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Aan Milo Sajna

"" he kept muttering her name like prayer, holding onto his breath, the machines and wires attached to his body trying hard but failing every time to stop him.


"Anesthesia, quick" doctor barked instructions at the nurse who stood dumbfounded seeing the dose of sleeping drug injected into the system of this patient and still failing to keep him calm or stop him taking that name for that matter.

She hurried to pass another dose to the doctor shaking her thoughts then ran outside to inform him family to bring geet, whoever she is as instructed by the doctor.


"Meera, get geet and come to city hospital immediately" dev called his wife and instructed her breathlessly.

"Hospital! But what happened and why geet?" She asked alarmed by the urgency in his voice.

"No time to explain, maan's been in an accident, condition is critical and he's taking geet's name continuously, just move fast." Helplessness was clearly evident in his voice, she muttered a quick yes and rushed off to pick geet from her hostel.

"Suno, you have your Bluetooth?"


"Talk to me while you are driving please."


"Meera, my brother! I have never seen him this weak and broken and it's not about the accident. You know he is... he is emotionally weak. I... I don't... don't know... never"

"Sshhh... shh it's ok its ok. He will be alright, he is a strong man dev and don't forget he wouldn't like to see you broken like this." She tried to soothe him, never in 5 years of marriage had she seen her husband this broken and helpless. He was someone who could keep cool in worst of situations and would encourage her for the same.

She drove fast to reach geet all the while murmuring assurance to dev, she knew what the matter was. She had an idea since the start but kept mum for the courtesy but the level of water has gone above the head now, and she was sure to take matters in her hand now.


In the small room, a girl was curled up in the corner, her eyes red, cheeks wet with tears, and nose blotched with distress. She was staring out of the window, it was dusk and few stars had appeared despite of the faint light before complete darkness engulfed the vast sky.

"Agar aisa hai geet, toh thik hai. Aaj k baad mai tumhe apni ye shakal nahi dikhaunga. Iska matlab tum ye mat samajhna ki I have given up on you, no, never. I am going to give you time, my lifetime. I will wait for you."

As his parting words kept ringing in her mind; she wondered if her life was also like that, and he was the star in the dusk of her life. No, he is the Sun, but she is not ready to cross the night of her life and embrace her sun. To be honest she is not brave enough, brave enough to reach out to happiness again knowing it cannot exist without some pain.


Meera entered into her room in hurry without knocking, only to find geet sitting by the window lost.

"Geet..." She spoke breathlessly.

Geet sensed the urgency in her voice and quickly wiped her face with her hands and turned to face her.

"Meera tum..."

But meera cut her,

"What is going between you and maan?" she asked straight, not waiting to exchange pleasantries.

"I didn't get you."

"geet don't try to pretend damn it I know, I know there was something but I left you to figure out on your own, but not anymore when you are..."

She stopped as geet showed her hand, she knew she had to do this; crush it at the budding. Though she wasn't sure if it's not already late.

"Meera, if you are here to champion the cause of your beloved devar, then let me tell you I am not interested. Just tell him that to stop bothering me with constant proposals, my answer is a No! And try to make him understand that it is for his own good, if you can."

Geet snapped at her sister, not bothering to hear the reason she was here for. She was already low on the previous incidents of the day; she can't believe the nerve of this man. He knows, he knows that she cannot say a NO to meera or savitri aunty, they have done a lot for her, they stood by her when no one did; that's why he'd sent meera to convince her, that was such a cowardly act coming from Captain Maan Singh Khurrana, Indian Army.


Meera froze at her spot seeing her sensitive sister speak so harshly for the first time, and she thought... she thought geet loved maan too, how can she be wrong? But now was not the time to argue on this, first priority was to take geet to maan. She summoned all the strength in her body and spoke calmly.

"I think you can him tell all that yourself, just make it a little fast so that you can reach him before he dies."

Like earth stopped spinning, there was no land under her feet. She was floating in air blank unthinkable. Just 2 hours, 2 hours before he was here; prophesying his love to her, literally begging her to take him and now, now he is fighting to be alive... All the air left her body, and she fell down, fell down crying, broken.

"Geet..." meera rushed to her side immediately, mentally she was relieved. She knew that geet was putting up a fake fight and knows the reason behind that too; the bitter words she spoke already forgotten.

"meera... meera... Maan. kya...hua maan...ko?" she was speaking and crying at the same time, making no sense at all. Meera rushed to get some water and helped her drink. The chillness of water cleared the numbness that had clouded her mind, geet got up immediately and started to run to door; not bothering to lock the door, or the fact that she didn't had her dupatta on. Meera followed her taking her dupatta and locking the door behind.

"Geet... geet ruko..."



