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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 63)

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 8:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by o_gudiya

Hii sakshi didi...i
   How r u...??? A lovely episode...cute nd wonderful...
Poor ranveer has to bear naina..
Let it b no nesd to tlk abt that stupid...
Ishanis plan superb...
The way u described the photos...
Aww so cute ishani described her feelings ...
Really ut would bring tears in eyes...
Emotiojal scene was waiting for this...
Lets c ...wht ranveer replies...
Eagerly waiting for next...
Wht tge plan of whole day of ishani to ranveer..
Hope naina becomes jealous due to closeness of ranveer nd ishani...
Updatw soon...
Take care...
Luv u... Embarrassed
Sorry for late reply..   Cry

Hi Gudiya behan
ya I am doing good darling
glad you liked the episode and found it cute and wonderful
ya poor Ranveer has to bear Naina in other side
hmm okay dear leave that Naina a side
happy that you liked Ishani's plan
happy that you liked the description of the photos
ya Ishani has described her feelings
happy that seemed a emotional scene for you and it gave a moist eyes reading our
heroin's feelings founding it emotional
ya let us see what our hero replies for it
ya let me update it dear
ya let us see what is the whole day plan by Ishani to Ranveer
hmm ya she should get jealous of seeing Ranveer and Ishani together
ya let me update it keep reading
take care too
love you too
no need sorry dearWinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by naush2015

It was a speechless chap honey.i think these were unsaid feelings of we are waiting for ranveers answer.infact ishanis birthday chap was also very nice.sorry for not replying yaar coz i am very busy now adays but i read ur update daily.

Hi Naush thanks for the comment glad you found the chapter speechless one. ya its unsaid feelings of Ishani ya let us see what Ranveer is going to tell
happy that you liked Ishani's birthday chapters too
its okay dear no problem work is important no need to tell sorry dear
happy that you are reading my update daily
keep reading WinkWinkWink

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Sahil88 Groupbie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Finally free from my college now give u daily reviews
Now Come to The Episode Such a great dicription of ishani's feeling with photos of ishveer
Eagrly waiting for Ranveer Reply
You fullfill all our demand which was not fullfill in Serial Soo a Big Thanks

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sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sahil88

Finally free from my college now give u daily reviews
Now Come to The Episode Such a great dicription of ishani's feeling with photos of ishveer
Eagrly waiting for Ranveer Reply
You fullfill all our demand which was not fullfill in Serial Soo a Big Thanks

Hi Cuteii thanks for the comment
happy that you are free for someday happy that I can get review from you daily
glad you liked ishani's feelings in the episode with their photos
ya let me update the next episode
happy that you find my episodes are full filling your demands keep reading dear
and thanks for reading my story WinkWinkWink
sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Episode 186(Shakti Arora Birthday Special)...
Note:Sorry for being late for this Birthday Special episode.

When Ishani wished him Happy Birthday Ranveer saw her with a emotional face. There were tears in his eyes and a lovely smile in his lips. He kept the photo in the bed and wanted to come near her. When was was up to move to her there was a heart shaped red balloon in between them.Ishani understanding Ranveer need to come close to her where Ranveer seeing the balloon was up to take the balloon when Ishani too brought her hand to take the balloon. Seeing both of them coming to take the balloon in the same time they glanced each other where Ishani giving a smile took the Balloon and kept it other side and saw Ranveer and signed him to come near her with her eyes. Ranveer giving a emotional face moved and sat near her in the bed. He was facing her with a emotional face. There was tear drops in his eyes.
Ishani:(seeing him crying touching his cheeks and wiping his tears):Ranveer why are you crying now? Its a good day today so no crying okay.
Ranveer feeling Ishani wiping his tears before she could take her hand from his cheek he held her hand and made her hand to touch his cheek.He held his hand above her hand which is on his cheek. Catching her hands he saw her eyes where still his eyes were moist and was turning red due to tears.
Ranveer(in a low voice):Allow me to cry Ishani please.
Ishani:Arrey why you need to cry now?
Ranveer(seeing her with a moist eyes and a smile): Ishani you know what is the best moment in any man's life?

