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PV SS - Forbidden Epilogue - Page 6 (Page 6)

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Finally the epilogue. So sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy.


"Didi, you are happy right?"

"Arpi, look at me. I am the happiest woman alive. I am marrying the man of my dreams and we will have our baby soon. And I know soon you will be too. Amaan is wonderful. I know you don't believe me but I know him very well and I can see I his eyes that he loves you too. I just think that even he doesn't realise it yet. "
She had found out that she was pregnant a 2 weeks ago.
"Didi, I don't mind.   I love him and I am marrying him and that is enough for me."
The wedding rituals had started. It would be a double wedding in grand fashion. Soon she would be Mrs. Aarti Yash Scindiya. She hadn't seen him for a while as rituals dictated. She missed him desperately.   He called her often and that made it even worse.
"Baby, just think, the time will fly by and you will be mine.   Don't be upset."
"Can't you sneak onto my balcony again?"
"No, I won't give Ma a heart attack. Baby, she trusts me. Let's just honour her in this."
"Fine." she sulked. "But I don't think you love me at all."
He laughed.
"Emotional blackmail and manipulation will not help you now my love. Go to bed. You need your rest because once we are married, you will not get a moment's reprieve. And then the baby will there. I wonder how you will cope between my beautiful daughter and me. You better not forget that I am number 1 in your life"
"I will cope very well with my career, my demanding husband and my cute son. And you better not forget that I am number 1 in your life."
"I promise I won't. I love you Mrs. Scindiya."
She loved it when he called her that.
"Good night, I love you too."

"Arpi, I am not feeling so well."
"What's a matter didi?"
"I feel nauseous."
"Sit down" Arpita fanned her.
"It's a bit better now. Let's go."
It was the last ceremony before the wedding and Aarti was really not feeling well the whole day. She was happy when it was time for them to go to their room.
"Arpi was helping her."
"Her step mother was waiting for them at the top of the stairs."
"Anything wrong, Aarti?"
"No, Rhada ma."
"Then why is my daughter helping you up the stairs?"
"She feels a bit dizzy, Ma. It's just probably all the excitement."
"Excitement? Excitement over the wedding or the illegitimate child she is carrying?"
The sisters looked up in shock.
"Yes, I know. I heard the two of you talking. So that is why he is marrying you. Because you were a s**t before marriage and now he has to make a respectable woman out of you. And my daughter must suffer, she must marry the poor low class man."
"Ma Amaan is not ..."
"Be quiet Arpita. I am sick and tired of you protecting this s**t. Haven't you realised that she doesn't care for. If she did, she would not be carrying the seed of you fiance inside of her."
"Ma, please..."
"Rhada-ma, I have taken all the abuse that I am about to take from you. You want to call me a s**t. Fine. I slept with my sister's fiance. We all know that's the truth. I admit all of that. But I will not be accused by you. We are the same are we not Rhada-ma. We both wanted men that didn't belong to us. We both slept with them when they had other women in their lives. Here is Arpita, the very proof that you slept with a married man. So what makes you better Rhad-ma. If I am a s**t, then what does that make you? "

"You b***h!" she tried to slap Aarti but she caught her hand.
"No you don't. You don't slap me. You don't call my filthy names and you stop tormenting my mother and my sister. I did all the things you just said, the only difference is that I love Yash with all my heart. And I was prepared to walk away from that love. It was Arpi-di that convinced that I should not give up on my love. How you managed to raise such an amazing daughter I will never understand. But you, I don't think you ever loved my father. To you he was always just your ticket to an easy life, to wealth. And he is too blind to see that he is being played for a fool."
"Your father loved me. I gave him what he wanted. I gave him what the prude that he married couldn't. I made sure he realised that he couldn't live without me. And as men are, it was easy to win them over with just one thing. And your father was no different. It was so easy to manipulate him and look at me now. I still have him eating out of my hand. And I have everything I want. For the lifestyle I lead the sacrifice was worth it. And you are not going stand in my way."
"I may be what you consider to be a s**t, but at least I didn't sell my body for favours. You are nothing but an expensive long term prostitute."
"You dare call me that? See how he will want you when there is no baby" she pushed Aarti hard.
But Arpita was quick. She pushed Aarti out of the way. She landed hard but Arpita lost her footing and tumbled down the stairs screaming.

