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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 9)

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Originally posted by LadyMeringue

Congratulations on the third thread, darling! HugHug Keep rocking like this and may you have many more ones to come! StarStar 
I've just started reading your FF (160 chapters is a lot to cover up SillySilly), but so far, you're doing a marvellous job! ClapClap Your narration style is again something different and I'm really enjoying the way you're penning down Ranveer and Ishaani. Day DreamingDay Dreaming If only the CVs could have read this... sigh, never mind. OuchOuch 
I'm definitely going to leave you a much, much bigger review once I'm done with reading all the chapters. ApproveApprove
Congratulations once again and keep writing this way! PartyParty 
Loads of love,
LM HeartHeart

Thanks LM for the wishes it is all because of all your support. hmm thanks dear

happy that you have started to read my FF  a great writer is reading my FF
okay dear take you time to ready. happy that you liked the story so far you have
happy that you liked it my narration style these all I learnt from writer like you
and Aarushi happy that you are liking the way I am writing Ranveer and Ishani
hmm not to the levely of CVs and all dear just writing what comes to my mind

hmm okay dear waiting for that big review

Thanks for the wishes darling and love you tooWinkWink

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Originally posted by sakshi5050

Originally posted by tnzila

so cute updateSmile always loved ishveer kitchen romanceEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Awesome work Clap

Hi tnzila thanks for the comment glad you liked the update happy that you liked Ishveer romance in kitchen always
thanks for the compliments keep reading dear WinkWinkWink

you are welcome dearBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Originally posted by tnzila

Originally posted by sakshi5050

Originally posted by tnzila

so cute updateSmile always loved ishveer kitchen romanceEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Awesome work Clap

Hi tnzila thanks for the comment glad you liked the update happy that you liked Ishveer romance in kitchen always
thanks for the compliments keep reading dear WinkWinkWink

you are welcome dearBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Episode 161
As Ranveer and Ishani saw the gate Naina was coming towards them with a smile. Ranveer really had a disturbed look Ishani gave a formal smile to her.
Ranveer(in thoughts): Oh My god due to the misunderstanding we had Ishani allow these people inside. Due to our fight we brought Naina in our story.
As Ranveer and Ishani were standing with their own expression Naina finally came near them and stood near them. All the three were in the portico of the house.
Ishani(with a formal smile): Naina tum?
Naina(with a smile like a innocent girl): Haan Ishaniji actually...(stopping a while and seeing Raagini) she is your child Ranveer..
Ranveer: haan
Naina:(seeing Raagini and touching her hand):What is your name?
Ishani(seeing Raagini):Tell my name is Raagini Vaghela.
Naina:Oh really a cute name.(smiling and turning to Ranveer) Ranveer actually I don't know anyone in this Nagpur other than you both. (bit hesitating voice) so If I need help I should surely come to you both only. (bit bowing her head) I know I am disturbing you but I don't have any other way.
Ranveer(taking a deep breath and seeing her with a RV's normal face look): Tk Naina no problem you are my employee now tell me why have you come here?
Naina(seeing Ranveer):Actually Ranveer sorry to bother you. I am alone in the house and I don't know to cook. I need a cooking person for my house. So If you could help me please can you help me to find a cooking person for my house?
Ranveer(with a doubtful face): I told Sanjay that day itself right. To arrange for house as well a cook.
Naina:He showed me house but cooking person (bit stammering) hope he would have forgot.(she was massaging her hands and was showing her face as a innocent girl).
Ranveer: Oh Tk let me call him and try to arrange for a cook but now..
Ishani(before Ranveer could say): Naina.
Naina:Haan Ishaniji.
Ishani: Almost three days you are here how did you manage for food?
Naina: The day I came here Maa was with me. We got vegetables and other things and Maa cooked. And rest of the two days I ordered outside and had my food.
Ishani(seeing her with a smile): Had you breakfast now?
Naina:(again showed her as a nice girl): wo..wo.
Ishani(in a friendly voice): Have you had your breakfast?
Naina: Nahi..
Ishani:Tk come inside and have your breakfast.
Naina:Its okay Ishaniji let me manage. I just came to ask if I can get any cooking person. That is it I don't want breakfast and all. You three seems to be going out somewhere. Hope I am disturbing.
Ishani: Aise Nahi (seeing Ranveer):Ranveer let us leave once Naina had her breakfast.
Ranveer(with a smile to Ishani):Tk.
Ishani:Tk come in Naina.
Naina:Ishani wo..
Ishani:Arrey don't hesitate your Maa told us know to take care of you. Now come and have your breakfast.
Naina: Nahi Ishani tomorrow I am joining in the job. I need to get ready for it so.
Ishani(with a smile):Arrey it is tomorrow morning only. You can have your breakfast then go home and get ready for office
Ishani was convincing Naina where Ranveer saw them both.
Ranveer(seeing Naina and her innocent face in thoughts): hmm Naina your face is innocent today. (thinking the way Naina accused him and Ishani when he went to rescue Ishani from Haryana) But on that day when I came to rescue Ishani I saw a worst vamp on your face. That face reflected your character. And the stubbornness with which you sat inside the room to get me which I came to know through your own sister Aarthi. So keeping all this only one thing I can say you are not a person to change. (taking a deep breath seeing Ishani and Naina talking to each other in thoughts) No Ranveer Ishani is a person to believe all so never allow Ishani to get close to Naina.
Ranveer thinking this bringing a smile went and stood in front of Naina.
Ranveer(cutely smiling): Naina why are you hesitating? only one day we are calling you to have your breakfast. Come and have na and let me arrange for a good cook. Now come in..
Ishani(with a smile):Did you see your friend itself told you to come now come.
Naina:(acting like a half heart):Tk..

