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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG-SS_Aan Milo Sajna_Epilogue2 pg34 on 25/06/2017 (Page 19)

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Originally posted by Sundari.

Originally posted by Rashmi...

Originally posted by Sundari.

Originally posted by Rashmi...

Jaao aur update do jaldi..abhi maim padhne ke mood me hoon
arre wo sone chali gai hai, dhamki di hai, she wants to be first, pata nahi kya karegi warna,

update toh ready hai post karne me mujhe kitna time lagna haiTongue
ok .. chalo aane do usko.. main phir kabhi padh loongi

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Originally posted by Rashmi...

ok .. chalo aane do usko.. main phir kabhi padh loongi

aisa matlab Shocked

fassa diya mujhe

aap ja rahi ho kya?

maine evening bola tha abhi tak nahi aayi ladkiD'oh
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Note: Before the next part, I was confused with the timeline so want to clear this   up:

1.   1. This part is one year after the first part i.e. Maan going to mission.
      2. After he went for mission assume in June 2015, mission was complete in       two months i.e. in July same year. After which another 6 months i.e. by         Feb. 2016 they declared all the missing army men as dead, but his body         wasn't found.

Part 4

She was anxious, or you can say terrified for the want of a better word. She didn't know how to face the woman sitting behind this door waiting endlessly for her son, as she stood outside the door unable to ring the bell.

"Arre Geet tum bahar kyu khadi ho?" a casual address from Dev brought her back from her thoughts. Yes it had taken her a hell lot of time to find way back home, with all the thinking and gathering courage. Also it made her restless as to why he didn't know about Maan as she had sent the message way back in afternoon, at that moment she also realized that she didn't even get a response for such a big news, surely it was fishy.

The door was opened by their maid and she hurriedly found the way to Savitri's room, only to find everything normal. She couldn't even gather courage to ask fearing...

What more? What more is she afraid of? She thought, suddenly not understanding what was happening around her, a sudden urge to laugh at her own condition overwhelmed her. What a joke is made out of her life? She should have known that she is not destined to be happy, that she is not allowed to dream of future, and husband, and family. She is meant to be alone and suffer... suffer lifelong maybe some form of punishment of previous birth... they can be right too, after all, what all those aunties said... her body shuddered with that thought.

"Geet... Geet"

"Huh... haa Meera"

"Haan kya? Tum kya soch rahi ho? Suddenly you look like a wreck. Kuch hua kya? Any tension in office? Tell me."

She shot continuous questions at Geet, which made her realize her thoughts would have reflected on her face and decided to end her curiosity.

"Aunty kaha hai? I was calling her she didn't pick. Who thik toh hai na?" she lied, and waited for answer with her fingers crossed.

"Arre haan, wo maa ka mobile toh subah hi tut gaya. She was returning from mandir, neeche bachche khel rahe the unn se takra gayi, mobile gir kar tut gaya, thank god maa ko koi chot nahi aayi."

"I will buy a new one tomorrow." Dev said and the topic was dismissed casually, but not for her.

"Mai aati hu fresh ho ke." She mumbled absently and left to her room not sure what to think about it.
Whole night, whole night she'd spent fighting with her thoughts, not knowing what to do, where to go from this point. Her life seemed like she'd been blindfolded and left in middle of a maze. It was a fitful sleep, but morning came on with some hope, only when she sat in front of god seeking answers; however angry she might get on her babaji, at the end she would seek him to show her the right path, after all he is the Saarthi who could show her the right direction.
Finally she made peace with her present and decided not to tell anyone about Maan unless she confronts him first and knows his stand, or where she stands in his life at least. She shuddered with the thoughts of what was to come ahead, because she knew for sure if nothing it had pain for everyone.
He was sitting in his cabin lost in thoughts, still not sure how will he fulfill the commitment he'd made to Geet. It was difficult to get his way around his boss Maan Singh Khurrana, but now he has agreed, though still not sure why. He thought hard, he'd always liked the dedication Geet showed towards the company, and somewhere that connected him with her. But there was some pain in her eyes today as she requested him again to meet Maan, though she was strong but her eyes were begging him as if it was her last chance to survive. Already he'd refused her uncountable times in last two days due to Maan's order to not meet anyone and specifically Geet.

