Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Stolen Moments..*Diljale Epilogue page 2* (Page 2)

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OHANA means family! Heart

It was a normal day at restaurant...even if it was afternoon time, the restaurant was almost full. Karan was calmly sitting in his cabin reading out few new recipes which he can add in his menu.
His restaurant Mwaaah has been an instant hit. In last one year it has become one of the best food joint in city. It is usually full and people has to do reservations few days in advance.
Cabins door opened making him look up. Ananya was to come for lunch but there were still 10 minutes for her to come. He smiled as he saw Arohi entering inside but the smile dropped seeing the frown on her house.

"Hey bhabhi! Whats with that ugly frown?" he asked standing from his seat and walking closer to her.
Arohi threw her arms around him as he reached near her and started wailing loudly. 

"Aaarohi? What happened? Why are u crying?" he asked concerned. He patted her back trying to calm her down but she continued crying bitterly holding him.

"U and Arjun fought?" he confusingly asked as it was they hardly fought but the way she was crying definitely meant something big has happened.
She pulled away hiccupping "Karan...vo" she sniffed as more tears flowed from her eyes

"Relax! sit down first" holding her shoulders he made her sit on couch."now tell me what happened?"
Wiping her tears she looked at him "vo..."

She sniffed. Karan looked at her expectedly waiting for her to finish her sentence.

"vo...I-I am pregnant"

He looked at her wide eyed..."Woah! Seriously?"
Arohi glared at him angrily "No I am kidding"
"Well technically u r kid-ing" he chuckled making her throw a cushion at him.

She crossed her arms and sat with her ready to burst face "Here I am so tensed and u r joking!" her voice cracked a little at end making him serious.

"Okay! Okay! M sorry. But why are u upset? Isnt that supposed to be a good news?" he asked scratching his head.
She hiccupped and opened her mouth to answer him but Karan took a long gasp and stood up from his seat..."This isnt Arjuns child!" He covered his mouth with both hands..."how can u do this to my brother Arohi?" he said overdramatically.

"how can u even think of something like this Karan? " she stood up smacking his arm.."U r so bad. I shouldnt have come here "she sniffed and picked her bag ready to leave but Karan held her arm..

"no more jokes" he held his ear and pushed her to couch again "Now tell me whats bothering u?" he said sincerely sitting next to her..

"Arjun! Arjun is problem!" she cried hiding her face in palms.
Karan looked at her raising his brow confused. He was ready to make a crazy remark but seeing her shaking body he stopped himself..

"Arohi! stop crying" he tried to calm down her first. "Here drink water" he forwarded glass of water and patted her back as she drink it.
"now elaborate me hows Arjun ur problem?" he said passing the box of tissue to her.

She took the tissue as tears dribbled her cheeks..."We...we have never talked about it *sniff* I dont know how he will take the news."*sniff* throwing the tissue she took another one "What if he is not ready?" *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*
Giving her another tissue Karan looked at her awkwardly "so u haven't told him yet?"

Arohi shook her head.

Karan nodded "U r happy with the news?"
She nodded in yes..

"okay! I think u r unnecessarily overthinking about it, beautiful! He is Arjun, the responsible one and m pretty sure he will react the same way as u to news.." he said calmly trying to make her understand his point of view.
Arohi stared at him with her big black eyes...

'I mean happy like u not this teary mess" he gave her another tissue making eew face...
She snatched the tissue from him "but what if he doesnt want baby right now?" she pouted making Karan hug her..." We wont know about it until u tell him. I am sure u r worrying over nothing!"
Arohi nodded in his chest "I hope" *sniff* *sniff*

The door opened once again and this time Ananya entered smiling but frowned on seeing all the tissue and sniffing Arohi in Karan's arms. She kept her bag on table and worriedly looked at Karan. She raised her brows in asking. In reply Karan shook his head in nothing...

"Arohi? Why are u crying?" she asked sitting on other side...
Arohi pulled away from Karan and thats when she noticed her presence in room.

"Ananya!!" She threw her arms around her and started crying...
Ananya's curious gaze fell on Karan who bit back his chuckle "There is nothing to worry Annie. This crazy woman here is pregnant."

