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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 75)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

His sakshi  lovely  raginI our cutiepie  so so naughty like her dad bechara  ranveer  hope he should  get surprise  from ishu  some how  chudayil  plan should  get backfires  ...let's see wat ishu  has planned awesome  epiClapClapClapkeep  update dear

thanks for the comment dear I have replied in the above comment WinkWinkWink

lifesobeautiful Senior Member

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Hii Sakshi,
I m really sorry for late reply
Just read this update it was awesome..!!
Our Cutipie playing with ishani just like ranveer it was so beautiful...!! Poor ranveer badly want to ishani but our ishani not giveup so easily...!!
And chudail naina Angry seriously i want to kill her again she going to spoil ishveer romantic night i hope aisa na..!!
Waiting for nxt
Thanks for pm

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Episode 191
As Ishani said Ranveer to get up from the sofa and asked him to go to her room for sleeping Ranveer got up from the sofa holding the phone carefully in his hand. Ishani was still in the phone call as to know whether Ranveer is going to her room or not. He touched Ishani's room door and opened it and he entered the room. Ishani clearly heard the door opening sound through her phone. Ranveer switched on the lights where the sight that his eyes saw was really a unbelievable thing in his life. The bed that was on the floor was completely filled with rose petals. Only the corner of the bed was telling it is bed but other than that the place we used to lay was completely full of rose petals. If we lay in the bed we would surely sleep in the rose petals only and not in the bed. He was able to see little little candles at all the possible places like, at the corner of the rooms, At the dressing table and some distance away from the bed. when he saw in the middle of the dressing table there was a small Bamboo basket with handle. Where there was a red cloth in it and the basket was filled with full of rose petals. Above the rose petals there was a small box and a chart in the basket which had some beautiful wordings. Ishani was keeping her phone in the ears and was waiting for Ranveer to react. Ranveer took the chart that was on the Bamboo Basket where it was Ishani's handwriting. He read the words in that chart are
My dear Ranveer...
you came as a little boy in my life
you were a best friend to me
You were a lovely lover to me
you are a perfect husband to me
I am really lucky to have you in my life
I love you Ranveer.
Where Ishani clearly heard him reading the chart she has kept for him.Ranveer had a smile reading it...
Ranveer(keeping the phone again in his ears): Ishani what is all this?
Ishani(with a smile in a normal tone): Light all the candles in the room and switch off the lights and call me let me come..
Ranveer(with a smile): Tk come to me..
Ishani: Hmmm
Ishani cut the call. Ishani was ready in the Saree Ranveer gave and so that only she took time and made Ranveer to wait this much time.She made her final check up in the mirror. She saw Raagini who was sleeping calmly in the bed. She caressed Raagini's hair and saw her she was peacefully sleeping. Ishani waited for Ranveer's call there was a happy smile in her face which she cannot stop at all. Her face was full of red their love is always a special thing to her.
Ishani(to herself with a shy smile):Do you know Ranveer I will be completely for you tonight.(she was smiling and was so happy this moment).
Ranveer with a smile was lighting the candle and he switched off the lights where he glanced at the complete room. The Room was so romantic. The four candles that are away from the bed gave its light completely to the bed. The other candles that were glowing around the room made the complete room a heaven for love.
Ranveer took his phone with a smile and dialed Ishani's number.
Ishani(who was waiting for the call picked it in a low tone): Haan
Ranveer(with a romantic smile): Come to this Ranveer now..
Ishani:(in a shy tone):Tk..

