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Manan FF - Kaisi yeh Yaariyan season 3 Thread 1 - till chapter 63

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HeartHeartHeartIts been a month that I chanced upon the magical world of Manik and Nandini. It's such a pity that the personal equations between the cast turned so sour that an epic story of love and friendship had to untimely die out. However, I feel they (Manik and Nandini) are not done yet...not at least the way the creatives deemed fit. Their magic inspires me to write, to weave my own story around them.

So here I begin, not exactly knowing where I am heading...but I believe as destiny brought them together, it will guide me to take them where they truly belong. I hope some of you will come aboard and be a part of this journey.

 The story starts 3 years after the last day of KYY season 2. The day they threw a new years party and disclosed to FAB 5 that Manik and Nandini are going to denmark for treatment.

Just like petrol fuels a car, feedback fuels a writer. Good or bad, as long as your criticism is constructive, it will help me better my stories. The more comments/likes you leave, the faster I shall be propelled to update. Show m some love guys :)

You can read this FF on wattpad too: https://www.wattpad.com/story/72055475-manan-ff-kaisi-yeh-yaariyan-season-3

The Credits for all art work and videos lie with their original creators.

If you want me to PM you the updated chapters, please add me as a buddy.

 credits: Keziah Guha

Chapter 1 Smile

Chapter 2 Embarrassed 

Chapter 3 Disapprove

Chapter 4 Thumbs Up

Chapter 5 Hug

Chapter 6 Heart

Chapter 7 Cry

Chapter 8 Broken Heart

Chapter 9 D'oh

Chapter 10 Angry

Chapter11 StarHeart

Chapter 12Broken Heart

Chapter13 HeartHeartHeart

Chapter14 HeartHeartHeart

Chapter 15 Cool

Chapter 16 Evil Smile

Chapter 17 Approve

Chapter 18 Wacko

Chapter 19 HeartHeart

Chapter20  Angry

Chapter 21 QuestionHeart

Chapter 22 Shocked

chapter23 Big smile

Chapter 24 HeartHeart

Chapter 25 HeartHeartHeart

Chapter 26 Ouch

Chapter 27 Ouch

Chapter 28 CryHeart

Chapter 29 Disapprove

Chapter 30 Cry

Chapter 31 Cry

Chapter 32 LOL

Chapter 33 Dead

Chapter 34 Star

Chapter 35 HeartHeartHeart

Chapter 36 DeadOuchDead

Chapter 37 Wink

Chapter 38 Star

Chapter 39 Thumbs Up

Chapter 40 Confused

Chapter 41 Heart

Chapter 42 Geek

Chapter 43 Clap

Chapter 44 HeartHeart

Chapter 45 Clap

Chapter 46 WinkCry

Chapter 47 Broken Heart - republished

Chapter 48  Star

Chapter 49 Cool

Chapters 50 & 51!!!!!! Heart

Chapter 52 Shocked

Chapter 53 ClownAngry

Chapter 54 UnhappyDay Dreaming

Chapter 55 Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart

Chapter 56 HeartHeartHeart

Chapter 57 Thumbs Up

Chapter 58 Tongue

Chapter 59 Angry

Chapter 60 HeartHeartHeart

Chapter 61 Evil Smile

Chapter 62 Unhappy

Chapter 63 LOL

Thread 2 StarThumbs UpHugDancingHeart

New SS - Silence Speaks HeartBig smileHug

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Chapter 1

Zurich international airport


He splashed water on his face.


"Who is he?" Manik wondered as he stared at his own reflection in the mirror. A tall muscular frame, broad shoulders, a handsome face, soft black hair, brushing off the forehead, and deep hollow eyes!! That's where he always stopped. That's where all his questions always met a dead end.

People say, the way to someone's soul is through their eyes. But his betrayed him every time he wanted to go further. That's why he hated the mirror so much. It made him feel small, like a leaf tossed by the wind, aimless and rootless. Where did he come from? Where was he f**king heading to? WHO the hell was he?

He clenched his fist. Anger was the only emotion remotely familiar to him and every time he lost his way, he clung on to it. The world thought he was a monster, only he knew it was the only mask that could hide a totally messed up self that now remained of him.


He was just about to bang his fist on the exquisite marble counter when it started ringing. Instinctively his eyes fell on the cell phone lying abandoned across the counter top. A face flashed on the screen. He froze, his fist still tightly clenched, hung somewhere in midair.


He was not one to probe into other's personal belongings. In fact he hardly cared for anything that went about around him. But this face, of a young girl that flashed on the screen transfixed him. It rang for full 40 seconds and then the screen went black. Manik was shaken out of the trance. He bent over to take a closer look, hoping that whoever had rung would ring again. One, two, three, the clock ticked and the phone started ringing again..in a flash of a second, Manik grabbed the phone. That same young girl smiled..N A N D I N I...he managed to read the name when someone patted on his shoulder and the phone leapt off his hand.

