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MG-SS_Aan Milo Sajna_Epilogue2 pg34 on 25/06/2017 (Page 22)

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Part 6

She got up in the morning; it was only 5 but her usual time. She finished her regular works and headed for office straight. It was a month now that she settled with this new routine. She reached quite early even before the cleaning staff, already she had charmed the watchman; he gave her access to Maan's cabin. She entered inside and closed her eyes feeling his scent, his presence. Her mind and heart filled with Maan, only Maan, she started to arrange his cabin, it was only an excuse to spend more time there but she made sure to leave from there locking the door long before it was time for him to come.

She stood there just outside his cabin as he walked in; their eyes met but only for a brief moment as he averted his' immediately, but she gave him a big smile, wishing him a good day in her own way...

{pls listen to the song, with the update}

Pal bhar thaher jao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karu
Meri taraf aata
Har gham phisal jaaye
Ankhon mein tumko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karoon
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho
She followed fast with his coffee and immediate correspondence, though she'd joined in as an accountant here but recently she swapped roles with his secretary requesting the HR department, it wasn't difficult as his secretary was already quite frustrated with is moods and qualified to do her job too. Maybe luck was in her favor. Maan was quite frustrated initially seeing her tailing him anytime and every time, but he was helpless now, already given his words.
Behti rehti..
Nehar nAdiya si
Teri duniya mein meri duniya hai
Teri chahaton mein main dhal jaati hun
Teri aadaton mein
Agar tum saath ho

It was noon already and he was still in the meeting... babaji, it's his medicine time. And as if on cue he came out still discussing some details, she ran immediately inside his cabin, placing his dose and a glass of water with a note she left from there to her own cubical.

Teri nazron me hai tere sapne
Tere sapno me hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hain ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho
Kya fark hai
He reached his cabin and first thing his eyes met was her note. It simply read eat me but even in that simple message he could read her care. He took the medicine and gulped it along with any soft emotions that came every time as a tide in the sea of his heart on slightest of her involvement.

He looked outside through the blinds and saw her looking into some papers, he was sure it was for his next project, she made heaven meet earth just to make his work a bit simple. Now every free minute of his life is spent thinking why life had been so unfair to him? Why this pain? Only for them! He couldn't accept her with open arms and shutting her off completely pained like severing a part of his soul. He only prayed for her happiness and his miseries to end soon.

Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Like she knew he was worried, looking at her, seeking answers; immediately her eyes left the paltry papers and met his soothing him with all the assurance that she could offer. Her hazel orbs questioned him immediately if he is ok, needed anything, or if he was in any pain? His eyes immediately lit in response answering her anxiousness with calm and assuring her about his well being. Her immediate relief was evident from the long breath that she exhaled. She then continued her work, but her senses were hyper alert with every twitch of his body.

After she was sure he'd taken his lunch and settled in the restroom attached to his cabin she relaxed and went to take her own lunch. Her thoughts weren't any different from his, why was life so harsh to them. Why was happiness not meant for them? She sighed, at least he let her take care of him now; she had no hope that he would even let her be part of his pain after he'd broken their engagement.

The very next day he came to office in the noon and summoned her first thing.

"Ye kya hai?" She asked him coldly as he handed her a paper.

"Your termination letter." He'd answered not meeting her gaze.

She was shocked seeing the extent he was going to separate their ways. Only thing she had now was a chance to be around him on the excuse of working in office, why was he hell bent to snatch that too from her. She looked at him blankly.

"You are free to now"

His words broke her trance, or rather broker her further if that was possible. But she refused to oblige blindly.

"May I know the reason?"

She asked politely, if that's what he wanted, only to keep a professional relationship.

"I don't need you, don't need you in my life... My office."

He corrected immediately, his eyes which initially held her gaze left her alone.

"Sir, I have signed the bond for 3 years you cannot terminate me without a notice."

She spoke calmly, not letting her emotions overpower her this time. She wouldn't leave him alone this easily, there was defiantly something fishy with him not meeting her eyes. She'd know the truth first.