She cut the call and taking her mobile and switching off their room lights and just switching on the dim lights and giving a glance to Raagini who was sleeping and she opened their room and came out and just closed the room and she started to walk towards her room. Her room door was slightly open where with a smile she touched the door and pushed it lightly where the door gave her way to enter in her room. Ranveer who was seeing himself in the mirror and setting his hair turned and saw Ishani who was locking the room. She turned towards him after locking the door where Ranveer was really out of this world seeing her. She was wearing the Saree he gave him sometime before. It was a beautiful light blue net Saree with the golden design works in its border. She was wearing the golden color Blouse and the net Saree showed her More and more beautiful to his eyes. Ishani gave a shy smile and started to come towards him. Ranveer was really falling in her beauty like anything. His heart was not in his control. The net Saree and the light blue color of the Saree that clearly exposed Ishani's navel and her clear white stomach to him.
Ranveer(swallowing his throat seeing Ishani's stomach in thoughts):Ranveer Dikhra surely you cannot control today. How much beautiful she is my god. I want you Ishani.
As he was thinking Ishani came and stood in front of him with a sorry face where she cutely held her both the ears with both hands and cutely told "Sorry Ranveer".
Ranveer(cutely seeing her):For what?
Ishani: (still holding her ears and seeing him like a child): Actually I was angry on you when you scolded me but even though I like my Ranveer's protective nature and I was seeing my Angry man again even he was cute and the way he melted seeing my tears I really liked it. Already I was thinking some way to make you long for this night but with your scolding you itself gave a way for it. After coming to orphanage itself My anger went from me. I am sorry for making you long this much time.
Ranveer(cutely catching her both the hands in her ears and lovingly took it from her ears and seeing her): What is all this surprise?you have done it so well. When did you do it?
Ishani:Before coming to office itself I made this Arrangement.

you are surprised to know?

Ranveer(with a head shake and smile): Haan
Ishani(with a smile): To make you get this surprise only I was telling we are not going to have this night.
Ranveer(showing the chart in the basket):Thanks for the wordings you have written for me. By the by what is in that box you have kept in the basket?
Ishani(cute look): Its for you see what is there in it?
Ranveeer: Hmm tk.
He turned to the Basket and took the box in the basket and he opened the box with a smile where there was gold ring. It was just a round ring. At the top of the ring there was Ishani's name in the ring and two stones where stuck both the sides of her name.
Ranveer(seeing the ring): Ishani Ring?
Ishani(with a smile): People get engaged and then marry but we never got engagement know? So as you have given me ring in the star night I am wearing it till today. So wear this ring so that we will get engaged to each other.
Ranveer:(with a emotional smile): Hmm okay..
Ishani:See In my ring your name is inside the ring and for you my name will be on the top of the ring.
Ranveer(seeing her with a romantic look):Okay make me wear this ring.
Ishani(getting the box from his hand and took the ring and keeping the box and her phone in the dressing table); Show your hand.

Ranveer showed his hand where they were seeing each other with a smile in their face. Ishani cutely lowering her head to his hand. She made him wear the ring in his ring finger.
Ishani:So finally we are engaged. Seeing my name in the ring no girl should try to touch my Ranveer.
Ranveer:Really?Do you think any other woman can touch him?
Ishani: no one can touch him other than Ishani but you know even I will be possessive on you so only I made this idea. you liked it?
Ranveer(cutely went close to her and touching her back with his hands and pulled her close to him): I liked all the ideas you did for me from yesterday night. Those photos and letters and your confessions, The way you made Raagini wish me, The special dishes you made for me, the way you brought sweets to my office staffs, The way you took me to temple and orphanage and then our dinner and this (showing the room):Room decorations and the ring completely everything I like it.
Ishani: I am so happy you liked it.
Ranveer(seeing her with romantic look):Raagini? she is sleeping well know?
Ishani: Hmm she is sleeping so well but I will be with you till 2 o clock then I will go to our room.
Ranveer: why?
Ishani:Ranveer If Raagini cries in the middle of the night means so only.
Ranveer(with a disappointed face): Do you ever know what is the most happy thing about a love making?
Ishani(seeing him with a questioning look): What?
Ranveer:Sleeping in each others embrace and waking up in each others arms.
Ishani:(in a cute tone): All the time I have been like that only know? Other times she will be with Maa now she is sleeping alone in our room so only sorry.
Ranveer(with a smile):Tk fine anything for my daughter.(seeing her and taking a deep breath with a want in his eyes in husky voice): Is my lady ready to give her?
Ishani(face turned red hearing this question where she cutely lowered her head without seeing Ranveer): She is ready.