Geet opened the door and rushed inside the hospital as soon as the car pulled up in the portico. She had no sense of anything, the only thought ringing in her mind to see him, see him just once and make sure she has not lost her only love.

"Maan... Maan Singh Khurrana" she asked the receptionist breathlessly who looked up at her disapprovement clearly evident on her face.

"And you are?" she asked arching her brow, making geet more restless.

Just then meera held her hand and dragged her, "he's in the 3rd floor ICU." She also told her to calm down and that doctors have managed to get him unconscious and started operating. Only if that could reduce her agony, it only increased every second, her mind relentlessly muttering prayers of his wellbeing.

"Meera, Geet." Dev ran towards them as soon as they reached the corridor. Without any preamble he held geet's hand and stared tugged her to maan's room with fast strides.

"Thank god geet tum aa gayi, tum chalo jaldi maan tumhe bula raha hai."

"Jiju... jiju I am sorry. Maan ka operation ho gaya? Kaise hai wo?"

She continued firing questions but dev was in his own world.

"ab maan ko hosh aa jayega, he was looking out for you only." He kept muttering and they reached his room. He was almost about to barge when a nurse came out and asked them to wait as nobody is allowed inside during the operation. Dev was adamant; he started to argue with the nurse.

"Dev ye aap kya kar rahe hai?" meera came to rescue immediately and told the nurse she would manage.

"aap chahte hai na ki maan jaldi thik ho jaye?" she coaxed him and made him sit by the side. They waited for news.

They waited anxiously for half an hour or so, when a doctor came out of the operation theatre. All three rushed to the doctor to take report.

"We have tried out best, but he slipped to coma at the end. We don't know when he will wake up, it may be a day, a week, a month... or..."

A gasp escaped from deep her throat and her and flew to her mouth, she couldn't even mutter courage to look at the eyes of dev and meera, she ran, ran away from there, away from her present, her sufferings, yes it was hers, whatever was his was hers, be it pain.




She was sitting by the pillar at temple, she chose this one of all as it was farthest from the idol. She hadn't come in here to pray. She had long ago lost her hopes on that. She was here to escape, escape from the ruthlessness of her fate. Yet she had accepted it, tried to live with it, swallow the bitter truth down her throat and start a new journey. But it seemed not enough, not enough suffering for a lifetime that she has already lost her love, her life once; again she was at the same step, like a maze.

And like a slideshow it came back, reeling her mind and she started to relive those days, days of struggle, but happiness.


It was difficult initially being a widow at 24, abandoned by her supposed families, suffocating even to live in the same place with nothing to call her own, material or otherwise. That's when she decided to move out and reached here, Mumbai - the city of dreams.


In the city of dreams, but without a penny. Her savings only lasted a week, and after that, managing 2 meals a day seemed the most difficult task of the day. Yet she survived, malnourished even, but survived. Until that one day, when she ran into Meera, who would have thought she'd be able to find her long lost cousin in this big city without an address - probably the fate did.


Life after that was almost magical, she thought. As she couldn't even imagine these strangers - her sisters' in-laws to support her when the people she called her own had turned their backs. She successfully managed to acquire a part time job in a library, and started her higher studies funded by dev, on her condition that she would repay him when she'd be employed.


Days were quite peaceful, morning she would make breakfast for everyone - dev, meera, savitri aunty, sad that dev had lost his father few years back in an accident. Then she would leave for her college, it was shaping up well, evening was mostly taken up in library arranging books and also reading them - she loved it. Then at night she would help ladies with dinner. By the time she would be off to bed, she would be so tired that any thoughts hardly disturbed. The days went on turning into a year, until he came in as a storm.


It was another normal morning, she thought when she woke up; but was rudely proved wrong when she came out of her room and found everyone running on toes, while savitri aunty was barking orders. She got ready in record time and met up with meera, asking her what the matter was.

"Yaar, puchh mat, mom is on fire today." Meera replied as she hurried to place pan on the stove replacing the cooker.

"but what is the occasion? Aaj toh koi festival bhi nahi hai."

"its way bigger than festival, aaj mom ka maan jo aa raha hai, wo bhi 5 saal k baad."

"Maan? but I thought jiju was single child. Here let me help you with the sweet"

"Oh yes! Maan is mom's sisters' son, they died early in a plane crash, maan was just 12 then. And since they didn't have any close living relatives mom and dad were declared legal guardians in the will." She added ghee to the flour on the pan stirring it to make halwa.

"Will! Whoa, sounds like some Richie-rich" geet registered her surprise.