"I am ready to pay any compensation, ask away."

She smiled, if only she needed money she would open her mouth. She smiled more as he looked at her waiting for her to demand.

"Darr gaye aap." She challenged.


"Yes, Mr. Khurrana you are scared. You are sacred that if you see me in front of you all the time you will not be able to keep this mask of indifference on."

Shock registered on his face, and she rejoiced at the first win of her love.

"Kya laga aapko ki aap mujhse berukhi baatein karenege aur mai aapko chhod kar chali jaungi, shayad aapne apni Geet ko utna hi jana tha, parr maine apne Maan ko use kahi zyada jaana hai."

He kept gaping at her as she continued in confidence.

"Haan mai ye nahi jaanti ki aapki iss badle andaz ka karan kya hai, parr mai pata zarur lagaungi, aur iss mushkil waqt me apka hath zor se pakad kar rakhungi, kitni bhi koshish kar lijiye apna hath chhuda nahi paayenge aap."

"Naraz thi aapse kal, issliye wo sab kaha, magar iska ye matlab mat samjhiye ki maine aapke natak ko sahi maana."

"Aur ye..."

She tore the termination letter and threw in dustbin.

"Ye paper mujhe aapse alag nahi kar sakta."

Palke jhapakte hi
Din ye nikal jaaye
Bethi bethi bhaagi phiroon
Meri taraf aata
Har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tumko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karoon
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

She kept looking at him for long, when he didn't respond she started to leave.

"Mujhe koi farak nahi padta."

She stopped hearing him still trying to hold onto his mask. She was pained to see the extent he was going to hurt her and in the process hurting himself more, his harsh words only fell deaf on her ears. Only if he'd tell her the reason, she'd happily leave him alone and go but without that she wasn't moving an inch.

"Tumhare hone ya na hone se mujhe koi farak nahi padta, samjhi tum."

She turned and gave him another smile.

"Toh aap mujhe terminate nahi karenge."

She left after that, reply was not needed, it was written all over his face.
Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapnon mein hai na raazi
Mujhe lagta hain ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho
Kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai

The aura that surrounded the house that day when she returned immediately told her that her messed life wasn't a secret anymore. The not so normal behavior of the two ladies, that hesitation of words and not meeting the eyes explained the reason for his absence from office till noon. Though they didn't tell her anything but even the straight forward, ever confident Dev, seemed to falter. She was happy one way; at least he wasn't keeping himself from his family because of her. Another thought with that one and she started to pack her bags soon.
Agar tum saath ho
Dil hi sambhal jaaye
Agar tum saath ho
Har ghum phisal jaaye

She was at the door already when a voice stopped her.

"Jao, tum bhi mujhe chhod kar chali jao."

She stopped and closed her eyes, knew this will happen and hence she'd decided 
not informing anyone of her departure, it would hardly matter after Maan returned. But she had to explain now.

"Kisiki khushiyon me rukawat nahi banana chahti..."

He voice shook at the end and a sob escaped, this was different from the first time she left home, she had nothing of her own then but this time she was leaving behind everything she cherished.

"Accha, toh bas ek baat batati jao, kya Maan ke aane se pehle humara koi rishta nahi tha aapse? Humara rishta Maan ka mohtaj kabse hua? Kya itne dino me hum aapki maa nahi bann paaye?"

Geet had no courage to meet her eyes after these accusations.

"Beta kho diya humne, abb beti toh mat chheno, bardash nahi karr paayenge."

Agar tum saath ho
Dil yeh nikal jaaye
Agar tum saath ho
Har ghum phisal jaaye

Geet turned around and hugged her tight, she didn't know who to thank this moment for bringing this woman in her life.

"Parr... Maan, Maan meri wajah se yaha nahi aaye."

"Aisa kabhi mat sochiye Geet, who unka faisla hai, aap dono ke beech hum nahi aayenge parr, Maan bhi aapke aur humare beech nahi aa sakte."