But there was another thing that he knew, and he was sure that his interference is needed in this matter, though not directly. And his thoughts moved to the day he met Maan.
He was returning from Amritsar after a successful meeting, it was after a long time that he felt happy as something good was happening in the professional front otherwise he felt so incompetent in front of that leech CEO. His blood boiled every time seeing him misappropriating companies fund and not being able to do anything was adding to his miseries, but being an employee he had his own limits. Lost in thoughts he didn't see a truck in front of him which had occupied more than half of the way and braked hard to save himself in the nick of time.

He came out and was about to lash at the driver, when his eyes met a horrific sight. The truck driver and conductor were in a deep discussion and there was another man lying in the truck, his body was heavily covered in blood and they was discussing about leaving him here in mid of the highway.

"What did you do to him? Shall I call the police now?"

He asked in a strong voice catching them unawares, at the name of police they started to beg and told him that they didn't know from where that person came in their truck, they are scared of taking him to hospital thinking they may not get caught in police case, nor they could afford the treatment. Adi realized they were genuine and decided to take the responsibility himself. The humanity called out to him, and he couldn't refuse, after all there was a difference between him and those truck drivers.
He lifted him on his shoulder and brought him to his car, the sight of him was horrible, blood coming out from various parts. It was shocking to see that he was still not fully unconscious, murmuring something inaudible and trying not to succumb to sleep as his body refused to help. Adi decided that it was important to give him a first aid, especially to his left arm, the injury seemed like a bullet was stuck there, it scared him to no ends and he immediately started to drive looking for some immediate help.
The road was highly stranded and he didn't know what to do, hence he decided to help himself; otherwise it could be late. He stopped by a small hut; at least he can get help of hot water from here if nothing else. The old lady inside though stern; seemed understanding enough and agreed to help him. Adi carried him inside and laid him on the only wooden cot while she brought hot water and other bizarre instruments including some leaves roots and bark. He was about to forward his first aid kit to her, but thought better of it, she seemed to know what she was doing, and he decided to humor her.

He sat there watching, as she removed his shirt and wiped the excess blood. Then she asked him to hold his arm while she pulls the bullet off, he was shaking with the thought but didn't know how to refuse. It was painful to see her pulling the bullet insensitively from his body, but that was the only way. A gush of blood followed as the bullet left his body and she wiped it again and applied yellow paste which immediately controlled the flow. After the bandage was tied, he was unconscious finally; it seemed like in this state too he knew he was safe now.

The lady then suggested leaving for hospital immediately as there was heavy blood loss, so Adi started to dress him into his shirt. Carefully so as to avoid his injury, his eyes fell on that blue mark; it was a permanent tattoo, the one he only knew too well. He was shocked to find it, his eyes as if on its own accord moved to his face and his brain immediately started to match it with the image of an 11 year old boy crying as a tattoo was being pierced on his delicate arm. Yes, he was sure that this was the family mark that all Khurrana men got inscribed on their left arm at the age of 11 while the girls were given a locket, he has grown up listening to their story, but sadly only one Khurrana is alive today. No, he can't let anything happen to him if it is in his power.

He drove fast as Maan had already lost so much blood, thankfully his blood group matched and he could donate. Three days after that were horrific, as he went into major surgeries one after the other, after which he slipped to coma. Adi rubbed his head not knowing what to do? He can't draw from Maan's account without his sign, and his own income along with savings was like a bucket in the sea. What an irony he thought, Maan has so much money under his name still he's unable to pay his hospital bills.

His trance broke with a phone call, it was his secretary calling. His fist tightened hearing what she had to say, that man was getting on his nerves now, he has to get rid of him, but before that he needs to see that the annual donations to Khurrana trust doesn't go in wrong hands. He ended the call and an idea hit him. 
Immediately he called Khurrana trust and briefed the situation.

He returned to Mumbai after that giving his contact details at the hospital and informing that the expense will be taken care of by the trust. It was a week after that incident and he was impatient, he didn't tell a soul about Maan as he knew what happens when the heir of a big empire is fighting with death. Finally he received communication from the hospital that the patient he admitted has gained consciousness. He rushed to meet him, he was happy.

