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Tessaloni IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Tessaloni

Day Dreaming wow!!!
  One word?Ouch
LOL my greedy Honey-Bee! isn't this a much more gratifying compliment! it should mean that the start is so marvelous that it rendered me speechless! 

anyhoo I loved it of course! I don't think Aarti's family, especially her father has much moral ground to stand on because he did the same thing to his first wife, it's like karma and it can be a real bitch. at the same time though Arpita is such a kind soul and does not deserve such betrayal from two of the people she must trust and love the most. but when the love bug bites there really is nothing for it! these two souls cannot help that the feelings they tried to fight overcame them. but their relation is forbidden because it would hurt Arpi, what an apt title you chose! 

am very eager to see how you will untangle this web my Honey-Bee! Day Dreaming

Tessaloni IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Tessaloni

someone had a birthday yestetday and I had to pull a rabbit out of a hat with a quick Os. Hence the delay#just saying#LOL will see if I'm motivated to continue today.

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Tessaloni IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by B-onesie

Originally posted by Tessaloni

someone had a birthday yestetday and I had to pull a rabbit out of a hat with a quick Os. Hence the delay#just saying#LOL will see if I'm motivated to continue today.
well since you are so good at magic tricks, you can pull another rabbit out of a hat WinkLOL

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That was  awesome B Star

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Chapter 2


"No, you can't leave.  I just found you.  I won't let you leave."

She moved out of his arms.

"I have to.  Our situation is impossible.  You are engaged to my sister."

"But how can I just allow you walk out of my life.  We need to talk, baby.  Not here.  We need to talk about this.  You can't leave before we talk"

"What is there to talk about? It's all clear to me.  I have to leave.  I won't hurt my sister."

"And what about what happened last night"

"We have to forget that ever happened."

"Aarti, we are going to talk whether you want to or not."  He held her arms again.  He kissed her.  She was lost again. 

"Please meet me tonight" he said between kisses. 

"Yes" she said weakly.
I will text you the address.

"Ok" she said again.



"You have to stop kissing me now."  She stopped abruptly feeling embarrassed. 

He rubbed his hands over her hair to fix it and rubbed his thumb over her lips, wiping away her smudged lipstick and making her lips tingle. 

She tried to compose herself as much as possible and left to go back to her office.

He texted her an address but she didn't go and she switched off her phone. 

He waited and he called but to no avail.  He was livid.  How could she do this?  He knew why she did it but it didn't help him.  He needed to speak to her.  He needed to get closure.  He was tempted to go to her house and have the discussion right there in front of her mother.  Finally he went home.  But he didn't sleep at all that night. 

She just couldn't go.  She didn't trust herself with him.  She couldn't be alone with him.  Look at what already happened.  And what excuse did she have.  At least he was drunk but she was sober.  She gets lost every time he looks at her or touches her.  She was scared of what was going to happen the next day at work.  She had eventually switched her phone on and she saw the multitudes of missed calls and messages.  She couldn't contain her tears as she read his last message.

"We will have this conversation, my love.  In private or in front of everybody.  Your choice.  You can't run away forever.  I love you and I am willing to fight with you and for you for that love." 

Strangely enough he didn't call her to the office during the next couple of days but she knew she would see him at a family function at her father's house over the weekend.  She did not want to go but once again, Arpita begged her to be there.

It was Radha's birthday.  She reluctantly wished her and gave her her gift.  There was no love lost between them and they were both aware of the others feelings.  She knew this was source of pain for Arpita.  Her mother was there too.  Arpita had this idea that they could be this big happy family and everyone tried for her but it really wasn't working.  They had a big family dinner.  Yash and his family were there too.  She tried to act normally, not avoiding him too much.  She had actually started to relax when she heard him say.

"You have to excuse me Ma & Bauji.  I just had a very irate client on the phone.  The designs that he received is apparently not what we agreed on.  I have go.  Arpita, I hope you don't mind that I steal Aarti too.  It is so convenient having one of my designers in the family.

