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MG-SS_Aan Milo Sajna_Epilogue2 pg34 on 25/06/2017 (Page 25)

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Thanks for PM

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Continue soon please

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Part 7

Geet was passing by Dev-Meera's room that night when she stopped hearing loud voices coming from inside, they were having some argument it seemed. Dev had come to know of the little act they played out today and it didn't go well with him, it was miserable to see a rift between them because of her. She wasn't the one to eavesdrop but this time it was her fault and she wanted to interfere, ask forgiveness.

"Are you mad? Kya soch rahi thi tum?"

"I am sorry Dev, I couldn't see Geet and Maan this way, and I was just trying to help them."

"Help what? Aur yeh, yeh tarika nikala tumne? Even after knowing the situation you acted so rash, I couldn't believe...?"

"Please you calm down, mera intention kisi ko hurt karna nahi tha."

She was sobbing now, but Dev as if had lost his cool today.

"Calm down? Have you lost it Meera? Mera bhai marr raha hai, do you hear? He's going to die damn it, tum dono behne usse chain se marne kyu nahi deti ho? Aur... aur aisi situation me tum usse jealous feel karwana chahti ho..."

They stopped at the sudden sound of door opening. Immediately their stance changed, pretending to be normal seeing Geet at the door. A fake smile came up to cover up the pains they had hidden from her till now. Finally she reached the root of the problem.

"Geet tum yahan?"

She raised her hand to stop them from pretense, it wasn't needed anymore her eyes said it all. Still they refused to relent, a promise they gave him was bigger than her life.

"Please jiju please, bataiye na kya hua mere Maan ko... please."

She begged at his feet, not knowing what else to do; their helplessness hurt her he knew, but her restlessness made him relent.

He recalled that day, he's just reached office but was summoned back home by his mother. She didn't tell him the reason and he was hell worried, all negative thoughts were dominating his mind. His anxiousness changed to happiness when he saw Maan there. He was back, his brother back in flesh and blood. It was a moment to celebrate.

But as if the happiness had only a very short life, they sat there stiff as Maan recalled incidences one by one that chilled them to bones.

After losing his team and killing the kidnappers he left from there. As he kept walking, the drugs and the injury started taking toll on his body; he collapsed many times and kept moving fighting unconsciousness. The dark lanes confused his befuddled state, making him lose way and take rounds of same place but he was not one to give up. The bullet in his arm hurt too, but there was no means to extract it he just tied a torn part of his shirt there but that wasn't tight enough it fell over in his long journey.

Finally he saw a building, on reaching there he came to know it was a factory and the trucks would be leaving in few hours for Delhi, he climbed inside one and sat there waiting to reach the city. He couldn't loose his sense he knew, and to keep his sanity he kept taking her name, it was his talisman, his reason to live. I am coming Geet, wada kiya hai tumse, I won't let anything happen to your Maan, I won't let him die baby.

After that unconsciousness took over him and next he woke up in hospital and met Adi, who had saved him. After he was well enough to move he immediately reported to work.

The news of his return was kept hush by the orders from higher officials, it was sensitive issue - the army personnel getting kidnapped and with Independence Day so close the security arrangements if questioned can lead to chaos amidst the public. Additionally Maan was ordered to maintain low profile and not to contact anyone till the Independence Day, his leaves were also postponed to after that.
He longed everyday to see his family, meet them or at least talk to them, but duty bound that he was, he'd pledged his life to the nation. As days started to pass by, he was getting frustrated, no contact with any one, no work to do. The empty mind began to eat him. Finally the fifteenth of August went by and his days of freedom seemed near, his leaves stared from 20, before that he only had a medical camp to attend.

The doctor summoned him to meet him and collect his report personally. As he met with the doctor he looked worried.

"Hey doc, any tensions?"

He asked seeing him not taking an initiative.

"Yes, I am afraid there is a matter of concern; need to ask you certain questions."

The seriousness in his tone now reflected in Maan's demure.

"Do you have regular chest pains, lightheadedness and more than usual weakness?"

"Yes, but that might be because of the injuries, it would take some time to heal, doctor told me when I discharged from Delhi."

"It's not that simple Maan."

"Why? Is there a problem? Come to the point."

"Your reports suggest that you have a leaky valve."

"What... What does that mean?"

"Don't panic I will tell you. Valve is a part of heart; it has flaps that open to let the blood flow forward in one particular direction. But in your case, every time your heart beats there will be backward leak of blood through the valve."

"What... but how? I mean how am I alive then?"

"Well, you see we have got four valves, and as I said there's no stopping to the blood flow, instead it's leaking backward. As the leak worsens, the heart pumps faster to make up the loss that is going to be problem."

"Why didn't the doctors tell me about it at that time?"

