing to keep hopes out of her voice, but there wasn't a need to hide anything from him.

"Aur mujhe tumhare bharose parr bharosa hai Geet."

"Aur mujhe humare saath par bharosa hai."

She kept her head on his shoulder as they chatted normally after a long time; this closeness was soothing them after a long time. But something was bothering her, like an ache a deep need of a nuptial bond.

"Aaj aapse kuchh maang sakti hu?"


She sat straight and looked into his eyes while making her request.

"Mujhe meri engagement ring wapas chahiye."

His expressions changed immediately, they've been here before, and he'd refused her that time. This time also his answer was same only he didn't know how to convey. It was easier that time to refuse her, because he was sure then, sure that he will be back to her and he kept his promise. It was in his hand to fight and come out successful, but this time he was pitted against the death and his confidence faltered big time.

But his eyes betrayed him big time; she could see his decision in them clearly and his dilemma too.

"Aapne kaha aapko bharosa hai, humare pyar parr, humare saath parr, aap mujhe mana nahi kar sakte."

"Ye kaise zid hai Geet."

Helplessness evident in his voice, he tried to explain her but clearly his resolve was much weaker this time or rather her conviction was much stronger.

"Zidd hai toh zidd hi sahi. I won't let you refuse me this time, you have to agree. I want to fight this time Maan, fight with you, for you, for us."

He had to surrender in front of her, perhaps he was solely tempted. A bond so strong that pulled him to her even when death decided to separate them, he wanted that. He felt lighter, not at all burdened with the responsibilities or expectations of this relation, maybe because they had already crossed that line and their relation reached beyond any accountability of give and take, there was only a need, a deep urge to give more, more and more at both the sides.

He held her hand tight as he was wheeled to operation theatre; she kept looking at him silently promising I will be waiting for you. He in turn tried to assure, I will be back soon, but the confidence was lower this side. She squeezed his hand as if chastising him about having any doubts, she didn't have any.

"Madam you have to stay here, outside."

The nurse stopped her as they reached the door of the OT, he was pushed inside and their hands separated unwillingly, the last brush of the finger as if wanted to convey so much, all at once, yet all it was just a touch. The doors closed, now endless wait remains.

"We need these papers signed."

The doctor had come with the paperwork.

"It's just a formality, you know it's a complicated procedure but that's the only option right. Just sign it Geet."

Dev tried to assure her, her hands were shaking very badly, but she had to sign it for him, for them, she wanted to do this for the last time. It was an agonizing eight hour surgery; she couldn't stay here, felt suffocated. She left from there, this time she didn't chose the farthest pillar of the temple, she'd come to pray today.
He opened his eyes, the lights were dim still it blinded him for a second. He looked around to find his family circling him, they had tears in their eyes and it was justified. But the one he seeks was absent; his eyes scanned the whole room for her, not finding her he questioned.

"Maa... Geet."

He asked slowly, it was still difficult to speak as he was not fully conscious. But conscious or not, only she ruled his mind, his heart, his soul.

Nurse came in and shooed all of them away from the OT after giving him another injection for unconsciousness otherwise he wouldn't be able to bear that pain. He was supposed to be shifted to ICU too, now that operation is over.

She sat by him as he opened his eyes next time, not knowing if it was the next day, or next week already. Most of the time he was kept unconscious, and whenever it broke he never found her by his side. But his restlessness came to an end today. He squeezed her hand to gain her attention; she jumped immediately at the sudden movement.

Tears came out of her eyes next moment seeing him open his eyes for the first time after operation. She knew he'd been conscious before but missed it all the time in her prayers for him. He wanted to wipe her tears off, but his hands refused to oblige. He sighed as this helplessness would soon end, and signaled her to wipe her tears with his eyes.

The recovery was speedy with his love by his side, he didn't need to take care of himself; she did all on her own. He was allowed to speak now and they spent time talking, and today he was feeling exceptionally well, and in mood of some fun.
She was feeding him the soup and he was making faces as usual, he wanted to enjoy every moment of her care.