"Not at all.  Come back as quickly as you can."

She couldn't argue.  She followed him to his car.  Her heart was beating so fast.  She was scared and angry.  How dare he do this?   He gave her no choice.  It would have looked too suspicious she had refused.

They drove for a while in silence. 

"Are you going to give me the silent treatment all the time?"

"I can't believe you?  How could you do this? In front of the whole family." she shouted at him.

"How else would I have gotten you alone?"

"Where are you taking me?"

"It's a surprise."

He took her to her apartment.

"Why are we here Yash? How do you even know where I live?" he asked as they entered the apartment. 

"It's a place where we can talk alone and I make it my business to know everything about you.  Come let's go so that we can talk"

They walked to the apartment and they both went inside.

"How many times must I tell you?  There is nothing to say."

"On the contrary, there is so much to say and do." he said coming towards her.

She walked back, and came to a stop at the wall.  He gave her a tender soft kiss.  Then it heated up.  His hands at the nape of her neck, his fingers in her hair.  She had her hands on his hard chest, relishing his closeness and his touch.  Then he broke the kiss.

"We didn't come here for this.  Not today at least."

"Yash let's go back to my father's house. "She said desperately.

"Not until we had our talk."

"What exactly is it that you want to say and hear?"

"I want to tell Arpita about us.  I want to tell our families that I love you and want to marry you."

"No, you can't do that.  How can you think we can live happily after that?  Do you think I can live a happy life after breaking my sister's heart?  I will not build my life, my marriage on the broken pieces of Arpita's heart.  She loves you.  She loves me.  She would do anything for out happiness and what do we do?  We betray her."

"But we love each other.  Do you expect me to just walk away from you?"

"I will leave. I told you before.  I will leave here, I will live in another city.  I will find another job.  You don't have to do anything."

"And you think I can make her happy when I love you."

"If you love me as you say you do, you will.  You will make her believe that you love her."

"Don't ask that of me Aarti."

"Why do you even want me Yash?  I am not the type of woman you should want.  I am a terrible person.  I hate myself.  I am the type of woman that sleeps with her sister's fiance.  I am lower than low.  You don't need someone like me in your life.  Arpita is a much better person.  She is loving and kind and honest.  She will never betray you.  How do you know that I won't betray you like I betrayed my sister?  How do I know you won't betray me, like you betrayed my sister?"

He grabbed her arm.

"Aarti! That's enough! Enough! Do you hear me?  I will not let you talk about yourself or me like that.  We are not those types of people.  We fell in love.  It was beyond our control.  No we shouldn't have made love, but it happened.  I guarantee you it won't happen again till we are married but I will not have you degrade the feelings we have for each other.  I will not let you make disparaging remarks about the woman that I love."

She started to cry.  He body shaking with desperate sobs.  He took her in arms again, holding her tightly.  He closed his eyes as tears spilled from them too.

"Aarti, I can't see you like this.  I don't want to make you unhappy.  If this is what our love does to you then I will do as you ask.  I will leave you alone.  I will marry Arpita as planned and I will try and make her happy.  I do love her very much.  I will try and forget that I am hopelessly in love with you. I will do anything not to see you like this.  I love you too much."

She put her arms around him and held him tightly.  Finally they broke apart.

"Thank you, Yash"

They were in no condition to go back to the party.  He went home and she showered and got into bed.  She cried the whole night.  It was now time to start the healing process and plans on going forward.  As far away from him as possible and still having her mother close enough to the family.

It was the same for him.  He had to try to forget about her and remind himself of his commitment to Arpita.  That was what she wanted.  He didn't see how it was possible to do this, but he would do it.  He felt like he was dying on the inside but for her he would do anything.  Even let her go.  It pained him too much to see her hurting like that.

