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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 3:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shindesweety

Originally posted by noor321

Bande nai sach mein khush kardita!!!LOLLOL
Not only did he post a KY2 scene/Manan scene but what he wrote in the caption was sweet, finally understood why people loved the show and MaNan. I never expected him to say something like that lol, posting a scene/image was something unexpected but still a possibility but actually writing that caption lol Parth gave us all a jhatka. 

He also watched the scene yesterday lol and for him to post it today, must have been on his mind ahaha. Also I wonder how he decided to even watch it lol. 

Haha I was going to post this the other day but oh well it came in handy today lol. Negative ya positive they never do seem to disappoint with giving us entertainment.LOLLOL

Also Parth if you are reading this lol because I'm sure you doWink, with all the pani stuff we were discussing we are hoping that's the reason some professional feelings have ubarred inside of you! Please watch and post more MaNan scenes.LOLLOLPlease excuse the gushing on the superficial things. LOL JK!! Though if he really does come here, please do continue reading, I promise we will get back to the episodes soon and yes we do appreciate your acting and "method acting". LOL

arre fandom still in mananland n doing londom thumkdaBig smile
many of them are gone crazyyy

but u know what some things that that post was for manruvDead
itna hate karte manan ko ki they thing ishq bulava is fab 5 song

the fact that he acknowledge manan n manan fansThumbs Up

but i have doubt banda must have watched manan 1st kiss pehle bhi naLOL
he did give jhatka by post n captions
n he is proud of itWinkLOL

Good luck with your exams!!!!!Big smile
LOL I can imagine, something no one seemed to expect happened. LOL!! Are we sure his account wasn't hacked?LOL JK! Because I'm sure if it was hacked I'm pretty sure the kiss scene would have appeared in the video lol. 

LMAO ManRuv, are people feeling okay??SillyLike I said earlier he couldn't have just posted a MaNan scene, firstly it would have been to lovey dovey for him because clearly he was watching episodes around the first kiss time, he wanted to show his own acting lol, and the fans would gone legit crazy if it was a MaNan only scene. The guy posted the line that made Ky2 and MaNan what it is, are they mad?

@bold: are they okay? W*F!!ErmmConfusedROFL  Did they watch the same show we did?Confused

He said na he had watched the first 3/4 months of the show so he stopped watching around late Oct/early Nov which puts him exactly in Musicana time, so banda has started watching those scenes. LOL Please continue watching Parth.LOL Very proud that is almost shocking lol, "But after watching this , m not surprised that u people loved the show so much and gave us all the appreciation for it"Embarrassed

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-Nili- Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shibz

^^HaanLOL you went to bring thoseLOL Niti is vehli these days.. she would've seen by now if any fan has tagged her in the commentsLOL
even if fans don't tag her she would stalk him and seeLOL she even copied his wink on her fame iv like Parth does at the endROFL

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Sonalmanan Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 3:47am | IP Logged
@noor, I agree!! She shud learn to ignore such comments... She is a public figure,thoda bahut to trolling hoga Hi na... People tease more if u react ...if she stops reacting then people will also stop...

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-Nili- Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 4:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by noor321

Originally posted by -Nili-

Originally posted by sunnymunny

Niti ji's ladies night out at uncle's place
Dead Ouch
she's mostly at his place nowadays lol. did you see her insta vid where she was dancing on a sofa? it was at his house, the wall had the paintings of the camera/cinematographer theme which she made for his b'day. i mean you're dating okay, but girl you need to control your PDA sometimes lol. and ohh, if fans point out the obvious she'll start her victimizing and  "we're BFFs" drama. 

Noor, there's so much more PDA going on these days which you need to know LOL on her fb. she has changed her PDA place from IG to fb nowadays lol. i don't want to come across her PDA as i think it will affect my MaNan viewing experience but i keep coming across itAngry i know it's unfair of me to judge her personal life and let it affect my fav onscreen couple but i just can't help it this time.Ouch 

Disha never affected me this much though, may be coz i never took her seriously.Tongue Also, there was not this kind of PDA involved.Dead

LOL oh I didn't even notice it was his house, yeh I remember that wall artwork. She looked cute in that video though. LOL She looked cute in that dungaree outfit at imagica. LOL

Haha oh I don't really check any of them of facebook lol, only parth at times, but I mostly look at their insta stuff. I only follow Parth and Karan anyway on insta, the others I just go time to time. LOL Did you see his latest comment on Parth's pic. ROFL Every time!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BFij0OcOy8L/?tagged=parthsamthaan
Jotwani hasn't posted anything on Snapchat for days. OuchCry He is so entertaining and I miss his side-profile wali videos. Someone should tweet that to him lol. EmbarrassedLOL

I just checked her FB, didn't see any stuff that I haven't seen on insta apart from some long shots of her but I just realised I think you meant it by the hashtags on a certain post, drooling, dimples and all.WinkLOL
Awww it's okay. Hug

I guess like others have said Parth never tried to deny it lol, especially not with notes. 