Ranveer opened the door and showed his hands to Naina with a smile. Naina saw Ranveer with a lure in her eye and hiding it she entered the house. Ishani was about to enter behind her where Ranveer showed his hands signing her to stop her.
Ishani:kya hua?
Ranveer:First let me go come behind me.

Ranveer started to enter the house behind Naina and Ishani came behind him holding Raagini. Ranveer all the moment stood near Ishani.They came to the hall.
Ishani(seeing Naina):Sit in the sofa Naina let me prepare your breakfast.Just need to heat the Parathas okay?
Naina(with a smile):Tk Ishaniji can I have your child in my hand? She is so cute.
Ishani:hmmm why not?(seeing Raagini) go to Naina Didi go my dear.

Raagini with half smile holding her teddy bear went to Naina where Naina sat in the sofa and made Raagini sit in her lap. Ishani entered the kitchen. Ranveer was seeing her where Naina was seeing Ranveer as well cutely pinching Raagini's cheek.
Naina(seeing Ranveer):Ranveer if you don't mind. can you call Sanjay now and ask him about the cook. He would have arranged and forgot to inform I hope so.
Ranveer:Now? He will be in Sunday mood. Let me tell him to arrange it tomorrow.
Naina:Give a try Ranveer please (keeping her face innocent) please..
Ranveer:Tk (he took his mobile from the pocket and called Sanjay number where after a long ring Sanjay didn't pick up his call putting down the phone)He is not picking the call.
Naina:There are no other source to reach him?
Ranveer: let me try to contact him in his landline but landline number is in my dairy only let me get the number and call him.
Naina: Hmm thanks Ranveer if I get the cook soon it will be helpful for me.
Ranveer: For my dairy I need to go inside the room.
Naina:hmm go
Ranveer: But Raagini(he saw Raagini a fear to leave Raagini in Naina's hand was roaming around in his heart).
Naina(with a good people smile):Ranveer its okay I am here only Ishaniji is in the kitchen let me keep her(slightly hugging Raagini)so cute hain tumhari beti.
Ranveer(in thoughts): I should arrange for the cook soon or else telling this as a reason she will come to home. And my white heart wife will tell her to have her food here itself regularly. Now it is to the level of breakfast then Ishani may even call her to lunch, dinner and all. So I should get the cook soon.
Naina(seeing Ranveer): you can know Ranveer?
Ranveer(with a made up smile got up and seeing Naina): Haan let me make it Naina.