He met with the doctor and asked about the progress of his health, his on-off consciousness was a thing of concern. Also doctor mentioned that he kept murmuring some name in between, sounded like Geet'. He could only say that he had no idea about his life what so ever.

"Good morning sir."

 Adi wished him; it was awkward as the last time they talked was 17 years ago. Maan was confused to see him.

"Do you feel alright? I found you on the highway and brought you here. Can you remember your name, where you are?"

Maan nodded in affirmative.

"I am better now and I need to thank you for saving my life."

Adi laughed,

"He he he... no need to thank sir, I was only a messenger, god sent to save you."

"Still, I owe you my life; please tell me if you need me anytime in future, I will try to help you. My name is Maan."

"Thank you sir; and I know you, you don't owe me anything, and it was my duty to save you sir."

"Sorry, I don't understand you."

Adi sighed and decided to introduce himself; he never understood why Maan refused to accept his inheritance.

"You are my employer sir, I work for Khurranas."

"I see"

"And I want to request you something sir, sir please come to office, your business 
needs you sir, someone is trying to..."

"No, I need to report at Head Quarters, did you ask the doctor when will I get a discharge? Why I am still here I need to be at the HQ, I need phone, and I need to contact my team..."

He cut him in between and started to panic, Adi had to call doctor and get him unconscious. He was really scared now, seeing Maan's condition. But Maan refused to talk to him after that, thanked him again and left for his work.

His trance was broken by a knock at his door.

"Maan sir is calling you."

He nodded at the peon who came to call him. Since Maan's return he has seen the changes in Geet, she was more lost than ever, and same was Maan, his specific instructions to not let Geet meet him rang alarm bells in his mind. Finally he decided to give her a chance as he didn't want to regret about it later. He sighed and left to meet Maan immediately.

"These are the files, you wanted them signed."

Adi nodded and collected the files, he was in dilemma.

"Am I done for the day?"

Maan asked but he knew the answer by looking at his face.

"Sorry sir, there is another meeting at 7 pm"

"7, but that is after office hours."

"They requested sir, and I couldn't refuse, it won't take much time."


"In the conference room"

"You will be there right?"

Adi was not sure how to answer that one and just nodded.

Note: Yeah! I am back, but another part before i start my rant. LOL
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Part 5

Geet was about to shut her computer and call it a day when a ping from her computer stopped her. She'd received a mail from Adi sir.

"7 pm Conference room"

Her heart rate increased reading the mail. Finally after days of persuasion Adi sir had understood her need to meet Maan and promised to help her. She'd always shared a good rapport with him, he also told her how his family had been employed by the Khurrana's since generations and she was amazed at their loyalty. He also told her stories of the royalty of Khurrana's that he'd heard from his father, grandfather and everyone, and that he wondered why Maan was never interested in the riches even after growing up. She used to laugh mentally thinking how less people know about her Maan and decided that she will tell Maan about Adi when he returns, but now that thought itself brings nothing but pain.

She sighed and checked her watch, it was time already, strange she would still lose track of time thinking about him. She moved towards the conference room.
He entered the conference sharp at 7. Being punctual was his habit, and being the boss doesn't give him any excuse to make others wait. Strangely the conference room was empty, he sighed and took his phone out to call Adi and ask if there was any change in the schedule of meeting when he heard click of door.

There she was, closing the door; he didn't need to ask anyone anymore, he knew the purpose of this meeting. He sighed heavily; sooner or later he has to address this issue, then why to delay more. He waited for her to say.
She turned around to face him now, and her eyes stuck to him drinking in every feature, every curve of his face. God! It has been a year, but she felt like an eon has passed since she last saw her Maan. Maybe she would never see him again. Still this heart wanted the assurance of his well being, and she was helpless.

They were standing close now, only one feet of physical distance in between. Yet he was far removed from her. She stretched her hand resting it on his cheek, caressing it slightly as if to make sure it wasn't a dream. Tears flew continuously from her eyes as they kept questioning him - how are you? Kitni der laga di aane me? Aapko meri yaad nahi aayi? The questions were endless, so much that she couldn't speak, just let her heart absorb his presence. At this moment his indifference, his response, his rejection nothing mattered.
He was saying something, but she couldn't hear his voice, the trance of her relief was so that it broke only at his harsh touch.