LOL she bashed another fan oh god, what's with this ring thing?D'oh

LOL I wrote all this before Parth's post came and somehow all the posts got left behind. I saw that ring comment on her pic but she had deleted her comment I think, what did she say? LOL but the ring wasn't even on the left hand so why were people even asking her?? But she seriously needs to learn to ignore and stop victimising herself. She isn't the only celeb to get hate lol. 

Parth seriously made every MaNan fan happy today, and to think I recently heard the sabras IV of his where he goes I would never watch love shows or love Manan. The boy needs to watch all episodes to understand our feelings. Who is he trying to fool, he definitely watched the KISS!!!!!!! BlushingDay DreamingROFL He needs to post manan/ky2 scenes more often the boy will become everyone's favourite. WinkLOL

yea she looked cute in that dungaree. but uncle ji the isliye i didn't watch the ivLOL only pics. i'm so scared of their PDA that i have unfollowed her on instaLOL but oh well, that doesn't help anyway coz i go and check all their PDA later ROFL like you i also follow only karan and Parth,and charlie also. she's sweet. i even ended up watching charlie-amar ivs few months back. they are adorable together, charlie totally becomes a different person when she's around amar. she behaves very girly around himLOL hope the break up rumours are false. even now she likes their edits and all. they were even spotted together few days back at a market place. a fan posted the pic.

yes,i saw karan's comment lol he's crazyLOL also, i like his new look. haircut , beard and all. suits him well.Embarrassed

Niti's fb is not public. she chooses what her followers can see so you have missed certain things. there's some fan apparently who's still in her list and uncle's too. the girl posts all their stuff.LOL earlier she used to add fans,later she stopped. maybe she forgot removing the fans she had added earlier. even Parth used to add fans earlier. i remember being so happy when he added meLOL but not for a long time as his acc got hacked as his popularity increased. and funny part is he was only adding people having their dp'sLOL he had added me as i had my own dp but didn't add my friend lol coz she had a tv couple's dp ,she was so annoyedROFL 

later he created another acc where he only had 10 friends including kaju benLOL don't know what happened to that acc. may be he deactivated. he's anyway not too SNS friendly. he only loves IG apparently.LOL

the ring comment, those who wanted lol-

@bold that line! sometimes he acts like such a typical guy.Sleepy he mentioned how he would love to watch/do some action stuff instead of romantic stuff. ab akal aa gayi lagta hai.LOLTongue

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 4:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by charminggenie

Just dropping in to say few things about Ky2.
Watching desi tv makes me appreciate it a bit more. They really tried making the sideys relevant. A certain Box, chimed me that Alya's food binge wasn't random..it was hinted in one of the earlier epiodes after  her breakup that she ate chocos when stressed. Scene with Harshad and Alya in pool. Makes things seem super perspective.

I know , I am in minority, who while loved Nandu , really felt she had the lamest story arc before Musicana. Contrary to the popular opinion, the shift in narrative happened after her and made Nandu special, because they focused on what she wanted. Sideys had far better arcs but lame execution..Nandu was more internal, character driven , rather than Plot based narrative.

Nandu became special after Musicana and thats when you see the girl to woman transition. I know she will forever will be remembered by her punches but there was so much more to her..that was explored after Musicana. They chose to develop both characters after that on their traits- that is rare and special
Unlike every other character, Nandu was the weakest on paper when the show started ,but boom she became huge.

MaNan became the story . Changed it up.

Manik is a well-written character but that could only be possible because they chose to go with Nandu's  aka MaNan narrative not the feb5 one. Nice. 

Hey Genie!!!!
You didn't come back after you posted the other day. CryLOL

But I love what you have written and I really agree with it. Exactly even I said that the side characters really did have good/interesting stories and roles to play, they weren't just brought in whenever needed and neither were they reduced to statues like most shows. I was still very much interested in some of the characters and they could have turned them around if they tried but oh well. The execution killed it for some and the acting for others. 

They tied in a lot of plots even if some big ones were left they really tried to connect stuff together. The thing about this show is has an amazing repeat watch value, which you certainly don't see often, especially not with Indian TV shows. It wasn't a perfect show, it had it's flaws but still they did a good job. I liked how they kept all characters' reactions in character, well at least most of the time. 