Ranveer quickly entered his room and went and opened the drawer and was searching for his dairy. But he didn't get it there. He started to search other places of his room.
Naina(seeing both the side where Ranveer was in his room and Ishani was in the kitchen with a cunning smile made Raagini to stand in her lap hardly which made Raagini to drop the teddy bear in her hand in Naina's lap and with a anger face and in a low voice): How dare you will enter my Ranveer's life?
Raagini was bit having a fearful face seeing Naina.
Naina: (to Raagini in a complete cunning face):This is the first time I am seeing you but when I saw you.Do you know what feeling I got?I got the feeling that you are the result of my Ranveer touching that unfit Ishani. Ranveer is only mine. I truly hate you and your Mama. You both should leave Ranveer's life. Ranveer is only mine he should live with me and to my child only he will be father. Not for you.(caught Raagini hand hardly where Raagini's eyes were slowly shedding tears) Did you get My dear EXTRA LUGGAGE. Soon you and your mother should vacate my Ranveer's life. Did you got it? (with a complete anger in her face she touched Raagini's shoulders and bringing her hand down and above the elbow of the child she pinched hardly)
This was the moment Raagini screamed with pain. Ranveer who was searching his dairy hearing Raagini's cry came out and came running towards them. Raagini was screaming and crying like heavily.
Naina(made her sit again in the lap and held her close): Kya hua Raagini? kuch Nahi hua...
Raagini seeing Ranveer showed her hands where she was not able to bear the pain in her hand. Ranveer with a anger got her from Naina.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini crying):Kya hua Raagini? Papa dekho...
Ishani came out of the kitchen hearing Raagini's cry.
Ishani(came towards Ranveer):kya hua Baby?
Raagini with a crying face showed her hands to Ishani. Ishani got her where Raagini immediately hugged her where the hug was very tight. She was still crying where the tears where drenching Ishani's top.
Ishani(with a confused face): You never cry this much baby? now what happened to my princess(she made her come out of the hug where she didn't come out of the hug at all):Raagini..
Ranveer(seeing Raagini's cry turned to Naina and controlling his anger):What happened to Raagini?
Naina:(with a smile): Nothing happened Ranveer. I am a new person so only she is crying like this.

Ishani saw where the way Raagini crying was hurting her inside the heart. Ishani with her soft hands touched Raagini and brought her out of the hug.
Ranveer(came near them seeing Raagini):Raagini see Mama hain na tumhari saath? want to hug Mama hug her as much as you want no one will tell anything.
Raagini was touching the part pinched by Naina with her other hand. Where Ishani without noticing it saw Raagini's face where it was completely red due to excessive crying.
Ishani(wiping her tears): Nothing Baby now you are in Mama's hands.
Where Raagini was still touching the place where Naina pinched where Naina saw it.
Naina(in thoughts):What child is this? in this age itself she is trying to show the place where she got hurt? I should not let it.
(coming close to Ishani seeing Raagini)come to Naina didi come on baby..(she was up to get her where Raagini instantly turned and hugged Ishani).

Both Ranveer and Ishani didn't get anything as they never saw their daughter crying this much screaming and with tears.
Where feeling Ishani's hug Raagini was bit calming down but the child had pain. Raagini after a while came out of the hug and saw Ishani where Raagini's face had a fear which till today Ishani has never seen in her face.
Ranveer(came and saw Raagini): okay baby no more crying Papa hain Mama hain. you love to be with Mama know be with Mama okay no crying.
Ishani(seeing Raagini and smiling and kissed her forehead):Nothing everything will me all right
Ishani started to cutely Pampered her to make her feel safe where Ishani was making her smile by pinching her cheeks Raagini was still keeping her other hand in the place where Naina pinched her hardly this time Ranveer noticed it. He saw it where Raagini was continuously keeping her hand in that place itself.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani):Ishani (showing her hand) Did you see? that hand that part of the hand is reddish.
Ishani(saw her hand): Haan (lightly touching the place)what happen here?

As Ishani was touching it softly Raagini start to cry in pain. She shook her head as no.
Ishani:Tk tk no okay. Let me see it Ranveer
(holding Raagini seeing Naina):go and sit in the dinning table Naina let me bring your breakfast.
Naina: Haan
Naina moved to the dinning table.Ishani was about to go to the kitchen to take the breakfast where Ranveer held her.
Ranveer:Ishani you make Raagini calm. She will be alright if you are near her only. So let me serve Naina.
Ishani: But Ranveer.
Ranveer:Arrey let me see.
Ishani:Tk..I Have kept Parathas in the hot box and butter is near it.
Ranveer: haan..
Ishani went and sat in the sofa and made Raagini to rest her head in her shoulders. Raagini cutely rested her head where she kept tiny hands in the other shoulder of Ishani and made herself comfortable. Ishani cutely caressed her back. Ranveer took the breakfast prepared by Ishani and brought it out of the kitchen and kept it in the dinning table. Naina had a smile seeing him and Ranveer gave a made up smile to her.  He took a plate and kept in front of her. He opened the hot box and took two parathas and served it with butter. Ranveer sat opposite to her. Naina was lovingly seeing Ranveer.
Naina(in thoughts): How smart he is? If he clean shave his beard and mustache he will more and more handsome. Even now he is handsome only. I want you Ranveer. We both are born to be with each other that is why you came in my dream and after that you came in real life itself. But this Ishani with that extra luggage is there in your life. Don't worry I will push them out of your life and I will be Mrs. Vaghela.We will lead a happy life.
Ranveer(seeing her thinking something): Naina..
Naina: (coming out of the thought): Haan
Ranveer:you can have your breakfast I think?
Naina:(with a smile): Haan Ranveer.

