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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 72)

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bloomfield

Offo, this Ishani! I'll never get to see the son of Ishveer in your FF, Sakshi! xD xD Though I liked them spending time in the orphanage. No one spends time with them today. :/ :/ Glad that you brought in that in your FF. And Ragini is getting cuter and cuter aur ek din MM se bhi cute ho jaayegi...MM buck up darling! <3 Wonderful Episode, sweetie!

Hi Aarushi ya Ishani is always this type of girl. for sometime there won't be son for Ishveer as some more stories are going to unfold
happy that you liked the way they spend their time in orphanage ya now a days people don't do it just wanted to show Ishani's soft nature hence I made it glad you liked it
ya cutie pie is lovely happy that you are liking her this much

sorry darling I cannot get this what does MM matlab?

happy that you liked the episode keep reading WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayeshamukhtar

Lovely update full of ranveer love Embarrassed

Hi Ayesha glad you liked the update and found it full of ranveer love keep reading dear WinkWinkWink

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

His sakshi I just  love ragini to the  core ranveer  admires is huge was so  cute their template conversation so NYC lol went ranveer  told ragini beta  yu ll  never get siblings. As some one mentioned  n the comment.  Even  if would like to see ishveer son  chota  ranveer.  Hope chudayil plan should  back fires keep update dear 

Hi janani thanks for the comment glad you liked Raagini so much
happy that you liked Ranveer admiring and their temple conversation and Ranveer's words to Raagini
ya Aarushi has mentioned it dear hmm ya they can have but for sometime want to completely cherish Raagini's childhood so only I am not making Ishani pregnant and there are more stories to unfold so keep reading hope you will like it
ya even I wish the same let us see keep reading WinkWinkWinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya

hii diii...
lovely update...
full ishveericulous episode...
luved the ladoo scene...
poor rv didnt get laddoo from ishanis hand...
haha how cute the scene would e when ranveer tells raagini dat she will ot get brother or sister to play...
orphanage scene...Clap'
ranveer admirig ishani.. lovely...
so they hav gone for dinner...and the night has come...
so lets c whose plan works...
ishveers or nainas...
wishing nainas plan fails...
keep smiling...take care...
luv u...
thnks for d pm...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

HI Gudiya behan glad you liked the update
and found it full of ishveericulous
glad you loved their ladoo scene
ya cute Ranveer didn't get it from Ishani's hands
happy that you liked the way Ranveer told Raagini about having her siblings
glad you liked orphanage scene and Ranveer admiring Ishani
ya they are going for their dinner and night is on its way
hmm ya let us see whether it is Naina's plan or Ishveer plan
even I wish the same that Naina should not spoil their moment
ya keep smiling and take care dear
love you too
keep reading WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by CarpedeimRose

Hi Sakshi dr girlHug
Awesome episode dr ClapClap

Pls continue soonStar

Hi Jen darling thanks for the comment
glad you liked the episode
ya let me continue

keep reading WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
Episode 190
Ranveer was driving towards the restaurant. Where he saw Raagini who was sleeping in the shoulder of Ishani.
Ranveer: Ishani I didn't know how she slept. See how calmly she is sleeping.
Ishani(seeing Raagini with a smile): Hmm she may be tiered Ranveer.
Ranveer: Can we pack some dinner for her while coming home?
Ishani: No wait she will wake up by 10 minutes.
Ranveer(with a surprise look): Arrey how you know she will wake up in 10 minutes?
Ishani(showed the hands of Raagini which was in her other shoulders):See her hand.
Ranveer(saw the hand and without understanding):What for her hand?Its cute little tiny adorable hand for that what?
Ishani: Ranveer see her hands are moving all the way over my shoulders it means she has not gone to sound sleep. She has slept because of tiredness but as she is not in the bed or cradle she is not able to sleep well.

As that was the moment Raagini opened her eyes which said she need a comfortable place to sleep. She touched Ishani's cheeks cutely and saw her with a sleep awaken face.
Raagini(raising her head with a silent look): Mama..
Ishani(for her eyes Raagini looked so cute): you want to sleep know? Tk have dinner and then let us go home and you can sleep well okay.

Raagini with a cute look put her head in Ishani's shoulders back.
Ranveer(with a smile);Really Ishani its a great thing even with her hands shake you are telling her mood.As you said she woke up. Tk let us have dinner quickly and go back home.
Ishani: Haan okay. (seeing Raagini) now we are going to restaurant having your dinner let us leave home okay.
Raagini: hmmm.