"But... it will be difficult for you to balance between us..."

She voiced her problem slowly, she didn't want awkward situations, only recently the happiness returned in the house with the arrival of baby. But Savitri smiled and caressed her head slowly.

"Beta there is no choice for her mother, I love all my children equally. Zyada socho mat, just take some rest, you don't have to become Jhansi ki rani and take all responsibility on your head, uske liye abhi hum zinda hai."

She scolded her lightly and sent her to sleep.

Geet was brought back from her thoughts by the alarm of her phone. Oh! It's time 
for his next dose of medicine; she hurried to wake him, leaving her lunch halfway.
As she served him his medicine, he smiled and thanked her. She sighed and left from there not expecting more. She was able to bring him back to her life but, but still not able to enter again into his life. And it would take more time; she didn't care, she'd already pledged to wait.

But in the process she hurt him, she hurt him bad. Maybe he'd forgive her for that, but she couldn't yet. It was painful to him smiling that way. That fake smile almost gave everything away, but he still held on to his pretense. She had never envisaged that he could go to such extent, such extent of madness that he could let her go without fighting.

She was sitting in her room lost in thoughts that day, when Meera came to see her. Their interactions had decreased these days due to Meera being busy in baby, but their bonding was above that. She sat beside Geet and held her hand in hers. There was no need of words; she wanted to assure her of a sister's presence. Few minutes and Geet broke down on her shoulders. She seldom cried now-a-days, especially after Maan's return, there wasn't any reason she'd got all she wished for.

"Meera... Meera I am s... sorry."

Meera was shocked at her words, she didn't expect this from her, and in fact she was sorry for the mess her life had become. She was just doing fine; it was she who pushed her into this new relationship which had only pain, not only for her but Maan too. But today she'd come to make amends. She had resolved to make them one again, even if it takes going out of the way.

"Geet, tum ro rahi ho, I thought you are a fighter. Tumhara Maan wapas aa gaya, aur tum yaha kamre me chhup kar ro rahi ho."

She wanted to start the conversation with Maan, to get her full attention.

"Parr wo toh mujhe nahi chahte, he's wants out."

"Ussne tumhe jaane ko kaha aur tumne Maan liya? No baby, sometimes you have to fight for you love."

"Parr... kaise?"

Geet was highly unsure now as her confidence regarding Maan was badly tattered but Meera assured her and told her plan.

"What! NO! Mujhse nahi hoga."

The reaction she was expecting. But she tried to convince her.

"Karna hoga Geet and tomorrow is the best time. Soch lo and tell me by morning."
Next day was Tuesday; she had agreed to give it a try. So, as per plan, Meera sent Savitri aunty to temple saying she should pray for Maan-Geet, Dev was already at his office. Now, they both sat at the living room couch browsing through a bunch of photographs and bio-data of prospective grooms. The main door was left slightly ajar intentionally, as Maan was due there any moment.

Meera was looking at the door with thief eyes, waiting for Maan to come so that they can start their drama. She hoped and prayed that this works to bring Maan-Geet closer again. She saw a tall figure near the door and started to speak loudly.

"Geet, I think ye ladka achha hai, you know Sharma Aunty was saying wo isse personally jaanti hai."

She signaled Geet through eyes, and Geet played along hesitatingly.

"Meera, mujhse pucchne ki zarurat nahi, whoever you feel the best go with it."

"Arre, aise kaise tumse puchhne ki zarurat nahi, you have to marry and spend life with him."

She was intentionally louder this time, and as if on cue, the door was opened next second with a bang. They both stood up hurriedly and all the papers on their lap fell. Though they knew he was their but his sudden entry shocked them.


Meera whispered but he was all eyes, and they stuck only on Geet. Sensing the situation and their need for a private moment she left from there, she didn't excuse mainly to not break their trance but she also knew that it was not needed.