Naina started to have her breakfast.
Naina(eating the Parathas seeing Ranveer): Ranveer tell me one thing.
Naina:As Ishaniji is busy with Raagini you came to serve me. Its not men work actually don't you fell awkward to serve.(she gave a kidding smile to Ranveer).
Ranveer:(with a confident smile): I am her better half when she is taking care of my daughter I should help her in some of her work. So that is what I am doing it. And more of everything there is nothing awkward in doing work for wife.
Naina(with a made up smile): Haan(in thoughts): you yourself will say Ranveer Naina is my wife that too to this Ishani.

Ranveer took his mobile and started to play candy crush. Where Naina completed her breakfast and washed her hands.
Ranveer(got up and stood in front of her): Naina I didn't get Sanjay landline number. He is not picking his mobile number also. So today alone manage your lunch and dinner. Tomorrow you can have your breakfast in office. By tomorrow evening let me arrange a cook for you.
Naina:Tk Ranveer and Ranveer..
Naina: Ranveer I know when you came to Haryana we were good friends. But after that we had a bad time and wrong happened but let me assure you I will be a good friend to you for life time.
Ranveer(without anyway giving a smile):Tk let me try to forget the past harsh moments between us and try to be a good friend with you.
Naina(with a smile):Tk Ranveer Happy for it. Let me leave and thanks for the help.
Ranveer:No Mention.

Naina came to the hall where Ranveer came behind her. Raagini was sleeping in Ishani's embrace.
Naina(seeing Ishani): Thanks a lot Ishaniji for the breakfast you have cooked so well.
Ishani gave a smile.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):Ranveer cook for her house.
Naina(before Ranveer could answer): I have told about the cook. Ranveer said he will arrange by tomorrow evening. Let me manage till that Isahni.
Ishani:Tk Naina its a new place so please be safe.
Naina: Haan Ishaniji let me leave.
Ishani: Haan tk
Naina: bye Ranveer..
Ranveer: haan bye..

Naina came to the door and opening came out of the house where Ranveer came and locked the door. Naina with a angry face started to move where she got inside the car that was parked some distance from Ranveer's house. She ordered the driver to drive to her house where the car started to move towards her house. Ranveer came to the hall and saw Raagini sleeping in Ishani's embrace and Ishani's face a bit worried. Ranveer went inside the kitchen and took juice from the fridge.
Naina got down from the car and entered the house where Rithika was playing in her mobile sitting in the sofa. Naina came with a angry face and sat in the sofa next to Rithika. Rithika saw Naina and keeping her mobile a side and went close to her.
Rithika:What happen Naina? you said you have got a chance to meet Ranveer and you left the house. Did you meet Ranveer?
Naina(turning to her in a cunning face): Haan Rithika I saw my Ranveer. I really want him Rithika. He is so handsome and a perfect husband. Today when I saw that Ishani I was burning inside me. If I got a chance I will kill her. I am the person to get married to Ranveer. I should be Mrs. Naina Vaghela not that Ishani.
Rithika:Cool Naina now only we have started know. you can surely make Ranveer fall for you. Ranveer and Ishani will always lack in trust. Sometimes Ishani may have blind trust on Ranveer but Ranveer will mostly give up his trust soon. Once more than Ishani he only trusted me.
Naina:Why Ranveer is like that in Ishani's case?
Rithika:That is because Ishani will have many lovers but Ranveer was trusting her but once she went to her Ex-lover Chiraag's house that time Ranveer didn't trust Ishani for long time. Again when Ishani came back after many obstacles also he didn't trust her he was harsh to her. That too in front of other. So breaking Ranveer's trust is a simple thing you can do it.
Naina: Hmm okay after getting into their life that is my first work to create misunderstandings between Ranveer and Ishani. (with a angry face) and another one idiotic thing is there in that house.
Rithika:What is it?
Naina:(she got up and went to the window and stood showing her back to Rithika):Its Raagini Vaghela.

