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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 86)

naush2015 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Its up to you honey .you are a best writer.we are with you .just give us ur lovely updates everyday.

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Hi Sakhi!
We all will wait...take your time :)
Update next episode can't wait

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 193
As Ishani entered the house she went to the kitchen to get some water where Ranveer brought Naina in his hand and made her lay in the sofa of the hall. Ishani brought the water in a glass and she came towards Naina who was laying unconscious in the sofa. Ranveer turned and saw Ishani with the water of glass.
Ranveer(seeing Naina and then Ishani):sprinkle water and then touch her cheeks and try to bring her to consciousness.
Ishani(shaking her head as yes): Haan..

Ranveer moved and gave way for Ishani to go to the sofa Ishani walked and came close to Naina and she sprinkled the water on Naina's face. where Naina was still in her unconscious state. Ishani sprinkled the water to the extreme she can. As she didn't see any reaction from Naina's side Ishani kept the water glass in the tea poi and then she touched Naina's cheeks and shook Naina's head with her hand.
Ishani(in a normal tone shaking Naina's head with her hand): Naina... Naina...
Ranveer was seeing Naina and he waited for her to come to consciousness.
Ishani(seeing no reaction from Naina turned to Ranveer):Call some doctor Ranveer she has fainted completely.
Ranveer(shaking his head): hmm let me.

Ranveer entered Ishani room and took his phone from the dressing table and again he came to the hall and he called Sanjay's number.As the phone was ringing Ranveer waited for Sanjay to pick the call. After a while Sanjay picked the call.
Sanjay(in a sleepy tone): Yes sir...
RV: Sanjay can you please do me a favor?
Sanjay: Ya tell me sir..
RV: I am sorry to disturb your sleep.
Sanjay:Its okay sir tell me what should I do?
RV: Can I get a doctor now? that doctor need to come to my home now.I don't know any doctors here.
Sanjay: No problem sir let me call a 24 hour hospital and send a doctor to your home. what happen sir?
RV: Naina came to my home she fainted so only its bit emergency she is not waking up even after splashing water in her face.
Sanjay: Okay let me call the doctor and tell your address so that he will be there within 20 minutes.
RV: Okay..

Ishani was sitting near Naina where she was rubbing Naina's hand with her hand but there was no use in it. Naina was like a wood log that will be laying in the ground. Ranveer was waiting and was walking right to left in the hall. Ranveer kept the main door open to make the doctor come inside the house immediately. When it was exactly 20 minutes as a perfect doctor A 50 year old man came and stood in front of the door.
Doctor: Mr. RV...
RV:(seeing their house entrance with a responsible face): Ya its me (going to the entrance): come in sir.
Doctor: What happened?
Doctor started to enter the house where Ranveer walked beside him.
RV:(showing Naina who was in the sofa); She is Naina my employee she was chased by some henchman in fear she came to my house. I managed those henchman but she fainted after they left. Please see what happened to her?
Doctor: Ya let me..

Ishani got up from the sofa and moved from that place and she came and stood near Ranveer.Doctor started to check Naina's eyes movements and pulse and he took his medical kid and checked her BP where he changed his face reaction.
Doctor: Does she has Low BP?
Ranveer(in a immediate voice):Already she has fainted in my office once. I took her to the hospital too.Doctor said due to not having food she would have encountered low BP.
Doctor:Even now her BP is low only. May be due to food or due to fear too. Let me give her a injection and some tablets. Make her eat some food when she wakes up and tell her to have her food at right time.
Ishani:Tk Doctor let me..

Doctor took a liquid medicine bottle and took a syringe and he absorbed the medicine from the bottle through syringe and injected it to Naina. He rubbed that place with cotton and he wrote some prescription and gave it to Ishani.
Doctor:Make her have the medicine in correct intervals.
Ishani:Tk doctor let me..
Ranveer:Thanks for coming at this time doctor its a really great help.
Doctor(with a smile): I am a night shift doctor so this is my job.
Ranveer:(giving his fees):okay doctor can I drop you?
Doctor: I came in my own vehicle only let me go.

