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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 66)

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Originally posted by powergirlpriya

Hii sakshi

hows u dear??busy??
no updates in last 2/3 days dearCryCryCry

miss your updates dear i m eagerly waiting for your updates sakshiCryCryCry

Hi Priya

ya I am doing good dear bit busy with my work that is why I was not able to do it

ya now I am updating it dear

really making me emotional that you are missing my update happy that you are reading my story to this extreme
ya dear I am doing it now you will get it WinkWink

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Originally posted by Sahil88

Hi sakshi
R u Ok??
Not posting episodes for past 2 days
Missing Your Updates
Do Post ASAP

Hi cuteii
ya I am doing good
sorry dear bit busy with m y work
really its making me emotional that you are missing my updates happy that you are connected to my story to this extreme
ya let me do it dear WinkWinkWinkWink
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Episode 187
As Ranveer and Ishani were smiling to each other hitting their foreheads. Ranveer was so happy seeing his Ishani.
Ranveer(in a cute tone):Ishani...
Ishani(cutely taking her forehead in a cute tone): What?
Ranveer:(giving a wink to her): Happiest Birthday of my life.
Ishani:(seeing his happy smile): happy that you like this Birthday I am so happy to see your smile.
Ranveer: hmm If you are like this always I will be always smiling only.
Ishani: Haan...

When Ishani was up to tell something they heard Raagini's cute cry.
Ishani:(hearing Raagini's cry and seeing Ranveer): Leave me now..
Ranveer(taking his hands from her with a puppy face):leaving for my daughter.
Ishani:Oh my cute boy.

Telling it Ishani moved towards the cradle and she came and saw Raagini who was crying cutely. She took her with a smile in her face.She kept Raagini in her embrace.
Ishani(making Raagini comfortable in her embrace):Cute Baby good morning no crying smile karo..
Ranveer(seeing Raagini with a smile came to them): Haan you should not cry at all you know seeing my baby tears will make Papa sad so if she smile Papa will be happy.

When Ranveer was expressing it with a hand actions and face expressions Raagini cutely smiled at him with tears rolling in her cheeks. Ranveer cutely pinched her tiny cheek and wiped the tears with his hand.
Ishani(seeing Raagini):So now you smiled know now cutely wish Papa Happy Birthday.
Raagini(getting Ishani's words): Ba..Ba.haa haa..
Ranveer(smiling at her way of telling it): See my daughter how cutely she wished me. Tk Baby I am really happy for your wishes.
Raagini(smiling and touching Ranveer's cheeks being in Ishani's hands): Papa..
Ranveer: Haan Baby that is it more than this Papa don't want anything more. your voice of calling me Papa is the precious gift for Papa.
Ishani(seeing Raagini and kissing her cheek): So cute baby doll let us move to bath..(seeing Ranveer):Ranveer can you wait let me make her bath and you can have your breakfast or if its late you have your breakfast and leave.I have kept the breakfast in table.
Ranveer:(with a not understanding reaction): Hello Madam today is my Birthday so you should surely serve me breakfast.So let me wait till you come.
Ishani:(giving smile): Tk Baba(seeing Raagini):Chalo Baby.

Ishani started to walk towards the cupboard and took Raagini's towel and she entered the washroom where Ranveer moved towards the sofa of their room and sitting in the sofa he took his mobile and started to play games.
When Rithika was reading a magazine sitting in the hall there was a knock in the door.
Rithika(hearing the door knock reading the magazine): Rekha ..see who is knocking the door.
When she was telling it there was another knock in the door she got irritated and keeping the magazine and seeing Rekha not coming again hearing the door knock without any way got up from the sofa and with a irritated walk went to the door and opened the door when she opened the door where she saw 4 men standing in front of her. She bit got scared seeing them that was because of their appearance. Their looks clearly said they are not good people and they were looking like henchmen.
Rithika(making herself okay):Who are you all?
Man(with a heavy voice):We are Henchmen.Raj send us.
Rithika:Raj(bit not understanding) But I didn't ask any henchmen. No one would have ordered for henchmen in this house. How are you here?