Manik was infatuated by Nandini around Musicana and his hormones were going all over the placeLOL but when he found out about Dhruv, despite every single person wanting to hit him with chappals he reacted in character. LOL Just like how he got angry with finding out it was Raghav and shouting at Nandu and then realising what she said, same thing happened when she told him let's be friends he reacted without thinking and until she didn't explain to him what she really meant he didn't understand. Same thing when Cabir wanted to get a job. He always reacted without thinking but he understood once she explained. He was always great at scheming but to understand situations and read between the lines took him time. When he finally admitted to Cabir that he learnt he needs to think before he acts, I couldn't help but love the writers. Even though he did some of the stuff I said after he said this line it was still understandable because it takes time to actually act on lessons. Holi time any mention of Nyo and it would put him a bad mood and he would close of Nandu, but in Mangalore when Nandu ended up blurting out something about Nyo, it did hurt a little but not as much as it did before and he was able to speak about it to her. 

I liked how they made Alya realise that she made a show of her first relationship so that's why she wanted to keep things between them.

Cabir is probably one character after MaNan they did the most justice to, his story was shown well though there was a break between Raghav going and coming but still they managed to save it. I liked that they didn't end with Raghav and him, Raghav was too afraid of everything and left him so easily. He never trusted Cabir at times, he easily left him. It also wouldn't have been right to show a teacher/student relationship. That was one thing that was beautiful about Manik he wanted trust in a relationship and again it was the reason for leaving Alya and also Nandini at one point but he also understood yes trust is important but you need to understand why the person did it and that he was easily able to leave Alya but not Nandini. The love, which was not yet expressed at that point was evident and he couldn't just leave her he wanted her. The writers kept it consistent but also showed how his viewpoints did change as things in his life changed - isn't that what real life is as well, your experiences end up shaping the way you see/react to things.

After Cabir, I was really rooting for Alya's story because they had done a good job most of the time, sometimes it would be forgotten but still her growth was shown very well and Kriss as actor really improved and that is why you wanted to see her story. I may be the only one because I know most didn't like the part where in the ball hitting scene when manik came out of hospital she took manik's name when she said about her heartbreaking. It may have not been the most appropriate thing to say but at the end of the day she is 19, they are her closest friends and it wasn't that she was trying to show Manik down or something but she wanted them to understand how much Dhruv hurt her, someone who she was with for 7 years but was able to get over much more easily but was struggling with Dhruv. But all they could do was baby dhruv, someone needed to get through to him. But then they all lost the plot when near the end of the show they had Dhrulya saying manik wasn't there for them. Ouch Yes she had herself wanted to keep things private but the moment dhruv exploded the first time in front of everyone and told him to have Alya, he got them all involved. I'm not saying they should have dictated them on how to conduct their relationship but they should have confronted Dhruv on what he said, what he said to Manik was wrong as well. 

I agree though I did love Nandini in the pre-musicana phase but yes her character really only started to develop post Musicana. Nandini didn't really have major conflicts to overcome it was the rest of the characters that had to. Yes totally agree her character wasn't plot driven at all, they simply showed growth because of the experiences she had. I love that they gave her a voice and didn't have her forgiving Manik straightaway. They gave her a voice that was very relatable and it made sense. She was right in not getting back with Manik straightaway, any normal person would do the same. She was right to question whether she would ever be able to make a place in his heart that would allow him to choose her over Fab5. Her getting nervous about things going way too fast from the NY night and so wanting to be friends was perfect, it was a reaction that I expected, I was so pleased that the writers made Nandini into a relatable girl. She was right to stop him on NY, things were still not clear about their relationship, they didn't know enough about each other and still understanding where to begin. But once their relationship progressed the inhibitions and hesitancy started to disappear. The CVs really did do a wonderful job showing their love story and both were equal, they both grew, which like you said isn't seen. They made both characters important for the relationship they made sure there were flaws in both and how they fixed those or at least acknowledged them.

She was from a conservative background where she may not be able to say things to her amms/chachi openly, never had a boyfriend, only now experiencing a first love situation, she may have only gone to first base but was still comfortable enough to talk about sex in college. I can't help but relate to her here, seriously I truly identified with Nandini here. People may not be able to talk so openly with their family, may not have done a lot of stuff sexually or have much experience but that doesn't mean they can't talk about something that affects everyone and something that people need to be educated about. I have my own opinion about premarital sex which is influenced by my religion and because we live in a world where there is freedom of speech I'd like to believe no one should have a problem with that but yes at the same time I'm not one to judge a person on their choices. Neither do I ignore the fact that it happens. It's up to them completely. Whether we approve of it or not, the fact is pre-martial sex happens so it's our duty to educate people about the right way of going about things. Parents need to educate their kids!!