Ranveer shook his head with a smile where the doctor left their house. Ranveer locked the room and came to the hall where Ishani was sitting in the sofa and seeing the prescription given by doctor. Ranveer came and stood near her where Ishani feeling Ranveer standing near her got up and saw him.After these many things happened now only both were able to see their disappointment in each others face. Ranveer saw her with a disappointment where he didn't know what to talk to her. Ishani who was not able to see him was staying with silence. where both making up their mind at the same time started "Let me be with Naina". Immediately feeling each other saying the same thing they again glanced each other with a unexpected look.
Ranveer(in thoughts): Even this can be true that Naina has been chased by some people to kill her. All these are due to her brother Nirbhay's deed only his family is suffering. Let me keep Naina safe but for that I cannot leave Ishani alone with Naina. She even tried to wrong mouth Ishani so I won't.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer thinking something):Ranveer
Ranveer: haan
Ishani:What happen? Let me be near Naina you go and sleep.
Ranveer: Nahi Ishani let me be near Naina I will adjust in the sofa you go and sleep. you only told know in middle of the night you will go and sleep with Raagini. Raagini may need you so you go and sleep with her let me sleep in the sofa and be near Naina.
Ishani: But Ranveer can you manage? If suddenly Naina wanted something in the night after coming to consciousness means.
Ranveer:She will call me after coming to consciousness know Let me take care and If she wanted anything let me call you.
Ishani(giving a head shake):Tk can I bring a pillow to rest your head?
Ranveer(giving a light smile):Don't want Ishani I will manage you change and sleep.
Ishani:Tk(as she was up to go thinking something she turned back to Ranveer):Ranveer..
Ranveer; Haan
Ishani: you said Naina was having a cook in her house know. If henchmen are chasing her means what happen to that cook? would this Henchmen have done something to Naina's servant.
Ranveer(thinking about it):Haan Ishani don't know what happened in Naina's house. I thought after sending that henchmen I can ask Naina but she fainted. Tk nothing would have happened Some Nirbhay's enemy only has done this job.
Ishani(with a feeling face): Haan due to his sin now Naina is paying for it. (seeing Ranveer):They won't come back know Ranveer?
Ranveer:They won't Ishani. They got money from us know they won't come.when you have a superhero with you why you need to get worried? Let me take care of it.
Ishani: I know you will handle everything well but(in a fun tone) who is that superhero?
Ranveer(smiled so well now): Hello its me only.'
Ishani(with a fun tone):Really you are superhero?
Ranveer:(with a cute face):Why I am not?
Ishani:(with a smile): Haan you will be a smart Super hero only. Good night take care of Naina and call me If you want anything.
Ranveer: Tk let me and good night.

They gave a lovely smile to each other. Ishani went to their room and locked the room. Ranveer sat in the individual sofa and rested his head in the back of the sofa.
Ranveer(seeing Naina who was in the unconscious state in the sofa in thoughts): Pata nahi what will happen If I get romantic with my wife.As usual today also I lost a precious time with Ishani.Fine even Naina's state is been worst state today. But what is happening to this girl. Other days she was only telling wrong about Ishani to me but henchman coming behind her is surely due to that Nirbhay's sin only.some of his enemies have done it. (thought about Naina's evil face when he went to rescue Ishani in Haryana):Naina would have even changed good now for that let me behave good to her but what ever happens that evil face of Naina and the way she wrong mouthed Ishani from these two things only one thing will be sure from my side. I won't let Ishani get close to Naina.
He gave a confirmed head shake and he rested his head in the sofa and as he was thinking about his day and his romance getting spoil somewhere his eyes demanded sleep. He sat properly in the sofa and rested his head in the back of the sofa he started to sleep.
Henchmen knocked the house where Rithika opened the door.
Henchmen 2: we completed the job give us money let us leave.
Rithika:Naina entered Ranveer's house?
Henchmen 1:yes madam.
Rithika:That is great tk wait let me get your money.

