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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 70)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zenab78

As usual amazing chapter I really love naina when she gets jealous ishveer are so cute ishani started crying like baby and he has to ask sorry how cute they are...thanks for PM

Hi Zenab thanks for the comment glad you liked the chapter
hmm ya Naina getting jealous on Ishveer is really a funny thing
glad you liked Ishveer and ya cute Ishani cried like a baby and he too asked sorry they are so cute to each other keep reading dear WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayeshamukhtar

Amazing chapter as usual...
Naina day dreaming tat RV showed his anger on ishaani and slaped her...
After gifting him a cheap locket to RV you deserve a tight slap from RV Angry
But RV is RV so he manage the situation very awesomely.. Embarrassed
And jealour naina Big smile you deserve this

Hi Ayesha thanks for the comment
glad you liked the chapter
ya Naina is having great day dreams that RV will show his anger on Ishani but RV can never be like to her
ya she is thinking that he will wear that locket too she will run away if she see the real anger of Ranveer
ya RV is always RV he is managing the situation smartly
ya Naina stupid deserves this only in her life
keep reading dear WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lifesobeautiful

Hii Sakshi,
Awesome chapter..Stupid Naina all time staring ranveer in dirty eye and her gift was Dead Dead
Poor ishani coming to give her surpries but he scold her and then he ask to sorry i liked it...!! hehehe...seeing jealous naina LOL if ishani daily come to rv office and naina seeing her full anger and jealous and one day she would hv die in anger LOL
Now last hope naina not spoil our ishveer night...!!!
Thanks for pm

Hi Paige thanks for the comment glad you liked the chapter ya stupid Naina keeps on staring Ranveer and ya I know no one would have liked the gift she gave
ya cute Ishani came to give him surprise but he scolded her so much and then he is asking sorry after seeing her feeling sad glad you liked it
glad you are happy at seeing Naina jealous ya if she comes to office daily she will completely die with her own anger
ya she should not spoil their night even I wish the same
keep reading dear WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

Hi sakshi  ragini  actions were sooo cute ishveer  silly fights were nice their cute Nok jhok dis naina s a big dumb chudayil  ranveer  forgot her gift lol..hope  she should  nt enter ranveer  house and if she  does  she ll burn  n jealousy  each  and  every  min

Hi Janani thanks for the comment ya Raagini is always the cutest she is cute in all her behaviour
glad you liked Ishveer silly fights and their nok jhok and yes Naina is really become dumb our hero left the gift she gave him
ya even I wish the same she should not enter their house ya if she sees she will surely burn in jealous seeing Ishveer keep reading dear WinkWinkWink
o_gudiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 10:54am | IP Logged
hii dii...
   lovely episode...
   nainas gift...Dead
  rv will not wear that chain by mistakely...
ranveer left d chain ind office...LOL
ishani wanted to giv surprise to ranveer but she got scolding...poor ishani... 
hope nainas plan fails and their night is not spoiled...
naina should burn due to jealousy...
take care..keep smiling..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
thknks for d pm...

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya

hii dii...
   lovely episode...
   nainas gift...Dead
  rv will not wear that chain by mistakely...
ranveer left d chain ind office...LOL
ishani wanted to giv surprise to ranveer but she got scolding...poor ishani... 
hope nainas plan fails and their night is not spoiled...
naina should burn due to jealousy...
take care..keep smiling..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
thknks for d pm...

Hi gudiya thanks for the comment
glad you liked the episode
hmm no one liked Naina's gift
ya Ranveer will not even think about the chain
our hero left the chain as it is
ya Ishani wanted to give surprise to Ranveer but she got scoldings from him poor girl
ya Naina's plan should get failed and I too hope their night should not get spoiled
ya Naina is already burning due to jealous
ya take care and keep smiling and reading WinkWinkWink
naush2015 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Lovely update.ranveer has left nainas gift its a good lesson for her.but yeah ishani should be carefull next time.

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Episode 189
Ranveer was driving the car where Ishani was near him and Raagini was cutely being in Ishani's lap was playing with her. He drove the car to Tekdi Road where he finally parked the car in front of the temple.
Ranveer:Get down Ishani.
Ishani: Haan.