When she asked this question before the henchmen to answer Rithika heard a voice telling "Its me only who ordered them".
When Rithika hearing this word turned and saw the hall of the house in the direction from where the voice came. It was Naina who was standing there. Before Rithika could react to it Naina quickly came towards them and with a evil head shake to the henchmen..
Naina: You may come in.
Henchmen: Yes Madam...
Naina(as they started to enter);Go and sit in the sofa of the hall.
Henchmen: Yes madam.
Naina(seeing Rithika):lock the door Rithika..
Rithika:Naina for what have you called them?
Naina: Let me tell you lock the door.
Rithika(locking the door and seeing Naina): Haan tell me.
Naina: I called Raj yesterday only and I said him to send these henchmen as said he sent them to me.
Rithika: But what is the need for these henchmen for  us?
Naina:(with a confirmed face):To break Ranveer and Ishani's relationship these henchmen are needed.
Rithika(with a questioning face): Is it any new plan Naina?
Naina: Haan its my next plan Rithika. (taking a deep breath): One week I was calm with Ranveer and last Sunday I went to his house and told him that I only misunderstood Ishani and because of that only I came to ask sorry. Some how Ranveer trusted me yesterday he had lunch with me and he smiling to me. Now its the finally attempt to go close to Ranveer's heart as well enter Ranveer's house.
Rithika:what you are going to enter Ranveer's house?
Naina: Haan I am going to stay there and I am going to make Ranveer fall in love with me.
Rithika:Do you think it is possible?
Naina: (with a smile seeing Rithika):Rithika I clearly know Ranveer's trust on Ishani is like a Nail that is stuck to the wall. I surely need to pluck that Nail. For that I need to be near Ranveer and Ishani. Last time when I fainted only Ranveer was having concern on me and he became my friend. This time Ranveer will trust me so well and I am going to enter his house. Wait and see.
Rithika:(without understanding):Will Ranveer allow you to stay with them. He will tell you have a house know?
Naina: Ranveer will tell me to stay with him itself even If he didn't accept it Ishani would tell him to make me stay with them.
Rithika:But how?
Naina:(with a evil smile):Haan let me tell you today evening.

Naina telling it started to walk to the hall where the four henchmen were sitting in the sofa. As Naina came they stood up in front of her.
Naina: So you all came you should be in my house till evening once I come in the evening let me tell what you all should do. Once your work is over you can get the money and leave.
Henchmen2: Okay Madam...Raj told us you are sister of Nirbhay Bhaiya for that we will do anything Madam.

As he was telling it Rithika came and stood behind Naina with a not understanding face.
Naina(to the henchmen):That's so nice to hear that you people are really faithful to my Bhaiya.(turning and seeing Rithika):Rithika ask them to be in the hall the whole day. If they want to use washroom ask them to use the common washroom.(seeing inside the kitchen):Rekha Rekha..
Rekha:(coming out in a feared face):See you should cook what all they ask you to.
Rekha:Tk Madam
Naina(seeing Rithika):Rithika manage them till evening let me come in the evening and tell you the plan what is it?
Rithika: Hmm okay.
Naina(seeing Henchmen): Be in the instructions(showing Rithika): of This madam.

All the four henchmen: Yes Madam sure..
Naina:(giving a strict head shake to them and seeing Rithika):Fine Rithika let me leave to office take care.
Rithika: Hmm tk. (as Naina moved towards her room in thoughts): I am really confused about Ishani and Ranveer relationship now a days. will Naina be able to break Ishani and Ranveer's relationship?

For the first time Rithika had a doubtful face thinking about Ranveer's and Ishani's relationship.
Ishani brought Raagini who was surrounded by towel around her. She was having water drops in her body.
Raagini(shaking her head made water to sprinkle in Ishani's face): Haaa..
Ishani: Raagini baby what is it? come let me wipe you well and make you wear your dress.

Raagini was cutely smiling to her mother. Ishani keeping her in the embrace and with other hand opening the cupboard and took Raagini's dresses. She brought Raagini to the bed and making her sit she too sat in the bed. She wiped Raagini's soft skin with the soft towel. And started to make her wear the dresses. Ranveer was playing his games sitting silently. As Raagini was dressed the cutie pie was so cute in her white pant and red shirt.She finally made Raagini ready.
Ishani(smiling to her):Finally my baby is done(showing Ranveer):See Papa he is also red and Raagini is also red.
Raagini kept her hands in her face and smiled at Ishani.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer concentrating in his phone):Ranveer..
Ranveer(without taking his eyes from the phone): Haan
Ishani:See Raagini know you are this much concentrating in your phone..
Ranveer(where this was the moment he left the game as it is and saw Raagini);Wow my Baby dressed in red. Papa is also red his beti also red.
Raagini(opened her hands to Ranveer): Papa..