Ishani cutely asked what? with her head shake.
Ranveer:That is the moment when a man gets tear and smile at the same time. And this is the best moment of my life. My eyes are shedding tears and my lips are having smile. This is the best Birthday in my life Ishani. (with a confirmed head shake): Its the best.
He took her hands from his cheek and held her hand in his hand and wiping his eyes with other hand and saw her with a smile.
Ranveer: See that board you have written for me(He showed the board that Ishani has made in the center wall of the room with decorated glitter paper around it) you have said me the man of love.(his face was so happy where that happiness can never be explained with words) Its you Ishani who made me the man of love. I never know whether a small boy can love a small girl and I never know how I fell in love in my 9 years. (seeing her with a confirmed look) But when I first saw you standing behind the pillar I fell in love with you Ishani. It is you who made me a man of love.
Ishani smiled at him where her eyes saw him with pure love.
Ranveer:Thank you for all the decorations you have done for me and I am really happy for the wordings in the cake. Really thank you so much for mentioning me as a cute and lovely husband. (showing the photos she presented him which were on the bed) And these gifts know Ishani with this you completely made my birthday a special one.(He cutely brought his hands to her shoulders and saw her with a happy smile): Haan Ishani I used to admire you and long for you standing behind the pillars. But today my Ishani got to know each and every inch of my feelings I had for her. Haan the girl who I went to leave her in her school when she was small now that small girl is my wife. (He was so happy in his face) You are right no couple will get to see each others childhood but we saw everything know from small to teenage. From teenage to marriage. Our Marriage is really a dream come true for this Ranveer.
Ishani(with a smile): Ranveer...
Ranveer: Hmmm
Ishani:(with a cute demanding tone): Hug me..
Ranveer:suddenly hug?
Ishani: Please I want to be close to you please..
Ranveer with a smile shaking his head as yes he hugged her where she too hugged him. There were hugging each other tightly sitting in the bed. Ishani caressed his back with her soft hands. Where Ranveer was feeling so happy in her embrace.
Ranveer(being in the hug): I need to tell more things Ishani.
Ishani; Hmm tell me after this hug.

They were in their hug for almost 10 minutes. They wanted to be like this forever. More than Physical intimacy being in the hug seemed so happy for this couple. All they need in life was being with each other. Ishani feeling satisfied in the hug with a smile she came out of the hug. Ranveer came out of the hug where his face was looking good now.
Ishani:Now tell me.
Ranveer:(took their marriage photo that was on the bed and showed her): What a beautiful day know Ishani? we both became husband and wife.
Ishani: Its really a great day Ranveer. With how many obstacles our marriage happened. I was not ready to marry you but today I am mother to your child.
Ranveer(seeing her with a smile): Hmmm you know Raagini made our relationship so strong.
Ishani; hmmm
Ranveer(seeing their marriage photo):Ishani never try to be in my control if I am doing wrong boldly face me. you know as you leave me as it is only I am showing my angry attitude to you.
Ishani(with a smile); Okay mera Ranveer here after hain na I am going to control you but not with my attitude with my love.If my Ranveer get my love he won't become angry and all.
Ranveer: Hmm right. you have written it very correctly that we used to argue and fight when we were friends.(seeing her) But those times I never said about our fights to third person but when we had fight during that Chiraag's photos know that time I went to Rithika for help. Here after I will never go to anyone for our relationship tips. Because of that only she took complete advantage when you were in jail.
Ishani: Finally you understood know that is more than enough for me.
Ranveer:Tk finally thanks for all the surprise you gave me. And thanks for these photos and letters its really so nice.
Ishani(with a smile):Tk now come sleep you should be fresh in the morning.

Ishani got up from the bed where Ranveer got up taking all the photos and letters in his hands. When Ishani was walking towards the room entrance.
Ranveer: Ishani..
Ishani: Haan
Ranveer:Come near me.
Ishani:If it is for romance it is not now because its already time.
Ranveer:(with a cute smile): Arrey nahi I am not calling for romance I need to tell you something come to me.

Ishani came near him and stood facing him.
Ranveer: I know long back you understood this but anyways once again thanks for understanding that I didn't misbehave with Disha.
And sorry for all the insults and hurting you got because of my angry man avatar. I am really sorry for it Ishani. Here after If I become angry be bold to face me don't hesitate even you can slap me.
Ishani:Wow not bad Ranveer but (with a cute look)more than a slap If I give a kiss in your cheek know you will completely be back to normal.
Ranveer(laughed at her where she too laughed back to him): Hmm ya you can do that too. How happy we are while smiling together.I will never allow anything to come between our happiness.
Ishani: Hmm even me Ranveer here after it is only Ranveer and Ishani. okay.
Ranveer: hmm and to become RV its not only my hard work its also Ishani being behind my success. She wanted to study abroad but after marrying me she sacrificed everything. She went to jail but she never raised a word about her sacrifices. so this RV's driving power is Ishani.
Ishani(coming near him she caught his hands):Ranveer please don't tell this to any people they may laugh like anything  a woman who does not even know what is business. how can I be behind your success?
Ranveer:Haan you can think like this If I didn't propose you on that day I would have not left your house. If I didn't come out I would have not thought about earning money. After I earned only I was able to get this beautiful princess in my hand.
Ishani: hmm okay but you know I too sometimes what that Angry young man please don't control your anger to that extreme and all.
Even I like that Angry young man.
Ranveer(with a smile):Really but promise me something.
Ranveer: If you ever see that Angry young man drag him to bed and melt him with your love. He will be surely falling for you.
Ishani: Naughty boy.