She resigned shortly afterwards.  She had taken a position as a permanent designer for Prashant Dubey.   Yash was not happy with the developments as he knew how Prashant felt about her.  But he honoured her wish.  He accepted her resignation and did nothing to stop her from joining Prashant's company.  He started travelling more again.  His excuse was that he needed to be up to date with international fashion trends and it was a plausible reason.  Arpita was busy getting her business up and running so she was very busy herself so she didn't complain.

He had returned from his trip to London 6 month later and Arpita was very excited to see him.  She was at his house when he came home.  She had very exciting news for him, or so she thought.

"You will never believe what happened?"

"What? "He said tiredly.

"Aarti received a proposal"

Instantly he was wide awake and fully alert.

"From who?"

"Prashant Dubey"

He was not surprised.

"Did she accept" he tried to stay as calm as possible.

"She doesn't know yet.  We have a family dinner tomorrow for Prateeks's birthday and Aarti and Shoba-ma will be there and my parents will talk to them about it.  I am worried though.  Whenever bauji and ma suggest anything to her she becomes rebellious.  It's like she automatically disagrees with everything they say or do.  She always does the opposite of what they want.  It drives my parents crazy as well as poor Shoba-ma."

"Oh.  She doesn't know yet?"

"Nope.  Will you come tomorrow as well Yashu?"

"Yes, I have to come and greet your parents and I will bring their gifts as well."

"I can see you are tired, so I will let your rest.  Just think Yashu if she says yes, then we and have a double wedding. See you tomorrow then." she kissed him on the cheek and left.

The thought of a double wedding made him feel ill.  He could never get married to another woman at the same time and the same place as she was getting married.  He might just lose his resolve and do something stupid.  He was so tired, yet he couldn't sleep.


The dinner was very awkward for Aarti.  She hadn't seen him in a while.  She chose to sit as far away from him as possible.  She had helped serve the food earlier and their hands accidentally touched.  His hand felt like molten lava on hers.  She could still smell his fragrance.  She had no appetite but she forced the food down.  And when dinner was done she wanted to leave immediately.  She didn't like being there at the best of times, now it was impossible.

"No don't leave yet, Beta.  Your mother and I want to talk to you and Shobaji" said her father.

She wanted to say that Rhada is not her mother but she held back.

"Yes, bauji"

"We received a proposal for you from Prashant Dubey.  We met him and the family and we think it is a good match"


"Yes Aarti" they are well off, have a good business and he really seems to care for you." said Rhada.  "You have to say yes,"

"No I don't have to say yes to an arranged marriage.   Some of us get to marry for love or don't you remember?" She looked accusingly at her father and Rhada, "I will not marry merely because you think he is a good prospect.  I can look after myself."

"Relax, Beta" he mother said.

"No Ma, what gave them the right to entertain discussions about my marriage without you or me.  She is not my mother.  She doesn't get a say."

"Aarti please, don't get so upset" Arpita said.  "Ma and Bauji thought they were doing something good, they didn't mean anything bad by it. And I thought you like Prashant."

She looked at Arpita, also realising that Yash was a witness to all of this. She looked at him and looked away quickly.  She could not bear what she saw in his eyes.  She felt the same.  She wanted him and only him but she could not say that because she couldn't have him.

"I am sorry Arpi.  I was not prepared for this. I do like Prashant but I have never considered him anything more than my boss and a friend.  I will have to think about it.  But no discussions will be entered into without my mother or me from here on.  Come Ma. Let's go home."


He left shortly after telling Arpita that he thought it might be better for him to leave so that they could have a family discussion in the wake of what just happened.  He started driving home, but he was on auto pilot.  He didn't know how he got there when he stopped.  He was so upset at the thought of her even considering marriage.  She was so upset at first.  He hated what he had seen at her father's house.  He could see that there were underlying issues that had not been dealt with.  He always knew there was no love lost between her and her stepmother and he started to wonder about her childhood, about her mother's treatment which he was sure were all contributing factors to the scene that played out in their home today.  He stopped and got of the car, but he was not at his house her was at hers.  He didn't know what he was doing there.  He couldn't go and knock on the door.  What would he tell her mother.  He started walking to the courtyard of the 2-story flat and he sat on a bench.  It was double storey.  He had only been in there the time they had "the talk".  He looked up, there was balcony facing the courtyard and he looked up.  He wondered which bedroom was hers.