Rithika went inside and brought a bundle of amount and gave it in one man's hand and they shook their head with a smile and they started to leave the house.
Rithika(in thoughts):At least Naina should separate Ranveer and Ishani now. I won't leave Ranveer and Ishani to be together I will be keep on trying all the ways to separate them.
Midnight 3 o clock.
The clock was running were the complete house was silent where Ishani was sleeping in their room in their bed. Raagini was calmly sleeping in the cradle. Ranveer who was in the sofa was sleeping laying some how in that sofa and laying his chin in his both the hands. Where that was the moment Naina who was sleeping in the big sofa opened her eyes. She came to her consciousness and she rubbed her eyes for a proper view. When she saw the complete house and as she rotated her eyes she saw Ranveer sleeping sitting in the sofa. Naina had a smile seeing him.
Naina(with a happy smile and in thoughts): Finally I entered your house and I am near you Ranveer. I should live along with you.(she was admiring his face):How handsome you are? your face only make me fall for you all the time. How god created you this much Handsome. I love you Ranveer.
With a smile she got up from the sofa and kept her feet in the floor and she saw the complete house..
Naina;(in thoughts):Thank god that Stupid Ishani is not near my Ranveer. Did you see Ishani? My Ranveer didn't sleep with you today. Seeing my state he is near me only. How cutely my Ranveer protected me from Henchman and He was ready to spend 20,000 for me. I love you so much my dear Ranveer. I love you I love you I need to tell it to you life long. For that Ishani should leave your life. I will even Make it being in this house. I have entered the house know Now this NAINA'S EACH AND EVERY MOVE WILL CREATE MISUNDERSTANDING BETWEEN YOU AND ISHANI.She will leave you finally that time I will give you my shoulders and you will realize my love Ranveer.
With a smile Naina got up from the sofa and came towards Ranveer. He was cutely sleeping in the sofa where Naina with a smile in her face brought her hand up and slowly touched his hair and she caressed his hair with happy and admiring smile. She was caressing his hair where...
Ranveer(feeling the touch in his hair without opening his eyes and in a sleep in cute tone): Ishani..tum kya kariya? (he had a smile in his face): you are admiring me and you are caressing my hair?
Naina had a extreme anger face and she took her hand from his hair and with a anger face she sat in the sofa again. She was seeing Ranveer where he was sleeping cutely.
Naina(in thoughts): Even my touch is like that Ishani's touch to you? Do my hands look like that stupid Ishani's hand?
Ranveer(had a smile in sleep where he adjusted himself in the sofa and in a sleepy tone): Ishani..your hands will be so soft but its hard today what happen?

Where this made Naina to go to the top anger. She laid in the sofa and with a anger without knowing what to think on Ishani and Ranveer's relationship she closed her eyes. Where more than sleep she was only having anger with her. somewhere the medicines effort only made her sleep.
It was 8 o clock where Ishani came out of their room getting ready for the day in a blue color Saree. She saw Naina sleeping in the sofa still and Ranveer who was sleeping in the sitting position in the sofa.
Ishani(in thoughts):How cute my Ranveer is he is adjusting for others welfare but he won't have slept properly today it seems.
With a concerned face she touched Ranveer's shoulders and shook his shoulders. This made Ranveer to open his eyes he rubbed his face and relaxed his hands and legs and saw Ishani. A cute smile came to his face immediately.
Ranveer:Good morning beauty.
Ishani:Good morning handsome.
Ranveer:(got up from the sofa): Do I look handsome to you?
Ishani: When I look beautiful to your eyes you will be surely handsome to my eyes.
Ranveer(smiled to her):Tk you are always cute and beautiful only. Did you sleep well?
Ishani: Haan but you seems so tiered.
Ranveer: I am okay Ishani...If I start to work I will be okay.

When he was telling it Naina was opening her eyes and she got up and sat in the sofa and saw the house a glance.
Naina(seeing Ranveer):RV...I...
Ranveer(in normal tone): you fainted yesterday Night Naina. After those Henchmen left the place you fainted.
Naina: Oh (she started to cry).
Ishani(seeing Naina crying):what happen Naina? why are you crying?
Naina(showing her crocodile tears to Ranveer and Ishani): They came to kill me yesterday. I some how started to run from my house and with all my effort I came to your house. Thank god I had you people to help me If I didn't know anyone in this city means I would have died yesterday itself.
Ishani:Naina come on stop talking like this. you are safe now. you fainted and Doctor checked you and said you have low BP.Now you are completely alright let me get you something to have.
Naina:Let me go to my house Ishani. Why you need to strain yourself for me?
Ranveer(in a normal tone): you be here for now Naina? going to your house you can think later about it.
Naina: But how can I?
Ranveer: you no need to go anywhere now. you can leave when I tell you okay.

where this word disappointed Naina where she had a sad face.
Ranveer(seeing Naina):There was a servant in your home know? Did this henchman do anything to her? Is she okay?
Naina(with some tears):Actually she went to her hometown hope these people have been spying me for long getting that no one is in my house they knocked the house and they were coming towards me to kill me. Getting the situation with some effort I started to run from them and I came to your house.
Ranveer:Thank god we were bit scared that something would have happened to your servant.
Naina: Nahi.
Ranveer;(with a smile):fresh up yourself let us go to your home now.
Naina(with a shocked face):for what?
Ranveer:Arrey to take your dresses you don't want dresses for you?
Naina(in thoughts): oh my god Rithika is there in the house. If he goes and knock the door means?He would see Rithika then all my plan will get spoiled
Ishani(seeing Naina thinking): Naina..
Naina: Haan
Ishani: you want dressed to wear know go with Ranveer and bring some dresses till Ranveer tell you be here. He will take care of everything.
Naina(with a made up smile):Tk...Its all because of Nirbhay bhaiya sin only.
Ishani; hmm its okay Naina no one can change what happened but you have changed know that character only have saved you yesterday.
Naina: May be..
Ishani(giving a smile to her showing their room);Tk Use that room's washroom Let me make any one room ready for you.
Naina(with a smile):thank you Ishani and Ranveer.
Ranveer: no need to thank and all. there is problem in you staying alone in your house for now so only I am telling you to be here. When I tell you okay you can go to your house okay.
Naina: Tk..