"They couldn't have figured it out it's difficult unless we do heart ultrasound."

"How did that happen? I mean I was fine you know in the last check-up."

"Yes indeed you were fine, there are many causes, in your case I think when you were injected drugs with that the bacteria entered your system and caused the problem."

"But there might be a remedy doctor, I mean everything can be cured now, there is a solution right."

"There is a solution Maan, if we transplant, but I am afraid because you've reached a critical stage I don't think you have enough time to wait for the right donor."

"Then what do we do now?"

"For now we place a pace-maker that should take care of your abnormal heart rhythms, with certain precautions and right medicines we can extend your time, and by then we look for a donor."

"Whatever you say"

For next two days he was numb, but his health condition kept syncing deep in his mind. His reports were already submitted to the higher officials and anytime his end of the service order was due. His heart ached and it had very little to do with his illness, it was the helplessness, the incompleteness to be able to serve his country anymore. It seemed like all his dreams collapsed in front of his eyes that day.

He left for Mumbai soon after and for the first time after 15 years, he entered his paternal mansion. He went straight to the wall that had his parents' picture hung. The mansion was still well maintained, no hint of dust anywhere, fresh garland on his parents portrait and incense stick spreading light fragrance. He complained to his father and cried his state to his mother.

"Sab puchhte hai mujhse mai kyu nahi aata yahan, naarz tha aap logo se mujhe akela chhod gaye aap, aur jab jeena chahta hu toh apne pass bula rahe hai. Kaise rahegi wo mere bina? Itne wade kiye the usse, abb saare todne honge."

Not able to bear anymore he started to leave from there when he collided with another person. Adi had come there on monthly visit to check if everything was ok at the mansion, it was his additional duty. Seeing Maan he was delighted.

It didn't take much convincing this time, Maan agreed to take up the matters of company in his hand. He spent his time now in mansion reading about the history of the company resting post his operation to place pace maker. He was as normal as he could get under the circumstances. As months passed by, he learnt the basics of the business and agreed to take the CEO post, under the guidance of Adi he trusted him and business was not meant for him. It was a temporary arrangement until a suitable candidate was found to take up the post, and Maan being the major shareholder only had the authority to remove the current CEO ad hoc.
"Aur kya kerta mai maa, himmat nahi thi usse face karne ki..."

Maan cried laying his head on the lap of his masi-maa as he finished his story, Dev caressed his head and Meera cried relentless keeping her head on Dev's shoulder.

"Mujhe nahi pata tha ki ussne Office join kiya warna mai waha kabhi nahi jata..."
No one else spoke till now; they just heard him and let him speak his heart out.

"Bhaut mushkil tha aap sab se dur rehna..."

"Bas beta sab thik ho jayega, mujhe puri ummeed hai ki humein jaldi koi donor milega aur..."

But he was not listening anything today.

"Meri zindagi ek jhoothi ummed parr tiki hai maa, magar mai usse iss jhoothi ummeed ke sahare nahi baandhna chahta. Ye kamzor dil usse kaise de du maa...?" (dialogue credits - kal ho na ho - movie)

Their hearts ached seeing the miserable condition he was in. They had no option to erase or the least dull his pain, in fact it was only going to increase every second from now on.

He stood up as if determined this time,

"Aap sab waada karo mujhse, Geet koi kuchh nahi batayega, thodi takleef hogi usse abhi parr baad me sab thik ho jayega."

Three of them agreed though unwillingly, they were amazed at the love they saw between them at the same time complained to almighty silently for testing them so hard.

Dev finished his story with wet eyes, he looked at Geet; she wasn't saying anything at all. He shook her out of trance.

"Mujhe unse milna hai..."

She said firmly.

"Geet abhi bahut raat ho gayi hum subah baat karte hai"

They tried to knock some sense in her, but she was far from any rationality right now.

"Abhi milna hai, aap mujh le kar nahi jana chahte toh address dijiye mai khud chali jaungi."

She was adamant, finally Dev decided it was better he accompanied her.
The drive to Khurrana mansion was silent, Geet was lost in thoughts and Dev didn't know what to say hence he chose silence. They reached inside and the guard opened the gate seeing Dev's car. As they reached the portico, Dev held Geet's hand.

"Mai yaha tumhara wait karta hu, call me if something serious happens."

She nodded and walked inside lost in thoughts, her heart throbbing to come out of her chest. What she'd say to him now? But it pained her that he didn't consider her a partner yet to share his pain his life, all the while she considered him her husband. He was trying to save her from pain, but the biggest pain for her was not being able to share his pain.
Maan was sitting in his dark room lost in thoughts; his thoughts were his only companion these days. It was still stuck at Geet agreeing to marry, and he was in big dilemma. The internal fight was taking toll on him today and he even contemplated getting drunk; but thought better of it, he already had a damaged heart, least he wanted now was a damaged liver. He sighed.