"Oh my god" She looked at Arohi..."Congratulations". she hugged her making her smile" Why Arjun didnt mention it in his call few minutes back?"
Arohi's smile dropped and Karan smacked his face...
"Bcz my dear brother is still unaware about it" he provided it to Ananya..
"oh" Ananya nodded...

"I am sure Ananya u will understand me...This idiot thinks I am worrying over nothing" she glared at Karan who gave her a shocked look.
Ananya chuckled "But whats the issue?"

Once Arohi explained her the problem, Ananya looked at Karan who raised his hands surrendering.
"Arohi. I guess Karan is right. Arjun has always liked kids and he would be happy about the news." She said looking between her and Karan. "U tell him first and then we will see how he takes it!"

Arohi looked at both of them pouting.."are u guys sure?"
They both nodded encouragingly making her nod slightly..."u guys plz be there when I expose the news to him..."
"Okay"they both said in unison.
Arohi smiled "okay"

Both Ananya and Karan sighed..."Okay guys tell what will u both have for lunch? I will have Roy cook for us."
"No! No! I am leaving. I have already taken much of ur time." Arohi stood up from her seat..

Ananya held her hand "u r not going anywhere without Lunch. Just sit back."
Arohi shook her head in denial 'I already had it." on getting Ananyas stern gaze she added "Sacchi"

"u both enjoy ur time." she smiled and giving both of them a hug left from there.
Karan plopped on couch with a sigh "I hope Arjun doesnt disappoint us! I cant handle a crying Arohi again"

Ananya chuckled and leaned on his shoulder nodding in agreement..."Karan.."
"Hmmm" he replied running his hand in her hair.

"When I get pregnant, do I need to stress like Arohi for telling u?" she asked playing with button on his shirt.
Karan chuckled "dont worry! baby is not on board for at least 2 years" he pulled away from her picking intercom to order food for them. He looked at her asking for order.
Ananya smiled slightly "anything u like"


Arohi was sitting crossing her legs and looking at entrance of room again and again waiting for Arjun. It was already 9 pm and he still hadnt returned.
"intehan ho gyi..intezar ki! Aayi na Khabar mere yaar ki"
Karan entered along with Ananya holding a plate of fruits..."Hey Mommy! Wheres daddy?" he handed over the plate to her and sat beside her.

Arohi glared at him "Look Karan! m already tensed stop making me more nervous!" she angrily told him.
"Arohi, I was..." before he could say anything Ananya shushed him by poking her elbow.
Ananya picked up slice of apple and fed her..."ease up Aru! Stress is not good for u" she looked at Karan "Ye Karan toh...he is an idiot."

Arohi nodded while chewing making Karan look both of them with hawww face. "u both are so mean.."
"Thank u Karan" Ananya gave him a tight smile.

He narrowed his eyes giving her I-will-see-u-later look. He shifted her attention back to Arohi..."vaise beautiful, how are u going to tell my brother that he had activated ur super power of creating babies?"
Both chuckled at her dramatic description.
"Good question!" Ananya looked at Arohi expectantly...Arohi stared at both of them and then shrugged her shoulders in nothing.

Karan shook his head "No problem! I have been seeing lot of bolly movies these days...I will help u" he stood up from his seat. Both girls looked at him weirdly as he melodramatically changed his expressions.

"Arjun.." he vibrated his lower jaw..."humare pyar ki nishani..mere pet me pal rhi h..." keeping his hands on his stomach.."Main..Arjun m-m-main tumhare bache ki Maa ban ne wali hu"

"What??" it was neither Arohi nor Ananya but Arjun who stood at doorway...Arohi gulped seeing him whereas Ananya jumped from her seat.
"Hi Arjun. When u came?" she said awkwardly..

"Just now" Arjun walked inside keeping his laptop bag and coat at couch and turned to Karan..."Karan u seriously need to stop watching all these Bollywood movies. They are making u nuts!" he rolled his eyes.
Karan laughed stealing a glance at Arohi who looked way too nervous. "Annie mom was calling us...lets go"

Ananya nodded giving an encouraging look to Arohi. Karan kept a comforting hand on her Arohis shoulder..."See u guys at dinner" and he added in a whisper "go for it"
Giving her a thumbs up both of them left.

Drinking water from side table Arjun looked at her "Hey"
"u left without meeting me. Pooja told me u were having headache. How are u feeling now?" he asked tucking her hair behind ear.