Rithika hearing it without understanding got up from the sofa and came and stood next to her.
Ranveer came out with a juice glass and sat next to Ishani who was holding Raagini in her embrace still. Raagini was comfortably sleeping in Ishani's shoulders.
Ranveer(touching Ishani's shoulders):Ishani..
Ishani(turning to Ranveer with a silent face):Haan Ranveer..
Ranveer;Kya hua? why have you become dull suddenly?
Ishani(with a emotional voice): Pata nahi actually today when Raagini was crying I really felt the pain in my heart. I never let her cry this much Ranveer. Don't know today when she cried I was feeling as though a pain in my heart.
Ranveer: Ishani even it was strange to me. Even if Raagini goes to others she never cry this much. why she had reddish in her hand?
Ishani:Don't know but Now reddish gone but when I touched it she was feeling some pain it seems. She was shaking her head as no.
Ranveer:Tk she is sleeping know once she get up she will be okay. Now you have this juice.
Ishani: No Ranveer don't want.
Ranveer:Ishani have this and get refreshed. Once Raagini wakes up let us go for haircut. Now come on smile.

Ishani giving a unsatisfied smile where Ranveer gave her the juice Ishani without whole heart got the juice and started to drink the juice.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani still with a dull face sat close to her): what happen to you? don't be like this smile na..
Ishani(drinking the juice and keeping the glass in the tea poi and saw Ranveer):Pata nahi que as I saw Raagini's crying I am feeling something wrong. Nothing will happen to Raagini know?
Ranveer cutely putting his hands over Ishani and made her sit close to him where Raagini was in Ishani's hands.
Ranveer(with a smile): She is our Beti. And our family is a lovely family. We have got to know us well. once we got to know us well between us as a friends. But now we got to know what husband and wife Relationship is. With this we will keep our family united and we will take care of our Raagini so well. Can I tell a final thing?

Rithika:What Raagini Vaghela? what is your problem with a child and all?
Naina: When I see that child I am feeling it as a unwanted thing. When Ishani goes out of Ranveer's life that child also should leave. Only Naina and Ranveer should live their life. When I see that child I am getting a thought it is because of my Ranveer touching that Ishani.
Rithika:Do you think Ranveer will give up his child?
Naina: He should give up for my happiness he should surely give up. And let me tell you he will give up. I will break Ranveer and Ishani's realationship.
Rithika: Listen you concentrate on Ranveer and Ishani alone. Leave Raagini that is not our target.
Naina:Nahi she is also a target to me. If Ishani is a luggage to be thrown out then that (with a confirmed cunning face) Raagini is also a EXTRA LUGGAGE ONLY.
Ishani was seeing Ranveer expecting what he is going to say.
Ranveer(still keeping his hand around her neck and still close to her):Nothing will happen to Raagini. She is evident of our love. With all my effort I will take care of you both. (lovingly hitting his head with Ishani head where this made Ishani smile) Raagini will be always petted by you and protected by me. She will be always our LOVE SYMBOL.
Screen splits on Ranveer and Ishani hitting forehead with each other and exchangin smile and Ishani holding sleeping Raagini and Cunning Naina and Rithika standing with a confirmed face.
To be continued Wink

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Hii Sakshi,
Oh God! Mahanta ishani emotionaly fool but one thing good ranveer never come naina btw her & ishani! Naina ki toh Angry how dare she pinch and harm our cutipie i want to slapped & kill her Angry Angry Angry
Poor raagini she cry a lot and ishani tense about why she's suddenly cry a lot
Ugh! this witch ritika know everything about ishveer and she tell naina that firstly break ishveer trust hope aisa na ho..
Now ranveer say that he protected ishani & her daughter any troubles i like it.
Let's see chudail ka plan fail hota hai ya success...
Thanks for pm...

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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How can evil naina pinch our cutee raginiragini Angry
I just want to kill her... Angry ...
And ishaani was emotionally fool but this time I just hope that ranveer trust her blindly Smile

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naush2015 Senior Member

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Ranveer should know the truth of naina.and ishani is so innocent...nice update.

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Hii saksgi didi...
          How r u...???hope u r fine...:-) the epiaode was nice but thia stupid mad bevloof naina juat ce to spoil theur moment...
How darr ahe tried to hurt our iahver cute little daughter...
Just feeling to kill her...
If she wants to break ishveers relationship y she is hurting ragine
She is really a atupid pagal bevkoof qitch...
Hope ranveer didnt loses his truat on ishani this time...
Luved d way how ranveer consoled ishani...
M dis time this witches ritika n nainas plan of creating misunderstanding them shoul b failed...
Ishani is reqlly just a mahan aatma she trist any person so easily but hope ranveer shoyld be careful this timw to naina...
Just better luck for ishveer...
Love you..

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