Ranveer seeing her bowed head and hearing her answer cutely left her from his grip and lovingly touched her shoulder with his hand and cutely stepping around her he moved to her behind and lovingly hugged her from behind. His hand exactly touched her Stomach that the net Saree was exposing. Ishani closed her eyes feeling Ranveer's closeness and touched his hand that was in his stomach. Ranveer made her to rest her head in his shoulders he nicely hugged her. They were lost in each other for a while.
Ranveer(hugging her from behind cutely moving his lips to her ears in a husky voice); I am sorry Ishani..
Ishani(in a closed eye state):For what?
Ranveer lovingly started to kiss her ears and with a love he started to caress his lips in her neck and with a want he caressed his lips in her shoulder and the back. Ishani completely lost her to him. She was feeling his lips move where her heart was beating fast. As he again came to her ears and kissing her ear lobe...
Ranveer(in a low tone):For scolding you.
Ishani: (still making him touch her stomach above the Saree): Its okay I like that protective Ranveer a lot.
Ranveer: Hmm okay.

Ranveer slowly took his hand from Ishani's hand and her stomach moving lovingly came in front of her. Ishani was breathing heavily where Ranveer's closeness was really different today. He is talking to her at the same time he is giving her love. Ishani didn't raise her head at any point. Ranveer lovingly kissed her forehead and kissed her eye lids that are hiding her beautiful eyes. Ishani was out of the world seeing this kind of love from Ranveer. He slowly moved his lips and kissed her nose and slowly came to her lips.
He was about to kiss her lips where...
Ishani(in a low tone):Why are you listening and obeying my words now a days Ranveer? you are not like this before but now..
Ranveer(near her lips his lips was there Ishani was completely closed her eyes in a husky voice): During Chiraag matter you called and said me not to go to the conference. Without hearing your word I tried to go and then when I returned changing my mind I caught up with that stupid. If I returned just hearing your word that day itself we would have never separated and your life would had never been that miserable. A man will not do the same mistake again and again. Here after I will listen to you..

Ishani was so happy for these words from Ranveer. She was able to see the maturity he is having now a days. Ranveer who was about to kiss her lips Ishani cutely lowered her face and finally hugged Ranveer and rested her head in his chest. Ranveer too hugged her back and he closed his eyes.
Ishani:Thanks for marrying me Ranveer..
Ranveer:Hmm you are really beautiful in this Saree. you know why I brought this Saree to you?
Ishani: Why?
Ranveer: Just to see my Ishani's beauty which belong to me.
Ishani; hmmm

Ranveer hearing her response cutely touched her shoulders and brought her out of the hug and he saw her with a love in his eyes.Ishani seeing him with a shy smile bowed her head where Ranveer held her cheeks with his hands and saw her lips and was about to kiss her lips where Ishani cutely ran from him towards the window of the room. The window was closed of curtains where Ishani stood in front of the window with a heavy breathing She was smiling so much but shyness is making her to leave from Ranveer. Ishani was standing showing her back to Ranveer. The Golden color thread across her back and the complete back less blouse made him to fall for her. He started to come towards her with a smile and want. He came and stood behind her and touched her back and started to move his hand in it. Ishani closed her eyes and was feeling Ranveer's love. Ranveer moving the hands towards down of her back was touching her hip and was moving his hands to touch her stomach inside the Saree where Ishani getting it moved away from him in shyness and again ran and went to the corner of the room. Ranveer shaking his head as impossible with a smile in his face started to come to her and he came in front of her. As Ishani saw him in front of him was about to turn to other side where Ranveer held her before she turn..
Ranveer(seeing her face full of red and a smile in her face): Why are you running from me?
Ishani(raising her head and seeing him with shyness):When ever your eyes see me with romance I am feeling shy.
Ranveer:(in a cute tone):Why my eyes don't have right to admire your beauty?

Ishani: only your eyes has that rights on Ishani you can see me but also when you romance I cannot stop this shyness. The eyes that sees me with romance know that make me more and more shy.
Ranveer(in a playful and not minding tone): Tk I won't see you good night.

