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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Nili-

what's a soulmate? 
watch this one guys. MaNanDay Dreaming

Awww so cute. 

The best love story on Indian TV ever. ClapClap

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
Sorry guys was busy the last two days. Will watch episode 21 soon and update. 

Also forget about this offscreen drama guys just enjoy KY2, yeh inka roz chalta rahega. They must get some sort of enjoyment out of it. We will become old but these people will continue being as stupid as ever. I couldn't care less if she is or isn't but come on why post something that you know people will start questioning you about and then get all upset because people bombarded you with questions. Confused

A few months ago it was Pa generating a lot of buzz and now it seems to be Ni's turn LOL. Isme bhi inka competition hai. ROFL

Anyone see Pa eating that scorpionShocked. He is the biggest foodie ever. 

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shibz

Originally posted by noor321

Episode 20 - Manik continues to stare at Nandini!

Manik was strangely calm while Nandini and the rest were at the pool.

Dhruv finishing off having his alien attack. 

LOL - them all having a selfie-shootLOL

Manik was agitated throughout all of this, especially when Cabir splashed water on Rishab. 

Harshad/Abhishek looked really good in this episode. What's wrong with me? ConfusedLOL

LOL when Dhruv is asking Manik about something of his he isn't even looking at him. LOL Uttu seriously. Ouch

Manik was ever ready to go back into the house and Nandini was inside. Wink Even while recalling Harshad's words about freeing Nandini he was only recalling Nandu's face. Hai slight attraction has started. 

Baba you are so naughty thinking of any excuse to go inside the house lol. 

Veebha and Ayaz had such good chemistry they really should have capitalised on it more. Madhubala ji lol. 

And Nandini falls into Dhruv's arms and poor Baba is staring at them. EmbarrassedLOL
Baba has no idea how to react at all.Embarrassed

The way Cabir teases Navya lol and walks across to her side. LOL

Mukti unnecessarily trying to aggravate Alya Angry.

Alya could have fixed Mukti's bikini top. ConfusedConfused

LOL Harshad using Manik's towel, why couldn't the PH get more towels for the show. Confused

Manik still staring at Nandini LOLLOL, in fact there is a whole chain of staring going lol, Dhruv is staring at Nandu, Manik is staring at Dhruv and Nandu and Alya is staring at Manik. LOLLOL

One thing I find weird though is Manik knew Dhruv had some interest in Nandini, he always noticed Dhruv looking at her or them meeting so I wonder why he never thought that it may be attraction from Dhruv's end. Confused

When you have nothing else to tease someone about you drop down to a superficial level and mock them for their appearance. OuchOuch Exactly what Mukti and Alya did but I guess insecurity was the cause of this for them both. Alya because of Manik and Mukti because of Harshad. 

Though I'm not sure if anyone else thought that I always found what Mukti wore to college a little too much, it just didn't suit the atmosphere at all. Who in India walkers around in college half naked though. Alya wore short dresses but her outfits were still okay. I get wearing such things for clubbing but for college. Why didn't the principal say anything.

Harshad is such a jerk tying firecrackers to Nandini, amazing how she never noticed him tie it. Confused 

Loh Nandu jumps in and both Dhruv and Manik run to save her but Dhruv gets there first. Alya stops Manik, but if I remember correctly they never focus on this aspect in the next episode. 

Haha watched the whole epi through your reviewLOL

I love staring BabaEmbarrassed and the jealousy. Attraction was always there. But it surfaces after the Rishab incident.

@Manik noticing Dhruv's interest in Nandini- May be coz Manik did not want to believe that Dhruv was interested in NandiniLOL  

@Mukti's clothes to college- It wasn't too much. It was too littleLOL The show is fictionalized.. n so is their wardrobe. I haven't seen anybody wear half pants to college either(like Manik does)LOL He even wears a jacket over it.

Looking for some old gifs.. meanwhile this I had saved for this epi. CaVyaLOL

Baba staring is so much fun to watch lol. My favourite is when in the preliminary music competition the manja one, when Nandini is bending down and Manik is looking at her and then comes up to her and tells her not to distract him ahahahaha. 

LOL - true he only focused on Nandini and kept talking to her by bringing up dhruv.
Dhruv tou sirf bahane tha, haina? LOLLOL

One one hand you have Nandini wearing normal clothes, she wasn't stereotyped at all like normal FLs but Mukti's clothes were just too wild at times. Honestly, sometimes I think they only gave it their all when it came to writing for MaNan and somewhat Cabir otherwise I sometimes have a hard time understanding how those same writers wrote for these people as well. Though you can't really blame them though most of them could not act and when they tried giving them stuff they couldn't execute it right. Still have to give it to the KY2 CVs, most side characters end up being show pieces in most Indian tv shows but KY2 still kept them somewhat relevant and we still had some interest in seeing them at times. They had a purpose whereas in some Saas bahu shows side characters/actors get paid to stand there. Confused

Hahaha yes that was the scene between CaVya I was talking about, Cabir is such a kameena. LOLLOL

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shibz

Which epi is this? I can't rememberErmm Rose' dance around Dhruv wala?LOL

Cr for the gifs- Saamya.

