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-Nili- Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shindesweety

Saawali si raat ho, khamoshi ka saath ho
Bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri

Day Dreaming

after the MaNan version, this song has become one of my favouritesHeart i keep listening to itEmbarrassed

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Sonalmanan Goldie

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ac2000

Originally posted by Sonalmanan

Originally posted by ac2000

Thats why I think shippers have hopeEmbarrassedLOL. Its four months since the show got over and if you didn't really give a damn about your co-star you would hardly bring him up in your notes. And your insta comments would not seem in reaction to the others comment Wink. If one is having a good time holidaying, the other has to set the fandom on fire through photos.If one is eating scorpions, the other is showing off name in her mehendiLOLLOL(read on twitterthe spelling of the name in the mehendi was wrongLOL).Looks like they can't/won't ignore each otherBig smile.
If ever they try to ignore,fans won't let them do so LOL Those notes look like she wants to get rid of PaNi shipping but end up raising more speculations Big smile Parth holidaying gave ideas to PaNi shippers that she is upset on not being attention by him LOL PaNi shipping now seems more like trolling ,much better than bashing by suhus n pujjus...Some even went on to check for spelling,God!! Some are really hopeless LOL
I don't think her notes look that way. She was upset with Pa for badmouthing her. And some panishippers are deluded. But something is there between them, their insta messages and twitter posts hints at that.
She clearly said that she gives 2 hoots to those who don't matter in her life n the other note,where she said that she was uncomfortable during intimate scenes... I dont know whether there was anything or not between them,but there way of expressing things is too immature.. Anyways,it's their lives,they can do whatever they want to do... They provided manan for which we shud b thankful to them..

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DivyaMukhi IF-Dazzler

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Miahu's bday thread!

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 30 - Main hoon na! Embarrassed

DhruNi Alert! Chalo koi baat nahi we know things about to get Mananlicious very soon. 

LMAO at the way Navya shows attitude to Dhruv and clicks her fingers. LOL 
Navya was pretty much better with everyone apart from Harshad. 

Navya was the number 1 DhruNi shipper lol and then came Alya. 
LOL at the way Dhruv just ignored her and walked away. 

Aww Manik baba is getting annoyed but right now it's more because of Dhruv. It's cute how his annoyance with DhruNi started because of his possessiveness about Dhruv but slowly without him even realising, that possessiveness shifted to Nandini and him wanting her to being only around him. 

Manik uses the opportunity to find out Alya's state of mind and he didn't mind the intimacy at all lol he got excited the moment Alya tried to divert his attention by getting all flirty and intimate but got left hangingLOL. He actually looked disappointed the moment she let go of him and walked away. Look at his hands after Alya moves away lol banda was really disappointed.LOL Manik baba be forever having blue balls. EmbarrassedLOL

Harshad  - "College main ho kya rahe, har koi ek dusra ke peeche baagh rahe. Raat koi sab nai Sherlok Holmes dekhi thi kya" LOOOL LOLLOL I enjoyed this scene. 

Why does Nandini go into the storeroom though, her reasoning for hiding from Navya makes no sense because she is no longer with Dhruv all she had to do was go to the library to get the Veena. 

LOL the guy telling Manik about Alya being in the storeroom was such a weirdo his dialogue - "Aisi larki ho life main to kya baat hai." But Manik gives it right back to the weirdo, our Manik baba despite being a Monster was such a gentleman. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

LOL Manik comes in and locks the door this always makes me laugh what did he think Alya was going to do to him?LOLLOL

The moment they see each other lol if looks could kill. LOLLOL "tum"

The best thing Harshad ever did. ClapStar

Despite Navya being so stupid the day before and breaking Nandu's phone but we should thank her as well lol. LOL

"When you were born tumne Nurse ko bhi gussa sai dekha hoga" LMAO Nandini. ROFL

Manik baba loves touching her lips, accidental kiss wasn't enough kya?Embarrassed
Shushing her with his fingers lol and she rubs her lips after he touches them. 

Chalo at least Harshad stood up for his sister and the fact that he didn't use this to break up her and Manik. 

LOL the moment he notices the small window/shaft and then looks back at her and thinks she is tiny she'll get through. LOLLOL

"I want to but mood nahi hai" - ahaha love the way Manik/Parth says that. 

"it's so high how will I reach there?" aww such cutie Nandini is, the way Niti said that was adorable. 

Shaft is tiny liker her and high up like him. Wink

"Here comes Aiyaapa again" LOL Manik remembers her Aiyaapa.Embarrassed

And then it starts, he holds on to the stool and he supports her. Nandini is so cute trying to figure out to get onto it. Their hands touch aww, cliche but babies are so cute!!Embarrassed I like the song choice not the typical loud romantic ones.  He gives her his hand - haiii baba. 

The way they are hesitant of touching other while supporting each other is so adorable. Manik is so flusteredEmbarrassed.
Aww when she tightens her hold on his hand and then he tightens it as well. 

"Main gir jaaonge Manik"  "Main hoon na" -and the look he gives awww. LOLEmbarrassed

And loh she falls into his arms and her top rips lol and he holds her right there. LOL

The way he removes his hands when he realises because of the way she moves her hand, these little things look so good on screen. 


LOL the poor girl is so nervous and terrified when he removes his jacket lol. EmbarrassedLOL
Then she is like oh gosh just take me now how embarrassing? 