Telling it in a cool voice he started to move from her where Ishani getting his trick with a smile came quickly and in a instant lovingly hugged him from behind. She held him tightly where Ranveer had smile seeing his wife in this romantic avatar. Ranveer touched her hands that was in his chest with a smile.
Ishani(feeling Ranveer touching her hand in a longing voice): I love you Ranveer I love you so much today please don't leave me I want you.
Ranveer(getting surprised softly taking her hands and turned to her): Ishani..
Ishani(opened her eyes and saw him with love in her eyes): Hmmm
Ranveer:What happen to you? you never tell these things to me what made you to fall for this Ranveer to this extreme?
Ishani:(giving a smile):During my birthday you said you want love making know I too said don't want that time itself I really wanted to love you on that day and after that when you took me and Raagini to the Rail Museum and the way you took care of us I was really happy seeing you. At all the glance I saw you that day I was falling in love with you. Show me your love today.
Ranveer(with a smile):Let me show you some different love.

When he said this Ishani saw him with a not understanding look where Ranveer cutely started to come close to her where this automatically made Ishani to keep her steps backward. Ranveer was walking towards her where Ishani was again keeping her steps in back. Their cute eye lock was not broke at any moment. As she was nearing the wall she was about the hit the wall when her head was about to hit the wall Ranveer lovingly kept his hand on the wall where Ishani's head hit his hand. Ranveer was seeing her with intensity where Ishani was seeing him with love. Ranveer cutely saw her lips even Ishani was wanting him and his love. Ranveer seeing her lips which made Ishani to close her eyes where Ranveer turned his head and went to her cheeks and making his head go forward more he lovingly touched his cheek on her cheek. Ishani was feeling so happy at Ranveer's love. He was lovingly rubbing his cheek in her cheek where his four day unshaven beard piercing her cheek gave a very big happiness to Ishani.
Ranveer(still rubbing her cheeks in her ears in low tone): you like it?
Ishani(feeling his love in his ears): Hmm I love you Ranveer I love you..
Ranveer: I love you too Ishani. you are really beautiful in this Saree.
Ishani: Hmm even you are more handsome.
Ranveer: hmmm(he cutely rubbing and he took his cheek from her cheek and seeing Ishani who was still in her closed eyes state): Can I take you to bed?
Ishani(cutely opening her eyes):Take me.
Ranveer with a smile took her in his hand and started to walk towards the bed where Ranveer saw her and Ishani fell in a eye lock with him. He was walking towards the bed.
Ranveer: you look so cute in candle light. Your beauty is only for me.
Ishani(with a smile): Hmmm.
Exchanging an intimate smile he brought her to the bed and lovingly made her lay in the bed that was full of rose petals. Ishani laid herself comfortably and saw Ranveer and signed him to come to her. Ranveer came and laid beside her.
To be continued Wink

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Bloomfield IF-Rockerz

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If there are a few more who are blushing other than these two, it's gotta be us :D :D Now I guess Naina aunty will be entering the paradise -_- Spoil the show and there! >_< >_< But then Sakshi, this was real good. Playful Ranveer and a Romantic Ishani! *Treat*

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
Wow a surprise ...Fromm ishaani to ranveer...

Just hope that naina will not able to spoil their moments..
Update soon because it's not the right time to stop it Embarrassed

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sakshi5050 Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2016 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
O God sakshi this was so romantic chapter naughty ranveer romantic ishani treat to read I was blushing so badly
They you have described everything was very awesome sommuch planning from ishani's side aaj to nikal padi.
Please naina should come a little later no one should disturb them at the moment.
And you left chapter midway wanted to continue reading.
Thnx fr pm
Waiting for next

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They are so cute and hot yr ...hope naina naam ki musibat na aye
..thanks for PM

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Hey sakshi lovely update full ishveer  awesome just  love  them to  the  core hope  chudayil  shld  nt  interrupt  them.let's see Wat happen's. 

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