Karan covered Ananyaa eyes with his hand as they both peeked inside their room...
"Karan! what are u doing" Ananya groaned trying to remove his hand..
"shh.." he shushed her...'Kuch bhi ho skta h...u dont know how mushy they are" he said reminiscing about all the moments he had caught both of them in act.
Ananya hit him with his elbow making him remove his hand..."I will close my eyes on my own and urs too if needed"

"U were in conference so...I am fine now" Arohi replied calming herself...
Arjun nodded and cupping her cheek slammed his lips on hers...

"Dekha bola tha na..." Karan whispered as he and Ananya moved away from door giving Arjun and Arohi privacy..."they are mushy"
"Arjun is so romantic" she sighed.
Karan raised his eyebrow "Even m very romantic" he pinned her on wall and inched closer to capture her lips but they stopped on hearing Arohis voice and peeked inside again.

"Arjun I want to tell u something" Arohi said fidgeting with her fingers.
Loosening his tie and opening cuffs he replied with hmm...He walked towards wardrobe pulling out casuals.
"Arjun vo...vo"
Arjun turned to look at her "Arohi can this thing wait? I am very hungry. Can we talk after dinner?" he looked at her with puppy face.

Arohi nodded reluctantly smiling slightly.
Arjun smiled and went inside washroom making Arohi groan in frustration.
Karan Ananya smacked their forehead seeing Arohis failed attempt.

All of them sat at dining table having their dinner. Arohi was playing with food stealing glances at Arjun who was calmly eating his food.
"Arohi beta why are u not eating?" Kumud asked seeing her not eating. And this drew everyones attention at her. She looked awkwardly at everyone "I am not hungry Mom. I had fruits sometime back"

Kumud nodded and everyone again got busy in eating their food.
"Arohi thoda sa toh khalo" Arjun said leaning towards her.
Arohi shook her head declining politely.

After dinner, Arohi went to Arjun who was standing showing his back to her...
"Arjun I have something important to tell u" she said and waited or his response but as he stood not saying anything she started...

"I am..." she glanced at Karan Ananya who stood a bit far from them...they gave encouraging look to her...
Arohi gulped "Arjun m pregnant" she closed her eyes.
"What! That not possible" Arjuns voice boomed in her ear...
"I mean I myself checked everything. I made sure everything was ok.." he continued not turning towards her.
Arohi fisted her hands gathering strength "But Arjun..."
"No...No excuses. Just fix it. Just get rid off it" Arohis eyes teared up listening him. She glanced back at Karan and Ananya who stood equally shocked listening Arjun.
"ho-how can u say this Arjun?" she said stiffening her sob...and then she saw Arjun turning towards her disconnecting the call on his Bluetooth...

"hey Arohi..what were u telling me in room?" he said looking at her but frowned seeing tears in her eyes...he stepped towards her cupping her cheek "What happened? Why are u crying?"
Arohi stared at him wide eyed "u were not talking to me"
Arjun denied confusingly looking at her...
"u didnt hear what I said?"

He again denied..."I was on call with manager. U know our hotel is hosting entrepreneur meet, he was discussing about that only." He provided her with information..."but why are u crying?"
 Her nose flared with anger as she punched him on chest pushing him away..."here I am telling u such an important news of our life and u dont even have time to listen me" she said angrily.

Arjun looked at her shocked.."Arohi? Whats so important? Tell me m listening" he stepped forward trying to hold her but she shrugged...
"No. I dont want to tell u anything now. U go and do ur business, attend ur calls...who am I to u?" she wiped her tears and turning walked away. She collided with Karan who tried to say something.

"dont" she pointed her finger at him "dont even try to take ur brothers side!" she threw an angry look at Arjun and looked at Karan "and tell ur brother to stay away from me"
With that she was gone as all three of them stood opened mouth watching her go...

Karan looked at Arjun who stood hell confused at Arohis outburst. He raised his eyebrow at him "if u dont want to get divorced...dont stay away from her! just gooo..." he said rolling his eyes...
Arjun nodded and rushed behind her...