He held her hand that was on his cheek and increased the gap between them.

"Oh! So you tricked me to meet you. Adi ko bhi convince kar liya. If I am not meeting you, it means I don't want to meet you. Itni chhoti si baat tumhe samajh nahi aati kya?"

She didn't respond still, just kept looking at him with tearful eyes. As if his words didn't reach her mind only her eyes kept absorbing him, his presence and the relief like she was drugged.

"Geet... Geet"

He shook her by her shoulder to bring her back to sanity. She realized what she was doing, and quickly wiped her eyes of, she wanted some answers first.

"Kyu bulaya mujhe yahan, nahi milna chahta mai tumse, samajh nahi aati tumhe ye baat?"

He spilled venom again, he was frustrated that she tricked him, and Adi helped her.

"Samajh aati hai Maan, parr iss dil ne majbur kiya hua hai."

She replied still smiling.

"Kaise hain aap? Itni der laga di aane me, parr mujhe yakeen tha aap zarur aayenge, wada jo kiya tha aapne mujhse. Chaliye, ghar chaliye, aapko pata hai sab aapka kitna intezaar kar rahe hai, Meera ko baby hua, and maa, maa toh bas..."

"Chup! Bilkul Chup!"

He cut her in between, not wanting to hear a word more, but more than his words, his voice scarred him. The fears that she had been dealing with, all seemed to come true.

"Puchha maine tumse kuchh? Nahi na, ye emotional drama mere saamne mat karo. Na mujhe tumme koi interest hai, na tumhare family drama me."


A sob escaped her lips at his harsh words, how heartlessly he broke her heart, but whom to complain, she'd given him this right herself.

"Haan drama. Aur ek baat sunn lo, aaj ke baad mujhse milne ki koshish mat karna, apna kaam karo aur jaao yaha se. Nahi milna mujhe tumse"

He held her left hand and pulled out the ring from her ring finger and thrust it in her hand.

"Aur nahi karni mujhe tumse shadi, samjhi tum. Ab jao yaha se"

She kept staring at him blankly as he showed her the gate to exit. She knew this day was going to come in her life the day she saw him return this way, but didn't fathom the amount of pain it will cause her. Only thing that held her together till today was that ring, and now he snatched that too from her. She stopped crying at once, there was nothing left for crying now, everything was crystal clear. She rubbed her eyes; harshly this time maybe it will remove the tears forever.

He was unlocking the door to leave the room as soon as possible. He can't go like that...

"Meri baat abhi khatam nahi hui Mr. Khurrana."

He froze at the spot, his hands not struggling with the lock anymore. She moved towards him and turned him to face her. She pulled is hand and kept the ring on his stretched hand. He was looking down not looking at her anymore. She held his caller to make his eyes meet her fire spitting eyes.

"Samajh gayi thi mai, bahut pehle samajh gayi thi ki aap kya chahte hai, bas aisi kaayarta ki ummeed nahi thi aapse. I had the guts to say No to you on your face Mr. Khurrana, but not you, you rather chose to hide. Hide behind this mask of new life. You didn't come clean. Aur aisa rishta jodne me mujhe koi interest nahi hai."

He shocked seeing disgust and accusations in those innocent hazel eyes. Never knew she had the capability to hate too.

"Ek aur ummeed thi aapse, parr who bhi aapne tod di. Mai toh shayad koi nahi, kuchh hi mahine pehle aapki life me aayi, but you didn't think of that woman who gave you a home when you became orphan. Chhii... sharam aati hai mujhe aaj aapse apna naam jod ke, jo insaan ek maa ki bhavanao ki kadar nahi kar sakta wo mere pyar ko kya samjhega?"

He closed his eyes, cringing at her hateful words.

"Kyu bura laga sunn ke? Kya galti thi unki jo unn buddhi aankhon ko bas intezaar naseeb hua, boliye na kya galti thi?"

She shook him hard trying to get an answer while he'd sworn silence.

"Ekk saal se wo soyi nahi, har dusri aahat sunn ke unke dil me ek ummeed jaagti hai ki shayad unka Maan waps aa gaya. Boliye na kya galti thi jo unki baaki ki zindgi me aapne intezzar likh diya..."

