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Manan FF - Kaisi yeh Yaariyan season 3 Thread 1 - till chapter 63 (Page 77)

mishtii2z Groupbie

Joined: 26 July 2015
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Posted: 04 June 2016 at 11:21am | IP Logged
I cm across ur stry n rd it in a go... Its btfl...   Smile

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Aaska5 Groupbie

Joined: 07 April 2016
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Posted: 04 June 2016 at 11:25am | IP Logged
amazing update MaNan spent the whole night on skype cont soon ...

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Iqra1309 Senior Member

Joined: 18 August 2015
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Posted: 04 June 2016 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
awww so cute yaar
the way manik got panic
nandus sarcasm
maniks trying everything possible to cheer her up
nandu ka caught ya wala moment
manik ka dar Jana
and then Skype
it was so damn good
loving every bit of it
love this ff
1of my fav
I hope evrythng goes well
thanks for pm :*
take care
may God bless

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 December 2014
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Posted: 04 June 2016 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
So cute wala update,
aah love it.
Continue soon.

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shalini16gupta Senior Member

Joined: 01 December 2014
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Posted: 04 June 2016 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
Wow this so cute walla part.
Manan spending night together virtually n fighting each other demons together.
This was really beautiful chapter
Continue soon

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1_drop_of_rain Senior Member

Joined: 23 September 2012
Posts: 519

Posted: 04 June 2016 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Hi lovelies,

Another author note... please please don't be scared. Its all good news here. All's well in Manan land :). I couldnt reply to u guys in the past couple of days , partly because i didnt have time and partly because this website is so user unfriendly. So I came u with this option of having a consolidated reply post for all your comments :). Hope all of you will get your answers. 
Next update will be a a wee bit late ( a day perhaps). I have some assessments and course elated stuff to complete, which I have been postponing for a while. But stay tuned, I would be back faster than you can imagine. Love you all

@ Ananya_seth:You would know in due time all the whys and hows.. but one secret at a tym.

@ edward_twilight: Yes you are right, feelings are shifting, from nothing to something and now towards everything. I too hope Neel doesnt do anything that will jeopardise his own life :)

@ Sidhaarthi : Thank you for liking the update. Yes, its scary when she has a premonition, lets c what it is..n on the forum thing, i will let u know in a while.

@ Keeprak : Aww don't be scared, coz dar ke aage jeet hai

@ ac2000 : LOL.. Even the hyenas don;t deserve Neel... ROFL

@ Payal94: Thanks :)

@ Monstermanik: Yeah, I too wish ki he would have said. But he has come a long way from being a stranger to being a friend and then now to status unknown. He still has a long way to go. Lets c wat's destiny has n store for them.

@ Hafsaansari : Awww. I am glad u loved it. Thanks For following on Wattpad.

@ Rockstarlover: Thank you :)

@ vaanii078 : Aww, wish granted. This story is going to stay here in IF. Don't cry girl, I am here to bring smiles not tears :)

@ shoana : sry couldnt give a complete reply. I was flipping in and out of Zombie mode the whole day. LOL. Sometimes, I know whats coming up, sometimes I myself dont have a clue of what I am going to put in. The thing is you guys read it in continuation. I dont even get to read the previous few chapters because of less time. So even though the story is a continuation, when I write, I wite in discrete pieces and I am always scared that it shouldnt appear discontinuous. So sometimes, its not me, someone else writes through me, exactly the way Manik felt that someone was playing through his hands. I take inspiration from real life :)
N drati pe bojh...omg..I must make him more villainous only for the sake of getting more such blockbuster one liners from u guys..keep it coming

@ Roops14: Thank you so so much. When u wish too hard for something, the entire universe conspires to materialize it. all of us were missing KYY and so through me, God gave us a little piece of solace. And i was wishing too hard to make it as close to real as possible and so I got the most apt pics :)

@ Aashna_chawla : Thanks sweetheart for your lovely comment. I dont know whats cooking in Nandin's mind but if someone gave me a choice, i wouold cut that craphead Neel AKA VG in 10 equal slices and fed them to vultures :)
EVEn i loved the pictures yaar :) U might have to wait a wee bit longer for the next post. I have a module to complete + Assignments + exam in one day. I dont know how but i hope to turn into a superwoman tomrw. Job+studies+KYY... smetimes i forget who I actually am LOL

@ thamannamanan1: Hi my comment champ, i am just back from Zombieland, having woken up at 3 am the entire last week. But anything for Manan and u guys...
Nothing is wrong in Manan land. I just thought of being proactively safe rather than being sorry. I have a choice between readership and piracy.Not that I think too highly of myself and my work and am paranoid of anyone stealing it.
But after receiving so many pms, and reading comments where my readers are scared that they might not be able to read this story in future, I have decided, the craft should always b bigger than the creator. Everyone should have access to it and even if anyone does copy, its their karma. My focus should remain on how to spread happiness and how to write better. 
And thanks but no thanks for your as ever rocking comment.

@ mishtii2z: welcome mishtii,I hope , from a new reader, u would soon transform into a regular reader.

@ Aaska5 :Thank you so much

@ iqrashahab : Thank you love for your beautiful comment. Hope one day, it becomes you THE MOST FAVOURITE FF

@ jesse93 : Wink Wink Thank you :)

@ Shalini16gupta : Thank you so much dear :)

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shaan... IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 August 2015
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Posted: 05 June 2016 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
First of all a big SORRY for commenting late...
Now cumng 2 d update...it's amazing...
Manan's convo was awesome...
Luved it...
Thnx 4 d pm...
Plz continue soon...
Waiting eagerly...
Take care...
Stay blessed...