"Chup-chap peelo, I know you like to trouble me."

"Trouble aur main? Khud ye feekasa soup roz pee kar dekho then you will know."

"Mai kyu piyu? Mera heart transplant thodi hua hai."

"Valid point"

She smirked at her win over this argument, now scores settled, 3 all.

"Waise Geet, mai soch raha tha ki you know mera heart transplant hua hai..."

"Haan Maan I know, toh..."

"Toh mai soch raha tha ki, you know pyar toh dil se karte hai, what if I am not able to love you the same anymore..."

He stopped seeing her blanched face, her expression change from curious, to anger, to pain. She looked at him like he was an illusion of oasis in the desert of her life. He immediately regretted his little prank. But with this he also realized the depth of her insecurity and level of assurance he needs to give her about his presence in her life.

"Geet wo mazak tha..."

He said immediately to do some damage control and sighed as only anger remained on her face.

"Mazzak!!! Mazzak lagta hai ye sab aapko? Ye sab jo humne saha aapko sab mazzak lagta hai? Ek ek pal maine kaise ghut ghut kar bitayee jaante hai aap?"

"Geet meri baat suno..."

"Nahi, nahi jaante aap. Kuchh bhi nahi jaante. Ye bhi nahi jaante ki yeh zindagi bass tab tak hai jab tak "hum" hai..."


He kept his finger on her lips stopping her from speaking anymore; he didn't need to hear her insecurities but resolved that there wouldn't be any.

"It doesn't matter Geet, doesn't matter even if I don't have my heart anymore. You know why? Because I love you; loved you not only with that heart, but love you with every fiber of my body."

She hugged him, not too tight but firmly, as if to never let go, and she won't, they were together now and this time forever.

He separated her from him and sat on his bed, making her sit beside him still facing him. He held out his hand for her to take.

"Marry me."


He looked curious at her instant reply, usually girls will be all emotional and crying and take a minute or two to believe it's true - yah all that movie stuff. Only then they reply. But not Geet, they've already had their share of waiting for a lifetime, not anymore.

"Are you sure?"

"Bilkul sure" She had that big smile, and he wanted to dissipate any awkwardness between them due to the last conversation.

"Soch lo... I don't have a job anymore."

He mocked, oh! The normalcy of this conversation made him feel buoyant.

"Koi farak nahi padta... I have one, and you do own the company I am aware of that."

"So that's what you want me for? The money?"

He had his eyebrows raised but that naughty smile lingered there on his lips. She smiled at his attempts to make situation light. She was herself feeling naughty after so long.

"Well yes and..."

"And..?." he was curious now.

"And this sexy body..."

"Oh really?" he was delighted. His shape may have become bad by medicines and operation but the rightly built body of an Army man still remained.

She nodded in yes biting her lips in anticipation.

"Well I am afraid you will have to wait for a year, and I blame the doctor"

"I can wait a lifetime for you."

"You don't have to. I love you."

"I love you too."

Their love found words finally, and it was a liberating feeling to be able to say it loud, not to the world but to each other. And weave the dreams of future together, though he seemed to have more things to say.

"I am thinking to open a hospital..."


She asked not understanding this weird wish all of a sudden.

"Well considering your record to accept my proposal when I am in the hospital bed recovering, I thought it's quite a romantic place..."

She blushed to the roots of her hair, and the redness that tainted her cheek made his heart flip-flop. Soon they will be married and he swore to bite those dimples first thing on their first night.

The End.

Note- So, this marks the end of AMS, hearty thanks to all, some more than others who made me finish this off ad hoc, else I would have taken it to May,  seriously. But I loved the way it turned out at the end - no regrets. Hope I didn't disappoint, and yes, unavailable till 17-05-2017. After that I will be finishing my other pending works.

Edited by Sundari. - 28 January 2017 at 2:56am

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