She slid down crying still holding his shirt in the process all the buttons opened, and he kept staring at her with blank eyes. He was shocked at her grief, more so because it was not for herself. Gently he freed himself from her hold and left from there limping.

She watched him leaving for sometime then wiped her tears, if that's what he wanted, be it, but she wouldn't let this go easily. He may choose not to answer her but he owes an answer to that woman who loved him more than her own child. She too left from their deciding not to say anyone about him until he decides to do it himself, which she was sure would happen soon now.

Bullets kept firing in every direction, but he cared less. May whatever happen today but he wouldn't return unless he killed all those men.

"Sir, we are heavily outnumbered, they must have inkling about the attack, and they are ready. I suggest we retreat."


A bullet passed very close to his head, both of them ducked in time and hid behind the tree.

"No Khan! Mai yaha se khali hath waps jaane nahi aaya hu. I don't care what happens, mission is still on."

"But sir, others might not want to take this"

He completed fearing his fire spitting eyes.

"Are you the one who is not willing to take this risk?"

Khan nodded in no swiftly.

"Be on position then"

"Yes sir"

The other person left, and Maan immediately reloaded his rifle and started to shoot again, no bullet was allowed to miss the target. Ten hours, after ten hours of heavy firing, it was time to celebrate.

"Well done boys." He appreciated his team, as they stood with him and his 
decision even when there was no hope.

"Your decision was right sir."

They had lighted the fire and were sitting around it after treating each other's injuries. It was time to celebrate, they were successful big time.

"Hold on to your alcohol boys, we are still on high alert area."

He warned but he knew it would go to deaf ears. All retired to their respective tents to sleep for few hours before they packed up for return at the dawn.

He woke up early, and folded up his tent, then went to check on others.

"Where is khan and Raj?"

"Sir, raat me tent me the."

They waited for few hours and searched nearby areas but no clue. After that Maan decided that he will look for them whilst the others returned.

He kept walking looking for clues; there was very less hope because he knew that they were drunk last night. There was no doubt that this was a planned move. He felt thirsty and decided to look for water first, their provisions was also over as it was their day of return. Near the water he saw a tree which had a piece of cloth stuck on it. On close examination he found that it was their uniform, and the wet ground there looked like someone was dragged all the way from here to somewhere, he started to follow.
He walking fast and his brain was working faster than his legs. He looked around, he had two options now, but he couldn't do anything without reaching his team members and next step he took he fell on a ditch. It was not very deep, and he could come out of it in a minute, but he didn't want to. He wanted to know what was their intention and decided to end them also, bonus.
"paani... hhh... paani"

He felt very thirsty as the consciousness returned, he realized his hands were tied together at the back and so was his legs, he tried to move but no purchase whatsoever. Slowly he opened his eyes to find himself in a dark room.

How did I come here? He tried to recall, after falling in the ditch he was pulled up in a net and swiftly something small and sharp hit is arm, ouch! The sting was still there. He looked around to find his team mates also lying there still unconscious. He crawled up to them and hit them with which ever body part that came in contact to wake them up.

They immediately discussed the situation among themselves and possible options. There were very few, they already had an idea of the danger coming in, but the mystery was why kidnap a few rather than kill all?

It became very clear very soon, they wanted to know the security arrangements for Independence Day in exchange of their lives. The negotiations with the government were not turning out in their favor it seemed, as the torture only increased. But they were less aware of it, due to the entire drug in their system.
It was three days now, all the while Maan was observing their moves, no drug could keep him out for more than eight hours; he just pretended to be unawares and silently looked for a loop hole. There was a possibility and today was the day he concluded, the risk was high but he had to take the chance.

It was time for dinner for those terrorists; that was the only time they were left alone. There were 4 of them and always one sat to keep an eye on them, but he heard that today they will have a discussion at dinner about moving them from here and cross the border hence they will be unwatched today. He had only ten minutes to cut the ropes of three of them; it was tricky because the only sharp object in the room was way too blunt. Still he started rubbing the rope in his hands to the blunt but rough edge of the wall. It took hell of a time but finally he was free.