Ranveer with a smile got up from the sofa and came towards the bed and took Raagini in his hands.
Ishani: Perfect together.
Ranveer: Haan Ishani she is completely me only.
Ishani:Tk bring her you can have your breakfast.
Ranveer: Haan...

Ishani started to move towards the dinning table where Ranveer came holding Raagini and playing with her. He sat in the dinning chair and made Raagini sit in the dinning table holding her safely by his hand.
Ishani: Have her safely Ranveer she may crawl or stand up in the table.
Ranveer:(with a naughty smile): Haan let me hold her safely you feed me today.
Ishani: Ranveer no need have it by yourself.
Ranveer: Arrey please know...
Ishani: I will feed but only sweet as it is your birthday other than that you should only have it.
Ranveer(with a head shake): Okay at least you are giving that know..

Ishani opened a dish where Gulab Jamun was floating in the sugar syrup. She took a spoon and cutting a Gulab Jamun piece and with Sugar syrup and she held the spoon in front of Ranveer's mouth. Catching Raagini he had the piece of Gulab Jamun and started to taste..
Ishani:Ranveer if it is not nice please adjust know now only I am trying to make sweets so..
Ranveer(eating it with a smile):Its really so nice Ishani..
Ishani:Thank god you like it and at the same time as it is your birthday I tried to make some different dish try it but If it is not nice forgive me.
Ranveer: It will be nice only. Serve me..
Ishani: Hmm okay..

Ishani kept the plate in front of him and served pudia paratha and kept Paneer gravy. Ishani took the Gulab jamun's in a bowl and kept it to his side. She took another piece of gulab Jamun and fed him.
Ishani: Happy Birthday..
Ranveer: Hmm thank you (having his Gulab jamun).

Raagini who was seeing it with a cute look with her hand touched Ishani's hand.
Ishani(seeing Raagini): Kya Baby? your breakfast is too ready..(before she could tell)..
Raagini: Mama..
Ishani; Haan
Raagini(cutely showed her index finger towards her mouth): Ka...
Ishani(with a smile): you want Mama to feed you?

Raagini lovingly shook her head as yes with a smile.
Ishani(seeing her and Ranveer):Did you see how you people are? you want me only to see you but see your daughter just seeing me feeding you she wants me to feed her.
Ranveer: Haan make her have it my beti know she will be too possessive on her mother as I am.
Ishani: Hmmm tk.(seeing Raagini);Tk Baby let me feed you.Ek minute let Papa have a bit of the Paratha and let Mama get the comments (seeing Ranveer): Have it.
Ranveer(took a piece of Paratha and dipped it into the gravy and had it he started to eat it): Hmm you have done so well Ishani. its really nice.
Ishani:Thank god you liked it.

Finally he started to have his breakfast where Ishani started to feed Raagini Family was enjoying that morning. Finishing his breakfast.
Ranveer(wiping his hands after washing): Ishani let me leave.
Ishani: Okay Ranveer bye(feeing Raagini):Tell Papa bye..

