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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 99)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2016 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lifesobeautiful

Hiii Sakshi,
Sorry i'm again late seriouly my sweetu u can throw upon me anything like tamoto   (chappal bhi chelga) Cool
Chapter was really wonderful as usual..!!
Ishani's thinking why they both r not spend time together but she dnt know that...Naina Angry name ki chudail ka saya h inke romance pr Angry
Ishani and raagini btw bond its was amazed..and how cute...she cutly kissed ishani Wink
Hehehe naina saw ishveer hugging each other i wish she could one day burn in jealous.. LOL
Now stupid wat she will do...


Firstly- ur story not dragged at all of us.!! I really enjoy to read ur all chapter..!!
Second- I badly want to see ishveer cute nok-jhok romantic ishani
Thirdly- Ishveer aly stay together..and no separation track..!!
Again sorry my sweetheart and keep smiling KEEP ROCKING...
And thanks for pm..

Hi Paige thanks for the comment
its okay dear I won't throw anything one you If I get chance I will throw some
flowers on your for reading my story daily only
glad you liked the chapter
ya Ishani is thinking that they are not able to spend time together but poor girl
didn't know that everything is because of this stupid Naina
happy that you liked Ishani and Raagini's bond and ya our cutie pie lovingly kissed
glad you liked the scene of Naina seeing Ishveer hugging each other and she will
surely burn of jealousy itself
Next she is planning something let us see what is it

Its all because of you all that I have completed 200 episode dear
a writer's writing won't be successful without readers hence you all are the reason
for it

happy to hear that my story is not dragging to you
glad you are enjoying all my chapters till date
hmm ya surely we will have a cute nok-jhok romantic Ishani let me try my best in it
hmmm separation will be there but won't be pathetic like show I promise you that
here in my story their separation will make their love more and more stronger

no need sorry dear keep reading WinkWinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2016 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sahil88

Hi sakshi its ok when ever u get time upload the epidode
Now come to suggesion u r not dragging any track each n evry track is wonderfull
But my fvrt is when u start the story
2nd please end naina track its getting boring now
3rd i want poverty track where no physical sepration
If u r able so please write this track
Bocz i always wish that ishani stood with ranveer in her bad time which
I never see in serial

Hi Cuteii thanks for the comment
thanks for understanding me
happy that you didn't find any of track boring
glad you liked their first track in my story
Naina track sorry If you felt it boring but give me some time I will end it with
a proper closing to her character

Poverty track means you want RV in a poor way I think ya let me try it If I can
ya surely Ishani will stand by his side If I am writing that track

Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for the comment
keep reading WinkWinkWinkWink
Sahil88 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 June 2016 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Yes take your time. And end naina Track nd teach her a lesson...
If ur comfortable soo write poverty track
I have sum story about poverty track

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2016 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sahil88

Yes take your time. And end naina Track nd teach her a lesson...
If ur comfortable soo write poverty track
I have sum story about poverty track

Hi Cuteii
ya thanks for understanding and Ya Naina track will have a ending by three more weeks
poverty track let me think about it and it should shape well too so give me some time

I will be so happy If we all get a poverty track from Cuteii you can start a story on it cuteii can we get it ?
malsa Groupbie

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Posted: 10 June 2016 at 11:31am | IP Logged
hiii sakshi...after a long long ur all episodes.dey are jst awsome.hats off to u for such very excited to see an angry ishani.LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL i want scenes like after first ishani working under will be very intresting to read.keep it up dr.god bless you.very very sry for de lte comments.whenevr i get time i ll try my best to comment.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2016 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by malsa

