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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Episode Discussion 29 (Page 64)

shindesweety Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 8:58am | IP Logged

this cracked me upROFLROFLROFL

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shindesweety Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 9:00am | IP Logged

cabini are cuteBig smile

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Okay this is like the fourth/fifth time I've sat down to try and watch itPinchD'ohROFL
And my review has been deleted twice lool. Why am I finding it so hard to finish watching this episode?AngryROFL

Episode 32 - When the Monster meets the Queen err sorry Drama Queen!

He punches the shelf. Ouch

Awww poor Manik baba, he is hurting inside because he has been misunderstood. Being accused of something that he didn't do is frustrating him. The fact that even his friends assumed the worst of him is not helping either. Monster Manik only wants to be known for the monstrous acts he has done and definitely not something like this which even he finds beneath him - though I would say he did some pretty harsh stuff to others. 

Funny how a cloth happens to be in the room lol. 
The hand journey officially started today. Nandu's true love, Manik's hand!WinkLOL She touched his arm in the egg incident but the hand game is the end gameLOL.

He is resisting her help but we all know she is stubborn as well and goes ahead to bandage his hand. While playing hand games with both their other hands lol. 

Made these: 

Love the song Sham from Aisha, didn't expect that song to be played. Not a typical song at all. They did a good job at selecting songs in the beginning. Star

And then the Monster calms down because of her touch.Embarrassed She is still teary so the big bad monster is looking for tissue to clean her tears. Embarrassed Despite his hand hurting he tears the cloth and gives it to her.Embarrassed
Her mota mota aansoo, Niti is one of those very few people who can look cute/pretty while crying. Her chubby cheeks can just about make anyone melt. LOL

"Wipe it"

Sham hogaye literally lol, power out!

Navya drama, but at least she as smart enough to not blurt out Nandu and realised that Nandu isn't there. She wasn't dumb so why did CVs have to spoil her. 

And the Big Bad Monster starts getting tensed. Aww poor baby. I love with the way he starts getting restless and calls out her name, Nandini. She is confused as to why he is calling her. 

"Say something" "Main kya bolu, is your top floor okay?LOL You want me to talk, you don't even like tumhe meri awaz bhi nahi pasand" LOL

"This darkness, I hate this darkness. It kills everything around. Aur yeh sab hua us raat ke karein" - The boy is slowly revealing his inner most fears. 
"I love fireflies" - haii the first time she mentions it to him. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Zaada bol diya na, sorry" Their faces awww. 

Alya worrying about Manik. 

What's with Harshad acting all shocked lol when Navya mentions that Nandu's chachi called that Nandu isn't back. LOL waise he was maaze se at home, was he planning to leave them there overnight? Ermm
Navya at this time at least acknowledges the stuff Nandu has done for her.  

Nandu realises his fear is very real. She gets up and leaves and he starts panicking. Thank you CVs for showing a real fear within the ML, for showing him to have his weaknesses, to not be the cliched manly man. Manik is strong, he is a man but like any normal human being he has his fears. Not some random half-baked thing at all. 

I LOVE it when he says Nandini. Embarrassed

Nandu is his saviour, she lightens up his life. Clap Thank you CVs for showing the FL taking initiative and building a fire. What cliches, Ky2 always flipped them. Star The slight smile on his face when the room lightens up, aww baba. Big smileBig smile

"I got 100 in science, so making use of it"LOL I like how she was proud of herself and he found out something else about her. LOL Her laugh was so cute. 

Haha Manik baba knows some science facts too lol, banda hai to Monster so he can't let her get away with flaunting her knowledge. 

"Waise, Monster Manik se I don't expect a thank you" LOL

"Ab darr tou nahi lag raha?"

"Darr! Darr kisko lagta hai" LOLLOL The first Darr is said so strongly but then he becomes a bit meek because it's the truth at least he doesn't go all typical male lol and pull her to the side. 

"Hatred for darkness"

LOL the way she was smiling at him and he looks at her. 

"It's sweet"
"what's sweet?"
"the vulnerable side, jo tum kisko bhi nahi dekha te"LOLLOL She always reads him correctly. 