Can't wait for these scenes:

Credit to the maker

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -Nili-

what confused you in my analysis shibzyLOL 
okay, i liked some hairstyles you mentioned and some Noor mentioned.Tongue the regular hairstyle you're talking about actually makes him look very seedha saadha overly decent kinda guy lol. it looks good on him though, but sometimes for Manik's character it didn't fit especially the monster Manik phase. Spiked texturized hair(kaju ben ka hairsyle) looked really good on him.The store room scene. My personal favourite.Embarrassed Messy hair was good too. But, that side parting Noor mentioned looked reallyDead 
And i liked him with the headband too. Few days back he got obsessed with the headband though. lol. There were times when he carried it really good and times when he failed miserably.LOL Also, that headband hanging around his neck in most pictures.LOL

Noor,the girls were right actually lol, there was also a picture as a proof where Niti clicked a selfie(during the storeroom scene) and Parth was busy setting his hair in the picture.LOL

after so much of hair discussion, while watching the epis i will be watching his hair more keenly i'm sure.LOL

LOL yes I remember seeing that pic of PaNi. See they were fine before lol. I remember seeing a video of Parth getting his makeup done and the guy was literally sleeping and the poor makeup guy had to work in awkward positions because Parth's head was tilted to the side. LOL

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Sonalmanan

I wud like to say something about DhruvNi.. Although there was hardly any chance for them but it wud hv made a nice love triangle only if golaman cud act Confused There was so much potential for it as DhruvNi fridndship was probably strong...I liked the fact that despite being heartbroken becoz of manik,nandini was being loyal n honest to her friendship with dhruv n didn't toy around with his feelings... But alas later on their friendship also lost the charm Confused

I'm actually glad they didn't go down the cliched route of having a full fledged triangle where the female lead gets confused and what not. By the time Manik had found out about Dhruv's feelings for Nandini they had gone too far to turn back and it was only because Manik had a being a Martyr syndrome that caused the problem, because even Dhruv had no idea what was going on between the two and I liked it that way. It was just between the two and only Cabir found out later. Nandini was already committed to him in a sense and had given her heart to him. Her choice was already made. 

But yes DhruNi had potential if only they hadn't dumbed down his character and Uttu could act. Plus they probably thought if they kept Dhruv hanging around her all the time it would have been harder for them to have MaNan together because they basically showed that while Dhruv was in love with the idea of being in love, Manik and Nandini ended up coming closer due to circumstances. Then by the end of it Nandini didn't need Dhruv, because Dhruv was her "saviour" when Manik would be unfair to her, but slowly her and Manik started dealing with their issues with each other directly with each other. 

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyachand2008

What an interesting discussions!! 
From Parth's hairstyle to their twitter and insta posts!!! 

one of my friend came down for a visit. first day we got free, i made sure she watch KYY season 1 first 20 episodes. she was hooked on. she took a few more episodes in her pendrive. i was so happy to get another person hooked on to d show!!! Wink

Coming back to d show! this falling in love scenes were beautifully shown and Parth was terrific in showing those nuances in his eyes. a slight softening in his eyes or at times a small smile!! i think we fell in love with Manik as he fell for Nandini! the whole love story from his point of view only.

i wish they had shown Nandini's story too! imagine she n rishab were orphans cared by Amms and later chacha and chachi. in other saas bahu shows, they wd have made a sob story out of this. thank god we didnt have anything like that. 

but at times i wished to see nandini's pov. we know Manik wd have completely broken without nandini. but they dont show nandini like that. yes she too needs him. that scene where soha's dad comes and blackmails her, she shows her desperation. 

but not much abt her childhood or life in mangalore is shown. 

offscreen drama and channel interference, technical issues - spoiled it at times. 

Haha cute! See this show keep attracting so many people. 
The first 90 episodes were something else. 

I know I was literally going to write this but I honestly can't believe I've fallen in love with a fictional couple and their individual characters as well. BlushingROFL
I just keep falling in love with them every time I read about them in ATs or her and watching the show. These two have killed me lol.

Yes even I wish we got more insight into Nandini's life before Manik became her entire life. They had chances but it got messed up because of the stretching of the Pandit track and then those two weeks during Managalore which they messed up due to the internal politics. A good 20/30 episodes were wasted and they could have used those wisely and told Nandini's story. Then of course after episode 246 they wasted another 20 episodes till the ending when they could have closed all other storylines/tracks that they had started from day 1. But if we take just S1 then if out of the 265 episodes and about 40/50 episodes were wasted then that itself is an achievement because most shows waste a lot more episodes in fact most are wasted episodes with only the beginning and some episodes in between having actual content but that wasn't the case for KY2. 

Originally posted by priyachand2008

In Korean shows they used to release DVD version with BTS scenes. if we can get hold of such scenes for this show... it would be a goldmine! how come MTV is not thinking commercially. but these people are sooo dumb (Manik style!) that they wouldnt evn have realized the goldmine and would have deleted them! Angry

I know right they seriously didn't realise what a great show they had despite it flaws. People even tried telling them of the financial gains of marketing this product well but even that didn't work on them.ConfusedAngry

It would be amazing if they released BTS and bloopers it would be so much fun to watch all of that. They could release stuff that Parth and other had shot before he fell ill and they had to change everything. Because when they finish singing the song in front of Ams and when they show Nandini that scene looked like it was added on later because it wasn't shot on the "managalore" set and obviously something was shot between Manik and Ams. They changed the whole track so I'm sure they had other stuff shot. 

Also before the Managalore track got better during the internal politics stuff I read in the AT that around 7/8 Manan scenes were permanently deleted including the bench scene and a few Cabir scenes as well. AngryAngry

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Reading through the ATs and came across this post about signs that show suppressed attraction LMAO. 
Manik baba wasn't the only one who ticked a lot of these boxes. Wink



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