hiii sakshi...after a long long ur all episodes.dey are jst awsome.hats off to u for such very excited to see an angry ishani.LOL i want scenes like after first ishani working under will be very intresting to read.keep it up dr.god bless you.very very sry for de lte comments.whenevr i get time i ll try my best to comment.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hi Malsa thanks for the comment
ya after a long time I am receiving your comment glad you read
all my episodes and found it awesome
happy that you liked all my episodes
ya angry Ishani will be a new track and ya that may even come dear like Ishani working under RV ya let me try my best to keep you all hooked to the FF
thanks a lot dear
Its okay dear reply me when you get time WinkWinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2016 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Episode 199
Naina seeing Ranveer and Ishani hugging each other and seeing their lovely moment and their conversation she came back to her room. She locked the door and sat in the bed with a evil face.
Naina(taking long breath with anger): I just just want to kill that Ishani for being near my Ranveer. I thought my Ranveer took me with him for walking with his own wish but no he has taken me for that Ishani's words. I thought Ranveer will fall for me seeing me in this dress but no he didn't even mind me for a while. He is only melting to this Ishani. What am I to do now?All I need to do is I should make Ishani mistrust Ranveer and that Ishani herself should leave Ranveer. For that I need to create a situation where Ishani should mistrust and hate Ranveer but how?(got up from the bed and walking right and left in the room to herself):Think you will get a best way think think..Naina come on think..
She was wandering like a evil bitch that is waiting for the moment of the lovely couple separation.
Ranveer came out of the washroom changing himself to the night dress. He was in his black t-shirt and white night pant. As he came out he immediately saw Ishani who was still cleaning and arranging the cupboards and its things. Ranveer with a smile folded his hands and saw Ishani's back. Her beautiful back that the backless blouse was exposing wanted him to go and hug his wife so tightly. He saw their room entrance were the room door was still open Ranveer though the door was open without minding it with a smile started to walk towards Ishani. He cutely went to her and lovingly hugged her from behind.
Ishani(seeing it is Ranveer holding a Saree which she was about to keep in the cupboard):Ranveer what I said you? be away from me.
Ranveer:(without leaving his grip still hugging her):Ranveer can never be away from Ishani.
Ishani(keeping the Saree that was in her hand in the cupboard and turning to Ranveer where he cutely held her back and pulled her close to him):Ranveer door is open and you are doing these kind of things. Naina is with us and Raagini is too playing in your study room only. She is in walker she may come anytime.
Ranveer(he took his one hand and showed his index finger to the cupboard door that was open and that was hiding them to the people who will enter the room): Till this door is open no one can see us.
Ishani:Ranveer no baby not now leave me.
Ranveer(giving a disappointed look):you know what from small all I need to do is only to stare at you. when I was loving you I was not able to get you to express my feeling to you. Even after becoming your husband also I am till today longing for you only.I am not able to spend time with you.
Ishani(felt sorry seeing his way of disappointment):I am really sorry Ranveer its all situation.
Ranveer: I can understand it Ishani but I am not able to be away from you.I want Ishani near me hugging me loving me I want you Ishani. I am really not able to be away from you.
Ishani(with a fun making voice): you are not able to be away from me. you are that Ranveer know who jumped through the window as I refused to give the key for the door lock. Those times how you ran from me.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani telling his past act):That time we were not in good terms you said you had memory loss and our life had many up and downs that time so only I ran from you.
Ishani:So now think like that itself (trying to push him) and be away from me till Naina is with us.
Ranveer(without leaving her with a smile): I won't think like that and all who asked you to act like having memory loss and all to me you should have come and said that Rithika only killed Chiraag and Falguni Maa who asked you do such memory loss drama and all. you should have said it immediately to me.
Ishani:As though you are going to trust me that time. you would have trusted Rithika only.
Ranveer:(with a cute face):Haan I have done many wrong things to you but now we are clear between us know I won't do that wrong again.
Ishani:(cutely pinching his cheek):Thank you now leave me.
Ranveer:Let me leave but as you said I have taken Naina to park so today night I want that kiss and want to sleep in your lap.
Ishani:Tk Baba sure sure...

Ranveer cutely touched her cheek and lovingly pulled her head close to his head and cutely he made her forehead hit his forehead. They both were smiling to each other.
Naina who was still wandering inside her room was so heavily thinking many ways to make Ishani mistrust Ranveer.
Naina:(to herself): I should make this Ishani mistrust Ranveer. Dammit because of this Ishani marrying my Ranveer how much obstacles I need to face to reach my love my Ranveer. Now this girl should leave my Ranveer to me...(as she was talking to herself she had hiccups) Hiccups I need water..
Naina turned and saw the lamp table where her water bottle was complete empty.
Naina(feeling the hiccups): I need to go to Kitchen to get water. With a irritated face she walked so fast where she opened the door and was walking out of her room and was walking in the hall so fast where Raagini moving her walker who just now came out of Ranveer's study room moving her walker to the direction that her heart felt Right that in a mistake the walkers wheel hit Naina's leg who was walking towards the kitchen.
Naina(feeling the hit in her leg's two finger): Ouch my god...(feeling the pain and she saw where she hit her leg and seeing it is Raagini who hit her by the walker had a heavy irritated face):Tum? what is your problem? you and your mother are the greatest problem for me and my Ranveer. As your mother married Ranveer I am not able to get my love see how much I have to plan to separate your Mama from Ranveer..
Raagini was seeing Naina face and realizing she is scolding her the cute little doll face was turning into a feared face.
Naina(with all her anger): Next to your Mama you are the very big problem for me always crying seeing me you know I really really hate you and your Mama. (showing her index finger towards Raagini); you are a stupid extra luggage came as a problem for my love. Better you and your mother die...
Where this was the moment Raagini screamed her crying voice where tears were so heavy in her eyes in the instance. She was crying without even a thought to move her walker.
Naina(seeing Raagini's crying):Oh god she started to cry (seeing Ishani's room):Before they come go to your room Naina.
Naina in a instance started to run to her room and she entered the room and closed her room door and waited near the door to hear what is going to happen in the hall.
Ranveer Ishani who were still hitting their foreheads and were smiling to each other hearing Raagini's creaming took their heads and saw each other with a not understanding look.
Ranveer(leaving Ishani from his grip): Ishani Raagini is crying..
Ishani: Haan Ranveer..