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Chapter 2

Manik bent forward to catch the phone in time before it crashed onto the floor.


"Holy Shit!!!" a voice came from behind.


Manik turned around...the phone now secure in his grip. The second ring too had gone silent.


"You almost caused me a heart attack dude!! That would have cost me 700 Swiss francs. But thank heavens its ok." The guy mumbled.


"Don't worry, I had it covered" Manik handed over the brand new Iphone 6s to the guy.


"But you didn't tell me why exactly were you fiddling with my phone?"


"Uh it was lying here and then someone called.." Manik was trying to put together a convincing justification. He knew he didn't have one. It was quite embarrassing to have been caught peeping into someone's mobile almost on the verge of spilling it.


"Chill dude, Neel here." The guy extended his hand.


"Manik. Glad to meet you." Manik shook his hand.


The phone started ringing again. This time Neel picked up "Hi sweetheart" and gesturing a bye towards Manik he casually walked out of the washroom.


Manik stood there for a while, trying to recall the image.. An innocent smiling face, chubby cheeks and beautiful doe eyes half covered with long silken hair. He could visualize her face with the minutest of detail. For a man who had forgotten the entire 23 years of his life, this was a refreshing change. Talking about remembering things... 'Oh crap!! My flight" how could he forget he had a flight to catch for which boarding had started a good 20 minutes ago. He dashed out    towards terminal 23.


He heard his name being called..

"This is the final boarding call for passengers Manik Malhotra and Fred Collins booked on Swiss air flight 154 to Mumbai. Pease proceed to gate 3 immediately. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes time. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Manik Malhotra and Fred Collins. Thank you."


He broke into a run now.


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Chapter 3

Monday, April 18, 2016


He was still a little breathless from the run when he found his seat. As he tucked his backpack in the cabin closet, he felt jitters all over. Finally huh, he thought. Finally he was free. His ordeal of three years across 2 countries through hospitals and rehabs had come to an end. He had lost count of how many doctors he had encountered in these three years. He was so done with the 'doctor' species, even the mention made him wanna throw up. So ideally Manik should have celebrated this hard found freedom and his return to India.

Instead all he felt was knots deep down his stomach. This place he was going to, Mumbai to be precise is what his father told him was his home. It was where he was born, and raised, his father had told him. It was also where he must have gone to school, made friends, had his first crush, laughed, cried, fallen in love... He could only presume for his memory was like a black hole..it consumed everything that went inside.

On one particularly gloomy day, when he had been wailing inconsolably like a little child, in a weak moment his father had confessed how he too had missed out on Manik's growing up years. Even though he loved Manik dearly, he had been busy building an empire in Pune when he should have been right there with him in Mumbai. Strangely, it was only his dad he saw on and off in these last three years.

Ofcourse his mother was alive, but his father always remained silent on that one aspect. Even in his condition, Manik could guess he had a screwed up family. Perhaps that's where he got his mean nature from.

So now he wasn't sure if he should be happy or sad to go back to Mumbai. He just hoped he had some tangible memorabilia at home, pictures, gifts,journals.. Anything that would help him piece together his life from three years ago.

As he made his way to the window seat, his eyes fell on his neighbor. Who else but Neel .. Manik felt an unexplained streak of relief.


"Hey Neel.." he greeted Neel as he settled down next to the window.

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Chapter 4

Friday, April 22, 2016


Neel: "Oh hello!!! Manik, So you ended up here."


Manik grinned as he settled into his seat next to the window.


Neel: "Heading for Mumbai are you?"


Manik : "Yeah. N you?"


Neel: "Oh yes man, I am getting engaged coming Saturday. I would be back in a couple of weeks though. I am a senior business analyst for the credit Suisse  and you know how it is with these banks. They pay you but then they make you work like shit...oh by the way..I am getting engaged to Nanadini..the girl who was calling when you picked up my phone."


Manik was lost in his thoughts."N..a..n..d..i..n..i" he uttered absentmindedly.


Neel: "Ain't she hot? What do you think?"


Manik felt restless and he couldn't explain to himself why. "Yes she is beautiful..but why are you asking me?"


Neel: "Oh touchy n all, chill dude.. Just a guy thing. You know what I learnt in IIMs. Its good to validate the worth of your asset from time to time... and that includes women. A woman should be desirable, she should make your friends go green with envy." he broke into a laugh as he finished.


Manik wasn't finding it funny. He sighed and looked out as the plane prepared for takeoff.


Neel : "What about you? Are you a model or something...you got some body man!"


Manik: "No. Have you heard of the Malhotra group of companies?"


Neel: "Oh well who hasn't? It's a bloody empire but why? Oh wait... You are a Malhotra too.. Are you linked anyway?"


Manik: "That's my dad's company."


Neel: "Holy shit!! You mean you are The Malhotra. It must be my lucky day today. Very glad to  meet you Mr. Malhotra." He held out his hand for another round of handshake.