He hurried to open the ropes of others and looked around; some water was there at the corner. He kept his hand on the mouth of khan and threw water on his face sharply, repeated the same with Raj too. He explained them that they have to gatecrash their room, get hold of gun and finish them. They were all in a mess but hope kept them going.

Slowly they came out, seemed like luck favored them or they kept the door open to be able to hear the slightest of sound made by them. 1, 2, 3 attack. All three of them lunged forward, as the other two jumped on the four terrorists Maan looked for their guns and fired immediately he found one. Two bullets, two dead, the third terrorist also got hold of a gun and shot at Maan.

"Jai hind"

Three of them shouted together, Maan's eyes widened next second as he didn't feel any pain of bullet touching him.



He woke up suddenly from the light sleep that he slipped into while thinking about his mission. It was a great loss, with both of them dead, he fought singlehanded with the two of them and overpowered them with the rage of revenge burning in him. He hit them continuously and so hard that they laid there dead, satisfied he smiled and started to go from there, when the last bullet hit him, right at his left arm, he just didn't care.

Precap: Agar tum saath ho...CryCry
Note: Three more parts to go, it will end with this month. This time guarantee. Next on Sunday, or maybe sooner, depends on my moodEmbarrassed

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me first...
sorry i took too much time. just not in a proper state of mind.
part 4-5

I knew it I knew something was fishy. Nothing... absolutely nothing could have made him to forego his bond with geet. but then he was doing it, for the sake of it. for his company that needed him so much. Adi was indeed an angel sent by geet's babaji to set her lfe right. Just that before meeting, they had to pass one more test.

But you know what the saddest part was...
the saddest part is the call of duty. in the meyhem of wordly responsibilites, we forget... not forget but jeopardise our relationships to an extent that damages the people involved in it. be it his love relationship with geet or the bonding with his mother or his family members for that matter! Everything lies in a mess. and you showed that beautifully.

I knew Maan was only pretending, had an inkling about it. but then the fall out was unexpected though. i thought may be they will get together and perhaps he might share his secret with geet but I love surprises! call me cold, but i so loved their confrontation. bang on!

it was heart wrenching when she thought- kitni der laga di aane mein? aapko meri yaad nahi aayi?

the longing and the was felt right in the heart.

and she has waited for so long! itna bura hone ke baad bhi she held on to her hopes. believed in their love. but then again, when we pretend or do something, we expect our loved one to understand our unsaid words. but then we don't realise what effect it would probably have on another person...what pain must they be going through to see us so distant. and that is ecactly what happened with maan and geet.

I know situation compelled them to react the way they did... but it is sad and its written very nicely.

she gave back her engagement ring. I do have a feeling of what could happen next but then i will keep the benefit of doubt.

till next comment

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bhale hi aisu ne res kiya pahle mujhse par comment main de rahi hoon uss se pahleDancing

Part -4
geet was really very sad for savitri who was waiting Maan to return and geet was confused if to tell her or not about Maan's return..She did not want her to be sad like she was when she saw maan...
so she decided to confront maan first
So it was adi who saved Maan... and adi was loyal employee of Khuranas.. he asked Maan to come and join the office..
Adi was so sad seeign geet like that but maan had instruct him not to let geet in his room..
 First i thought Maan ahd lost his memory but no there is something which is stopping him from facing geet..
But Adi did not want to regret later so he thought to let them meet once..

 Geet was really happy to see the mail that she could meet Maan.. 
She reached and tried to ask him about him and tell about her that she was waiting for him since he left..
 but he behaved rudely with her which shocked her
OMG he mercilessly pulled out the engagement ring from her finger.. so sad..
but she faced it bravely as she knew that happiness was not in her destiny so she accepted his rejection but she was now strong after the rejection and faced him.. She showed him the mirror and made him remember for the woman who gave him the love of mother after he became orphan.. 
maan was shocked to see that she was fighting for other woman not for herself..he left from there leaving geet alone...
he remembered how he fought with enemy and was caught by them but he and his other teammates tried to escape but they were shot dead..he faced the enemy bravely but he too was hit by bullet
waise i have some clues why he is behaving like this with geet... writer instinct kuchh kah rahi hai mujhseLOLLOLLOL

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