Traveling for another 5 minutes Ranveer stopped the car in front of a restaurant. They got down from the car where the Restaurant was a nice place in that late evening. The board of the restaurant said its name is "HIBISCUS". As they entered the hotel a well dressed bearer welcomed them.
Bearer: Welcome sir and Madam..
He showed them a table Ranveer sat opposite to Ishani. They made themselves comfortable.
Bearer:Order please sir..
Ranveer: Haaan let me(he took the menu card from the table and started to search for his favorite item): Get me 4 Naan with Dum aloo Gravy.
Bearer:fine sir then...(he noted down the dish Ranveer ordered).
Ranveer: Haan ek minute (seeing Ishani who was making Raagini comfortable): Ishani..
Ishani; Haan
Ranveer:Tell what you want to have and for Raagini too..
Ishani: For me..(thinking for a while)two Ajwain Paratha with Paneer gravy.
Bearer;(noting it); Okay madam then..
Ishani:For Raagini..Get some Pasta and garden vegetable combo.
Bearer: sure madam anything more..
Ishani: Its enough.

As the bearer moved from their table Raagini cutely showed the table to Ishani. Where Ranveer was smiling at his daughter.
Ishani: you want to sit in the table? fine sit..(she made her cutely sit in the table where the cutie was sitting cutely in the table and saw Ishani with a smile): I love you so much my child.
Raagini(with a cute tone): Mama.. kana..
Ishani(with a surprise look): Arrey baby you started to tell these words now..?
Raagini(shaking her head as yes): Haan..
Ishani: So happy for you I love you always.
Ranveer was seeing the way Ishani is telling I love you to Raagini.
Ranveer(with a cute tone):Raagini..
Raagini turned to the other side sitting in the table and seeing Ranveer was cutely smiling at him.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini with a smile): Did you see how much time Mama is telling I love you to you. But your Mama never tells Papa I love you that easily. Even she is not ready to show her love.
Ishani:(seeing Raagini):Raagini tell Papa that love can never be said or showed its all about feeling for each other.
Ranveer:(seeing Ishani and winked at her): I am ready to feel you.
Ishani(though had a smile hiding it and seeing Raagini):Tumhari Papa hain na bahut naughty wala hain.

Ragini was turning to each other and a smile only came to her seeing her Parents love. When they were happily having their time the bearer brought their dinner.
Ishani; Its really a nice restaurant Ranveer The light setting and the tables are really so nice to enjoy a dinner with family.
Ranveer: Haan I just saw in the way and stopped here its really nice.
Bearer(arranging the items): Have a nice dinner.

Ranveer and Ishani gave a head shake to him where he started to move from the table. Ishani took the food ordered for Raagini and she kept the Pasta in front of her and took a small spoon and taking a spoon of Pasta and finally feed Raagini.
Raagini(who eat the Pasta saw Ishani with a smile): Mama Kana..
Ishani; Haan Baby Kana its nice for you know..
Raagini: Hmmm

Ishani fed the next spoon where Raagini held the spoon in the mouth and she was not leaving it. She was playing so well with Ishani.
Ishani(pulling the spoon from her mouth softly):Raagini leave the spoon what are you doing? it will hurt your mouth baby leave..
Ranveer saw the way Raagini is holding the spoon in her mouth where he saw the same behavior of him in his daughter. Immediately the day when Naina said him to take a DNA test telling that even Raagini cannot be my child in order to ill mouth Ishani came to his mind.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani trying to pull the spoon from Raagini's mouth with a smile in thoughts): Me and Raagini don't even need a simple blood test. Even the DNA reports will get confused of having exact similarities between me and Raagini.(he had a smile).
Ishani(Seeing Ranveer): Ranveer see her she is not leaving the spoon. Just like you..
Ranveer: hmm my beti know(seeing Raagini); Leave the spoon now then only Mama will feed you in her hand.

Raagini without leaving the spoon shook her head as no.
Ranveer(getting she won't leave now with a smile):Tell Mama..
Raagini(immediately): Mama(where the spoon fell down from her mouth.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani):Feed in your hand or else she will be playing like this only.
Ishani: Hmm she won't do like this and all don't know what happen today?(seeing Raagini);Tk baby have the food.

She cutely started to feed her where after almost one hour they came out of the restaurant finishing their dinner. They got inside the car and started to their home. It was exactly 20 minutes where they entered their gate. Ishani got down from the car holding Raagini. Raagini was kept on playing controlling her sleep. Ishani opened the door and entered the house where Ranveer closing the gate started to enter the house. He locked the main door and came to the hall.It was exactly night 8.45. Ishani sat in the sofa with Raagini.
Ishani:Tk Baby let Mama change your diaper. you may sleep now.
Raagini(showed her index finger towards the walker in the corner of the hall): wwwoo..
Ishani: Baby no you really feel sleepy know come sleep now then in the morning you can play.
Raagini(shook her head as no): Naaa naaa
Ishani(getting she won't leave her stubbornness):Tk at least let me change your diaper and dress then play.