"Richie-rich... hm how can you guess that? Well maan is the heir of the Khurrana clan, the owners of khurrana groups. But he prefers it this way keeping low profile, hasn't once set a foot in his own office. Very down to earth and self-made man. Dev told me there was a huge scene when he said he wants to join NDA, mom made earth meet heaven, but he was adamant, he convinced her. In fact, dev thinks he can convince anyone for anything. And now he is a general in Indian Army already, big achievement at 28. I haven't met him yet, I would meet him today." She now added sugar to the mixture which had turned brown and asked geet to cut vegetables.


Deep in thoughts, while cutting the vegetables she was reeling with the praises of this mythical creature called maan. now  she would get to see him only at evening, though he arrives early, he has plans for the day and would be home by noon, while she would be home only in the evening. She sighed, mythical though he seems, but she would have really looked for such qualities in her life partner, sad not anymore, her chance was gone already.



Maan was lying on the hospital bed, eyes close body still. The only indication of his life was the beeps of the machine beside him.

Even in this state she ruled him, every beat of his heart taking her name, and every neuron in his sub-conscious brain was trying to recollect, her face, her smile, her reservations, her fear, her helplessness, or... just her.


He was transported to that day. He had just landed in Mumbai from Delhi and checked his calendar only to find an appointment from his old college's principal which he cannot cancel. "Damn it." He swore, as he was hell tired, all he wanted was to have awesomely cooked food by masi-ma and sleep while she gave him a nice head massage. He was strong man, but she had spoiled him beyond limits.


The meeting was very boring indeed, as the principal was just singing his praises which he was bored of hearing still he pretended to taker prisoners out of politeness. At the end it became clear, the purpose of this meeting was he wanted maan to confer degrees this year at convocation which was supposed to be held at June. But maan couldn't accept as he would be leading a mission at that time which is already scheduled, his first mission as general, after his recent promotion, but that's not the reason it is important; the more important fact is it's an anti-terrorist mission, which he has to lead alone with a small team, a great danger of life, but that's the reason he'd volunteered to take it, though he doesn't goes into the details just says he would love to, but he is helpless and takes a leave from the principal.


It is quite a walk from principal office to his car, and since he is coming to his college after so many years, the temptation to look around gets better of him and he decides to take a detour. Walking past the same corridors, many memories are evoked and there is a ridiculous smile on his face. Many girls turn back to look at him, some even tried to touch by pretending to trip, but he ignored all and moved to his favorite place, the college auditorium. He loved dance, drama, music at that time and would always take a part in all events. As he looked inside the auditorium, the lights were dim, and there were a group of students rehearsing - Romeo-Juliet - by the looks of it. "Wow..." he said and came inside to watch.

"Juliet... so what if we cannot live together, we will embrace the death together, come my darling..." said the boy playing Romeo and blinked at his stage-Juliet who was scowling at him, obviously he was over-smarting and didn't even say one word from the dialogue correct.

He was about to join the others who were already laughing, but he was gainfully distracted... Distracted by a girl... distracted by her.

"cut cut cut" she moved breezing past him and he could almost smell her scent in the air around for another 10 seconds and got lost in that when he was brought back rudely by her harsh voice. She was shouting at the Romeo.

"You stupid idiot, 100 times, 100 times I made you write the dialogues still you can recall a word, by now I have all your dialogues by-heart." She shouted at him, but he could only see a white angel, though her back faced him, but her voice was sweet enough to make his imaginations ru8n wild and conjure up her face in his mind.

"then you become the Romeo" said the guy casually, and he hear her gasp, then him cry out as she was holding his ears hard and twisting them.

"You think it's a matter of joke? The college reputation at stake..."

She started off with lecture, and maan heard all of it, all the time mentally praying for her to turn once so he could see her face. And next second as if his wish was granted.


Someone behind her called and she turned, "kya hai?" she snapped but all his other senses had gone to rest, only his eyes were alert not to miss even a single feature. She had a creamy white complexion, smooth cheeks... and half of her face was covered with her hairs, he waited with abated breath as her hand reached her hairs to remove them from his view. And the very next second, he felt like the earth had stopped spinning and he was floating in air with a ridiculous smile and he didn't know what's happening around until... Until she was there right in front of him bringing him back to planet earth waving her hands in front of him. He looked around only to find everyone staring at him with accusing eyes.

"Mai... mai wo... I.. I am an ex-student was just looking around."

He managed to articulate something finally and ran for his life before she decides to get him beaten by all the boys of college. But a smile, a ridiculous smile kept lingering in his lips throughout the day along with her name "Geet.." he shook his head at his own foolishness.

"Now I am here, to listen to all your complaints na. Pure 4 months chhutti le k aaya hu, abhi February hai, I have to go back only in June." he was cutely manaofying his sweet masi-ma on his knees, while she was putting up a big fight.

"Achha, toh aap nahi manogi toh mai chala jata hu... sadak me bhatakna padega, 2 din khana nahi milega, waise mai toh aapke hath ka khana khane hi aaya tha, ab hotel k khane se kaam chalana padega... shayad kismet me yahi hai.! masi maa kaan chhodo mera, dukhta hai."