Geet's heart was beating very hard in her chest. This moment will decide the future of her relation with Maan. Oh! Now he will say he is sorry, hold her in his arm and take her to his world. They will be together, happy. But she wouldn't forgive him so easily; he will have to make it up to her, big time. She was smiling thinking all the ways to show anger on her and him trying to calm her.

The pain on her arm brought her back.

"Aah... Maan"

She moaned as he held her real tight. He left her immediately, his eyes were blood red, and pain was evident in them, she just waited for him to say something.

"Shadi kar rahi ho Geet."

That's what he had to say?

"Haan, mujhe kisi ne kaha tha khushiyan apnane ka haq mujhe bhi hai, aur uski baat par mai aankhein band kar bharosa karti hu."

She was confident initially, trying to show coldness and anger in her reply, but faltered at the end. He came closer as if possible and slightly brushed the errant strand of hair on her face, she closed her eyes immediately feeling his touch after so long, it felt heavenly. But his words broke her trance as well as her heart.

"Yes baby yes, bilkul hai."

Then he increased the distance between them immediately.

"I am glad ki tumhe ye baat samjh aayi, I am happy for you, and I hope you get a true partner and this time for life."

Before her mind could register those words and form a reply he'd already left. Left her again, alone. Shock was an understatement to what she was feeling right now, she sat down on the couch with a thud.

A loud cry resonated in the house, and Meera came rushing to see what happened.

"Geet... Geet?"

She sat beside her immediately, but Geet was in no situation to speak. Her condition told Meera clearly that her plan had backfired big time and now she had nothing to offer to Geet, not even soothing words. She had gone all out and taken a big risk, and now she knew she had to face the consequences.

Precap: Relevations...
Maybe on Wednesday.

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first againStar
okay doubt!
when did maan's family come to know about him being alive and moving to the house?
i felt that was a little confusing but the updt did surprise me!

Okay it was a shock to see geet behave in such a way at the beginning but then i know there is something up on "your" sleeves.
loved this whole drama thing. Maan is tolerating geet and her presence and her care everythingjust for her... but yes there are a lot of questiones that need answers right now.

Loved loved loveddd geet and savitri's interaction.
when she said: kab se humara rishta Maan ka mohtaj ho gaya hain, I was sold. there was a bing smile on my lips. such beauty it was. if you go by the typical Indian way, the saas would always kick out the DIL because her son doesn't want her. but this was awesome my dear. Showed so much positivity.ClapClap I loved that.

Meera's plan backfired...okay that wasn't expected but sort of expectedLOL
I know i sound weird but then confusion hi confusion hain... if her plan backfired then what is it that is making them behave in such a way in office? and that too geet took job of his secretary... now that is interesting!!! I loved the part where maan fires her and asks her to name the amount but she challenges it. that shows their love... because even he couldn't answer her.

clear up the mess asap

continue soon

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awesome story

cont soon
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lo bhai main aa gayi comment dene
So geet is now his secretary ...and taking care of his every need..and after his rejection she is little relaxed as she doesn't have any hope for themselves now...
I can see Maan's concern for her too.. he still loves her but something stopping him from accepting his feelings for her now..their unsaid words are still doing woek between them..
and maan thought the  solution  for ending this pain he fired geet btu geet is no longer weak person now.. She challenged him and tore the termination papers which he gave her..
It's good that Maan had returned home after their confrontation but Gete is now feeling herself as a hurdle for maan in this house she wanted to go but savitri stopped her  and she agreed..
meera came up with the idea to know Maan's feeling about geet as she could not see geet sad and crying..
they talked purposely about geet's marriage  in such way that Maan could hear that.. he heard but  the way he reacted it destroyed geet's every  hope to get him back in her life.. he showed as if he was not affected by this development..
Meera was reaaly very sad seeing their plan backfired ,,,, and the way maan reacted my doubt is getting a firm shap about him..
Pooja ab jaldi se next part do taki mujhe pata chale if I m right or notLOLLOL

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Asum os
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Great update
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Nice update..
Continue soon..
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Superbbb update...
read in one go...
looking forward for next part...
can't wait...

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