They got down from the car. Ranveer locking the car and both of them started to walk with Raagini towards the temple.
Ishani(seeing Raagini): try to join your hands and worship the god when we go inside the temple okay.
Raagini(seeing her with her innocent look): Hmmm
Ishani(admiring her way of responding to her): cutie pie.
Leaving their slippers out side they saw the temple entrance. The arch board clearly said the name of the temple. It was Shri Radha Krishna Mandir. They started to move inside the temple. They went to Lord Krishna and started to pray.
Ishani(having Raagini in hand and closing her eyes in her prayers): Bhagwan I am really happy today because today is really a best day in my life. Its my Ranveer's Birthday. I should always keep him happy in my life he should be always smiling and his heart should be full of peace and happiness.
Ranveer(joining his hands and closing his eyes in prayers): Bhagwan this is the day I came to this world.I am really happy in this life. I am not going to pray give me happiness or peace. My prayers is always keep Ishani with me. If she is with me I will be the happiest person in the world.
Ishani(in prayers): Because of Ranveer's love I got a cute little angel my daughter Raagini. She should be always happy her innocent smile should make me happy. Her smile should give happiness to all my family and even others who see her.
Ranveer(in prayers):My Ishani has done many sacrifices for me but I am really a stupid man who never trusted her. Now I am trusting her completely I never minded those photos or that Naina's words all I will do is I will protect Ishani always from the evils eyes. I will never allow her to get hurt at any moment. Because of my Ishani's bearing the pain only I got a cutely little angel my daughter Raagini as a symbol for our love. My Princess should be always happy hmmm even if she is near Ishani she too will be happy always. All the need is keep Ishani with all of us not only Raagini my complete family will be happy especially me.
When he opened his eyes it was time Ishani too opened her eyes. pandit came to them and he gave Aarthi. Ishani took the Aarthi and kept it in the face of Raagini where the cutie smiled at her. Ishani took her Aarthi and Ranveer took his Aarthi. The Pandit gave the Ladoo as a Prasad.Ranveer got Raagini from Ishani After that they came to a place and they sat in the floor of the temple.Ranveer had Raagini in his lap where Ishani sat next to him.
Ishani(taking a piece from ladoo and showed it towards the mouth of Raagini with a smile): Have it Raagini..
Raagini(opened her little mouth and got the Ladoo piece from Ishani's hand and tasting it with a smile): Haaa Mama..
Ishani:Its nice know cute my darling (she feed some more pieces of Ladoo to her).

When she was about to feed the next mouth of Ladoo Ranveer cutely opened his mouth to Ishani.
Ishani(seeing him with a cute look):Why are you opening your mouth now?
Ranveer(closing his mouth and seeing her with a innocent look): I too want Ladoo feed me know?
Ishani (took his other hand and kept the Ladoo in his hand): Have it.
Ranveer(seeing the Ladoo): Why can't you feed me? you are still angry on me for scolding you?
Ishani:(with a expressing face): Haan of-course I am Ranveer. you know I thought you will be so happy as I brought sweets to office. To come as a Surprise only I didn't inform you for cab. I thought you will be surprised to see me but you scolded me right? And immediately after seeing my tears you are asking sorry to me.
Ranveer(with a smile): I was really happy that you brought sweets to my office and made me distribute it to my staffs but Ishani I am bit scared after that Kidnapped. Even now there can be many people trying to harm you so that is why I am telling like that.
Ishani: That you can tell in a polite manner know Ranveer? why you need to shout?That too in a good day. I know its my fault only as you have already said I should not go anywhere without you today I only came to you without informing you.
Ranveer(giving the Ladoo in the hands of Raagini); Have it baby.
Raagini getting the Ladoo cutely started to have the Ladoo sitting in his lap.
Ranveer(seeing Ishani with question look): You are feeling I am controlling you know? I am sorry. (his face was serious this time).
Ishani(keeping her hand in his hand):Ranveer I am not telling like that I really love that protective Ranveer. You know when you tell me don't go anywhere without me. If you want to go out call me. Everything that makes me so happy but today as you shouted it made me to feel sad.
Ranveer: I am sorry Ishani.
Ishani(with a fun making smile): I already said you I don't want your sorry.
Ranveer(with a innocent face in a low voice):Please don't tell that we won't share love today night.
Ishani(with a smile): Wow Ranveer you got me correctly. As you scolded me sleep in separate room today that is my punishment.
Ranveer: Are you sure?
Ishani: Haan sure.
Ranveer(with a head shake to her and seeing Raagini who was eating the Ladoo silent): Raagini..
Raagini(seeing his face): Papa..
Ranveer: Haan Papa. you know what? If your Mama is kept on being like this know you will never get a brother or sister to play with you.
Ishani: (cutely beating him in his shoulders):Ranveer..