"Aur karo drama..." She admonished him and he smiled big, got up and hugged her. Then he moved inside and hugged dev.

"Ho gaya tum dono ka natak khatam?" he slapped maan affectionately on his back. Next he moved to the woman beside dev.

"I am sure you are my lovely bhabhi. Masi toh aapki taareef karte nahi thakti, and finally I have someone to back-bitch about this idiot." He spoke cons irately and winked at her.


The dinner was fun, chatting, teasing each other and mostly maan was being bakra.

"Bas ab mujhe apni dusri bahu chahiye... samjhe tum." His masi-ma declared, and he for the first time smiled, a shy smile. Geet's face from morning skimmed in his mind's eye. "oohhh..." dev and meera squealed in delight.

"Arre haan, I forgot, geet kaha hai?" dev asked suddenly as it was late.

Maan caught only geet in his words, "shayad mere kaan baj rahe hai, yaha bhi geet." He shook his head as he murmured to himself.

"Oh! Mai toh bhul hi gait hi, she is helping siya - the girl on 5th floor, with a project, wo late aayegi."

"Oh, she has the spare key na?"

They all retired to bed at last.


Later at night, maan felt something was moving beside his bed, he opened his one eye slightly and saw a girl, petite, all dark suit, long hairs, moving around his room. He contemplated for few minutes, and then when she was at his arms reach, he suddenly held her hand and pulled hard, so that she landed on bed before him, he sat up at once and switched the side lamp on.

Her face glowed like moon in the dim light of lamp, her eyes wide, lips parted and hairs messed. He immediately kept his hand on her mouth as he sensed she was about to shout. Her eyes widened further, but locked with his, she stared at him in confusion, fear; while he stared her in amusement, admiration until... Until... "Aaa...aaah!" he shouted and rubbed his hands together in order to soothe the bite she had just given him; and geet, as soon as she found her mouth free she stared to shout... "chor... chor chor..." waking not only the whole house but the whole building.




She smiled at the recollection, they had a hard time convincing the neighbors that it was a misunderstanding.

Geet stood there with her head hung low, embarrassed like hell, from the morning or now, she knew not. She peeked at maan like a thief, only to find him smirking at her embarrassing herself further. Finally her misery came to end when savitri asked her to share her room until maan lived with them.

Next day she tried to avoid him at breakfast as much as she can, but he was hell bent on teasing her, now that wouldn't go well, would it? She gave him back his own taste, but stopped abruptly thinking she may offend savitri aunty but to her mortification all others were enjoying.


And in span of few days, it seemed like they knew each-other for years, he was fun to be around, not at all strict and disciplined military man. She had grown quite at ease with him, in fact they would often pull pranks together on dev-meera. But sometimes, when they were alone, together, quite, she felt he was looking at her. And his expressions ringed alarm bells in her mind, then she would avoid him for some days, he would again try to pull some pranks, being friendly, and the cycle went on.


But not for long, as her castle of dreams broke, broke at the moment he thought she could give him more. That day was etched in her memory, she would never forget it.

"Geet, I am not a person to beat around the bush" he'd said, and she knew immediately where this was heading. But wasn't sure if she was ready to hear all this. Her first experience with love, happiness was horrible, she didn't want to give herself a hope of happy life again. She was scared. She tried to stop him.

"No. Listen to me, listen to me first. I know you have a past. But aisa kaha likha hai ki people with bad past cannot think of a good future? Give your life a chance, yourself a chance; give me a chance to make you happy. Marry me."

Oh! It was so simple for him to say, she thought. And his sincerity burned a hole in her heart, off course she had started to feel something for him too, that was one of the distance to increase the distance between them apart from not to give him false hopes. But would it be right in her part to be selfish, and take him in her dark life? Does he not deserve better? Would it be right on her part to betray the people who gave her shelter? And what will people say if they come to know of ramifications of her fate, and it would affect him too.

Answers to all those questions she asked herself were no. A No. that would be her answer to him too.

"No! but why?"

"You deserve better."

That was her final word, after that she'd moved out of the house, shifted to a girl's hostel giving lame excuses. But he kept following her, and every time, every single time her answer was no. and then this happened, the accident. She gasped as an image of maan lying lifeless on the hospital bed came to her mind. This is what her decision has given him, a death sentence. Her NO is responsible for his struggle with death. She gasped again as the thought of losing him filled her with dread.