Ishani lightly pushing Ranveer started to walk out of her room and came to the hall where Raagini still sitting in the walker in the same position and crying with a heavy screaming.
Ishani(coming to the hall and sitting near Raagini's walker):Kya hua Baby? why are you crying this much?
Raagini(crying so heavily): Mama...
Ishani(took Raagini from the walker and stood):Kya hua Raagini? see Mama what happen to you suddenly?
Ranveer came out of the room and stood in Ishani's room entrance and saw Ishani having Raagini in her hands where he too found Raagini crying differently today.
Naina who was hiding behind her room door was hearing the incident going in the hall.
Naina(in thoughts): This Raagini only to others eyes she is small baby but she is more problematic than Ishani in my plans.
Ishani(having Raagini safely in her embrace seeing Raagini):What happen Baby please stop crying(Ishani's eyes started to become moist) Mama cannot see you crying this much baby tell me what you want?
Raagini(still crying and seeing Ishani): Paaa papa...Papa
Ishani(turned to go to room where she found Ranveer standing in her room entrance);Ranveer Raagini is asking you only come..
Ranveer(with a affectionate face came to Raagini and got her from Ishani):What happen to my Baby? why are you crying this much Raagini?
Ishani(stood near him and touched Raagini's hands and legs):Did any insect bite you Raagini?(seeing her hands and legs thoroughly) nothing is seen like that too. Then why are you crying this much my baby?
Ranveer: Raagini tell Papa what happen? tell me...
Raagini(lowering her crying tone still shedding tears with low voice of crying): Papa...(she slowly raised her right hand and showed her index finger towards Naina room): Naaa Papa Naaa naaa(she shook her head as no).
Ranveer:(seeing Naina's room and the way Raagini is showing her finger towards Naina's room): Naina's room.(in thoughts):what is the problem for Raagini with Naina?
Naina(who was overhearing the conversations in the hall):fine Naina go and act like a good person.
when Ranveer was thinking Naina came out of the room with a good person face and saw Ishani who was standing with a sad face seeing Raagini's heavy cry.
Naina:Kya hua Ishani? I heard Raagini crying what happen to her?
Ishani: pata nahi...

Before Ishani could complete the sentence again Raagini screamed seeing Naina.
Raagini(seeing Ranveer and shook her head as no in a cute tone): Naaa papa...
Ranveer(struggling to get the actual problem seeing Raagini):Hug Papa you will feel better don't cry please.
Raagini was only crying but she immediately hugged Ranveer. Ishani was heart broken seeing Raagini crying to this extreme. She feels so much pain If her daughter cries this much.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):Ranveer please make Raagini calm I cannot see her crying this much.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani feeling seeing Raagini crying):Let me take Raagini to veranda and have a walk she will feel better.
Ishani:Let me also come Ranveer please..
Ranveer:Tk...(seeing Naina)be in your room or hall Naina let us come.
Naina: Haan sure Ranveer.