And then You know she likes the drama, yeah she a sexy mama!LOLLOLLOL

Rat ji ke entry. LOLLOL

And this is what I love about the show it always showed them to be equal, his fear was shown and how she helped him and then her fear was shown and he helped her. 

Niti was hilarious. 

Adaayein badi funky 
Kare hai nautanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai
Ho badi-badi aankhein hain aansuon ki tanki
Ye chhori badi drama queen hai 

The lyrics match Nandu so well lol. Big eyes and tears always at the ready to flow. LOL
The way he lifts her up. ROFLROFLROFL Like a baby, and man does he hold her up high. Parth sure is strong lol. LOL They took away any cheesy romantic feels from a lift lol. Love that!

Once the drama queen is out of the way, the monster can finally deal with the rat. LOLLOL

"Nandini, nandini ek chua se darr gayi" LOLLOL And Manik is back. LOL

"Waise you can ask for help?" EmbarrassedLOL
"Ab tum giro ge to meri problem banogi"Embarrassed


THE FREAKING EYELOCK!!!!!!EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

His freaking JAWLINE. Parth looks so hot here. Embarrassed I like his outfit in this episode. LOL

Then they get interrupted LOL Harshad is so pleased with himself while Alya is so pissed lol. 
He is so disorientated, and his eyes are only for Nandini. 


My favourite scene has to be when the Monster mask slowly starts to fade, it doesn't fade all the way but just enough to tell us that it is a mask and there is someone underneath that is much more human than he tries to show. 


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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Nili-

Originally posted by noor321

Originally posted by shindesweety



LOL this interview was pure awkwardness but the part where he takes the mithai and doesn't even share it is hilarious lol. The guy is so into it and he has to be told to say bye lol that is how into the mithai he was. He looks so lost when he is saying bye ahahaha. And he goes right back into it ROFLROFL.

Who said they don't laugh?


ROFL that GIF ROFL look at the way he's doing bye with the mithai in his handROFL it's hilarious and adorable at the same time.cutieeEmbarrassed

@the PaNi laughing GIF , i remember Niti mentioning how they end up laughing during scenes and it's her who starts first and Parth follows lol. don't remember which iv thoughErmm

So so adorable, @bold LMAO!!! The whole image of him waving with mithai omg is just too funny. He is in a whole other worldLOL. I've never seen anyone this into their food, especially not actors lol and the ones that go around saying they are foodies you never see them eating but Parth is an exception lol. The guy worships food lol. I still can't get that edit out of my head that someone made of him staring at the cake from all different angles at the 100th episode celebration, he was wearing a hospital shirt as well. LOL

LOL I'm sure they did, if you remember the interview please tell. These two spent the most amount of time together, as much as they deny they obviously had to have had some sort of bonding. LOL They had so many scenes where it was just the two of them, if they shot for 15/17 hours they were probably together 80/90% of the time. LOL Working together for so such long hours obviously needs an environment that isn't tense, and then they also had their famous rehearsals lol. They had the whole silent signal thing going on as well. They had this weird unspoken understanding, which is very evident in their style of working. On-screen they clicked to a whole other level completely, I've seen co-actors clicking on/off screen but theirs was something else. They also really understood their characters, not on a superficial level you see most of the time from both film/tv actors but they really knew them. They lived them, they got into the skin of the characters, which is something I see in American shows, they seemed to have approached their characters like how most American tv show actors do. Star

Shibz you had mentioned about Parth sleeping while getting his tattoo, lol randomly came across a pic of him on a chair while he is getting the tattoo done and Kriss is sitting in front of him loool. 

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Nili-

Originally posted by noor321

Full on blushing, it's hilarious. Jotwani keeps such a straight face lol. 

It's so similar to his reaction hereLOL:

hahah i can never forget this sbs iv lol coz of the way he blushes.LOL he's blushing like a girlROFL

Banda sharam se pani pani hogaya lol. LOLLOL

When I thought of making the gif, I just remembered his kahan ho tum but when I saw the whole footage again I was in hysterics. The guy was full on sharmaying. And I love how you can even see in the gif how when Ayaz mentions Niti her head shoots right up lol. 