She stood up suddenly and ran, ran towards the hospital, she had to see him. See him now, and tell him that she was his, and he has to co0me back, come back to her. She barged into the room not caring about anything or anyone. She looked at his pale face, and kept looking for a while. Then she moved closer, closer to him and held his hand, held his hand as if to never let go. A drop of tear fell, and landed on his hand. She brought his hand to her lips and gave an affectionate kiss, she felt shy suddenly at her first display of affection. Then she bent down and murmured in his ears. "Come back to me. I am waiting for you."


It was 3 days now, and she hadn't left her side, how much everyone asked. She only moved for half an hour so that she can fresh up. She sat all day all night chatting with him about anything and everything. And seemed like it was working, the doctors said there was improvement, that he was fighting to come back to consciousness and they can make it faster with medicines. She was beyond happy now, because it meant he would wake up anytime and she has an inclining that it would be today.


"And once you come back, I will show you what it means to have a wife, a real angry one." She finished lecturing him 100th time about carelessness.

"So, it took this accident to make you say yes."

"Maan..." she had tears in her eyes seeing him wake up again. Seize the day, she thought, next moment she hugged him hard.

"Maan... I love you, never leave me."


They were engaged officially now, and contrary to all her fears, everyone in the family was happy with the alliance, and maan of all was in seventh heaven. He had recovered real fast with his love by his side.

"I have to go on a mission in June" he broke the news to everyone finally, it was still 15 days to go, but he knew it would take a lot of time to convince all the women in his life to let him go. And he was right.

"I want to get married before you go." Geet declared as they were alone in maan's room and she was the last person left to convince.

"Geet, no. only after I return."


"I don't have answer to this."

"Either you answer me, or we get married tomorrow."

"You stubborn woman" he let out a frustrated sigh. Then turned her so that her eyes locked with his.

"Look geet, the fact is, I don't know myself what danger I am going to see there or whether..."

"sshh.." she stopped him mid-sentence and hugged him hard. Her tears soaked his shirt and her smoothed her hairs trying to calm her.

"Do you really have to go?" she asked with last hope.


"Just don't die ok." She napped bluntly, and he was shocked for a moment but then smiled.

"I'll see what I can do to comply." He kissed her forehead and hugged her close to his heart.


Thanks Priya di for beautiful edit, I loved it.


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Epilogue 1&2

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Part 2

Time was passing like sand held in fist, but for her it had stopped. Stopped a year back when she'd heard the news of Maan missing. Her Maan, was able to complete the mission, he was successful, but he was lost, lost where nobody knew. Yes, he they didn't believe him to be dead, because his body was not found. But that was not the reason she believed him to be alive; she believed his words, he'd promised her that he'll come back, that he wouldn't die and they will have a life together. And dutifully she was waiting for him, as a wife would do, though they didn't marry yet in front of society but their hearts had accepted each-other as soul-mates.
She was lost again in thoughts, thinking about him, dreaming a golden future together. She had nothing to occupy her brain with at night, though she was back on her old routine, not giving her a single minute of day's rest, yet love does things to you - and she just can't sleep. And at these dark moments of night is the time when her fear returns. She is unable to keep up her optimistic side and those few hours of grief are inevitable.
She remembered the day clearly, the day that news changed her life again. It was just 2 months that Maan had left; everyone knew that it was a dangerous mission, but in front of her they showed as he'd gone to some normal trip. 3 of them would never leave her alone, either Meera or Savitri aunty would be there with her talking her out, Dev less so - he had his own work to take care of off course, but she suspected it was his plan. She had already shifted back, leaving her hostel as soon as their engagement happened, so that she could spend some time with him before he left. She was also about to complete her studies, it was final semester of her M.Com, and there was absolutely no news about Maan, neither from him or his workplace, nor in the media. Surely no news was good news' she tried to convince her heart with this mantra, it was her talisman.

And then suddenly one evening when they were sitting after dinner, Dev and Meera were fighting over TV remote, Savitri aunty was praying silently with her beads, and she was sitting there lost in her thoughts when suddenly Dev-Meera went silent, their fights stopped and their eyes glued to the TV. Suddenly she was brought back from her thoughts to hear the news article, and it only made her numb and cold.

She didn't know what to react, as the words that reached her brain made sense finally that the secret attack on the terrorists by the Indian Army had been successful, that they'd encountered 10 and caught 15 terrorists, but also in the process they have lost the soldiers. 3 are dead, some injured and some... missing. Then, she carefully looked at the list; relief flooded her system when she found his name was not in the list of dead soldiers; he is alive - her eyes kept watering though there was a smile on her lips. But the relief lasted momentarily as she heard Dev gasp, he's missing.' She didn't know what to think from that point. Random mutterings like the army is suspecting that the terrorists had an inkling of the attack and had called back up', the missing soldiers might be caught by the supporters of the terrorists' reached her ears but she was numb to all sounds. She couldn't fathom her loss and sat stock-still.
Nobody spoke for a couple of days. They were probably still smarting with the fact that there was an infinite wait ahead, clinging to the slightest of the hope that came as the relief that he wasn't already dead and it wasn't still ludicrous. But Geet, it seemed as if life and soul had left her, she was just breathing for the sake of it. And it didn't go unnoticed by other 3. But the fact remained that they couldn't muster courage to confront her; it seemed that there wasn't any soothing words that could make her feel any better. There was always a chance of making her more upset than she already was. Silence clouded which was once a happy home.