Ranveer started to walk towards the entrance where Ishani too followed him where Naina saw them with a silent face.
Naina:What kind of Baby this extra luggage is? If she is talking by now she would surely tell what all words I scolded her. Extra luggage. Tk Naina you need to do something to make Ishani mistrust Ranveer before that I need to hear what Ranveer and Ishani are talking outside.
Naina came to the main door as the main door was open she stood inside the house behind the wall and found Ranveer and Ishani with Raagini in the veranda.
Ranveer and Ishani who were out of their house with Raagini and Raagini feeling the warm breeze felt relaxed and bit lowered her crying.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini):What happen to my child? she is not this much crying Baby.(he showed Ishani to Raagini who was still upset seeing Raagini crying this much): see mama how much she is feeling seeing your tears. Baby your smile is the happiness for Mama and Papa and your tears will be a very sad thing to both of us. Please stop crying (he wiped her cheeks): and smile karo.
Raagini(stopped crying and seeing Ranveer with a innocent look):Mama..
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmm you can go to Mama(he sighed Ishani to take Raagini).
Ishani(got Raagini from Ranveer and seeing Raagini with a tear cum smile): I was so much scared seeing you crying this much. What happen to you? why are you crying this much and all baby? smile please...
Raagini(showing her cheek to Ishani):Mama..
Ishani(with a affectionate tear cum smile): you want kiss let Mama give you.(she lovingly kissed Raagini's cheek): I love you Baby..
Where Raagini getting Ishani's kiss cutely smiled at Ishani where Ranveer too smiled seeing mother and daughter bond.
Ranveer:That is it come on both of you smile and Ishani go inside and make Raagini comfortable.
Ishani: Haan tk(was about to walk inside the house where thinking something she turned and saw Ranveer):Ranveer..
Ranveer: Haan
Ishani(holding Raagini who was playing touching her hair with her tiny hands):Sorry I cannot give you what you demanded tonight. Pata nahi I am really hurt seeing Raagini crying this much. Ranveer I am...
Ranveer(before she complete): Its okay Ishani I can understand your feeling now come on go and make Raagini comfortable and you too take rest.
Ishani:Tk(she was about to go inside the house).
Ranveer: Ishani let me order for dinner in some hotel so that you no need to cook now okay. Its almost night right.
Ishani:Thanks Ranveer even I am not in the mood to cook.
Ranveer:Tk Let me handle it.
Ishani: Okay..

Ishani walked with Raagini who was resting her head in Ishani's shoulders. She started to move to her room after entering the house. Naina seeing Ishani coming inside the house completely hided behind the wall where Ishani who was not in a proper mood didn't notice Naina and she went to her room.
Naina(with a smile): In anger only I scolded Raagini that finally made Ishani's mood a bad mood. (thinking about their conversation now):Ishani said Ranveer demanded something tonight. What would he have demanded?what ever his demand may be Ishani is completely mood off so nothing is going to happen.Till I am in their life I will never let Ranveer near Ishani.
Naina with a happy smile walked to her room and she locked her room.
Ranveer(still standing in their house veranda):what happen to Raagini suddenly? If Naina is near Raagini surely Raagini is crying to the extreme. (thinking for a while):All I should do is I need to send Naina to her house with all the safety measures. I cannot be always near Raagini and Ishani. Let me make it.
Ranveer with a confirmed head shake started to walk inside the house. He ordered for the food for their dinner. Where the dinner was delivered when it was exactly 8.30 in the night. Ranveer got the dinner where he took dinner to Naina's room and knocked her room.
Naina(from inside):door is open only.
Ranveer(pushing the door entered the room and saw Naina who was sitting exposing her thighs and legs sitting in the bed): Naina tumhari dinner.
Naina: Thank you Ranveer.(she got up from the bed and with a sexy walk came to Ranveer) you are so cute Ranveer.
Ranveer(seeing Naina's eyes): Thank you have your dinner and sleep.
Naina:Tk (she got the plate from his hand).
Ranveer: Good night.
Naina:Good night. Ranveer can you sleep in the hall tonight?
Ranveer:For what?
Naina: I am still now scared something can happen to me because of those henchmen If you are near be I will feel better.Let me be in the room and you be in the hall so that I will feel safe.
Ranveer(without anyway): Let me be in the hall. you sleep in the room anything you need call me.
Naina:Tk thank you.

Ranveer shaking his head started to move out of her room where as he left Naina had a happy smile.
Naina:So finally Ranveer and Ishani are not going to be in the same room today.
She started to have the food Ranveer brought her. Ranveer taking the food plate came to Ishani's room to give the dinner where he saw Raagini and Ishani sleeping in the bed. Raagini was resting her head in Ishani's hand and Ishani and sleeping having Raagini close to her.
Ranveer(seeing them sleeping): Feeling emotional Ishani has slept it seems fine no need to disturbed them. This Naina is asking me to sleep in hall. Let me...till I send this Naina without anyway I only need to prevent her let me do it.
Without a heart to have his dinner Ranveer kept his dinner too in the dinning table and he sat in the sofa and laid in the sofa. Naina finishing her dinner glanced the hall from her room where she found Ranveer sleeping in the hall.
Naina:So happy to see Ranveer away from Ishani. This is the faith for both of you life long. I will make you both go to the situation where only separation will be your life time boon. My Ranveer will be with me and Ishani will be out of his life.
Giving a confirmed head shake to her she went and laid in the bed.
To be continued

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I can start sakshi nd i was tried before but there is an error in starting new topic thats y i cannot start new story Confused

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