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Ranveer's unsaid feelings #3 updated Episode 217 page 149 (Page 62)

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Originally posted by CarpedeimRose

Hi Sakshi my dr GirlHugHug
I just loved ur chapters and then info abt baby Raagini my God too awesomeClapClap
Just loved it to the coreEmbarrassed

Pls update the next chapter soonBig smileBig smile

Hi Jen thanks for the comment

glad you loved the chapters and happy  you liked the photos of Raagini and found it awesome
happy that you loved it

ya let me update it dear keep reading WinkWinkWink

sakshi5050 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by shaktiluvradz

Hi sakshi  ragini  pics were soo's just  amazing  and d full episode  was awesome ishveer  hang out with  cutie  pie.keep update  dear

Hi Janani thanks for the comment glad you liked Raagini's pics. Glad you liked the episode and found it awesome full of ishveer hanging out with cutie pie ya let me update it dear keep reading WinkWinkWink
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Episode 185
It was the next day Morning. As it was Monday Ranveer completely made him ready and he started to move in his routine. He had his breakfast and he started to office. Ishani was moving in her routine making Raagini take bath and playing with her and making her have a small sleep. The day was running as usual. Ranveer was working so well where Naina was talking to him so friendly and she was trying to get close to him. Ranveer though didn't like her at heart just gave a smile in order to keep her in a distance from his family and as he promised Ishani to reduce his anger he is lovingly obeying Ishani's words now a days. He had lunch with Naina and some how he himself moved friendly with her. He was in his routine work in office.
It was evening 4.30...
A man came and delivered some of the boxes and he brought it and kept it in the hall. Ishani paid the money and the man left. Ishani entered her room with those boxes. The time was running when it was exactly 6 o clock Ishani came out of her room. She locked the room with the key outside. She ensured the room is locked.
Ishani(with a smile):Finally I have locked the room.Ranveer won't go inside my room but also I should be careful. Now I locked it.Ranveer won't go inside without my knowledge.He will be in hall or our room only but if Raagini run inside my room he may also run behind her so let it be locked(taking a deep breath she went to her room and started to play with her daughter who was lovingly moving in the walker).
The time was almost evening 7.30 when Ranveer reached home and as usual he fresh up himself and he was playing with Raagini and romancing Ishani in between. They had their dinner and Ishani made Raagini sleep in the cradle. Ranveer too slept in his bed where Ishani laid beside him without sleeping. Ishani was kept on seeing the phone for time. When it was exactly 11.45 she felt something uncomfortable and she started to cough. She was coughing heavily. She got up from the bed and sat. She switched on the lamps and she was coughing continuously. Ranveer hearing her coughing with a disturbed sleep face got up with a quick concern.
Ranveer(with a concern touching her shoulders): Ishani kya hua?
Ishani(coughing and managing to talk): Pata nahi.. suddenly (coughing) I am getting cough..(she was kept on coughing).

Ranveer took water from the jug which was kept near by and he poured the water in the glass and gave it to her. Ishani got it from his hand and drank some water even though the cough was continuously coming for her. Ranveer got the glass and keeping it in the lamp stand.
Ranveer(seeing her coughing):Wait Ishani let me call the doctor or take you to 24 hours hospital(he turned and was about to take his phone).
Ishani:(coughing and then holding his hand):Ranveer(coughing) no need doctor already I had this problem in Mumbai itself(coughing): I went to doctor and got tablets for it.(coughing) Its in my room..
Ranveer(quickly getting down from the bed):Let me bring it? where it will be?
Ishani(coughing): It will be (coughing) in my second cupboard its red medical box.
Ranveer: Tk let me bring it..(he was almost rushing).
Ranveer: Haan Ishani.
Ishani(took the key from the lamp table and gave it to him): Key for that room.
Ranveer:(with a doubt): Key? why have you locked your room?
Ishani:Ranveer(coughing) there were cockroaches in that room so I used pest control in that room(coughing)as Raagini should not get infected I locked that room.
Ranveer: Hmm tk tk Let me bring the tablets for you.
Ishani:(coughing): Haan.

He started to move towards the door of their room. He opened the door where Ishani got down from the bed and she came to their room entrance and waited for Ranveer to open her room door. Ranveer opened the door with the key and he entered the room where Ishani came slowly in the hall and when he was switching on the lights Ishani exactly came to her room entrance and stood there with a smile. When Ranveer saw the room he had a surprised smile where it was completely emotional for him. Where the complete room was decorated with Blue, red, yellow Balloons in the wall as well the complete floor was full of heart shaped balloons. The bed that is on the floor was cutely decorated with Heart shaped Balloons and rose petals in the bed. In the center wall there was a Rectangle board having glittering papers around it. That board had the beautiful wordings "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN OF LOVE".
When Ranveer smiled so cutely and when he turned to walk to see Ishani she was smiling standing in the entrance of her room. The time was exactly 12 o clock.
Ishani(with a happy smile): Happy Birthday Ranveer..
Ranveer(coming near her with a happiness and moist eyes):For this only you were coughing?
Ishani(with a naughty smile): Haan so only I have locked this room. You were here in home only know in the evening without knowing If you entered means my surprise will get spoiled know.(with a emotional look) I would have not seen this happiness in your eyes.
Ranveer:Thank you Ishani I am really happy.