Meanwhile it was all over past repeating for Geet; she was going into shell this time. It was different last time, when she had the whole world against her to fight for her survival, while this time her whole world just crashed. She had no hope, nothing to look forward to. The little confidence she'd gained with Maan in her life started to fall. She was surrounded by her demons again.
She remembered clearly, how easily she was made responsible for the death of a person who was her husband. The murmurings behind her back, the snide remarks when she entered any room, and endless taunts. That "Mere bete ko kha gayi...", "iske pichhle janam k phute karam honge, jo bhari jawani me vidhwa ho gayi..." those words still haunted her in lonely cold nights. People refraining to talk to her, her touch was considered bad omen, not accepting water from her... "iske hath ka pani peene se achha mai pyasi mar jau..." one of the aunties had said, when she'd offered her water.

Now it was again happening to her, she was responsible for this also. Her bad fate, or her misdeeds of previous birth, or bad omen whatever it was, she was responsible for all the bad situations he's facing. That is why, that is why she was keeping her distance from him. She knew some time or the other her bad fate would affect him; that he would face the wrath that was her life. She wanted him to be happy, and she'd be content seeing him happy for far. That was love for her. Now, seeing him facing all hardships, all those moments of bliss only feel like a curse. Why? Oh why did she agree to him? Perhaps if she'd have kept away from his life then he'd be fine today, he'd not be lost, he'd be here with them, and happy.

Her depression only increased every day, seeing everyone else so worried for Maan. Savitri aunty looked like any other news and she'd have a coronary next. Meera was pregnant, and that level of stress was not advisable in this condition. While Dev, the toughest task for the day for him would be to get both of them eat something. Geet completely avoided every one; she couldn't even bear to face them. What if they blamed her for what was happening to Maan? What if they thought she wasn't any good enough for him? She was ready to lose her everything in exchange to see him back once. She'd even decided to go away from her, away from his life, after she had one glimpse of him fit and fine. And most of all she avoided Savitri aunty, she just cannot take a mother's wrath, she'd never get peace even in hell if she held her responsible for this.

Her life cycle was moving monotonously. She over-worked herself, be it college, or home, but made sure not to show her face to anyone at home, it had started to seem that she didn't even lived her anymore but Meera knew better because Geet wouldn't let her do any work, made her to take rest. The black eye-bags, her reducing weight, sad face, were enough to vouch how her days and night were being spent. But she never let anyone take notice, just brushed it off with a fake smile.
It wasn't until another 6 months and still they hadn't got any notice anymore news about Maan, and it seemed that people had already stopped looking. But she hadn't yet stopped hoping. She'd had just came running to her room crying silently so that nobody took notice that she'd hear. She'd heard the horrible truth that her life was, she knew it all along but it hurt more to hear from someone who doesn't care and see the ones who care listen through it silently. The neighboring aunty had just come to show some fake sympathy to Savitri aunty, and very cleverly made her point clear that had Maan not chosen Geet in his life, then he wouldn't be seeing this day today. He should know that a widow is a bad omen. Par aajkal k bachche bado ki baat kaha Maante hai, toh jhelo fir'. And also it was Savitri's fault that she gave shelter to that widow girl; koi dusre ki ghar ki aag se apna ghar jalata hai kya?' and then she was gone. Gone like she had come. But the people of this house wouldn't be same as they were before she so generously gave her words of wisdom.
She sobbed hard into the pillow trying to block all that rude sound of the society. She had to carry the burden of this to her grave, she knew. But she didn't want these good people to stain under this. She didn't even hear the sound of door opening as someone came and sat on her bed beside her bed. Then a hand came, caressing her head slowly and she stilled. She had not experienced this affection since a long time, she was stunned for a moment, and then the urge to cry intensified. She turned and hugged her hard and cried on her chest. She had got a mother at last. Words were not needed it seemed, her compassion was clearly evident in her gestures.

"Itni jaldi haar Maan gai meri beti? Abhi toh ladayi bahut lambi hai." She spoke soothingly to Geet, one hand caressing her head and other her back. "Mujhe... Mujhe laga..." She couldn't speak out what she was trying to, it felt so petty in front of the heart this woman possessed. "Shh... bas... kuchh kehne ki zarurat nahi hai, mujhe pata hai tumhe kya laga... aur isme tumhari galti nahi, mujhse hi kahi kami reh gayi, maaf kardo apni iss maa ko." Geet immediately stopped her shaking her head in no, her sobbing had stopped but tears continued to flow her eyes freely.