Raagini smiled at Ranveer..
Ranveer:Tk Baby bye..
Giving a smile to them Ranveer started to move towards the house entrance. He got inside the car and he started to move towards his office.
Ranveer was entering the office where almost all the girls eyes were on him. All wished him good morning where he gave a head shake with happy smile to all of them. As Ranveer crossed a cubical.
Girl 1(turning to the near by girl): Really our boss is handsome know? more than the coat suit he wears he is looking charming in his color coat.
Girl 2: Haan really his wife is lucky to have him as her husband
As they were talking Naina entered the office and she heard those words in her ears.
Girl 1: Even his wife is not less to him. She is more beautiful she is so soft to all. The way she is taking care of her daughter is more than enough to tell her softness.
Girl 2: Haan you are right. They both are made for each other.
Tk let's work.
As the girls started to work..
Naina(who heard these words was feeling anger): No way only I and Ranveer are made for each other. I won't allow that Ishani to be in my Ranveer's life. Just today night everything will change Ranveer will allow me inside his house and he will ask me to be with him.
Naina thinking to herself walked towards her desk. She came to her desk and saw Ranveer through the glass. His red coat showed him more handsome to her eyes.
Naina(admiring him): More than this I cannot stay away from you Ranveer. I fell in love and after Ishani is out of your life you will marry me. We both should be husband and wife. We both should be living in the same room. we should live our life and we should have a child no no two child. I really love you Ranveer. This moment I fell like hugging you.
As she was thinking she closed her eyes and saw some beautiful scene in her day dream..
Naina's dream...
It was a beautiful decorated room. Room was decorated like wedding night for a couple. Naina was waiting in the bed when Ranveer entered with a charming smile wearing a black t-shirt and black pant. Naina had a smile seeing him Ranveer walked towards her romantically. He was so handsome he was smiling at her and he came near her. Naina got up from the bed and stood in front of him as he came near her.
Naina(with a shy smile): I love you Ranveer..
Ranveer(with a smile): Hmm even me..
Naina: you left your wife know she is not fit to you Ranveer
Ranveer: I really know you are the only girl made for me. I left that woman even I left her child too.
Naina(with a smile hugging him); How sweet you are? we will live a happy life.
Ranveer(caressing her back): sure Naina... (closing his eyes where Naina too closed and feeling the moment):Naina...Naina
Where Naina was dreaming she heard a voice so hard calling her name " Naina"...
Naina(coming to the world and saw who is in front of her it was Ranveer with a silent face): RV..
Ranveer: What happen to you? I am called your name also 5 times you are closing your eyes and dreaming something?
Naina: Wo(getting up from the seat): aye..(she stammered).
Ranveer:(in a questioning face):What day dream?
Naina: Nahi
Ranveer: Tk let it be now can you give me that AVM files?
Naina: Haan let me..

She turned and searched in the bunch of files in her table and took a file and showed it to him.
Naina: this is it..
Ranveer(seeing the file and then Naina):Thank you(he was up to leave where he turned and saw her giving a light smile): Day dreaming won't come to reality you should work hard to get what you want.

He gave a smile and started to enter his room.
Naina(seeing Ranveer through the glass who was sitting in his chair in thoughts):Haan Ranveer here after I am not going to live in dream with you so only I am working hard to get you. It will come true Ranveer. Once that Ishani and extra luggage leave your life surely my dream will happen. (having a smile in her face): But he started to talk to me with a smile. Let me go and talk to him.
She got up from the chair and entered the room.
RV: Yes come in Naina.
Naina(coming and standing in front of him): RV..
RV: Haan
Naina: you look so good in this dress. Really a nice coat.
RV: (giving a smile): Hmm thank you.
Naina: Better you dress up like this itself daily you will look so smart.
RV: Haan I can but I cannot make it all the time. As it is a business place we should dress according to it during business days.
Naina:(giving a smile):Even today is a business day but why have you come like this?
RV(with a smile):Today Is the day I came to this world so only.
Naina(with a doubtful face): Means today is?
RV: My Birthday.
Naina: (with excitement): wo really Happy Birthday..
RV: Thank you...
Naina: I am really happy today RV
RV: Hmm tk.
Naina:(giving a excited smile): Let me go and work.
RV: Haan sure..
Naina(come out in a happiness and she sat in the desk in thoughts turning and seeing Ranveer); Today night I am going to execute my plan which will completely take me near Ranveer. I have really have chose a good day only for plan. For Ranveer's birthday I am itself going as his gift to his house today night.
As with her evil intention she called and ordered Rithika to buy a gift for Ranveer and she said she need it by today afternoon. Rithika said she will get it and give it to her through some henchmen dressed up like a courier boy. Naina started to work after this were Ranveer too got himself busy. The day came to its morning 11 o clock. When Ranveer was seeing his files as he needed his laptop he opened his laptop which was near him when he saw Ishani's smiling photo in his desktop today's morning romance came to his mind. The way Ishani said about their love tonight made him to smile.
Ranveer(in thoughts): Really Ishani each time I romance you my love is only increasing. Today know I will surely love you as much as you want.
He took his mobile and planned to call Ishani. Ishani who was making Raagini sit in the swing and switched on the TV and kept the Pogo channel and was making her catch the biscuit in her hand.
Ishani: Have this Baby slowly okay and watch the TV.
Raagini(getting what her mother said): Hmmm