Manik: "Manik...that's how I am known."

Manik was getting irritated now. As always, he had zero tolerance for showoffs and perhaps Neel got the cue, for he tried his best to sound like a perfect gentleman for the rest of the flight. Only every once in while he would slip, sometimes flaunting his education sometimes his job profile.


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Chapter 5

Friday, April 22, 2016


It was a long flight from Zurich to Mumbai. Thankfully he had Neel's company. Not that he enjoyed talking to him, in fact Neel sounded pretty retarded at first. But talking kept him busy and distracted. ...Distracted from the million odd thoughts that crowded his head. How would life be in Mumbai? Would going back to the city and the home he grew in, have any impact on his memory? Will he be able to piece together the scattered bits from his past?

What about friends and family? Well as far as family was concerned, he knew he had a dysfunctional one. His dad was forever busy and he had no clue about his mom. He knew they were rich, like filthy rich but money was all they had. Why else would a guy of 23, have to travel alone to India after undergoing treatment for 3 years. But he wondered if he was equally unlucky in friendship. Did he have friends, if yes then why hadn't they checked on him in the last 3 years. Did he have a girlfriend? A beautiful tall sexy girl..or someone cute like..like Nandini..


Something was not feeling right. Ever since he had seen her face, he just couldn't get her out of his head. It was not her prettiness, for he had seen way too many hot girls in Europe and never felt a thing more than pure physical attraction for them, but here, now that girl Nandini unsettled him. It is hard to describe in words, but if one had to.. He felt like he was on a platform chasing a speeding train.


Too much stress was not good for him, the doctors had categorically warned him. He plugged in his earbuds and closed his eyes. These lines flowed in..slowly calming his nerves and putting him to sleep.


Pehle kyun na mile hum

Tanha hi kyun jale hum

Milke muqammal hue hain

Yaa thhe tanha bhale hum

Saware.. saware.. saware..


Na humaara hua na tumhara huaa

Ishq ka ye sitam na gawara hua (x2)


Pal pal ginke guzara

Maano karza utaara

Tum se munaasib huaa hai

Phir se jeena humaara



Na humaara hua, na tumhara hua

Ishq ka ye sitam na gawara hua


Dhalti raat ka ik musaafir

Subah alvida keh chala

Jeete jee tera ho saka na

Marke haq adaa kar chalaa

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Chapter 6

Friday, April 22, 2016


Manik was expecting someone to receive him but he couldn't locate any one carrying a placard with his name.


"Like seriously dad didn't send a car. How could he forget that my flight is supposed to land now. This is height of carelessness. f**k!!" he thought aloud while walking towards the exit of the International Airport -Arrivals.


Neel, who was walking just behind him, heard him vent out. This was a perfect chance for him to establish a friendship with Manik. Neel was clever, he played his cards carefully. He wouldn't miss a chance in hell of befriending someone like Manik Malhotra, the heir to the Malhotra Group of companies. Who knew when this connection could come handy.

Connections was all he made, and one of these very connections had landed him such a plush job at a rather young age of 26. In fact, his entire life was like a strategic game, and he was a pro.. At being at the right place at the right time. That's how he had come so far, that's how he had gotten into the IIMs and that's exactly how he had landed a girl/ girlfriend/ to-be fiancee like Nandini.

"Hey Manik, I can drop you man. Just tell me your address." He placed a hand on Manik's shoulder


Manik: "Oh thanks but I would take a cab. Please don't bother."


Neel: "C'mmon dude, u don't need to be that formal. Its so early in themorning. My driver is here and you have so much of luggage. Just tell me where and I will drop you."


Manik relented and shared the address. He was still fuming inside. His dad better made it up to him for this mess up.


As they settled in the backseat of Neel's car, Neel asked gently " My girlfriend's place is on the way, would you mind if I just dropped this gift. You know girls, how impatient they are when it comes to gifts. Just five minutes I swear."


Manik nodded disinterestedly.


The car zoomed past the traffic signals and took an exit towards a seemingly middleclass locality. The roads were rather empty. The sun hadn't even fully risen and there was still a hint of coolness in the air. Manik tried to absorb the sight and the smells. This was his city yet he felt like a total stranger. The car stopped in front of a small two storied house. Neel excused himself, got off the car and walked across towards the house. Manik stayed back.


This place, this house, it felt so familiar and yet Manik couldn't place it anywhere. His eyes fell on the window on the second floor and something moved inside him. He could hear his heart thud in his chest, an unease flowing fast through his veins. He couldn't sit there for long, he had to step out of the car.


He took a succession of deep breaths. This however, wasn't working, he wasn't being able to calm his nerves and right then at that moment he saw the same face on the window. He saw her..Nandini. He was transfixed, just like he was when he had seen her face for the first time blinking on Neel's mobile screen.

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its amazing...
beautifully portrait ed ,,,,

but nandu is engaged y

plz update soon

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