"Mummy maine uss moti aunty ko bahaga diya, aur gate bhi band kar diya." Meera entered the room just then, and declared her victory. She stopped seeing the emotional scene, while the other 2 gave her a watery smile before she joined them in the hug.
Days were passing better now, especially with the support of family for Geet. She had managed to get good grades in her exams now awaited her interview results. She spent most of her time with Savitri now; they supported each other and tried to make Meera rest as she was due anytime and quite cranky. Things had started to seem normal now as the arrival of baby brought the change of mood to their lives.

There was news to rejoice on again as Geet had successfully managed to find a job in Khurrana industries. She was elated; what if Maan was not there with her now, joining his family business gave her a feeling of connection to him. Though he hadn't ever himself worked there but his parents had. And she was sure their blessings would bring him back to her. Her hopes were high again.

A/N: oh... it seems we'll have more parts to this. After all, the track I have in mind hasn't yet started, though I have given a little hint if somebody wants to guess.
Update, a day early, now that's a first surely LOL

Edited by Sundari. - 23 April 2016 at 10:59am

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Part 3

The morning was unusually usual today. Right from the moment she woke up there was a vague thought plagued her mind. She was sure something big was going to happen and all it did was to scare her a bit more than last few seconds about his safety. Before she could dwell more on that thought, it was already time to make breakfast. She rushed to kitchen only to find Savitri aunty there - she hadn't yet been able to call her 'mother' despite her requests - but she'd promised herself to call her that after getting married to Maan... hmmm... Maan, he was never away from her thoughts, her mind and his name on her lips is omnipresent, just that she doesn't say it aloud; scared that she would push others around her in grief. Most people, who knew him have, in some part of their minds accepted that he is not coming back now - she know what they mean by that but are scared to say - but there are two persons who would never believe that; at least not until seeing an evidence and both of them are currently standing in the kitchen preparing world's best breakfast.

"Arre nahi, kya kar rahi ho, thoda ghee aur dalo Geet"

"Nahi aunty, aaj thoda kam rehne do, aap toh Meera k nakhre jaanti ho. Kam ghee hoga toh shayad woh ye kha le."

Savitri shook her head in exasperation and murmured... "ye aajkal k bachche bhi na, bas man marzi karte hai..."
Geet smiled at her helplessness. The new mom Meera was giving one hell of a time to her mother-in-law after her maternity period. But she was glad at one level; this gave her hardly any time to dwell on Maan and any news about him. Actually there was one, and that was the basic problem. Still they smiled for each other, being the anchor of other's emotions soothed their hearts which would otherwise not settle for anything less than Maan.
She rushed into the office building; she was late - courtesy Meera's tantrum on pickle. As she reached her floor, she was confused seeing a lot of activities going on around the usually calm office. On asking for the matter, she was informed that CEO had been kicked out overnight and today their new CEO will be taking charge. 

"to tell you the truth, he was no use. The company has suffered most los during his regime." said one of her colleague.

"Yeah, right you are. But I fervently hope that the new boss is nothing like him. I mean we need someone who is interested in increasing the shareholder's wealth." piqued the other.

"Off course he would be." said the third person who was only listening till now.

"And how'd you know that." ask the first one, interested.

"Oh My God! Don't you know who the new CEO is?" his mouth formed and o in surprise, and Geet shook her head on his way of creating suspense, but she hung on the conversation.

"Well, no we don't. Why don't you tell us if you are omniscient." snapped the second person, his voice clearly showing his exasperation mingled with curiosity.