With a emotional love he cutely hugged her where Ishani with a smile hugged him back.
Ishani(keeping him in the hug in his ears in a lovely voice); Happy Birthday..
Ranveer:(closing his eyes in her embrace with a smile); This is the best Birthday ever Ishani I love it thank you.
Ishani: Hmmm

When they were in the hug standing in Ishani's room entrance Ranveer's phone Rang in their room. Ishani held his shoulders and made him come out of the hug.
Ishani: Hope Maa is calling go and attend the call let me come.
Ranveer(giving a smile): Hmm tk.

He moved towards their room where Ishani entered the kitchen and opened the fridge and took out the Choco Truffle cake. She took it to her room and kept the cake in the bed. She got up from the bed and saw the bed where the cake and the balloons in the bed and rose petals looked so good. Giving a satisfied smile she started to move to their room.
Ranveer(seeing Amba's number in the display picking with the smile): Hello Maa.
Amba: Happy Birthday Dekhra.
Ranveer(with a smile):Thank you Maa.
Ishani entered the room with a smile seeing Ranveer where he smiled at her. When in the next moment he heard a gang of people wishing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Parul: Happy Birthday Bhaiya.
Ranveer:Hmmm Thank you Parul.(Ranveer switched on the speaker in the phone He sat in the bed where he signed Ishani to sit near him).
Ishani came and sat near him.
Sharman: Happy Birthday Ranveer.
Ranveer:Thanks Buddy.
Sharman:Where is Ishani?
Ranveer: She is near me only. Phone is in speaker mode she is hearing all your wishes.
Sharman: Hmm tk.
Baa: Happy Birthday Ranveer.
Ranveer:Thank you Baa.
Baa: How are you?
Ranveer: Haan I am good how are you? you are going for you check ups at right time know Baa?
Baa: Haan I am going Ranveer. Tk enjoy the day.
Ranveer: Haan baa.
Parul: Bhaiya finally all of us wishing you(in chorus): Happy Birthday.
Ranveer(with a smile):Thank you all.
Amba:Ranveer you are not near me today.
Ranveer: Maa I will come soon and thank you Maa for bringing me to this world.
Amba: you are my happiness you no need to tell thanks for it. Tk Baba will wish you.
Ranveer: Haan
Kailash: Happy Birthday Ranveer.
Ranveer;Thank you Baba.
Ishani(with a smile):Haaan Maa how are you?
Amba: Mein tku Ishani. Tum?
Ishani: Haan Maa I am fine.
Amba:Ishani take care of him so well. Take him to some temple today.
Ishani:Haan Maa sure let me. Miss you so much Maa.
Amba: you are telling you are missing me but Ranveer's voice does not even seem he is missing any of us.
Ishani(seeing Ranveer): Nahi Maa he is too missing you all.
Amba: Tk Ishani come soon I want to see Raagini.
Ishani:We will Maa just another one month.
Amba:Tk you both sleep in the morning or evening go to temple.
Ishani:Tk Maa.

Amba cut the call were Ishani saw Ranveer with a smile.
Ishani: Tk come with me.
Ranveer:(with a smile); Kaha?
Ishani(holding his hands and dragging him with her she brought him to her room and she showed the cake to him): yaha?
Ranveer(seeing the cake): Wow my favorite cake.
Ishani: Hmm tumhariliya cut the cake.
Ranveer(coming near the bed and read the wording bit loud): Happy Birthday to the cute and lovable husband.(seeing Ishani): Hmmm thank you my dear wife.
Ishani(went to the bed and seeing him): you are welcomed my husband now come and  cut the cake.