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1_drop_of_rain Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2016 at 9:17pm | IP Logged

Chapter 42


Manik was happy, a little too happy in fact. He would see her in just under three hours. It had only been a week since he had spent an entire night with her, and only two days to his sudden visit to Panchgani, yet it felt like forever. They spoke every day, sometimes through chats, sometimes over calls but when she was with him in person, when he could hear her sweet chirping voice, when he could read her eyes, when he could smell that lavender fragrance of her cascading hair, he felt strangely.. Complete.

He had taken special efforts in dressing up today, something he never did consciously. He had stayed a little longer in the shower today, soaking in the steaming hot water and adding an extra dash of his exquisite cologne after wards. He had ditched his usual casual attire for a suave formal look. If looks could kill, he would be declared a serial killer.


Why was he doing this? He wasn't trying to impress Nandini, was he? But then she wasn't one of those girls who swooned over his good looks, She had the rare quality of looking right past the embellished top layer to what lay at the core of a person. That's precisely why she was so special to him. Then why this?


If there was anything Manik had learnt in the past few days, it was to not seek answers in everything and everywhere. A lot of things that happen in the world, things that were happening to and around him were unexplainable and the best that he could do was to embrace them and go with the flow.


He picked his guitar up before leaving and grinned. 'Miss Tipsy, you got a surprise.'




Damn these people and their never ending drama. Manik shouldn't have represented his dad. He should have sneaked in like a commoner, like he had done on previous occasions. This whole chairmanship business was irritating at best. He had been here for 20 odd minutes now and forget meeting her, he couldn't even manage to catch a single glimpse of her. How could he, when he was surrounded by some 50 odd people, almost all of them double his age, trying to spoil him silly with VVIP treatment. You couldn't blame them either. For one, he was the chairperson's representative and then he was he, THE Manik Malhotra, the new age pied piper.


He excused himself on the pretext of going to the restroom and ran straight to where he thought Nandini would be.


 And there she was, doing last minute touch- ups to her students. In that pristine white, traditional long skirt of hers, she looked like an angel, untouched by any sorrow, any negativity whatsoever. Her simplicity was her most precious adornment.

So he wasn't the only one who was all dressed up. He had worthy company here. 'She has a performance to dress for, dumbo. Now shut up and get lost' he rebuked his heart, which for a moment presumed she was waiting for him as eagerly as he for her. He tiptoed from behind and was just about to wish her when our over exited champ Chiraag greeted him.


"Boyfriend bhaiya!!!"


Manik looked up at Chiraag and Nandini at Manik. "Yup champ, tujhse hi to milne aaya tha. All set?"


"Best of luck nahi wish karoge?"


Manik went up to Chiraag and lifted him in his arms. "Yeah, best of luck to you and to all the kids here" He remarked staring at Nandini.


The punch didn't go unnoticed. He had called her a kid and wished her too, typical Manik!


"Nandi di ko wish nahi karoge?"


"Oh yeah, I totally forgot." Manik put him down, moved forward and extended his hand to Nandini who shyly slipped hers in him. "Best of luck Nandu" He wished her, as much with his words as with his touch. Even that little of a contact too could send sparks flying.


"Thank you" Nandini blushed.


"Mr. Malhotra, aap yahan, who sab aapko dhund rahe hain inaugration ke liye" they had followed him here too? He stole one last glance at her before leaving reluctantly.




The ground was chock a bloc with people...students, parents and teachers. Though Nandini's school had been chosen to host this year's annual meet, it had a participation from 12 other schools. From Sanjivani, there would be only two performances, Nandini's being one.


Manik was made to sit in the VVIP zone in the very first row after having inaugurated the event. They had handed over the event pamphlet to all the honourary guests and Manik leafed through it to find Nandini's performance at the 7th number. One by one, the children came and performed while Manik waited with bated breath for his shining star. But when the fourth performance started, Manik was perplexed.


A group of girls started performing on the song "I love my India", the very song Nandini's troupe was stated to perform on. What the hell was going on? How could another school pick the same song and more importantly, now what? So Nandini's premonition wasn't wrong after all. This was as bad as it could get. Either they would be straightaway disqualified, which was still better, or they would be put to shame by being called on the stage in front of thousands of people and made to sing the same song. This could have serious implications on Nandini, especially as she wasn't in the good books of her principal. Manik got up and dashed towards the green room, completely ignoring the puzzled glances and calls from the organizing committee members.


Nandini didn't know how to react. The kids in her troupe were confused as hell too. They were tugging at her dress, wanting to know what was happening here but Nandini stood like a white statue, completely stiff and totally blank. One whole month of back breaking hard work had come to this. She knew she would be penalized, perhaps even dismissed from her job, given the eccentric nature of her principal. But that wasn't what broke her heart. How would she face these tiny faces who had pinned so much hope on this day, how would she face their parents who had come from faraway places to cheer for their children. How did it happen, when she had submitted the song details more than a fortnight ago?

She had told Manik, she wasn't feeling good about this and she had been right. Nothing and no one could salvage the situation now. Nandini murthy was soon going to be a disgraced teacher in front of her beloved students.


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