Where Ranveer smiled at her Raagini was cutely smiling seeing her parents smile.They got up from the temple and they came out of the temple. As they got inside the car.
Ranveer:you said you need to go to orphanage?
Ishani: Haan its near our home only. I surfed in net and told them we will be coming today. (taking her phone and showing him): here is the direction.
Ranveer(getting her phone and seeing the direction):fine let us go.
Ishani: Hmmm

Ranveer started to drive where taking almost half an hour. Ranveer parked the car spotting the Orphanage. They got down from the car.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer who was locking the car):Ranveer.
Ranveer: Haan
Ishani:Take the box that has cake. The box is in my bag and you go and give the children and come.Let me be here with Raagini.
Ranveer(without getting her): you only have arranged it for my Birthday come let us all go and meet the children.
Ishani: Nahi Ranveer Raagini is with us. These children who never know their parents. If they see Raagini with us they will feel they don't have parents. We came to give cake only know you go and give them all and come.
Ranveer:(with a emotional smile): You know Ishani. Why all like you so much? Its because of your heart which thinks for others and that never hurts anyone's feelings.
Ishani(with a smile): okay Ranveer now go and give the cakes to them.
Ranveer:(thinking for a while): Ishani let me be with Raagini standing here you go and give them the cake and come.
Ishani: But its your birthday Ranveer.
Ranveer: More than a father a mother is the most important element for a child.If you serve them cake know they will see a best mother go and serve them let me be seeing you. So that my birthday will be fulfilled.
Ishani(with a smile):Tk. get Raagini from me.
Ranveer(coming to them got Raagini from her): come and be with Papa.
Raagini: Hmmm

He held her where Ishani took her phone and contacted the person she talked to. Where after 5 minutes the person came out. He was a 50 years old man. He joined his hands in front of them. Where Ishani joined her hands and smiled to him. Ranveer gave a head shake and smile to him.
Ishani: I only talked to you in phone.
In charge person: Mrs. Ishani Vaghela.
Ishani: Haan its me only. I have brought cakes to the children where are they let us give them these cakes.
In charge person: Haan (showing a tree to the other side)wait below that tree children will come there Madam.
Ishani: Haan tk.(seeing Ranveer shaking her head): Let me come Ranveer.
Ranveer: Haan I can see that place clearly let me be here and see you.
Ishani:(with a smile): Tk.