She got up and started to enter their room where Ishani started to move inside her room. Ranveer seeing Naina gone inside their room and seeing Ishani entering her room he got up and went to her room. He closed the door and when Ishani was up to take the bed sheet that was full of rose petals feeling Ranveer near her.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer):Why are you here now?
Ranveer(cutely going near her and pulled her close to him with a smile): I love you.
Ishani(with a smile): fine but now Naina is with us so please stop being romantic.
Ranveer:I can understand that I will pause my romance till she is here but you need to promise me something.
Ishani(without understanding):What?
Ranveer: you give what all Naina wants. Take care of her but don't go so close to her and I don't want you to be a close friend to her okay.
Ishani: But why?
Ranveer(in a strict tone): No means no talk to her casually. Give her what she wants but no close friendship okay.
Ishani(seeing him with a smile):Tk my controlling husband.
Ranveer: you don't like him?
Ishani: Haan I like him a lot I will be in a normal touch with her fine leave me now and start to get ready to office.
Ranveer: Ishani till Naina is here let me be in home. Once her problem is settled let me go to office.
Ishani: any thing you do Mr. Vaghela let me shake my head.
Ranveer: Hmm and you are cleaning this room?
Ishani: Haan for Naina..
Ranveer(with a shocked tone): you are going to give her this room? no give her our room let us be in this room.
Ishani: Even I thought about it because she cannot be comfortable in this bed. (seeing him with a surprise); but why are you telling not to give Naina this room?
Ranveer(pulling her even closer): This is our special bed.Even its comfortable bed for both of us to make love. Its making us to be close to each other and when making love we can roll in the bed as much as we want its a big bed know?
Ishani(hitting his chest with shyness): chee Ranveer leave me now and sorry for the night.
Ranveer: its no anyone's fault we will have it some other day.
Ishani: Tk then your dresses are in our room If I give that room to Naina all your things will be in that room only. Will you be comfortable?
Ranveer: Arrey only today and tomorrow she is going to be here. Let me keep the dresses needed for two days in this room. Within these two days let me make the arrangements and send her safely to her house okay.

He gave a cute smile where Ishani cutely smiled and pushed him from her and told him to go to hall. Ranveer giving a smile started to come to the hall.
Ranveer(in thoughts): Raagini is in that room How I forgot this? She will cry If she sees Naina. Now Naina is there in that room I cannot enter the room. Hope My daughter should be sleeping well.So that she won't see Naina.
Ranveer was waiting outside for Naina to come out where he wanted to wait for his dresses.
To be continued WinkWinkWink

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IshveerIsLife Senior Member

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Res Smile

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Amazing dear ...
Naina hand was hard Big smile
And RV possessiveness on ishaani...ishaani's room was so cute.. Tongue
He even did not want to give a space in their special room to naina then how can he give space to naina in his life ... Big smile
Update soon Tongue

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powergirlpriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2016 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
hii sakshiSmile

take your time dear we wait for ur updates don't  worry .we always wait for your awesome updates ..EmbarrassedHug

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lifesobeautiful Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2016 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Hii Sakshi,
Awesome update as usual..
Hehe..naina hand was too hard LOL even naina only hearing ishani name her anger was seven on cloud if naina see ranveer doing romance with ishani toh by God Nania burn on jealouse LOL
Ranveer never leave any chance to get romantic with ishani but i like her possessivness for ishani and hope ishani not so friendly with chudail...
Now cutipie alone with chudail..hope she's not doing anything wrong with our cutipie
Thanks for pm

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o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2016 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Hii saksgi dii...
Lovely uupdate...
Nainas hand is hARD ..''
Nainas angwr liked it...
Ranveer is not giving space in hia room..
How she will get space in his heart and life..
Thank god rRanveer is not going offixe these 2 days...
Naina wull go back in 2 days...
Luv u..
Take carw.. kewp smiling

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