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PV SS - Forbidden Epilogue - Page 6

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<p align="center"><font face="Calibri"><font size="4">PV SS - Forbidden</p>

<u><font size="4" face="Calibri">Chapter 1 - page 1</font>

<font face="Calibri"><font size="4">
Epilogue - page 6

PV SS - Forbidden


Yash woke up with a mother of a head ache.  His mouth was dry.  Damn, he thought, why did he do it?  He never indulged in alcohol and at a work function no less.  He lifted his heavy head as he wanted to get out of bed to go and take a shower and some headache tablets when her realised he was totally naked.  Then the memories came flooding back.

"Oh no, Oh no" he whispered to himself.  "What have I done?"  On further inspection he saw what he had hoped would not be there.  The evidence of the despicable act that he had done in his drunken state.  He lay back down wishing he could turn back time, before last night, no before he offered her the job, even before he met her.  Ever since she had come into his life, it had been in turmoil.  As much as he tried to avoid her, the more they were thrown together.  And now he had slept with her, his employee and his intended sister in law.  And to top it all off, she was still innocent. 

He hated himself right now. How was he going to deal with this?  How was he going to explain to her family that he had ruined their daughter, how was he going to explain to his fiance that he had slept with her sister.  How will his family take this information?  He was always the responsible, dependable son.  He could count on his one hand the times he was in trouble with is parents since childhood.  Even now, being the middle son, he was the CEO of the company instead of his elder brother Pankaj.  And ever since he had taken over in the last 2 years, the company's success had increased its profitability beyond anyone's imagination.  And now he had gone and done this. 


He had been seeing Aarpita for the last 4 years.  She was a beautiful person inside and out.  He was a director at Scindiya fashions and had met her at one of the fashion shows.  She was a model.  But she was not like all the other models he knew.  She was down to earth and modelling to her was just another job.  She never dwelt on her beauty.  She loved her parents and her younger brother Dheer.  They were immediately attracted to each other although she was 6 years his junior.  He was 26 and she was 20 at the time.  At first their relationship was mostly via cyberspace due to the hectic travelling schedules.  But in the last 2 years since he had been promoted to CEO he had been travelling less and she had stopped modelling and started a modelling agency.  And a year ago, they had gotten engaged.

Then 6 months ago she had excitedly announced that he sister was moving back to India.  He had known about her sister and even seen pictures but as she had been living abroad with her mother for the last  6 years, he never gave it a 2nd thought.  She was older than Arpita by only 2 months.  Their father had two wives but Radha, Arpita's mother had been his true love.  Shoba, his first wife, had chosen to move to the USA with her daughter when she went to study abroad.  Theirs was an arranged marriage.  But soon after the marriage, they had discovered that Rhada was pregnant as well and Dubeyji decided to marry her although he was already married. 

He had met her at a welcome home party that Arpita arranged for her sister at their home.  She had however chosen to find an apartment for her and her mother as she did not get along with her father or stepmother.  She looked nothing like Arpita, she looked more like her mother.  She was shorter, more curvaceous and she had the most beautiful hair and eyes that he had ever seen.  She was beautiful in a totally different way than Arpita.  Her laughter filled the whole room.  She was a happy person despite the circumstance surrounding her childhood.

He arrived early as he had offered to help with the preparations.  It was raining quote hard and he just happened to look up.  And what he saw on the balcony made him catch his breath.  He remained standing drenched in the rain.  He saw this vision of beauty dancing in the rain. She was wearing a western dress that was plastered to her curves, her long hair was hanging down her back like a train of silk.  She was laughing and twirling and he could not stop looking at her.  He almost felt like he wanted to go up there and cover her up, he didn't want anyone but him to see he like that.  Then she noticed him.  And the look that she gave him heightened the desire he had already felt.  She just stood there looking at him till he saw her looking to the back.  Evidently someone called her.  She went inside but not before giving him a last glance. 

The party has started already when she came down the stairs with Arpita.  She was looked breath-taking in a green saree.  He hardly noticed Arpita.  Eventually after greeting some family members they made their way to him. 

"Yash, this is my sister, Aarti.  Isn't she beautiful?  I had a great idea.  She is a fashion designer and she still doesn't have a job here.  Don't you possibly have a position for her in your company?  I'm sure you can make a plan, Yashu.  After all you are the CEO." she gave him her cute puppy dog eyes that had completely no affect now. 

"Namaste Aartiji" he said

"Namaste Yashji.  Don't mind Arpita.  I will find my own job.  She is overly concerned about me."

"Please don't be stubborn didi.  Yashu please, if she doesn't have a job, she might move back to the USA.  I don't want that."

He found himself thinking that he didn't want that either.

"I will first have to look at some of her designs before I can make a decision."

"She is very good, Yashu you will see.  Now you go and take the guest of honour for a spin around the dance floor while I go and be a good host"

"No Didi, you can't force Yash to dance with me."

"Come on, you are both great dancers" and she flitted away.

"I suppose we have no choice" he said let's go"

The moment they touched, it felt like a bolt of electricity went through him.  Holding her in arms was like unadulterated torment.  His heart was pounding and his breath was ragged, as was hers.  When the music stopped, they couldn't let go of each other fast enough to escape what they were feeling.

Against his better judgment he gave her a job as a designer, and every glimpse of her at the office was agony to him.  But both kept their interaction to a minimum.  But she caught the attention of one of his bigger clients, Prashant

Dubey.  He wanted her to design a whole line of women's clothing for his range of boutiques, but it was also clear to Yash, that his interest in her was more than professional and it was driving him crazy with jealousy.  But he couldn't do anything about it.  He was engaged to her sister.