She got up where Ranveer who was seeing them came and sat in the sofa. Ishani entered their room and she started to remove Raagini's dress and started to make Raagini fresh. Ranveer took the TV remote and switched on the TV. He was changing the channel where he got Sunny Leone song where he kept it and had a smile in his face. He started to enjoy the song. When it was almost 9 o clock Ishani came out with Raagini where she saw Sunny Leone song she immediately made Raagini to turn to other side.
Ranveer(who was enjoying the song and seeing her): Haan
Ishani: change the channel.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini and immediately took the remote and switched off the TV): Sorry sorry..
Ishani:Tk (she put Raagini in the walker): play now but when sleep comes come to Mama okay.
Raagini: hmmm

She cutely started to move towards the study room. She was rotating in the walker. Where Ishani entered their room to change herself Ranveer making sure Raagini is in the study room got up from the sofa and went inside their room. Ishani who was taking her clothes to change saw Ranveer.
Ishani: you too change know?
Ranveer(without replying her question came close to her and pulled her close to him): What are you trying to prove?
Ishani:I am not trying to prove anything.
Ranveer(with a smile): you are trying to be casual with me. Now tell me shall we have a night? Sorry for scolding you.
Ishani:(with a smile): How many times you ask me this my answer is no only.You completely made my mood bad by scolding me today. Go and change and then sleep.
Ranveer(pulling her close with a longing face): I want you Ishani please I am sorry tk tell me what should I do? let me do it.
Ishani:(with a smile):you don't want to do anything sleep away from me today.
Ranveer: will any man give importance to sleep in this age? that too keeping this much beautiful wife. Today know when you were serving those children I was badly wanting you(in a romantic tone): Give me know?
Ishani: Let me think. Now leave let me change.
Ranveer:Ek minute..

He cutely left her and he went to his cupboard and took a box from it. He brought it to her and held it in front of her.
Ishani(seeing the box):aye.
Ranveer(with a smile):Saree..
Ishani: For what suddenly Saree..?
Ranveer: I brought it last week itself just thought of giving for any of our special moment.(with a smile):
.I really shouted at you and made you feel bad for a while as a punishment let me accept your decision. Its your wish whether we need share our love tonight or not. If you feel pity for this Ranveer who is longing for Ishani's love wear this tonight If you plan to share love. Or If you don't want it change and sleep.
Ishani(really felt sorry for making him long like this with a smile): Keep it in the cupboard let me decide.
Ranveer:(with a cute look): Hmm tk its all your decision Let me change and be in the hall.
Ishani: Hmmm tk.
Ranveer moved from her and kept the Saree in the cupboard and started to move to change taking his dress. Ishani sat in the bed and was thinking the way Ranveer talked to her sometime before. This time he was so innocent. He was cute to her eyes.
As she was thinking about him Ranveer came out in a ash color night pant and black t-shirt. Ranveer seeing Ishani who was sitting in the bed with a smile and started to move out of the room.
Ishani sat in the bed without a mood to change. She rested her head in the head rest.
Rithika, Naina and all the four henchmen were sitting in the hall.
Rithika was really waiting to know what Naina has planned to enter Ranveer's house. From the moment Naina came from office took more time to make herself okay. Seeing her gift left by Ranveer made her more upset.
Naina(seeing the henchmen):So you will do what I tell you to do know?
Henchmen(all the four): yes madam..
Naina: Tk listen to me clearly. There is a enemy for Nirbhay Bhaiya. His name is Mr. X. That X is your boss. He has revenge on Nirbhay Bhaiya for destroying his business once so that he has sent four henchmen to kill his beloved sister(indicating her):That is me. Have you all got till this?
Henchman 1:Yes madam we are the henchman sent by X who is Nirbhay Bhaiya's enemy. you never know who is that X but he has sent us to kill you in order to revenge Nirbhay Bhaiya. Am I right madam.
Naina: Exactly. Now what all of you are going to do is? I don't who is X but I have been suddenly chased by 4 henchman in a fear I started to run in the road where you four should follow. As I reach Ranveer's house I will have the low BP tablet. And again I will run to Ranveer's house and knock the door in fear when he opens I will tell that I have been followed by you four when he will try to see anyone is coming then only you should come one by one from different direction with the face of chasing. Seeing me you should tell him to leave me to you all as you want to kill me and should bit wrong mouth about Nirbhay Bhaiya okay.
Henchman(all the four): Okay Madam.
Naina: Then what Ranveer will prevent me from you all four and you all should leave soon from there hearing his words and getting his beatings. And don't beat my Ranveer at any moment. As you leave I will fall in Ranveer's embrace that is my Low BP tablet will start working. Without any way Ranveer and Ishani need to keep me in their house only.As my health as well leaving me alone is not safe And permanently staying in their house let me take care of.
Rithika(who was hearing her words was really surprised to see the way of Naina's plan in thoughts): Not bad she is somewhere genius only.
Naina: All are ready for this know?
Henchman(all the four): Yes madam..
Naina(seeing Rithika): Let me leave Rithika If I want anything let me call you and inform you. (showing Rithika to Henchman) once you leave from Ranveer's house.Rithika will settle the money to you all. do it rithika.
Rithika: Sure be safe there and when are you going to execute this plan?
Naina: By tonight 11.00 o clock my Ranveer's birthday I should enter before his birthday ends. I should go as his gift on his birthday. here after Ranveer should not even leave a single thing given by me.
Rithika: Tk get ready..
Naina: haan