"Arpita, baby." her mother screamed running down the stairs. And she saw her father run down the stairs too.
"Aarti was lying on the floor. Watching her sister lying unconscious on the stairs. She saw Amaan and Yash come rushing to Arpi and then Yash came running up the stairs.
"Aarti, baby are you ok."
"Arpi, Yash. Arpi."
"We have called the hotel doctor. We don't want to move her yet, but she is still breathing. We will get you both the hospital. Please relax baby."
She fainted in his arms.

She finally woke up in hospital.
"Arpi-di, Arpi-di"
Yash came to her.
"Shh, baby. Arpita is fine. A few cracked ribs and sprained ankle and a slight concussion but nothing major."
She grabbed him by his shirt and sobbed in his chest.
"I was so worried. It looked like ..."
"It's over now my darling."
"And our baby."
"She is strong like her mother. She is still firmly ensconced in your tummy, mummy."
"Or he is just stubborn like his father." they both laughed and he kissed her on her nose."
Then she realised her mother was also in the room.
"Ma ..."
"I am so happy my babies and grandbaby are all fine."
"You are not disappointed, Ma."
"No sweetheart. If you are happy then I am. And look at the beaming father over there. I know that he will love and take care of you. So no, I am not disappointed. And besides when did my Aarti girl ever do anything conventionally. Why should I expect so this time, hmm? At least one of my daughters are doing it the right way. "she laughed and hugged her.
"May I come in?"
They all looked at the door when they heard her father's voice.
"Come in ji. I will go see to Arpita."
"No Shoba. Stay. What I have to say concerns you too."
"I will leave then bauji."
"No Yash, you are my son in law and this concerns you too."
"What is it bauji?"
"I ... I have to apologise to both of you. I let Radha manipulate me all these years. I couldn't even see what I was doing to both of you. I convinced myself that because she was having my child that it would be fine. But truth be told I knew deep down I was doing the wrong thing. And when you didn't object Shoba, it soothed my conscience even more. And all these years I convinced myself that I was a good father, refusing to see the affects that my callous disregard of your mother's feelings did to you."
"JI ..."
"No ma, let him finish."
"All the signs were there but I suppose yet again I refused to see that I allowed myself to be duped like that. That she was not the person that I fell in love with. The person that I had her built up in my head to be. I couldn't or wouldn't acknowledge to myself that it was not really love and that she was not just using me after I broke your heart Shoba. And yet you endured it. You stayed. You treated our children like your own. Even today I am convinced that Arpita loves you more than her biological mother. I was glad when you two moved abroad because I suppose it was easier for me. More peaceful in the house. No more sparring between you and Radha. But I missed you so very much. You were my first born and I love you."
"Bauji. I am assuming that you have had some sort of epiphany about your wife?"
"Sadly it was not an epiphany. I heard your argument with Radha in the hotel."
"I stayed out of the way.   I wanted to hear what was being said."
"So you know I am pregnant and that I had a relationship with Yash from the time he was with Arpi-di."
"Aarti, who am I to judge?"
"So now what Bauji?'
"There is a lot of things I can forgive but putting my children and grandchild in danger is not one of them."
"What does that mean bauji"
"I asked Radha to leave."
"You don't have to do that on my account bauji. She is your wife, I don't expect you to do that."
"This is not why I am doing it. My eyes have finally opened. I don't want her in my life anymore. And I will certainly not take the chance of some sick person trying to harm my child again."
"But where will she go at this stage of her life, Ji"
"Still concerned about her even though she tried to hurt your daughter and grandchild? You made a life for yourself Shoba. She will have to as well."
"But I had Aarti."
"She has family. And I doubt that Arpita will let her live with her and Amaan. I will still provide for her financially."
"Shoba, Aarti, will you both forgive me."
Aarti looked at her mother. She had tears in her eyes.
"I forgive you ji."
"I would like you to consider moving back home once Aarti gets married."
"I will think about it."
"Aarti. Will you forgive me too? I want to remain in your life. In my grandchild's life."
"Of course bauji. I would love for us to be closer, especially now that we are having a baby."
"Thank you beta."
"I will go now. Shoba, will you go and get a cup of tea with me."
"Of course ji."
Aarti smiled as her parents left the room.
"Are you happy my love?"
"I am, Yash. I hope my mother can find some happiness at last."
"Well that was a start. But more importantly what about our marriage? I don't want to postpone again."
"But what about Arpi-di and Amaan?"
"I tell you what. I am going to get the priest now and marry us and when Arpita and Amaan get married we can do it again."
"No, we have to wait."
"Aarti ..."
"Just kidding." she laughed "I don't want to wait either. You get the priest. But can your parents and ma and bauji be there too. And can we do it in Arpi-di's hospital room?"
"Can I say no to the love of my life. Of course we can do it just the way you want to,"
"Love me much?" she aked
"Too much"
She grabbed and kissed him.
"Never too much. And never more than me." she said.