Ranveer took the knife near the cake and he sat comfortably in the bed and cut the cake.
Ishani(with a smile cutely sang): Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to my dear Ranveer. Happy Birthday to you.
Ranveer(cutting the cake took a piece and fed her a piece):Thanks a lot have it.
Ishani(having the cake and then taking a piece of cake and fed him): Liked the cake?
Ranveer(eating it): Hmmm its really tasting good.(with a lovable smile): you have really done so well Ishani. how did you do it all alone?
Ishani: I ordered all the items online only.They delivered it today. Even cake was ordered online only. Balloons and these decoration items. I just decorated it that is it.
Ranveer(seeing the complete room): Hmm really nice Ishani. (seeing the bed in the floor): I brought this bed for you in anger only. But more than the cot this bed has given us everything know. We patched up here. We romanced so much here and finally my birthday too here only.
Ishani:(with a smile): you liked it know that is more than enough for me.
Ranveer(he cutely came near her): I loved this decoration, cake but birthday boy need gift know?
Ishani: Haan sure I will surely give you gift wait..
Ranveer(showed his cheeks): give..
Ishani:Ranveer not this gift now let me give you some other gift.
She moved from him where Ranveer stood without understanding. Ishani opened her cupboard and took 5 gift wrapped boxes. All were of rectangle shapes. She brought the gifts to him and held it before him.
Ishani:(with a smile):Get your gifts.
Ranveer(seeing 5 boxes of gifts):What is this Ishani? these many gifts?
Ishani:(in a emotional voice): Haan from childhood I have gifted you for your birthday but those were something normal gifts but after marriage haan we had many misunderstandings separation and we were not able to celebrate your birthday properly. This Birthday I have got you these gifts. Its not anything gold or diamond but its more valuable than gold or diamond. I have kept a letter in each gifts open and read it and see the gift in the order I have given you.
Ranveer(with a happy smile getting the boxes): Thank you.
Ishani: you are welcomed now sit in the bed and open the gifts.

Ranveer moving some balloons sat in the bed and kept the gift boxes near him. Ishani too sat beside him moving some balloons aside. Ranveer saw the first gift box and he unwrapped the gift cover and opened the box. He found a photo in that box that was  framed where that photo was:

Ranveer had a smile seeing their old photo. He smiled at Ishani where she was so happy seeing his smile. He took the letter which was kept in that box along the photo. He opened the letter and started to read it.Ishani's handwriting was so beautiful and that letter was so admirable to his eyes.
Letter: This is our old photo when we were friends.This Ranveer vaghela has always admired me so much which I never noticed in my complete childhood or teenage. He used to make me smile when ever I felt lonely or sad. He was the only best friend I had in my complete life. More than my school friends and college friends I used to bond with him only. But I really don't know why I failed to understand his feelings for me.When everyone thought I am not belonging to that family he was the one who lovingly gave his friendship for which relationship I am always Rightful for. He has come to leave me in my school,college. I am really lucky that I got that person as my husband. No girl would have seen her husband's childhood with her eyes but I have completely seen him from his small age till today.Really happy to tell my childhood friend is my husband I am really bless to have you in my life Ranveer. Wish you a many many happy returns of the day. By your lovely Ishani.
Ranveer (smiled reading this letter and seeing Ishani):Thank you so much. And(when he was up to tell).
Ishani:(with a smile):see all the gift and then give your reply okay.
Ranveer(shaking his head to himself): hmm tk let me.
He took the next gift and unwrapped it. It was another photo that was framed where he took out that photo was:

He was so happy seeing this photo where this was their most memorable memory. The time he used to play with her. He gave a smile to Ishani where she signed the letter in the box. He took the letter and opened it and started to read it.
Letter: This is one of the best memory of our always fight with me Ranveer. you used to argue with me. Till today nothing changed we are fighting, arguing but you never failed to love me at any moment of your life. I know I can never love you as much as you love me but I will keep on trying my best to love you. when I saw this photo to gift you today. I was able to notice the fondness you had for me in your eyes in these photos. How cute you are when you were my friend. We both were so happy with each others friendship but I am really sorry that why I forgot to understand your feelings. But it was only your love that has brought me to your hands. Thanks for coming to this world just to love me.This day will be a valuable day in my life Ranveer. Have a lovely Birthday Ranveer.By your girl friend Ishani.
Ranveer (having a smile reading the letter seeing Ishani);hmm you have written so many things so let me tell it after reading all the letters.
Ishani:(with a smile): Hmm

He started to unwrap the next gift where it was the next photo. It was their marriage photo. Ranveer was so happy seeing it.

He took the letter in that box.
Letter: you proposed me when everyone said you love misbehaved with my sister.Keeping your hands on my head you proposed me but because of that we sent you out of our house.If anybody ask who will I trust now whether my sister or Ranveer my answer will be My Ranveer. He can never ever think of any other woman Its always this Ishani only in his life. You came back in my life as RV. That first time I saw the Angry young man in front of me. Even I was not less in anything I too showed only my anger face to you that time. But you tolerated all my wordings and insults. When I was stupidly believing that cheap man and was behind him. you really tried all your best to show his cheap face to me. But I insulted you just trusting him. I flirted with him in one conference how heart broken you would be. I am sorry for it. Finally as a miracle our marriage happened Maa forced me to get married to you.But I married you without my wish only. There is no smiling photo of me in our marriage photo so I got this photo only where I am having my stubborn face.Till today we didn't hang our marriage photo in home so let us have this photo in our room here after. During our marriage know I really don't know you are the man who is going to make me smile my complete life. Our marriage is really a good thing happened in this earth. Thanks for marrying me. I always love your possessiveness and the way your protect me and the way you love me everything is only making me fall in love with you all over again. I have got a pure heart man as my husband. I love his romance where he didn't even get board of me at any point till today. Thanks for giving me this marriage life and thanks for coming in my life. Happy Birthday to you Ranveer from your wife Ishani.
Ranveer had a emotional smile and he saw her with a innocent smile where he didn't even know what to reply to her. She has completely given his whole life feelings he had on her. He took the next photo which was a portrait one. He started to unwrap the gift where he took the photo it was:

He saw himself and seeing Ishani with a cute look took the letter from that box.
Letter: I really know my Ranveer is a hardworking man.Because of me he was sent out from our house. I hated him so much. He was put in a jail and he has undergone many obstacles because of me. Not only him due to me its Maa and Baba suffered too. I am really really sorry for it. Many time though I didn't tell it with whole heart I have somewhere hurt him telling he is my driver's son.when you came to know I am alive in hospital I said you are a drivers son. I was really able to see the pain in your eyes Ranveer. I am really sorry for all my wrong doings. Today let me tell you I am really proud to be wife of hard working Man who has come from Driver to a great business man. Happy birthday to the great RV by his lover Ishani.
Ranveer was out of speech seeing these wordings from Ishani. She is proving her love towards him so well now a days. He took the last gift box when he opened the gift it was a double sided photo which was:

He got a smile seeing his old photos he took the letter from that box and he started to read the letter.
Letter: I really don't know when many guys were proposing me how did I forget a handsome guy like you when you were near me. Its really because that time I just saw you as a friend to me. As I started to live with you I clearly came to know your Angry avatar is just a way to hide your feelings. And I know you will be crying all alone. But let me tell you here after If you cry to wipe it Ishani will be near you.Now way days the trust is so visible in your eyes thanks for it. See in the first photo I got it from the old photos but hope you are admiring me only standing behind the pillar.Behind that pillar only you are romancing me so much and I love it. you are really looking like a school boy in that photo. you are really a kid in your heart Ranveer till today. I will always have you as a child to me. I know you are controlling your anger but for that please don't hurt youself at any moment want to show your anger pour it on me. In this Birthday all I am going to demand is the old Innocent smile of my Ranveer which is in this second photo. How cute you are looking while smiling. Have a beautiful Birthday Ranveer by your Friend, Girl friend, lover, and  wife Ishani. I love you Ranveer.
Reading it Ranveer raised his eyes and saw Ishani with a emotional look where his eyes were moist which were due to happiness.
Ishani(with a smile): Happy Birthday my man.
Where Ranveer's reply would be in the next episode.
NOTE: Sorry for the delay in the birthday special episode.I was not able to catch up the story on that day. Happy Birthday to Shakti Arora who gave a lovely character Ranveer which showed a man could even love his girl to this extreme. I dedicate this episode to our handsome and charming hero Shakti Arora
To be continued WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

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Lovely update dear.
It was nice update with ishani's whole planning for his birthday everything was awesome and her gifts to him with each and every photo was too good Clap Clap
You perfectly utilised each and every snap i liked it very much.
Poor ranveer caught up with naina have to do so much to make both happy.
Let's see how the birthday celebrations goes ahead.
Thnx for pm
Waiting for next

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Hii Sakshi,
Its was a wonderful update..!! Ranveer birthday and ishani surprised was so beautiful and nice and ishani gift as those photos and line its was really awesome..!!! just i can feel every moment i loved it.
Now excited for next update..
And our cutipie all pic so beautiful and cute i liked it sooo much..!!! Thanks for sharing
Thanks for pm

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Birthday special it's amazing...
Specially the gift and letter was speechless...

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Hi sakshi lovely  update  dear ishu made ranveer  birthday  sooo special  d photos were simply  awesome  I just  loved d whole  episode. Keep  update  dear 

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Hii sakshi didi...i
   How r u...??? A lovely episode...cute nd wonderful...
Poor ranveer has to bear naina..
Let it b no nesd to tlk abt that stupid...
Ishanis plan superb...
The way u described the photos...
Aww so cute ishani described her feelings ...
Really ut would bring tears in eyes...
Emotiojal scene was waiting for this...
Lets c ...wht ranveer replies...
Eagerly waiting for next...
Wht tge plan of whole day of ishani to ranveer..
Hope naina becomes jealous due to closeness of ranveer nd ishani...
Updatw soon...
Take care...
Luv u... Embarrassed
Sorry for late reply..   Cry

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