Watching his whole part the guy was struggling on what to wish her, god he is so awkward. The guy was so shy at having to wish her loool. LOLLOL

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ac2000

Niti didn't kiss his cheek, she kissed his JAWLINE Blushing. Wonder if thats why she lingered on and smiled (at mission accomplished Wink).

You are right!!ClapClap

But that lingering just takes the scene to another level completely, it's these nuances they added that made the characters so real. His jawline always came back at the right moments. Before the second kiss he had gained some weight but the kiss came and when he wore that white shirt the epic jawline was back. I mean the jawline in the kiss is just WOW. EmbarrassedLOL

I honestly would love a breakdown of all their scenes and what parts they "choreographed" themselves. LOLWink

Originally posted by -Nili-

Noor, that video of Parth and alex.Heart the way he carries the pup like a baby is just so cute.Embarrassed @sweety the GIFS you posted are love!!Heart
P.s sorry guys not able to like the posts,some error i guessOuch

Alex is so adorable! I know the way he was carrying him like a baby was just so cute. He looked so good as well, his hair looks good like this! Parth looks so cute in this video, like a kid. LOL Sometimes this guy looks okay and sometimes he looks so damn good ahaha. LOL But this video is just way too cute for words. So endearing. 

He looks good in the vest in this pic, but if there is something I would want to burn of his are those damn vests and his denim shorts lool. Sometimes it's fine to wear them but he just wears vests way too often. The guy is way too lazy when it comes to his clothes. Arghh every time I see him dressed badly I get an urge to choose an outfit for him lol. I'm not saying become extremely obsessed with clothes because that is a turn-off as well but at least put in more of an effort to look a bit more cool. 

JAWLINE OBSESSED is an understatement. ROFL

Originally posted by shindesweety

aree many ivs are awkwardConfusedLOL
btw apart from episodes discussion 
we have to discuss their ivs tooTongue
jyaada nahi hai dont worryLOL
1)soha's farmhouse wala
2)100 episodes celebration iv...behing the scene tooTongue
3)200 epis celebration
4)mr gaba n parth n niti...in the same outfit they another iv where parth was very much into fone
5)christmas celebration 

will dig out every minute detailLOL

LOL PaNi are the King and Queen of giving awkward interviews. LOL

Haha okay, as I get time I will comment on the interviews. 
From the time of Mr Gaba there are like 3 different segments with different news channels. 

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by noor321

Originally posted by shibz

Finally found these!! We have already reached the store room sequenceLOL


Noor, can you link me to the hoodie pic? I couldn't find.

Ahh Storeroom, I'm going to watch episode 32 now lol. 

Oh can you add the gif of manik banging the door again in the storeroom, I forgot to save it and don't remember how far back you added it. EmbarrassedLOL

Here you go:https://www.instagram.com/p/BFMSjlpkqbI/?taken-by=ky2queens  it took me so long lol because I first saw it randomly on my insta feed and had no idea who added it so had to refresh over and over again for it to come back lol. You can see Niti's actual bag on her profile lol. The bags aren't the same just #panifeelz.LOL

I don't think I shared it here before.. Ermm But found this just nowLOL


TfsLOL Not sure about the jacket but the bag looks sameErmm

@Parth's vid with Alex is sooo cuteHeart Not just Parth but even Alex seems to have become very fond of Parth within no time. Parth has spoiled him for goodLOL Awe at the way Alex looks at him for a moment and lays his head back on his shoulder again n Parth hugs him<3

^^SBS should've shown Niti's face no?LOL One could clearly see her instant reaction but her face is hiddenD'oh

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shindesweety

shibzzyOuchwe lost track which episode  we were discussing
sab pani mei beh rahe haiLOL
m posting some random gifsOuch
next time i ll check the disussion topic tooLOL

HaanLOL Koi na.. post random stuff but bohut aage ka would be better coz pata nhi kab pahunchenge unn epis takTongue like you already sharedBig smile

This looks like Babaji ka Tullu to meLOL I did not even notice the mithai in his hand.

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