They went to Arpita's room. Amaan was sitting with her.
"Arpi-di, how are you?" She hugged her.
"Ouch didi. I am fine just be gentle. I am a bit sore,"
"Sorry, so sorry. Thank you for what you did. You saved my baby. And sorry about ... about your mother."
"Arpita sighed. We all knew what kind of person she was. It was time pappa did so too. I will still be there for her. She is still my mother. And anyway I would do it again. You are my one and only didi and aunty could not let anything happen to her baby. I love you didi."
"I love you too."
"And guess who loves me too?"
"My handsome cousin over there?"
"Didn't I tell you?"
"Yes you didi,"
"Happy now?"
"Ecstatically so." and she looked adoringly at Amaan that had a silly smile on his face.
"We are getting married tonight. Right here Arpi-di."
"So Yash, you can't even wait for my cousin for a few more days."
"Come on Amaan. She is already pregnant. She can't control herself around me. So I am insisting that she makes an honest man out of me."
"Yash!" said a mortified Aarti."
"What. It's true. Anyway. I have wedding arrangement to make. See you soon my angel. Love you."
"Love you too."

After the makeshift wedding, sadly Aarti had to stay in the hospital another night for observation. But her husband would not let her stay there alone. And he charmed the nurses into letting him stay with her.
"Shame on you Yash Scindiya. Flirting in front of your new wife."
"Anything to stay with said new wife." he said getting onto the bed with her.
"I'm glad you are here." She said as snuggled into his arms.
"And I'm glad I'm here too." he said rubbing her tummy. "I won't leave my princesses alone,"
"My prince says thank you daddy"
He chuckled.
"No matter what gender our little one is, I will try and be the best daddy in the world."
He kissed her and his hand slid down her tummy. lifting her hospital gown and his hand went into her panty.
"Yash, not here."
"It's a private ward. No one will see. And besides I refuse to have a completely dry wedding night."
"No' she said but at the same time she felt his fingers inside her and the he started rubbing. She starting moving involuntarily against his fingers. She reached out for him too and closed her hand around him and started to rub him.   She started convulsing to his hand movants soon and he too left his seed in her hand soon after.
"Not an ideal wedding night, babe. But if the doctor gives us the all clear tomorrow I will make it up to you."
"I don't know. Making out in the hospital is pretty exciting. Like mom says, I do nothing conventionally." they laughed and he hugged her tightly and they fell asleep.
The next day the doctor gave her the all clear and she could go home. To her husband's home.

Two weeks later, Yash looked at his wife, dressed as a new bride as she approached the mandap. His heart was beating erratically. You would swear they weren't already married. She was absolutely beautiful. He hardly even noticed his sister in law. He grabbed her hand as she sat down next to him and could barely keep his eyes off her.
Finally the wedding was finished and the reception started. They were dancing together.
"Are you looking forward to our wedding night, love?"
"Yash, how many wedding nights to you want?"
"With you every night."
"Keep talking like that Mr. Scindiya, and you will keep getting lucky." she smiled. She moved her hand down and started fondling his manhood and she felt him harden under her hand.
"Shameless woman." he said.
"It's dark here on the dance floor. No one can see me."
He took her hand away and dragged her off the dance floor. He went to their parents and said,
"Aarti is very tired, I think it is the pregnancy. Would be ok if we go back home since we have already done the home coming rituals."
"Yes, beta." said his father.
"Fine with us too" said her father.
She smiled and nodded at her mother as she saw her father's hand resting on hers. Radha was there too, she came in her finest regalia, but she did not get the reaction from her husband that she expected. Aarti even felt a little sorry for her, till she was reminded that this woman attempted to kill her child.
They left the hotel and got into the limo. They immediately started kissing and caressing each other.
"Too many layers of clothes" he said breathlessly.
"Leave it. We don't want to shock the driver when we get out."
"But honey..." he started.
"But honey, I can make you feel good anyway she said as she sat on the floor of the limmo and freed his hungry hardness from its confines till he climaxed in her mouth just as the car stopped.
They quickly went upstairs and he helped her removed all her jewellery and clothes. He kissed her till she was breathless.
"Shower. I ... need ... a ... shower."
She said between kisses. Without a word he picked her up and took her to the shower.   He put her down and turned on the water while she was kissing and caressing his back. He pulled her into the shower with him. He started to soap her with his hands causing her to tingle and moan. And when he was finished she did the same to him. Then he turned her around and entered her from her from behind. His thrust were hard and fast. And he rubbed her in front till she screamed in climax. And he followed suit.
She finally lay on top of him half asleep in bed naked and happy much later. She didn't even want to part from him. She was so tired from their lovemaking but it was like she never had enough.
"I think this was my favourite wedding night." she said sleepily.
"I don't know hey, as you said the hospital make out session was quite exciting."
"But not nearly as fulfilling as tonight."
"I agree. Do you think my princess minds the rough play."
"My prince says it's quite fine if his daddy keeps his mommy happy."
He kissed her and she felt him grow in her again.
"Then happy you shall remain, Mrs. Scindiya." He tipped her over and started slowly and passionately thrusting inside her. Her tiredness immediately disappeared as she met him thrust for thrust.