Raagini cutely saw the biscuit and started to eat it lovingly. As Ishani was up to move to the Kitchen she saw her mobile ringing in the sofa. She saw the mobile display were it was Ranveer.
Ishani(with a smile took her phone and picked the call): Hello Birthday Boy.
Ranveer: Hmm what Birthday boy's wife is doing?
Ishani: What I will be doing? I was up to enter kitchen to wash the vessels and should start to make lunch.
Ranveer:(in a disappointed tone):What is this? you are talking about household works. I am longing for you like anything but you are..
Ishani: Mr. RV its your business hours not romance hour..
Ranveer:Ishani I said you call me Ranveer don't want RV and all.
Ishani:Tk Baba stop longing for me go and see your work.
Ranveer(in a cute tone): Ishani Today night we will love each other know?
Ishani(with a shy smile hearing his voice):Ranveer its night only know?
Ranveer: Haan night only but now itself I want Sun to hide and want moon to come to the sky.
Ishani: Hmm it will come when its time come only. by the by for this only you called me.
Ranveer: Haan Today know I am going to love you that much.
Ishani:As though other times you loved me less.
Ranveer: (smile): This Ranveer's love is never less it will be always more only. you will feel it tonight.
Ishani:Let me feel it that time now let me cut the call.
Ranveer:(with a puppy face):Tk.
When he was keeping the phone in his ears he heard the phone cutting tone. Ishani with a smile cutting the phone turning and seeing Raagini concentrating in the TV. She had a shy smile where Ranveer taking is phone from ears had a lovely smile to himself.
Screen freezes on Ranveer and Ishani's lovely smile.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWink

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naush2015 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 May 2016 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
How  are you sakshi .i am so happy to see your update now .it was really very nice.i love the character of ragini that even if she has to cry she cries cutely and her birthday wish to ranveer was also very what is this naina is again there to spoil there night.waiting for next.

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Posted: 23 May 2016 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Hii Sakshi,
How r u dear? I was thought i missed ur update bcoz i m bit busy yr and i was not open forum past 2day but when i open forum U r not update in last 2 day..!! My good luck and i miss u lot in past 2 day...
Now coming, it was a wonerful update dear
Ranveer and our cute pie would be looking so cute in red cloth and when raagini wish to ranveer it was amazed...!!!
So our ishani cooking well not bad..and at the moment when she feeding them it was so beautiful...!!
Naina 's headache vamp Angry her dream was so worst Dead and wat say about her new plan i think i know that wat happened next and it really working now bcoz ranveer ka toh pta nhi but our mahanta ki rani ishani jo hai...!! But i hope this witch naina Angry Angry not spoil ishveer romantic night...
Now lets see..!!!
Thank for pm...!!

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res  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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ayeshamukhtar Senior Member

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 12:12am | IP Logged
Awesome chapter .. ..
So here there are naina who spoil our ishveer moments. Angry
I just wish that naina plan will fope terribly

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SweetieSonia100 Newbie

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Posted: 24 May 2016 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Awww thats awesome... Incredible ... Gorgeous!! 
I just love ur FF janiii... Im Very lucky to have u in my life... Ur ff make me smile .. sad ... Excited... 
Just Love ur FF sonuuu... 
Love uuu shooo muchhh 
Ranveer and ishani's bday epis are very very very very vry vry vry... Lovely... Cute... Sweet... Full of happiness...    
Awww my baby Ragini... Shooo cutieee pieee..   awww her expressionsss 
Nainaa... Urgh... Wht to say? She is just A Vamp in their Livess... Hope sooo she will leave their lives without disturbance 
And dearr my janniii just send me a PM for epi... I read ur ff Daily ... But now a days u r not sending jani... Sorryyy for saying ... But ... I love ur FF and i want to read it daily yar... Sorryy if i hurt u dear... 
Loveee u shooo muchhh 
Keep smiling jani
Keep loving sonu 
Be happy dear ,
Regards ,
Sonia Heart

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