"Oh well, you see the new CEO is also the major shareholder of the company. He's not satisfied with the performance of past CEO, so he's taking reins in his hand now. And what's more, we can hope all will be well..." and he was going on and on about it, about him. But Geet heard none of it; it was as if the air has refused to leave her lungs choking her with that acuteness which she couldn't fathom. 'It's him? Is it him? Dare I hope? But the owner could mean only him.' the first thought that came to her mind before she started calculations. 'Yes. Khurrana's owned 66% shares. But there is another major shareholder, the Mehra's are 21%, it couldn't be someone from the.' she was confused. Then she shrugged... 'Oh! I am being silly now, how can Maan come here; he hasn't set a foot here after his parents. And whenever he comes back, he will first go to his masi-ma, then come to me, not to this stupid company. I know my Maan.' she shook her head and turned walking away from the crowd to gossipers to her seat, there was an instant urge inside her to giggle at the ridiculousness of her momentary thought that Maan could have anything to do with the company.
Everyone were on their seats doing their works after the end of round one of gossip after being told off by a rather flustered manager who'd been made in-charge to welcome the new CEO. And then as if like a storm in a calm see a group of persons entered the main door with large strides, leading the charge was the man in black - Maan Singh Khurrana. Everyone stood up on their places, out of respect, it needn't be told; it came automatically with the aura that surrounded him. Every pair of eyes wide in admiration, mouths open in good-morning, voice laden with respect as he marched to his cabin with a group of trusted employees without a backward glance.
She stood their rooted on the spot as the time had stopped and refused to move ahead. She just kept gaping at his face, she was seeing him after so long, nothing had changes, but I need to make him shave first - she made a mental note. And then their eyes locked, there was all the love in the world reflected in hers, while his eyes - they flashed recognition and... just that. She was shocked, scarred - or to say terrified for the want of a better word. Her Maan, her love, he was back - but was he really back? The look on his face said otherwise, and the fact that his family - well supposed to be family - knows nothing about him, his whereabouts, but these company people do, itself indicates his choice. And then again, unexpectedly she smiled herself, smiled as she saw her world of dreams crashing at her feet. Oh! It was in her fate to have her dreams broken beyond repair.
Overwhelmed by the tide of emotions, she ran, ran to hide her vacant, crying eyes from the potential spectators. In the washroom, she washed her face vigorously to remove all traces of tears from her eyes and cheeks. She looked ghostly, but she didn't mind that, there were more pressing matters that needed her attention. She decided to face it for once and all, whatever it was, it was her fate and she had to get through this too - and all alone. But first things first, she dialed to Savitri, half of the time praying that she doesn't pick, because she had no explanations of what was happening. She was relied when the call wasn't answered, she took a deep breath and decided to leave a message that "Maan was back."
In her heart she knew that it was not the complete truth, but how can she become so uncompassionate to let a mother's heart break. And her consciousness painfully reminded her that Maan was being such a savage. She ignored everything her heart was trying to register in her system and marched past to meet the CEO.

"Excuse me. You can't go in."

Someone stopped her just as she was about to knock the door.

"I need to meet Maa... Mr. Khurrana." She corrected, reminding herself painfully of the distance he'd put between them.

"Sorry Ma'am, but we have been ordered not to let anyone in. Sir is busy."

"Look you are not understanding, I know him personally, tell him that geet has come, I am sure he will allow me in." there was certain urgency in her voice. Deep down she knew that he must have known she'd come behind him, and that's the reason he'd given explicit orders to not let anyone in. But the traitor heart refused to believe.

"Sorry ma'am. I am afraid I won't be able to help you."

"Look just call... once ok! If he still says to go, then I won't hassle you more." She made a last attempt, and the security guard though looked unsure, still decided to humor her.

As he made the call, she waited with abated breath listening to one sided conversation. It seemed that he was rudely told off, she lost all hopes.

"Sorry ma'am, but sir is indeed very busy. He said he will see you sometime later."

She left from there, giving the guard a weak smile. She was thoughtless now; all the logics and reasons had evaded her - making her life mystery. She applied for a half day, collected her bag and hailed the first bus back home. She needed time, some lone time to think through it. Maybe then, she'd be able to solve the mystery, the biggest bit of it was why was he hiding?'  she could understand if he doesn't want to be associated to her anymore - all he had to do is simply tell her. But no, he chose to hide, rather than to come clean, not quite expected from a man as brave as him. It was difficult to fathom, but much more difficult will be situation at home, she wasn't sure if Savitri aunty had got her message yet or not. With so many thoughts and no expectations, she covered her journey back home.

A/N: Hi all, it had been long so i decided to post a small part which i had half typed. it will also give u an insight as to what track I have in mind. Do tell me of you like it, or even if you think I am ruining it. I don't mind LOL

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hi pooja
this was written by u ...
its marvellous ..

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hi pooja
lovely story ..i am happy that u r writing part 2 of it ..
geet bad luck converted to good luck when maan entered her life ..widow at 24 shelost her happiness but by god grace maan came there to help her to shower his love on her ..she refused but as its god will maan met with an accident and geet realise how much wrong she was ..eventually all went well and now they r engage ..maan going on mission ...

thanks for story 
waiting for next part 

Edited by tabby999 - 18 April 2016 at 2:37am

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Simply superThumbs Up
Maan came out from coma
Maaneet engaged 
Hope Maan comes back fit n fine from his mission 
Eagerly waiting for the next part 

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preeti.1 IF-Rockerz

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very nice 

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Beautiful story. 
Geet has been hurt in life and does not trust her fate to give her happiness and when Maan proposes she fears that she is going to bring unhappiness in his life too. But Maan is Maan and is able convince her even if it is through his accident. 

Would love to read further. Please update. 

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