7 months later in the maternity ward.
Yash was the epitome of a proud daddy as he held his daughter in his arms.
"My princess is so beautiful baby, she looks just like you."
"Yes she is gorgeous, just as gorgeous my prince. He will charm all the ladies, just like his daddy does." she said looking at her son in the crib.
It turned out they were both right all along.
"What say you Mrs, Scindiya. In another 9 months we can have some more of these.
"Excuse me. My body needs a rest. And I wonder how you going to forces your advances on me if we have multitudes of children."
"Force? Me make advances? I think you still delirious from the drugs they gave you for the C-section. I had to fight your advances since before marriage."
"Whatever, Yash Scindiya. No more children for a while ok?
"Ok." he said and moved to sit on the bed with her.
"Love you" they kissed her tenderly.
"Love you too."
Their happiness knew no bounds. What was once forbidden was now theirs for the taking. And they took it eagerly and lovingly. They understood what it meant to nearly lose each other so they cherished each and every moment that they had together and they would for a lifetime to come.

The end

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Wow beautiful ending love it and tnx 4 d pm sis.

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love the ending Star and twins perfect Star one for each parent Star
Shoba forgive her husband a little to easy LOL but that is blind love LOL Radha true colours came out to bad she had to attempt murder for Aarti's father to grow a pair and come to his senses LOL

Good gong BStar

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wonderful update.. loved the ending

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It was absolutely and amazingly perfect just as I always knew it would be! good won over evil and love overcame it all! humor was present as a relief even when things got scary! I don't know why you struggled but you can be sure that it was worth every hair pulling moment you endured! Hug
Poor soul tried to blackmail her stubborn love to come to her because she was missing him, I am sure the pregnancy was not helping matters either but he kept to his resolve LOL he must have known he won't be able to stop once he gave in Embarrassed

Oh my! Radha shot herself in the foot! she was so enraged that she spoke what was always in her heart unthinkingly, then she removed any form of rectification when she tried to harm Aarti. How astounding though that she had the gull to judge Aarti when she had done the exact same thing? she called being married a sacrifice when she practically ruled that house and got her way every time? 
Karma is a bitch as they say and Shoba got back her husband, and her family without having to lift a finger or resorting to dubious means. even her children prefer Shoba and her husband's blindfolds are off.

it's just that her evil intends nearly cost her daughter's life; how noble is Arpita! I really love this Arpita! she did not even think twice about it when she pushed Aarti to safety and fell down the stairs in her stead; I even think she suspected that her mother would try something. as they say every cloud has a silver lining and Arpita's was that Aaman finally acknowledged his love for her! 

it was a very emotional moment when Satyendra atoned by asking for forgiveness. he did not even excuse his behaviour, he knows he wronged them and just wanted forgiveness. lucky for him they have big hearts and forgave him so easily, all they ever wanted was a sign to reach out anyway. now they can be a real family and Aarti will finally have her father's love. 

how shameless are AarYa? they could not even wait for Arpita to get better! they had to marry as soon as possible so they could carry on with their hanky-panky! Dead Dead Dead enough said! uhhh I loved their banter regarding the baby, what a pleasant surprise! the way that they could not stay away from each other, it's no wonder they had twins! and the husband is eager to have more! I wonder is it really more babies, or is it the art of making them that he is eager for? Wink

like I said you gave a fitting ending to yet another beautiful of your millions of stories Honey-Bee! I loved, loved, loved it! Day Dreaming

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Beautiful ending. 

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Lovely update:)

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Awesome ending.  Loved the story.

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