Naina started to move towards her room.
Ranveer who was watching TV saw Raagini who was moving the walker hear and there. Raagini who felt the tiredness and was wanting sleep saw all over the hall and not finding Ishani seeing Ranveer in the sofa came towards him moving the walker. She came to him and touched his leg with her hand.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini): what happen Baby?
Raagini(in a cute tone): Mama..
Ranveer(saw their room where the door was closed and seeing Raagini): you want to sleep? you seem so tiered..If want to sleep come to Papa let me make you sleep today.

Ranveer cutely took her from the walker and he switched off the TV and he rested his back properly in the sofa and laid Raagini in his shoulders. Raagini cutely moved her head to his chest and rested herself comfortably.
Ranveer(cutely caressing her back): My Baby is tiered sleep well. Have a deep sleep.
Where he was caressing her lovingly it was just 15 minutes as she was tiered and as she already had a incomplete sleep made her to fall in sleep. she was cutely sleeping in his hands. Ranveer making sure she is slept got up carefully from the sofa and he came towards their room. He pushed the door lightly where the door was still the way he closed when he came out. He went inside where Ishani was sitting in the bed with a silent face. Hearing the door open sound she saw the entrance of the room.
Ishani:(seeing Raagini sleeping in his shoulders):  She slept?
Ranveer: haan she felt sleepy and came and asked you to me so I myself made her sleep. where can I make her sleep? Cradle or bed?
Ishani: Cradle.

He made Raagini lay in the cradle where she was having a deep sleep that was exactly seeing her sleeping face. Ranveer saw Ishani where both didn't know what to talk.
Ranveer(in a normal tone):Let me be in the hall and even I can sleep in the sofa there itself today.
Ishani(without seeing him):Tk.
Ranveer seeing her once again without telling a word started to move out of the room. He went and sat in the sofa.
Ranveer(to himself): you are a stupid Ranveer. See you have spoiled her mood this much by scolding her. She even was in a romantic mood in the morning but you know what you are really a stupid. She is not ready to share love with you. Did you notice the silence you had when you put Raagini in the cradle haan even she didn't know what to speak and you too didn't know what to speak.
Telling it he laid in the sofa with a disappointed face. As he laid in the sofa there was a pin drop silence in the home. Ranveer was not able to sleep he was turning left and right in the sofa. The time was running where they were able to hear the clock sound so clearly. It was exactly 10 o clock where Ranveer was turning himself to other side and was trying to sleep. Where his phone which was in the tea poi rang.
Ranveer(took his mobile laying in the sofa and found Ishani's number in the display and had a smile and he glanced their room and picked the call): Haan Ishani..
Ranveer: Haan tell me you want anything?
Ishani:where are you sleeping?you said you will sleep in the sofa.
Ranveer:I am sleeping in the hall's sofa.
Ishani:actually I called to tell you that..
Ranveer(with a smile): Haan you called to tell me that..
Ishani:If you didn't scold me know really we would have had this night you only spoiled it.
Ranveer(with a cute smile):Tk finally there is no love today. Fine
Ishani: You don't want to sleep in the hall go and sleep in my room.
Ranveer: Let me sleep here itself.
Ishani: (with a strict tone): If you sleep in the sofa you won't be comfortable you can't have a good sleep now go and sleep in my room.
Ranveer(shaking his head); Okay let me.
Ishani: Be in the line and go to my room you will cut the call and sleep in the sofa itself. So go to my room and cut the call.
Ranveer:Tk let me sleep in your room.
Ishani.: Haan

To be continued Wink

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
Hi dear
Sorry for replying late both chapter were very nice.
The way ranveer was admiring her and looking at her from distance was amazing.
And ragini is the cutest baby.
Ishani is making him long for her so much
This evil naina is coming and here they are doing time pass
Ragini always want ishani near her and the way she was searching for ishani for sleeping was nice
So poor boy slept in sofa but I guess there is a surprise waiting for him in that room
Please let naina come after they complete their task why always their romance get disturbed seriously please do it.
Thnx fr pm
Waiting for next

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2016 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Amazing update ...
Awww our poor dikra ranveer Tongue
And ishaani punishment was so cute Embarrassed
I have St hope that naina plan will flop ... Angry
Update soon

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