Ranveer smiled at her where Ishani too smiled at him.
Ishani:Chalo let us sleep keep those photos in the cupboard.
Ranveer; Hmm okay.

They came to their room. Ranveer kept those photos in his cupboard and they went to lay in the bed and they drifted off to sleep.
Ishani got up at early morning 5 o clock.She entered the washroom and taking her time she came out wearing a light and dark pink combination Saree. She dried her hair and she made herself ready. She kept the Sindoor and having a final check she turned towards the bed. She saw Ranveer sleeping and she came to the cradle and saw Raagini sleeping.
Ishani(to herself):Before Raagini wakes up I should make everything ready. She should sleep long today also she should not wake up early.
Ishani thinking to herself opening the room door and she entered the Kitchen and started to prepare their breakfast. She started to make sweet for Ranveer and made some special dish for his breakfast. As she was working the morning came to 8 o clock. She prepared coffee and came to their room.She kept the coffee in the table and She waked up Ranveer. He was turning other side and sleeping again.
Ishani:Ranveer utto Baba.
Ranveer(still sleep in a sleepy tone): Let me sleep for sometime Ishani.
Ishani:Ranveer its 8 o clock now. Get up you need to bath, get ready have your breakfast.
Ranveer(hearing her voice and the time she said he slowly got up with a sleepy face);Kya Ishani? This morning comes early all the day.
Ishani:hmm that is natural come on get up.
He rubbed his face well and he got up and was about to enter the washroom.
Ishani:Ranveer I have kept the coffee brush and have it.
Ranveer: Hmm tk.

He entered the washroom and he started to brush his teeth. He completed his brushing and he came out of the room and had his coffee. When he was having his coffee Ishani came inside the room and she opened the cupboard and took two boxes.
Ishani(keeping the box in the table and seeing Ranveer):Ranveer wear this dress today.
Ranveer(finishing his coffee and came near her and keeping the cup in the table):These dress its for me?
Ishani: Haan Birthday dress.
Ranveer(with a excitement): you brought it for me?
Ishani: Nahi Maa gave me these dresses. Before we leave Nagpur we had that Sankashti Chaturthi know for that Maa gave it to me. But you were angry on me that time so I was not able to give it to you. Today your Birthday know so you need to wear a new dress so wear it.
Ranveer(with a disappointed face);Tk tk let me wear but I thought My wife has brought dresses to me.
Ishani(with a smile): No its Maa who gave these dresses now go and take bath.
Ranveer:(with a cute look and tone);Tk..
He opened the boxes and took his dresses where Ishani was leaving the room taking the coffee cup he has kept and she went to the kitchen and started to bring the dishes to the dinning table. Ranveer entered the washroom and after 10 minutes..
Ranveer(being in the washroom):Ishani.. Ishani..
Ishani(keeping a dish in the table and was checking she brought all the dishes and hearing his voice came to their room and she searched him in room):Where are you?
Ranveer(opening the washroom door and peeping his head out):Here.
Ishani:what happen? what you want?
Ranveer: I forgot my towel can you please get it?
Ishani(giving a head shake as yes): Haan let me.
She went to the cupboard and took a towel and came to the washroom door where still Ranveer was peeping his head out.
Ishani(coming to the washroom door where he was peeping his head out showing the towel):Elo..
Ranveer bringing his hand out on the way of getting the towel held her hand and opening the washroom door with other hand and pulled her inside the washroom in a quick time. He immediately locked the door inside and made her back hit the washroom door.
Ishani(taking time to realize and then seeing Ranveer who was standing wearing a towel and he was bare chest):What are you doing Ranveer? I gave you towel but..
Ranveer(keeping his hands both the sides of her keeping his hands in the door):I don't want towel and all to make you come to me only I asked towel. But I brought my towel(he showed the towel hanging in the holder)
Ishani:(trying to move): tum bi na Ranveer tk you have towel know leave me now.
Ranveer(brought his hands behind her and pulled her close to him): I want a kiss.
Ishani:Ranveer chodo please...abhi nahi
Ishani: Que matlab its not night leave. What are you doing? Only washroom is the place for you to romance? and see yourself how you are just wearing a towel.
Ranveer(with a naughty smile):Oh towel is your problem fine tell me If you want me to remove it let me.
Ishani(cutely hitting his shoulders);Ranveer...
Ranveer(like a cute child):Ishani please please ek kiss...
Ishani: cute boy not now let me give you today night okay.
Ranveer: Nahi you won't same way you will try to run from me in the night also.
Ishani: (she cutely touched his shoulders): Tk (held his cheeks with one hand and turned him to other side and kissed his cheek) enough.
Ranveer: (with a smile): only this kiss for birthday boy?
Ishani:Haan that is it? now leave me Raagini may wake up anytime Ranveer.
Ranveer:(moving cutely):Tk but I won't leave you that easily today.
Ishani: Okay let me see.