It was good right that she is moving on? When did I become so selfish that I am not capable of being happy for her? Was that not what I wanted? Anyway there wasn't anything I can give her now in the short span of my remaining life? But why then this heart cries? Longs to be in her arms and get loved? Now he knows why the drugs injected in his system failed to knock him down, the drug that her love is, kept him going, still holding on to him as he fought alone with his impending death caused by the same drug.

A sudden movement broke his thoughts and he turned to the door, only to find his worst nightmare come true. Her presence at his house at this hour indicated only one thing and he dreaded the same. She kept standing there, not saying anything prolonging his agony.


He called her softly, not able to bear the silence or the distance anymore. He stood up and was beside her by that time and held her by her shoulder, she looked wreck like she'd collapse anytime.

He was shocked next moment as she removed his hand from hers harshly.

"Geet... kya hua?"

There was no need for pretense his mask was long gone since he heard about her marriage plans in the morning. She looked at him with bloodshot eyes, anger and pain of deceit evident in them. She held him tight at his collar and shook him hard, her voice

"Samajhte kya hai aap apne aap ko haan? Pehle saath dene ke jhoothe wade kiye, mere mann me itni ummeede jagayi, sapne dikhaye, aur abb, abb chhod diya akele jeene ko. How dare you? How dare you deceive me Maan?"

He closed his eyes not able to take her accusations; he was at fault he knew only he didn't know how to reduce her pain.

"Geet please, meri baat suno..."

He tried to calm her, explain her that it is better for her to leave his side, and find a new life, and many more things he wanted to say at this moment, it felt like he wouldn't get a chance after this...

"Kya sunu? Kya sunu mai haan? Bahut bol chuke aap, aur bahut sunn chuki mai. Abb aaj aap meri ek aakhiri baat sunn lijiye."

She left his shirt then, and wiped all her tears away harshly.

"Hum iss modh parr pehle bhi aa chuke hai, farak bas itna hai ki uss waqt main khushiyan apnane se darr rahi thi aur aap, yaad hai aapne kya kaha tha?"

"Aaj mai aapse kehti hu Maan, I will never force this relation on you, parr iska yeh matlab mat samajhiyega that I have given up on you, never. I am going to give you time, my lifetime."

Those were the same words he told her that time, it was same yet different how ironically life had brought them to square one. This was the point where their relation hung again balancing between yes and no.

"Haan parr mai khud ko aapki nazron se dur nahi karungi, nahi reh sakti aapke bagair. Itna haq toh denge na mujhe ki aapka khayal rakh saku, saathi bann kar nahi toh ek nurse hi sahi."

The hope, the request in her voice didn't let him become heartless again and refuse. Anyway there wasn't any reason left to separate her from him anymore after she knew the ramifications of his fate. There wasn't going to be an happily ever after he knew, but in this moment he decided to forget about the future and live in present, to make some memories, not for himself but for her.

Precap: Last Part. Oh yes i have another one, more crying on the way...lolLOL

Disclaimer - I have no medical background what so ever, i have tried to keep things as real and factual as possible, but have changed the diagnosis as per the need of my story. Kindly assume things as they are shown, because this is a fiction.

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sabse pahle ek question
Are you going to make it as a sad end??
If yes then I m not going to read your last part..

aur agar padh liye to comment to bhool hi jana..nahun milegaAngryAngry

dusri baat mera prediction galat tha... mujhe nahin pata tha ki tum itni cruel heart wali ho..kya zaroorat thi itni badi beemaari dene ki... 
mujhe to laga tha ki Maan had lost his leg in that escape and avoiding geet as he did not want her to spend her life with a handicap man.. waise wo jyada better tha na  tumhaare iss option seAngryAngry..

any ways mujhe bikul achhi nahin lagi updateAngryAngryAngry
 First aane ka sara craze khatam ho gaya...
ya phir tum koi aisa tarika nikaalogi jisse Maan theek ho jaayega,, ab ye mat bolna ki Maan theek ho jaayega aur geet mar jaayegi aur apna heart donate kar degi maan any case i m not going to give you the comment on next part 

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Emotional  update,  hope  maan  recover  soon 

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Nice update dear Geet came to know about Mann behaviour she asked her to be with him at least as a nurse

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Sad ending math karna pls

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So sad. Great update. I thought that maybe  there was a threat on his family. Or he was out to bring out a conspiracy against the company. But this is too much. Can't believe it. Can't he be cured these nothing love can't cure. Or at least give her a baby she can cherish her whole life.  Better yet find a donor. But please don't kill her!!!! To donate her heart. We have read such stories too. Please don't go that way

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