Prashant had invited the whole team for snacks and drinks at a nearby nightclub and he was invited too.  He would normally have declined but he found himself accepting the invitation.  As the night progressed and as Aarti was dancing with Prashant and others, he started drinking.  He drank way too much.  Then when he was way past his limit, he needed to be escorted home.  As she was practically family she was elected to be the escortee. 

He fell asleep on her shoulder during the cab ride home but he woke up again as she was helping him out of the cab.   She helped him to his room.  His whole family was out of town, at a family wedding.  He didn't go as he had meetings that he couldn't reschedule.  So he was home alone.  She took his jacket off and lay him down on his bed and took his shoes off.  She moved away but he grabbed her hand,

"You're so beautiful, Aarti" he said."

"Let me go, Yashji"

"I think about you all the time you know" he continued "I can't get you out of my mind"

"Please don't say things like that Yashji"

"I dream about you too."

"Please Yashji, you are marrying my sister"

"I know that I affect you too."

"No, Yashji.  Let me go."

He pulled her down and kissed her.  She fought him off first and then she started kissing him back.  He pushed her on the bed beside him and started to deepen the kiss and his mouth moved down to the her neck.  His hands fondling her breast under her blouse.  She didn't resist, he thought, maybe she couldn't, just like he couldn't resist her.  He lifted her blouse and captured one nipple in his mouth, then the other.  Her reaction spurred him on.  She had her hands in hair and she moaning in pleasure.  He then started to unbutton her blouse for easier access and to her.  He didn't even know how their clothes were removed so fast, but they were both naked. He touched her intimate place to make sure she was as ready for him as he was for her.  She was more than ready and she was reacting to his touch in an amazing way.  He entered her with a hard thrust.  Instantly he was sober.  He had not even considered this. She was still untouched before this.  He looked at her in shock.  He was about to withdraw when she said:

"Please don't stop, Yash"

That was all he needed to continue.  His need for her was overwhelming.  Her response to him was more than he had expected and better than he had ever experienced.  He wanted this moment to last forever but eventually it was over, when they both reached a perfect climax. 

They didn't talk afterwards.  She cried herself to sleep in his arms and now this morning, she was gone.  Before he spoke to anyone else, he had to speak to her.  He needed to know how she was, what she felt.  He needed to know why she had given him her most prized possession.  He suspected what the reason was.  He hoped he knew what the reason was.  Because his reason was the same.  He was in love with her and had been from the first moment he had seen her on the balcony.  He ran a big corporate but his personal life was spinning out of control.  He went for his shower and made ready for the office.  As soon as he stepped in he told his PA.

"Please ask Aarti Sharma to come to my office"


She was sitting at her desk, but her head was not there.  She couldn't believe what had happened last night.  What she had done was unspeakable.  She had slept with her sister's fiance. It was not planned, but it happened.  What kind of person was she?  Was she the type of woman that stole another woman's man.  The type of woman that she despised.  She had seen what is did to her mother all the years to know that the man that she loves had another woman in his life.  Another woman that he loved.

Although her parents' marriage was arranged, her mother loved her father.  And when he took his 2nd wife and love of his life she was shattered.  They lived as a joint family and she loved her siblings but she could not bear her mother's daily humiliation, knowing that her husband preferred his 2nd wife to her.  He was a good father and loved her dearly, and he made no distinction between her and his children from Radha-ma but she could not forgive him for what he did and was still doing to her mother. And she did not get along with his favourite wife so it was better for her to leave their home. That is why she decided to study abroad and to take her mother with her.  She would have still been there if her mother didn't want to come back home.  She was getting on in years and wanted to be close to her family.  She drew the line at living at home though, she rather got them a 2 bedroom flat to live in.

The moment she saw him on that rainy day she had been deeply affected.  She has noticed his beautiful expressive eyes first.  And what she saw in them made her catch her breath.  She couldn't draw her gaze away from his until Ma called her to come in from the rain.  When she looked back as she entered her old room, he was still staring at her.  She felt a deep sense of loss when she learnt that he was Arpi's fianc.  And when she was in his arms dancing with him it was bitter-sweet.  He felt and smelled so good.  He wanted to stay there but she fled as soon as the music stopped.  She knew she shouldn't have accepted his job offer but now it was too late to think of what she should or should not have done. 

She had to decide what she had to do now.  Does she still stay in this job, does she stay in the country or go back to the USA.  But what about her mother.  She couldn't leave her alone.  But she couldn't stay around him anymore.  And she couldn't break her sister's heart.  She was a kind and wonderful person and finally after all these years they have reconnected. 

"Aarti, Mr Scindiya wants to see you" her thoughts were disturbed by one of her colleagues. 

She nodded and braced herself.  


He was pacing his office when the door opened.  She entered and closed the door behind her.  She just stood at the door.  Once again they just stared at each other for a long time.  And then simultaneously they rushed into each other's arms, clinging to each other.


"I love you Aarti"

"I love you too"  she lifted her head and looked up at him.

"And that is why I have to leave" she continued.  

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Wow. Another awesome story in the making. Please please please continue soon
Tessaloni IF-Sizzlerz

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Day Dreaming wow!!!
zuby87 Senior Member

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I'm speechless B, this is great stuff, the angle u have taken is so interesting I can't wait to see how the whole story will unfold...I just hope Yash and arti get their happy ever after...update soon B

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Originally posted by Tessaloni

Day Dreaming wow!!!
  One word?Ouch

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intresting start.. eager to read more
Sunrio80 Senior Member

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Wow! Another interesting story.
Waiting for your update.
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interesting start
loved it
waiting for the next part

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