All bold stuff I agree with +100000!!!

LOL I could probably say a lot more on the little things about the characters and their growth but I'd have to think and I'm tired lol. Sorry for another essay. Embarrassed

Genie did you see Parth's post?ROFLROFLROFL They never stop do they. 

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-Nili- Goldie

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Originally posted by priyachand2008

your explanation about the actors losing out on friendship inspite of acting in a show celebrating friendship is really ironical. i have seen the group interviews and loved them. PaNi might act awkward but with ppl like Cabir n Utkarsh(though he was irritating at times) it was fun to see those interveiws. But now most of them seem to have lost touch or theirs was a superficial train friendship only! Confused
And u were also right in your comment abt how people change. And in our show, most of the change is not for better. Thankfully Parth seem to have changed for better. May be all issues, fans' support, his movie experience - all these have made him a better person and more mature too.

in contrast Niti comes out very immature and silly. as noor said, i too liked niti becos of her friendly and bubbly attitude. she infact looked more level headed than others in the show. she had better poise while dealing with media in comparison to camera shy parth! (his lack of eye contact used to bug me) After posting so many pics of 'uncle' bt get pissed if fans ask about him and play victim card has become irritating. if she is dating him, why make such a hue and cry about it. why cant she just enjoy her time. she keeps posting lot of pics but does not like to give answers. it looks like a desperate attempt to seek attention only. how come that guy is still here? isnt he an hotshot cinematographer? May be Bhaghi was a failure, no wonder he is jobless. 

Niti's show is not going that great na? she must be missing all the high that comes with acting in a successful show. but how come she is not getting chances from other channels? or is it becos these actors are from V or MTV, that they are ignored by popular channels? no wonder she is trying to create buzz! 

ikr. sometimes i wonder what went wrong in their friendship. it was not like they all had a fight or anything. even during s2, Parth used to always say how he misses ayaz. and utkarsh though annoying at times was an innocent kid. It's sad how they all backstabbed Parth to get work. the friendship between the three girls and Niti was always superficial but the guys were really good friends. it's sad how it all ended.

agree that everything that happened with Parth changed him for good. it's like a huge life lesson for him. hope he continues to behave the way he's behaving now.LOL

Niti toh has crossed all limits of dumbness by now lol. she seriously needs to learn to stop reacting. one word against 'uncle' and she starts her silly replies. do you know in s2, when Parth's return was confirmed, how she had dragged his name in one of her rude replies to a fan who was annoyed with her and uncle's PDA convo in that post. that was it for me! that day itself my liking for her decreased by multifold times.

i don't know about her show but yea as Noor said, she's just hosting so there's hardly any scope anyway. she wants to do a GEC show, let's see how it goes for her. But, when Parth was hosting PTKY it used to have pretty good viewership. VG and Parth had even posted it being the no 1 show then. Actually, the way Niti is behaving these days, it isn't helping. I have seen many of her fans getting annoyed with her behaviour and her true fans who are pointing it out are getting bashed by some of her other fans who always justify her actions.

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noor321 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -Nili-

Originally posted by shibz

^^HaanLOL you went to bring thoseLOL Niti is vehli these days.. she would've seen by now if any fan has tagged her in the commentsLOL
even if fans don't tag her she would stalk him and seeLOL she even copied his wink on her fame iv like Parth does at the endROFL

LOL I saw Niti tagged in multiple comments on the post, she must have seen it by now. Unless the two have blocked each other or something. Even then fan pages have reposted his post so she would see it there lol 

The two definitely stalk each other, her more than him I feel. LOL


Originally posted by -Nili-

Noor, you seem to be so sure that he visits IFLOL well if he doesn't he needs to lol. lemme DM him the link to EDT ROFL JK lol. 

They all stalk public forums or at least their managers do because it helps them know what the public perception is for them. Didn't Niti herself say she comes to India Forums? Karan recently was sent a link to the notes thread lol. This generation of actors very well knows about IF, unlike previous actor generations but these people are SNS generation, they post stuff to see people's reactions they want to know how they are being received. 

Though I'm sure the poor boy must have been scandalised if he ever did read the EDT or AT lol. ROFL

@bold please do the honours. LOLLOL

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DivyaMukhi IF-Dazzler

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Breaking news : PaNi ki badh aa gayi.LOL
Who has taken over P's mind? He actually watched fire fly kiss and posted a video, i didn't believe my eyes.LOL 
I liked the gesture though. I doubt if it's because he hired a PR team or he got his brain's loose screw tightened.WinkLOL

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