Episode 17 LOL

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shibz

This evil smirkEvil Smile

Cr- Mais.

I freaking LOVE that smirk!!!!!!!!!


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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
Ahh I actually can't decide which Manik line to use from today's episode as the title, they are all so good.LOLLOL
Episode 21 - But when I tell you to smile, that time tumhe paata ni kya hojatha hai!Wink

Dhruv saves Nandini and Manik is staring at them aankhein phaar phaar ke. Oh man if looks could kill. LOL

Navya's Harshad ji saved her, even though she can swim. 

LOL - when Harshad walks up to Manik and Alya to question them about what happened to Nandini, when the camera focusses on Kriss you only see ManShad from the neck down only.. To get Kriss in properly the camera guy had to cut the guys off lol. 

Manik really has a thing for short girls lol. Wink

Cabir comes in all happy and singing, I guess because he spoke to Raghav. Funny how the song he is singing is arre kab tak jawaani chupao gi rani. Very apt for him. 

"Oh tau, main tumhe kyon batao ke main kahan tah" - Cabira to Harshad LOLLOL
Cabira takes the blame and he just gave Harshad a chance to doubt him because Harshad knows it wasn't Cabir who tied those cracker because it was he himself who did it. 

Manik continues to look at Nandini as she walks awayWink baba needs to invest in permanent sunglasses because his eyes are giving everything awayCool. The guy is so affected by Nandini it's not even funny, wow what an impact she had on him. He is literally fighting his feelings for her right now. 

Nandini starts thinking about Dhruv but straightaway starts thinking about Manik. These two I tell youEmbarrassed. Dhruv was seriously just an excuse lol. 

Poor Nandini is all terrified from the knocking at the door, she grabs a heavy artefact as protection. Nandu seriously girl how many artefacts do you want to break. Ahhh it's our Monster Manik, I just love his BG music.

"Tou zabarzasti karonga na, waise bhi acha sai baat karta hoon tou you don't react" - Aww Baba is so attracted to her. At this point Nandu is all like W*F, what are you even saying dude? 

"Maine dekha hai tumhe Dhruv kay saat baat karte way, tum tou ekdum normally baat. Normally tohri smile kaar kaar kay baat kare thi" - wow calm down baba, why are you getting so jealous? LOLLOL

"But when I tell you to smile, that time tumhe paata ni kya hojatha hai" - Jaal nai ki boo aarahi hai. 

"you have to earn that smile" - You go girl. LOLLOL

Haha she let's him in because she fears he will really break down the door. LOL he does later though when Nandu is kidnapped, another loop closure. LOLLOL

Navya and her Harshad ji jaap. 

Just so he can spend some time with her he doing all this partnership stuff ahaha. 

The two of them discussing the Alien stuff. 

"I love Dhruv more than I hate you"
Tries touching her again but ends up grabbing the file. 

The subtle smirk Manik gives when she accepts his partnership. 

"We'll be Partners but friends kabhi nahi" - ahah this line can be twisted into meaning so many different things. She really does become his partner - both of them become equal partners in a romantic relationship and then of course the famous "let's become friends nah ManIk" phase. 

Aww Fireflies are glowing because our MaNan babies are with each other. 

Raghav and Cabir ki tashan during class. LOL

These two did a better job at hiding their relationship than MaNan ever did. Wink

Ex pistols. LOLLOL

The day NH3 was formed. 

Manik giving the death stare to Nandini. Wink

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-Nili- Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2016 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
@shibz twitter pe toh you were also angry but yahan aate hi your views differ. Tongue and I'm not at all angry coz it's not only Ni but most of the actors behave the same. "just friends" is not a new thing. it depends on the fans whether they're intelligent enough to see the truth. And as I have always said, Pa and Ni both have the right to date/marry whoever they want. It's not like they have given any false hopes about them. It's the fans who started shipping them. So,  they're no where at fault. But, like I said I'm annoyed at how actors time and again insult the term "friendship". I can't stand people who do that coz friendship is a very pure thing for me. Maybe I'm being judgemental, may be this is how the industry works. And as for the shippers, I'm not talking about the harmless shippers. the shippers on ig behave totally insane. But, thankfully it has mellowed down since all this drama. and come on, you can't compare Parisha with anuti. in their case arisha was the one dying for attention, in this case it's totally different.(you guys already know, so not mentioning in detail). 
Mujhe Nitians k saath compare kiya Cry but I can never even reach their level even if I try to lol. Abuser/gay/mole man/cursing him to death this is what they're known for. Parthians inse kum hain yaar, I know you must be talking about the tweets by some Parthians yesterday but they didn't use any bad words about her.trolled and mocked her though.some of them were shippers until her note about Pa.

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shindesweety Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 12:12am | IP Logged
see pujjus are worst
and suhhus are not less then them

parthians bhi troll karte hainiti koConfused
i have seen tweets saying she is a opportunist.b**** n what not

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