Giving a smile to him she opened the door and came out with the towel in her hand. she kept the towel back in the cupboard and she sat in the bed waiting for Ranveer to come out. After 20 minutes he came out wearing the blue jean and white t-shirt. He started to dry his hair and he started to get ready. Ishani went to the cupboard and took a coat from it. It was red coat.She brought it to him.
Ishani(showing it to him):Wear this coat today Ranveer.
Ranveer(seeing the coat):This also Maa gave me.
Ishani(with a smile): Nahi aye mera gift hain tumhari birthday keliya.
Ranveer(seeing the coat):That's really so nice Ishani I like it.Red wali coat.

He got the coat and he wore it. Where he was so cute in the white t-shirt and red over coat and the blue jean.
Ishani(seeing him):so good Ranver you are looking charming.
Ranveer:Thank you but(with a questioning look)can I romance you?
Ishani:If I ever search the meaning for Romance in dictionary know the meaning will be always Ranveer.
Ranveer: Haan Ranveer is a romantic man. He will romance all the time. Now come to him and kiss him.
Ishani: I gave you know?
Ranveer:you are talking about that washroom kiss my god that was a kiss(he lovingly went near her and pulled her close to him): I think you forgot the meaning for kiss.
Ishani: (she was trying to push him where he held her more close to him): I didn't forget anything.
Ranveer:Then what Kiss is something expressing each others feelings. That should be so deep keeping one's lips in other lips now come on kiss this Ranveer.
Ishani:(with a cute look):Ranveer please not now night we can have it.
Ranveer:Night what you will give? as usual you will kiss in my cheeks and you will sleep.
Ishani(pinching his cheek): How will I leave you today? Today night let me fulfill your one demand.
Ranveer;(with a smile):which demand? vegetarian or non-vegetarian love?
Ishani:(bowing her head with a smile):Non-vegetarian.
Ranveer:(with a smile):we are going to share love today?
Ishani(with face full of red): Haan let us
Ranveer(in a husky voice):Really?
Ishani: Haan now a days know even I am wanting you near me always.I made you control your feelings on my Birthday know today is your birthday know so let us have it today night.
Ranveer:you won't get scared know?
Ishani: Nahi here after no problem.
Ranveer:Tk I am waiting for night.

He cutely hit her forehead where she too hit his forehead with a happy smile.
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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lifesobeautiful Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Hii Sakshi,
Its was so beautiful update...when ranveer express her all fault that he abused her mistrust her not understanding her sacrifies and her chilhood feeling all thing was a wonderful...!!! Really u write everything perfect dear...if cv's read this ff toh sharm ke mare chulu.. bar paani me doob mare...stared matsh story line was good but after leap cvs ne matsh ko worst kar diya...& result matsh end..!!! Anyway
Ranveer romance with ishani in bathroom (dhikar home ka koi part nhi chore ga romance ke liye) and romantic ishani's really adroble...just i loved it
Now excited for the next update and don't say sorry u daily update and one day you'll not update that's not a big deal so no need for sorry...u r doing well..!!!
Well waiting for next..and a bigg hug for u
Thanx for pm...

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sakshi5050 Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 6:57pm | IP Logged
Hi sakshi
It was very beautiful update
Ranveer so emotional he realised his mistake he confessed his feelings everything was awesome I loved it but birthday boy have to sleep silently only thi was his best birthday and ishani really made good arrangements
Ishani so much planning so much romance.
Dhikra will not leave even a single place in whole house to romance but again got nothing
When will ragini cutie pie will wish him?
They are going to share love let him able to complete this time evrytime they decide there plan fail bechara deserves this birthday gift atleast bold ishani is the best gift for him.
Let see what happens further and now he is going to office so anything can happen
Thnx for pm nice update
Thank you dear for giving us these wonderful moments of ishveer otherwise we would have never seen in serial
Update soon

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Bloomfield IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
HI Sakshi! How are you?

The episodes were as usual Ishveer-filled with a few speckles of Naina :/ :/ The only request I am going to make is that make Ranveer realize why Raagini is crying whenever she sees Naina. That lady pinched my cute darling -_- And about today's episode...the number of times Ranveer confesses, the number of times I blush <3 <3 Update the next one soon and take care :)

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