Ananya held Karans arm and sighed leaning on it...Kumud who saw an angry Arohi rushing to her room and a confused and worried Arjun following her...
l"What happened? Whys Arohi angry? What Arjun did?" she asked worriedly...
Karan looked at her n gave lopsided smile "Mom Arjun has done something for which he is going to pay for at least 9 months"
Kumud looked at him confused but soon realization donned upon her...a big smile formed on her lips..

Arohi was going to close door but Arjun kept his foot in between stopping her..."Arohi plz...m sorry" he pleaded...he forcefully entered inside room and looked at Arohi who huffed in anger and sat on edge of bed.
Arjun heaved a sigh and moved closer to her...taking her hands in his he sat on his knees..."ok now tell me what is it that u so desperately want to tell me?"

Arohi looked at him gulping as all the nervousness came back...closing her eyes she took a long breath and looked at him who was eagerly waiting for her to say something...
"I am pregnant"
She waited for his reaction as his face gave away nothing.
"Arrrjun" she said hesitantly which brought him back from his initial shock...

"Really?" he asked confirming and earned a slow nod from her..."Thats so happy news!" he attacked on her lips taking her by surprise...he pulled away from her beaming with happiness..."Thank u" he said kissing on both of her hands...a relaxed smile came on her lips as a burden was lifted off her...

"Are u happy?" he asked looking at her expectantly...She nodded with a smile and wrapped her arms around him "I was so scared about ur reaction" she confessed relishing his warmth...
Arjun caressed her hair "there was nothing to be scared about" he chuckled...

Ananya was standing near window looking at beautiful night sky. She was lost admiring the night when she felt Karan wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling her neck...
"What are u thinking wifey?"
She leaned in his chest "I was just thinking whether Arohi would have told Arjun or not?"
He turned her to face him..."She must have told him and m pretty sure they will be celebrating it now" he winked with a naughty smirk playing on his lips...

Ananya giggled and playfully hit his chest..."its getting late we should sleep!" She said withdrawing from his arms and moving towards bed but he held her wrist...
"U r so boring!"
Ananya raised her brows as he pulled her closer..."we are young and couple...and you'd couple don't sleep early at night!" He said huskily wrapping his arm around her waist...

"So what they do?" She said faking innocent look...
Karan smirked and leaning closer he whispered all sort of wicked things in her ears making her go beetroot red!

Months rolled by and Arohi was in her nineth month. In last nine months she had kept Arjun on his toes. She always had weird cravings at weird hours but Arjun was more than obliged to fulfill her all demands..She was fully pampered by everyone in the house...She had learnt knitting from Dadi and had made various things for her yet to be born baby...
She was sitting in living area knitting socks when Karan entered..

"Hey fatty" he said teasingly...
Arohi glared at him and threw the cushion in his direction which he easily caught...
"Don't get angry beautiful! Its not good for u n baby"
"Stop calling me that then!" She replied angrily..

Karan sighed slumping on couch "okay! Though u look like a whale still I won't call u fat"
Arohi's mouth opened in o...she stood up from her seat and started throwing all cushions at him..."u r so bad Karan! I hate u"
Karan only laughed trying to defend himself from her cushion attack...

"Guys stop it and come! Dinner's ready" Ananya's voice stopped them..Arohi made a face looking at him and sat back on her previous position...
Karan took a sigh "Ananya u r my knight in shining armor! Thanks for saving me from this hippo!" 

"KARAN!!" Ananya gasped "stop teasing her and come for dinner" she said in no nonsense tone..."come Aru..let's go" 
Arohi shook her head "I will have my dinner with Arjun"
"And Arjun is here!" Arjun said entering inside...he gave his dazzling smile moving towards her...

Ananya left from there taking Karan along with her...
"How are my babies?" He asked gathering her in his arms...
"Baby was missing Papa.." She replied rubbing her nose on his chest...

Before they could talk anymore Karan's voice interuppted them..."Brother keep ur romance for later on...we all are waiting for u both"
Arjun shook his head and taking hold of her hand walked towards dining area..he pushed chair for her to sit...

"Arohi will u be able to fit in?" He said teasing her again...
Arohi glared at him hurtfully and left from there...
Everyone looked at Karan angrily...

"Karan...kyu sara din peeche pda rhta h bechari k?" Dadi scolded him..
"main toh mazak kr rha tha..."
"Mazak ki hadd hoti h..."
"Dadi, Karan u both don't start. I'll take care of this...u all have dinner" he said rushing behind Arohi...