She had come home, still upset.  The drive home was in silence.  Her mother was quiet too.  She knew all too well how Aarti gets in times like these.  She resented her mother for always being meek and following what the other two says.  She resented her father for wanting to make decisions in her life.  As far as she was concerned he'd lost that right when he took another wife.  And she resented her stepmother because she was a scheming witch and she was the only one that could see through her. She was angry and upset.  She said goodnight to her mother and she went to her room and took a shower.  But she couldn't sleep.  She was restless.  She couldn't believe this whole family fiasco played out in front of him.  What must he be thinking?  Maybe she should have just said yes.  Maybe it would be easier to forget him if she were married.  And what Arpi said was true.  She really like Prashant.  He was a nice guy and they had lots of things in common. 

She tried to avoid him this evening but his presence was all encompassing to her.  Her senses were on full alert.  And whenever she looked in his direction, their eyes met.   She couldn't sleep, she had already switched off her bedroom lights.  She walked on the balcony, welcoming the cool breeze on her rapidly heating body. She saw a lone figure sitting on the bench in the courtyard and he eyes recognized him but her brain could not register that he was there.

He saw her walk out on the balcony.  She had obviously take a shower.  Her hair was still wet.  She was wearing pyjamas and a night gown.  Nothing sexy but to him she was gorgeous.  Before he could think he was climbing up to her balcony while she just stood rooted to the stop, still staring at him.  Once he reached her, he took her by the hand and led her to the room.  He looked her intently, not touching her but for the hand that he held.

"I'm sorry.  I couldn't stay away."

"Yash, you can't be here."

"Are you marrying him Aarti"
"I don't know.  Maybe it's for the best if I do."

"Baby, this is driving me insane.  Look at me, I am like a stalker, following you home and climbing up your balcony.  Are you still sure about your decision.  I love you Aarti.  I want to marry you.  How can I just let you marry another man?"

"You know why, sweetheart.  You are meant to be with Arpi."

"Do you still love me Aarti"

"I love you more everyday"

"Run away with me, we won't to face our families.  We can start afresh far away from here, abroad.  Please love."

She held his face in her hands.

"That sound wonderful baby.  But you know we can't.  You have a business to run and I have Ma." 

"But ..."

"No, we can't my love. We can't.  But I can kiss you right now.  Just this once."

She reached up to seize his lips for a soft kiss and the intensity grew quickly.  They were so lost that they didn't hear the footsteps or the door opening.  They were startled when the lights were switched on.  They didn't even remember to let go of each other. 

"Aarti, how could you?"

The pain and disappointed in her mother eyes spoke volumes.  She had done the worst thing that she could have done to her.  She has broken her heart again.  She saw Radha in her.  She didn't have to say anything.  But Aarti knew.  She turned around and walked out of the room.

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This is beautiful B, I just hope Yash and aarti find a way to each other one day but not at the expense of arpita coz she really does love aarti and she will be broken to know what yash and aarti have done, good one B can't wait for the next update...
And it better be soo hey

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Love oh love.  Of all the people to fall in love with  each other cupid chose Aarya, while Yash is engaged to Aarti 's sister. Poor Aarti her mother experienced betrayal from Radha. Now things get more complicated, when Shoba walks in on Aarya kissing passionately. I hope Yash will be brave enough to disclose his change of feelings so everyone can deal with the consequences now, and move on. No way he can marry Arpita. Aarti will face more backslash cause they will believe it was intentional on her part but it what it is. Please continue sooner than soon B.

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