When Ishani started to walk towards the place the person indicated. she stood below the tree where as the person said 10 children came towards her. They were well Organized though they were wearing simple clothes Ranveer too had a smile seeing the children where all were of different ages but they would not cross the age of 12.
Ranveer(showed the children to Raagini):See them how cute they are like you.
Raagini(seeing that side and smiling to him): Haaa
Ishani started to distribute the cakes where all were so happy to see Ishani. Ishani was so politely talking to them. When Ranveer was managing Raagini and saw Ishani the way she is talking to the children made him to fall for her all over again.Raagini laid her head in his shoulders and was touching his collar cutely.
Ranveer had a smile seeing Ishani from distance. The soft hands that is touching the cheeks of the children. The smiling face that will surely give happiness to the children. The way she is serving the cake and feeding the cake to some children. These things clearly showed Ranveer that not only Ishani's face and looks her heart is a very big beauty of her.
Ranveer's voice: All the person will have love as part of life. But Let me tell you those people won't have got a white heart wife like my Ishani. My life is completely of love its only because of my Ishani. In this birthday all I need is all the day my day should end in the hug of Ishani. Seeing her face only my mornings should begin.I should live in her embrace and even If I die I should die in her lap. She is my everything my lovely Ishani..(he was admiring her where she was talking to the children so cutely).
Yahin doobe din mere
yahin hote hain savere
yaheen marna aur jeena
yaheen madir aur madeena
When he was seeing her all the children finishing their cake they wished her bye. Ishani waving bye to children as well the In charge person when she was about to leave a cute girl held her hand and signed her to come to her. Ishani lowered her face and was asking her what. The cute girl lovingly kissed Ishani's cheek.
This was more than enough for Ranveer where he completely lost him to Ishani. When Ishani lovingly kissed that child cheek back. He was out of this world.
Ranveer's voice: Will any man get a wife like her. I should live a long life with her. We should be with each other what ever problems we face. I have hurt her so much but here after I will keep her like a queen. All I want is she should sleep in my sleep. She should feel free to cry in my tears. I will never allow her to cry all alone here after. Even when she was not in my life once when she went to jail she was actually inside me as my breath and heart beat. I had pain from small hiding my feelings for her but my Ishani is the complete result for my pain. When she came in my life my pain is completely gone from me. These are my wishes of my heart in this birthday.
When he was thinking these things Ishani giving a smile to the child and finally she started to walk towards Ranveer. As she was coming Ranveer was admiring her.
Tu meri neendon mein sota hai
Tu mere ashqon mein rota hai
si hai khayaalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai silaa tu mere dard ka
Mere dil ki duaayein hain.
As he was seeing her Ishani came near him and smiled at him where he was completely fixed his eyes in her.
Ishani(waving her hands in front of him):Ranveer..
Ranveer(coming to the world): you came.
Ishani: Haan (seeing Raagini who was sleeping in his shoulders): Ranveer she slept.
Ranveer(after Ishani telling only he saw Raagini): Haan she slept.

Raagini was so cutely sleeping in his shoulders.
Ishani: (with a smile):Tk thanks for bringing me here. These children are so sweet Ranveer. I really can't understand that why parents leave these kind of precious baby like this.
Ranveer: I know its really painful but two people's wrong is really affecting the third person which is these kind of children.
Ishani: (with a worried face): Haan..Tk let us leave and hope you are happy for this birthday day.
Ranveer: haan bilgul I mean I was happy when you presented me that photos and the cake. When you came to office with sweets I was happy and finally this arrangement is really making me feel happy.
Ishani: Tk give Raagini shall we go home?(she got Raagini without disturbing her sleep and made her lay in her shoulders)
Ranveer: Let us go to restaurant Ishani. Let us finish our dinner and then go home.
Ishani; Haan tk.
Ranveer(seeing Raagini): But Raagini is sleeping for her dinner.
Ishani(with a smile):She will wake up after sometimes before that we can reach the restaurant.
Ranveer: mmm tk.

Ranveer got inside the car where Ishani too sat next to him. Ranveer was about to start where something stopped him.
Ranveer(Turing to Ishani who was keeping the bag in dashboard and making Raagini comfortable in her embrace): Ishani..
Ishani(making Raagini comfortable Seeing Ranveer): Haan Ranveer.
Ranveer: can I ask you something?
Ishani:Haan tell me
Ranveer: I know you from small you used to serve orphanages but you used to go once in 6 months. But now a days what happen to you? what ever good days come in our life you are surely serving to orphanage.
Ishani(with a smile and with a painful voice): Ranveer that time I had my Papa and Maa near me but now I lost them. I can feel the pain of being without mother and father. So only.
Ranveer(smiled at her): seeing the decisions you are taking people will think you are a emotional fool only but only I am able to see the sacred heart you have. More than logic that heart knows love. More than brain you use your heart. More than anger you only know affection. I am blessed to have you in you in my life. you are the best gift god has given me.
Ishani:(with a smile):Thank you so much Ranveer. Now shall me leave?
Ranveer: haan

Ranveer started the car and they were traveling towards the restaurant for a family dinner.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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