Arohi stood sniffing near window...she was muttering some curses to Karan...
"Arohi Karan was only pulling ur leg...he didn't mean to hurt u" Arjun said standing beside her...he forcefully made her look at him..."stop crying over that idiot!"

"He said I look like a I look like a whale?" She asked.
"No" he stopped himself from chuckling...
"And m I a hippo?"
"Do u think m fat?"
"No sweetheart! U r not fat. Its our baby u r carrying. Stop thinking like that about our baby" he cupped her cheek..
Arohi held his hand "Rite now its baby but what if I grow fat. I mean woman gain weight post pregnancy."

"Now that's something worth concern!" He said thoughtfully earning a smack from her..chuckling he held her hand n kept above his heart..."I lobe u the same even if u gain weight, become toothless, get old...there is nothing that can reduce my love for u! Understand!"

Arohi giggled softly and hugged him..."I love u sooo much"
Caressing her hair he smiled..."let's go n have dinner. Stop bothering about my moron brother"...

"Ouch" Arohi winced "Baby kicked. Even he agrees that Karan is moron" she grinned...
"That's unfair! U guys are filling my neice/nephew's ears against me" Karan remarked standing at door...
Arohi withdrew from Arjun's hold..."U...what are u doing here? I will kill u..." She marched towards him angrily...
"U don't kill ppl who bring food for u.." He said showing her the plate...

She took the plate from him..."I am going to hit u with this plate only..." She was going to slam plate on him but Arjun was quick to hold her...
"Kitni khtrnaak ladki h" Karan commented
Arjun kept plate away from her reach.."let it be...Aru"

"Haan!! I was only teasing u" Karan said in his defence..
Arohi looked at him and then at Arjun...she again stared at Karan.."sorry bolo!"
Arohi raised her brows...
"Sorry" Karan shrugged his shoulders...
Arohi crossed her arms.."Kaan pakad k"
Karan looked at Arjun for help but he refused to do anything...he sighed and held his ears..."Sorry Bhabhi ji"
Arohi nodded her head in acceptance...

It was midnight when Arohi started having contractions..."Arjun" she yelled shaking him who was sleeping beside her...he groaned but it only took a more yelp from her to fully awake him..
An hour later Karan and Ananya stood outside operation theater as Arjun was inside with Arohi...
Karan yawned rubbing his sleepy eyes..."babies should know about timings and all..."
Ananya shook her head and sat beside him..."what do u think? Boy or girl?"
"I think its going to be cute beautiful angel"
"No I think its going to be a boy"
"Girl" Karan said narrowing his eyes...
"Boy" she replied in equal tashan...
"Girl" "BOY" "Girrrl"...

"Its a girl" Arjun announced with a 440 volt smile giving break to their fight...Karan passed a triumphant smile to Ananya..
Ananya got up and hugged Arjun "congratulations Daddy"
"Brother!!" Karan pulled him in a bear hug "I am proud of u!"
"When can we meet Arohi and baby?"
"They are shifting her in private room..." Arjun replied pulling out his mobile "let me inform everyone at home"

"cupcake" Arjun kissed on his daughter's head cooing her...he looked at her with so much love..."Arohi! Now I have another girl in my life who I love more than anything" he kissed on her cheeks..."Daddy loves u princess"
Arohi adoringly looked at father daughter duo...her eyes watered seeing Arjun's love for their daughter...She had never seen her dad but she is happy that her princess has got such a loving and adorable father...

"We are also eager to meet new Singhania.." Ananya said entering inside along with Karan...She took quick steps towards Arjun and looked at baby with awe...
"She is so pretty" she caresses her cheek.."can I.." She forwarded her hands to take her...

Arjun nodded with a smile and handed her carefully...he walked towards Arohi and sat beside her pulling her in side hug...
"Hello baby...I am ur chachi" she rubbed her nose with hers...
"And I am going to be ur favorite person.." Karan chided coming beside her...
Ananyay chuckled and tried giving her to him but he denied..."she is so delicate..."
"Come on Karan nothing will happen..." Arohi encouraged him..
"Take her...I am there.." Ananya insisted making Karan nod...She carefully kept her in his arms.."support her head Karan..." She adjusted his hand below baby's head..

A full blown smile came on Karan's face as he looked down at her and that's when Arjun clicked a pic of three of them...
"Let her grow a little, once she started recognizing faces it will be fun to puzzle her between me n Arjun" Karan said smirking with a wink...
"Such a devil u are" Arohi retorted...

Arjun crossed his arm.."my baby will recognize me always..."
Karan laughed..."we will see" he stuck his tongue out..
"Karan we should leave. Arohi and baby need rest"  Ananya said taking baby from him..
Karan looked at her like his favrt candy was snatched from him "but I want to stay with baby for more time.." He whined..
"Baby needs her mother rite now...we will come again later"
Karan pouted and leaning kissed baby's nose..."this zalim ppl...we will meet soon love"

Giving a sweet peckon her head Ananya handed her to Arohi...
"I have a question!" Karan raised his hand...all three looked at him curiously...
"For how long we will call her baby...I mean she needs a name! She won't be going school under name Baby Singhania!"
All three of them chuckled "Dadi has said baby will be named after tomorrow's pooja" Arjun answered his confusion...
Karan nodded..."okay". As he and Ananya made their way out of hospital room he turned back and gazed at cute princess who was getting showered with her parents love...

"Chal Arohi puttar ab jldi se hmari rajkumari ka naam bta de..." Dadi said after pooja looking at Arohi who was sitting beside Arjun holding her baby...
Arohi smiled "Dadi not me but Arjun will name our baby" she grinned at Arjun and gave baby to him..."u know he had been making a list of names from last 2 months" she chuckled making Arjun smile sheepishly.

Everyone looked at Arjun waiting for him to say the name...Arjun stared at baby and gently rubbed her cheeks..."Aruvi"
"Aruvi Arjun Singhania.."
Everyine clapped in happiness...Arjun looked at Arohi to see if she was OK with name..
Arohi blinked her eyes reassuring him..
"Brother!!" Karan said seriously...
Arjun rolled his eyes..."how can anything end without Karan's remark"

Arohi chuckled and looked at Karan waiting for him to speak...
"Its a nice name brother but u could have gone Lil more Kim, Pam, Sasha..."
Arjun took a long breath and looked at Ananya casually "never let this man name ur kids..."
Karan humphed while everyone laughed...

Arohi looked at Karan who was sitting with a grumpy face...changing baby's diaper she walked towards him "what happened chachu? Why so sad?"
Karan looked at her seemingly upset..."Arohi I too want to be a dad!"
"How is that a problem?"
Karan scratched his head "me n Ananya had a talk over this few months back and we agreed to have a baby 2 years later but I want a baby now!"
Arohi nodded thoughtfully "try to talk with her...make her understand! She herself is fond of babies..I don't think she will disagree!"
Karan took Aruvi from her..."I hope angel also needs little brother or sister! Haina..." He rubbed her tummy with nose...

Karan was pacing in his room nervously...he was looking at door again n again waiting for Ananya.. He was tensed on how he is going to initiate the talk...?
"What happened Karan?" Ananya confusingly asked..
Karan looked at her gathering courage...she raised her brow waiting for him to say something...
"I umm..nothing" 
She looked at him weirdly "Karan are u alright?"
Karan smiled "yeah! Perfectly fine" "I must change and leave for restro..."
"Okay" saying this she moved to table picking her file...
Karan cursed under his breath...he thought of some way to convey hiswish to her and an idea struck him...
"Ahh...Ananya..can u give me my *BABY* pink shirt" 
Closing her file she looked at him keenly...Karan smirked thinking his truck worked..
"Karan u don't have any baby pink shirt!"
Karan's smile dropped..he scratched his head trying to come up with come reply...
Ananya shook her head and left from there "u have lost it Karan"

Next evening...
Karan entered in his room...his eyes searching for his lady love..spoofing her bear wardrobe he grabbed her hand..."Ananya...come here" he made her sit on bed "I have cooked something for u..."
"For me...what?"
Karan put forward the plate "this...*baby* corn masala" he said putting stress over baby ..
Ananya smiled excitedly and took the plate from him..."this looks yummy.."
"U know I have used baby tomatoes , baby onions and even capsicum was baby sized" he said emphasizing baby every time but Ananya was too busy relishing food she didn't bother to ponder on his words...
Disappointed on his failed attempt he sighed and leaned back while she enjoyed *baby* corn..

Karan was playing with his food upset over the pending baby talk.. 
"Karan u want something?" Ananya asked seeing him not eating...
Lost in his thoughts he didn't reply making Ananya shook him bit..."Karan u want something?"
"Baby" he blurted making Dadi choke on her food and Ananya embarrassed..
"I mean baby corn masala I made in evening..." He quickly explained himself saving from further embarrassment 
Ananya nodded and passed him the bowl...
Karan glanced at Arohi and Arjun who were smirking at him...

"I can't believe u actually said that" Arjun laughed loudly as later on he and Karan sat outside in garden...
Karan threw an angry glance at him "Stop it Arjun! I have been dropping so many baby hints at her but doesn't seem to get any...! She was never this dumb before" he whined like a child..
Arjun controlled his laughter..."she is not acting u r being an idiot! U r being nervous like she is someone else's wife n not yours..!"

Karan narrowed his eyes..
"Be a man bro! Stop these silly tricks and ask her directly"
"U r saying bcz u didn't have to go through this...u very conveniently dropped baby bomb on Arohi.."
Arjun chuckled at his dramatic words..."Karan with u so much whining I am starting to think that u r pregnant..! Man u r terrible than Arohi "
"Arohi would love to know about this.." Karan remarked making Arjun's laughter stop..
Karan smirked "I should go to my room I have an eventful night waiting for me...unlike u" he winked...
"Karan!!" Arjun remarked shaking his head...
Smirking he turned to walk away but stopped and walked back to Arjun "wish me luck brother" he lightly hugged Arjun...
Arjun rolled his eyes "all the best...enjoy whatever u r heading for .."
Karan chuckled.."thank u kiddo" he kissed on his cheek annoying him more..
"Stop calling me Kiddo...I have a daughter now"
"Good night kiddo..." He said stressing over kiddo..."and happy cuddles" he added jokingly...
Arjun groaned "I like cuddles!"
"I know brother I know" laughing Karan left from there...

Karan was impatiently waiting for Ananya to join him on bed but she seemed to busy in her not so interested works...
"Ananya sweetheart plz hurry"
Ananya looked at him with a small smile and keeping aside her work moved towards him..He pulled her in arms as she slipped in bed beside him...
Tossing the front few strands behind her ear he sweetly pecked her lips..
"We need to talk" they both said at same time..
"U first" they chuckled as they again said same thing..
Karan leaned back making them more comfortable..."conflicting to ur views I am *gentle* man..." He winked..."ladies first"
Ananya smacked his chest little harshly "I umm..actually.." "Karan I-I want a baby. I know u r not ready yet but I promise I will take care of everything...there will be no disturbance to..." Before she could complete she was silenced by his lips..
"That's what I am trying to say to u from last few days..." He said between kiss...
Ananya looked at him confusingly and that's when she realized all too much of *baby*s in his talks..
She chuckled "u could have talked directly..."
Karan turned them in one quick move making her lay under him.."hmm...I think we should start working!"
He said covering her lips with his again...

Edited by Arjuhi_dreamer - 03 July 2016 at 10:59am

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set_fire_2_rain IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2016 at 12:28am | IP Logged
me 1st:D

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arjuhi-forever Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2016 at 11:29am | IP Logged
awesome dis karan reallystole yvheart his remarks calling arohi fatty...hahavnd his tactics for corn masalaLOLLOL...arjuhi as alwys grt togethr...i ll wait for ur nxt update other epilogue od surrndring to devil or new os...or ss...ur creations are awsome nd i hve really become fan of ur writng nd story telling style...SmileSmile
navk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 July 2016 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
wonderful epilogue
loved it
and karan he is superb
will miss this story
sonamiglesias Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2016 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Superb update...funny,witty,emotion everything was Karan n arohi's friendship...tiger Karan became kitty Karan in front of his wife... LOL
Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 July 2016 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Awwiee -I was missing Karan - this epilogue seems to be a nice gift for my waiting
Awesome epilogue - I was waiting to have a sneak peak into the lives of Karan and Arjun and Iam happy to read your epilogue

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